Christina Applegate Is Clueless About the Terrible Twos

10/25/2012 at 12:30 PM ET

Christina Applegate
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She has worked hard for her success in the spotlight, but when it comes to Christina Applegate‘s love life, the actress admits romance seemed to arrive on its own.

“We had always cared deeply for one another when we were friends,” the Up All Night star, 40, tells More‘s November issue of her fiancé Martyn LeNoble.

“He came and put me under his wing. That was it — he was supposed to come.”

The couple welcomed Sadie Grace in 2011 — and Applegate and LeNoble are beginning their trek through the terrible twos.

“We don’t know the best thing to do,” she admits. “She’s starting to get really defiant when we say no and look back at us with an evil look in her eye.”

Despite their 20-month-old daughter’s sassiness, the pair would love to give Sadie a sibling, but the breast cancer survivor admits, “Because of some things that happened during my pregnancy, I don’t know.”

— Anya Leon

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NW Mama on

welcome to parenthood!!!! Terrible Two’s passes, and then the Tramatic Three’s arrive, followed by the “whys”. Cherish every moment with your daughter, even the trantrums, time goes by oh so quickly!!!

MWC fan on

Way to go, Christina. I was proud of you for the courage you showed when choosing to go the route you did. As a big MarriedW/Children fan and as someone who knows women who have had to deal with breast cancer (I know your case was a little different), it really hit home.

Glad to hear you found a good man and are now a mother. Good luck!

Missy on

I remember her saying how she described her parenting style as a little bit hippire and a little bit type A and I thought wow what an awesome approach! Now as a mommy to a 16 month old I find myself with a very similar parenting style. It’s great to see her healthy and happy and a mom. Hopefully whatever happened during her pregnancy with Sadie won’t stop her from giving her a sibling like she wants. All the best to this !family

Beth on

I remember when my sweet little baby boy started to have tantrums. I was looking under his bed for pods. That child could scream ! I even told my close neighbors that despite what it sounded like , I was not torturing my child. hahah He grew out of it and we moved on with another” new normal ” , the 3s !

jess on

It begins at 1 1/2 and gets worse each year my 4 year old still has her moments

Paulina from NY on

Up all night is a wonderfully fun show, it’s light and I always walk away feeling amused and lighter. I’ve always loved Christina Applegate. Compared to the other former tweeners, she’s so grounded and fun.
Maybe she could adopt a baby so her body doesn’t have to be under stress. Motherhood doesn’t always come from biology and she’d be wonderful to any child. Much more than many of the crazies who actually adopt. ❤

nicole on

theres always adoption and stuff

Carrie M on

Buckle up Christina, the Terrible Twos can be a bumpy ride . And then there’s the Treacherous Threes!

PS on

I think many parents get confounded by the toddler years because no matter how similar that phase is, each of our kids still acts it out so differently! So we all have to tweak our responses to that accordingly by trial and lots of error. It sounds like Christina and her fiance are handling it marvelously.

Nancy on

Love her!

public concensus on

God bless Christina Applegate. She’s so likeable!

linda on

Damn! How I would love to have the Terrible twos again, its these teen years that get……Sucky! The Twos I had an “I love you” throughout the day, even bad days, I am lucky to get an “I love you” before bed! (the other teen once a week)

Amy on

Oh boy…just wait for 3! Two’s have nothing on three’s!!! Sorry Christina, the sassiness and defiance just gets worse…but the hugs, kisses and I love you’s get even better so it’s a fair trade! 😉

Anonymous on

I have heard it is the Terrible Two’s, the Troublesome Three’s, the F’n Fours, then finally the Fabulous Fives. Fortunately my little guy stopped at two that was rough enough.

I have always loved Christina and I admire her courage in dealing with breast cancer and I admire her approach to parenting. Enjoy the journey, there is nothing better than being a parent.

Kim on

I remember when my best friend’s daughter turned 2. Her favorite word was “NO!”. I also recall the day she stood and stared at us and peed on my carpet. It was shortly after that I recalled why I don’t have children. LOL!

TMB2012 on

There is always adoption. LOTS of children out there that would gratefully take on a 2 yr old sibling.

Anonymous on

I wonder what she means by “things that happened during my pregnancy”. She’s never mentioned having complications before. Or has she and I just missed it?

Anyway, I agree that I hope she and Martin realized that adoption is always an option, too. 🙂

Anonymous on

Also meant to say that, when Christina first introduced Sadie, she was, of course, asked about having more kids…and acted like it was a definite possibility. Yet now some “things” happened with her pregnancy and it might not be? Wouldn’t she have known about those “things” back then? I’m really confused!

KK on

I feel very lucky that my son didn’t go through the typical terrible twos. I miss everything about his early years, every moment. He was my little buddy for so long , but the time flies by and then they are OFF.

gigi on

Yep my twins were a nightmare at 3!

Krissy on

With my son I had the terrible twos, then the terrible three, then the terrible fours, then the terrible fives, now he is 6 years old and we still have these moments.

My second son is so different and never went through the terrible twos.

Mommytoane on

The fun is just beginning. With my DD…we read “Time out for Toddlers”, and many….MANY other books. But fortunately my DD was a sweet kid, who really didn’t go through the “Terrible two’s” or anything else. (Knock on wood). Now at 10, she’s still a sweet kid.

Parenting is a roadtrip, with no map available. Its got many twists, turns, bends and pit stops, but its the best adventure in the entire world. Enjoy it, they grow up all too fast.

stacey on

Don’t take it too seriously. Kiss your little girl and move on.

Loving mom of two on

Kids only act out if the parent allows…my kids are 7 and 2…they tried to scream and fall out..but you have to reinforce that is not acceptable can pop their little butts to make them behave…

meghan on

who pissed in your pool suzanne? grow up.

Lorelei on

Totally agree with linda the tantrums are nothing compared to the “fun” of the three teens we have now! Enjoy those moments, it goes so fast- defiance and eye rolling take on a new meaning at 14.

KRS on

I can remember chatting with a waitress who was the mother of 4 daughters many years ago when my eldest was 1 or 2. I said something about the terrible twos, and she told me (laughing) that it should be called the “Terrible T’s” instead….for the twos, the threes, the tens and the teens! I’ve never forgotten that, and think of it often now that my kids are 8 and 11. Good times!

Anonymous on

Loving mom of two- Um, apparently you missed the fact that we’re talking about a toddler who isn’t even TWO yet! Virtually all kids that age have tantrums, no matter how much you try to redirct or discpline them.

They literally don’t know how else to express their emotions (this is also why many toddlers go through hitting, shoving, or biting phases). If parents do two simple things- let the child know that tantrums are unacceptable and teaching him or her more approprite ways to show how they’re feeling- then the tantrums will almost certainly eventually cease (especially once the child acquires more language and can more easily use words rather than actions to express him or herself!).

Bottomline: It’s unreasonable to expect a toddler Sadie’s age to never have tantrums or otherwise “act out” (in fact, all expecting that much that soon generally gets you is one extremely frustrated toddler and one or two extremely frustrated parents!).

If your children are that young and behave like perfect angels all the time, then it’s most likely because you’ve scared them into submission!

Anonymous on

I also meant to say that not everyone believes in “popping kids on their butts”. I certainly don’t. There ARE other discpline techinques out there that work just as well (taking away a favorite toy or a privilege for a few days, for example. That’s the main method my parents used with my brother and I when we mis-behaved…and we both grew up to be decent, well-mannered, well-behaved adults!).

And as someone who’s relationship with her grandfather was never the same after recieving quite the spanking from him (I was scared of him for awhile, and even after that subsided I found myself hardly wanting to go near him.), I think that spanking causes more problems than it solves.