Snooki: I’m Trading Club Life for Crib Time

10/24/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Snooki Trading Club Life for Crib Time
Ed Rode/Getty

Sporting glam-slam eyelashes, plenty of bling and a down-sized pouf, Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi said in her first live post-birth interview that she’s still her over-the-top self, but happily retired from partying.

“I definitely partied for three people my entire life,” Snooki, 24, confesses to TODAY‘s Savannah Guthrie Wednesday.

But caring for her 8-week-old son, Lorenzo Dominic, has grounded her and made her refocus on being the best mom she can be.

“I feel like now I have a family,” she shares, noting that every time she sees her baby boy she gets emotional and wants to cry. “Life changed … I love it.”

As Snooki beamed, looking chic and slim, fiancé Jionni LaValle was at her side Wednesday to offer his dad’s take on their new life.

The proud papa says Snooki remained herself right through the birth, putting on make-up in the delivery room to look good for her little Guido’s arrival.

While the couple’s own lives have been on public view since the MTV show first premiered in 2009, Snooki says the spotlight is fine for their son — for now. But as he gets older, the first-time parents hope baby Enzo is raised out of the public eye.

“We want him to have a normal life where he goes to school,” Snooki explains. “I want it to be as normal as possible.”

Snooki, who has penned two books, is now promoting a line of sunless tanning products. In spite of her fame, she’s glad her wild GTL (gym, tan, laundry) lifestyle with her once-rowdy TV pals is coming to an end, calling it “the right time” for them to move on. The show’s sixth season is its last.

“We’re all growing up and going our separate ways. I’m definitely going to miss it,” she admits.

— Andrea Billups

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Hannah on

Love her

. . on

She is an idiot and a slut

Anonymous on

give the guy 5 years before he dumps her for her $$$

rachel on

glad to see that she is enjoying being a mom so much!

rachel on

Good Girl Snooki ….

glad to see that she is enjoying being a mom!!!

God bless you and baby lorenzo!!!

Anonymous on

that baby saved her life -she was on a destructive path

Diana on

Believe it or not that’s so true for some people. It makes you grow up quick when you have children. Good for Snooki. Enjoy being a mom! It’s such a rewarding experience!

Holiday on

Thats great that she is loving being a mom but why doesnt she move out from her boyfriends parents house! It sounds like she has all kinds of money making deals going on so its weird that at her age she would still live with her boyfriends family. My husband and I had our first at 22 and already purchased a house… and we live in Northern California where home prices are ridiculously high

annoyed on

What’s up with her neck in this photo? Really poor photoshop job!

Damarys Alvarado on

love her……

Damarys Alvarado on

she will be a good ma….

Lady on

I use to hate Snooki…er, Nicole. But she’s really grown on me, she seems to have changed in the best way possible!!

Beebop on

Getting pregnant was the best thing that could have happened to her. Becoming a mother has really forced her to rethink her values and change her behaviour and it’s good to see that rather than resenting it, she’s embraced motherhood. I agree with the poster who said this baby saved her life.

Anonymous on

glad to see something positive being said about her, i think she will be a good mother

kitty62862 on

I thought this would happen. Good for her.

Anonymous on

awww how cute she thinks she’ll still be in the spotlight when her son is ready to go to school!

Gagetta on

Never understood all that Jersey Shore hype and always thought that Snooki was obnoxious. Well now I say – you go girl. Glad that she enjoys being a mom, good for her for changing. All the best to you Nicole!

Jenny! on

Aww that is so sweet, like… a baby should change ur life and that baby should be ur everything, i hate to say i know *mothers* who would rather get every 2nd week away from their kids and do what they want to do, pisses me off.
I hope she keeps on top of being a mom and making great memories together

2timeMom on

Her having a baby was probably the best thing that ever happened to her. Hopefully it will remain that way.



Faye on

I love how she says she wants her kid to have a normal life… Trust me he will, cuz your fifteen minutes of fame is almost up!!!

Anonymous on

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually kind of like Snooki now….



kristy on

Love Her. She really has turned around for her lil boy.

UnKnown on

Who cares, snookie is a total loser a slut a wanna be attention hog a drunk etc…. list goes on and on!

Anonymous on

What does she mean “a normal life where he goes to school”? Um, what kid DOESN’T go to school, celeb or otherwise? And if she was referring to going to school vs homeschooling…Homeschooling is perfectly “normal” too! I’m not bashing her, I’m just really confused as to what she meant there!

Anyway, she sounds like a great mom, and I’m sad to see that people are still bashing her instead of praising her for apparently caring enough about her baby to get her life together and change for the better!

Not to mention that a lot of what she did and acted like on Jersey Shore was probably just for ratings anyway (i.e., not the “real” Snooki).

People praise Nicole Richie and Pink for turning their lives around when they became moms, but yet when Snooki does the same she gets bashed? I don’t get it!

Anonymous on

Also, note to Snooki: If you have another baby, don’t worry about the make-up in the delivery room. Your baby isn’t going to care how you look! 🙂

Holiday on

Anon her baby is still a newborn. Lets she how she is doing in a year or two and by then you will be able to see if she truly has her life on track.

Marky on

Anonymous, believe it or not, plenty of women manage to have a baby without looking like a freak-show. They stay calm, breathe through it, and “ride the contractions”, realizing the contractions will end with a baby in their arms. They wear their makeup, as desired, and comb their hair not for the baby’s opinion, but for themselves.

And before you scream, “Selfish!”, it isn’t selfish, it’s just that not everyone feels the need to turn childbirth into a 3-ring circus and then claim they did it better than anyone else. You do realize that baby will come out whether you push for 6 hours, or not, right? Relax, it will happen.

mg on

Beyond gross.

Miche on

Her neck looks like a 60 yr old’s.

Sarai on

I Really Am Hoping It Stays This Way.. She Seems to Really Be loving it .. Way to go … But then again MOST people do change Once they do have a child

Showbizmom on

I’ve never been a fan, but I kinda like her now. A lot of us moms where Snooki. I was! I was married but me and my husband were still out partying and living it up till the test was positive. It’s a major change. She’s keeping it real, and I like that. I wish her luck on this journey.

Anonymous on

Marky- I never said that birth should be turned into a “three-ring circus”. And not putting make-up on is certainly not going to do that! The point I was trying to make is that when you’re giving birth, the baby should be your focus, not how you look.

Most of the people who come to visit you afterwards will completely understand if you’re not looking your best, and those that don’t can shove it up their a@*!

Then again, I don’t wear make-up at ANY time (simply put, I don’t like the way most of it feels and I think my face looks better au natural than it would with a bunch of stuff on it!), so I may be just a little biased! 😉

Anonymous on

Holiday- So it’s okay to bash her in the meantime, rather than root for her to continue on the path she’s on now?! I don’t quite get that! But to each their own, I guess!

Hea on

The skin on her throat and her chest looks to belong to an 80 year old woman with a tan?

Holiday on

Anon no its not nice or ok to bash her at all but I am just saying who knows if she will continue to be a great mom or if the newness will wear off. The fact she is living with the inlaws is a red flag to me.

Anon. on

Good for her for wanting to give up the party girl lifestyle but it has to be said – this photo looks terrible! Seriously – it looks like they photo-shopped her image on the neck of an old woman and way too much make-up.