Baby Girl on the Way for Lisa Ling

10/24/2012 at 09:30 AM ET

It’s going to be a girl!

Lisa Ling announced that she and her husband, physician and biotech firm president Paul Song, are set to welcome their first child, a daughter.

The TV journalist, whose documentary series, Our America, airs on OWN, first revealed her baby news — and a sonogram — Wednesday on Anderson Cooper‘s daytime talk show, Anderson Live.

It’s a happy moment for Ling, 39, who shared her heartbreak over a miscarriage in 2010.

“I felt more like a failure than I’d felt in a very long time,” Ling, said at the time of losing her pregnancy at seven weeks. “When I heard the doctor say there was no heartbeat it was like bam, like a knife through the heart.”

Lisa Ling Pregnant Baby Girl
Courtesy Anderson Live

— Aaron Parsley

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slopez419 on

So happy for her!!

Monkeyfarts101 on

I’m very happy for her, what great news!

Lisa on

Congratulations! What joyous news!

Susan on


ANJ on

Very happy for Lisa!


Abbie on

I am so happy for Lisa and her hubby. Such great news!!!! Congrats, I am the pregnancy goes smoothly!

Abbie on

I meant I hope the pregnancy goes smoothly!

UnKnown on

Congrats to Lisa and her hubby!

It is hard for most couple to have a baby that’s for sure.

So thrilled for her 🙂

Tania on

So happy! That little girl is not only going to have a great Mom, but a great role model. Congratulations!

Mandy on

Oh so happy for her! Rainbow for her!

Amber on

I am so happy for her and her husband. She is a wonderful role model and journalist!

Lynda on

Dear Amber,
Thank u for the best comments I have read. I could not have said it better. Congrats to both of them and I love her show!!!

Mattie on

So extremely happy for her. I have always liked her since her days on The View.

Sunny on

Our America is a great show.

gma22littleguys on

Beautiful news, Lisa and Paul!

DebbieLG on

I like her!! So happy for them!

Marky on

Love Lisa Ling and am so happy to hear she is pregnant! Congratulations to the very happy couple, and hope everything goes fantastically well!

Sherry on


Kat on

I thought that’s the kind of news Jeff Probst was trying to get her to announce on yesterday’s show then she started!tting about how she and her friend put a dent on her dad’s car when she was a teenager. Happy for them, they showed their beautiful home but no warmth, no color?

Safira on

Congratulations! Very happy for you.

pk on

Congratulations and hope her and baby best of health. She was the only sane person on The View that you couldn’t really make fun of.

Katie on

I wish her the best in her pregnancy!

Anonymous on

Love her. So happy for her and what a lovely couple. 🙂

Sandy on

SO happy for her! Oh her daughter is gonna be so cute. I wish her all the best and a wonderful pregnancy.

EbgB13 on

I am very happy for her. Having suffered my first miscarriage around the time she did, I would go on her website and feel better about the situation. MIscarriages are widely misunderstood and it was good to read what others were feeling.

I am also carrying my first child, due in December. It is such an experience.

Bella on


meghan on

I saw Anderson today. The sonogram was so cute. The baby was actually bouncing up and down and waving her arms!

Tammie on

Congratulations! You two are going to have one of the cutest babies in the LA/ Cali area!!! You’re in the good company of Miranda Kerr, and Orlando Bloom’s little guy.

Today on

Nice…Lisa Ling and such a nice person…Love what they did with their house!

stephanie on


Marcee on

Love Lisa! She will be an awesome parent!!

texaschickeee on

Be glad she isn’t in China anymore.
Sorry if it seems hard but its true, China does not value females.

Ol on

I just think its so refreshing to finally see an all-Asian couple instead of Asian female/ white male combo. So so happy for them

marapem360 on

Congratulations Lisa and Paul.

whodrankmycola on

I am sooo happy for her!!

Michelle on

Lisa Ling is the REAL DEAL…genuine through and through…I’m so happy for her and her husband!! CONGRATS!!!

Anonymous on

You’re a failure if you can’t get knocked up? that’s a huge success! We have too many people here!

fanofboardwalkempire on

wishing you well LIsa- congratulations!

Denise on

Such great news. Good wishes coming your way…

Annette on

I am so so happy for her and her hubby. I hope things good great for this pregnancy.

jennifersteelerbellss7 on

i am so happy for you and your husband i hope for all the love and luck. i hope she is a wonderful and smart and pretty as you are lisa.

Annette on


Anonymous on

LOVE her! congratulations and *fingers crossed* for a safe, full-term delivery!

Lauren on

People Magazine – it’s NOT “going to be a girl”. She already is a girl. You are showing your true colors.

Congrats to the happy parents and best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Heidi on

I love Lisa Ling and I’m so happy that things are going smoothly this pregnancy! She will raise a really empowered, loved daughter, I’m sure.
I remember when she made mention of the miscarriage following a healing ceremony on one of her documentary episodes – someone who wanted healing decided to pray for Lisa instead and she was deeply touched by the moment. I’ve prayed for her ever since to have a healthy pregnancy! Congratulations.

bmitche on

Lisa Ling is a fine young lady. Her baby will be so lucky.

Colin on


So happy for her and the roughly 3.8 million other faceless women whose pregnancies this year were NOT broadcast in the media.

Amy on

Aw! Thrilled for her and her hubs! Congrats!!!

Anonymous on

YAY for Lisa! Congrats!

Terri on

Such wonderful news. God bless her and her husband and baby to be. 🙂

Hattie on

Congrats!!!! More cute baby girls in that family.

Ed Briley on

I’m so happy for you and your husband, Lisa

Esther on

Met her recently and honestly, she wasn’t that nice, but I hope she has a healthy pregnancy.

Anonymous on

Esther- Maybe she was just having a bad day? I hope that’s the case, since so many people seem to admire her!

Anonymous- (the one who said, “You’re a failure if….”) That’s a horrible thing to say, especially about a woman that went through the heartache of miscarriage! Nobody should be denied the chance to have the children they want (unless, of course, they clearly aren’t fit to be parents and/or want them for selfish reasons such as having a cute “accesory”).

Also, the world “population issue” isn’t all black and white. While some countries DO have an overpopulation problem, others don’t. For example, Japan is currently having a serious UNDERpopulation crisis.

So to say, “Don’t have kids, the world is so overpopulated!” is extremely mis-leading, to say the very least!

Anyway, congrats to Lisa and her husband! I’m going to guess (going by the sonogram and the fact that she likely waited to announce for a bit due to her previous miscarriage) that she is around four months along and due around March. 🙂

Anonymous on

Also, I wonder if they’ll give their daughter a Japanese name?

Isabel on

Ol, that is such an odd statement.

Marky on

Anonymous, why would a Chinese woman and a Korean man give their daughter a Japanese name?

winnie on


Anonymous on

Marky- I have no idea what I was thinking! For some reason I assumed she was Japanese, but Ling is clearly a Chinese surname, not a Japanese one! I honestly don’t know where my brain was!

jane on

Congratulation, you deserve all the happiness and for those looking unto God for this kind of blessing, God will visit them and they will be happy too.