Ty Murray: I’ve Got a Little Helper on the Ranch – Kase!

10/23/2012 at 08:00 PM ET

Ty Murray is currently gearing up for the biggest event of the year in his sport — the Professional Bull Riders‘ World Finals.

As co-founder of the PBR and a regular commentator, Murray — a former nine-time world champion himself — speaks with genuine excitement about the race for the coveted gold buckle.

But when he travels to Las Vegas for the Built Ford Tough World Finals this week, he’s leaving one very important cowboy behind: His 15-month old son, Kase Townes.

“He’s just a joy. It literally gets better every single day, and it was great from day one,” says Murray, 43, of his son with wife Jewel, 38.

“He has a great disposition and a funny little sense of humor. He laughs all the time and he’s got a nice way about him. He’s just easy and fun.”

Ty Murray: I've Got a Little Helper on the Ranch - Kase!
Ty and Kase riding Poppy – Courtesy Ty Murray

Not to mention good company on the family’s 2,200-acre ranch in Texas.

“Every day I say, ‘Hey, come on, you want to go outside?’ And boy, he looks like a little baby duck following me,” Murray says with a laugh. “He goes in this [baby backpack] that I put on and he’s always right there looking over my shoulder. I might be out there for two hours and I won’t hear one peep out of him.”

Of course, Kase also likes to lend a hand where he can, and Dad is happy to oblige.

“I’ll let him help a little bit,” says Murray. “If I’m turning the wrench I’ll let him try turning it a couple times. His favorite thing is really just observing and going along with what I’m doing.”

That includes one of the daily activities on the ranch: horseback riding. “Kase has been on horseback with me and with my dad,” says Murray. “He’s been there for when we bring the calves in, when we work the cows … mainly so we can get pictures, but he seems to enjoy it pretty well.”

“He’s got his little cowboy hats and we had him try walking around in a pair of my old boots. That was pretty cute, watching him try to walk with them on.”

Ty Murray: I've Got a Little Helper on the Ranch - Kase!
Kase’s first Easter – Courtesy Ty Murray

Like any parent, Murray says he takes great joy in watching his son’s personality develop — as well as watching his wife find her way as a mother.

“Jewel is a great mom and I learn stuff from her every day,” he says. “She just has such a grace and a calmness about her as a mom and it really translates down to Kase.”

For obvious reasons, Murray says he hopes his son won’t follow in his footsteps and grow up to be a bull rider. But he does hope that Kase finds something that he loves as much as Murray loves his sport.

“With me and Jewel being his parents, everybody says, ‘Well, is he gonna be a cowboy or is he gonna be a singer?’ That doesn’t matter to me and Jewel at all. Those were our dreams, and we don’t want to push our dreams on our kid,” he explains.

“I just really hope he finds something that he’s passionate about.”

Ty Murray: I've Got a Little Helper on the Ranch - Kase!
Commentating – Andy Watson/Bull Stock Media

Though Murray admits that he needs “the balance of my family” within his work schedule these days, he remains as committed as ever to the PBR.

He insists that even total newcomers to the sport are likely to get hooked — especially at this time of year, when competition concludes with a $1 million check for the top cowboy.

“Bull riding is a traditional event that’s in rodeo. And we took it and made a stand alone, follow-able sport out of it,” he says.

“If you tune in and watch a little bit you’ll be surprised at how you get sucked in … and for all different reasons. Some people are drawn to the bulls, there might be women that are drawn to cowboys they think are cute, or it might be that somebody’s drawn to the danger or rooting for certain guys.”

He continues, “This is the only sport in the world that I can guarantee that anyone you take to see an event, they will be blown away. I could take an 80-year-old grandmother or I could take a 5-year-old kid, or anything in between. They don’t know anything about it and if I get them to come see an event, they just sit there for two hours with their jaw on the floor.”

This will be Murrays’ second World Finals since Kase came along, and while he will stay busy in Vegas for the five-day event, he’s also got plenty of work to do back home when it’s done — starting with Kase’s growing vocabulary.

“He understands just about anything you say to him and he says ‘Mama’ a lot,” shares Murray. “All summer, I’d say, ‘Can you say ‘Dad?’ And he’d always pat me. He knows who dad is, but now he’s starting to say it.”

Murray will provide color commentary on all nights of the PBR World Finals, airing Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS Sports Network; Friday and Saturday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network; and Sunday at 4 p.m. ET on NBC.

Ty Murray: I've Got a Little Helper on the Ranch - Kase!
Happy birthday! – Courtesy Ty Murray

— Rennie Dyball

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The Blonde on

What a sweet family! I have always loved Jewel and Ty. Kase is the perfect complement to them.

jen vee on

sooooo cute!!!!!

joan on

What a cutie he is! the little baby duck comment is adorable.

Leslie on

Very nice interview!

Anonymous on

What a sweetie pie! I wonder if they’ll ever have another baby?

JM on

Do we really have to publicise the horrible way this man earns his living? i’m glad his baby is happy and healthy and all but i hate the idea of giving this vulgar, brutal activity any positive publicity.

Joyful on

I really like this article and photos of this baby boy Kase and his parents! Ty Murray, just made my list for husband and father of the year! His sharing how daily life is for them is just what I needed to read. His love for his son and the joy he feels being a father melts the heart.

meghan on

JM, piss off.

Sandy on

how cute is that little guy with the bow tie and suspenders???

lili4582 on

Sandy, very!

JM on

Anonymous, the truth hurts sometimes doesn’t it? Hey, you can support it if you want but if there is one thing that i find an instant turn-off in a man is if he tortures animals for entertainment. But maybe that’s just me….

Gina on

Adorable boy! Jewel and her husband look very happy.

Lonnie on

Great family. I hope they have more.

Lori on

What a cute little Boy!!

Gina on

JM – I agree with you regarding animal cruelty, however, try telling that to a seasoned cowboy (they don’t see it that way).

UnKnown on

too cute LoL 🙂

Julie on

JM if it bothers you that much why did you read an article about him. They seem like a sweet family who love their little “cowboy” why not just make a positive comment.

Rachael on

He is adorable and i hope they have more children. They are great parents and seem to be really nice people. And i have heard Jewels’ music before and she’s a really great singer. Does anyone know if she’s still singing cuz i don’t.

Bree on

So sweet! Jewel and Ty are so down-to-earth. Lovely family!

Amy on

Just seems like a well-grounded, sweet family with their priorities in order. What a lucky little boy!

GMH on

Just precious!!!!!

yvonne on

The bulls aren’t hurt really, they are simply ticked off JM. They probably have better longer lives and are more taken care of than regular cows, for goodness sake. Get a grip lady.

Annie on

Is it just me or is Ty Murray looking really old all of a sudden?

I don’t even mean that in a bad way, he just seemed to have aged so much recently…I was just wondering if it was just me or if other people saw it too?

Stella on

What an adorable little boy they have…they are such a picture perfect family….Loved this interview and the little duckling comments was so sweet….Kase is almost too cute for words!!!

Cheryl on

What a sweet interview… Ty sounds like an amazing, patient, loving, doting father — you can just hear how much he adores his son around, watching what he does. Kase, and Jewel, are very lucky!

Lynn on

That bowtie is killing me! He is a cutie.

christine ingram on

so cute

Brooke on

He is an absolute pumpkin….I love those pics. Jewel looks beautiful.

Lisa on

Love the way he speaks so sweetly about his beautiful little family! That’s a true gentleman right there!

tina on

Aww, what a cute little buckaroo

boohoobytch on

omg, he’s precious LOL

Mia on

This is such a sweet interview. So lovely to hear a dad talk so much about his love for his child and his love for spending time with his child. The world needs more dads like Ty.

Melissa on

I love this family so much! So down to earth and sweet. What a wonderful story and such a beautiful baby.

Kristin on

I have always had respect for him as a bull rider. But after watching him on Dancing with the Stars, I fell in love with his personality. I think they have such a great family bond and I love hearing about a dad that is this involved with his children. Such a cute little boy. I love this family.

Emry on

soooo adorable!!! 🙂

Kelly on

Nice to see an old-fashioned man these days who works hard and takes care of his family. And what a beautiful family! God bless them 🙂

Tish on

Finally a story that warms my heart…they are such a beautiful family, I hope they have another.

KiKi on

To hear a man talk about his wife and child in this fashion is just mesmerizing. He truly is blessed and knows it with every inch of his being. Stay true and your boy is more than precious.

Ridingfor21yrs on

Precious family! But for safety reasons I am thinking a riding helmet would be a good idea to protect that little sweetie!

Jeana on

Beautiful baby and family.

Stephanie on

JM – in what way are bulls hurt during bull riding? You really should go watch it. Just like Ty Murray said – you will fall in love with it.

JM on

Julie, surely you are not suggesting that if I truly, firmly believe that something is wrong, I should just stay quiet? I mean, i did not say anything against his little boy, my issue is not with him (obviously!), but i feel we have two choices, sit back and do nothing and never speak up when we feel that something that is wrong is going on, or raise awareness of these issues and speak up.

i am sorry, i am just not one of those people who goes ‘nope, none of my business’ when i know something is wrong, that’s just not me. i believe in speaking up for what’s right.

djg on

precious article!

JM on

Alyce, i know A LOT about this practice and you have no idea what you are talking about. but, er, well done for making a mature argument, you sounded really intelligent there….

Kandee43 on

Beautiful baby and beautiful family 🙂

myladyeve on

AWWW Cute!

momof4 on

who cares what a man does to support his family. they are such a nice family. let them do their jobs. i would love to have a man like Ty, he seems so genuine and friendly.

Brittany on

These bulls are in no way being hurt. The flank strap is tightened to induce pressure, not to hurt them. They are perfectly fine. They buck approximately 2 times a week for 8 seconds. The rest of the time they are grazing in a pasture and being taken care of better than some people take care of a dog.

I have been going to PBR events my entire life and live on a working cattle ranch where we raise bucking bulls. Not once have i ever seen a bovine beast being mistreated.

Julianna on

Wow, time sure does fly! I can’t believe he’s 15 months already! Kase looks so much like Jewel it’s breathtaking.

Anonymous on

He is totally adorable!!

Jaye on

Those that speak so knowingly about bull riding obviously know nothing at all. These bulls are extremely valuable and well cared for. At the very worst they are mildly annoyed. There is nothing torturous about this.

I just love Ty, Jewel and precious Kase.

untruestew8791 on

I could watch a thousand hours and not get “sucked in.” What a stupid way to make a living. Really lame.

Cute kid, though! Not sure he’ll like his name when he’s grown, but he just might. His parents have unusual names.

T. on

“Not sure he will like his name when he grows up”…huh??? That’s the best thing that u could focus on from reading this story? Wow!

Nancy on

They seem like such a precious little family!

Jester on

Annie, he has aged and so quickly it seems. He’s never been a good looking man (I even venture to say very ugly), but he seems like a really wonderful man, husband and father. Very sweet family.

meghan on

Yes, JM, you have made your off topic useless ill informed point– repeatedly. Now shut up and let the rest of us enjoy the nice man and his beautiful son.

I'm Standing Right Behind You on

Holy crow…that is one cute little cowboy…I ADORE that bow tie outfit on him!!

Peggy on

He is the cutest! I love Ty and Jewel!

Lily on

i agree JM, Anybody who inflicts pain on animals is a monster.

Emmy on

JM – repeatedly posting negative comments in the same thread doesn’t exactly make you sound intelligent.

You are entitled to your opinion and you voiced it. Having a tantrum because people don’t agree with you leads me to think you are quite young and have some maturing to do.

Myself on

These bulls are worth a TON of money…do you really think they would risk hurting something that valuable?! The strap pisses them off and makes them buck…These bulls live a good life, way better than that those that are turned into beef for your hamburger!

Anyway, what a cute family!

Rebecca on

OMG, I love this family – and baby Kase is SO handsome – a perfect mix of his Mom & Dad.

stacey on

Cute little boy and I love his name.

Joyful on

How could anyone look at this family’s photos and decide to express a negative opinion about the Dad’s business? This family is sharing how grateful they are they have Kase! Any negatives should be expressed else where perhaps another blog…….but not here! Go to a blog who invites the negative stuff!

Krista on

He looks so cute with his bowtie on!!!

Horsegirl on

JM I think you have bull rideing confused with calf ropeing which can be hard to watch but most calves get up just fine. The bulls are not hurt or tortured in any way…just iritated!

JM on

I am happy to leave you all to coo over a man who subjects animals to an environment that is stressful for them and which they would not naturally subject themselves to.

But Emmy, let me just say this, if you want to make a serious point and be taken seriously, then accusing someone of throwing a tantrum when actually they have only made logical coherent arguments, makes you look very silly indeed.

It also makes you appear as if you have to resort to ad hominem abusives just to make a point. Not very mature, in my opinion. The same goes for the person who told me to piss off just because I was speaking the truth, that is no way for an adult to debate something.

bullfan on

You aren’t speaking THE truth you are speaking YOUR truth, bulls are not mistreated. Like someone else mentioned they are treated better then some peoples dogs and kids for that matter. They are a part of the family for the stock contractors! Go spend a day with a stock.contractor and you would see the truth!

Anonymous on

This lil family is so stinkin’ cute!

Alicia on

People actually wear stuff like this for real? I mean… they’re not posing for the camera, or dressing up, they actually wear this?

The more you know. Looks crazy and antiquated to European eyes.

T. on

I just love them!

Lol @ the fact that there’s ALWAYS someone looking for the bad in EVERY story on this website. Geezus!!!

Get a life please!

Amy on

I scrolled down to comments, just to see who would have a negative thing to say about this man and his bull riding, of course there was one, but ONLY one! You are trying to “raise awareness” to people who are looking at this man as a great father, husband and family man. Like someone else said, go to a blog where people care!

Amber on

Their son is so PRECIOUS!

Moira on

Absolutely adorable!!!Looks like a baby Albert Einstein!!!

Valesca on

Loved this article, such a beautiful family!

JM has issues. Such a bore.

dee on

Love both of them……….

Noelle on

Thank you JM for having compassion for animals.