Kristin Cavallari’s Football Fan – Camden!

10/23/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

This little cub is ready for a Bears win! On Monday, Kristin Cavallari took to Twitter to share a snapshot of her little football fan — son Camden Jack — geared up and ready to watch dad Jay Cutler take on the Detroit Lions.

“Cam’s ready for daddy’s game,” the reality star, 25, captions the photo of her wide-eyed 11-week old baby boy.

Cutler’s pint-size cheering squad was much needed as he suffered a hit during the first half that sent him to the locker room. Fortunately, the star quarterback  was back on the field after halftime, with the Bears winning 13-7.

Kristin Cavallari's Football Fan - Camden
Courtesy Kristin Cavallari

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Marky on

What an adorable baby! So cute!

BH on

The outfit is cute.

Goolll on


nat on

too cute!!

UnKnown on

Too cute that baby is LoL 🙂

LisaLisa on

Is something wrong with his arm? If it is, that is ok, he is God’s child!

Kelly on

His hand is in a fist.

Jeny on

He’s super cute!!

Tina on

Awwww! Cute.

tina on

Awwww what a sweet little boy. His dad ain’t so bad himself. GO BEARS!!!

christine ingram on

so cute

Sarah on

That baby is SO cute!!!

ToBeParents on

^ Beautiful baby.

lindginger on

There is literally on article on her EVERY DAY. WTF???

Shea on

Can’t stand her, but he’s adorable!

Kristie on

what a cutie!!!

Brooke on

After that hit “Daddy” took last night, they may have the same IQ level.

Alayna on

He is very cute! Wow!

Big Fan on

Very cute baby, now put him in some Cowboys gear and he’s good to go!

star on

He is adorable!

Kristina on

So cute! Go Bears!

anna on

Aww he’s so cute!

chels on

He is sooooo cute!!!

sam on

What a precious little face. He is the cutest thing!

Ali on

Cute little guy!

Catca on

He really is very cute and looks so much like his daddy! 🙂 Congrats to the Bears on their 5-1 start to the season!

Anonymous on

He is so cute…….

Jill on

He’s so cute!

Momof3girls on

He’s just adorable!!!!!

Taraakapinky on

He is so cute!! I love babies. 🙂

GreekPrincess80 on

what a cutie!!

Jess on

Beautiful baby! on

Adorable! He will have tons of fun watching Daddy and cheering him on for years to come…:)

Christina on

Omg he is sooooo cute!!!

francesca on

ugly baby

Laura on

Adorable!! What a cutie pie! So happy for her.

Dawn on

Very cute, too bad daddy is loser!

shannon on

Um Dawn, the Bears are 5-1, #1 in the NFC North…you sound like a disgruntled cheesehead.

Karen on

Boring! What else has this women done besides have a cute kid? Tired of reading her name on your website! Most people have no idea who she is.

cris on

What a cutie pie.

bd on

Just saying as someone from the metro Detroit area… a win against the lions isn’t all that great, lol.

Kim on

Here’s a thought…if you find her so boring and are tired of hearing about her, don’t read the articles!

kristy on

Beautiful Baby Boy!!! Looks just like Kristen from the nose to the lips.

stacey on

he is going to look like his mom

Maggie on

Cute baby, but sad he has the dumb look on his face like Daddy does on the sidelines.

SB on

Karen must be old.

Anonymous on

To LisaLisa….his hand is fisted…all babies do that

fanofboardwalkempire on

so very cute!

selina on

That baby looks nothing like Cutler-I hope he had a paternity test.

Anna on

Cutest baby! He looks just like his father! Bear down!!

Amanda on


myladyeve on

What a cutie! GO BEARS!!!

Vanessa on


Ann on

That baby is so gorgeous!! I guess she craves attention because she shows a pic of him every other week. But he is TOO CUTE!!!!

Krista on

Cute kid. GO BEARS!!!!

DS on

LisaLisa – he’s grabbing the blanket so his hand is curled under – he’s not missing anything.

Tara on

He’s so adorable! I can see him holding a football and running in front of the TV when daddy runs. Too cute:)

Linda on

Super cute kid. Unfortunately, as an NJ resident, I associate “Camden” with murder and gang activity, not a cute little boy. I wish the poor little fella had a name that didn’t conjure up images of violence!

Anonymous on

Okay, this has to be one of the cutest baby pictures I’ve ever seen!

Rusty on

I have only the vaguest idea of who she is, but I know I’m tired of seeing her on this site. He’s a beautiful baby, but is Kristen the best “celebrity” People can find? What about Reese, Adele, Megan Fox, Uma, Drew, SMG… oh, wait they’re actually famous and don’t need to sell their children for attention.

Yes, I took the time to comment, but please consider this a consumer complaint and not “jealousy” or “bitterness.”

Gorgeous Seexxee Mee on

Why all the fuss? He’s just ok. Cute- not beautiful. Hope he’s a happy, healthy baby.

Joan on

Hes adorable!! too cute!!

lay86 on

Finally, we see the baby! He’s beautiful!!!!!!!!