Donald Trump Jr. Welcomes Son Spencer Frederick

10/22/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Donald Trump Jr. Welcomes a Son
Craig Baritt/Getty

The boardroom has added another boy!

Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa welcomed son Spencer Frederick Trump on Sunday, Oct. 21, a rep for the couple tells PEOPLE.

Weighing in at 7 lbs., 15 oz, the baby boy arrived at 6:09 a.m. Spencer’s middle name is in honor of the Celebrity Apprentice judge’s grandfather.

“I’m thrilled,” Trump, 34, tells PEOPLE. “The baby is healthy and beautiful.”

The new addition joins Tristan Milos, 1, Donnie John III, 3½, and Kai Madison, 5.

The couple announced the pregnancy in May. Before asking for guesses on whether her delivery surprise would be a boy or girl, Vanessa turned to her followers for their favorite baby names.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Charlotte Triggs

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Can’t stand the Trumps. Still, congrats.

Charli on

Congrats to them!!!

Debs on

Just what the world needs another a-hole Trump!!

Teressa on

U dont have to leave a comment Debs. It’s a baby. Ur harsh.

Tanya on

Your comment is disgusting. Unless you know the Trumps intimately you don’t get to call them names. Especially an innocent child. Don’t begrudge people the wealth that they obviously were smart enough to acquire through whatever means. Envy is a character flaw and you are obviously envious!

Izzie on

Nice news for the Trumps, lousy news for the animals that will be hunted for trophies.

Athina on

Oh great. Now I’m reminded of what he did to that poor elephant, holding up it’s severed tail as his “trophy.” The sight of his face makes me sick.

NYC_Gal on

Jeez, these people do not sleep? With all the hungry kids around the world and all that money the Trumps have, you would think they would help these unfortunate kids.

BH on

At first I thought that was a picture of his sister.

meghan on

Are you fucking kidding me izzie? Off topic much.

Anonymous on

Really Debs was the comment needed? No this is a child most people don’t just grow up being that way it take time. Sometimes its the parents but most of the time its people like you that trash talk. In a time were we are trying to stop bullying you come out with a dumb remark. think about what you write before spewing hate. This is still a baby we’re talking about.

Joy Norman on

They need to slow down!!!! Their youngest just turned one!

Barbi on

What business is it of anyone to criticize them having a 4th child?

Congratulations and many blessings to them.

We live in such a sick world full of people with envy, anger, and just plain ugliness inside.

I wish the Trumps the best… they look happy and God knows they can afford not 4, but 40, children if they want. They’re both good looking people so I’m sure the baby will be adorable.

Sabryna on

Very nice, but they sure have been busy producing babies. Four kids in five years m/l.

Lacey on

I hate the names of all their kids. I would never be able to take a guy named Tristen seriously.

V-bottom on

another ”golden spoon baby”……….hell to be poor…….ed in tx

Tanya R. on

One of the most beautiful celebrity couple i’ve ever know!!! Congrats to Vanessa, Donald, Jr, Kai, Donnie, Tristan and all big The Haydon-Trump family on their new addition!!!! Can’t wait to hear the boy’ name!!!!

kate on

Oh no not another little Donald .

Anonymous on

wow, she just had a baby and has one that is one years old. She must have gotten pregnant when she came home from the hospital. Give the girl a break!

Cinder Lou on

Nice mouth, Meghan. Your parents must be so proud.

Dee on

WOW, someone else on here took the words out of my mouth, I too thought for a moment that was his sister. A little bit creepy.

Donna on

Debs, you are not nice at all. Congratulations to the Trumps. Every baby is a beautiful blessing.

claytons friend on

@Lacey..Tristan is a very old name historically, such as Tristan &Isolde, and i believe Brad Pitt was Tristan in a movie,where the family lived Montana, set during western times.

Kristen on

Well at least they are helping the economy just a bit because I’d assume that at least two more nannies will be hired now to take care of this kid. Hope gramps has their birth certificates verified before signing their paychecks.

lee schwing on

At least they didn’t choose abortion, good for them.

lee schwing on

Libs are so petty. They are so disgusting. At least this couple chose life .

Izzie on

Meghan, if ignorance is bliss, why are you so unhappy?

Ava on

Smart girl. After the iron-clad prenup her father-in-law made her sign she is making sure she gets paid when the marriage ultimately ends in divorce. He will owe her a ton of child support.

Cesa on

Same smile as when he killed an elephant for sport holding up his tail he cut off with glee. Now he has a son he can kill elephants with.

Joan on

Congrats to both parents!! Good luck with new baby!!

Carol on

Who the $#it cares?!

barb on

Wow, once again, lots of jealous nasty people out there! They all work hard …yes, they were ‘born into money’ but each of Donald’s kids work every day in the business, are very successful, are true family people….Why shouldn’t they have another child if they wish – they have the money!!! STOP JUDGING…especially people you don’t know!

JM on

I don’t care how much money they have or how many kids they have, that is none of my business and i don’t have a problem with either.

However, this family is disgusting in so many ways, horrible people, I know this little one didn’t ask to be born into that so I wish him all the best and a healthy and happy life. May he turn out nothing like the other men in his family.

Lilly on

Is Kai a girl?

me on

They should name him Harry…maybe this child will be blessed with some unlike his gramp

Gina on

He is a number one, cruel jack ass. He and his brother participate in “canned hunts” in Africa. It is horrible to think what the animals go through before they are killed.

Gina on

I agree with 100% Athina. He and his brother make me vomit!

Anonymous on

okay, i really try not to hate…
but…look at him and look at her? Do you think she is only in it for the money? I personally think he looks weird, but maybe others think he is good looking. Just askin…
But i hope baby is happy and healthy!

fanofboardwalkempire on

congratulations to the family! another baby boy- great blessings abound for the Trump family.

fanofboardwalkempire on

congratulations to the happy Trump family.

adrienner on

it is just mint

Anne Marie on

And here is the vile animal hunter and his creepy, entitled grin. No one cares about the birth of another exploiter born into wealth.

Gorgeous Seexxee Mee on

Congrats to the happy family with their newest bundle of joy!! Hope like hell none their children looks like dad…cause he is scary looking! Am sure what he lacks in looks, he makes up for in personality, etc.

denise on

Congratulations. Love his name. Best of luck to the Trump Family.

lot on

i am still disgusted w/the big game hunting that this a**hole felt proud of showing,i hope his kids don’t follow his footsteps

Anon E. Mouse on

Most of these comments are sickening. What is wrong with you people? Perhaps you should put mirrors next to your computers and take a good look into it before you write a comment.

As long as I am not paying to raise these children, they can have as many children as they want. Go make comments to the Welfare Queens dragging around ten babies from ten different baby-daddies.

Anonymous on

Hope for her sake that she loves herself enough to say ‘no’ to him sometimes. 2 babies within 1 year is difficult at best on a woman’s body.

Julie on

What a life it must be for those with boundless, negative energy. If your life is as horrible as the words that come out of your mouths then maybe it is time to get some help. A beautiful soul has entered this world and all some of you can do is to be critical. Wow, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself who is the SPOILED, UNNEEDED, #-HOLE. Get off the boards and find a way out your contemptuous nature.

Aimee on

LOL at these people who are saying, “AT LEAST THEY CHOSE LIFE!” Other people’s uteruses aren’t your business.

I do not like the name Spencer, and ‘Jr’s’ bug me, but they seem like a happy couple, so I don’t have anything bad to say (nor wouldn’t it make a difference to).

Mira on

They sure like trendy names.

I think they shouldn’t have named the oldest boy Donny if they knew they were planning to have more kids. It’s kind of unfair for only one kid to inherit the “important” name in the family and for the others to get names suggested by a bunch of strangers. If you’re going to name your son after yourself, you better have only one son, or you go the George Forman route.

Laurie on

I don’t like them anymore. He goes to africa to kill elephants and other animals and pose with the dead bodies. Oh that sounds like fun. with all his $ that’s all he can think of. The whole family disgusts me.

Jupiter on

Elephant killer.

Janie757 on

Fourth? Enough already.

ELC on

Wow, these two are populating like rabbits…come to think of it like Tori and Dean. Maybe its a competition?

mike on

this earth is the only heaven they will know.

seila on

everybody’s been a bit too judgemental on her… what about tori spelling? 4 kids in five years also, and a LOWER age gap between their third and fouth. at least this girl took three months after giving birth to get pregnant again

melissa on

It would be so awesome if that baby came out a black homesexual girl…

Pink on

Love the name Spencer my first born has that name! I think it flows well. I don’t like the Kai name for the girl I would have expected a feminine name from the Trumpster family!!!!

hm on

Nerd Alert! You know she wouldn’t be with him if his last name wasn’t Trump!


All you people talking ish just sound bitter and jealous. They’ve worked hard to get where there at. At least they can afford to have kids and are responsible parents. Other people around the world less fortunate aren’t their responsibility. So why do they have to give back? As a matter a fact none of us really know how much they donate or if they even do. Stop judging people and mind your own business. Miserable people! Get a life and look at your own!! Congrats to them.

dawn on

hope he lets his wife rest after this one seems she’s just popping them out lol

You Mom on

Whoopie, another entitled Douche Bag enters the world…..

soonergirl on

Man, she’s shelling them out! Four babies in five years…..take a breath, people!

Danielle on

Congrats to the beautiful couple and the Grandfather The Donald.

doseedo on

Can’t stand this guys ugly mug, making matters worse, he poses like he’s Scott Disick. Both just look like d-bags.

Mary on

Wow! They are really popping them out lol

sal on

wow, I bet their house is really, really noisy lol

Cooper on

Oh geez wasn’t 3 enough? How many more Trumps do we need?

Could they maybe look into adopting if they want another?

Rachael on

I’m thinking he needs to find a hobby.. right now it’s keeping his wife pregnant.. Kudos for them on having large family, I’m sure they have help – but give the poor girl a chance to breathe, four kids in five years is a bit!

cookie on

It’s a good thing that he has the Trump name,and money,because he’s an odd looking little person.

Mary on

My son’s name is Trystan. I thought it was a pretty classic name.

andrea on

give her a rest from having kids

andrea on

also i guess if he is not killing animals, he is having kids

Navy Beans on

He should name his kid IV as in 4…

linda on

She has followers?

Mama on

Congrats on the new baby! Nice to see rich couples having many children.

claire watjen on

i wish i HAD YOUR MONEY.THat.s all

Heather on

She’s lucky to have $$ for childcare help. Four in 5 years is a lot. Off topic, but you could fry chips in Donald’s hair. Why can’t he just use a modest amount of product? He’s a good looking man with a goofy ass hairdo!

Anonymous on

who cares…nobody.

Lynda Davis on


We can’t be too careful. . . .

Lynda Davis on

We want to see the birth certificate. . . immediately.

Anonymous on

Excessive world population. Another example of, that is.

robinepowell on

Aww, I hoping for another girl. Oh well, congrats either way.

Cynthia on

He is feminine looking. And looks like he had breast in this picture

Heather on

@Cyndy- how does he look feminine? I don’t see it. Maybe the small facial features?

suzy diamond on

WOW…NICE big family! Good for them and congrats!

Anonymous on

hm- Who says?! Some girls happen to be attracted to guys for things other than their looks or money! For example, I happen to prefer “nerds” to classically handsome guys. The former tend to, in my opinion, have much better personalities than the latter! 🙂

To all the people saying Donald should “give his wife a break”- Um, I’m pretty sure he’s not forcing her to have sex with him. And even if she finds it hard to say no to him, she can control whether or not she gets pregnant again by taking birth control pills (and there IS a type- I believe the “mini pill” that’s safe for nursing mothers before anyone brings that up!) or using other “female” birth control methods.

Bottomline: I find it hard to believe that Donald is the only one with a say in their family size!

Anonymous on

Tanya- I couldn’t agree more! Calling ANYONE names is disugsting, but doing it to an innocent child is beyond that. It’s cruel, heartless, and sickening! I don’t care how much you dislike the parents, it is never, ever, EVER okay to attack a baby (not that it’s okay to attacking anyone, but at least adults can defend themselves. An infant cannot.)!

It’s equally as bad to assume that said innocent baby will grow up to be as “horrible” as his or her parents. We’ve seen time and time again that that isn’t always the case. Not all children of alchoholics become alchoholics themselves, not all children of serial killers grow up to murder themselves, etc.

All of that being said, congrats to the Trumps! I love the name (especially the middle name), but I have to admit I was hoping Kai would get a sister! 🙂

Mabby on

Nobody needs more than two children unless they are adopting kids who would otherwise not have good homes. I don’t care how much money they have.

kathy on

Just because they have a lot of money doesn’t mean they will be able to feed all the children going without food.

kathy on

someone said they breed like rabbits, you better look that up rabbits can have a litter every 31 days or so and have 1-12 so you are really wrong about them breeding like rabbits.


Lacey: i would never taker someone serious, who spells Tristan TristEn….

Tanya on

Congrats. I guess animal murderers need to breed too.

Kim on

Is it just me or does this guy look like Eddie Munster, LOL…..

James Miller on

The Donald was in charge of the delivery, of course.

Craig on

Always liked Jr. Trumps are successful….good for them.And all the whiners can be successful too (and I don’t mean successful whining).Jobs for America…just a thought…myself unemployed…No President is going to make a job for me…I must find one or create one….that will be my success……

AmandaC on

Oh I love the name Spencer! Congrats, that’s a lot of little ones but such a blessing.

Anonymous on

Securing lots of child support, in case he is anything like his, cheats and leaves.

Angel on

Congratulations to the Trumps! I personally like and admire them. Donald Trump has done a superb job with teaching his children a good work ethic and they all seem like good, hard-working citizens. Donald Jr. and his wife chose to get married before having their children as well, doing things in the proper order. So, getting married and not having children out of wedlock and working hard and not relying on the welfare rolls to take care of you apparently gets you trashed on this board. Pathetic!

Mzdiana on

Good for them! Have as many kids as you want. Sounds like a bunch of jealous, whiners on here! Not just the Rich go on these hunts in Africa! My husband is an avid hunter & his boss goes on these African hunts alot. The meat is given to the indigenous people so they have meat to eat! Check your facts before opening your ignorant mouths, all of you tree hugging liberals! Typical Haters! A article on a baby not his hunting choices morons! I hope they have a few more kids!

Sheryl N. on

too bad grandpa is racist and a feces filled garbage disposal! How about offering lying Mitt $5 million to show his tax returns?! Stop making your cheap ties in China you hypocrite impotent little man!

Michelle on

That’s right girl! Keep giving birth to child support checks! You are up to four now! Go ahead girl! I can’t stand this family but at least this wife is thinking ahead!

Michelle on

Smart girl! She’s now on #4 in terms of the amount of child support checks she’ll get. Popping them out quick too. Can’t knock her hustle. Can’t stand this arrogant family.

Anonymous on

congrats animal slaughterers

Gina on

Sick, ugly SOB. He must be so proud going on canned hunts and killing innocent animals.

Gina on

FU Trumps!

Ginger on

Respectfully, it is called “finite resources”. The world is already over populated. Four children is about two too many.

Rose Marie on

Named after the old man and poor Jr. looks like him too!
I wonder if he’s a baffoon like the old man? His hairs starting to recede as well; I expect he’ll be doing the comb over by age 40..sad.

susan tran on

is this arrogant prick going to teach Trump jr. how to shoot Babar the elephant?

Christen on

All you people make me sick! The trumps are successful because they work hard! This country is going to the shitter bc everyone believes they deserve free shit just for the fact that they were born! I would love to see president obama’s birth certificate, where is that? All you stupid liberals need to get a fucking life! Good luck to the trumps!

Tanya R. on

Before asking for guesses on whether her delivery surprise would be a boy or girl, Vanessa turned to her followers for their favorite baby names.
I am and another girl are tweets to her the name Spencer 🙂

apologetic on

Oui maintenant je comprends ce qui se passe. Mais je ne sais pas pourquoi ça bug comme ça.

Delores Doyle on

Much Joy and Love to your Family! May Christ Jesus watch over you.