Anne Heche’s Blog: Winning the Sunblock Wars

10/22/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

Thanks for welcoming our latest celebrity blogger, Anne Heche!

Best known for her roles on Men in Trees and Hung, the actress, 43, also appeared in Return to Paradise, Six Days Seven Nights, Donnie Brasco and Wag the Dog.

She’s currently starring in That’s What She Said, out now, as well as NBC’s upcoming comedy Save Me, and recently launched Tickle Time, a line of mineral powder sunblock for kids.

Heche is “forever engaged” to James Tupper and is mom to two sons: Atlas, 3, and Homer, 10.

She can be found on Facebook as well as Twitter @AnneHeche.

Anne Heche: Winning the Sunblock Wars
With my sons – Courtesy Anne Heche

Parents are all too familiar with the horror of trying to get kids to apply sunblock — the gooey mess, sunblock in the eyes, the tears! Some of us are even guilty of doing a half-assed job because we do not have the wherewithal to endure another battle with the kids.

The bar is raised for us parents everyday. We keep getting more and more new information about everything we should be doing for our kids and keeping away from our kids. It’s exhausting keeping up with it all! That is why when something comes along that is not only good for our kids but makes life easier for parents, I want you know about it!

For the past year, this has been by mission — to stop kids from ever feeling crappy about putting on SUNBLOCK. Would I like to solve world hunger? Cure cancer? Of course! But I can’t.

What I can do is make a sunblock for kids that doesn’t sting their eyes, make their skin sticky or make them run away from me or my husband in the morning. What do I have to replace it? Smiling faces, happy skin and protected dermis. I created Tickle Time. I did that. I did that with the help of my friends, my husband and my kids.

My friends Kathy and Nicole Tracy are really to blame for the product. They make the glorious minerals for a company called La Bella Donna and I got addicted to their makeup. I have very sensitive, very pale skin and I wasn’t burning in the sun when I used their mineral powder foundation. I wondered why, if it was so simple and easy for me to get protection, did my children have to suffer?

Luckily, after I contacted Kathy and Nicole about making a product that was a powder sunblock for children, they had been wondering the same thing.

James is also to blame for investing. He’s a guy that really believes in me. I’ve been lucky, my husband really listens when I talk (well, most of the time anyway). When James heard me say over and over that SUNBLOCK needed to be “funner for kids!” he listened. When I said it needed to be POWDERED and EASY and I needed to call it “Tickle Time,” he invested.

Anne Heche: Winning the Sunblock Wars
That’s my guy – Courtesy Anne Heche

My sons Atlas and Homer are probably the most responsible for Tickle Time. My children, like yours, are the inspiration for everything that I do.

My bond with them drives my life, my decisions and my choices. If I go to work, I go to put food on the table, always attempting to set an example of a healthy way to serve my family. If I go to church it’s to help them find a sense of community and understand that we are a part of something greater than ourselves. If I exercise, it’s to be as fit as I can be for my family, my career and my future — I want to live long and stay strong.

So when my kids hurt, I hurt, when something is difficult for them, it’s difficult for me. Every morning I had a pout-fest happening in my home. “Do you have your lunchbox?” Check. “Brush your teeth?” Check. “Backpack?” Check. “Sunblock?” Pause. “SUNBLOCK?” The second they saw the can in my hand or the tube in their face, they went sour — “NO, MOM! I don’t need it!” they would scream.

The wrestling and chasing and wincing and whining needed attention. They were suffering, that’s what their reaction was.

I listened. If my sons are suffering, I’m suffering. This needed to stop. And not just for my family, for everyone going through the same struggle. It’s over. My kids call out for Tickle Time in the morning now before I need to remind them. A tickle a day keeps the bad moods away.

I can’t take all the pain away, and I know that everyday brings new information about raising happy, healthy kids but with TICKLE TIME, at least I have this SUNBLOCK war won.

— Anne Heche

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blessedwithboys on

This wasn’t a blog post, it was an advertisement. 😦

Anyway, my son is classified Fitzpatrick I and so we have to be very cautious living in the Deep South. Sunscreen is unsafe, and even sunblock can be dangerous depending on what’s added. So instead, I dress my son in Coolibar. He wears a legionnaire hat EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s his choice, really, because he knows a burn would be painful.

I will say that I just perused the Tickle Time FAQ page and I think the claims about not needing to reapply all day, even in water, are totally bogus. I wear AlimaPure and it comes off in the pool. I sure hope Anne doesn’t do more harm than good with her inflated claims!

meghan on

Seriously People? Publishing one long advertisement? GMAFB.

Kristen on

This was a frustrating blog because it wasn’t a blog about parenting so much, but instead a blog about a product. Because of that, I was turned off and instead focused on the simple mistakes with grammar and the obvious typos that a simple run through Word doc would have caught.

Looking forward to her next blog; “How I Reinvented the Wheel.”

victoria on

i agree blessed- where is the BLOG?

J on

Yeah yeah yeah more importantly, whats coming out of her bra?

Rachel on

blessedwithboys — there are many advertisements on this blog… I don’t see the issue there, but I do think you raise some great points.

As an individual who was diagnosed 18 months ago with Melanomana (very luckily at Stage I after discovering it myself – and never having been to a dermatologist before that), I can’t empasize enough the importance for sun protection. But I certainly can’t lecture either.

No amount of sunscreen or sunblock is really 100% safe. The sunblocks that don’t have oxybenzone (found to be the most dangerous) have Zinc Oxide which can break down skin cells and ALL sunscreens block the body’s ability to absorb vitamin D which is essential. The use of sunscreen and sunblocks as well as the lack of vitamin D are all believed (even if not proven) to be contributers to skin cancer.

I have been told by my dermatologist to avoid the sun during peak times of the day, to wear sunscreen only when absolutely necessary, to invest in clothes that block harmful rays and to take Vitamin D supplements. I think for children it’s a difficult decision to make and I’m sure Anne is just trying to make the best choice for her sons.

Mommytoane on

I’m with blessed…this is a complete advertisement. As for Rachel…yes some are advertisements, but usually the guest BLOG posts….are more talking about their kids and things that happened, and stuff like that. Not really advertisements.

As for the sunblock….there’s this wonderful little stick for little faces..that I adore. I pop it in the freezer, so its cool when it goes on…my daughter hasn’t resisted having it put on in the last 10 years, so its working great. For the body…spray all the way. Its quick, easy, and most are nongreasy. As for powders…I wouldn’t bother. For several reasons…one being they come off in water. Another that reapplying just makes a caked on look…and lets face it sunblock needs to be reapplied several times a day when out in the sun.

Maybe the next blog won’t be a direct advertisement for her products.

mom2many on

Thanks, Anne for making a difficult daily project just a little bit easier for all of us.

Monika on

What a cute name! I love the idea of this product! I don’t have kids but I hate sunscreen so maybe I’ll use it! ADORABLE! Love Anne Heche ❤

Rachel on

mommytoanne — I understand the annoyance at a blog post being an advertisement, but if people chooses to allow it then it’s their choice. This is one thing I suppose Anne decided to do as a direct result of being a parent… and it’s a parent blog. So in a sense, I guess that’s part of it. Do I think it’s a little tacky? Sure, but to each his own.

As for the little stick for faces – love them! They are very simple to use and you can get them in sunscreens that have no oxybenzone. I always use the Aveeno mineral baby on my face as it leaves no oily feeling.

For me, after speaking with my doctor I do not trust the chemicals in any of the other types of sunscreens. I look at the back and if any “-one’s” (oxybenzone, acetone, dioxybenzone, etc…) are in the ingredients I won’t buy them.

I use the same on my body. Either Aveeno baby or Coppertone sensitive skin. I will not use the sunscreen or sunblock sprays unless I absolutely have to as the FDA warns strongly against spraying them directly on the skin (especially with kids) due to inhaling the fumes. The specifically say you should only spray them on your hands and rub them on your body. Even then I feel like I can’t get the aerosol smell of me.

I agree that a powder seems like an odd option… but who knows. I’ve seen stranger things.

For me it’s no longer an issue of just not getting burned, it’s an issue of not wanting another mole to become melanoma. I now know that I’m at an increased risk and so I’ll do everything in my power to keep it from happening. I wish I’d known this as a young teen/adult though because I would have cared a lot more and I certainly will watch my children far more carefully.

lovethisfam on

I liked her last blog just fine but I do agree this one was a advertisment. I would have been fine with that had she just said in the intro -“Look I want to talk about my product”. I also don’t like the name of the sunscreen. It is sunscreen not a game. What if a smaller child got a hold of the product (thinking it is a toy) and in playing inhales a bunch? It also conjures up weird visuals of old perverts tickling for me- sorry but it does. This blog was a miss maybe next month will be better……

Marlene on

Such a clever idea! My kids are going to LOVE this!

Marky on

Anne Heche is just plain weird, and always has been. This product does not sound as if it is the answer to preventing cancer, unless you have little predisposition to it to begin with. I have had a whopping case of skin cancer on my face, and frankly, I still don’t see this product as the answer to prevention.

I also think the name is a turn-off, especially to me as a former DHS worker. Ewww, sounds like an invitation to abuse……..(I’m not saying that’s how she meant it; I’m saying it sounds like one.)

lyn on

weird. I personally would never buy a product called tickle time.

girlwhoburns on

yes, it’s essentially an ad.

yes, kids need sunblock and parents don’t need the hassle. everyone wins.

if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

dilitant on

I’m glad Anne Heche’s sunscreen crisis has been solved; I’ve been really worried about it.

traxie on

That’s right, Anne. Frequent use of CAPSLOCK is the best way to sell a product to us!

melisa on

I did some Googling. This is $35 a tube mineral powder makeup. You have to pick a skin shade for crying out loud.

I won the battle of sunblock a long time ago. When they said no, I say too bad and put it on them anyway.

Sam on

J and Melisa……..hilarious. I was going to post what you both said. Saying ‘no’ to sunscreen is not an option! Same as saying ‘no’ to brushing teeth or taking a bath. And I noticed the thing in her bra right away!! Ahhh, the life!! LOLOL

Ramona on

This isn’t a blog – this is an advertisement for a product she helped create and has financial interest in. Blech.

Kaycee on

For all the complainers about it being an advertisement and not a blog post – get over yourselves – seriously!!!

It’s her blog and if she wants to “advertise” a product she came up with then that is her right. As far as I can tell it’s still a blog telling about HER experience with her children and sun screen so WHY would she not talk about her product and WHY she came up with it.

I’ve always found Anne to be a little strange but that does not mean I should dictate what her blog or anyone’s blog for that matter, should include in it. Actually it’s a very smart way to advertise her product and don’t see where she did anything wrong. Seems like the haters came out in droves and for what?

davecat on

She is such a nutball, I would never follow her advice.