Adele Welcomes a Son

10/21/2012 at 01:30 PM ET

Adele Welcomes a Son
AKM-David Fisher/Rex USA

Adele is officially rolling in the diapers!

The British singing sensation, 24, is now Mum to a baby boy, a familyΒ source confirms to PEOPLE.

“We are all over the moon,” the source says of the new addition, born Friday, Oct. 19.

In June, Adele posted a message on her web site announcing that she was expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Simon Konecki.

“Obviously we’re over the moon and very excited but please respect our privacy at this precious time,” she wrote.

Even as the Grammy winner thrilled fans with the recent release of new material, the James Bond theme song “Skyfall,” Adele was “totally laying low and nesting,” a source recently told PEOPLE. “She is just thrilled [about becoming a mom].”

— Phil Boucher

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LoveMyCrazyLife on

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! She’ll be a great mom!

Tee Tee on

Ach, so exciting! Congratulations, Adele!

Samantha on

Aw congratulations! That seemed like a speedy pregnancy, also is it just me or has every celebrity been giving birth to boys?!

Melissa on

Not just celebs Samantha…5 out of the 6 people that I know who know the sex are having boys as well.

Sharon on

Ur right, Samantha!

Anonymous on

good luck on your new baby

Diana on


Aria on

Congratulations, Adele! What a precious gift to receive.

Megan on

Congrats, Adele and Simon. πŸ™‚ Kudos to you for keeping it so private.

Lola on

Congrats I’m sure she will be an awesome & hilarious mommy!! Can’t wait to hear what she named the little guy πŸ™‚

kimmykay on

It’s Ginger Root.

michelle on


Nancy on

If I hear again how someone is “over the moon” about ANYTHING, I think I’ll SCREAM! Jeez people! Can you be more UNORIGINAL?

Cami on

Sounds like you have nothing in,your life to be ‘over the moon’ about Nancy. Debbie downer.

Renee on

Nancy sucks.

Giuliona on

Geeze. There is always someone who has to be negative. It is really sad. 😦 Usually someone is just being jealous.

Nancy, hopefully you will find something that will make you feel “over the moon” someday and you will understand. ❀ …It is the best feeling.

Congrats to both of them. I can't wait to hear the name they picked!

kimmykay on

His name is Ginger Root. SMH

Lolabean on

Love her! Congrats!! πŸ™‚

Gloria on

There’s nothing greater than being a mom !! Congrats on your sweet little bundle of joy !


OMG!!!!! I get it that new parents are super excited about the birth of a new baby but can someone PLEASE come up with something to say besides “over the moon” about the baby?

Renee on

Laura sucks.

Sharon on

Come on people, cant you agree that over the moon is overused? Doesnt mean we are negative. There are tons of other words to use, like estatic, thrilled, happy, excited. God, just because we are sick of the phrase doesnt mean we are not happy for her. Get a life! Congrats Alele on you baby boy! I cant wait to hear his name, and hopefully you will share a pic with us πŸ™‚

emily on

Woooooooow realy? I never knew she was ever pregrant,,but woow Congrats to her, #much love

LM on

Congrats Adele! Now watch the swearing πŸ™‚ I had to work on that when I became a mom too.

B.J. (the girl) on

My best friend just found out she’s having a little girl, and everyone was ecstatic! Nothing but boys born in my circle in the last few years.

Anonymous on

“OVER THE MOON” It must be the new hot spot where all the celebs are hanging out. I love Adele, and wish her and Simon the best.

Rachel on

Nancy, there always has to be somebody who has to post something that doesn’t include well wishes….talk about unoriginal! Best wishes to the new parents, that baby will get the best lullabies!

Ally on

Congrats to her! I agree will all the baby boys thing, none of my friends, family, etc has had a girl in well over 5 years!

K on

I was just listening to her last night. Congrats! That child will get the best nursery singing ever. πŸ™‚

Victoria on

I’m with you Nancy! That saying is becoming old and redundant very quickly but congrats.

crystal on

Awwwww congrats adele I bet he’s gorgeous! Can’t wait to see pics. You are going to be such a loving caring mother.

Aoife on

I totally agree gloria

sara on

Why has “over the moon” become to new catchphrase for “I’m happy I have a baby?” It’s said twice in this article alone! Anywho, congratulations to Adele and Simon. Will be interested to hear the baby’s name!

Cheryl on

Congrats. We luv you. My 6 yr old grand daughter knows all the words 2 all your songs. Kiss your baby 4 us.

Me on

Two phrases to ban: “over the moon” and “baby bump.”

Happy for them both. Can’t wait to see pics. This is a woman with wit and charm and smarts–she’ll be a terrific mom.

K.B. on

Congratulations to the new Mum! Can you just imagine how lucky this baby is? — He will get his evening lullabys sung to him by Adele! Hope they are all happy and healthy.

Kelly on

I love Adele!!!! Congrats to the happy family!

Jao on

Who cares how they announce their new arrival?!?!? Isn’t the main thing the baby and mom are healthy and that they are doing well? Just be happy for them!

Jo on

When you look at her, it is obvious she is no beauty and from what I hear, can be VERY diificult to work with so I have no doubt this guy is fathering her kid as part of his meal ticket contract. Soon as her popularity slumps he’ll be gone. I’m tired of these phoney engagements and watching innocent kids be used as pawns.

Charleigh on

Obviously you have no clue what beauty is Jp. Your comment makes you the ugly one. Unless you know Adele personally, you have no grounds to make such assumptions. A child came into this world and you had the nerve to voice your disrespectful opinion. I pity you.

Brandi on

What a bah humbug! I think Adele is stunning and is a wonderful example of how beauty doesn’t have to come packaged in a size 2 body. If you are so sick of seeing how these celebrity relationships with children involved play out, then how about you stop reading about them? It’s not rocket science πŸ™‚ I wish Adele, her husband-to-be and their new baby boy nothing but all the best and a lifetime of happiness…congrats!! ❀

Quali'yah on

I wish u the best adele u will be a wonderful mommy:-)

Dee on

Congrats Adele!

Commenters, stop making something out of nothing, she just had a baby. Lets just enjoy it for what it is and believe that they are speechlessly, over the moon.

cc on

Lucky baby to have that voice singing a lullaby to him.

Tzarina on

Be strong ! The fun starts at 2 a.m. when baby is hungry and then again at 5 or 6 a.m. Good luck and Congrats !

BRod on

Awesome! Imagine the lullabies!

Marcia on

I love, love, love her music. Congrats.

Amanda on

Aw! So happy for her and Simon! They will be amazing parents! Congratulations to the family! πŸ™‚

Womenfly on

Congrats to Adele and Simon on the birth of their baby boy. I’m glad they kept it private. I hope the press will respect their privacy now as well.

Emily on

This is awesome! So happy for her! I think she’ll be a great mom. I especially like that she really tries to stay out of the spotlight — I think that will give her son an excellent chance at a “normal” life away from the paparazzi and all the craziness that comes with being a celebrity.

Anonymous on

I’m “OVER THE MOON” to hear the news about Adele and Simon’s baby arrival…CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Kelley on

Very exciting. But I’m sick of hearing the phrase “over the moon” every time a british celebrity announces a pregnancy or birth. I think it’s a british saying because when Kate Winslet announced her pregnancy with her 1st child over a decade ago, she said she was “over the moon”.

Dany on


Nothin’ like your 1st baby….so sweet!!

BritneySpears on

Congratulations Adele! πŸ™‚ She’ll be an amazing mom!

nakishia knatt on

Luv your music congrats to your baby boy you going to enjoy being a mom

Nakishia on

Luv your baby everyday and he will luv u back more than life itself

danaysha on

Now u can sing someone like u to him GOOD LUCK U GUYS

S on

Good job adele!

Subhash Naraine on

Congratulations to Adele and her partner on the birth of their son. Start singing to this lucky kid, mom, because the world needs more artists.

venus on

Wishing you the very best of luck, happyness & love. Thank you for the beautiful music. We love you.

Joann on

Congrats!!!! So very happy for her! I am sure she will be a great mom.

Nikki on

Congrats to them!!

(I think that “over the moon” must have been discussed at the Publists’ Convention…lol)

Anonymous on


Alana on

Wonderful news! Very happy for her.

guest218 on

i remember in a early story that she was hoping for a boy and in fact wanted all sons…totally awesome finally someone who don’t think it’s the end of the world to have a boy..being for some reason girls are favored…well congrats to her..she has a gift of singing but its a greater gift to be a mom πŸ™‚

jennymama on

she’s beautiful and so talented.

over the moon has been a phrase FOREVER…why the h*** do you people care? omg, she and her baby boy are healthy. how about being happy for them and shutting it over what you think of the phrasing?


Anonymous on

It’s unfortunate that “Over the Moon” was used twice within the same media post. If it hadn’t I don’t think it would be such an issue right now. But yes I think it’s a common phrase used in British society. Be nice if ppl could be more creative with their choice of words! For example, “amazing” is extremely overused…in ANY society!

Cathy on

First, congratulations!!

Second, I hate it when people assume; Jo, don’t assume you know anything about this couple, what they mean to each other, or even what his net worth is. Simon Konecki was an investment banker and appears to come from a wealthy family, so I sincerely doubt he’s with her for the money. And when you “hear” about someone, you’re only hearing one side of things. Stop assuming, and just be happy for someone else. You sound very bitter; you should focus on something positive, instead of other people’s lives, because life is too short to act like that.

melody on


Irish on

Awe she will be a great mommy!

joanne1965 on

If the songs from 21 about an exceptionally painful break-up and were a world wide critical success earning her numerous awards, imagine what she will write and sing after having a baby son…

Erica on

Awwww. YAY!

Sarah bell on

Good news hope every thing went ok for you now start the sleepless night

Julianna on

Congratulations to Simon and Adele! I can’t wait to know how they named their bundle of joy – being the older sister to a little 2-year-old, I can say they can both prepare for a load of fun!

rachel on

Congrats,to you I’m happy for your little buddle of joy.

Luv U on

Congratulations to the baby mama & baby daddy–hopefully Adele & her baby daddy can make their spawn legit soon. Hope their son has a healthy life.


Wow, Jo,…PMSing? Adele is very beautiful, you might wanna get your eyes checked. Or better…your brain.

Congrats Adele. Don’t let stupid haters bring you down, girlie!

gigi on

Congrats….lots of boys lately!! Over the moon and to the moon and back are way over used. Who cares though…babies are a beautiful miracle:)

linda on

well done to simon and adele on the birth of your baby boy

Catca on

Yep, that sure is one lucky little babies to hear lullabies from a mommy blessed with a voice like that. He’d also be lucky to inherit her looks. I think she has a beautiful face, particularly her eyes. Congrats Adele and Simon on your new bundle of joy!

JustMe on

Wow Jo – jealous much? You don’t know these people one bit yet you spew venom. So I guess by your rules, I can say you sound like a bitter old unloveable hag. That about right?

Ouiser on

Oh yes – I’m sure Adele was thinking, “Oh, let me go Google an original quote to express how happy we are right now. Oh, no, wait – I can’t do that, I have a baby on my breast!” Grow up, people – she can say whatever the hell she wants. Congrats, Adele and Simon, on your new little bundle of joy!

ty on

Amazing woman… Brings tears and joy and beautiful music to my babies xxx enjoy him, them ,

family xx

myladyeve on


NaMe90 on

Congrats to them. She will be a great mother. And with that voice, I bet she will be able to put her boy to sleep quick with a nice lullaby. Love her.

TeacherJax on

She looks EXACTLY like an older woman I had a crush on last year. Adele, I am soooo happy for you and your lucky boyfriend. I pray that the 2 of you will stay together and stay strong. P.S (no offence) but Shona is so much more beautiful : )

lucy on

So happy for you both

Becky on

Congratulations Adele and Simon. Enjoy these early days. So happy and stoked for them.

Over the Emmy on

Congrats!! She’ll be a great mum that makes more wonderful music. All the best.

Fish-n-CHiPs on

Now that she’s a Mummy…. She’ll be invited to all the Haunted Houses! But if Adele drives drunk on Cali roads, on PCH I’ll throw her bum into JAIL!

lynn on

Yes, buy my records, listen to my music, then please give us privacy after a child is born. What? Why do they think they are so newsworthy that the photographers will camp outside their house? Who really cares? Yes, congrats you had a child-millions of women do that every yr. Just shut up and sing.

eww on

Stunned to learn she’s only 24! I seriously thought she was 40. Its probably all the makeup and weight. Lose both.

brenda on

Eww you are an asshole! You need to lose the attitude. I’d like to see your ‘perfect’ self. Dickhead

Cooper on

Aw, she wanted a boy too, good for them! I bet he’s gorgeous.

cmonppl on

name!?!?!?! i hate when they don’t say the name. annoying.

Jenn on

Congrats Adele! I know she said she wanted a family of several boys πŸ˜‰ I just had identical boys in September and we too are over the moon- eyond even that really. She will be a wonderful mama.

mel on

Adele doesn’t look 40. Her weight doesn’t make her look older anyway. Look at Lady Gaga. She’s thin and looks way older than her twenties. Obsession about weight causes problems with young girls plus people have mirrors and don’t need you to point out they are overweight.

mel on

Adele doesn’t look 40 and the weight has nothing to do with how she looks anyway. Look at Lady Gaga. She’s thin and looks way older than her 20’s. You people that comment about weight must have the perfect figure.

Candice Harris on

so happy for Adele and Simon. They will be fantastic parents. Wishing you love and happiness

Marci on

I have only ever heard celebrities use the phrase “over the moon”. Pre-ten-tious.

kjjmac on

It’s too bad these celebrities can’t be as excited or “over the moon” about getting MARRIED before having illegitimate babies.

brenda on

Omg you jerk!!!! There are no ‘illegitimate’ children just legit assholes like you! Stupid idiot

Sandra on

Adele, God Bless your new beautiful baby boy. There is “Nothing” in the world,so special as a baby.Don’t believe the junk where said you shouldn’t hold your baby so much.Hold him,rock him,hold him somemore.Treasure every second with him.Life spins way to fast,what I give to have mine to be babies again.

Anonymous on

Another bastard child brought into the world.

brenda on

I’d be anonymous too if I were u! Calling a child a bastard! You must be a fake ass christian to say such an ugly thing! Your parents must be proud. Go crawl under your rock u nasty asswipe

Sharon on

Haha, Brenda great comebacks!!

V-bottom on

I thought that was Naomi Judd w/ blonde hair!!

Marci on

Is it not enough to be “happy”? It is only celebrities who are ‘over the moon”. I could be happier for them if they weren’t all so pretentious.

Silsez on

Aww! God bless! Too wonderful for words!

Barbara on

A baby boy will put stars in their eyes! I hope they name him Kirby!!

Guest on

Adele wanted a boy so bad! So happy for her and the lucky little boy she will sing to!

Anyuta on

Man, the first reports were off by a month:(
Anyways, congrats Adele and Simon:)
P.S. Good luck

Anyuta on

Congrats to both and good luck. Can’t wait to hear the name!

Deb on

Congrads!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope baby boy turns out to be “Someone Like You”!

Anonymous on

Jo, what a south end of a northbound mule, you obviously have nothing to offer anyone, other than your jealousy and stupid comments…what a loser you are

Anonymous on

congrats! I wish you many happy moments with your son! You are a fantastic singer & I look forward to hearing more from you in the future

Hillary on

Awww:) I’m so happy for Adele and her boyfriend. I’m glad they kept it private, that way they can have quality time with the baby. I can’t wait to hear what the baby’s name is!!! #LotsOfLove

Hillary on

Yeah! Whats his name?

meghan on

eww, LuvU, Jo, kindly go to hell.

Joy on

I’m glad someone else hates the term “baby bump”. The media and papparazi intented that term…and I wish it would go out of vogue. Why not say….she’s “showing”… all normal people say?

Miriam Barreto on

Hopefully he’ll have a better makeup tech!

Miriam Barreto on

poor kid, his mum is a man hater.

brenda on

Miriam you are a fucktard. She doesn’t hate men obviously; she hates what one man did to her. Go slap yourself for me bitch

Lawrence on

CONGRATULATIONS! I guess I’m living in the Past.What ever happened to First comes Love,then comes Marriage & then comes the Baby carriage?

Karen on

I bet he’s beautiful!

Carrie M on

Many best wishes to her and her family. She seems like she’ll be a great Mummy!!

Miriam Barreto on

Poor kid, his mum is hater, not a builder.

MollyF on

I’m “over the moon” about this news. I’m a HUGE fan of Adele’s (have both her albums and downloaded the Skyfall theme from itunes). I bet she’ll be singing her little guy lots of lullabies now. πŸ™‚

Yeah, I said “over the moon.” I don’t see anything wrong with the phrase. Those who complain about it should get a heart.

Jan on

You are in for the ride of your life. Enjoy

Fred on

Congratulations to Adele and Simon … but does that mean we’ve got an album coming of all sloshy goo-goo songs ??

First Degree on

Gee…what kind of lullaby will Adele sing to her son? Can you imagine???

Aaron on

Yeah but what is the baby’s name?

Shelley on

Adele!!! So happy for you. CONGRATS!!!!!

Tara on

Congratulations!!!! You are going to be a wonderful Mum.

Cat on

Congratulations Adele & Simon on your beautiful baby boy. Enjoy the Love.

Scoots on

God Bless You Girl! Wonderful News!

UnKnown on

Congrats to Adele and her boyfriend on their new bundle of Joy πŸ™‚

James on

I dint know she was prego. With fat women its hard to tell. I dont like her music either. Shes a Brit, they dont like Americans.

Annie on

Wonderful! Congratulations. Best wishes to the family.

Matt on

Ooohhhh! I thought she was fat, but I guess she was just pregnant the whole time

Sue on

Best wishes to the happy couple!!

Anonymous on

Oh, the lullabies this lucky child will hear! Congrats to them!

James on

Another celeb child born out of wedlock! Congrats to the parents and all the best to the little bastard!

guest on

what’s up with all the stupid people here who think they need to mention “that was fast” or “speedy pregnancy” ? it took the same as every pregnancy, they just chose not to tell you right away. it’s called privacy.

david palo on

May the lord bless you and your child.

Jagdish on


Patricia on

I am over the moon for Adele

Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on

Congratulations Adele you will be an awesome mom!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see what you name her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

Sunny on

Congrats!! She said she wanted 5 sons before the age of 30.

Mary Jane on

Congrats to you all!!!
I can just imagine the lovely lullabies you’ll be singing to your new little bundle!!!
Enjoy this special time ~ enjoy enjoy enjoy :0)

Kel on

Congratulations but I thought she was due in December…

Saddened on

Why can’t people get married and then have a baby? I am sure he is a great blessing but still…even the child will know he was born out of wedlock. Doesn’t marriage mean anything anymore?

Anonymous on

Congratulations, Adele!!!!! Happy for you!!! πŸ˜€

Rkenneth on

It’s a bastard! Is it too much to hope for that these overexposed celebrities would actually marry before procreating?

december on

soooo suprising!
im so happy for her!

brenda on

All th haters and bullies on here! Calling her fat and ugly and calling an innocent child names. Jealous dickheads like matt. If adele wanted you you’d be on it so fast. Assholes

krysti on

Can’t someone be “over the planet Jupiter” or “over Pluto” for once instead of “over the moon”? Seriously, that term is getting very old.

Anonymous on

Joy- Hollywood didn’t invent the term “baby bump”. It’s been around for years, and personally I see no problem with it. I mean, when you think about it, the baby IS causing a “bump” in the mother’s stomach, hence the mother has a “baby bump”. πŸ™‚

I also have no problem with “over the moon” (and by the way, it’s not just celebrities that use the term as some of you are saying. I heard “normal” people like me using it long before I started following celebs!).

The term I think should be banned is “bastard” to refer to a child born out of wedlock. While I don’t agree with having children before marriage, I don’t think any innocent baby deserves to be called something as horrible as “bastard”.

Time to wipe it from the lexicon!

Anyway, congrats to Adele and Simon, and I can’t wait to hear the little guy’s name!

Anonymous on

Also, the “man hater” comment makes me laugh. Adele has said several times that she wanted three sons before she turned 30. If she were really that much of a man hater, wouldn’t she have been hoping for girls instead?!

Jagdish on

Mother from hell,

Edie on

Congratulations and much good health to you Adele, Baby Boy and Boyfriend

Jagdish on

I feel sorry for the baby!

Shelliec69 on

Congrats to the new mom and boyfriend on the birth of their baby! Don’t mind the over the moon stuff as much as Adele posting about the pregnancy/birth and then asking people to respect her privacy. I mean, she could have taken the Drew Barrymore route.

sharon on

Adele is so beautiful – can’t wait to see her cute new son!

Anonymous on

Get married. Tired of all of these b-st-ard children, honestly.

ElizabethP. on

The baby’s name is Joshua Simon…. Great name!

Ann on

I have a life, am basically happy and am happy for Adele but I also hate the expression “over the moon”. Don’t read so deeply into things. It’s OK not to like cliches and still like the people who use them. Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple and their newborn.

kkp on

Congratulations to you and Simon and your new little bundle of JOY…..

Slammin on

I’m so confused, Adele has a baby out of wedlock and she gets all kinds of CONGRATS, Beyonce has a baby after being married for four years and her baby is called such names as the devil’s spawn and the first Illuminanti’s baby. It was also the same for Alicia Keys’ they called her horrible names, Halle Berry, said all kinds of hateful things about her and her baby but Adele and those of her same skin color get applauded….Hmmmmm, I wonder Y:-( Congrats Adele, I guess?

April on

Oh great Slammin here comes the “everybody hates black people” speeches. I’m happy for adele and for the record nobody should mean to alisha keys because shes sweet and beautiful

Lori on

Congrats Adele! Having a boy is awesome news! It cool to think your son and my Birthday is on the same day! Very cool Congrats again Adele! You will be a great mom!

suzy diamond on

Congrats….NOW get MARRIED!

anastasia on

omg i think this is so cool now all she needs is a girl for a baby adele

Anonymous on

why all the congrats just another illegitimate kid enters this world big star or not

Sally on

Laura! OMG!!!!! how about over the Son. Words can never match the love Adele is experiencing over the love of her life lays in her arms. Adele is now aware of why she is here, the purpose of her life.

Nancy on

Congratulations Adele! I’m so happy for you and your little family. Looking forward to some pics of him. We love your music here in the USA!

twinhappy on

Congrats to her on her wish come true!!

JM on

to all those complaining:

SOME PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO GET MARRIED!!!!! get that through your thick skulls. not everyone has the same backward ass 1950s standards that you have. live and let live people, for CHRIST sake. if you think that makes them immoral then you need to go and look that word up in a dictionary and try and educate yourself a little.

anyway, rant out of the way. congratulations to the whole family. i can’t wait to hear the name! all the best to them πŸ™‚

Theresa Small Smith on

Congratulations, enjoy this happy joyful experience through life…write a song about this special experience.

Jerry on

I’m actually a country music fan, but I heard her song “Rolling in the Deep” and this young lady has a set of vocal cord nobody could deny. She is is a SONGRESS like Wyonna Judd was. If you ever faulter in pop, you have my vote as a tremendous talent in Country. Congrats:

karenlyonskalmenson on

welcome to the world, little man,
you will hear the prettiest lullabies
that anybody can☺β™₯☻

Tara on

Congrats Adele! Don’t listen to the one “:needs” to be married to have a baby..if they did their ovaries and sperm wouldn’t work until a marriage license was signed. Was GOf married? Case closed!

P/S I hear that more boys are born when a nation is at war. To “make up” for the men who perished in battle.

Tuula on

Adele, you lovely lady.

diane on

Congradulations Adele, you are beautiful and will be a great Mom!

Terri on

Congratulations!! Enjoy your little bundle of joy!! πŸ™‚

Deb on

Congratulations Adele!!!!!! Enjoy him and love him ❀

Marilyn on

Love Adele… Congrats to you and Simon.. and the name is?? Can’t wait… Good luck..


Only Americans worry about bastards and wedlock. It’s just ridiculous.

Krista on

Wow so many hateful comments, a new life has been bought into the world. Congrats to the happy couple!!!!!!

Charli on

Congrats to them!!! How long before the media starts stalking her for a pic of her post baby body? Let’s hope the media will actually respect her privacy.

Missy on

Congratulations to the new mum and dad!! I can’t wait to see pics!!

akri on

Congrats!!! Lover her..all the best to her.

yazmin on

wow she’ll be a great one anyways

cb on

I hope the baby looks like her,,,her husband is not the best looking chap..

coni on

Congrats to Adele and her boyfriend!! And, as far as the saying over the moon, to you people who have problems with it, must not have kids. I was totally “over the moon” when I held my son for the first time, and then with my second son, and then with my daughter. It is the best feeling in the world!! Cant you people just be kind for once? She just had a baby, be happy or dont read the articles!

RachaelMall on

Congrats Adele! πŸ™‚

Seems this year, it’ boys. Last yea, it was girls. Seems to alternate from year to year. πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Congrats! I can’t wait to hear the little guys name and see a pic of him!

rumor has it on

OMG i have to breathe i am like eastatic because i am an adele super-fan i search and look every day to see if she has had the baby! i wonder wt she will name him!!!! SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Anonymous on

congrats, he is probably a handsom little guy. i hope you announce the name that you chose. i cant wait. he is lucky to have a wonderful women to sing lullibies to him.

Summer Zhang on


J on

I wonder if these celebs really say they are all over the moon or do their PR people just say that for a quick answer? LOL!

Mimi on

My first thought when I read the article was, oh please not the over the moon comment again!!! I agree that they need to come up with a new expression, to express ones joy.

daisy on

OMG all of you whining about the “over the moon” expression seriously need to get a life. Celebs have PR people to do their announcements and they all have their blanket announcements for babies, divorces, engagements, etc. Get over it b/c the PR mavens aren’t chainging it up. As for the nasty comments, you trolls just plain suck. My GOD ya’ll must be freakin lonely being so gross and hateful. Congrats to the new mommy. That baby is going to be spoiled rotton with those gorgeous lullabies sung to him by mommy! ❀

Garvey on

Congratulations Adele and Simon!!! Make sure you give the baby a good name! xxxx

Melody Janeiro on

Congrats to the new parents!! Enjoy your precious bundle and can’t wait to hear his name and see pictures. I’m sure he is beautiful.

Abbie on

Congrats Adele you will be a gorgeous Mum and Simon
You could name him James after singing Skyfall but its your choice
I have a son and he is so funny your son will be the same;)