Tori Spelling: How Stella Saved My Life

10/19/2012 at 03:00 PM ET

One month after emergency surgery brought on by caesarean section complications and six weeks after the birth of her fourth child, son Finn Davey, Tori Spelling is enjoying her family and relishing time with her “miracle” baby.

Spelling, 39, was diagnosed with placenta previa, a condition in which the placenta covers all or part of the cervix, early on in her pregnancy and endured several bleeds before a terrifying scare that sent her to the hospital when she was 20 weeks along.

Following a girls night in with 4-year-old daughter Stella — husband Dean McDermott spent the evening in son Liam‘s room — Spelling woke to find herself surrounded by “massive” amounts of blood — her third big bleed during the pregnancy.

Tori Spelling Stella Saved My Life
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“I stumbled to the bathroom, dizzy from losing so much blood. When I got there, I thought, ‘This is it,'” the actress told PEOPLE during the launch of Little Maven for JCPenney on Thursday in Los Angeles. “There was so much blood I thought, ‘I’m dying. Not just [losing] the baby, but I’m dying.'”

The only one close by to call to for help was Stella — and to this day the proud mama credits her daughter with saving her life.

“I had to scream for Stella and I’ll never forget the look on her face when she saw me surrounded by blood everywhere. I didn’t want to panic her and I said, ‘Baby, will you go get Daddy? Just tell him I’m bleeding,'” Spelling recalls.

“Her eyes were as big as saucers and — this is going to make me cry — she looked like such a little toddler warrior. She said, ‘Okay, Mama’ and she ran. And two seconds later Dean came in and basically had to wrap me up to get me to the hospital.”

Once admitted, the nightmare continued; With surgery possibly being required to stop the bleeding, doctors told Spelling that her unborn baby was not old enough to survive outside the womb.

“[The doctor] said, ‘I have to tell you that at 20 weeks, the baby is not viable. If we have to operate right now, I have to save your life,'” she says of the “darkest day” of the ordeal. “And then it just hit me and I was like, ‘Oh my God, not only am I going to lose my baby, but I can’t leave my three babies at home — the ones who are already here.'”

Although doctors were able to stop the bleeding, they delivered more shocking news: Spelling was informed that she was to remain in the hospital for 10 weeks and spend months on bed rest.

“My condition was so dangerous that I couldn’t even walk across my room; I had to lie flat,” she says. “I was lucky on days that I had bathroom privileges. But I committed. I was like, ‘I’m going to get this baby to a healthy point and we’re going to be a family.’ I would rub my belly and talk to [the baby]. I kept telling him, ‘We’re going to be fine’ and ‘I can’t wait to hold you.'”

Calling the sudden orders to remain in bed “life-changing,” Spelling settled in to a seemingly quiet routine the best way she knew how — by designing a new collection and planning her daughter’s birthday party.

And while she shared the major milestones on her blog, Spelling kept her pregnancy complications — including her hospital stay — under wraps.

“It was hard because [blogging is] such a personal thing and I’m so open with everybody. I’m writing about Stella’s fourth birthday, but no one knows that I’m in a hospital bed,” she explains.

“I planned the whole thing, but I [was] on Face Time and not actually there. Those were things I couldn’t share, so it just felt like this big secret lie that I was keeping from everyone.”

After weeks of laying low, a healthy Finn was delivered on Aug. 30 at 37 weeks. Just two weeks later on Sept. 15, the stitches from Spelling’s c-section burst open and she was once again rushed to the hospital. “My intestines actually came out,” she says. “I was like, ‘Man, I’m being tested right now.'”

Months later, Stella still recalls the day she came to Spelling’s rescue. “She never forgets that. She says to me all the time, ‘Mama, do you remember that day when we woke up and you were bleeding?'” the reality star says. “And I [say], ‘I do remember that day because you saved me.’ I hope it won’t stick with her in a scarring way.”

Finally back home with her family — which includes her eldest son, 5Β½, and daughterΒ Hattie, 1 — Spelling is basking in the joy of her baby boy.

“It’s [been] almost six weeks and he’s smiling and grasping,” the new mama reveals. “I just look at [Finn] and I’m like, ‘I hope you don’t ever want to go to camp or college because I’m not letting you go! Or you’re going to take me with you.’ I don’t want to be apart from him.”

— Aili Nahas

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rachel on

Tori really does have the most CUTE Kids!!!!

rachel on

May God bless your family!!!

AnyPenny on

I am glad Tori and Finn are both OK and doing well. However, I really hope that she uses her experience to truly inform people that this is why Doctors suggest waiting period not only from having sex too soon after childbirth but also from adding additional children. This is a great learning opportunity and I hope it isn’t squandered simply for Publicity. So many women/families truly don’t think there is a serious reason to consider the guidelines Doctors give after childbirth. They give those guidelines because they really don’t want mothers and families to have to suffer through this. There are so many things to worry about when pregnant than something like this, something that occurred, ultimately, because of foolish ideas.

American Mom on

There is nothing dangerous about having a large family unless you have a medical condition that prevents you from safely doing so. Healthy women can and do have many children without complications all the time- that is the vast majority, in fact. Our bodies are designed for pregnancy & childbirth. Having only one or two children is a recent notion & there is nothing unsafe about having more if you’re healthy.

Erin on

American Mom, she meant that at least three months are needed between pregnancies. A year and a half is best just to regain your “normal” hormone levels.

Adriano on

I think what they meant was between c-sections. Yes our bodies are meant for pregnancy and childbirth but not major surgery and time is needed between those to heal. I know Tori didn’t mean to get pregnant so soon, we have all heard the myth of breast feeding and not being able to but it happens more than we know. Though if she had placenta previa her bleeding might not necessarily have had anything to so with her previous pregnancy healing. Anyways, glad she is alive and well!

Chica on

American Mom, I’m not sure our bodies are meant to have c-sections over and over again, no matter the recovery time allowed.

Mom of 5 on

God Bless You and your beautiful family Tori!!

kjc on

Holy cow. How scary. I have tears in my eyes. How grateful she must be that not only did she survive, but she delivered a healthy baby boy.

Tori, no more babies. Your life is much too precious, and you have 4 beautiful children who need their mom!

Stacey on

Isn’t that why you don’t get pregnant 6 weeks after you have a baby. She is lucky that she AND the baby did not die.

Bekkah on

Because all pregnancies are planned, right Stacey? If life worked that way, I wouldn’t be here.

Paisley on

Very glad that she and her son are okay! But there is a reason why women are told to wait 6 weeks! It’s to heal! She should of Bern a bit more careful!!

Cristina on

At their age, after three kids, and a very recent c-section, an accident is a weak excuse.


Wow Tori. Glad you’re okay. Don’t ever get pregnant so soon after delivery. It’s not healthy!!! The female body needs at least 9 months for recovery.

karen on

Quit having u wouldnt have these problems

Teresa on

I had this happen with my last child. There was a 4 year gap in babies for me. It can happen to anyone at anytime even a first baby.

Chica on

It can happen to anyone, yes Teresa. However, you are more likely to suffer complications when you have pregnancies so close together (especially csections).

amanda on

glad your ok tori ! please quit risking your life for these babies ! tie your tubes ! you have 4 beautiful children ! watch them grow up ! enjoy life ! we are so happy your ok !

Anonymous on

Really glad she’s ok but maybe she should try having kids the normal way. These famous people take the quickest way to get the babies out early.

Melissa on

At 37 weeks, the baby will survive. She didn’t do it because she was tired of being pregnant. It was for health reasons. She had also had three previous C sections. Based on what happened with her stitches it’s a good thing she didn’t try natural.

Bekkah on

Some people can’t have their babies the “normal way”. My first was too big, and it was necessary. And although you can have a VBAC for your next kid, it’s just easier to do a repeat c section. It’s not about being famous and getting the kid out early.

Kell on

Amen Bekkah! The “normal” way didnt work for me either. What a stupid thing to even say. Nothing wrong w/ c sections. I’m alive because of it. πŸ™‚

Brandi on

I swear people get on my nerves with these judgemental comments…some of you speak like Tori told you personally that she purposely had her kids close together in age like this. We don’t know their reasons, their medical history…nothing. I’m glad she and her family are all alive and healthy…some of you need to get off your high horses and leave the judging to God. Smh!!!

Christa on

I had placenta previa with my first daughter. It doesn’t have anything to do with having kids close together, it just depends on where the egg attaches in the womb.

I am glad her and the baby are both alright. It is a very scary experience to wake up and be covered in blood and not have any control over the situation.

Mommytoane on

Placenta previa is not caused from pregnancy too soon after a birth. In all reality, she could have had this baby 4 years after and still could have had placenta previa. Stop judging the fact that she had this baby so soon. There are plenty of women who have gone on to have a baby soon after, and have been perfectly fine. Even after a c-section.

Grats to Tori on her newest addition. She’s got some beautiful children, and should be proud of every single one of them.

Chica on

Mommytoane, I believe the complications she experienced postpartum could have been a result of too many csections in a short period of time.

Mel on


I had placenta previa also with my second child. My children are also 4 years apart and I did not have a c-section with my first. Unless you know for fact what happened, don’t judge.

Chica on

Comical. Do you know for a fact that her complications were completely unrelated Mel? Yeah, didn’t think so.

maria on

So scary. This story brought tears to my eyes. I am glad they all made it through this okay. Bless Stella’s little heart for being so brave is such a serious situation.

Guerra on

Glad to know I wasn’t the only one with tears in my eyes, maria. No matter what the circumstances were, the idea of losing your baby and your own life must be horrifying … I’m glad to know mom and baby are now recovering okay.

Becky on

oh my gosh, poor Stella! At four, she’ll probably remember that her entire life!

I almost feel Tori is irresponsible for 1) conceiving so soon 2) endangering her life and a fetus’ 3) calling for Stella’s help! Why didn’t she shout for Dean, let Stella lay sleeping!

Not to mention the cesarian stitches splitting, was that due to “not wanting the sex to go down” ?

Obviously, I am not a fan of Tori or Dean.

Dallgirl on

Becky, you are an idiot!

Channa on

a C-section wound can open by standing up, going to bathroom, picking up the baby…so don’t blame it on sex too early. .

klutzy_girl on

Becky – It says that Stella was the closest. Dean might have been too far away to hear her.

And the more c-sections you have, the more you’re at risk for problems afterwards.

I’m glad Tori and Finn are both okay!

jen on

Becky placenta previa is not something Tori could have brought on herself so how you say she is responsible for this is plain ridiculous!!

Lee3team on

Actually, conceiving so close after birth puts you at higher risk of complications (such as previa)

So, although harsh, Becky has a point and just posted what most are thinking

AnyPenny on

We’re simply stating the truth. Yes, women can and do have placenta previa without having prior children or c-sections. However, in her case, having had 2 or 3 prior c-sections put her at a much higher risk for it. Each c-section leaves a scar and multiple c-sections would leave a much larger scar in her uterus than having just one. The scars can interfere with the eggs implanting in an ideal location, hence the placenta previa and she was most surely informed of that. Also, combine that with getting pregnant so fricking soon after her c-section for a stupid reason as ‘letting the sex go downhill’ does place more of this horrible pregnancy experience onto Tori and Dean. Her body was not ready to take or hold onto another baby.

Melissa G on

She sure didn’t seem to be on bedrest and laying low when we saw pictures of her in bikinis this spring and summer (remember that black monokini around Memorial Day– *shudders* and there were others later in the summer that People probably displayed) While her medical condition sounds scary, I just think Tori seems to over-share a lot with the press, I suspect she’ll have another book out all about this.

Good thing the nanny was available so she could have this photo op with her husband and other kids. (rolls eyes)

Becky on

I didn’t say she brought it upon herself, but she was VERY careless when she conceived while her body was in such a fragile state, and I see that as irresponsible.

Becky on

Well said @AnyPenny

anon on

Placenta previa in future pregnancies is one of the very real risks of caesarean. I don’t know why this woman had all her babies by c-section, but she probably could have avoided this all by have her babies the old fashioned way.

Seriously on

Maybe she COULDN’T have them the “old fashioned way” anon.

I have 3 children and they were all born by c-section. My children are 15, 11, and 4. I just knew that the delivery of my first child would be normal but it wasn’t. My body just doesn’t dilate past 3 centimeters and in case you don’t know women need to get to 10. I endured hours of labor with the first two experiencing this problem so my physician and I knew the third one would be by c-section too. When I was on the operating table for the third delivery I heard the medical staff discuss amongst themselves that I had placenta previa and that I was lucky. Who knows what they found and how serious it was but by the gasps I heard I would say that I’m blessed.

Stop judging without knowing the facts. Some of these comments are just idiotic. Thank God Tori and the baby are healthy. God bless you Tori and Dean.

Lisa on

It’s terrible that this happened to her and I am truly happy they are all OK. However, she is really milking this story. It was already the cover of Us Weekly and I read about it in another magazine as well. Big drama to keep her relevant. Just go home and enjoy the family you have!

loli on

bless you, tori!

this gave me chills.

Laurie on

Glad you both pulled through!!!! God is good. Enjoy your beautiful children. God Bless your family.

L on

The reason that she had a C-section with all her births was that there were complications with Liam’s birth. Technically women who have had a C-section can’t have a natural birth. However, my friend had a Vbac with twins. Don’t judge Tori just because she had c-sections they might be the only way to have a healthy baby.

paula on

Glad she is okay now. Why don’t we ever see pictures of Finn?

Lynn on

I’m glad she’s okay, but can she ever do anything privately? Such a fame whore.

elvis MD on

Multiple prior cesarean deliveries put her at risk for placenta previa, hemorrhage, and death. Patients should strongly consider VBAC to minimize risks to mother and baby. I do not recommend patients undergo more than 3 cesarean deliveries.

Additionally, patients who undergo pregnancy so soon after cesarean (<12 months) are at risk for uterine rupture because it takes the uterus a while to heal.

Many poor decisions in the case…..too bad the Spellings (and People) are capitalizing on such bad judgement. And I'm reading it!

Wendy on

All that because she didn’t want her husband to think the sex was going downhill.

Seriously on

Were you in her bedroom Wendy? Seriously, I wonder about some of you people!

Cassie on

Seriously – Tori herself actually said it in an interview.

liz on

Wow glad your ok tori! I admire the fact that she really does try to be a good mom to her kids. She and her husband are a great team.

Anonymous on

thank god for her recovery!

Nancy on

Glad she is ok,but why wouldn’t she call for her husband to begin with? Why call for your toddler,and cause them to see you laying on the floor covered with blood?

Seriously on

Maybe he wouldn’t be able to hear her Nancy. She was asleep when it started so maybe he was sleeping too. Didn’t you read that he was in Liam’s room? And maybe she didn’t have the strength from all the blood loss. Jeez!

Anonymous on

please… there are so many people out in this world who have gone through much worse, I dont feel sorry for her at all. Glad she is healthy now and her babies are fine, but please the drama of it all and that she is making money off this story makes me want to throw up! People who go through this out in the world are out there , have no health insurance, loose jobs and much more being on bedrest… blah blah blah

anon on

If any of you had seen when she had her first child she tried for a natural childbirth but the baby did not tolerate labor well and therefore she had to have a csection.

It really irritates me when people say oh you had a csection you took the easy way out. Really… you have a 6-8 in cut across your stomach and you insides pulled apart so that they can get to the baby. Then you are stitched up like crazy and you don’t even get to hold your baby right away or watch them be born into this world. Then you are laid up at least 12 hours before you can even get up to walk. Not to mention the 6 week period of no lifting, housework or exercise.

I am stating this because I had 2 csections and would give anything to have had my babies naturally, unfortunately due to complications I couldn’t after 36 hours of labor! So people need to lay off the easy way out because it is definitely not the easy way of having a baby!

Emily on

Thank you anon! Well said.

Anna marie on

Well said Anon.. We has people are so judgemental..

KO on

So!Much!Word! Yeah I guess my c-section was easier compared to the alternative which would likely have been . . . Death.

Seriously on

Amen anon! My body doesn’t allow for vaginal births so I had 3 c-sections. Some of these people are just plain idiots but I’m with you!

Julie on

Don’t judge her because of how many c-sections she has had. I had a c-section after being in labor 32 hours and only dialated to 4cm. When I got pregnant again I asked about a VBAC and was told absolutely not, apparently my hips are too small to pass a baby, so c-sections it is for me.

Judy on

Her intestines popped out? From a c-section incision? Hmmm, I don’t think I would go back to that doctor!

Chica on

Judy, her stitches likely popped out because she didn’t follow the restrictions required when you have a c-section. It’s highly unlikely the OB messed up stitches.

S. Miller on

Wow! Really nasty bitches on here! I’m glad Tori and her child are safe and thriving now.

Placenta Previa can happen for whatever reason and to judge someone because they had sex so soon after delivering the previous baby, well last i remember there was no law written that she has to have anyones permission to have sex! Granted the responsible thing to do is follow the standard six weeks that the doctors advise, but i do know a lot of women feel pretty good withing shorter times after delivery and go for it.

I preferred to keep my husband away from me so I could heal properly and have some rest, I felt I had enough to deal with, with the baby on me all day long, I sure as hell didn’t want the husband near me. So if she felt good enough to have sex with her husband, it is her decision, I just hope she uses birth control next time so she doesn’t risk her lif or her baby’s life next time.

Anonymous on

I’ve heard this everyday for the past week or so. She’s going to keep milking this ugh

mom2ateam on

Wow! People can be so harsh! Really? She brought this on herself? How many of you that are saying that are mothers? How many of you had ANY complications during your pregnancies? How many of you have ever made ANY mistakes as parents? None of you are perfect so get off your high horses.

The fact of the matter is, regardless of how the baby was conceived or how soon after the birth of their third child, the baby was conceived. And there were complications. And like the rest of us, she did the best she could, given the circumstances, to protect that baby and give him the best chance at a healthy delivery.

I’m not exactly a fan of Tori Spelling but she had a terrifying experience and as a mother, I can relate. I’m just thankful that she and the baby both made it through with their health and they’re home with their family.

Oh, and to those of you judging her for having c-sections instead of delivering them “the old-fashioned way” – do you have a copy of her medical history? Are you privy to the reason she had a cesarean the first or second time around? Because unless you know that she “chose” to do that for “convenience” sake, you have no business ASS-uming as much.

C-sections happen every day for all sorts of reasons. I delivered twins vaginally but then had a c-section scheduled for my singleton because he was breech throughout my entire pregnancy. Thankfully he flipped at 38 weeks and I was able to avoid the cesarean. I know a LOT of other mothers who aren’t so lucky, my own mother being one of them. She had three c-sections and several complications with my youngest sister. You want to tell her she brought those on herself because she didn’t deliver us “the old-fashioned way”?

Maria G on

This is that “exception for the life of the mother” that pro-life folks don’t believe in. This is fairly common for women and some must be operated on & lose their babies. THIS is why women’s reporductive health should NOT be managed by politicians.

anon on


Faith on

I had a similar experience I got pregnant 9 months after delivering Twins via C/S. I was trying to have a vaginal delivery, but the doctors convinced me into having the c/s because I was already over my 40 weeks, and the baby’s heartbeat was dipping when i would have a contractions.

I went ahead with it, I was sick with Viral laringytis and had breathing complications that ended up tearing open my abdominal wall i was bleeding internally was admitted twice more with the final outcome of having to have wound revision surgery of my c/s scar it had come open. It was a scary time not only for me but for my family. Sometimes things happen for a reason whether we are careful to protect from them or not.

I applaud Tori for sharing her story it may help other women to be more cautious of not only allowing their body to heal but to see the c/s epidemic that is rising in this nation for what it is. Risky, our bodies were designed in perfect fashion to have a child naturally and it is our duty to understand it and not allow our overpaid medical community to dictate what is best for us.

Elspeth on

So, a c section is okay for you Faith, but not anybody else? And yes, our bodies were designed to have babies, but not all bodies work perfectly.

Cathleen on

A difficult story to read, but an important one too. How very brave of Tori to share it, and I hope she’s enjoying time with her family!

sydzac on

so glad Tori and baby are well!! How scary…..she is truly blessed to have 4 healthy children. They are all so adorable! Best wishes to her and family! πŸ™‚

sharon on

4 is enough when u come that close to leaving 3 little ones , you better keep those legs closed and someone needs to be FIXED! I love watching her show , love the family but this is just insane having all these kids so close together…

Bex on

I have never been a big Tori Spelling fan, but after reading this story I have got to give this woman props. She did something incredible by keeping her boy safe, and I am glad that they are both okay. Way to go, mom!

Anonymous on

There’s nothing like a mother’s love.

Anonymous on

Oh my! I really like her. Glad is all well! Now, just kick back and let your womb heal for a bit!

Lar on

I’m glad she’s ok, but I’m still confused about how she possibly could have been on hospital bedrest all summer when she was repeatedly photographed prancing around in bikinis this summer…

Justine on

Tori – you’re my hero, an inspiration to so many of us and such a wonderful mom! God Bless you and your family!!

JessicaB on

this isn’t uncommon. i had the same condition with my second pregnancy. i don’t talk about it because i wouldn’t want my child to feel bad about what happened, or to scare any of my kids. why do celebs think every aspect of their life needs to be talked about? sometimes i feel like tori and her husband have no filter! when the kids are older and read about their affair, how they each broke up a marriage, etc., these 2 wll have some interesting conversations.

Maggie on

Melissa and Lar, the bikini photos were from May, then Tori wasn’t spotted out again until August, and even then it was only a handful of times. Look up the paparazzi photos.

Stella’s birthday is in early June. It makes complete sense that Tori was hospitalized from the end of May through July, then released in August when the baby was viable and they could deliver him if they had to.

She also could have been released in August but had to stick to modified bed rest – she only attended one event at the end of the month, two days before her c-section.

There’s no reason for her to lie about this.

Lar on

Simple math reveals that this is not the case. 17 weeks back from 8/30, when she would have been 20 weeks and supposedly started her months of hospital best, was the very BEGINNING of May. Again, it doesn’t add up. Why lie, or exaggerate? Hmm Tori having a baby for the fourth time in a few years doesn’t get the cover of magazines and millions of dollars. Tori selling her heroic, near death experience gets lots of attention and no doubt much more money, her 2 favorite things!

Holly on

I was already admitted to hospital for a week for bleeding, leaking amniotic fluid/ruptured membranes when I woke up to a ruptured placenta and major blood loss. I know how scary that can be and completely relate. I had to have an emergency section on my son at 32 weeks but he is now home and healthy and 5 months old.

It’s so good to hear that everything eventually worked out and that after two major scares both you and baby are home and healthy. Wishing your family the best.

PS on

Bless that little girl. Sounds like Tori handled things as best as she could, very quick thinking on her part… and I agree with rachel. Those are some VERY adorable kids. Thank God they still have their Mommy with them today.

AnyPenny – Thank you for being so kind in sharing your thoughts. I think Tori has mentioned at some point that the c-section scar rupture was from having her kids so close together, so it sounds like she is starting to educate others by sharing her experiences.

One Voice on

I hope she sees the light now. She is killing herself.

kmc on

those saying she shouldn’t have anymore kids or that this is because she got pregnant too quick, you’re stupid. placenta previa is a low lying placenta that covers the cervix. it has nothing to do with having babies too quick or having too many c/sections.

Kristy on

I know exactly how Tori felt…the horror, sorrow, fear. To those that say it is due to rapid succession of children or she should have waited, etc. I had Full Placenta Previa, constant resting from 16 weeks then full on bed rest from 20 weeks with multiple hospital stays from bleeding. I also had 9 ultrasounds during my pregnancy & finally delivered my son @ 37 weeks with fluid on the lungs, low oxygen levels & breathing problems. He is now a happy healthy 3 year old.

Before you say anything, I have 2 children…10 1/2 years apart in age. Placenta Previa is not brought on from one reason or another, it is simply brought on due to where the embryo attaches to the uterus. Become educated on a subject before you spew nonsense.

I for one am glad both Tori & Finn are well and at home. God Bless you Tori!

jeklv on

While I’m not Tori’s biggest fan, I am happy about the way things turned out.

My best wishes for Tori, and the rest of her family.

One Voice on

@kmc – According to the Mayo Clinic, and my physician, yes it does.

American Mom – Though a woman’s body is typically built to sustain and live through a pregnancy naturally…it’s not a sure thing. Surely you know this. Additionally, it was never equipped to handle multiple C-Sections by man.

stef24 on

I was VERY disappointed to read the US magazine article on her last week which ended with a quote from Tori that she has the ‘perfect family…2 boys and 2 girls’. I wonder how her stepson feels about NOT being a part of that ‘perfect family’. I always liked Tori, until I read that comment. Shame on her.

Elspeth on

And don’t forget the daughter Dean was in the process of adopting with his wife when he met Tori. His ex ended up finishing up the adoption as a single parent.

hbomb1225 on

It makes me sad that so many people can be so rude and heartless in their post. You dont have to like her or agree with the decisions that shes made (though she has said that baby #4 was an oops and unplanned) but there is no need to be so rude towards someone that you dont know.

It just sad that people feel the need to be so mean (and its not stating an opinion, its being mean, plain and simple), everyone has the right to an opinion but that doesnt mean that the opinion needs to be broadcasted (if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all – remember that little phrase).

And I think its disgusting when people say “oh its just my opinion”. This was clearly a scary experience for her family and I am happy to hear that everyone is doing great and I cant wait to see pictures of little Finn!

plushtoy on

So…since most of you dont understand how it works in LA at Cedars Hospital, over 50% C-section rate at this hospital takes place. Not by choice, that’s how the majority of the Dr’s are trained for delivering…I know, I wanted natural and had a c-section, at last minute.

C-sections are hard, I would give anything to go back and get what I wanted..I’m not hoping for a VBAC with my next birth and my Dr says “no problem.” So much ignorance among moms!

Megan on

Holy S, I am glad she and her baby are ok!

Jessica on

I think it’s pretty careless to be bashing a woman for getting pregnant so soon after having another baby- women do it all the time! It’s called an “oops baby!” or “surprise baby”. When did women become so judgemental of not only the way we dress but now how we birth babies and raise them?!

The real heart of the matter is that as a Labor and Delivery RN, I’ve seen women with previas who are first time moms and I’ve seen women who are 3rd and 4th time moms get them!! Yes, c-section increases the risk, and yes you are supposed to wait longer to get pregnant again after a c-section, BUT the real heart of the matter is THANK GOD 3 children, a husband, were not left behind because their mother/wife died from a massive hemorrhage!!

She did the RIGHT thing by calling her daughter for help-how many of us “moms” have suffered in silence because we didn’t wanna bother someone for help?! I personally applaud Tori for calling for help and the graceful and positive way she is reinforcing Stella’s help!

Lori on

If she gets pregnant again, I am going to blame Dean. He needs to man up and get a vasectomy and stay off of his wife when the doctor tells him to!

veggiemama on

Well, who knew? I would not expect Tori Spelling to be such a loving mother, with fame, all that face paint, etc. But she seems genuinely into her children. It is lovely to see. Wish her health and happiness.

Sara on

This made me tear up a little. What a brave little girl they have. Blessings to Tori and Dean’s amazing family.

rclemons on

The point is that she had her babies to close together. Getting pregnant 4 weeks after giving birth is not a good idea. Clearly she didn’t plan this. Thank god she made it through everything!

meme on

what a beautiful family…God Bless us all.

Colleen on

Why do women have to tear each other down so much. It makes me embarrassed to be a woman sometimes. Why can’t we just be supportive of each other?! Why do we have to be so hard on one another? Let’s stop being so critical of one another and embrace our womanhood together! Drives me crazy!

Lissette on

I usually never comment on these articles but I do want to reply to AnyPenny.

Although I do agree with the recommended six weeks waiting time of intimacy after childbirth, Placenta Previa is not a condition that is caused by getting pregnant too soon after a previous delivery. It is mainly known to be caused by previous c-sections. However, I know a family friend who had it on her first pregnancy, which caused an automatic c-section. This is what caused Tori to have such a scary, life-threatening pregnancy/bed-rest/delivery and recovery.

I suffered from placenta previa with my third pregnancy, experienced bleeding and hemorrhaged during my third c-section and almost bled to death and my husband and I have always waited past the recommended six weeks to have intimacy. To say that this happened to Tori because of a foolish idea is very careless, especially if you’ve never had to experience placenta previa.

I feel for her, because I lived this terrible experience myself. It was the scariest and the single most terrifying experience of my life.

One Voice on

I hardly see this last pregnancy as an “oops” baby. It was careless behavior.

Looking at this with rational eyes, instead of murky emotional eyes, she could have died very easily. Had she not woke up…she would have bleed to death in bed with her daughter. It’s that serious. She would have left behind 3 precious children that need, want and love their mom. Having 4 children in 5 years is not optimal for great pregnancies and deliveries. Period. It’s not rocket science, it’s common sense. (especially considering if modern medicine not intervened this first time, she might not have lived through that delivery (or the baby would not have). It’s called natural selection, only the fittest survive. I didn’t invent it, it’s just a fact.

She’s lucky. Very, very lucky. And she shouldn’t commit to risky behavior from here on out. Even if Dean persists. (I agree with you Lori, Dean should have a vasectomy…pronto)

Amber on

As someone who spent 16 weeks on bed-confinement (I refuse to call it rest!), 12 of which were in the hospital, I truly feel for Tori. And I actually feel even worse for her, because she had young children at home. It really does take an unselfish commitment to lay in bed all day, and not be able to even get up and pee. People who’ve never done it will never understand.

Congrats to Tori, and I’m happy for your happy ending.

Summer on

@AnyPenny. Tori said in an interview this baby was a total shock and was not planned for.

AS on

I’m very glad that both Tori and her new baby survived a difficult pregnancy and are doing well. I’m a little surprised that these veteran parents didn’t appear to follow the 6 week recovery rule. After giving birth, all doctors instruct the new mother to refrain from “relations” until they attend their 6 week post delivery appointment, where they’ll be given the “green light” by their doctor. The body needs this 6 weeks to recover from the trauma of birth. Anyway, hope this family continues to be healthy and happy!

Gossipgal on

@Anonymous – did you read the complete article? Tori had placenta previa (the placenta covering the cervix) so it was impossible for her to deliver the baby “the normal way”. I don’t think she wanted to deliver the baby early either, you really should be more careful about what you write.

Baglady on

Her c section probably came open because they wouldn’t wait to have sex like they are supposed too.

Kia on

Either way a blessing mother and child are ok. Never healthy to have so many children close together. not healthy. But bless the family.

Anonymous on

It bothers me that she won’t stop moaning to the press about her ordeal. Yes, it was rough, but in the end, both she and her baby are ok. I lost my baby and almost lost my life to an undiagnosed second trimester intrauterine infection. She should know that many others also experience major trauma in their pregnancies…but lose their babies too.

Rachael on

Im 31 weeks pregnant and I have placenta previa. I’m shocked at some of the comments I’ve read. For those of you who keep saying its her fault you need to educate yourselves on placenta previa before making your comments. It’s fine to disagree with her choices, we’re all entitled to our opinions but what happened to her is not her fault. It could happen to anyone.

Reading her story makes me feel so grateful that I haven’t had the same experience. I feel grateful each day I get closer to my due date because I know there is a good chance that I will have to have this baby early for her safety as well as mine. As much as I want to have a natural birth I want a healthy baby more even if that means a c-section.

jess on

Those are some beautiful babies!

Lindsay on

I love her! I’m glad she’s ok.

nadamas on

She is disgusting beyond any words that I could ever find or access.

Rose on

She did not spend 4 months on bedrest. Why does she keep claiming that? Does she think we really don’t remember the constant pictures of her all summer. There isn’t a 4-month period of time between pictures.

Sarah on

I had complete placenta previa with my second pregnancy and luckly I didn’t have any bleeding until I had my son at 38.5 weeks. It has nothing with having kids close together my daughter was 3 when I had my son. And my son is now 19 months old and I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant with another lil boy and I don’t have placenta previa again.

It’s scary to think about how dangerous things can get. I am planning a VBAC this time. People need to give her a break..

Lb on

glad she’s doing well and the baby, too….scary times for them, no doubt.

Angelmom on

Tori, I went through a similar situation but was not lucky enough to have a healthy and happy baby is my arms right now. I had a placenta abruption last October at 22 weeks, started exactly the same way. Most horrific and sad day of my life. I’m glad that your story has an awesome ending. I am pregnant again now so hopefully my second pregnancy will have a happier ending πŸ™‚ all the best.

jeeny on

Wow, she is very lucky to have survived that. I actually lost a friend due to this condition and it is scary that women at this point in time still die due to pregnancy and childbirth. I know I did not wait the 6 weeks post c-section for nookie and I can totally relate to her regarding that. Hopefully she was smart enough to have a tubal during the last c-section and not risk her life in the future for the birth of another baby.

LPL on

First off congrats! Secondly, please do not risk your health by having more babies… You have 4 beautiful kids and you should be grateful!

KR on

Her body is telling her No More Babies!

Lee3team on

Whoa @Dallgirl , name calling? This is a discussion post, contribute something or don’t comment. People are sharing their thoughts and opinions cause that is the point! Move on if you can’t handle it.

There is A LOT of “the pot calling the kettle black”.

Josh on

I’m glad I don’t know most of the people commenting on this story in real life. Judgemental, cruel, and downright rude. This is a story with a happy ending, and yet so many see the chance to feel superior and condescend to a woman they don’t even know.

AnyPenny, i think you are the worst. Calling a baby a foolish idea? You don’t know anything about the situation that lead to the conception of Finn. So maybe step down off your high horse and do something more productive with your life.

HeatherClingan on

I had the same thing happen during my 4th pregnancy. I was in hospital for 6 weeks at delivers at 36 weeks via csection. It is a very terrifying situation. Never knowing from second to second if all will be ok! I’m glad that she made it safely through with a heathy new baby!

Cupcake Mama on

Does anyone get the irony of her screaming out STELLA!

georgiaonmymind on

These comments make me sick. Sometimes you do get pregnant even if you don’t mean to. No one knows the circumstances behind what happened except Tori and Dean and God. I am so glad her son is healthy and she is getting healthly but it is not our place to tell her what to do. She and Dean have probably already figured out what the next step for their family is.

I just can’t get over the ridiculous comments. Congrats to them on the birth of their miracle son!

Chica on

georgiaonmymin, didn’t she say that she didn’t think you could get pregnant while breastfeeding? Yes, sometimes people do get pregnant even if they don’t mean to, but clearly she wasn’t taking precautionary measures and that is not healthy. Regardless if her pregnancy had not complications, it was still a careless decision to have “relations” without a contraceptive when you just had yout third c-section 6 weeks ago. It was risky for her and the baby. Thank God it all worked out.

Anonymous on

There are serious reasons why Dr.s tell U not to get pregnant so soon after childbirth and there’re other ways other than penetration for couples to get intimate.

Anyhoo, we’re all glad that she and her baby are safe.

Athina on

They do. They make gorgeous kids. I hope due to the risks involved that they are done though. Four small children is enough for anyone.

Anonymous on

i feel bad for hattie. tori hardly mentions her and she basically missed the first year of the poor kid’s life. every picture dean is holding hattie. it’s almost like tori forgot all about her.

Lisa on

I am so glad she’s okay. That sounds like it was such a terrifying ordeal! I honestly never knew that it was so dangerous to get pregnant that soon after having a baby, and I’m glad to know that now. Her brave little girl though did a great job! I did wonder why she didn’t call for her husband, but the point is that she got someone there to help.

Ana on

So glad mom and baby are well! I spent 10 weeks in bed just like she did, and the bravery required to lie there and pray for your baby, and then yourself, its life changing!

Megan on

Lisa, it explains why – she was in her bedroom with Stella, and Dean was in Liam’s room with him. If you’ve watched their show, the bathroom is off of her bedroom – Stella was the closest.

Sevilla on

Anything for publicity.

Mellynn on

@anon….Tori didn’t elect for an optional c-section for her first delivery—-she labored and due to conplications from that labor, ended up with a c-section. Many OBs won’t allow patients to have a VBAC. Placenta previa can happen to anyone, regardless of whether she has had a previous pregnancy. We can speculate and judge all we want, but truth of the matter is, both this little baby and Tori are miracles given how dire the conditions were. It is one blessed family for sure.

Ralory on

I had the same experience. It can be VERY frightening. It is so important to stay off of your feet during that time and not do any heavy lifting- not even a gallon of milk. Fortunately, everything turned out all right- thank you Jesus. I now have a very healthy 13 year old son.

Ralory on

Also, placenta previa has nothing to do with how close your pregnancies are. It is basically where the baby plants itself in your womb.

KO on

I’m actually kinda pleased this story came out at the same time Joe “deadbeat dad” Walsh started blathering nonsense. It’s like the universe told him to STFU!

dd on

I just want to know how Tori gets Dean to want to have sex right after giving birth. I lost all the baby weight and then some and I still don’t get any action. Our son is 11-months old now!

kristy on

Stella, sure is Tori’s Angel in Waiting. Bless her heart that she had to see her Mama in that condition. Glad and Thanking God Tori is okay. God Bless and Love to this Beautiful Family. ❀

Mia on

Thank god everything is OK! + Ps – it’s not her releasing the story….it’s her publicist. How the game works.

Angel on

God Bless you and your babies honey. All that matters is that you made it. I’m very happy for you. (now don’t ever do that again!….haha).

Ann on

Wow. What an awful pregnancy she had that no one knew about. Really glad it all turned out for the best. I hope she is done having children because it would be crazy to risk her life again.

Anonymous on

Rose- There’s more than one type of bedrest. My guess is that the complete bedrest (i.e., having to stay in bed at all times) she was on in the hospital was switched to a modified form (i.e., you can get out of bed and do things sometimes, but you need to take it easy, not lift much, not over-exert yourself, etc.) once she was discharged.

Anyway, what a scary ordeal, and I’m glad she’s fine now! Also, I’ve seen the picture of Finn on the cover of US Weekly, and he looks a lot like Liam did as a newborn! πŸ™‚

Margie on

This makes a case against doctors recommending c-secions so often.

Anonymous on

Oh, and to all the people complaining that Tori had C-sections, like other posters have said, it wasn’t her choice to do so (and if I’m remembering correctly, she even said not too long ago that she wishes she could have had vaginal births).

She had complications in her labor with Liam (his heart rate kept dropping with the contractions, and I believe there were other factors as well), which neccesisitated an emergency C-section.

With Stella, if I’m remembering correctly, she was actually considering a VBAC, but ultimately her doctor convinced her that a repeat C-section would be safer (in part because Stella was born just over a year after Liam, and vaginal birth that soon after a C-section is very risky).

As for Hattie and Finn…aside from the fact that vaginal delivery with placenta previa is pretty much impossible, you’re pretty much not going to be able to find a doctor or hospital who will give you the option of a VBAC if you’d had two or more C-sections in a row (heck, most don’t even give you the option if you’ve had just ONE C-section!).

Anonymous on

To the person who said Tori never seems to mention or be pictured with Hattie…I recommend reading her blog. She mentions Hattie there quite a bit (and affectionately refers to her as “Hattie Cat”). πŸ™‚

Ashln on

Incredible story!

Anonymous on

Is anyone else extremely confused as to why Tori couldn’t share her complications until after Finn was born? Did her doctors forbid her from doing so or something?

I’m also confused about her doctors stating that Finn was not viable at 20 weeks. While most babies born that early don’t survive, a few do. I wonder why the doctor wasn’t going to even give Finn a chance if he had to be delivered so early?!

Tara on

To anonymous about why they would not give him a chance at 20 weeks is because he is not viable and there are no babies that survived at 20 weeks……21 weeks, 2 babies have survived but that is extremely rare. I had a 21 weeker and she did not survive labor. Usually the earliest they will try to save a baby is 23 or 24 weeks.

Sara on

Placenta previa is not caused by having kids close together. I had something similar to what Tori went through but my placenta actually grew through the uterine wall and into my bladder and I too had bleeds but none as significant as hers. I was on bedrest for 4 weeks only and had 3 smaller bleeds. This happens a lot when you’ve had several c-sections. I had this with my 3rd pregnancy (after having 2 c/s)..I guess she’s had 3 c-sections prior and lots of scar tissue so the placenta covered the cervix. Very scary condition. I’m glad she and the baby are fine.

AnyPenny on

Clarification people, read it again. I *never* said placenta previa was because of her back to pregnancies but most likely the fact that she has had 3 previous c-sections and Finn was conceived less than 6 wks after her 3rd. I’m not bashing c-sections, mulitple c-sections or women who have sex prior to 6 wks postpartum. I simply stated that I would hope she uses this experience to educate and make it more well known that the risks are very real and very serious for taking this recommendations lightly.

I also never stated that that Finn was a foolish idea but that her supposed reasoning for even having sex was because she didn’t want to disappoint her husband’s sex drive. That *is* a foolish to take a chance. Even more so if she has had prior complications. I was not on a ‘high horse’ so step off. I was stating the basic info for discussion. Don’t be so quick to make assumptions of my having a ‘judgmental tone/attitude’ when all you have is a few typed sentences on a computer screen.

AnyPenny on

Oops, sorry for the typos. Should read ‘for taking these recommendations’ in the 1st paragraph and I left out a word in the 2nd ‘foolish reason’. This ended well for her and I’m sure for many others. Happily so.

There are also many others for which there were no happy endings. The US has some awful maternity stats and we should encourage helpful discussions about the real experiences, without exaggerations but with truthful, open stories. Complications happen and that is a fact of life but a discussion about doing everything we can in pregnancy to prevent them is needed.

We don’t want a pregnant woman having multiple odds stacked against her. My point being that this was the case with Tori. Even if she’d had the best OB/GYN this still would have been a serious health issue. Multiple c-sections, back-to-back births, and previous complications were odds against her and her 4th pregnancy. There is no place in this discussion for insults, namecalling or rude statements. There is nothing to gained or learned from that.

Angelina on

I’m so glad that everyone is healthy. They have a beautiful family and I hope Tori heals right up but I think if I were her I wouldn’t have any more kids. That’s very scary to go through.

sat on

Amazing story. Wish her all the best.

sat on

Gotta say these critical comments are horrible and ya’ll need to shut it.

Michele on

Tori your the best, so glad you and Finn are healthy. I had a tear in my eye reading this. You have officially scared me off of having kids so close though. ;-( I hope you and your beautiful family enjoy many more years together!

Becky on

Dallgirl how am I an idiot?

Malia on

I had placenta previa with my son, my first and only child. I was lucky enough to not go through the hemorrhaging that Tori did. My mother also had placenta previa with me (I am her only child). She, however, had many major bleeds and the last one kept her in the hospital for two months. It is a very real and scary thing to go through. Fear of losing your life or the life of your child over something you cannot control is not an easy feeling. I appreciate Tori for sharing her story.

jamelle on

OKAY FIRST her issues can happen to anyone. They did not happen cause she got pregnant so fast. Give me a break. Second. Holy cow. I can not believe that you went through so much. That is insane. I am so glad that you came out okay and so incredibly happy that you had someone in the room with you. You are amazing for sharing this with everyone. It is such a personal issue and most would want to keep that close.

Serika on

I am happy Tori and her baby are ok. I love her show which is surprising to me. She is quirky and sweet and I hope they get another season.

One Voice on

Women are at higher risk for placenta previa if they’ve had:

A C-section
Previous uterine surgery scars such as D&C and C-section
Abnormally shaped uterus (which in her case would still be floppy after recently giving birth)
Have already delivered at least one baby
Had placenta previa with a previous pregnancy
Are age 35 or older
Are carrying twins, triplets or other multiples
Are Asian

This is per MayoClinic. And according to this, Tori had at least 5 of those factors. It’s disturbing that people want to come onto this site stating that previous C-Sections are not a contributing factor as well as having multiple children (not to mention her age) when clearly physicians and the medical community state otherwise.

AnyPenny – You’re right in your previous posts and people just want to come here to “judge” people for making comments in the comment section! Most of us are not judging them, we are observing them and commenting on the situation they CHOSE to share with the world. No one knew about this “secret”….so why tell the world if you don’t want it to be commented on?

Plus, no one is bothering these people, they will never read these comments unless they want to…then they are free to disagree and make yet another statement. What shocks me is the people that bother to log in here to tell other posters they are stupid for stating obvious facts and horrible people for not be all gushy over this Hollywood family. That makes absolutely no sense to me.

CCEx on

It’s always these mom posts that get crazy. Women are so harsh on eachother, it’s pathetic.

Glad you and your son are healthy Tori. Stella did a good job, I don’t think you’ve scarred her too badly (no worse than any of us, anyways). πŸ˜‰

Tara on

Ignorance runs rampant in these posts

beth on

I can’t believe some of the haters out there. Yes, she is famous but she is also a human being. Show compassion and respect. For those who post negative posts on her speaking out, shame on you and Karma is a bitch.

teddiebear1209 on

In other countries you can have a child and have all the rest through your vagina. This county is too pain killer and c-section happy. She could have probably had 3 out of the 4 children vaginally. In most countries (yest 1st world countries) people have their children at home with no pain killers. Maybe she should have gone to Europe for this babies birth.

missy on

all the while he cheats on her like CRAZY. Who won’t she awful looking and each kid just make her look even more haggered. Give it up Tori………… and sorry I don’t think their kids are that great looking. She looks like a he sorry and he looks like the LOSER he is.

Anonymous on

What about Hattie, her 1yo old? She doesn’t seem to mention much of her? That poor baby didn’t have her mother through all of this. I understand Tori and Finn had the medical condition but Tori should pay a little more attention to Hattie, who is still a baby.

Becca on

Oh Tori, I am so glad you and your beautiful little boy are ok. God Bless your little family.

Geez, I hope you don’t read all those ‘know it all’ comments above.

Take care xxx


Well, hopefully a lesson learned from popping out children so quickly one right after the other, and I am referring to stitches popping. She never gave her body a chance to heal from one child to the next, which also means she didn’t listen to her doctors because she got pregnant again so fast. Good heavens woman, now you worry about leaving young kids behind, should have thought of that when you were having sex way too soon after the babies. I wish you well and happy that you will get better but this is not a freak accident, it is something doctors warn you of, I know, I had 2 cesereans and was warned of what could happen if I got pregnant too quickly after each.

Anonymous on

Beauftiful family Tori, I wish you all the best in Love and in Health. Take care of yourself.

Denise S. on

So glad she is recovering – I was getting concerned when we weren’t hearing anything further about her condition.

emmasa01 on

I still think they suck for cheating on their first spouses! Especially Dean, he already had kids!

Paula on

Placental previa is not caused by having sex too early after a prior delivery or having your children too close together. I had it with my second child and like Tori, I almost bled to death and had to lie in the hospital from 21 weeks to 38 weeks – 2 hours from home. It happens, it is life-threatening, and there is nothing the mother does or doesn’t do that causes it. We chose to have no more children after this incident. Our daughter is a beautiful young woman of 16!

SusieS on

I think she is full of it. How are you on bedrest but yet a different photo of her surfaces every week on People in different places around town? I also remember reading after one of her kids about how she was breastfeeding but then in her book she said due to her implants it prevented her from feeding her kids. Seriously…I used to really like her but I think she is another C-list celebrity trying to keep her name in the spotlight through lies, health scares, and staged photos.

Anonymous on

Thank God she is ok. Off the topic a little, I hope her new clothing line is not made from the sweat of cheap labor. When celebrities have a chance to make a difference in this world, let’s hope they have enough consciousness and integrity to keep the jobs at home and not in some sweatshop in China.

Carmen on

What kind of doctors you have in the US cutting this poor lady 4 times? Are they crazy??? Not even in communist Romania back in the days they would not do that!

Mama Bambi on

This situation is sooo crazy scary….I never knew that having c-sections were this dangerous. I have had 3 but my girls are all 6 yrs apart. The youngest just turned 11….but none of the doctors ever mentioned these risks….there were medical reasons for having them that way so it really wasn’t my choice…but damn why they never said anything about it, I don’t understand….it is all about educating yourself and I guess knowing the right questions to ask….my oldest was killed by a drunk driver a few months ago and changed our lives forever !!! In life there r no guarantees, so really everyone….tell your kids u love them and hug and kiss them often….they r gifts from God !!!!

nicole on

stella was so brave! Glad the baby and tori are ok.

And the rest of you are the most hateful, judgemental people. Shame on you for all those nasty words. Having an opinion is one thing… But you guys are taking it to a level that is wrong.

Thats all.

Jeanne on

The sad part of this sorry is HATTIE. She does not know who her mother is a quote by Tori herself. She needs to put Finn down for a few minutes and get to know Hattie but it is too LATE…

Melody on

There is absolutely no proof of a connection between Tori’s placenta previa and the fact that she fell pregnant so quickly after giving birth to her third child (
It may have been, but unless you are a doctor and have access to Tori’s medical records, the assumption is fairly invalid.

Also, the implication that she somehow “brought it on herself” is pretty unfair.

I feel awful for Tori and what she went through, and am so happy for her and her family that she and Finn are now safe and well.

Ann on

Now maybe she will stop having babies and just enjoy the ones she does have or are they trying to catch up with the Duggards?????

Teresa on

My sister had placenta previa and there was a 2-year gap between her kids. While having kids so close together can certainly cause more problems, you can also have more problems from pregnancy in general. Please be careful before jumping to conclusions (i.e. judging and shaming).

Dawn on

I can empathize with Ms. Spelling’s placenta previa nightmare! It’s SUCH a scary thing to go through. Ms. Spelling is so fortunate the hospital was able to get her to 37 weeks, that’s AWESOME! In my case, I was an active bleeder my whole pregnancy, diagnosed officially with a full previa at 22 weeks and admitted to the hospital at 23 weeks. The head of high-risk ob visited my now ex-husband and I the night before we hit 24 weeks and not so subtly suggested we should terminate the pregnancy. Our odds of making it through viability (24 weeks) was extremely low and even if we made that, there were very low odds our child wouldn’t be severely handicapped. We elected to continue the pregnancy and got 6 more weeks through bedrest and massive amounts of drugs (to stop the contractions I was also having). My daughter was born at 29 weeks. 3 more months in the NICU, 4 months in the hospital all told for both of us. Such a harrowing, scary, emotionally devastating experience!!! It is amazing what doctors can do today, both for the mothers and for the babies once they are born. Truly miraculous! I would pass a word of caution to Ms. Spelling, if she doesn’t know already.. once one has HAD a complete previa, it is a very high likelihood that it will occur again in a subsequent pregnancy. Hopefully, given she has 4 kids, and her age, they will not risk having this condition again.

Karen on

Man I agree – I am so glad you are okay but seriously, shut off the cameras and tend to your family. Gag

Macrina on

She was on E! News last night and Dean was saying, We’re not 100 % yes on having another baby, but we’re not 100% no on it. Um I think after this happened, you should just count your blessings.

Dawn on

Just wanted to add.. For those who are being so critical of having a baby so soon after another, and it causing complications or having too many c-sections causing previa… Two tales..

One of my best friends in the NICU when I had my daughter 11 weeks prematurely had her child at 28 weeks. Weighing barely 1.5 pounds. That was December. The following December she had TWINS.. FULL TERM.. Totally healthy with ZERO pregnancy complications. And this was a woman with severe severe severe eclampsia the first time around. Having a problematic pregnancy one time is NOT a predeterminate of having one again.

Then take me. My biological children are spaced 17 years apart (yes, that’s 17!!! years). My first pregnancy? I was 3 weeks post-due and my son weighed 10 1/2 pounds. Delivered NATURAL. Never in my family has there been a pre-term baby. Never. Unheard of. So how did I end up, 17 years later with previa similar to Ms. Spelling’s? I never had a c-section, I’m not overweight (just the opposite), I’m healthy, no gynocological issues whatsoever. For me? I suspect that I got scarring when I used an IUD early in my 20’s. Had massive problems with it but it took forever to get the gyno to agree that gee, this might not be such a good idea for you!!

Just saying, it’s wrong to try to cast blame on someone for why they had one condition or another.

Just Me on

People, she made the fairly common mistake of thinking she wouldn’t get pregnant while breast feeding….she’s not the first and certainly not the last. Stop beating up on her, give thanks and blessings for her and her son being alive and healthy.

martine on

There is always DRAMA with Tori. I just don’t know what’s real and what’s part of a show with this family.

macey on


Lisa on

Do the math, something isn’t adding up here. It says this happened at 20 weeks (April) and she was in hospital/on strict bed rest from that point on, yet this pic was taken late may:

and another in early Aug:

MomofTwoBoys on

Tori did not plan her pregnancy this last time. Actually she has said it was a huge shock. She went to the hospital with a migraine, they gave her a urine test and surprise she was pregnant. She didn’t even believe the doctor and made him do a blood test. So people need to know the full story before commenting

I am very sure Tori and Dean know how blessed they are to have four beautiful healthy children and that Tori made it through it all. Many more blessings to their family. I live them and enjoy seeing how much fun and love they have with eachother. God bless!

Amanda H on

How could she have been on bed rest AND hosted Craft Wars when she was very pregnant?

Romy on

It sounds like Stella sleeps with her and Dean sleeps with Liam and they went out of their way to spin it.

Amy on

I can’t believe people’s responses to such a story are to judge her. I really doubt she chose to get pregnant six weeks after having her baby girl, and her medical condition had nothing to do with that. What a scary experience and she handled it, as per usual, with grace. She has consistently shown herself to be a fantastic, loving, and creative mom. Now she has one more baby to love, and I’m happy that he is healthy and that Tori is healthy.

Congratulations, Tori! He is beautiful and lucky to have you!

Laila on

you may feel alright, and you may really want to please you and your husband, but there’s a reason for doctor’s orders…what a scary way to learn

CJ on

Nice drama to talk about and cute family. But this is a lesson for contraception. Her body wasn’t ready to be pregnant so soon after delivering her now just 1 year old. Family planning matters. This is exactly why women died in childbirth back in the day.

cookie on

I wonder if this is Karma for adultery,and stealing another woman’s husband?Just asking.

Anonymous on

Tori – You did the best you could in a very difficult situation. I’m happy everything worked out so well for your family. Please continue to do the best for your family by considering having Stella meet with a child psychologist regarding witnessing your bleeding. She is very young and is likely bringing it up because she doesn’t have an ability to process the information she witnessed that day. A child psychologist could help her with that.

Rachael on

I am so happy that Tori and Finn are both healthy and safe. I don’t judge, I am a fan and I think Stella is a real hero.

guest on

too much information. But I hope they are smartening up and stop breeding now.

Amy on

I would just like to say how mean and ignorant some people are on here!

I myself have had 3 c sections not because I chose so but because I am a small woman and my boys were fairly big babies. I was lucky no post surgery complications and as for 3 is enough this is based on dr opinions..everyone and their uterus are different the danger becomes as your uterus gets weaker. I was told by my dr I could safely have a 4th. πŸ™‚

Also placenta previa is not brought on by c sections is can happen to anyone! My sister in law had this and she has had 3 vaginal deliveries.

Sunny on

You know your fans would have done anything they could have to help you Tori.

Sarah on

oh my goodness! I am bawling right now! God Bless you Tori and your beautiful family!!

Anonymous on

Way to judge a woman! She is sharing her experience to enlighten others. Cut her some slack!

soph on

cookie, I wonder if you’re that much of an idiot for thinking someone can be stolen. Just asking.

B.J. (the girl) on

Poor Stella is going to be scarred for life.

On another note, you’ve had a little too much plastic surgery and botox on your face, Tori. Now we can’t tell if the kids look like you or not because you’re so.. unnatural.

Sandy on

Bleeding and pregnancy is SO scary!! I really feel for her- she must have thought she was having a miscarriage! I am so glad things worked out for her. I hope she’s careful because I don’t think she should have any more.

Jester on

Not a Tori fan (not a hater neither), but I find it odd that the majority of the bashing posts are aimed at Tori. Only a handful of comments aimed at Dean. Personally, I think that he could have been more respectful of his wife and sorry, but 6 weeks is not that long to sustain from sex.

Cindy on

She is very lucky to be alive and have Finn, too.

I have placenta separation and nearly died. Both the baby and I survived. I now have a 6 year old grandson.

Beth on

Can’t wait to see your new family on a show. 4 kids is a handful ! Congrats and good luck !

cipper on

people just be quiet about not having a baby right after having delivered another one – placena praevia can happen to ANYONE at ANY TIME and has nothing to do with that!

Natalia on

This is so touching. To come so close to losing all that means the most and to make it through is so very very good. I think that this family will never take things for granted as people often do. Her miracle baby will always be so incredibly special as is every one of her children. Stella will recount to her own children how she saved her Mommy’s life. Love to them all!

Lena on

I got pregnant with my 2nd 3 months after our 1st was born, and had no complications. However, it does increase your risk for IUGR and premature birth. Previous c-section(s) and/or D&C’s, having 5 or more children, being pregnant with multiples, being 35yrs or older, prior placenta previa, smoking and illicit drug use are all risk factors for placenta previa. Having children close together has NOTHING to do with it.

Please educate yourselves before you post about someone’s family planning decisions. All you have to do is google placenta previa.

Shirl on

Love Tori and her family! She’s so genuine and down to earth!!

God.Bless on

Wrapping our arms around you and your family with <>. xoxo

Bibay on

I know we can all be a little judgemental since she’s always in the limelight…. but jeez, she’s not the only person that’s gotten pregnant so soon after having a baby!

What scared me in the beginnng was that she was going on her 4th c-section (2 in one year!) I work in a women’s hospital were everything is about birth and babies, and it scared me to think of the high risks, many of which she experienced in this last pregnancy.

She has beautiful babies and I wish them all the best. But being a mother, your priority does shift and you start to think, “I can’t risk myself and leave the babies I already am raising.”

Anonymous on

This woman constantly seeks attention and approval to mitigate the awful truth: she stole another woman’s husband. Nothing she ever says has a grain of truth and she has no qualms about hurting others and destroying a family unit (with the help of her social climbing husband, who once proclaimed to his friends Tori has the face of a horse). I feel sorry for her kids, who she shot out pronto, 1-2-3-4 so she could guarantee Dean’s commitment for another year. We always buy what we want.

J on

Wow, there are two or three women here who need to educate themselves before spouting off warnings to Tori and others here…

Mari on

That is some story! Placenta previa has nothing to do with getting pregnant quickly after childbirth. Placenta previa can happen to anyone, you can’t tell the embryo where he is going to implant. I think after this she is done. At least I would be after that kind of experience! Pregnancy is rough and it can be very dangerous. Best wishes to Tori

LIsa on

I had no idea Tori went through all this. I am crying as I type after reading this story. I am so glad everything turned out alright.

Piper on

I have always admired Tori, for her work ethic, and how she seems to speak honestly about things.
I wish her and her beautiful family nothing but the very best in the future. She seems like such a real solid person.

Shelliec69 on

I am very glad that Tori and Finn made it through ok. Not a huge fan of hers, but she seems like a great mom. She would be better served if she stopped putting Dean’s bedroom needs above her own healing after childbirth ones. But what I don’t get is how she could think that she couldn’t get pregnant again so soon because she was breastfeeding. She already had two children who are one year apart. So technically, yeah she had to have known that it was possible.

lovely123 on

And this is why having a birth in a hospital is a good idea. Just in case something happens.

Anonymous on

I love love love Tori and am so glad she and her baby are okay. My mom 3 kids in 3 years in the 60’s. July 1963 Dec 1964 and Nov 1965. Back then it was no big deal. So glad everyone is okay and esp. glad she has her mom in her life again

jen on

I was with my sister-in-law when she was diagnosed with placenta previa during her third pregnancy…the doctor told her that even though there is no definitive “cause” for the condition, there can be contributing factors including stress, smoking while pregnant, and weaknesses in the uterus caused by surgery or previous pregnancies.

Yes, you may have placenta previa without any of these mitigating factors. But if you have several of them, perhaps it’s wise to stop and consider when/if you should proceed with another pregnancy.

abby on

I think this is a story you should keep for yourself. Too many details and private things in here. And she should stop having kids for good.

aubreyek on

I really hope she uses this as an opportunity to educate the masses about the dangers of c-sections and elective repeat c sections as well. That’s the biggest issue here… not how many kids, or the spacing.

Anonymous on

To all the people saying Tori’s getting pregnant so soon after her third child had nothing to do with her getting placenta previa…Actually, it very well could have. One of the risk factors for PP is having had multiple C-sections, and I would imagine that getting pregnant while you’re still healing from one probably increases those risks even further.

Dawn- I don’t know what your doctor was thinking when he said babies aren’t viable until 24 weeks. That’s simply not true! Several babies have been born prior to that point and survived. From what I’ve read, the most premature baby ever to survive was born just shy of 22 weeks!

The fact that your doctor wanted to “terminate” your pregnancy and allow a baby who was, in fact, viable to die makes me sick! Good for you for not allowing him to do so!

Millie on

In Tori’s defense most women have not yet started ovulating a month after giving birth, particularly if they are nursing full time, which she was. She was just one of those rare exceptions. Glad her and baby are ok, no point on hating on Tori and fam.

Anonymous on

I completely agree with everyone who says that not everyone can have babies the “natural” way. My mother, for example, has an abnormally shaped uterus, which causes her to carry babies in a very awkward, semi-transverse position. Had she attempted a vaginal birth, both she and we would have almost certainly died!

Anonymous on

aubreyk- Actually, none of Tori’s C-sections were elective. Her first one was an emergency, her second one was (going by what she’s said) pretty much due to doctor persuassion (she’s said that she considered having a VBAC with Stella, but her doctor talked her out of it, deeming it too risky), and her other two were due to the fact that (at least here in the U.S.), doctors and hospitals won’t allow a VBAC after two consecutive C-sections.

Anonymous on

Also meant to add that Tori’s placenta previa was also likely a factor in Finn’s being born via C-section. A safe vaginal delivery is nearly impossible with PP.

Anonymous on

that was the scariest story ever..I hope that the family is fine now and wish them all the best

Mira on

Read this story carefully, people. It illustrates why you should do EVERYTHING to avoid a C-section. It shows why all the dumbos saying “it doesn’t matter how you get your baby” are dead wrong. If you want to have more than one pregnancy and you would like to avoid catastrophic complications and having your life saved by toddlers and doctors, you do your best to avoid a C-section. Because c-sections are the number one cause of placental problems, such as the problem Tori had.

Megan on

Lisa – 20 weeks was in May, not April. She delivered at 37 weeks on Aug. 30. Since the bikini photo is Startraks and is an agency she works with for staged paparazzi photos, they very likely were taken before Memorial Day and released for the holiday. Tori was not seen out AT ALL in June and July, when she was hospitalized.

angelmom7511 on

“Really glad she’s ok but maybe she should try having kids the normal way. These famous people take the quickest way to get the babies out early.”

You really don’t know a freaking thing do you? Or are you just freaking stupid? She had c sections because she needed them, Her life was in danger. You really didn’t read what she went through did you?

Brianna on

You know, I am reading through the comments and some of the comments made about placenta previa being common with c-sections is not accurate.

@ AnyPenny I was NEVER informed that I could develop placenta previa from having my c-sections when I got pregnant with my third child after having 2 prior c-sections.

@Anon, perhaps you don’t know why Tori did not have her babies the “natural” way. Two of my three c-sections were emergency c-sections in order to save my babies’ lives, and the third was a routine c-section because I had had two prior c-sections.

Stop being so judgmental on people.

Anonymous on

Brianna- I don’t think anyone was saying that Placenta Previa is common with C-sections, per se, but simply pointing out that having multiple C-sections (especially as close together as Tori did) DOES increase the risk. A C-section is major abdominal surgery, and like any major abdominal surgery, it carries risks.

Mira- I have to agree. Sometimes C-sections are neccesary (which, from everything I’ve read, was the case with Tori), and it’s wonderful that we have them available when they’re needed.

However, this article IS definitely a case for not having elective C-sections (again, I realize Tori’s were not. I’m speaking about women in general here.). Bottomline: The prospect of pushing a watermelon out of you might be terrifying, but at the end of the day it might very well save you from potentially catastrophic issues later on!

Anonymous on

AnyPenny- I’m not sure what you mean when you refer to Tori having “previous complications” before this pregnancy. She DID have complications during her first labor, but those involved Liam’s heartrate dropping, which certainly isn’t going to make future pregnancies risky!

Other than that, she didn’t have any complications with her pregnancies until Finn. πŸ™‚

robinepowell on

While I’m glad she’s okay, I hope Tori and Dean have learned their lesson, where birth control is concerned. Stella came only a few months after Liam’s 1st birthday and a lesson in birth control didn’t work then.

Jacquelyn on

I wish them the best for the sake of their kids.

But, I find them completely douchey because they are such unbelievable media-whores.

Not to mention, cheating on their first spouses. And, Dean essentially abandoning his children from the first marriage.

I find it amazing that so many people just love them so much, knowing about all of this. I wish they would go away and raise their kids in obscurity. But, much like the Kardashians….they’ll probably never go away.

meghan on

Staged papparazzi photos? Oh yeah, she’s a great mom!

cindy on

Too bad Tori’s pictures, photo ops and twitter postings contradict this overly dramatic (aka BS ) story. Let’s recap: Tori was at an LA Kings playoff game in late April, staged a photo op in her back yard on Memorial Day, May 29th, was at a 4th of July parade in a wheel chair with a bandage on her ankle, held a summer pool party for 8 people, was at a “lunchables” product event a week before she gave birth and was seen shopping around LA the entire week before she gave birth. Not to mention she posted more “proud of her bump” photos taken by a photographer in the beginning of August. And she went on to proclaim this was her best pregnancy yet! Tori needed some dramatic story in order for her to land on the cover of a tabloid to make some money off of this baby. This story does not pass the “smell test.”

cindy on

Can someone from the hospital, (ie nurse, janitor), confirm this story? would love to see pics of the hospital room decorated by Tori!

Chrissy on

She might have had these problems even if she hadn’t had the kids so close together. My mother had a very similar situation when pregnant at age 43. She did not have other babies right before that. These things are more common at older ages. I am not against people having children at an older age, but people do need to be aware of it. This is a good reason not to wait too long to have any children. I’m glad Tori is ok but I do hope she will take this as a sign that it’s time to be finished.

Anonymous on

cindy- She was most likely either off bedrest or on a modified form by August (which makes sense when you think about it, since Finn was viable by that point and they could simply deliver him if worse came to worse), explaining the photos from that month.

As for the earlier photos, I’d bet anything that most, if not all of them were actually taken prior to the May hospitilzation (by StrarTraks, the paparazzi agency she works with, or by Dean or another family or staff member) and then released on July 4th or whatever date they “surfaced”.

Also, Tori said that she planned Stella’s birthday party from the hospital but wasn’t actually there for it. I suspect the same is true of the pool party (unless there are actually pictures of her at it). Tori loves planning parties from what I’ve read, so that’s not as far-fetched as it may seem! πŸ™‚

And finally, she made the comment about her fourth pregnancy being her best yet shortly after announcing it…which was BEFORE her placenta previa issues started.

Anonymous on

Jacquelyn- Not that it makes it any better, but Dean only has ONE child from his previous marriage (his ex-wife ended up completing the adoption of the little girl as a single parent, and she was too young to have ever known Dean as her father), whom he has NOT abandoned.

For those who follow Tori and Dean, it’s a very well known fact that Dean’s oldest son’s mother doesn’t want her son to be in the public eye, hence why we rarely see him or hear him mentioned by them (not to mention the fact that he’s 13 and probably doesn’t WANT to be seen or mentioned in the media!). That doesn’t mean they don’t spend time with him!

robinepowell- Actually, Tori has said that Stella was concieved while she was between birth control methods. She was having a bad reaction to one pill (I think, anyway) and so switched to another…and during the brief window of time between the two, Stella was concieved. From what I remember, she hadn’t expected to be ovulating that soon after going off the first pill (which actually makes sense, as most women take at least a month after going off the pill to resume regular cycles).

I’m not saying that they shouldn’t have maybe been a bit more careful, but I don’t think you can really compare Stella’s conception to Finn’s.

cindy on

Tori proclaimed this was the best pregnancy in the article accompanied by those hideous pictures of Tori in a monokini on Memorial Day, May 29th which contradicts this “life threatening pregnancy” story. She was also hosting Craft Wars and standing on her feet during each episode! She would not have been put on modified bed rest if she and the baby were in danger of dying! This story does not pass the smell test!

JustMe on

AnyPenny – Just a word to the wise, Placenta Previa has NOTHING to do with having children to close to each other. I have only had one pregnancy and one child and I was diagnosed with it at 13 weeks. You couldn’t be further from the truth. It has to do where the placenta decides to attach to the uterus, plain and simple. Unfortunately, as we read, it can get extremely dangerous depending on how covered the cervix is which was as we read the case with Tori. It is NOT because she had her children back to back.

Now the popping of the stitches, I cannot attest too.

Anonymous on

cindy- I didn’t remember that about the story accompanying the bikini photos, but I still don’t think that means anything. Most likely the article was actually written before May, but just like the photos, “held back” until memorial day.

She also said in this article that she “couldn’t tell” people about her pregnancy scare while it was happening for whatever reason, so maybe she gushed about her pregnancy as a way to keep the scare hidden.

And as for the TV show…Uh, you DO realize that most TV shows are taped months in advance, don’t you? Just because we see it air on a certain date doesn’t mean that it was filmed within, say, the past week!

Anyway, frankly it makes me sick that you would accuse her of lying about such a horrible ordeal! If Tori normally told elaborate lies like this, that would be one thing. But in all the time I’ve been following her, I’ve never once seen her be completely dishonest about something. If anything, she’s a little TOO honest (i.e., sharing that she and Dean were intimate before recommended six weeks after Stella was born, or admitting without shame- and in detail!- that she and Dean cheated on their first spouses with eachother).

She maybe stretches the truth a bit sometimes, but I’ve never once seen her be truly dishonest, and especially not in such an elaborate way!

The poor woman has a horrible scare and you call her a liar? Disgusting!

Anonymous on

JustMe- As many others have said, having multiple C-sections and having another baby so soon after a C-section DOES increase a woman’s risk of placenta previa. So yes, her having kids so close together may have had something to do with it. It also may not have. We can not definitely say one way or the other. Even she and her doctors can’t do that.

There is no way of knowing what exactly led to PP, so why Tori had it is something that only God can answer.

Sara on

Some of you need to look things up. Placenta previa is not something that happens because you got pregnant soon after giving birth. They are completely unrelated.

Lauren on

Tori Spelling has as much as admitted that she started this whole C-section cycle by being impatient with Liam’s birth and insisting that she be induced. Doctors gave her pitocin, she says she felt like she was being “tasered,” and (as happens in many cases), she needed an emergency C-section with him, then opted for C-section with her next three.

She does seem like a great mother, but she is VERY media-savvy, so she’s obviously going to milk every detail of every event in her life for maximum financial gain, and this whole “I’m a victim, I almost died” story is the one she tells with every pregnancy. Hopefully now she’ll stop.

Realist on

To all the people saying that “this is why you don’t have kids back to back”–you are ignorant and do not know what you are talking about.

Placenta previa occurs randomly because of chance and does not have anything to do with previous pregnancies. Many first-time moms get this condition as well and I am sure that there are people reading this who are just trying to keep them and their babies healthy–they don’t need your judgment!!!

Christianah on

Whao! Your story brought hope and courage because you are alive to share it. May the Lord grant mothers a joyful end.

Tina on

I swear some comments and people are just right out dumb!! The one about famous people getting their babies out early!! What a nut case.. She didn’t do all this to “get her baby out early”.. I don’t understand all the anger told her having 4 kids.. I have 5 I take care of my children no help I love each and every one of them just like she does!! It’s none of anyones business.. What happen to women supporting each other and giving advice to help one another.. Maybe the best choice was not to be intimate so soon after delivery but thats not mine nor anyones elses decision to be made.. She a great mother and almost sacrificed her life for her baby.. Something most mothers would do.. And if you Don’t know anything about her and don’t know what hour talking about then please be quite! It makes you look even more ignorant!! It’s sad that people have nothing better to do in their bitter, unhappy lifes that they judge others the way they do.. And actually think they are better than others.. And no one has been to the doctor with her, no one knows what her health is or isn’t, so not a soul has a right to tell her or demand she not have more kids.. She’s anvery smart lady and their personal decisions are those for her husband and her to make.. She doesn’t need preaching and finger pointing.. Ridiculousness

MD on

Do I see MD behind any of your names? I am sure all of you that have advice for Tori had wonderful perfect pregnancies. Things happen, so get off ALL of your high horses and be thankful that she and her babies are fine.

FromHopeToJoy on

I know that I am late to this party, but my story is SO similar to Tori’s. I am so glad that they are all OK.

My daughter was born at 23 weeks last year and is doing great today. I hemorrhaged at 17 weeks for the first of 4 times because of 100% placenta previa (which I believe was caused by 3 prior c-sections). I wrote a memoir called “From Hope To Joy” about my life-threatening pregnancy and my daughter’s 4 months in the NICU (with my 3 young sons at home), which will be published this summer. Please see my website. Thank you.

Ashleigh on

I’ve just given birth to my first child and I endured placenta previa. If you want to talk about scary, my newborn son didn’t even cry when he came out. I was at my boyfriends moms house and had to call out to his 12 year old cousin bc he was out running food errands for me. The bleeding never stops and I’m lucky I didn’t pass out.

For people to judge someone who got pregnant too soon after her last baby was born; stop and think about this. Everything happens for a reason. Placenta previa is a very unpredictable complication. It doesn’t matter if the child is your first or third.

What matters is that her daughter came to her aid bc she couldn’t reach her husband. I called out to my cousin bc my boyfriend was not home. Without my helper nearby, I would not be laying in a hospital bed holding my 50th hour old newborn son.

Dont judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes.

Ashleigh on

Sorry typo. 5 hour old son.

Lynda Mcclellan on

I am 21 weeks and was diagnosed with placenta previa, also maybe acreda. I am so scared. Its starting to over my bladder. I wish there was someone I could talk to.

Tyrell on

I undoubtedly like these types of 2- I Need to Acquire!