Jack Osbourne ‘Respectfully Declines’ More Baby Gifts

10/19/2012 at 01:00 PM ET

Jack Osbourne Respectfully Declines More Baby Gifts

Apparently there is too much of a good thing – just ask Jack Osbourne.

The new dad – who welcomed daughter Pearl Clementine with wife Lisa on April 24 – says he’s received an overwhelming overflow of presents for his little one.

Everyone does [spoil her],” Osbourne, 26, tells PEOPLE. “We’ve had to respectfully decline any more gifts.”

But the offerings haven’t been out of the ordinary. “We haven’t gotten anything too crazy,” he says. “There have just been lots of clothes and toys. Not really too outrageous for a baby.”

Aside from having to turn things down, the TV personality says fatherhood is “good,” explaining, “It’s a lot of fun. The best part about it is there’s something new every day. Babies grow so much when they’re this age. They’re constantly changing.”

“You’ll go to bed one night and wake up the next morning and you’ll learn something new. That’s the exciting part,” he shares.

Osbourne, who is also basking in the joys of being a new husband – he married Lisa on Oct. 7 – says everything happening at once can be overwhelming, but, “it passes. It always does. There’s always some relief in that.”

He adds, “It’s all been good, so I can’t really complain.”

Part of what’s helped him manage his new parental status is having Lisa by his side. “Lisa’s the best,” he gushes. “She’s like Supermom 5,000.”

Breaking away from family, Osbourne is New Orleans-bound from Oct. 26-28, where he’s teaming up with Fuse and Scope Mouthwash and to be a news anchor at the Voodoo Music and Arts Experience festival.

“Work is work,” he says of leaving his clan behind. “I’m going to be doing interviews, as well as helping organize some exciting activities we’re doing with the crowd. I’m really, really excited about seeing Metallica. I’m a big Metallica fan. I’ve been to Voodoo fest before and I love the vibe there. It’ll give me the opportunity to check out some new bands.”

Osbourne will also begin his gig as a full-time music news anchor for Fuse in the next few months.

— Dahvi Shira

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AmandaC on

I’m suprised that he didn’t donate the extra gifts he’s received, or maybe he did.

MJ on

Agree, just ask those who want to buy your sweet baby a gift to make a donation in her name to their local Crisis Nursery. They always need baby items. Best of luck in the future to this family!

Heather on

Agree completely. I like this family but you never hear them speak out in support of charities. They’re very spoiled. you only hear of MS because Jack now has it.

Maggie on

I’m pretty sure Lisa does a lot of work with Baby Buggy, which is a charity. Seems like they are involved?

Kim on

I’m sure they are donating what they don’t want to keep. But really, after a while it does get overwhelming getting so many gifts in the mail and a person only has so much time to tote things somewhere else. I’ve never really understood why people feel compeled to send things to people they don’t even know personally. Just make a donation somewhere in their name.

guest on

good for them. I can’t believe those crazy people who bury their children in the latest toys.

Lyndzie on

who’s this Lisa chick? never heard of her…

really? on

Does it matter Lyndzie? Surely you don’t know everyone…

Barbara Wade Cox on

you dummies, gifts do not spoil a 6 month old…she has no idea they are gifts or indulgent….but, it is very rude to someone that wishes to give to her….shame on you. take the gift and give to a more needy child in your daughters name, if you must.. turhing down gifts do not make you a better parent. dummy..

Heather on

I agree with Barbara. Take the gift and donate it. And when I spoke of charity I meant Sharon, hubby, immediate Osbourne family. All that wealth and never spoke of charity. And even if they donate anonymously, what’s wrong with publicly encouraging charity from others? Silly article in general if you ask me.

lucy on

umm who said he didn’t donate? He doesn’t have to let everyone know if he donates or doesn’t.

i need a name on

To MJ – Thank You for posting that excellent idea.

meghan on

Dummy, barbara? A valid point destroyed by immaturity. Grow up.

A. on

@meghan, …and you’re just epitome of maturity.

sunny on

I appreciate that he has asked to receive no more gifts, but if they got such an abundance of items, why don’t they donate to organizations that help the poor and for foster children. I hope they have.

amy on

I just really really like him.

Kate on

I think he’s humbled a little bit, especially since the MS diagnosis and becoming a dad. However, I still think he’s a useless, talent-less slug and celebrity child who can’t seem to get a job. Sorry but I had to say that.

One Voice on

I wish celebrities used their heads on this matter. Accept the gifts and donate them to a children’s charity. Jared Padalecki asked his fans that wanted to send gifts, to send a donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital instead….and the fans raised over $40,000! It’s a wonderful way to give to other children less fortunate.

Dayle on

On ABC Secret Millionaire there was a wealthy lady who worked and donated money to an organization for homeless mothers in Laguna Beach, CA. I’m sorry, I don’t remember her name or the name of the organization (. That show was wonderful. Jack should stop turning down the gifts and donate to this charity. With his connections, I am sure ABC could get him in touch with these folks.

Rachel on

Heather — really? Have you been beneath a rock? The Osbournes work with TONS of charities!! Sharon works with breast cancer charities, AIDS foundations, Save the children, the Dragon’s Heart charity, her own colon cancer foundation, Help for heroes, and MANY others. She supported a ton of different causes on her show. Ozzy works with those and others as well. Just because they don’t BRAG about the contributions they make doesn’t mean they don’t do it. You should do some research before you make claims that are far from true.

toaks on

The loser has never had a job in his life and he’s declining gifts, must be nice.

Becky on

Thank you Rachel for saying that..Just because they don’t take out a full page ad for the world to know, doesn’t mean they aren’t involved..

@toaks..If he’s got enought money to live on without a job, good for him..Envy is a bad thing in life..

carol on

Jack and his wife should be donating the extra gifts to needy children rather than “respectfully declining more gifts”

Diane on

I’m not sure why anyone thinks he’s a bad person for declining more gifts. I’m sure that some posters here would complain if they said they were donating items given to their child to a charity too. They seem like normal people.

Meeeee on

You all should be learning a thing or two before passing judgment on them. U read ONE article & feel u have the right to judge. They’ve given more in the past few years than most of us could even think to donate in a lifetime. I give to a certain charity every month what I can. Betting it’s small peanuts compared to what the Osbourne’s do. Educate yourself before u pass judgment!! Idiots!

Rachel on

As for the gifts… who knows what they’ve done with them. Or who they’re coming from. My guess is that many of these “respectfully declined gifts” are in fact rather gifts given in hopes of endorsements that they do not need and/or want. Many celebrities who’ve just had babies receive countless products from companies and then put little blurbs about them on twitter/facebook/other social media sites. Maybe they have donated items. Maybe they aren’t the ones we should be complaining about. The ones who SHOULD be donating items are these companies who are constantly throwing free gifts at celebrities who can AFFORD to purchase their own baby products.

And Toaks… do some research of your own. Jack has worked and does work. He has produced documentaries and videos and has been on several different shows. He’s currently a news presenter on a show based in LA. Just because the majority of his jobs were earned by being his father’s son doesn’t mean he hasn’t ever worked in his life.

meghan on

Least I don’t call people dummy, A.

Sasha on

I would think, with this economy, people would appreciate knowing they don’t need anything. I would rarer someone let me know so I dont waste my hard earned money.

Anonymous on

Rachel- The reason companies give celebs free gifts is because seeing a celebrity child wearing or using their product gives them tons more publicity than donating to charity would. That being said, I agree that they shouldn’t do it so much.

Diane- My thoughts exactly! If Jack announced, “Lisa and I are giving our child’s gifts away to (insert name of charity here)”, then the people saying he should donate would be saying things like, “That’s great, but do you really need to brag about it?” Or “I don’t see why he had to announce it. If you’re going to give to charity, do it quietly!” or perhaps even “They’re just doing it for publicity!”

Anonymous on

Also, I wonder why Lisa and Pearl won’t be accompanying Jack to NOLA?

Ariel on

Maybe I interrupted this wrong but when I read “Everyone does spoil her” I thought he was referring to family/friends. As in everyone keeps wanting to spoil her with clothes/toys/whatever so they’ve asked people to stop. I know both my sisters and best friend got to the point where they asked family/friends to stop giving gifts because it seriously got ridiculous.

What’s with the hate for not mentioning charity. Just because he doesn’t mention it doesn’t mean doesn’t happen.

Anonymous – He’s going to NOLA for two days for work. He won’t be gone long, so maybe Lisa decided she just didn’t want to go.

Kat on

Classy, respectful couple. I adore them and their humility. Jack’s condition may have given him a more thoughtful insight on life, not that he didn’t have it before. Now a father, it seems he knows the happiness to life is to want what you got.

Congrats on the wedding, a beautiful, healthy daugther and prayers for a full recovery. Love love love!!

Hea on

@ Kate – I doubt you’re sorry and no, you didn’t “have” to say that abut Jack. You wanted to say that.

macey on


Jen on

Why do some people demand to know what charities celebs contribute to? That is a personal decision and doesn’t need to be shared with anyone. The irony is, if they announced where they donated these same people would claim they’re bragging. Can’t win. 😛

a on

i’m pretty sure i’ve heard that they do work with foster charities. He probably did donate them, he just didn’t mention he did…not every celeb wants to enlighten the public of their charity work, which I think makes him very, very humble.


As if this over paid nobody really needed all this outpouring of generosity ………..WHO IS THIS GUY THAT HE DESERVES CELEBRITY STATUS ??? THE SON OF WHO ???

Anonymous on

really?- Exactly! And for what it’s worth, I agree with another poster that the “outpouring of generosity” is more than likely coming from Jack’s family and friends, not from fans. 🙂

That being said, the only thing I disagree with in this article is Jack saying that people are spoiling Pearl. You can’t spoil a baby! 😉

Thursday on

I agree with Jack on this one.When my kids were born we were bombarded with gifts,we gave what we did not need to a local womens shelter .We really appreciated everyones well wishes.We are not a rich family,just every day working people.My husband and I decided to send out a mass email thanking everyone for their kindness and support.And asking them to donate to our local charities.At the end of summer we invited everyone to a barbecue at the local park as our way of saying thank you.Again we are not rich.