Holly Madison Is Expecting a Girl

10/18/2012 at 06:00 PM ET

Holly Madison Is Expecting a Girl
Bryan Steffy/WireImage

Holly Madison is thinking pink.

The baby that the Peepshow star expects in March is a girl, Madison, 32, confirms to PEOPLE.

“Off to Amsterdam and I already miss my girls,” boyfriend Pasquale Rotella Tweeted Tuesday, seemingly breaking the news Madison said she had hoped to keep private.

With the cat out of the bag, the former Girls Next Door and Holly’s World star replied, “We miss you! Xoxoxo” — and tells PEOPLE that she is indeed having a daughter.

“We’re in love and counting down the days until we meet our beautiful baby,” Rotella said at the time the pregnancy was announced. “I can hardly believe how lucky I am.”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Mark Gray

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Cooper on

It would be easy to make a comment about Hef dating her daughter in 21 years, but I’ll just wish them well instead…

Cooper on

Hef will have a new girlfriend in 20 years!

Guest on

Cooper, Hef won’t last another 20 years!!!!!

Tara on

❤ Holly! Good Luck!!

Kristen on

I wonder if she hopes her beautiful baby girl will grow up to be just like her… a woman who built her empire on being naked so horny dudes can objectify her and treat her like she’s a piece of meat.

Jessie on

That’s actually a very good point Kristen. I really would like to see how she would answer that.

egc on

great. Now she can teach her daughter how to be a tramp.

Anonymous on

Another celebrity that thinks they invented pregnancy!!!

Jules on

Lol! Well said Anonymous.

Lulu on

Damn, yall are being harsh… Congrats to Holly and her man!!!

bitches suck... on

I don’t think she is a tramp, she was in love with hef and she tried to built an empire around her persona. Sorry I would rather have guys jerk off looking at her than looking for a Hooker. Its OK though girls get jealous when threatened

sunlight on

yea right…no way! He’ll be 107 by the time her daughter turns 21.

Joy Norman on

LMAO sunlight

Nonya on

I bet Holly’s thrilled she can have a stripper pole installed in the nursery now!

tcvajv on

Oh boy, raise a little girl just like mommy–someone who exploits herself. Or maybe she will go into training to be one of Hef’s girls. Poor baby.

Guest on

I am happy she is having a girl. She has wanted a child for so long. Best Wishes!

Lauren on

You better get used to “missing your girls”, Pasquale.

Won’t see them too often once you’re in the slammer.

ace11 on

How will she breast feed it??

Won’t sucking on silicone damage the baby?

sarbear on

LOL @cooper.

drea on

Gosh you all are so creative with your comments. If by going on what you all are saying about mothers teaching their daughters it sounds like your moms taught you to be harsh bitches just like them. Good job and way to bag on a pregnant woman.

zaya on

It’s easy to talk crap behind a computer screen. the people writing their judgmental crap usually have the most skeletons in their closet. Lol

LM on

Congrats Holly! And for all saying negative things, Holly is one of the few celebs out there who seems genuine, and like she really cares for people around her. Those are the best family values!! She’ll make a great mom.

Ms. J on

Congratulations. Can’t wait to meet your little girl, Holly!

P.S. all of you are so original with your comments.

“@ ace11: How will she breast feed it?? Won’t sucking on silicone damage the baby?” — If I remember right it depends on how it was done. There was something on TV about it at one time lol.

Holiday on

Congrats to Holly! I’m sure her daughter will be a beauty like she is. She totally seems like a girls mom too!

Rachel on

People do grow up…i did and and i am proud to say i am raising two beautiful daughters, celebrated 4 years out of an abusive relationship yesterday, and 4 years sober. Instead of being negative, congrats.

sharon on

Good for you Rachel, keep it up!

renee on

This is messed up why is everyone bashing this women just because she was a playboy bunny grow up.. I dont think she is a tramp i think she has morals and her profession doesnt mean anything ..she can be a good mother it is easy to past judgement on people you dont know and hef will be dead in 10 years let alone 20 lmao

Merie on

thought her 15 minutes were up

Anonymous on

I actually like Holly and think she seems like a sweet girl. I am happy that she is having a child (particularly a girl) because she has always wanted kids. Maybe she is realizing what she did in her past was not the best and is turning her life around. Whatever happened to the benefit of the doubt??

Jewel on

And she will be so proud of her mother when she grows up.

Sarah on

If you women are so worried about another woman exploiting herself….consider this, you exploit yourself whenever you open your legs to a man. Husband, boyfriend, Stranger. I dont see how what she does is any different then what any of you do. Except you choose to do it in private. For all you know, your significant other could think of you as a slut. And dont say its not the same because we dont know what they are really thinking about us. We cant have it both ways, we complain about men exploiting women ( and they do sometimes) but some women have no problem letting these men in the cookie Jar.

And???? on

Indeed you have a dizzying intellect, Sarah. I do hope some imbecile professor did not bestow a degree of logic or philosophy on you. Big stretch, I know, as you seem to be a 15 year old sophomore.

Alexis on

Wait, so having sex with my husband means that he’s exploiting me? Sarah sweetheart, Evel Knievel couldn’t make those kinds of leaps.

Anonymous on

How is she going to feel when her daughter starts posing for playboy?

Lindsay on

aww yay!

Jennifer on

When he said he was missing his girls, maybe he meant her breasts?

Sarah on

@ and. Stop leaving the lid of your cookie Jar! I must have hit a nerve honey.

Anonymous on

Reading most of these comments, I picture a bunch of angry, overweight women sitting behind their computers just dying to let their claws loose on the next beautiful woman that pops up on their screen. LMAO I have news for you gals: I’d rather look up to Holly as a role model than any of you b*****s any day. She’s not only prettier than most of you can ever hope to be, she’s also a whole lot nicer.

Congrats on your new baby, Holly.

Anonymous on

Kara, no respectable woman uses your vulgar trashy language, obviously you are a skank!

CCEx on

Congratulations! Holly is a good girl.

Heather on

Funny how you all knock her down for what she did but don’t have a problem with the men who objectified her or those who look at the magazines. It works both ways.

A. on

LOL @ Nonya. Your comment really cracked me up.

Anonymous on

Ms. J- You are correct. Women can and do breastfeed with implants. Christina Aguilera, Tori Spelling and Holly’s fellow former “bunny” Kendra Wilkenson are just three examples of celebs with implants who have done so!

guest- That’s if he gets convincted. And he may not. Just because unsavory allegations have been made about him doesn’t mean they’re true. Innocent until proven guilty!

rachel- Exactly! I don’t get why people assume Holly’s still the same person she was when she was with Hef. We’ve seen other celebs mature when they have babies (a perfect example: Nicole Richie), so who says Holly can’t do the same?

Holly on

Everyone is so quick to judge. My past was wild & crazy! But once I decided to have a family it all went away! I’m a amazing mother. Holly has always wanted to be a mother & I’m actually going to her last show on Sunday! Which means she is focusing on her daughter now. Congrats Holly! Being a mother is the most amazing job in the world.

sunny on

And she will be a fabulous, fabulous role model for this child. Poor little baby girl.

charlee on

Hmmm, I know we aren’t supposed to judge others, but it’s really hard for me to see how a young woman could find Hugh Hefner appealing except for his money! I’m 59 and I wouldn’t be able to stomach the old fart! When I was young I had quite a few propositions that I could have acted on and had money, cars and other things but I couldn’t even entertain the thought of it. I am not judging what she is, does or has done… it’s just my truthful opinion I’m stating on the matter.

Shawna on

Wow! Some of ya’ll do NOT look good in GREEN! So she made her money using what God gave her, so what?! She is/was of legal age and according to the Constitution, FREE to pursue her personal happiness! If she chose to “objectify” herself… thats on her. It does NOT exploit all women! Doesnt affect me, my daughters or my granddaughters what-so-ever!

Congrats Holly! A baby truly is a miracle. Many, many years of happiness to you and your little family!

Diana on

She is going to be a beautiful girl and Holly will be a teriffic momma. Congrats to the family!!!

BH on

Great – bimbo and bimbette.

Ann on

Wish Holly all the best and much happiness……..

Jess on

@Rachell congrats on your 4yrs sober I know that is much easier said then done so way to go!!!!

Congrats to Holly you are going to be a great mom. That little girl will be lucky to have a very loving and devoted mommy by her side.

KD on

I sure hope she picks a normal name.

barb on

Wow, what a nasty bunch of people out there! Must be Americans!

Jenny! on

Wow u jealous b!tchez! Why can’t ppl just be happy a baby is on the way? I sure am i love holly!

An ppl saying she will raise her daughter to be like her…. look at shannon tweed, her duaghter isn’t a playmate like she was kids never turn out to be like thier parents.


Congrat Holly & Pasquale (It doesn’t get any more italian, than that) I am sure you are going to have a molto bella bambina.
Please give her a normal name. The names of those celebriy babies are so out of control. Remember those children have to go to school someday. How would you like to called SPARROW AND YOU ARE A BOY.
Ciao Bella

bane7 on

I wonder if her daughter looks like her (before she had plastic surgery) if she’ll think she’s beautiful, since she clearly didn’t think SHE was beautiful. And how weird would it be to have a child look just like your former self and then have to explain to them later why you “fixed” all your “flaws” that is on their face now. Food for thought.

ChristineB on

Congrats to Holly!! She will have a beautiful daughter. 🙂

Hea on

@ Kristen – Well, she became rich because so many men love to look at beautiful women. That’s not all she became rich from doing though. Holly is a business woman and if she’s proud of herself and a strong person at heart then I don’t see a problem at all? People make choices and we don’t always agree with their choices. That doesn’t mean they’re bad and it doesn’t mean people are unhappy or lack anything.

If a child is loved and properly cared for then I don’t pity them. I take more pity in children growing up in poverty, who are abused or growing up with fanatically religious folks around them than I do kids with happy and loving parents who just happens to have shown their body without feeling shame about it.

Hea on

@ Rachel – Good for you! Well done and keep it up! ❤

meghan on

Sarah, sweetie, get it straight. No man exploits me. If I have sex, it’s because I want to have sex. If you see sex as a means to an end–getting material goods or some sort of security from a man–that’s your hangup. Don’t project it on others.

Gina on

I agree 100% with Kristen and egc.

Stuohey on

One thing to remember – she is only beautiful because of thousands and thousands of dollars of plastic surgery to her face. Holly was not a beautiful woman before the surgeries.

Julianna on

So happy for Holly – she always wanted to be a mother and that was why her relationship with Hef crumbled.

Mandy on

I really don’t know why everyone has to put others down. I am happy for anyone who has a baby after wanting one for so many years. I am not a fan of Jessica Simpson’s, can’t stand her really, but I was happy to hear she had a healthy baby & that she was okay. If you don’t like someone, then don’t read the article.

cw on

congrats holly. you are finally getting the baby you’ve always wanted. 🙂

Tricia on

Kristen- I second that 100%- you said it beautifully girl! Holly is a Ho. Ho Holly. Made her living on her back and standing up naked. No respect for her what-so-ever. Hopefully her daughter will grow up with some self respect, values, and morals, but considering who her HO mama is… highly doubtful. Poor baby.

Erin on

Congrats to you Holly! Some people are so mean and think that just because they watch you on tv that they know you. You guys don’t know her, or her parenting style. Stop judging her. I give her (and all of the other girls doing Playboy) props. I would rather have my daughter (when/if I ever have one) be in Playboy then Penthouse, or porn.

Theresa on

Amen Erin!!!

maria on

congratulations to Holly and her little one. We do not know everyones life story, and people need to stop being so judmental. Sometimes reading the comments in these posts makes me feel so sad that this is the world we are living in. Some of you need to look at yourselves in the mirror, before being so negative and judgemental.

Sarah on

@ Meghan…or is it And? It is always easy to see the real insecure idiots on these blogs. Other bloggers have not taken to heart what I have written…that must mean they do not care and they are “secure” -good way to weed out the bitches, I never had to use my looks or body to get what I want. However, I am sure it is just killing you (you responded) that I said something that is probably true for you… and to the idiot who said having sex with her husband is exploiting herself? That is not what I said Honey! What I said: Men can see you as anything and in their minds you can be anything close to a tramp. At the end of the day we do not know how men really view us. Just because they put a ring on it does not mean they fully respect what you stand for (I am sure that contributes to some of the divorce rates). And a few of you people are hypocrites’! You have a problem with my statement but you have no problem bashing another human being for his or her choice in life. Holly is pregnant and she seems to be happy….DEAL WITH IT!

Bekkah on

You know, your past is your past. She really loved Hef, she moved on, she’s happy, healthy and looking forward to being a mommy. And when you have kids, don’t you just want to do for them what you couldn’t do for yourself? Leave her alone and let her be happy.

Scarlett on


Hea on

Tricia – Do you teach your kids to disrespect people based on your views on them? How humble and loving of you if so. Not. Maybe you’re the one who’s a ho?

Shanna Golder on

ecg that was rude.

Theresa on

All of you hating on Holly crack me up, she did nothing illegal so get over it. If I had a body like her’s I would show it off too! As far as her daughter following in her footsteps I am sure Holly will support her in whatever she chooses to do. Many of the women hating are probably fat & nasty & wish they could be her. Get over yourself & get a life! Congrats!! Holly & her man!!

teresa on

God has chosen to bless Holly with a beautiful gift of a child and one day that beautiful child will grow up and see comments written about her mother. So for all the grownups and I say that word very lightly, think how you would feel if someone wrote that nonsense about you and showed it to your child in 10 years. She has a right to be happy and for the haters to shut their ugly mouths. Holly, raise your child with more manners then most on here and teach her that judgement is only used by people that have no business judging anyone but themselves..much love and blessings to you.