Amber Rose: Why I’m Planning an All-Natural Birth

10/17/2012 at 03:00 PM ET

Wiz Khalifa Amber Rose XXL Cover
Sarah McColgan/XXL Magazine

He set the bar high on his promises to be both the best performer and the best family man he could be — and, according to Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa is staying true to his word.

Engaged and expecting their first child together, the model mama tells XXL that her fiancé is more than willing to sacrifice for the sake of their soon-to-be tight-knit trio — even when it comes to his infamous herbal habits.

“He would never ever smoke in front of me,” Rose, 28, explains in the magazine’s October/November issue.

“I mean, even just living in California, it’s really hard because there’s weed shops everywhere. So even when I’m driving and I go down the wrong block, I get sick.”

But now in her second trimester — and keeping the baby’s sex under wraps — Rose is taking all the triggers to her morning sickness in stride and hopes to learn from her experiences for future pregnancies.

“My first trimester was really hard, like most women. I threw up a lot. I’m still sick now in my second trimester,” she says. “I just feel like I learned a lot just being pregnant this time. For my next baby, I’ll know what not to eat and things to stay away from.”

While she won’t reveal details surrounding her due date, Rose is open about her birth plan; She is anticipating a completely natural delivery. “I’m so ready. I’ve decided that I’m going to have an all-natural water birth. No medicine,” the mom-to-be shares.

Her motivation? Khalifa — and any future tummy troubles of his. “I want those bragging rights! The next time Wiz has a stomachache or anything, I’ll say, ‘I popped out a baby all-natural.'”

Wiz Khalifa Amber Rose XXL Cover
Sarah McColgan/XXL Magazine

Together over a year, the couple plan on obtaining their marriage license before baby’s birth, but will follow up with a wedding after their little one has arrived.

“It makes more sense for the baby to be in the wedding than for her to be pregnant,” the rapper, 25, explains. “Some people, they rush and do it, but it works both ways.”

Aside from wanting the baby to be included in the wedding family photos, Rose admits her current state isn’t quite as conducive to celebrating as she’d like.

“Being pregnant, I’m tired a lot,” she says. “So to have a wedding and planning it all out and the reception — I just don’t want to be sleeping when everybody’s partying at our wedding.”

Amid preparing for pending parenthood, Khalifa has been balancing his time between working on his latest album O.N.I.F.C. in the studio and trying to tend to Rose at home.

“This is my first child ever in life,” he shares. “As much as I go in the studio, I gotta go just as hard taking care of my baby and making sure she’s alright, and I’m spending time with her and she doesn’t feel neglected.”

While the timing may occasionally pose a challenge, Rose is confident that even additional professional success couldn’t top the miracle of motherhood.

“We’re having a baby so that’s more important to me than any career I could possibly have,” she says. “I’m not one of those girls that’s going to wait until they’re 45. I just feel like I need to do what makes me happy.”

And, despite any controversy surrounding their relationship, Rose reveals she couldn’t be happier — and more in love — with her growing family. “[H]e’s just a genuine sweet guy. And that’s what made me fall in love with him,” she says.

“I don’t care if people say, ‘Oh, you’re a gold digger’ …. I love him. I don’t look at him as a rapper … I just fell so deeply in love with him, I don’t care what anyone says.”

Wiz Khalifa Amber Rose XXL Cover
Sarah McColgan/XXL Magazine

— Anya Leon

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kendrajoi on

…because having to have a c-sec is getting off easy. I wish she would actually know what she’s talking about before she opens her ignorant trap!

Jessie on

Kendrajoi you sound bitter. Good for her for trying to give her baby and herself the best and safest start!

anna on

Ha yeah a c-section is totally getting off easy. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to lie on your back and have a dr. Deliver your baby for you. Doesn’t get easier than that. That’s the lazy way of birthing and not how nature intended. Unless there are medical risks to having a child naturally than your a lazy ass to have a c section.

Guest on

How insensetive of you Anna! Have you ever had a C section? Have you ever had to recover fron a C -Section, which by the way is 2 weeks longer than a vaginal delivery! Have you ever had to care for a baby while recovering from a C-Section? Do you know the risks of having major surgery, which is what a C Section is? As a woman that hs had a C-Section and also works in an OB office, I take great offense to your ignorant comment! I agree it is ridiculous for stars to have C sections rather than exprience labor but who are you to judge and call people lazy! Oh yeah, by the way, didn’t she say she was going for a natural birth?

Lisa on

Anna, I feel your comment was thoughtlessly insensative. I spent 44 hours in labor before swelling shut. I tried, and was DEVASTATED that I “failed” to give birth. But believe me, I was begging them to kill me, take the baby and leave me to die. Was not an easy out.

Anonymous on

after 32 hrs of labor and dialated to ten I had to have a c.section. I worked so hard. My baby was stuck and couldnt pass through. I also had to be put out after the third epideral didnt work. My baby was born not breathing and I didnt even know it. C sections are not easy. the healing takes time and it takes alot emotionally. For those who have had a hard labor and ended up with a c section I say I understand. the end result of a baby being born and safe is by far the most important issue.

twana on

Unfortunately there medical reasons that might force a woman to have a C-Section such as myself. I didn’t want to be cut but oh well in order to save my childrens lives it was necessary. So I think in everyones situation it’s case by case and no one should judge until they’ve actually had to have that procedure done….

anna on

@guest my reply was to kendrajoi not the article so yes I know the article said amber was having a natural birh. Also my comment was about delivery not recovery. Everyone recovers from birth in one form or the Other, but as for delivery, elective c-sections are for lazy moms period. I just call it like I see it honey. Sorry if the truth offends you. Its true.

Anonymous on

Anna, she’s just mad because she had a vaginal delivery and now her vagina’s huge. I call it like I see it.

Amber on

Congrats Amber! We met at the Soul Train Awards last November. You will be a wonderful mother!

tam on

seriously kendrjoi? you couldn’t possibly know what research she’s done or what preparations she’s done to prepare for the birth of their child…

this is i think the first interview i’ve read of hers where she doesn’t annoy me…i’m admittedly not a huge fan of hers, but she seems like she’s taking this seriously and has figured out what works for her…congrats to them

Colby on

just driving down a street with a weed shop you get sick? I disliked her before and now I dislike her even more….

azumblossum on

Who the heck is she lol..

Holiday on

I had a completely natural no intervention birth with my son. It was very difficult and he was born posterior And after 3 hours of pushing he was born. With my daughter I had to have an emergency csection a month early (severe pre eclampsia and hellp) . I contracted sepsis from the csection and was in the icu for 11 days and nearly died. Csections are major surgery and can’t see why anyone would want one unless it was literally the only option. Some women choose them for convenience of because they think the baby is “too big” but I almost died from a csection and from what I have read it is not as rare as you would think.

Rachael on

I had 2 c sections and they were both a breeze. The first was because my daughter was breech and the second was my choice. A vaginal birth scares the crap out of me. I’m sorry for your experience but I have nothing but good things to say about c sections.

anna on

Your choice to have a csection? What a lazy ass…..its called a vbac which is less risky than a repeat c-section. What’s with these lazy American women. Birth your own flippin kid instead of making a Dr do it for you. C-sections are for emergencies not convience.

Me on

I’ve had a c section and an all natural home water birth. I will take any pain from a drug free birth over a c section any day. Congrats to you for doing your homework and being in control.

emily on

Oh wow, he wo’nt smoke weed in front of his pregnant girlfrend? What a catch, real hell of a guy! *eye roll* Trash, plain and simple.

. . on

Real winners lol

Amanda on

I hate to break it to her but I have been pregnant 4 times and each one was different right down to the things that made me sick.

Sandra on

Wow, these two are real winners aren’t they? I feel sorry for that baby these two are going to have. These two seem to love their drugs, and he looks like a creep and she isn’t far behind him, believe me!

Layla on

Sandra, why would you feel sorry for a child that is wanted by both parents, who genuinely love one another? That is more than ia lot of kids have these days. You should save your pity for them. Or maybe for people you actually know.

Ali on

I believe she is pitying the child because their father (maybe mother when not pregnant) are drug addicts… Love is great an’ all but its not the ONLY requirement for parenthood! Why in the hell are people so naieve and stupid about that? It takes love, values, a stable environment, and many MANY more things to raise a child but NONE of those things is WEED AND LOVE!!! Damn!!!

NaMe90 on

I had my children with the epidural and I wouldn’t change it! Good for those that choose not too, but don’t make it out to be that it is so bad to have the pain managed! If it wasn’t good for the baby, the ones who went to college for a PhD wouldn’t offer it! Geesh! Loved my pain free births! And guess what? My kids all turned out just fine!

gigi on

I had c sections cause I wanted things to return to normal…also I was freaked out over giving birth…call me whateva but my kids all were healthy. Props to every momma out there!

Anonymous on

emily- And you would prefer he DID smoke weed around her?!

Anonymous on

Colby- Why the heck would her get sick from a weed shop make you dislike her?!

dd on

gigi the doctors who gave you your c-sections should lose their licenses.

Sandy on

I hope this black man sticks around to be part of his child’s life! He looks like a total drug using gang banger. Not they type of guy I would want for the father of my child. Good luck to ya Amber.

Susan on

Really Sandy? Racist much?! I have no problem with people voicing their opinions. But you had to be the fool who plays the race card! So what if he’s black? He is a man who not only wants this baby but loves its mom too. So for you to be so ignorant, that ish is totally unnecessary! Period. Not to worry, I’m sure you are not Wiz’s type anyway. I feel sorry for any man who sees you as his type. It’s 2012- get over yourself and make mature comments by leaving race out of this.

JJ on

I clicked on it b/c I birth. I had no clue, why would these people be given the front page of a magazine?

rose on

at least she admits she wants to do it natural for the bragging rights…hello!! popping out a baby whether its natural or not is automatic bragging rights.

NM on

I don’t know who this is, but that tats are awful! Where in the article is a c-section mentioned?

Connie on

A birth plan is wonderful and helps easy anxiety over the pending birth. However, don’t set yourself for disappointment if the labor and delivery don’t go exactly to plan. It isn’t a competition lady. Your doctor only wants a safe and healthy outcome for both mother and baby, so medical advice their opinions should be given due consideration.

Anonymous on

ohhhhhhhhhhh you will be doing the epidural scream right around 6 cm. Mark my words…….LOL

Lynnette on


What a completely hateful comment! There are men of ALL races (yes, including White) that are deadbeat has to do with CHARACTER, not RACE! Get over yourself!

Alyssa on

She’s never given birth before, she has no idea what’s in store. If she can pull off a natural birth then I give her huge props. I’ve had two kids….one was with back labor and I absolutely LOVED the drugs. We’re all different, every birth is different. I wish her all the luck, labor isn’t easy. Instead of tearing her down and calling her stupid and ignorant, lets just stop and wish that she has a successful labor and delivery and the baby is healthy…because in the end, that’s what matters.


Amber is so beautiful I like her retro hairstyle…she seems to be happy and at peace. Wiz ugh, Amber could do so much better he needs to ditch the weed it’s time for him to man up!

Jasmine on

I agree kendrajoi…….I hate hearing these ‘celebrities’ talk about pregnancy….blah blah blah If you require drugs, all natural or c/s it doesn’t make you less of a mom. These two are quite the winners…

KiKi on

I applaud her for having natural birth…it isn’t easy. If an emergency c-section is needed…then of course it has to be done, a healthy baby is all you want in the end. In my opinion…you experience things during natural birth, that you won’t feel with medication. It was the best choice for me, and I’m happy I made it!

Dannie on


Colby on

Her interview was a joke and clearly shows her lack of knowledge regarding parenting…I would hope her fiance would not smoke near her. Pathetic…. i give it a year.

mrs123 on

She’s just excited about birth…….this is NOT a statement about c-section vs pushing! I wish women would stop “battling” each other out, it’s all about having your child and no one experience is better/worse. This is getting quite redundant to read when someone talks about their personal experience, it makes no impact on your own journey. PERIOD.

Anonymous on

I Have no idea who this chick is, and he is one ugly dude. I do like her tattoo though. Thank god she’s not having a c-section cause it would be ruined.

valeskas on

Natural, think about it Amber, I had my baby natural and I would never go natural again. If I have another child, the first word out of my mouth will be, Epidural.

Amanda on

Good for you. I had my last 3 babies without pain meds and I wouldn’t have it any other way. To each their own but I had an epidural with my first and hated it.

Purple87 on

valeskas, I hear you completely!!!

Anonymous on

Natural is Natural whether you have a epidural or not. Any OB will tell you the same thing. Women should be standing together instead of tearing eachother down. Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves. To the girl with the bigoted comment about black men, all men are created equal. That was a rude and very unjustified comment. You should learn some tact.

Lauri on

It’s called patient rights. A doctor cannot lose his license is a patient has received informed consent about all risks and benefits of the procedure and the patient chooses to have a c-section. Every person has a right to make their own medical decisions.

Mommytoo on

I’m not a fan of hers however I think her wanting to be a good mom is very encouraging. He is weird to me but hey, I don’t love him. They are focusing on their family and I think it’s beautiful that they are committed to one another. Good for them! Sending them lots of good wishes!

Ihatestupidity on

dd why should they lose their licenses over that? If gigi preferred a csection than so be it. People are allowed to prefer something other than what you like. Chill the heck out and maybe you should smoke….it will take you to a place to where you will no longer have to be apart of the preference police force ever again. Dummy

Ali on

Ihatestupidity, technically a C-section should be used as a last resort. It used to be that on rare occasions they could be planned. Now, it just seems that too many women are undergoing this dangerous procedure (all surgical procedures have danger) just for convenience. It doesn’t seem right!

Taraakapinky on

Ali, maybe it “should,” in your opinion; however, a patient is supposed to be aware of all their rights and options and a c-section is one of them. Patients, being fully aware of the plan and all possible complications, give consent and that’s that. A patient can request a procedure, even surgical, and as long as there isn’t contraindications, they get it. I can’t think of any contraindications off the top of my head but I’m sure there is one somewhere.

Alysha on

I think it is sad that people are so ignorant and want to judge and say mean things about Amber and Wiz based off of their appearance. It is 2012 and people need to get with the times. You cant judge a book by its cover. They may turn out to be great parents. Best of luck to the both of them.

Ali on

Alysha, I based every comment I made on their self publicized reputations! They talk, in XXL magazine, about excessive pot use! Maybe if she has such a hard time with the smell, she should move to, Idaho or something!

Lilarose1941 on

I am happy for this couple. Hopefully they will marry. I wonder if the baby will be born with tatoos?

mai on

I love how first time mom’s say they’re going to have a completely natural child birth. let’s see what happens after she has this baby! i will guarantee she is screaming for drugs by 4cm. good luck there Amber…whoever you are.

Christina on

My son is a perfectly healthy 8 month old. I was in labor for 20 1/2 hours. The contractions were so bad, I got an epidural. 6 hours before giving birth, I stopped taking the epidural. According to my doctor, my back labor made it stop working anyways. So, my son was natural. The pain sucked, but he is super healthy. Some people may not like how they are as parents, but at least she has her child’s best wishes in mind. Good luck to her and her crazy plan. ^_^

Kat on

Believe me, any birth is going to give you bragging right. I had 29 hours of labor before an emergency c-section. Very rarely is labor easy (hence the name), and those are very lucky women.

Cookie on

This is stupid… anyway a child is born from a woman’s body is natural…. Women have been giving birth since the beginning, she is no more special than any other woman. Child birth is a beautiful thing but can be dangerous, so many things can happen.. God forbid anything happens and she stays healthy, happy, and has a healthy, happy baby.. but what if there is a complication and she needs “medicine”.. then what? Does that make it un-natural or will it then be “okay”…

skerr2916 on

Some thing are best left unsaid! Why would you need to know how this lady plans on having her baby delivered?

Jknows on

I don’t know who these people are but that is so sweet about a natural birth. There are excellent reasons why an epidural and/or pain meds were invented-it feels like a freight train coming through a tiny tunnel, the pain can cause you to almost speak in tongues and oh-it hurts more than anyone can imagine. Now this pain is temporary. Good luck with the natural thing-he, he!!!

Gina on

Why would such a pretty woman marry a skinny, drug addict like Wiz?

Halley on

“I’ve decided that I’m going to have an all-natural water birth. No medicine,” the mom-to-be shares.”

This is a dangerous phrase. Not to be a hater, and not to say mothers shouldnt inform and educate themselves, and not to say that she wont have exactly that, but…

If there is one thing I have learned from the births of my children and raising them, its that deciding something is going to go a certain way can lead to uneccessary stress and disappointment. You can plan, and hope for the best, but you have to be open to the possibility that things dont always go 100% as you plan.

Best wishes to her for a happy and healthy baby.

melissa B on

I think they’re cute together. They do seem really in love. And I think she is beautiful.

Crystal on

LOL. Here we go with the “labor wars”. To each is own, everyone circumstances are different.

That said, people who deliver naturally should be proud!! I am so sick of hearing woman put drug free births down! Just because you can’t take the pain you have to take away from other people’s glory?? I can’t run a marathon but who I am I to judge a person who can? They are stronger than me and I applaud them!!

Just admit you were not strong, tough or medically able to have a natural birth and move on! It’s not a contest but give some damn credit where credit is due!

Good for Amber trying a all natural birth! That’s a good thing!!

Margret on

Not sure who these two are…. But the fact that she said “….pooped out a baby….” probably gives me all of the info I need. Cripes people.

Emily on

silly and unnecessary!

Veteran R.N. on

General wisdom is be informed but ‘go with the flow’ of your birth. Sometimes we unwittingly set ourselves us for disappointment. Now, if you end up with an epidural or c/section you could feel like you failed, WHICH WILL NOT BE TRUE. You and your baby coming out healthy is the goal.

I’d say the odds of you having an un medicated birth are about 1 in 10. If you truly want to try an unmedicated birth wait for your second or third child, where the process is a lot FASTER. Many times exhaustion gets you an epidural, even before pain considerations.

I’ve worked in L&D for about 25 years. So there is some advice, trust me it’s good. Have a wonderful baby!!!!!!

Taraakapinky on

I agree Veteran R.N..! When I have a baby, I want to be supported and not scared to ask a question because these nasty women will attack me (I definitely won’t ask advice here haha). My mom had 4 kids and she said the same thing – epidural with the first cuz you don’t know what to expect and after that go naturally if you want to. 🙂 glad to hear a voice of reason on here!

Lady on

They are a really sweet couple, she really got a good catch with Wiz & dodged a bullet not being stuck with nasty Kanye. If smoking is the worst thing he does then whatever, he’s a really nice guy & takes good care of Amber. Congrats to them on their son!

Serika on

Congrats Amber. She looks so happy and gorgeous now.

I wish you and Wiz the best.

Jay on

Not sure what all the animosity towards this woman is about. Yes he smokes pot and has crazy tattoos…who cares? He’s obviously thrilled to be a dad-to-be! That’s what’s important…and he emphasizes making sure he balances his work (time in the studio) with taking care of her. I think he should be commended not condemned.

As far as her wanting a natural birth…what’s wrong with that? it’s her CHOICE! We should be encouraging her, not telling her that she’s gonna be screaming for an epidural by 4cm!!

I had my heart SET on a natural drug-free water birth with midwives. I stuck to my guns despite all the discouragement I got from those around me. And guess what? I had my natural drug-free water birth.

It’s all about mental preparation and hoping that your body and your baby cooperate. Every mother is different. Every pregnancy is different even within the same mother. I got really lucky and I’m hoping to be just as lucky as I give birth to my daughter in December.

Let’s celebrate each other’s choices instead of making fun of them.
These people are obviously happy…we should be happy for them PERIOD!

Melody on

Congratulations to them both!

WHI on

Hey Everyone – chill out!

First of all, it’s her “plan” to go natural/drug-free. It was my plan too! Just because a person has those plans doesnt make them ignorant or hating on people who have a different plan.

Second, these two sound like they have the right attitude towards pregnancy and parenthood. Why are people saying such negative things? She’s talking about wanting to be a good and knowledgable mother, and he’s talking about wanting to be there for his pregnant fiance and baby. Wow – you are all right, what AWFUL people.

I didn’t interpret anything but love and excitement from this article. And regarding the tattoos/race things… people, we are in the 21st century. It’s time to get over that.

Lillian on

Really People mag? Now where doing articles on a rappers baby momma? Is she a celebrity now because she dates them?

kayliej on

its sad that some people are judging them because of how they look. i think shes beautiful, him meh. but they could turn out to be the best parents to that child. just because we see them on stage and out in public and they act one way doesnt mean thats how they act all the time. id laugh if these tattooed people that some people are talking crap about turn out to be better parents to their child then somebody that is a cookie cutter mold of how parents are “supposed” to look and act.

Becky on

Here’s to a safe start for baby mo matter how she comes into the world. Did nobody catch that part……Wiz gave it up. If you read his little blurb, he says he wants the best start for HER. Congrats guys.

One Two on

Wiz must be high! When her labor pains get to be about 1 minute apart, she’ll be BEGGING for a shot of anything that will stop the pain!

Crystal on

Lmbo Labor wars it is! It amazes how women argue what is right and what is wrong with the delivery of a child. I am a mother of two with one on the way! I experienced both labors. My daughter was a planned c-section due to her size and my son was an all natural birth! I enjoyed both births! Grated my sons delivery was ALOT harder BUT that doesn’t make me above and beyond anyone else for having him without meds or surgery! It makes me a Mother with choices on her delivery! Women should be ashamed to look down on another women because she had a c/s or because she used medicine during her labor. I say whatever works for you WORKS FOR YOU! A healthy baby and mother in the end is all that matters!

Anon on

That’s what she says till the pain hits!

NM on

All natural births, don’t ALWAYS work out that way. Birth has a mind of it’s own, which she will learn quickly, when the time comes. Also “he doesn’t smoke around me”? Seriously? The fact that he’s even smoking that garbage to being is wrong. Hello! It sounds like she needs to grow up a bit.

Lonnie on

We’ve all said that until the pain kicks in and you just know you are being ripped apart. I do wonder if the baby will come out tattooed.

Damn Gina on

I just do not care for her. She is a homie hopper. I sure did use that term! She bounced from one celebrity to another just looking for someone to support her. I hope she proves me wrong since they are bringing a baby in this world.

Andy on

Kendrajoi, I had a c-section because I had to because my son was too big to go through the birth cannel and he was also sunny side up which is not optimal position for giving birth. Nothing she said offended me she made her choice on how she want to deliver her child I do not see the reason why ur so upset at her and be that nasty about a choice she made. I made the choice to go natural but in the end my choice wasnt the best for the saftety of my child and me. So calm down, you may not like her but its never that serious

Kimberly on

I was under the impression that c-sections were suppose to be for emergencies. But I guess nowadays anyone can schedule a c-section to make child birth easier.

Good for her for wanting to do things naturally. But I hope she realizes that every pregnany is different. The foods that affect her during this one might not bother her in her next.

Anonymous on

All the negative comments!! At first I was not sure about Amber and Wiz Khalifa together or independently! I love them together they seem to work and seem to be in love and I have always loved Amber! Their baby is going to be so cute! As for the negative comments, if you do not like them why did you even read the article?

m on


kate on

Oh ya think hun, wait till those labour pains kick in than its as my sister said and I quote “cut me open and get this bleedin kid out”

mandy on

she seems very in love with him—and not just from this article. Hope HE feels the same.

Anonymous on

Amber Rose is a gold digging tramp, so she can stop lying now. These two are imbeciles. Keeping the due date under wraps? No one cares about you two that much. Natural birth? Good luck. Poor kid….

Gamby74 on

I’m still trying to get past the “weed shops” comment. smh But congrats to them both.

Angela on

at 25 I had my NOW 15 year old all Natural I actually squatted and used the bar. No drugs 4 hours in labor. But I think it is funny how she thinks she’ll know what NOT to eat for the next one. I got news for her it is COMPLETELY different with each child. My daughter who is 7 was 11 hours in labor again NO DRUGS and I got gestational diabeties couldn’t eat sugar HORRIBLE way to be pregnant, I wanted sweets so bad with her but I couldn’t have them. My son I ate EVERYTHING sweet sour you name it I ate it but my girl was much harder and more uncomfortable I was 33 then

Dietra on

FIrst of all…I’m offended by some of the comments that I am reading about this couple. I’m really offended at the “gangbanging” comment! Race, boy oh boy, it always comes back to race…smh

And, I like this article, this gives a little more insight into this couple, which is great because as we can see…people are judging them off of their pasts and looks.

And, when every mother on here gave birth, no matter how many books we read or other mothers we have spoken to, we had no idea what labor and deliver was going to be like…and certainly had no clue what parenthood would be like. N of course, everyone has a different expierence.

so, please…cut the judgemental, birth bragging stories out…no one is saying one is better than the other!

I like this couple…from what I have read…beautiful family…I’m sure things will be just fine.

Kristen on

I don’t recommend making birth plans… the baby always seems to have plans of their own and nobody asked them.

Ruby on

First and foremost, I’m really happy for them. I second that, just wait until your in labor to declare to everyone that you “are going to have” a natural birth. I was OVER the top prepared for a natural birth. Let’s just say that getting two of my toes cutt off in a lawnmower was way LESS painful, managable pain, than the contractions. And yes, I’m 100% serious. I completely with you the best but nothing can prepare you for the horrible excrusiating pain.

maria on

Anna-a VBAC is less risky than a repeat c section? Have you heard of uterine rupture, you idiot! Get your facts straight before tapping the keyboard. Ask your health teacher (I figure by your immature responses, you are a high school student)

Melissa on

I had an epidural birth with my first child and then an all natural birth with my second. They were both sunny side up babies which made pushing long and more painful. The recovery from the epidural birth was longer and harder and I hated being in the hospital. My all natural birth, I was home with baby 6 hours later and recovery was a breeze. However, I would never do an all natural birth again, because that is a pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Having said that, all women are different, some breeze through all natural very easily, some, like myself have a very difficult time. In the end, I still had two healthy babies.

Jo on

I wish more people would call it what it is…UNMEDICATED childbirth!!! Natural is way too broad of a term and quite frankly, having a baby in and of itself is natural…nobody is going to care how you did it once baby has arrived. sheesh!

pixie on

More power to her. If she can pull it off, it will be one of the best experiences of her life.

I’ve experienced both an unnecessary cesarean in the hospital (impatient doctor) and a natural birth at home. Even though my natural birth baby was 2 3/4 pounds larger, his birth was easier, faster, and recovery was a thousand times quicker.

Monica on

Several of you are so ignorant by judging Wiz’s for his tattoos. If that’s not your thing, good for you. Tattoos are an artistic expression and his body is his canvas. HIS BODY – HIS CHOICE. He is a talented musician who seems committed to his fiance and his child. How easy is it to judge a book by its cover?

Amber Rose is a runway model… and the face for Louis Vuitton. I don’t expect many of you to be “in” on the fashion industry, but maybe you should do a little research on someone before you may comments about “who is she anyways?”

I wish all three of them lots of happiness, health, peace and love. We certainly need more of that around here… instead of the bitter and ignorant comments.

rlz81 on

i love it when women think they understand how it feels to give birth if they’ve NEVER done it before. i think she is going to eat her words once she goes into labor. a year ago i gave birth to a 9 lb 2 oz baby boy and i weigh 105 lbs normally 135 at time of labor. i pushed for 2 hrs- the doc turned my epidural off, and went into complete hysteria. my baby’s heart rate dropped significantly and could have DIED if it wasn’t for a c-section. since my doc turned off the epidural, it was too late for me to become numb before they needed to cut me open. i lost A LOT of blood, and couldn’t get out of bed for 3 days. my son was in the NICU for 2 weeks because of this. I will never forget it, and it nearly killed both of us. SO- moral of the story is, you have no idea, until it happens…. good luck to you on your “natural birth” Amber Rose….

Monica on

Health, peace, love and happiness to all three.

pixie on

Guess what, Anonymous? The risk of repeat C-section IS GREATER than the risk of VBAC! Before calling someone an idiot, make sure you know YOUR facts! Risks of complications with repeat c-section: 2-3%. Risks of complications with VBAC: Less than 1%. Scientifically proven. Look it up. Check out, the Cochrane Library or the World Health Organization.

Amy on

I thought they live in Canonsburg, PA, that must be one of their houses

LMN on

Ewwwwwww…going through the natural birth would be easier than doing that freak.

kndrmartinez on

I had my daughter which is my first child all natural, I labored at home for about 24 hours then went to the hospital to push her out, my mom works in L&D. It hurts like hell, especially since she came out face side up, but I would do it again in a heart beat. I felt empowered after it was all said and done! Regardless it hurts because you have to still dialate before they can issue any drugs to the mother.

bh on

I think the days of asking for a c-section are over. Insurance companies now want a medical reason from the doctor as to why he is performing one. At least that was the case with me.

Anonymous on

Come on haters, Modern Family can also mean young tatooed rapper with wedding after baby. No harm. They seem like they will be good parents. As for the weed, try not to judge, many people think of weed like having a beer, I don’t but I also don’t think it makes him a bad person, he’s still young and has to grow a little too (no pun intended).

God bless them! on

@ kendrajoi- Where in this article does she say that having a c-section is getting off easy? All she says here is that she wants a drug free birthing experience. Sounds to me like she has done her research. We all know that in some cases c-sections are unavoidable. With that said, MANY women chose it for convenience sake. I don’t know who she is or what she does, but seems to me like she is doing what is best for her unborn baby. That deserves praise!

amanda on

congrats to them both ! hope everything goes smoothly for her 🙂

Ruth on

I don’t really know anything about her or him but here is all I am going to say to anyone:

People shouldn’t judge others birth decisions.. Every situation and every labor is different and it doesn’t make you any more or any less a woman or a good mother. She didn’t do an interview to criticize anyone elses birthing decisions and no one should criticize hers.

AmandaC on

That has to be the scariest couple I ever saw! Yikes.

formerjudgymommy on

Ugh, I hate when I hear proclamations from to-be-mommy’s. The one thing I have learned from motherhood is that you have to have a very open mind because you have no idea what is actually in store for you. I would not want to have my pre-baby comments memorialized in print for the whole world to see . . . there are so many things I *thought* would happen that were not realistic! I am not saying that having a all natural birth is not realistic, but if things do not end up working out that way for her, it would have been best to keep your intentions to yourself. Now, I notice myself saying things like “I intend to do this, etc!” Motherhood/Parenting = very humbling experience!

Brooklyn on

Right…ok…good luck to these two…

NickiK on

Everyone who has something negative to say should stop hiding behind the Internet to spew hate. If you dislike these people, then don’t read the article.

Bottom line is women need to stop judging each other. We are all just trying to be ourselves, which is hard enough. Calling women a lazy ass or whatever negative comment based on how their baby was brought into the world is ludicrous. Stop the hate and learn to have some respect, quit hiding behind the Internet to be a bully. Congrats to them on their baby.

JR on

Congrats on your pregnancy and so happy that you decided a natural birth is best for you. I am also having a natural home water birth this December. We did lots of research and preparation for the birth and my husband and I are very excited about it. For those that say they had an epidural and their babies are fine, well think about why you’d want to expose your unborn baby to drugs that are of a dosage for YOU, not a 6-8lb baby. That’s why babies born to epidural moms are so “sleepy”. They are drugged, no matter what you think or what the doctors tell you. Birth is a business in this country and you have to research what is best for you and your baby, not just blindly listen to whatever the doctor says or suggests.

guestghost on

Sandy-racist much? Just because he is black and covered in tattoos doesn’t mean that he is a “drug-using gang-banger”. I am pretty sure neither of us know him in real life-he could be a really great guy or something.

daria on

the pictures are gorgeous and good for her for trying an all-natural water birth. i’ve had two c-sections but applaud any woman who wants the best for her baby, whatever the outcome.

A. Goodwin on

I wanted a med-free birth with my first child, but it just didn’t work out that way. And what’s worse is that I was so bent on having an all natural childbirth – that I felt like I somehow let myself down.

Its nice to have a plan, but she needs to realize that childbirth is imperfect. She may realize that the pain is too severe, or she might need a c-section – or drugs like pitocin to move things along.

Anonymous on

she is gorgeous

Auspicious Kitten on

It is amazing to me that an article about a couple who are very excited about their coming baby and how they want to prioritize family and take care of each other is trashed by WOMEN who can’t see past looks for one, and for another rag about a first time mother’s birthing choices. Really, “ladies?” Y’all should be ashamed, and get a life of your own because it is clear that happy people make you crazy..

heroisms on

Congrats to the parents, I hope he keeps his weed away from the kid.

I wonder if all the brave women to give birth “naturally” refuse anesthesia when they go to the dentist or have stitches removed… being a masochist is nothing to boast about. In the end of the day all that matters is a happy, comfortable mother and a healthy baby!

heroisms on

@JR, can I please see your medical degree and your scientific papers on “drugged” epidural children? Oh, right, never mind science, trust the random unqualified person who learned obstetrics on the internet!! Blame evil science and selfish women! (incidentally, I bet half of natural birthers are on the pill, which has much worse side effects than any epidural…)

Seriously, get out of your high horse and travel to the thrid world to see what a natural birth actually looks like.

Ella on

I had a c-section for my first and a natural birth for my second. I would choose natural any day. Two hours after he was born I walking…not so with a c-section. I hurt for weeks maybe months. I dont know it was 17 years ago lol.

Amy on

I’m a labor and delivery nurse at one of the busiest birthing units in the state. People like Amber Rose who think they have it all worked out with a birth plan in place and no exceptions rarely have their plans come true. They end up with epidurals, c-sections and a whole lot of disappointment. I see it every day. I’ve had four kids and went in with the mindset of just coming out with a healthy baby and I never had a drop of medicine or a c-section not even with my twins that are now eight months old. You have to be open that you can’t plan for everything.

pixie on

Heroisms, you sound exactly like an OB or L&D nurse!! 🙂

LucyJ on

I saw some interviews with her talking about how she was treated by Kanye. She seems real to me, and is not a basher. She’s beautiful, so of course she is going to attract (rich) men. But, she’s got depth and seems like a great, edgy personality. I like his music and saw an interview with him. It’s so much better when I actually like the artist as a person, and like their music too. He seems like a really good man, and I think he’ll be a supportive and loving dad/husband. Best of luck to them both!!

Anonymous on

They make a really cute couple! Congrats Amber and Wiz!

Mimi on

Oh funny. I had a water birth on my “birth plan” too. A two- page, single space plan! No drugs, no epidural, only soothing music and peppermint towels. How ridiculous was I? Nothing goes according to plan even with the best intentions. Dammit, childbirth is no picnic! Good for her for saying she will do it , but I hope if plans fall through and she gets an epidural she won’t feel like a failure.

Anonymous on

The problem is you can have a birth plan but it might always happen the way you plan it and a lot of mothers change their mind about pain medication when those contractions hit

ES on

I had 2 natural births, no drugs. It is painful for a few hours, but who cares you forget all about it the next day.

C-section is a major surgery , obviously. And when you have a baby to take care of 24/7 it must be a nightmare. I feel very sorry for ladies who had to do it.

Epi seems like a good option and according to stats is used by 80-90% of american women but I avoided it because it might increase chances of C-section by slowing down the birth process. The pain is not relaly that bad other than the pushing stage, there it really does hurt quite a bit.

mindy on

How awesome that she’s planning a natural birth, that always makes me happy to hear!

Anonymous on

Who the fuck is she? As far as I know she banged a couple rappers, and now we are getting her parenting insights when she hasn’t even given birth? Please spare me this self righteous bullshit.

heroisms on

@ ES “The pain is not relaly that bad other than the pushing stage, there it really does hurt quite a bit.” Not everyone has the same tolerance to pain. What was bearable to you (thankfully!) can be horrifing and even traumatic for other women. And it’s not easy to recover from an episiotomy or a 48 hour labour either…

tattedmom on

For all you who have said they wonder if the baby will come out with tattoos: no, it won’t and thats got to be THE DUMBEST thing I’ve ever heard. Tattoos are put into the skin and there is no way a fetus will “inherate” those. It’s not like DNA idiots.

myladyeve on

Congrats to them!

Nadra on

I had two c-sections and two VBACS (vaginal birth after c-section). While it is very nice to have a birth plan, anyone who has given birth knows that babies don’t respect our plans. She should speak to women who have had different experiences, so that she will understand that there is no shame in pain medication. It does not make you a better person to suffer through the pain. Labor is a pain like no other. That being said, I wish her well, because if she does well, then her child does well, and that is all we really want, right?

lissa on

I don’t see why people criticising and codemning her birth decision or what she did in her past no one is perfect and I’m sure we all made stupid mistakes before, it’s her first child and she seems really excited and happy quit the judgement and hate if she wants an all natural then it’s her body, her choice I wish amber all the best an may she have a beautiful and healthy baby an may that all-natural plan be a success.

Khaliah on

You don’t go through a natural birth just to get bragging rights. The last thing that the realm of pregnancy and motherhood needs is more natural-birth snobbery.

freghiea on

This woman would have been perfect for Kanye to which his mother would have approved off but he preferred that trashy kardashian His mom must be rolling on her grave.

A. on

@ Anonymous- Emily was obviously being sarcastic. Kudos to you for picking up on that.

Guest on

yea she says she wants natural now wait until she is in labor baahahaha

Anonymous on

Good luck with a natural birth. Don’t count on it…till you are going through it you don’t know what you will do.

stella on

wow, some posts are so hateful!!! why?

but I had a good laugh about a comment that “I am having a water birth in december”. well, you can say “I plan on having”. sometimes things don’t work out the way the mum wants.

before my first kid I planned on having a vaginal birth, I though, well, everybody else ist doing it, we were prepared after doing a course. well, then I didn’t dilate properly, the labor stopped time and time again, no progress, they put me on different drugs becauce they said the baby must be out soon. after two days without sleep and no further progress and trying to push without any success we decided on a c-section.

THE BEST CHOICE I EVER MADE! afterwards I learned that soon it would have been an emergency c-section because the babys wouldn’t have tolerated any more medicines and intervention. trying a vaginal birth was the worst nightmare I ever experienced. the c-section was okay and the baby did great (no, wasn’t sleepy!) and after a week I was moving as before, went shopping and out for lunch.

with my second kid again I wanted to have a vaginal birth. they wouldn’t induce me because of higher risks so we had to plan a c-section at 40 weeks. my son prefer to choose his own birthday and I went into labor a week before my due date. but it was so bad that I blacked out with every contraction. they put me on medicine to slow down the contractions but I was immune to the medication. again no progress, I didn’t dilate.

this time I didn’t wait two days but chose the c-section. It was great, a wonderful team in the O.R. and I cuddled my baby the OR. I was home after two days and felt just great. so a c-section can be great.

my body can’t give birth naturally. but I’m fine with than.

don’t comment on other peoples choices before you walked in their shoes.
I wish her the birth she is hoping for and a healthy happy baby!

Dee on

Amber is gorgeous!!!! I wish them the best of luck and a safe delivery for her. I got the epidural and it failed me twice so I felt EVERYTHING… was a pain like none other. I thought I was truly going to die…..would I do it again?? Heck Ya!!!

My baby boy is 2 going on 20 but it was worth every bit of nausea, punch, kick, rip and tear 🙂

megan on

If of all..who cares how she delivers. Secondly, isn’t the main goal to have a healthy baby and mom. If its by csection or vag ..really people. I’ve had 4 kids by the way, all natural..for all you

Rachel on

Just because you have a birth plan doesn’t mean that will be what happens. I wish her the best, but I hope she is open to the idea of her birth plan changing for the health and safety of her baby and herself.

MaryM on

I’m happy for both of them. It’s great to see someone who has changed their lifestyle completely and is committed to giving their baby a healthy start. I was going for a natural birth with my daughter, and the first nine hours were essentially, but her head was turned the wrong way and she wouldn’t come out, so I was stuck with an emergency c-section instead. That doesn’t change my outlook at all about natural births, but hopefully she knows the options in case it’s not able to go the way she wants it to. Otherwise, I wish them all the best!

Alexa on

Anyone who said an ignorant comment about Amber and Wiz Khalifa need to get over themselves. Whatever they choose to do shouldn’t be any of your concerns. Don’t forget how people would look at you if you were on a cover of a magazine with a story. Congratulations to Amber and Wiz Khalifa!

Niko on

Some judgmental people on this board I tell ya! But then again, that’s the way it always goes on this site, LOL. Every birth announcement, every article you read here, you see haters hissing like rattlesnakes!

Sebastian on

She must be desperate—–he looks horrible—–yuck!

Nija on

First off,I would like to say congrats to you both and with this bundle you will become more closer and so much fun and laughter. You two go good together and I know what love has to bring. Stay true and loyal. Dont give a f-k what people think or say.Bring that baby here as safe as you need to. Peace and blessings.

Anonymous on

just because someone has a phd or whatever degree doesn’t mean that they know everything, yes they may have your best interest at heart but how many things that were claimed good for us have been shown to be detrimental to our health

chizzy bell on

Wonder y some peeps are bitter about d couples. Wiz by all standard is a handsome guy and his body frame is awesome. Amber on d other was free to date whosoever so far she was single. Am in love with d couple. Definitely, dey gonna make gud parents.

Theresa on

How dare anyone say having a c-section is the easy way out! It’s an operation which comes with greater risks & longer recovery time. Unless you have had obey I suggest you keep your mouth shut! You disgust me!!! Congrats to them & all you hates need a life!!