Uma Thurman Daughter’s Name Revealed

10/17/2012 at 06:30 PM ET

Uma Thurman Daughter's Name Revealed
Donald Traill/AP

Since giving birth to a baby girl on July 15, Uma Thurman and her beau Arpad Busson have stayed publicly mum on their daughter‘s name. Until now.

And it sure was worth the wait.

“I would like to announce Uma and Arki’s daughter’s name for the first time officially: Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson, better known to family and friends as Luna,” the actress’s rep Gabrielle Kachman tells PEOPLE exclusively.

While the couple is keeping the origins of Luna’s name private, Thurman’s rep allows, “Each name has a special reason and meaning to her mother and father.”

Born in Rhinebeck, N.Y., baby Luna is the first child together for Thurman, 42, and Busson, 49. She joins elder siblings, Maya Ray and Levon Thurman-Hawke, from Thurman’s marriage to Ethan Hawke, and Flynn and Cy Busson, the financier’s sons with ex-fiancΓ©e Elle MacPherson.

— Elizabeth Leonard

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seila on

well, that’s a mouthfull.

Stacey Wade on


Monika on

So pretentious!

bbbbb on

wow thats a mouthful, poor kid!

Tracy Martinez on

Really??? Why???


Is that even necessary? Thank Goodness the names are not like Pilot Inspektor, Audio Science, Chardinnay or Tu Morrow.

poohtattoo on

Pilot Inspektor….as much as I love Beth Reisgraph, that name is questionable lol.

Jennifer on

Why does this poor kid need 7 names??

crystal on

Amen Jennifer.

Eri on

She has five names not seven. The other two names are her last names.

She does need a last name dont you think?

Lexi on

she have enough names

guest on

really???the kids got like 12 names, yet the name that she is known by isn’t even close to one of them????

Sarah.S. on

Beautiful name! Not everyone has to have a one syllable name people. I like that it holds meaning for the parents and she will have her choice or names and nick names when she gets older.

Tamara on

Will she have multi personalities to go with her names? Maybe the should have added Sybil.

egc on

Luna is cute….but seriously, why all the names?

Crystal on

I thought “Oh how cute! Rosalind!” Then I read the million and one middle names and thought poor girl! That is surely a mouthful. I do like Rosalind though.

aitchcs on


wtf on

Luna Tic…

Brooke on

I much prefer Rosalind, which is GORGEOUS to Luna.

soph on

guest — Altalune, Luna.

Uma and Luna…I like Rosalind better.

The Redhead on

That’s just stupid .

Poppy on

Oh for God’s sake! Seriously?

Travis on

Child abuse.

Merios on


Doreen on

Those names and THAT many?!!! That’s insane!!!! They act like they didn’t know WHAT to name their child so they chose ALL the names they liked. LOL!! She’ll be a JOKE to kids her age!!

confessionsfromtheborderline on

Annnnd everyone’s horrid and judgmental about it. How surprising.

I love that they picked names with special meanings and I love the name Luna πŸ™‚ Good thing it doesn’t matter what the peanut gallery thinks, since they seem incapable of anything but nastiness.

Ali on

Yep “confessions” … ALL of the peanut gallery will be ignored… Including you… 5 names (not including your last) may be pretty but it is very selfish! Truthfully? I didn’t expect anything less!

Bryce on

Yeah the names are special…to them…not the baby! Frank Zappa had special names for his kids too, but I wouldn’t want any of them. Moon unit seriously? Poor thing it’s private school for her!! Uma always appears so smart, oh well!

Jane on

God help her in college when you have to write your full name on your blue book for exams.

Anna on

Haha. I never thought of that, but so true! Special meaning or not, let’s narrow it down a bit people.

Sarah on

It reminds me of the actress from Without a Trace/Unforgettable, aka Poppy Petal Ema Elizabeth Deveraux Donahue Montgomery…

KM on

Who cares? This is the most pretentious piece of non news I’ve seen in days (hours?).

kas on

I don’t think her full name will fit on her driver’s license nor her passport… but it is unique.

LoveMyCrazyLife on

Luna’s a cute name, but does she really need all those names?

Anonymous on

….i cant…….

Ali on

Mind essplode!!!

Rachie on

oh my :/

suzy diamond on

May as well have 50 NAMES….what’s their point? Hollyweird! Nothing but a bunch of kooks!

Jenn on

Why not calling her Rose or Rosie or even Linda?? And as the want to call her Luna, why not Luna Rosalind or Luna Florence?? Celebrities…always crazy names

ellie on

“special reason and meaning to her mother and father.” and no one else – including the poor child saddled with that mess.

Thursday on

This is common practice among certain cultures to give their children so many names. My husband has five names as do our daughters. Congrats to uma!

CCP on

What the heck!? When a person has this many names, which one is actually their “middle name”? Like if they were filling out a form or something.

cynlee on

Where was the thinking on that one? The names might mean something to them both, until Luna calls them on it when she gets a little older.

JD on

My goodness. Guess it could always be worse… but I send only the best and hope the child is healthy and happy!

Alex Genie on

That poor child – imagine having to learn how to spell that!

Kristin on

That has to be the most pretentious name I have ever heard.

Elaine on

I sometimes wonder if parents ever think their children will grow up, go out into the world and have to deal with this type of name because it was important to the parents. To me, parents should think about how a name will look when the child is a person of 40 working, maybe having children of their own. The parents won’t necessarily be there to explain their decision and the poor adult is stuck.


Why wouldn’t you just name her Luna???

Leslie on

What in the shit?

Jenny on

My daughters’s name is Luna. Beautiful name that stands on its own.

Nicole A. on

SEVEN names . . .
that’s ridiculous!!

rocky mountain girl on

like we really care about the “origins” of each name. whatever… sorry but they aren’t even the nicest of names… poor kid.

Leslee on

Usually just the first “middle name” is used, perhaps the others are by initial. No worries on trying to fit all that on an ID.

I like the name Rosalind, it’s very nice, as is her tag of Luna.

Anonymous on

Why are people making such a big deal. When she goes to school she choose one name as her first and use a last name. Her teacher will not have to write all that out. African names particularly Nigerian names are long and they always use a shorter version no biggie.

Miriam Poulsen on

So… Why didn’t they just name her Luna?

Annie on

Too much name for a little girl!

Sara on

Or . . . just name her Luna

c on

Gee, I feel sorry for her when she has to learn to write her name!

amy on

all those names and yet you choose to call her luna?! wtf lol

BlueSkidoo on

I’m so surprised that most people are so negative and childish about someone else’s child’s name. Or no wait, maybe I’m not. This is People after all, the home of negative and childish.

Ali on

Glad you’re here being negative and childish back BlueSkidoo! ❀

KitCat on

Woooo try fitting that on a keychain!

Jeana on

If the names are SOOOOOOO special to the parents why call her LUNA something that is not even her family name? Stupid people

Irene on

Crazy people!!!

mindy on

Luna is a great name, but the whole name is just a bit much. Why do that to a kid? Why even name her Rosalind if you’re going to call her Luna?

Anonymous on

Imagine having to memorize all that by kindergarten, when you have to know your name. Out of all those names they chose Luna (tic) as her nickname …… wow.

Anonymous on

luna comes from altalune (her fourth name),i would say

crystal on

I like rosalind but wow the rest is horrible poor kid! What was she thinking!

duh on

give me a gd break.

Anonymous on

Can you imagine this poor little thing when she starts kindergarten. She will be in the 8th grade before she learns to write her name! πŸ™‚

Archo on

Where does one get Luna out of all that?

guesswho on


Today on

Peach Apple Watermelon (as well:))

Today on

25 years from now she will say “My stupid parents gave me that ridiculous name”…LOL

Phillipa on

Thank you Uma, for giving me the biggest laugh of my day. I did literally laugh out loud. It’s like saying, “Our daughter’s name is s “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” but we are calling her Jane”. Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. Tears of laughter. It was definitely worth the wait.

kazumi on

I like Luna, but I pity the little girl when she has to start learning to write her “names” in school

sookie on

Pompous and pretentious. Poor kid!

sugar and spice on

Y you ppl keep sayinv poor kid. @ the end of it all lil luna is a rich kid. Who cares how many names she has…focus on some important shit like obama winning the november elections…

Ali on

SUgar and spice, if this were an Obama site and that an Obama article, you’d be right on! I think you misspelled Obama? Typed in Uma by mistake? Your crappy spelling tells me that. Forgiven! When we want to talk politics we’ll meet you over at his website!

cynthia on

why would someone do this to their kid?

Momma Loves You on

I’m calling dibs on this name! Nobody else can take it, ok?! My daughter, too, shall be called, Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson Jr. You’re welcome future baby!

Louise Smith on

How on earth will she ever be able to take the SATs? No way that name will fit into the blocks!

tomfool on

This immediately reminded me of Uma’s name in The Producers. “My name is Ulla Inka Hanson Benson Yanson Tallen Hallen Swadon Swanson… Bloom.”

Nancy on

And THIS is news? Please!!! Just the fact that she waited 3 MONTHS to announce the name of her daughter just proves how full of herself Uma really is! Did she actually think that people were waiting on the edge of their seats for the announcement of her kids name? Can we say pompous?

Anonymous on


Momma Loves You on

@Phillipa You took the words right outta my mouth! LOL! When I first started reading the name, I was like Rosalind Arusha ArkaAKH;DUF;AO#D’PD@O$JDJKD%FDK…..W.T.F… o__o

Brandy on

Oh now thats just ridiculous! Way to many names for one kid. Her docs must have thought her parents were crazy when making that birth certificate!

Morgan on

feel sorry for the travel agent who will book her tickets

MarthaMaryVeronicaValerieAnnAbigail on

Awww, she’s named after her mother…LOON.

I'm Standing Right Behind You on

Oh come on…that’s just ridiculous…think of what the girl has to do when she has to write out her full name on an application or form.

guest on

that’s cool, no one ever uses all their middle names. Luna is cute and I even like Rosalind or Altaluna. And she can still pick a name when she’s grown up.

Vero on

This is a joke… Right?!

J on

My goodness!

Liz on

That’s taking the long middle eastern name tradition a little far, don’t you think Uma?

Rebecca on

Yes, that name is a mouthful, but SO beautiful! And I absolutely love “Luna”. Congrats to the new parents and siblings πŸ™‚

PoorKid on

As in “Luna Lovegood?” Oy.

Kim on

Good Lord……….why?

amy on

So pointless.

AnnEGetYourGun on

That is the most ridiculous name I’ve ever heard. Why does anyone do this to their child.

Jen on

I had an ex who had like 5 names. He was named after each one of the doctors that saved his life when he was born premature. We all have our own reasons for picking our childs names!

Lynn on

Why not just name her Luna? Why give her 7 names and then say, “but we call her Luna.”

Guest on

Maybe she wanted her to learn the alphabet prior to entering preschool.

gyl on

I loved the name Uma so my first child is named Uma and my second is Maya. Shortly after naming my second child Maya, someone told me that Uma Thurman’s daughter is Maya. So I guess I have to head back out and have a Luna!! I do love the name Rosalind. Her husband never had a girl. That might explain the many names.

Opie on

They had to give her that many names because she waited so long to have a child that she may not get to use them all.

Showbizmom on

I love the name and I’m guessing Uma isn’t going to have anymore kids so maybe they used all the names they loved and that had special meaning to them. I did with my last, my son has four names but only because we couldn’t decide and I refuse to have any more kids.

LuvBigCity on

You must be kidding me….and Luna isn’t even in the name…whatever, that is a famous person for ya.

Anonymous on

Apparently they’ll be registering the kid with the AKC? That’s what you do for purebred dogs…not babies. Good Lord!!!!

Jen DC on

There are many cultures in the world that have more than three names. I think it’s lovely – all of it – especially if each name has a special meaning. Rosalind is pretty unusual nowadays as is Florence. It’s pretty clear that Arkadina refers in some way to her father or her father’s family; Arusha is probably related to Uma’s father’s Buddhist religion (it means bright in Sanskrit; Uma’s own name is Sanskrit as well). Lots of flowers and moons and light in her name – very dreamy.

Erin on

This is a joke, right? Lovely names, but it reminds me of a prize winning dog (if you’ve watched dog shows, you know what I mean).

MarthaMaryVeronicaValerieAnnAbigail on

Let me guess…Rosalind from As You Like It by William Shakespeare. Arusha from the city in Tanzania that is a conglomeration of Catholic, Anglican, Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu religions and is fitting for Uma because she can’t decide who the #3ll she is or what she believes. Arkadina after the character from The Seagull who is known as one of the most self-centered characters created by Anton Chekhov. Madame Arkadina is a vain mother who refuses to support her son’s creative pursuits, she enrages him by insulting his writing style and has a torrid affair with a rival author. Altalune from Alta Luna which means “high moon” because Uma is into all that New Age Enlightenment crap and thinks it’s like, so deep. Totally plausible and fitting with Uma’s elitist bulls#!+.

Helene on

Could’ve called her Rosie, which is a perfectly lovely name πŸ™‚

Melanie on

I would have loved to name my daughter after every. single. person who mattered to me in my life, but at some point it becomes ridiculous. I think Uma reached that point. Ridiculous.

For the love of bob on

Jesus I’d hate to see how loony that kid turns out when she’s filling out a job application. She’ll look at her boss and say “It’s not my fault that I have like a bajillion names. Blame my parents.”

BBB on

Honestly, that’s a really mean thing to do to a child. In every legal document the kid will have to list all of those. She will always have problems fitting the name in the allotted space. We all have names that have special meaning, but you only get to pick one, two if you count a middle name. Five names PLUS a hyphenated last name is just evil, greedy, and shows major indecision. I wonder if even their families can take the name seriously.

Dee Bilyeu on

Oh well!

Jenny on

How is this guy scoring so many hot woman? Elle and Uma, he’s definitely got something.

Ali on

Jenny – Money!

Anonymous on

There will never be enough spaces for all of those names on government forms.. or any kind of forms for that matter.

One Voice on

That is just messed up.

Guest with 3 Names on

It could be a cultural thing to give your child multiple names. My French-born niece has a multitude of names, as does my French-Canadian uncle. On the other side of the family, my mother was given just one first name, as per Ukrainian tradition. No one was traumatized, and no one has ever quizzed me on my niece’s full name (I would likely not pass)! I just call her Marie. As I am sure Luna will grow up to be known as Luna.

Marissa on

That kid is going to need two social security cards for all that to fit

G on

WHY do these celebrity parents do this to their kids!

Melissa on

How do you put that all on the birth certificate?

babylove on

hahahahahha, awesome!

Selfenchanted on

It sound so royal & bohemian all at once, so why not? I personally like Florence.

librababe on

Wow…and here I was waiting for the page to load, guessing the name she chose…thinking for sure it’d be somewhat of a classic first name with a simple middle name…hahaha man was I wrong about the middle name!

Tara on

She is naming a child not a law firm. But I do like Rosalind and Luna, but that other crap is just ridiculous!

Michaele on

I really like Luna…

denise on

Wow for a little girl she sure has a big name. Best wishes!!!!!

Becky on

Not to mentin that when she has to fill out paper work asking her parents names, she can list them as idiot 1 and idiot 2..

Sara on

Wow. I’m speechless. She officially gave her child the worst name in the history of celebrity baby names. I honestly didn’t think that was possible. Wow.

Leslie on

It’s beautiful. Conjures images of moonlight, flowers, incense and romance. I like it.

Anonymous on

Imagine the poor child having to learn to spell all that.. Lets hope shes in a small kindergarten class so the teacher has time to teach her how to write her name.

Tara on

That is seriously ridiculous!! Poor kid!

Robin on

My child’s name is Chablis, Chardonnay, Merlot, Xanax, Martini Buzz Off…Each name has a “special meaning and reason” so there!

Ali on

I like you Robin!!

RJL on

They likely got “Luna” as a nickname from one of the middle names, Altalune. As much as I think the name is a mouthful, if it’s got meaning and significance for her parents, then it’s cool. Besides, when she grows up she can choose which name she wants to go by…and she has a lot of options, unlike most of us!

TeacherJax on


Ann on

Just sad for her. Imagine how she will have fill out the forms in her life. I’m sure there is meaning behind the names; but really you have to add all of them? Why give her the name Rosalind first if they are going to call her Luna? To each his own. But so many names…

mytwocents on

That is selfish on the parents part I think. Just give the kid a normal name instead of trying to feed your ego…

moonliteny on

OH DEAR is his a contest?? Poor child.

hannah on

REAllY?!! This poor really didn’t deserve this….
What’s up with Hollywood peeps giving their kids the weirdest names on the planet?!!

Jennifer on

Duh, of course Luna would be the name she goes by. Can’t you see that? Good lord, that poor kid. But is is better than Apple Sunshine Flower Blue Cornflake Monkey Turd

Ali on

Jennifer, nobody can use monkey turd for the name of their kid but me!! I called it… I’m just crazy, not in Hollywood.. Not much of a difference!

charly on


Carrie M on

How utterly ridiculous.

Elle on

I can’t stand when people name their kid something & then call them something completely different, this one doesn’t even make sense.

sam on

Poor kid. How is she supposed to fit all those names on her drivers license. I have two last names that’s hard enough.

Anonymous on

I can’t imagine when this child gets married. Her name will take up the whole invitation. Better yet when she has to fill out a form with her whole name, there wont be enough spaces. Luna Rosalind would have been the simple way to do it. But maybe its a cultural thing in dads culture to have 7 names.

Britt on

Cute name, but why not just name her Luna?

Lisa on

It’s not like she’ll ever have to go to college or apply for a job anyway. It doesn’t take a genius to hang by the pool everyday and yell for an assistant to get her another line of coke.

Anonymous on

why would someone do that to their kid??

Goofy Chicken on

*I* thought of my children as adults when my husband and I chose their names…. Jack and Madeleine. Cute for a child, appropriate for an adult. Is it really that hard? Then again, these people live in their own little world so this (these?) name may not be so outlandish in their circle. Either way, I shake my head. Either way I’m sure they’re happy with their new little bundle!

abby on

There should be a reasonable limit of names by law, so that ridiculous parents can’t do such a thing to their children. We may have a lot of meaningful things to us, and that doesn’t mean we have to name our children all of them together!

Dany on

So Sweet. I love names that actually mean something…It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense to us, it’s HER Baby.

KW on


Anonymous on

Wow! That is certainly not a pretentious name…at all…

cmonppl on

7 names, really!?!?

mrs123 on

I grew up in an Italian family and it’s not uncommon to have several names to honor family.. No one is expected to be called it but it gives some family a sense of “respect” to have a legal birth certificate stating this.

Anna on

Really? Apparently they did not think of their daughter when they named her! It is not even pretty! Another stupid celebrity name! I feel bad for that baby girl….

m on

Does she think she gave birth to a royal?

tiffany on

danggg that’s one long ass name :s

TV on

Unless this child comes from a royal family there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to have so many middle names. I find it completely ridiculous that since a couple couldn’t find one proper name they could agree on they just decide to use all of them. What a way to make your other children feel inferior to the new addition because they have short, simple names.

Katie on

Wow, didn’t know Uma gave birth to royalty. And how in the world is this poor child going to learn to spell her full name??? Most kids can spell first middle and last names. WTF?

Bella on

I really like uma…but thats just to much with all those names…
than to just call her luna…
I find it stupid…but whatever it’s their business not mine…
But I can say my thoughts if I choose to…^_^

Rachel on

I’m sorry….what?!!!

What?!?!? on

Why does someone need that many middle names???

Marci on

Oh for crying out loud.

Brooke on

Guess that’s what happens when you can’t pick a name. I do like Rosalind, though.

Tiffany on

Dumb to have all those names. I don’t think she will appreciate them for all that.

jen on

dude, think about bubble-filling for the SATs..poor kid

Anonymous on

Should hopefully improve the child’d writing skills, that is a lot to learn for that kid in the future.

Ali on

Ok Anonymous… Here’s the thing… My middle name is Elaine… Do you know how HARD that was for a kindergartner!?? That’s all i’m sayin! Totally agree!!

Lola on

To all you guys saying what is up with the lengthy name, the baby’s names is long because it is a cultural thing. I am African, so I have multiple names assigned to me by plenty of family members. It is cultural thing.

Guest2012 on

And you people all complained about Camden and Maxwell! Any celebrity who has had a baby in the last 6 months and read any of the gazillions of comments on their name choices must be breathing a sigh of relief and thanking God above for Uma and this mouthful she named her child and pretty much making everyone forget their choices! Hilarious!

NBCheryl on

No wonder they kept it secret. Jeeze!

Gigi on

Just name her LUNA for crying out loud! I love Uma but really that name is silly 😦

Anonymous on

Should be interesting when she has to learn to spell that.

Melissa on

Why does everyone think that long names are a burden? My daughter has 3 names before her surname. 1) she’s not going to be a kid forever – she’s actually going to be an adult for most of her life. 2) She doesn’t have to lug it around in a suitcase – it’s not heavy. 3) Believe it or not, she will learn to spell it. I think it is great that she has so many names to choose from throughout her life. They aren’t my cup of tea, but then again it’s not my business, is it?

Steph on

I can see why it took her that long to announce the name, probably because it took her three months to write it all out πŸ˜›

Guest on

I managed to give my 3 children beautiful names that also mean a lot to my husband and I. And I still managed to keep it simple. I agree with lots of you, Rosalind is a beautiful name, but it’s overshadowed by all the other ones.

khloe on

wow that will be dang confusing when it comes time to fill out job applications…..


I wonder what drugs Uma was taking to come up with that buffoonery of a name. Her child will be ridiculed for the rest of her life, thanks to Mom’s creative thinking.

jane on

RAAAFTB — her initials dont even make sense too.

Annie on

You’ve got to be kidding me! Why do these celebs do this to their children???!!!!

Nd on

So all of these names hold a special meaning, but none special enough to use? I don’t get it.

Regan on

Celebrities these days……

Merlin on

It really couldn’t get any worse. Must have been some good drugs

Pat on

David Letterman will have even more fun with that.

Anonymous on

Mom? Dad? Why did I only get 1 name and SHE got bunches?!? Please help me understand your LUNAcy. Sincerely, Maya, Levon, Flynn, & Cy πŸ˜‰

lola on


Tee Tee on

WOW! I’m not one to comment on names beyond “oh, I love that name” but this one is wild! All I can think about is all the years that my Mom taught first grade and wanted to throttle parents that gave a child a name they couldn’t reasonably learn. This poor kid won’t be able to write her full name until she hits middle school! I do love Rosalind, though.

yvalc on

arusha is a sanskrit name… like uma…

anyway, chill out people… Not all the names may make it to the certificates. i have 5 names(as is the tradition in my community) excluding my surnames(both my parents passed me their names) and only one name and one surname made it to my certificates and passport.


Luna? How about lunatic? Hopefully the money will offset the freaky parents.

Lacey on

There’s not enough bubbles to fit that name on standardized tests!!! That’s ridiculous. She must have realized her uterus is like her – washed up so she had to use all the names she liked on this one last baby – Ridiculous!!!

Lisa on

Ridiculous. Did she do that because she needs publicity?

Anonymous on

Of course she needs 7 names…her parents are famous. Idiots!

Anonymous on

WOW….just…. WOW

innerjuju on

And to place the child with a hyphenated last name on top of all that…..

Isabelle on

We named our daugther : Zora. 4 letters. There. Is that so difficult? Plus we are french canadians. In Quebec, we do not use middle names. As for “Luna”, I figure from Altalune, lune being french for moon. (hats off to Philippa’ s comment; damn near wet my pants! )

Kate S on

Anyone else remember Ricki Ticki Tembo?

Ami on

This woman strikes me as a loopy ding dong.

namelessoctopus on

You know, when babies become teenagers and adults, which they nearly always do, they really don’t want names connected with their parents; they find it kind of creepy to know, for example, that their names come from the hotel in which they were conceived, or the booze their parents were drinking at the time, or some book their parents liked. It’s a conceit to feel that offspring are possessions to be labeled. Each baby is an individual, with preferences and tendencies yet to be determined. Fortunately, after a person is old enough, s/he can 86 the parentally-affixed moniker and define him/herself in any way…so Free can become David, Haven can become Helen, Dweezil can….oh wait…

and yeah, Luna/Uma or Luma/Una or, what? Arpad/Arki? What?

As for this child, just imagine filling out a job application and looking at the section “middle name” and not knowing what the hell to put.

I like “Luna Tic,” nicely done.

sky on

that’s way tooo long! geez!!!

Lisa on

U guys are too funny!!! Wtf is hilarious!!! OMG!! I just loved the comments that ppl wrote. There’s nothn left too say.

Anonymous on

Arusha in a city in Tanzania

Noni on

Uma is a Luna-tic for giving her child 7 different names!!

am.w on

So…you’re a bunch of racists, then?

Michelle on

I seriously doubt this child will suffer for having so many names. It doesn’t seem to have hurt Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland.

DJ on

You can teach a child about all the special people you care about, but you don’t have to include all their names in the child’s name. Wow, poor girl will have such a hard time when she’s learning to write her name. I think it will be the hardship of her childhood! It’s a bit much and overkill – I would consider legally dropping like 5 of those. Sorry Uma, but congrats on your sweet baby!

Mya on

That is utterly ridiculous. She gives her child all of those names, just to be called Luna? What’s the freaking point of that? I swear, this broad is loony tunes.

michele on

If they wanted to call her Luna, why didn’t they just name her Luna? It’s a perfectly acceptable, lovely name…

Nicole on

She must be seriously pissed at that poor kid.

MAllory on

although I don’t think that many middle names are needed and don’t understand where Luna came from either I think saying it’s child abuse or that she’ll be made fun of by kids her age is a bit much there MIDDLE names meaning not really used. How many kids middle names did you know that you went to school with?Probably just your best friends if even that.

Anonymous on

And the worst baby name goes to…..drum roll please…..UMA THURMAN!!! Congrats!

beth on

I love how they want their privacy and wait for months to disclose their baby’s name, but when they do…it’s unbelievable. Don’t complain about the press when you put that name out. It’s clear you do obviously want the attention.

beth on

It cracks me up how she went 2 month without saying the baby’s name and wanted it to be private for as long as possible. It probably took her 2 months to memorize her own child’s name. Celebrities are entitled to their privacy but when you put out a statement with an outrageous name like that…good luck. If celebrities say they don’t want the attention from the press, well then don’t put out that info out there….to have that long of a name is whacked. Please just stick to Luna Busson and throw in the Thurman if you have to. Normally I hate the paparazzi, but Uma has only got herself to blame if she gets criticized for this one. Should have kept the 6 other middle names private on the birth certificate and called it a day. Congrats nevertheless…

beth on

She is just coming out with the name to the public now because it took her 2 months to think of that mumbo jumbo…I now think I will name my kid mumbo jumbo! Don’t expect privacy from the press when you come up with drama like that for a name.

Brooklyn on

Wow. I try not to be too negative when it comes to names but I honestly feel bad for her. Such a long name but yet the name she’s going to go by is hardly even in the name? Why not just named her Luna? And I’m assuming the other names have significance but really??

Tara on

hyphenated names are just plain ridiculous.

Cam on

In certain European circles, it’s actually very common to have multiple names like this – even if you don’t use them all (Uma’s mom is Swedish and German, and Arpad Busson is French). I had two German friends in school whose full names were longer than this kid’s. Anyhoo, it’s pretty, so more power to them.

Sophia on

Wow, that’s a crazy mess of names but Luna is beautiful! My baby brother was going to be Luna Phoenix if he was a girl, so I have a soft spot for that name πŸ™‚

Liz on

Congrats to them on a healthy baby girl! The names are horrible though… How about finding a shorter prettier name with meaning to this couple? This girl has to live with this name!

Kris on

Celebrities and their grandiose baby names…at least some of the names are pretty…I’d rather be a Luna then an Apple:)

Guest on

She should have kept that name to herself. How embarrasing for the baby to have all those names. The nickname Luna is cute though. Uma is not creative-just silly.

Laura on


lovely123 on

Poor kid will think her real name is, “Why Did Your Parents Name You That”? or “What” for short.

Darla on

I thought it was bad enough when I named all 3 of my kids with the letter “B” and when I yell, one of those three names comes out! Just imagine with this daughter…she will hear just about any name come out of her mom’s mouth when she does something wrong!

Mon on

Hahahaha!!!!! One of the funniest things I’ve read!

Cynthia on

What do men see in her, I don’t think she is that attractive

lelee on

Omg, thats really a mouthful. Too many names. 3 would’ve been enough. I don’t like the name Rosalind, it’s really old-fashioned, but I do like the name Luna though.

You know, actor Kiefer Sutherland, son of actor Donald Sutherland, has 6 names as well:

Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland.

Maybe Uma was inspired by him ;)…..

Donna on

Alrightee, then…

sydzac on

WOW!!!! why just not call her “Tuna”!!! horrific batch of names thrown together for real!! poor kid!! Kooky parents!!

Losa on

But why Luna is her nickname? Rosalind is a nice name so her nickname can be Rosa, Rosie, Lindy, Linda. If they like Luna then why is not Luna her first name?

Coco on


Anonymous on

Legally she only has one middle name and its the first one. I know this because my daughter has two, so anytime we fill anything out its only your first middle name that counts.

sunniemonnie on

OMG thats just stupid

Rina on

*Facepalm* to everyone hating on the name(s) you do realize that most of them are most likely middle names and will not necessarily have to go on every single thing she has to sign. Also, when she gets to a certain age, she can change it to whatever she wants. Just leave them be.

Ashley on

Ugh, that poor baby—-I feel so sorry for her!!!!!!

AnAverageMom on

Monday Rosalind
Tuesday Arusha
Wednesday Arkadina
Thursday Altalune
Friday Florence

me on

why stop there Uma give the kids more names make it 100 names I dare you..

Heidi on

How do they get Luna from that? My husband has always hated that he goes by his middle name, and a short form of it at that. Luna is part of her fourth name…?

Oh well, to each his own. Luna’s cute I guess

akri on


me on

well all I can say is her birth certificate will have a page 2

Anonymous on

For those of you who read the article and chose to forget, all the names have meaning to the parents. Nevertheless, maybe it’s a cultural thing or a religious thing or a “they just felt like it” thing. Either way, I’m sure there is plenty of love to go around for her. Baby Luna, your name is definitely unique! πŸ™‚

Janie757 on

Rosalind – ok, Florence – ok, Luna – like it, but what’s with all the other names? They could have called her Raaaf for the initials of her first, middle, middle, middle and middle names.

erica on

I’m envisioning that name on a resume…..

Ouiser on

Wow! And, she’s not even royalty!

Gamby74 on

I’m guessing all the names may have to do with Uma’s upbringing with a father who is a Tibetan Buddhism scholar? I don’t mind all of the names. I just don’t understand why not name her Luna if that’s her nickname. It’s a lovely name, as is Rosalind. But it’s her daughter, not mine. Congrats to the family!

Carolyn on

She will hate her parents each time she has to sign her full name.

Amber on

One word… Ridiculous!

Michelle on

That is absolutely STUPID! People are crazy, even some parents think only of themselves! Poor child!

Beauty on

Nut Jobs.

Lisa on

I think a name that long borders on child abuse! πŸ™‚

Ann on

It would be nice if the magazine had found the backstory on why she has so many names. I’m sure they must have had a reason.

boohoobytch on

is it really necessary to have THAT many names?

Kat on

I’m assuming the Luna comes from Altalune, but then why Rosalind as the first? Four middle names isn’t that far out in some cultures, and it is doubtful she will really use them. My daughter has two middle names on her birth certificate, but only uses one in her legal name.

Rosalind on

Well, speaking as a Rosalind, I’m flattered, even if she doesn’t use the name at all.

Annie on


Anonymous on

O_O now will she fit that name on scantron for her SAT’s?

Marie on

why would you do that to your kid only for the purpose of all the forms she will be required to fill out for its entire life???? I would be so mad at my parents if they did that.

Elisa on

Afff she thinks they are the Roayal Family or something?

Nancy on

Well now no one can name their kid ANYTHING because she used up ALL the names!

Lorelai on

Why named her like that if they are gonna call her Luna, then just name the poor kid Luna!! (which btw means Moon in spanish).

Maria on

On a par with Heavenly Hiranni Tiger Lily Yates-Hutchence in terms of a mouthful…

But Luna isn’t bad as a shortened down version – like people named Elizabeth being called Betty!

KD on

what a shocker another celebrity that does something so stuid with a child’s name..really…7 name but we’ll call her “luna”…what is she supposed to do for school, forms, etc. that’s so stupid.

Barbra on

Stupid! Why don’t they just call her Rozzy or Roz. Why name a child if you’re only going to come up with the lamest nickname ever. Then they should have just named the poor child Luna to begin with.

Ray21 on

You all say this is odd, but when royalty have names like this…Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince Henry Charles Albert David, and it’s not just men Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise…no one questions them. Not our kid, not our business!

kay on

You people are complete morons. When a child has more than 1 middle name, only the first is used.
She will hate her parents because of her name? I doubt it! Do you hate your parents for breeding such an idiot? Thought so.

Gina on

WTH? Luna (Moon in Spanish) is cute..

m on

rosalind is her first name and the other names are her middle names. it’s a long, beautiful name.

Damn Gina on

Why? Just why??

Kimberly on

Get a grip people, the only name she’ll really be known by is Rosalind Thurman-Busson. Seriously, how many of you go around introducing yourself by your first, middle, & last name? I know I don’t.

Marie on

Sweet lord, why would you do that to a child? The first name and any one of the middle names would have been fine, especially with a hyphenated last name…but you don’t have to give one child every single name you like.

maria on

Say that name fast 5 times!!

soph on

“It would be nice if the magazine had found the backstory on why she has so many names. I’m sure they must have had a reason.”

The article states they’re “keeping the origins of Luna’s name private” which is just a little ridiculous, considering they put the full name out there for public scrutiny anyway.

Interesting that they make the announcement after the release of Ethan’s new film…

Anonymous on

Why not just name her Luna if you’re going to call her Luna I wonder.

Missy on

Then why not just name her Luna? I seriously don’t get this at all.

MollyF on

Guys, it’s none of your business if they want to name the baby with one, two, three, four or more names? I have two middle names and I love them. my tsibs have two middle names. (my middle names are Esther and Carlie) I like the name and it’s special to the family. I love it when celebrities name their kids and people hate them. I’d love to hear your kids names so I can berate them.

Abby on

I think its a pretty name for a little girl. Its like a song.

candykane on

Don’t know why somebody would say poor child. She goes by Luna. Nobody really cares about all the other names on your drivers license. I never use my middle names so they are really no big deal

Lori on

Why would you go down the line to the 4th name to find her a nickname? Why didn’t they just call her Altalune? Seriously!!!

Kate on

I love the name Rosalind, and the four middle names are okay, but she can only use one if she wants to. Rosalind is a beautiful name; I don’t understand why her parents call her Luna. If they wanted to call her Luna, why not name her Luna?

Jennifer on

wow. the end.

Lyn on


A. on

That name just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Luna’s parents are LUNAtics for giving their poor child such a ridiculously long name. Shame on Uma & Arpad!

lovely123 on

Sure, the names are special to them. THEY are the only ones that are able to pronounce them!

B.J. (the girl) on

I adore Luna, but I have to agree that this is naming gone overboard! Squeeze as many “important” names in there as possible and voila! An impossible, ridiculous name. I’m a huge fan of Uma however, I love Maya and Levon as names as well.

Anonymous on

I only feel bad for any legal things she might need to do when she’s older. My full name is 19 characters and i have a hard time writing my full name on some things.

Romina on

Whatn a big name! Or like I’d said in Spanish “Que nombrezote!”

julie bryant on

Only reliable mag about the stars!