Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford Introduce Son Leo James

10/16/2012 at 03:00 PM ET

Meet Leo James Routh!

Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford introduce their 10-week-old son exclusively to PEOPLE readers.

“He’s growing so fast,” the Partners star, 33, tells PEOPLE. “My mom saved a pair of pajamas from when I was 3 months old and Leo already fits into them. In fact, he’s growing out of them. He’s busting out of most of his clothes, it’s hard to keep up!”

Born Aug. 10, Leo is the first child for Routh and Ford, 34, who wed in 2007 — and he’s keeping his parents on their toes.

“The other day he gave me the surprise pee sneak-attack,” the actress — known for her roles on True Blood, Dexter and Parenthood — shares. “That cracked him up. It’s the cutest little laugh; it just kills me.”

Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford Introduce Son Leo James
Lilli Salerno

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Lesley Messer

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Emily on

What a perfect little superhero! Beautiful picture too.

Janice on

Great picture! Congratulations! What a beautiful baby!

twinhappy on

Stunning photo! Congrats to them!

Pauline on

Precious photo

Tracy on

Absolutely gorgeous picture!!! I love the way he is looking up at his dad. Lovely.

Julianna on

Gorgeous picture, lovely name and stunning baby – he looks like his daddy in my opinion. Congratulations to Brandon and Courtney.

elle on

Beautiful couple and beautiful little child.

Also, let’s just put it out there because everyone is thinking it. Brandon Routh is a huge DILF.

Nancy on

Beautiful family. Imagine being MARRIED to the woman who gives birth to your child before the baby is born, or even before you get pregnant. He’s a superhero for sure!

K on

Nancy, marriage is an institution that mostly leads to misery, divorce and cheating. Why do you all keep pushing it? I don’t know one happily married couple and I am middle aged.

Sidenote; cute family.

Me on

Really get your head out of your ass K.

One Two on

Hi baby! Cute!

tobeparents on

Beautiful baby. Beautiful family.

boohoobytch on

adorable baby

fanofboardwalkempire on

what a precious picture- He is just a beautiful little baby boy!

Congratulations to the family!

liz on

Cute baby. Leo is the pefect name for him being born in August and all

Jenny! on

Whoo more cute babies! I never get sick of seeing cute fresh babies, Congrats on the sweet lil baby, so adorable.

Kandee43 on

I’d like him looking down on me like that too. LOL !

Beautiful photo and beautiful family.

Shelley on

Beautiful family!

Lisa on

K – Wow, how sad that you don’t know one happily married couple. Let me introduce you to me. I am very happily married. I waited until 31 to get married b/c I wanted what my parents have. They have been happily married for almost 39 years!

Rhonda on

They’re a cute couple (especially Brandon) with a very cute baby. Congratulations to them.

Sandra on

I remember those surprise pee attacks, the boys always thought it was funny…me not so much.

Jessica on

I can’t stand when these beautiful photos start up debates about marriage, but K’s comment really hit a nerve with me. I completely accept that everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but I don’t think it’s respectful when people knock the entire institution of marriage. There are some people out there who put in the work and effort that every marriage needs, and I think that it is incredibly undeserving when the instituion of marriage (as a whole!) are brushed aside because of the negative experiences of those around you.

Rant over. Gorgeous family!

Sarah on

As soon as I saw this article, I had to click on it JUST to see how long it would be before someone mentioned, in a passive aggressive nature, how they were married before having a baby. Eight, eight comments down I found what I was looking for, thank you Nancy.

As if, unmarried (HORROR of horrors) parents couldn’t possibly be good role models. My parents were married for four years before having me and went through a horrendous divorce before I was three and my mother proceeded to abuse me. It was so severe, my grandparents had to take custody of me by the time I was eight years old. BUT, at least they were married before having me!!!!!!!! Puhlease.

On a much more pleasant note, congrats on the new addition to your family, he’s beautiful. Many blessings to the three of you!

Beth on

Man, pictures like that make me want to have another one! Great family photo.

Jennifer on

K- No wonder you haven’t found anyone to want to marry you. You sure sound like a very miserable, judgemental and bitter individual. Maybe you should spend less time on a celebrity baby blog and more time in therapy.

That said, beautiful photo! I love Brandon! So disappointed he won’t be Superman in the new movie. Congrats to him on his precious little boy.

Elizabeth Mae on

I’m so glad for three of are the one of many blessed families I’ve ever knew..! So cute baby!

Cassie on

That’s my birthday. Cute! (The baby and the couple. lol.)

Angela on

How did the people commenting about the sanctity of marriage in the article that Routh and Ford have been married since 2007? The article states, “Born Aug. 10, Leo is the first child for Routh and Ford, 34, who wed in 2007 β€” and he’s keeping his parents on their toes.”

Anonymous on

K- I agree with other posters. The fact that you don’t know any happily married couples is sad. It’s also not the norm. Marriages DO fail these days, but they also succeed a lot, too. The divorce rate is around 50 percent, which means that roughly half of all marriages fail and roughly half succeed.

In otherwords, couples don’t have a greater chance of getting divorced than staying together. They have an equal chance. πŸ™‚

And for what it’s worth, I know several happily married couples (including my own parents, who have been married for close to four decades!). πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

With my two cents on the marriage debate out of the way, on to the pictures and article! Leo is adorable, and I love the story about him laughing when he peed on his mommy. It seems like baby boys find that hilarious for some reason (I remember Matthew McConaughey talking about his son Levi peeing on him and laughing about it when he was a baby, and I think a few other celebs have talked about their sons laughing about peeing on them as well!)! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Angela- If you read all the comments, you’ll see that the debate start when one poster pointed out that Brandon and Courtney are indeed married and how amazing that is. Then others pointed out that marriage doesn’t automatically make you a better parent or likely to stay together, and things continued from there!

Kristen on

Soooo cute!

Maria on

Beautiful picture!

And for those on the “glad they waited til they’re married buzz” – just because a couple is married, doesn’t mean a happy home for a child…most of the best people I know have parents who weren’t married.

Marriage is an institution designed by the church and why should they dictate whether or not people who’re married give a child a wonderful life. And that goes for hetero and same sex couples!

Chloe on

in the direction of Brandon; “soooo hot. want to touch the heiny. aroooooooooo”

Huh. on

Wait…..he’s straight? News to me. That babe is a cutie pie, though.

Elizabeth Sullivan on

Aw, two days before my birthday.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO, it’s Superbaby! (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Congrats to the adorable family.

Bugsmum on


annie on