Kristin Cavallari: Motherhood Has Felt ‘Very Natural’

10/16/2012 at 05:00 PM ET

Kristin Cavallari: Life with Baby Boy Has Been a Breeze
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She prepared for the worst, hoped for the best and — with a little luck — Kristin Cavallari‘s new life with her baby boy has been a breeze.

“I set myself up for postpartum to be incredibly difficult and thought I would be walking around like a zombie,” the new mom tells Parenting.

But after welcoming son Camden Jack in August, the high of first-time motherhood kicked in full force.

“I actually had this adrenaline the first few weeks, which made me not need much sleep,” Cavallari, 25, says. “Every time I tried to nap during the day I wasn’t able to.”

Expecting to be “a little more neurotic and worrisome” when it came to her son with fiancé Jay Cutler, Cavallari — who admits motherhood has “felt very natural to me” — has had no trouble slipping into her latest role, despite the serious lack of shuteye.

“You just have to go into it knowing you won’t be getting much sleep and there will be hard times, but try to get help from family and friends,” she explains. “Don’t plan on doing anything else those first few weeks.”

Not to worry, adds the proud new mama, before long all the hard work pays off — in a big way. “It’s all worth it. When you get that first smile from your baby, your heart will melt and you’ll say that you would do it all again,” Cavallari shares.

Despite her seemingly easy start with her son, the reality star couldn’t help but fret over her first time flying with Camden. Fortunately, she reveals, her worries were quickly washed away.

“I was nervous before the first flight I took with him,” Cavallari says, adding baby boy proved to be a pro. “It’s best if you can travel when you know they’ll be sleeping. It also helps their ears to nurse or give a pacifier during take off and landing.”

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— Anya Leon

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bh on

Is she trying to annoy us?

NaMe90 on

Yes she is bh. Probably the only reason she wakes up is to shut the door so she doesn’t hear the nanny feeding the baby…

Paisley on

Enough with her! Jesus, every other day is an article with her!

Good for her on

Good for Kristen! She seems so happy 🙂 Her baby is adorable. He has the prettiest blue eyes!

Haley on

No Offense People Magazine, but will you please stop publishing stories on this girl! Its becoming irritating

Anne Marie on

Popping babies is the road to sainthood these days. It is also the road to relevance and being ‘talked about’ for reality stars and other c-list Hollywood characters. This young woman should take some classes, train, and do something useful with her life.

Cindy on

Who is this chic anyway? Why are you constantly writing about her?

Bev on

How many more weeks of Kristin do we have to endure?

PeopleReader1 on

For all of you who have commented on how annoyed you are by her articles and how much you dslike her, you clearly have some interest in her, seeing as you have taken the time to read the article AND leave a comment. If you were as annoyed with her as you claim to be, you wouldn’t have even bothered to look at the article at all.

I think there is just a large amount of jealousy felt towards this woman by many of you who have negatively commented on her.

Get a life.

Maeve on

It’s not about jealousy. I read people for articles about real celebrities…Jennifer Aniston/Jennifer Garner…Ben Affleck..etc…not about some girl who whored herself on some realty show

soph on

PeopleReader1 — Negative comments = jealousy? Please think of a more intelligent insult. We’re not all still in third grade.

Good for her on

Ok Soph how about negative comments= bitter, angry, unhappy c@untbags like you. Or that’s what your mother and significant other told me in bed! You wish you could look like Kristen Cavallari muah much hate right back at ya.

Laura on

Every article in this Babies section is featuring a has-been starlet. This is truly the only way theses ladies still get any press.

Archo on

Just an observation….has anyone seen ANY photos of the baby with Jay Cutler? Just wondering. Come to think of it I haven’t seen any pictures of the two of them together, which is fine in my book.

lisa on

You know she is young, beautiful and has a lovely litte family. We can either be happy for someone or not. I say good for her.

Juliet on

How is this article-worthy? “Motherhood feels natural to me”. what a revelation!! Congratulations!! Join the hundreds of millions of other women who’ve had babies this year and feel the exact same way. I mean, come on…

Guest on

So over her please, she has done nothing any different than any mother. She’s a nobody and this is the only way to keep her name in the news!!!

artcrasher on

Seriously, is her agent PAYING People Magazine to feature her every other day? No.One.Cares. Next, please!

grr on

It’s been a whole two months and she’s a pro! Wow. Now work a full time job with little sleep. Now THAT’S something.

Berengaria on

I was like that, too. I had massive adrenaline rushes after I had my baby. I loved being a mom, the only reason why I was depressed was because my husband was a jerk.

Kariya on

So now she’s an expert?

Lillian on

Next she’s gonna write a book about pregnancy, motherhood and having it all! *rolls eyes*

Jenna on

Her head looks huge in this photo….like it was photoshopped!

jules on

Yes her head looks indeed…keen eye jenna…

CanadaGurl on

OMG, how many stories do you have to write about her??????? Believe it or not, she’s not the only new mother out there.

Beth on

I am NOT jealous of her. Go ahead and say I am when I say I am sick of hearing about her, but come on. She most likely doesn’t have to do ANYTHING. She probably has a maid, a nanny, a driver, etc, all the things us regular moms don’t have and I bet most of us took to motherhood too.

Kira on

Is she the first woman to have a child? Yes having your first child is exciting but everyone doesn’t want to hear what your kid does every other day.

Sunny on

OMG, People, I thought you covered celebrities. This ridiculous no talent has-been has no business continuing to have media coverage. Please, People, stop covering sad people like this.

Dawn on

Please STOP! enough already

themommypsychologist on

Ugh…I have such a hard time hearing celebrity moms rave about how easy motherhood is. She’s just getting started and I’m willing to bet she’s has a bit of help in taking care of her infant.

soph on

the stories about her are actually making me come to this site less often- i can only think that a publicist is arranging all of this attention because this is the only site she gets it. living in her neighborhood and seeing her out for meals and events constantly without her new baby and then listening to her tell everyone what a great mom she is is just too much.

Kat1129 on

and yet..there she is…doing another red carpet. Stay home and raise your baby…your 16 mins of fame is up!

Pleasenomore on

Enough of her already!!! We get it PEOPLE! I beg you…please do not subject us to anymore articles about her and her baby.

Jojo on

I agree. I come to this site a whole lot less bc of stories like this. How is this news worthy????

jk on

I don’t mind reading about baby announcements on celebrities, but “feeling natural” about motherhood from someone I don’t care about or even know — WHO CARES??!!! Of course motherhood comes naturally for most first-time moms. Please People, post something worthy.

MilesLeroy on

Is this the only woman in the world who has ever given birth? It seems like almost everyday she is in a new article talking as though she is the most perfect mother and knows everything about having a child! So sick of her.

bubu on

everything she has said seems insincere !!!

proud on

Give a girl a break!…good for her for her for findind motherhood natural…my applause to her!

ms on

It’s enough already with this chic, and her sanctimonious bs.

momoftwocutiepie on

I think People features celebrities that craves so much attention. Jay Cutler dumped her last year and after getting back together, this starlet used her head and got herself pregnant to stay engage with him, they deserve each other lol and next article we will read soon is how they broke up and fights for custody, as what all these attention seekers usually end up doing. People, your website now turns out to be an online tabloid

Mara on

@ “Good for her” you need to chill out. Just cause you’re the only psychopath who’s in love with Kristin on here doesn’t give you the right to tell others that they’re jealous of her. I have a feeling your own of the people that probably runs the Kristin Cavallari fan sites, am I right? So far it’s only been about you and two other people that have stuck up for her. The other two just seem like the type that probably don’t ever say a bad word about anyone. You just seem like a screwball.

Mara on

oops *one not own…my bad

Willa on

Im pretty sure that all of you women out there brag about your babies to friends etc. Excatly like Kristin is… difference is, shes getting the Publicity and your not. Get over it. Shes a new Mom and she has the right to talk about her baby the way she sees fit!!!

Enough_Already on

Who is she and what does she do that is so worthy of an article every other day? She’s not the only woman on the planet to give birth and become a mother, so stop acting like it’s some kind of accomplishment.

Mara on

Willa she’s not talking about her baby the way most new moms do. Most new moms don’t act like they have it all figured out in the first 3 months. Most new moms aren’t telling people what they should and shouldn’t do when raising a child. Most new moms are looking to others for advice not dishing it out. This isn’t bragging about your new baby, this is trying to make yourself seem more important than you are.

Mandy on

I know I talk about my baby & my experiences all the time to coworkers & friends. I don’t see what Kristen is doing as any different. If you don’t want to hear about her, you don’t have to click on the article & read it.

southern girl on

Who cares! PEOPLE Magazine why do you think that we care about her or any other celebrity who has had a baby. So she lost weight , so she fell in love the first second (what mother has not), so labor hurt – WHO CARES. PEOPLE needs to step up to the plate and do a birth announcement, etc. Maybe you should talk to and pay regular people for their stories, etc. I guarantee they would be more interesting then Kristin ????? whoever!

bh on

I hope the baby looks like daddy because her face is very ugly.

Diana on

Really we don’t need to hear every time her baby poops.

tina on

Beautiful family…. from a Bears fan.

Janis on

Like she’s the ONLY ONE that motherhood has felt “very natural” for….whatever! Get over yourself already Kristin! You’re a first time mother like a gazillion other people have been!

larsen on

As opposed to being unnatural for all other women?

Lisa on

I’m starting to feel embarrassed for this girl. What a lonely, insecure person she must be to cling to that last .05 seconds left of her 15 minutes of fame so desperately. Everyone else has moved on Kristin! No one cares anymore!

Ashley on

Who gives a fuck!

Tanya R. on

she wants to have 3 sons and one daughter! this is my dream too!!!

Jenn on

Here’s a thought. How about everyone who is tired of seeing articles on her, STOP READING THEM! This is a celebrity magazine. Their job is to write stories about celebrities. If you don’t want to read a particular article on say..Kristen Cavalleri, then don’t click on it when it has her name on the title. Then the rest of us who are interested, and believe it or not we exist, don’t have to read all the crap comments the rest of you insist on submitting. Do you honestly think that the folks at People are going to hold a big meeting and go “well, these 45 people don’t want anymore Kristen stories. So we won’t post any.” I think not.

Victoria on

Yea, its easy when you don’t have to worry about money and bills. Or getting back to work to make end’s meet.

Sydney on

Interesting story. Let’s see, how many new moms are there in this world.? I suppose we will get the story, “Being a Wife Feels Very Natural” when and if Jay Cutler marries her.

hbomb1225 on

I will never understand the “what is she the only woman that has given birth” comments. No, obviously she isnt. And she isnt talking like she is the first one ever. In this particular article she gave an interview to a magazine titled, Parenting (shocking I know! Who would have thought someone who gave birth who happens to be in the public eye talks to a magazine called Parenting about what else hmm…parenting).

Everyone I know who has given birth has talked in the same way. In fact two days ago I was talking to a friend about her baby girl and she was “giving me advice” for when I have my first kid, and shes 8 months old, so not really any different. I have never been a Kristin fan, nor am I a Jay Cutler fan, but I dont understand what all the fuss about her talking about her baby is.

And has anyone else realized that a lot of articles on this site lately have been taken from other magazines actual interviews with celebrities? Maybe this isnt new, and I never really noticed before, but it seems this site cant get real interviews so they just take them from other magazines…seems odd to me.

torgster on

Funny how some of you people can’t get enough of Guilianna gushing over loving crappy diapers, and hasbeens like Jessica and Nick running off at the mouth with one stupid comment after another about their babies. What exactly is so offensive about Kristin pray tell? Grow up and get lives already.

Mara on

To the person that said people don’t criticize Jessica Simpson, and other celeb moms, they only criticize Kristin. What are you talking about? Where do you get your facts? Jessica Simpson gets criticized left and right in comments.

Brenda on

SOME OF YOU WOMEN ARE UNBELIEVABLE, if you read the article you would see that people took this except from her interview with PARENTING Magazine.


And since when is talking about pregnancy and being a new mom acting like no one else has done it. She’s talking about her own experiences, period not acting like she’s an expert. I just don’t get the hate. And this continuous obsession with her relationship with Jay Cutler is downright pathetic.

D on

wow she really lost that baby weight quick…she must of had a surrogate…