Elisabeth Röhm’s Blog: My Special Summer with Easton

10/16/2012 at 01:00 PM ET

Elisabeth Röhm's Blog: Falling Headfirst Into Fall
Sealed with a kiss – Courtesy Elisabeth Röhm

Elisabeth Röhm, best known for her roles as Serena on Law & Order and Kate on Angel, has been blogging for PEOPLE.com for over a year now.

The actress, 39, currently stars as Taylor on The Client List, while her film Officer Down is out later this year.

Her book, Object of My Conception: A Journey to Motherhood Through IVF, will be released by Da Capo in April.

She can be found on Facebook, Google + and @ElisabethRohm.

In her latest blog, Röhm — mom to 4-year-old Easton August with fiancé Ron Anthony — reminisces about her mother-daughter summer spent soaking up one-on-one time with her girl.

Did you do anything special with your children this summer?

Hello PEOPLE.com,

I’ve been missing you these days while we had our wild Indian summer adventures! I’m dying to hear all about yours.

Last we spoke I was moving houses and struggling with discipline — still entrenched with both of those tasks. But bigger and better things have been happening that I can’t wait to share.

Easton and I have had a lost summer! It’s been so unusual for us to spend time with each other for months on end, without Dad. We took several trips by ourselves: road, air and otherwise.

As we would take off on our adventure at hand it would remind me of the many trips I’d get to take with my dad when we would go on a holiday together after he and my mother divorced.

Elisabeth Röhm's Blog: Falling Headfirst Into Fall
Packing up the moving truck – Courtesy Elisabeth Röhm

Those trips are burned in my memory as times I really got to know my father and he got to know me. We went to Japan, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Germany … I’d tag along on his business trips for a week or so and my world multiplied and became bigger and brighter as he’d include me on his quest to do his work.

Maybe that’s where my wanderlust was birthed that has been the wind beneath my feet as an actor. I love to take off.

Well, Easton and I’ve had a whirlwind of a summer together what with moving houses and our many sojourns out of LALA land!

Ron has opened a restaurant here in Santa Monica called REJUICE and it has been eating up his hours, most especially during the summer because it opened in July.

So Easton and I have been on our own, taking care of each other and having some unbridled GIRL TIME! Endless manicures, professional haircuts, movies, hikes, afternoon swims and tons of social lunches and dinners. We were busy!

Elisabeth Röhm's Blog: Falling Headfirst Into Fall
At the beach – Courtesy Elisabeth Röhm

We might have seen Ron for dinner and breakfast here and there but mostly it’s been us girls just floating through a string of summer events, play dates and trips. It’s been very sweet indeed, although exhausting too. Makes me think of my single mother — who was doing all of the parenting on her own — with such gratitude.

We have a bond from this solo summer that’s going to stay with us forever I’d imagine (like my mother and I did because it was always me and Mom on our own).

And yet what do they say, familiarity breeds bickering? Or something like that! Well, it may have been the endless summer of love but a new level of mom/daughter drama occurred as well.

It gave me hives just thinking of the years to come. Oh, she’s going to be a willful one. That I know for sure! That’s a whole other blog … mom and daughter fighting. What’s that all about?

Oh, it made me lament all the torture I put upon my mother. As if we moms are responsible for everything: their every mood, whim and disappointment.

Elisabeth Röhm's Blog: Falling Headfirst Into Fall
Digging in – Courtesy Elisabeth Röhm

With all the change we experienced this summer I surely did catch my first glimpse of this! I’m not too psyched about it, to tell you the truth!

So by the time September rolled around I was like, “How come her school starts September 10th and not September 1st?” Kind of like those last weeks of pregnancy when you’re ready to give birth already! I’m sure you relate.

I had a tear in one eye as she ran off in her new uniform to play with her school friends! Oh, and also there was a new school to add into the mix. Waving with a bit of sadness and yet … freedom.

You mean I can finally exercise?

Yes, I put on all that summer weight too! That’s been fun! No time to do anything for Mommy, but we were an unbreakable and dynamic duo! And it was blissful … most of the time.

Elisabeth Röhm's Blog: Falling Headfirst Into Fall
On the farm – Courtesy Elisabeth Röhm

In August Easton and I went to Northern California for about a month where I was shooting a movie. It was the first time she went on location with me where Daddy didn’t come along to lend a hand.

So we had to really band together, “us girls” and make sure that all of Easton’s needs were met and that she was getting enough parental attention. My Aunt Nancy came and hung out with us for a portion of the trip and we really got some great family time in!

We were shooting on a 1000 acre property so the kids could run free and be outside all day like wild heathens, sweaty and dirty from romping in gardens and trying to commune with the deer.

She was safe, unlike her experience at home in L.A. where every move she makes is taut with city tension. She even made some new friends she’s been missing and Skyping with since we’ve returned to Venice Beach.

There were animals on the farm and it seemed as if every species was giving birth! Baby goats, chickens, cows, deer, and tons of bird nests teaming with hungry mouths.

Elisabeth Röhm's Blog: Falling Headfirst Into Fall
Aunt Evy, Easton and me – Courtesy Elisabeth Röhm

It was a thing of beauty and Easton really blossomed within all of that nature. She even got to herd some goats one crisp morning. It was splendor in the grass up on the farm!

After we came home for a month where more of the same hanging, playing, lounging summer fun happened, we flew to Tampa to see my great-aunt for her 90th birthday. Easton got to meet 40-some odd relatives she’d not yet met.

Talk about the summer where she grew up. She met her extended family too! It was very exciting and especially the relationship between her and her great-great Aunt Evy made Easton stand a few inches taller; confident from all the new relationships she made over the summer.

There was deepening of familial relationships and friendships that brought out the little girl; no longer a baby.

Oh, and last but certainly not least — my parents finally did move to California, all the way from N.Y.C. So there were visits with her grandparents and her Aunt Olivia and Uncle Lucas.

Elisabeth Röhm's Blog: Falling Headfirst Into Fall
With Dad and family – Courtesy Elisabeth Röhm

So much happened to us this summer, ladies.

Catch me up on all your adventures!

Here’s to a very busy and exciting fall together … can’t wait to keep our discussions going.

Let me know what’s on your mind and we’ll start there!

Until next time…

– Elisabeth Röhm

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Gwen on

Just like any other parent how refreshing. Thank you for blogging

Mommytoane on

First off….my goodness did Easton grow over the summer or what?? She seems to have lost a littlle more of the “baby” look and has grown into a beautiful “Little girl” look.

As the mommy of a daughter I can relate to the mother/daughter bond. My own mom and I didn’t have much of one, but I’m glad I have a wonderful one with my girl. I can also relate to the back to school gladness/sadness. I always feel a little sad but excited for my girl when she starts a new grade. This year was 4th! When she first started she was so afraid to be away from mommy, but as she’s grown she becomes more and more excited. Shes happy to learn, happy to see her friends, and even more excited to make NEW friends. I love her happiness and embrace it.

As for temperment…it changes. LOL It truely does. When my girl was a little one she had a much harder time working through emotions and frustrations and would often throw an angry little word or fit out there. But as she has grown and learned how to express herself more and more…it has become way less frequent. But embrace this time. Note down little things…antics, words they use, anything…you forget it fast and the time just seems to fly by.

Thank you for the wonderful blog post as per usual! It’s nice to hear from such a down to earth person.

Jordyn on

No offense, but kissing you child on the lips is just creepy and weird and inappropriate.

Rachelle Morrison on

I first came to “know” of you from the Angel series; husband and I watched it (granted we bought the entire box set of all seasons) and now we are watching a second time with our son; loved your character in that show, so confident, beautiful and graceful; have enjoyed reading your blogs; Easton is such a blesed little girl; you are unselfish with your time and giving; parents sometimes don’t get it that a child doesn’t meet material wealth to be fulfilled; you get that; you, in turn, learn through a child’s eyes the beauty and simple things around you; I always enjoy your new entries and thank you for sharing your precious Easton with your readers; looking forward to more from you. God Bless you and your family.

Nicole McDowell Ginsberg on

Thank you for sharing Elisabeth! So happy to here of all the wonderful things you and Easton experienced over the summer! I have fond memories of visiting my relatives cross country as a child that are always dear to my heart, I remember them as though it was yesterday. Im glad I read your blog, till next time xo

Nic on

I absolutely adored this blog. Very refreshing to read that she is one of the few celebrities that actually takes her child with her to work instead of leaving her with a nanny.

And Jordyn, why do you find it so creepy, weird and inappropriate that she kissed her daughter on the lips? Do you have any kids and if so, where do you kiss them, on the head? For God’s sake give it a break. That is completely normal.

Taraakapinky on

Thank you Nic! Everyone I know, I think, kisses their children/parents/siblings and quite a few still kiss each other on the mouth. I got away from doing that with my parents now that I’m an adult and married but I don’t think it’s weird if people do it. It actually bothers me when people have a problem with it. There is a difference between a family peck on the lips and making out with your child. 🙂

Mom from IL on

What a wonderful summer you & your daughter had sharing so many new experiences. Also meeting family members does help a child feel secure, special & loved being part of
a group of relatives. My kids are grown but the memories are always there to share w them & they never seem to mind! They refer to me as Mama now-what more could you want? I love reading your writings & looking at your photos. Know you’ve heard this before but it does go tooo fast! Enjoy!!!!

JM on

Jordyn, no offense, but i think you may have some deep-seated, serious issues if you think that parent and child kissing each other on the mouth is creepy, weird or inappropriate.

i don’t know a single person who didn’t kiss their parents on the mouth or who doesn’t kiss their children on the mouth. what is wrong with it? is it seen as weird in america?

reagan on

She could be any of my mom friends. Wow. Love this.

Sara on

Nice read. I’m a mom to a 20 month girl & can relate to your feelings. I joined a gym with daycare so I can be sure that I am taking care of myself too. I think that’s important & gives “balance”. I think it’s great your family is involved in your child’s life. Oh, and my husband & I both kiss our baby on her lips…it’s not “creepy” at all, it’s called love:-)

Mechemom on

Hello Elisabeth !

We too had an unusual summer … driving across the continent and back. It was an extended family vacation, that cost more than we expected but was worth every penny. Mount Rushmore, Navy Pier, Old Faithful … we saw ’em ! Please keep blogging, I, like the other ladies, find your blog the one I can relate to as a “normal” mom.

Oh, and for the ladies discussing kissing on the lips … while I wouldn’t criticize another family for doing it, we choose not to in our family. In our “neck of the woods” I would say about half of families do kiss their kids on the lips and half don’t.