BumpWatch: Shakira (and Baby) Rock Out

10/15/2012 at 05:00 PM ET

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Leather leggings? Check. Studded bracelet? Check. Baby bump? Check.

Shakira had all she needed to hit the stage rockin’ Sunday night at Baku Crystal Hall in Azerbaijan.

The singer, 35, announced in September that she was expecting her first child with boyfriend Gerard Piqué.

It’s since been revealed that Shakira is having a boy.

“I felt awesome on stage!” she Tweeted post-performance, sharing a photo of herself flipping her hair. “We really enjoyed tonight!”

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Eri on


Anonymous on

she is so ugly.

Really troll? on

Oh…is she? Tell me more about how ravishingly beautiful you are? Oh that’s right, you’re not.

Go take a seat somewhere.

carrieg82 on

Hahah thats why theres no pic

Anna Scott on


sph on

She’s lovely and her baby is going to be gorrrrrrrrrgeous!

Anonymous on

she’s not ugly so shut up

Melissa on

I thought she was pretty before becoming pregnant. Now, she is ravishingly beautiful!

Kim on

To the person who said she is ugly; kindly post a photo of yourself online so we can all pass our opinions on you. I’m betting in a looks contest between you and Shakira..YOU LOSE.

Anna Scott on

Calling a pregnant person ugly, or anyone for that matter is a big shame on you!!! Loser!!!

Tee Tee on

I have no idea who this woman is but she certainly looks happy!

lala on

I think she is stunning and hopefully her baby is too.

Gloria on

I love Shakira and I just know she is going to have a beautiful little baby !!

anya on

Maybe she is not that ugly,but very plain and pretty short,the baby’s father is way too good looking for her and too young as well.

Dani on

Aww, she’s glowing! Very beautiful. That baby is going to be GORGEOUS.

Just Me on

“Anonymous” is so ugly he/she/it is afraid to post a picture of itself….it only wishes it looked as gorgeous as Shakira.

The Mrs. on

I don’t agree with the comment that says she’s ugly, but why, when commenters make these opinions, do other commenters assume that the person is ugly. “Post a picture of you cause I bet your ugly.” No, just because someone thinks a star is not attractive doesn’t mean that they are ugly. You people need to get off your high horse.

kristen on

I never liked Shakira and I agree with ‘Anonymous’. Everyone has an opinion and I honestly dont see what’s so wrong with calling her ugly.

teri johnson on

Shakirra is a huge donor to the less fortunate, she has a heart of gold. She looks beautiful!

Ella on

I am not a Barca fan so I could care less about Pique having a kid but she sure does look cute pregnant.

Tayler on

Aww, she looks really cute! And she actually dresses like a pregnant mom should dress for a change instead of wearing all that tight crap and exposing every nook and cranny to the world to see! Catch a clue peeps ~ We don’t want to see it!! I didn’t show it when I was pregnant and I don’t need to see it when you are!!

CCEx on

She had a rocking body, but her face isn’t gorgeous. And no I’m not ugly.

Anonymous on

Okay, I must be seeing a different picture than some, because Shakira doesn’t look ugly to me. She’s not drop-dead gorgeous, no, but she’s certainly not ugly either!

And even if I DID find her less than good looking, I wouldn’t say so here. My rule of thumb is that if I wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, I shouldn’t be saying it on an Internet message board either!

Anyway, I love how happy she seems!

Is just me or what? on

This world is upside down……what a celebration to bring “shack- up” children to this world…..my respects to Beyonce and all those showbiz people who still understand and treasure what the core of society is.

Leslie on

IMO…Shakira is beautiful…she has a wonderful heart and is a beautiful person. Cannot wait for her to have the baby. I’m sure that the baby will be very attractive….mom and dad are both attractive people!

I’m also glad that she isn’t wearing clothes that shows everything to everyone…wow…she knows better huh? Has some respect for herself? Wow that is a change!

I wish that whole family luck. I hope it works out forever for them. They are so cute together.

Sam on

Another bastard on the way. First comes marriage, THEN comes baby.


She is not Miss Universe, but definetely looks better than most of celebrities considering she uses almost no make up and she is 35…

Joyce on

Congrats to her and the bf… She is not ugly! Going to have a beautiful bundle of joy!

Robert on

Bless her! She looks fab. 🙂

Diana on

I’ve been a fan since her first album in 1996. It’s so new to see her like this; she’s glowing!

Anonymous on

I like her, and at least she had the decency to cover up her belly.

jc on

I guess I have been living under a rock. did not know she was pregnant. Congrats!

Sarah on

She is nt ugly calling her ugly means u hav no eyes. Congrates dear wishing u all d best in life.

Joan on

Congrats to both parents!!

Alex on

I think she’s very pretty. Haters need to sit down and STFU

Is just me or what? on

Really??? artist greed goes far…to go out on stage with that big bump……the good about her show was to see her almost like in her “birthday suit” and now? Any pregnant woman with a dubbed voice will look beautiful on stage but do we really want to go out and pay for that…really???

She needs to take her of her placenta and don’t rupture it, a little old for first pregnancy.

Anonymous on

She should get married if she wants to have kids.

Julianna on

I love Shakira and I am so happy for her and Piqué! That’s going to be one gorgeous baby.

George William Gockel on

Congratulations Shaikira.

Is just me or what? on


Sandra on

Like Anonymous, I don’t find her pretty at all. She does look cute, though.

We are not trying to mean, we are just stating our opinions. If all of you are allowed to, why aren’t we?

Is just me or what? on

Sweating,with pregnancy face discoloration,etc. this is disgusting Shakira.

Syde on

It is actually rude to call someone ugly. I say if you haven’t got something nice to say then don’t say it at all. Besides the reason why anonymous is getting slated by others is because he is wrong. To call someone ugly when they are not is a sign of envy!

Syde on

Well I should say he or she, most likely a she 🙂

kathy on

Really??? get marry before kids???? …..in what world do you live?????????? they love each other, that is more than enough