Nick Lachey Loves Sniffing His Son

10/15/2012 at 01:00 PM ET

Nick Lachey Loves Sniffing His Son
Vince Flores/ AFF

These days Nick Lachey‘s life is filled with dirty diapers, late-night feeds and … smelling his son Camden John.

The proud papa and wife Vanessa welcomed their baby boy on Sept. 12 and Lachey finds nothing sweeter than taking a sniff of the couple’s first child.

“That smell of your newborn baby doesn’t last very long, but it’s something you’ll always remember,” the new dad tells PARADE.

“So I find myself sniffing his head and his neck. There is that baby smell that is so special, especially when it’s your own baby!”

Calling parenthood “a roller coaster,” Lachey, 38, has been basking in baby bliss and enjoying each new experience as a family of three.

It’s been incredible to go through for the first time. It’s all kind of surreal. Every day is a new surprise or expression,” he says. “I try to do everything with the baby. I sing to him. I shush him a lot. It’s all about spending as much as you can.”

Teaming up with Tide for their Show Us Your Colors football campaign, Lachey was more than happy to let people sneak a peek at his little guy’s game time gear — an apparent good luck charm for the Cincinnati Bengals.

“Now with Camden, he has his own Bengals onesie and the team is 3-1 with him cheering them,” he says. “So in the last month, my tradition has been changing him and getting him ready for football at 10 o’clock. Then we sit together and watch. It’s awesome.”

But when the father-son football fans aren’t glued to the game, Lachey has been busy scoring a few potential hits of his own in the studio.

“I’m actually working on a lullaby project that’s inspired by Camden,” he reveals of the album slated for release early next year. “It’s some originals I’m writing and some classic ones so it’s a mixture.”

— Anya Leon

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Becky on

Be careful, people will be making fun of you the way they made fun of Giuliana.. Love this story…

Sandy on

COme on, who wouldn’t want this guy for their dad!

He’s gonna be a great dad, lucky Camden!

Enjoy it like you are cuz it goes way to fast!

Missy on

I loved the smell of my son. They really do grow up quickly.

Kayte on

Adorable family. It’s so nice to read about a celebrity dad who seems so normal and down to earth.

colleen on

His boy is cute but it is a double competition between he & Vanessa on posting about the baby now. Next week, it is the wife’s turn, etc.

Amanda on

Totally agree!! New baby smell is intoxicating !!!! Forget New car smell they should bottle New baby smell!!!!

MollyF on

Love new baby smell. 🙂 They should make a air freshener called, “New baby Smell.” 🙂

Tee Tee on

What a sweet interview! Nick’s right, the smell of a newborn baby is intoxicating. It’s nice to see a father enjoying their child so much!

Marky on

Guiliana says it and it’s ridiculous and she should shut up! Jessica says it, and she should shut up and why did she ever leave Nick? Nick says it, and it’s the cutest thing ever and isn’t he adorable!! SMH!!

Anonymous on

He sounds like a great dad!

Anonymous on

colleen- Don’t most new parents tend to talk people’s ears off about their babies?! 😉

SB on

Maybe it’s not so annoying because Nick refrained from telling us about the giant dump his kid took. Let’s hope he steers clear of that road.

Cindy on

They’re not the only celebrities that talk about their baby. Obviously, they are very proud first time parents. They are such a cute couple! So happy for them.

pixie on

I know exactly what he’s talking about!!! 🙂 What a sweet father!

Sherri Long on

There is nothing better than a baby that smells of Johnsons baby lotion, power, and shampoo after a bath. So sweet

LA on

Love Love Love the smell of a baby! Couldn’t you just eat em up! Not literally 🙂 but their smell is intoxicating! Congrat’s Nick and Vanessa! Camden is a lil doll! Love your family and stay happy!

Rhonda on

I know exactly what he means. I loved how my son smelled when he was a newborn. He smelled like baby lotion and Ivory Snow detergent. Sooooo sweet.

sunny on

Enjoy Nick. There is hardly any fragrance better then that of your newborn child. Your child will grow so fast, enjoy very moment you have each day.

Gloria on

Babies just have the smell of love! It’s a smell that you can’t quite describe!

TeacherJax on

Is he really spending as much time with his baby as he claims? I think he spends more time talking to than raising his son. You’ve made your buck, the world doesn’t need to know intimate details of your private time with your family. Learn a thing or two from Taylor Hanson (5 kids and married for over 10 years)

Roo on

Very sweet! But what does he mean by “shushing” the baby? I’m sure he means he whispers to him to soothe him, but to me “shushing” means telling someone to be quiet, which of course you would not do to a newborn. A lovely family!

Gina on

Babies (after they are bathed) smell wonderful!

alumette on

I think the sense of smell has a very special way to stimulate us and connect us. We, humans as parents smell our newborns as other animals smell their offsprings and connect. It is primordial and powerful. Good for you Nick….your son looks just like you, by the way. I don’t know about the indoctrination of the baby in the football outfits…..that may be over the top.

Leslie on

I use to do the same thing when my son was born. I loved smelling his neck. He is now 19, so that period is definitely over. LOL.

kim on

so sweet

Anonymous on

Am I the only one that thinks that this should not be news of any kind???? So he likes to do what just EVERY other parent in the world does…big deal… I mean seriously!

ace11 on

What a total tool bucket, this guy is

maybe he can act his age now…and not like some college frat boy

Lizzie on

NICK & VANESSA seem to have such a LOVING marriage and now with their PRECIOUS Baby Camden, they are a

mommabear on

Oh I love the baby smell, wow this article took me back to when my 5 were babies. I’m glad to hear other people sniff their babies too, I thought my husband I were weird because we were always in awe just smelling our babies, lol.

Macrina on

How is this news? Sounds kinda creepy and disturbing to me.

Bella on

I understand what his talking about, it a wonderful smell,
Like a brand new car…lol
But ever better…
His gonna be a great dad…
Best wish…^_^

Cristen on

BTW People the Cincinnati Bengals(3-3)!

CanadaGurl on

Woop di do!! Who doesn’t like smelling new born baby???

Anonymous on

I agree there is nothing better than new baby smell. All of my kids are older now but I still can remember that smell and there is nothing like it 🙂

Ann on

Sweet smell of a newborn baby is just that….sweet!!!!

melanda on

Nick is so handsome… and just seeing him with Vanessa and his new baby, makes him even sexier!! Why on earth did Jessica ever think about leaving him…. glad she did, he looks much happier now!