Hilary Duff: Why I’m Happy to Be a Young Mom

10/15/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Hilary Duff: Why I'm Happy to Be a Young Mom
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She may be enjoying play dates at the park with women a decade older, but Hilary Duff couldn’t be happier with her decision to enter into the motherhood club in her twenties.

“I don’t have a lot of people my age who have babies. So I’m at a totally different spot than a lot of my friends,” the new mom to 7-month-old Luca Cruz tells Parents.

“I don’t really know what the alternative is. I do have a lot of energy, I feel great, and I had a really easy pregnancy.”

And with more babies on the brain, Duff is able to soak up time with her son before expanding her family with husband Mike Comrie any further — a luxury that older moms may not get, she says.

“I want to have more kids and I’m looking forward to doing that, but I’m not in any rush,” Duff, 25, explains. “I think sometimes maybe if you start a little later you’re in a hurry to get all the kids you want, and I have a little time to spread that out.”

Navigating her way through life as a first-time parent hasn’t always been easy — following a two-week “high” after Luca’s birth, she hit true exhaustion — but Duff has been more than willing to tackle even the toughest challenges.

“I’ll step up to the plate when there’s a screaming baby and he needs something. It’s an automatic reaction: ‘What?! Anything. I’ll do it!'” she says.

And while some moms meet their match when it comes to swaddling their newborns, the singer wasn’t willing to accept defeat.

“I think that there hasn’t been too much that has been extremely challenging for me, but the swaddle was important,” Duff shares. “I said to myself, ‘I’m gonna figure out this damn swaddle if it’s the last thing I do! And it’s gonna be good and he’s not going to be able to break out of it!'”

One area where Duff has felt the heat? The public’s opinions on her body after baby.

“When you see, ‘Hilary Debuts Post-Baby Body!’ you want to tell people, ‘No, actually, I was just going out to get a coffee,'” she muses. “There are some women who look the same right after — I think they are freaks of nature! I don’t know how that happens. I’m not one of those people.”

Instead, Duff has taken a slow and steady approach to her postpartum weight loss.

“It takes your body nine months to get there — really 10 months,” she says. “So I’m trying to be patient, but I’m working hard. And I think now more than ever, I appreciate my body and what it’s done for me.”

— Anya Leon

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laurenscrazydreams on

I think it’s funny that some consider 25 young when it’s the national average in the US!

I had my first at 27 and I was always surprised by the “young” comments.

KO on

Exactly. You’re not a young mom, Hils. I think there needs to be more awareness about the facts of women’s reproductive lives. People don’t like to hear it though and then there’s a lot of heartbreak later on. I guess I mean that life is about making choices that aren’t perfect, I would rather be (relatively) poor and have kids than ‘settled’ and risk no kids. Everyone is different but let’s not pretend that you won’t ever have to choose.

Katie on

Hilary has all her ducks in a row. She is a great role model for young women. She is right, she has time to spread children out. Very wise she is. I wish her all the best!

Annie on

I don’t understand the need to compare? Why can’t she, or any mother, just say “this works for me and I’m happy?” To each her own (and nature’s course).

lizzy on

I had my babies at 23yr old. I love two boys and little princess. They are my life that God created for me to rise.

Emily on

lizzy…uh, what?

Holiday on

Laurenscrazydreams Hillary was 24 when she had Luca. There is quite a big difference between 24 and 27. So Hilary was a bit under the average while you were 2 years older . I was 22 so definitely a young mom and I love being a young mom. My children were planned and I would never have wanted to start any later/

Cindy on

Um, people should have kids when they’re ready. The answer is different depending on the person making the decision and for some the answer is (or should be) never. No need to defend anything if you’re secure with your choice.

Mommytoane on

LOL its true, the average age is mid 20’s. My DD was born 11 days after I turned 23. I felt quite young at the time, and was told frequently that I started young. BUT it felt right for me.

Swaddling was the hardest to learn. Some babies like it, others don’t. My DD hated being swaddled. No matter how hard I tried to learn she resisted. To this day she is an independant little fireball….and I love every second of it.

Lucille on

She is such a sweetheart and I just love her attitude.

jones on

She seems very mature and a good mother. Both she and her husband have careers where they made money at a fairly young age, though, so she was in a better place financially than most people her age to have a child. She seems like a great person, I just think it is silly to compare situations.

lol on

this is interesting few are commenting on her weight but she keeps bringing it up. There are a lot of other celebrities that have been trashed far worse then Hilary but she keeps trying to be relavant. I think she probably is a good girl but cannot be taken seriously at all. In the beginning of her preganacy she was all about health & eating right & exercise because that was what was out there. Then she chnaged up after birth & told Ellen & others she ate whatever she wanted & pigged out on most things. Such a switch & she just trys too hard to be part of rather then taking her stand. She goes with what is popular for attention. Hilary needs to be real with herself first.

Cheryl on

I think most people have good intentions of eating well and exercising in the beginning of a pregnancy. Then something happens a long the way (it’s called hormones) and you end up eating more and you get too big to comfortably exercise. Don’t over analyze it.

Sandy on

I was 29 when I had the first one and 31 when I had the second one.

Mina on

25 is young to have kids?! WOW. Here I was thinking thats on the older side. My one friend had her 4th/last at 27…first at 22.

I remember Reese was 24 when she had Ava and everyone called her a young mom. Britney at 24 said she was a young mom. And Kate Hudson called herself a young mom at 24 too.

My mom was 20, then 21, then 25 when she birthed her kids/us. I gave birth 1 month after my 20th birthday. Even my cousin had her first at 24 and everyone asked her why she had a kid so young and I kept thinking…really?! Cuz our one cousin had one at 18…now thats young! NOT 24 or 25!

Chica on

The older side? Are you serious Mina?? Having a baby in your late 30’s – 40’s is older. 24 is not old. Most 24 year olds are still not very mature, so it is reasonable to consider it young!

Anonymous on

Great choice!!

Halley on

I agree with her comment that starting young (if you’re ready) does give you the luxury to space your children out if you wish. My kids are 7 years apart, and I wouldnt have felt comfortable doing that if I hadn’t had my first at 22.

Of course, what works for every family is different. There is no right or wrong, just what works for you.

CruzitosMommy on

swaddling is a MUST! I don’t think enough moms do it, it was in my routine just as much as feeding, burping, & changing! I’m 22 with a soon to be 4yr old so I started super young. I adore my son he has changed my life for the better and if I had him any older I wouldn’t be where I’m at now. But there were struggles, im sure in the big picture its easier for her because she doesn’t have financial stress on top of baby stress. Just my opinion.

CCEx on

Not every baby likes to be swaddled, CruzitosMommy. What you think other women should do with their babies that you’ve never met is irrelevant.

kh in sj on

Well said CCEx.

kh in sj on

“Swaddling is a must?” As of when? Not all babies need or like it. Both of my boys were miserable being swaddled, and slept better without it. Just because it worked for your baby doesn’t mean it works for all CruzitosMommy.

Emily on

Simmer down kh, she did say it was just her opinion!

Lacey on

I had my first child at 40 years old and my second last year at 44 years old. And no, I did not get married late in life. My husband and I met when we were 23 and got married at 26. We just both wanted to travel and advance our careers before kids, which we have both succeeded at doing. And I would not have had them a day sooner. I have no regrets!

B on

40 is a bit late to start having kids, there are positives to having kids later in life, you are wiser probably well established but on the other hand your kids don’t experience the some of the benefits of having younger parents. My parents had me later in life my mom was 37 and my dad 39 although I wasn’t their first child some times I wish I had younger parents growing up with more energy to do things with me. My dad turned 60 before I turned 21!

Brandi on

I think that’s awesome Lacey 🙂 My fiance and I are both 32 and met in high school when I was 16 and he was 17. We don’t have any kids yet and even though we both want them, we’re taking our time and just aren’t in any rush. We’re getting married next year and took our time in planning our wedding and taking the next steps in our life together…we both really want to build a solid foundation and be established as individuals and together as a couple before becoming parents. There’s a lot of pressure from the world sometimes to have a baby because society says it’s not the “norm” for us to be childless at our age, but we refuse to march to the beat of anyone’s else biological drum except our own 🙂

Cassie on

I wish I had had the chance to have babies in my 20’s, but it didn’t happen that way. Now that I’m nearing my mid 30’s, I feel my window of opportunity has ‘slammed’ shut. My advice to younger people is, make sure you are fertile at a younger age, so you don’t live with regret later.

Victoria on

First, she’s not young. She’s settled, married, and secure financially. I kind of feel like has already accomplished a lot considering she entered showbiz at such a young age. Have said, that I’m 33 and I secure or not, I couldn’t imagine have children in my 20s. I was busy traveling the world and I still am. I think the bottom line is everyone has a different life path and we all make different choices based on what we think is right for us individually. More power to her and all of the moms who gave birth in their 20s. And more power to those of us who are waiting and/or gave birth in their 30s. There’s nothing wrong with either choice.

WHI on

I’m 25 and have a 16mo old and people usually comment on my age too. I dont feel “too young” though. I just feel like a mom! And I think Luca is adorable and Hilary seems to be doing a great job at motherhood 🙂

And hey, Hilary, if you find the secret to getting your pre-baby body back, hit me up, I’m still trying to lose the pouch 🙂

Lacey on

I had my first child at the age of 40 and my second last year at the age of 44. And no, I did not get married late in life. My husband and I met at 23 and married at 26. We both just wanted to travel and have advance ourselves in our careers before we had kids. And I wouldn’t have had them a day sooner. We both have great positions in our jobs and have seen the world. I have no regrets.

Anonymous on

I had my first at 20, he was 100% planned and I had been married for over a year before we had him. Some women choose to start their families earlier than others. I was definitely a young mom, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m 26 now and had my second baby 6 months ago 🙂

Just My Opinion on

Does she think she’s in a elite club?

Connie on

When you use averages you need to remember that it takes into account the 15 year olds as well as the 50 year olds. No one should have a baby if they aren’t ready, and ready doesn’t translate to money. In my opinion, ready is when you are in a stable and loving relationship and are ready to put that child(ren) first for the next couple of decades.

sheilabeila on

I started having my kids at 18 years old–THAT is a young mom! lol However, I wouldn’t trade any minute of it. I am now mommy to 3 beautiful girls (2, 4, & 6) and a handsome little boy (10 days) and I am 25!!

Jennifer on

Considering there are so many teen pregnancies, I would hardly call a 25 year old a ‘young mom.’

My husband and I just had our first child after 16 years of marriage. I’m 36 and he’s 40 and we hardly feel geriatric for our choice. You’re as young as you feel, and children certainly help keep you young.

Deena on

I agree. Same here. Married for 18 years before we had our first and only son. The Lord blessed em with one son that we prayed for & waited for.

melindas on

I was 19 when I got pregnant with my first. I’m 26 now and have three.. and now I’m done. I have my family.

Jennifer on

There’s not a right or wrong. There are pros & cons to being a young mom, just like there are pros & cons to being an older mom. I was 25 (which is very average, not young!) and I love it. I’m 33 and pregnant with my 4th. The only thing I didn’t think about is that I’m going to be relatively young when they graduate and that makes me sad. I plan on having a “bonus baby” in my late 30’s to hang on to being a mom as long as possible.

Jenny on

I had my first at 19, just 3 months before my 20th bday & my second (and last) at 22. I am now 27 & people always comment on how young of a mom I am which I don’t really get. I married my high school sweetheart right out of high school & we love being “younger” parents!! I personally wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 I agree though that most of my good friends who have kids my kids ages are 5-10 years older than I am.

Ava on

This girl gloats about her wonderful decisions and brags about her life like no other, and I for one am sick of it. I’m in my mid-thirties, but due to a health condion will probably never be blessed with my own children. It makes me very sad and depressed, but those are the cards I was dealt and I am forced to make the most of it. But hearing from people who were lucky enough to marry and have kids young just is really upsetting.

Chica on

Ava, she is probably asked questions over and over again. Why so bitter? If you were dealt those cards and know you have to make the best of things, don’t be so hateful for those who didn’t have to struggle like you did. She worked hard to get where she is in life.

Brandi on

I don’t see it as bragging Ava…I think she was interviewed and it was discussed as her choice to get married and start a family a lot sooner than many of her Hollywood counterparts happens to be a topic of discussion right now. I’m sorry about your medical condition…I really am…but attacking others for becoming young wives and moms just because you weren’t able to do the same makes you sound very bitter and spiteful. I pray thay you find some peace and acceptance in your life and hope you won’t fail to see the other doors that are open around you just because that particular door is closed. God bless.

annie on

Well, you could either have your children close in age by “rushing it”, or you could “spread them apart” by years or decades to have more time with them. Either way, both have their advantages, in my opinion. I don’t think one way is really the best way, however.

Midwestie on

She is fairly young, compared to the Hollywood standard. I echo her sentiments about being a young mom. I had my first at 22, my second at 23. I will be 42 years old when they’re both graduated and out of the house. In some ways, I do feel like I was pretty immature when I had my babies. But I also had a lot of energy. Now, 9 years after I had my first baby, I think I would have less energy for a newborn/toddler, but I also think I would be more patient and less uptight. Each side has its positives and negatives.

I do have to roll my eyes at those who say they wanted to “travel the world” before they have kids. I’ve been to 6 different countries in the past 4 years, not to mention traveling around the U.S. Next year we plan on taking the kids to Central America. Having kids doesn’t steal your soul. It makes things a bit harder, but travel is still doable.

K.J on

Im the same age as Hilary. My son was born a week after. I don’t consider myself a young mom. But compared to my friends I am. I’m the only one who has had a child. So in a way I do feel young. I can understand why she said that. And in the Hollywood life she is young compared to most the stars who are having babies.

Rose on

@Ava: If hearing people talk about their children is upsetting to you then why would you come to this site? It’s kind of ridiculous to deliberately choose to go somewhere where you know you’re going to end up getting upset.

2lc on

A lot of people want to fully enjoy their youth in their 20s before it’s gone forever–that’s why 25 is a “young mom.” So many women are brainwashed into thinking that getting married and having kids are their sole purposes in life.

Tiffany on

I think adults should have kids when they are ready, whatever age that is. Period.

monique on

” I think sometimes maybe if you start a little later you’re in a hurry to get all the kids you want, and I have a little time to spread that out.”

For some women who struggle with infertility, it might take a little longer. She makes it seem like all women can get pregnant that easily and they can control when they have children. There are women out there who probably wanted to be young mothers, but it didn’t happen for 5-10 yrs.

mommabear on

2 out of my five loved to be swaddled and the other 3 wanted nothing to do with it. The 2 that enjoyed it are the chillaxing type while the other 3 are always doing something. Whoever says babies don’t have their own little personalities right from the beginning are wrong IMO.

R on

I think 25 is still a young mom. I think any age in 20’s is a young mom to be honest. Who really cares anyway? Women are having babies at all different ages. We aren’t in the 50s! …Years ago if you had a baby at “25” that probably was considered average. But Today, having babies in mid 20’s is still Young. A lot more women are having babies later on… I am 29 and still don’t have a baby yet and many of my friends are the same age without kids….It’s all a personal choice!!

kayliej on

I had my little boy a month after my 21st birthday after a year of marriage and now 5 years later i love it. i decided i didnt want anymore kids after 25 cause my husband and i want to spend our 40+ years traveling and just hanging out.. he works on trains so were talking about both becoming conductors and going tandem. i loved being a “younger” mom although it was lonley until the rest of my friends started having their own so i know how she means.

Mina on

Chica, 25 is a rather normal age to have kids. 25 year olds are not spring chickens and are on the older side, imo. Now like, 18 is young. Thats a spring chicken. By 25, you should already have completed schooling, established a career, done your partying, and done your traveling. Thats SEVEN YEARS past high school graduation! Yes, 25 to me is on the older side. And I am 30 and saying that!

Midwestie, I agree, you can travel with kids. Sometimes it makes it more fun getting to share in different cultures and teach a younger generation through experience. My son loves to travel with me. It would be boring to go alone, imo.

And let me say in defense of my fellow young moms…my friends are now having kids and mine is grown enough to not need all my time and energy lol. So now while he goes out and plays with his friends, I can relax or do whatever I want…while my friends with the infants and toddlers are exhausted from being up all night. While they were having fun, I was raising a baby. Now I am having fun and they are doing the baby thing. So, you win either way. People think having a child young, your life is over. So not true. And while my friends have screaming babies, I am traveling the world with my son and its sooo fun! He’s 10 now btw lol.

Lauren on

25 is not a young mom! My friend has three kids under 4 and she’s 26, had her first at 21. I don’t know why she feels the need to speak to the media every week about her baby. She’s no longer relevant since her acting and singing career dried up.

Diana on

25 is not young. I had my last child at 25. I started at 20. Yes that was “young” but honestly women who start later have way to many issues. This whole have kids late is a new fad. Women were having kids by 20 for centuries.

crystal on

totally average age to have kids. normal even. why does she think she is so young? really, she’s not…most people i know have kids by 23 at least, that’s with getting their post education out of the way and everything else. so hmmmm….ok?

sparkykid on

25 a young mom? In Kentucky, you could already be a grandmother!

Meep on

I had my first child at age 27 and you wouldn’t believe how many people would say “You’re way too young to have kids” or “you young people having babies..,” the worst was a lady that said, and I quote, “How do you as a teenager, think you’re going to care for a baby!” I thanked her for thinking I was a teen, but informed her that I was 27!! She called me a liar. Anyway, there is no reason to defend your choice to have children… if you’re 24 or 44. There are only TWO people involved when it comes to having kids and that’s you and your significant other. If anyone else has something negative to say about it… screw ’em!

Laura on

25 isn’t young – it just seems that being interviewed about being a mom is her career now. I don’t understand the comments calling her mature, wise and good role model. What has she accomplished other than NOT turning out like Lindsey Lohan? Did this girl even finish high school?

Audrey on

Ahem, I am not a freak of nature. I know she was only kidding but she could have left that part out. I am a mother to a beautiful 8 month old baby boy and wore my pre-pregnancy jeans right out of the hospital the day after I gave birth to my son. I have a genetically fast metabolism and, even though I only gained 21lbs, I gave birth to a healthy 6.13lb baby boy.

Oh and I had my son 5 days before I turned 25 and would not have changed a thing. I feel the same way as Hilary, I would also have added though that I will be able to also be active in my grandchildren’s lives longer than parents who have kids in their 40’s and are grandparents in their 60’s to 70’s. There are also the health benefits, it is statistically true that it is safer to have kids between the ages of 25 and 35. Babies born to mothers under 25 and over 35 have an automatic predisposition to low birth weight, health problems, and/or birth defects.

NoBabiesinYour20s on

I live in NYC where it’s pretty normal to still be single at 30 (and not even thinking about children yet). There is SO MUCH that the world has to offer and so much that you just can’t do once you have kids. You better be ready to be completely selfless because you wont be able to do a lot (read: most) things you used to do after your kids are born. Not saying they’re not full of joy and happiness and all that noise, just saying that you should enjoy your 20s and have your own life first. Yes, 24 is awfully young to give birth and anything younger than that is just babies having babies! Lol.

soph on

Ava, Hilary was interviewed and that is all. Is she not supposed to do that for your benefit?

liz on

Seriously why are Hilary Duff’s personal views on motherhood news. I mean who cares. Hilary Duff has money and a husband- no education- but who cares about that she’s really good a portraying happy little teenage girls that have cartoon alter egos- so her perspective totally worth something.

I actually found this article offensive because there are a lot of women out there who can’t have a baby at 24 or whatever for a plethora of reasons and some of those women will never be able to have children- but what does that matter as long a we all get the world according to Gidget. Has anyone asked Hilary’s sister Hallie if she is ok being “older” ( than Hilary) and not having a family. And how does Hilary know that she will be able to have a baby later and space her kids out. You have no way of knowing what life will bring so all this self congratulatory crap is just that- crap. In 2 months she’ll come out and tell all about her postpartum- will it never end?

K.J on

Liz, if you find it offensive then don’t read it! This is people mag that’s news on their site! They ask her questions on motherhood she answers. When you have kids you love talking about the whole experience! So whenever there’s an article on motherhood or kids maybe you shouldn’t read it!

Jadey on

What an odd little rant liz. So because you haven’t had kids, people aren’t allowed to talk about having them?? I had a daughter when I was 21…how do you like that eh? Suck it!

Janie on

No one is arguing that there are younger women who have children – certainly there are. But, at 27 I was the first of all my close friends to have a child. Most first time mom’s in my mom and baby group were around 30-33. The reason for this was that most of us had an average of 6 years of schooling after high school (4 year degree and 2 year professional/masters/etc) program and then spent a few years trying to gain a stable career and have a house ready for baby. I will say I had a baby before a fully developed career, and the reason I did was because my husband has a higher income.

If we were millionaires at 25, it may have happened earlier. If we married from high school and worked at jobs requiring less training or education we may have had kids earlier (my friends who went to two year college programs had kids younger, but now make less money). It’s a hard choice to make, yet a pretty normal and realistic one. It is also true that the mid-thirties mom’s are having their second babies quicker than the midtwenties moms. However, it seem all of us love and appreciate our familes

Skt on

Midwest: You roll your eyes at the travel comment? Oh please! So I guess you’re the damn mom that’s taking her 7 month old on a plane crying and screaming the whole time because you are too dang selfish to either leave the kids with your parents or another relative/friend while you travel with your husband.

Anonymous on

She’s not that young and she shouldn’t criticize “older” mothers…people have kids or don’t have kids when they are ready. Not one way is right.

janie on


RT on

good luck with motherhood ( ;
I too became a mom at 25 and today, 22 years later I realize how nice it was (for me) that I became one at such young age. My husband and I are able to enjoy second life at age 47 and things are good.

Brandi on

Lol all the whiny comments about Hilary not being relevant anymore are ridiculous. Obviously she has some kind of relevance if you took the time to read her article and then post a comment. It’s not rocket science, ladies …it’s actually really simple. If you don’t care to hear about her experiences and views as a new mom, then don’t read the article and save your childish posts for your facebook pages. Moving on…

Anonymous on

She’s not young

Anonymous on

I had my daughter when I was 21. I was married and it was what we both wanted. No, I have not traveled the world or done anything spectacular with my life…yet. While all you moms are chasing after toddlers in your 40’s, us young moms have already raised our babies, and then that will be our time. Young or old……just try to be the best mom you can be, and don’t judge other moms

Monica on

25 might be a national average, but it’s only because there’re a bunch of 13-17 year-olds getting knocked up. If you got to college, grad school and then start a career – which is an increasing trend among women in America these days, you can’t have babies at 25. Women have them after they get their feet wet in the work-force so they have some options once they have a baby. If they can’t stay at home with the kid, a company is more likely to work with someone on a different schedule if this person is a valued employee already.

LL on

She could start having kids at 24/25 because nothing was going on with her career! Have kids when you’re comfortable and ready to give them the attention they deserve. #30andwaiting:-)

Carrie M on

I know a lot of mothers will disagree with me but I agree with Hilary – babies are for the young. I totally wish I had my son a few years earlier. Anyway, enjoy your baby boy Hilary. Before you know it, he’ll be tearing your house apart!

me on

she’s only a young mom in hollywood. and this makes sense seeing as women in hollywood are generally invested in their careers and therefore have kids later. i personally think 25 is the ideal age to have kids, our society is moving wayy too much towards having kids in your 40s. in any case, im happy to see that hillary is so down to earth and seems to be very mature

VB on

She is adorable! I’m sure she is a great mom. I’m happy for her and her new family.

Maureen on

The average age to have a child varies quite a bit by education level and socioeconomic class. Women who are college educated, or middle class to upper class, tend to have kids later on average. Hilary is wealthy so for her demographic it’s odd. To be blunt, a lot of people associate young mothers as being trashy or low class. If you drop out of school at 16 because you got knocked up as a teen, then naturally 25 will seem “old” in comparison lol.

Laila on

awww, it’s cute she considers herself having a child “young” at 25. 🙂 It’s not OLD, but I guess considering her circle of friends and what they are all doing at her age…could be.

Kayla on

Ummm….young?? 25? Really?
I’m all for her “loving it” attitude, but – really she’s not that young and she’s not the first to do this.

Lacey on

Thank you Brandi, you’re so sweet! 🙂 I love being a mom in my 40s. Aside from my husband and I traveling and having careers (which was our priority in our 20s), I think I am a lot more emotionally stable and can commit to my children a lot more now that I am 44. I admit I did have a tough time getting pregnant for the first time at 40, but both my babies are healthy and happy. Everyone is different, some people are ready in their 20s. Others later on. My husband and I were ready in our 40s and we are financially stable and able to support them without any problems.

Tink on

25 is very young although if you are that age you don’t think so. I was married at 24 and like others decide to wait until 35 to have my first. I had no trouble getting pregnant. This was the right choice for us. And honestly at 42 I am more energetic than most of the young mom’s I know. I have no trouble pushing a double stroller around for 14 hrs. a day at Disneyland. Point being- depends on the person.

Nicole on

I had my kids when I was 20, 23, and 25…I am now 33 and I loved being a young mom! It was great for me, but everyone is different

Ava on

I just re-read my post since I had so many comments in response to it. I meant that I’m sick of people *bragging* about how easy it is for them to get pregnant and how wise they were to have children young. I didn’t mean I’m sick of hearing about people being happy for having children — of course I understand that, and I’m not that bitter 🙂

janie on

People should have a baby when they are ready and it works for them!

Me, first time mom at 38… Lots of energy, felt great, very easy pregnancy and birth. No regrets, at all. & No ill will toward others who choose to do it younger. That’s just silly.

Tayler on

I think she is referring to young as in “Hollywood Standards”. You know they don’t really start having babies until their 30’s or early 40’s anymore, So, to have babies in their 20’s is pretty rare for an actress/singer.

momof3 on

I don’t think she i bragging about being a young mom. I am pretty sure the interviewer asked her how she feels about being a young mom and she answered the question. I was 26 when I had my first child and 33 now with 3 kids. A lot of my friends that are 33 -34 have just gotten married in the last 2 years and a lot don’t have kids yet. Also at my kids school (he is in 1st grade) I am definatelly a young mom. Most people seem to have been in their 30’s when they started having kids. Also in Hollywood the average seems to be 30’s also so 24 is pretty young

Nicole on

Hilary is still very young. I myself had my daughter when I was 19 so I was a really young mother… but it all has to do when the woman and man is ready for a child. My daughter was totally unplanned but couldn’t ask for a more better and beautiful girl. 🙂 She also looks so beautiful with every picture taken of her.. You can totally tell she is starting to get her post baby body back and she is looking fabulous!

Holiday on

It annoys me so much when people state they do not want to have babies young because “they want to travel”. Well guess what I had my son at 22 and daughter at 26. I am now 28 and as a family we have been to Disneyland and Disneyworld several times and going again in a month. We went on a Disney cruise to the Bahamas a year ago. Hawaii and other places too. When I am 35 my son will be a teenager and my daughter 10 and we can do big trips by then.

I love being one of the young mamas at my sons school (first grade) I feel bad for the children with the older parents because when I volunteer there is a few children with parents in their late 40s and the other children tease them and say “Hey your grandmas here” And the giggling ensues. I would hate to be called my kids grandparent and when you have a child at 40 or later then its going to happen.

Elise on

Where do you people live who are having kids at 19, 20, 21?! Certainly not anywhere near where I do! I’m 26 and still don’t have any friends with children.

To be honest, I have no interest at this point in my life; I’m still completing my Masters! I think it’s sad, but if a woman wants to have a good education and a strong career, she is forced to have kids later on in life. Employers often don’t take women seriously if they decide to go off and have three kids during the height of their careers. No wonder there are less women CEOs!

If raising a kids is what you want in life, then all the power to you! Personally, I’ve got more exciting things to do, especially in my mid 20s 😉

Anonymous on

I agree with the majority. I don’t think she was bragging, but was simply asked about being a young mom. Also, clearly the media thinks she’s relevant or they wouldn’t be interviewing her so much!

Monica- People have also been having babies in their 40s for centuries (in fact, around either World War I or World War II- I forget which, most women were in their 40s when they had their first child!), so it’s hadly a trend.

Kassie on

These comments are hilarious! Which demographic is having babies on average in their early to mid-twenties?! That’s great if many of you have had your babies according to that average..but let’s see when you reach your forties & beyond? Why rush having children?! You can never get your twenties back..& no, traveling after your kids have left the nest is not the same as traveling in your twenties!!

Children deserve to have parents with a little life experience & financial security. Wisdom is not something that anybody has in their twenties. And yes, you can still space your children adequately whilst beginning your child-bearing in your thirties! What sibling is going to appreciate a 7-yr age gap anyway?!

Seriously, enjoy your early yrs. Invest in yourself & your marriage before bringing kids into the mix..& establish each stage of life with preparation & thoughtfulness. Too bad Hilary felt the need to rush..

Edie on

Gee she is a young mom? At 25 ..my mom had my brother when she was 23 and that was way back in 1942

Lisianna Coble on

18, I think Hillary is the perfect age.

Debbeko on

I was almost 28 when I had my only child. I feel blessed because I was born with back and leg problems, yet, my pregnancy went better than most women I know, even the younger ones. Once my son was born I was all alone on an island with no family and one friend that was too sick to be there for me. I was alone for the first 30 days with no visits from anyone.

I know that HIGH that Hilary spoke of, I had that for three years and was so sleep deprived. I was lucky the weight came right off naturally and 3mnths after giving birth I was less weight than I started, though, this was mostly because I had no help with my son and I literally did everything on my own. I would not want any woman to do through what I did, but I do feel blessed that I got through it as good as I did.

He is 18 now, and I finally made it. Would not do this all over again but glad I have a kindhearted son from it all.

lovely123 on

My mom was young when she had me, and she pasted away young at only 62. Don’t take time for granted.

mandysandy on

She is more like a 30 year old anyway, she had to grow up fast being in the biz at such a young age.

Nicole on

While 24/25 might not be exactly young to have kids, it does make you feel young bc most of the other moms at the playground are so much older than you.I had my first at the same age as her. 25 may be the natl avg, but isnt that number kind of brought down by all the teen moms?

Joanna on

How is 25 young!?! I was married at 23 and had my first son at 25. And I’m only 31 so it wasn’t a long time ago or anything…

Mina on

Maureen, I suppose 25 is old to 16 year olds. But its also old in my standards too, and I am 30. I had my baby at 20…everyone 24 or older seems on the more older/average side of having a kid. There are times I even considered myself on the older side when I had my son. I was not a teenager. I finished high school, graduated, and was finishing up my college associates degree when I gave birth. If i had waited 5 more years, I would have considered myself an older mom.

Lacey, I understand about the financial stuff but you cannot depend on your life being perfect or going perfectly well. We were more than financially stable. Military. Had just built a new house, my hubby was in the military since high school….turns out he got medical conditions that were not caused by the military and he was unable to stay in. Needless to say we started off young and in the money and in our later years, struggled. No job or career is ever guarenteed 100 permanently.

Lisa B on

I had my first child at 32. She is now almost 4 and wears me out! But I’m glad I got the selfish party girl out of my system, settled down, and married a great, level-headed guy before bringing my daughter into the world. Having down it all, I can now put all my focus into the best adventure yet. 🙂

Jjja on

This is a big difference between the U.S. and other countries. Americans have children much younger, starting around age 25 vs. around 30 in Canada. I don’t know why anyone would want a baby in their early to mid-twenties, but that’s just me! So many other great things to do in life before that…

Cassie on

Holiday, get over yourself.

When people say they want to travel before kids it means by doing things and seeing places you wouldn’t ordinarily visit if you did have kids. Not everyone wants to do Disney as a quality travel location.

And don’t feel bad for older moms, please. If you get all butt hurt that a child may call you a “grandparent” perhaps you should have waited until your maturity caught up with you. You honestly cannot take what a child says to heart.

Anonymous on

I had just turned 24 when I had my daughter. And I also get comments about being a young mother. I don’t think I was young. Seemed just right to me. But i can relate to the fact that most mothers (in my area) tend to be older than myself. While I’m thinking about playdates and which preschool to send her to, they seem more concerned over topics like which parenting method to use or autism and health concerns. Hang in there Hil and be proud no matter what:)

Stephanie on

I had my 1st a few months after I turned 23. I’d been married for 2+ years, completed my degree, and owned a house. For my husband and I, we wanted to be younger parents, to have the energy to raise and enjoy them. It also gives our kids younger grandparents who are a huge part of their lives. My in-laws (who had my half sisters-in-law later in life) are currently trying to juggle costs for the girls’ college and their retirement. They also had young kids and elderly parents at the same time, which was a whole other kind of stress. Because of health issues we discovered AFTER we started having kids, it was a blessing we didn’t wait 10+ years – we may not have been able to have them at all. I don’t regret that I didn’t spend my twenties dating casually, partying, nursing hangovers, or traveling the globe aimlessly. We don’t have as much materially as we might have had if we’d waited, but would a big house with no family have been worth it in the end? (And I know plenty of people who don’t find the right match and get married until later in life, so this is not a judgement on anyone.) Having children is a valid choice, not something we did because we weren’t capable of more than that.

frazzledchick on

I like her but she has millions and it’s easy to have kids when you have money enough to give them not only what they need but what they want. She also has loads of “people” to help her. I’m sure she has at least one nanny. But for many young women, having a baby young is akin to being in a never-ending nightmare. Even if they’re married, there can be tons of problems which is usually centered around money or the lack of it. I honestly wish people would stop glorifying young motherhood because in reality, there’s more disasters than triumphs for some of these young women. I volunteer with several organizations dealing with young unwed mothers as well as young parents in general and it’s not pretty. These people have had to drop out of school, can’t find jobs, have housing issues and the list could go on. Comparing a rich actress to everyday people with real-world issues is not proving any point but how some people live vicariously through these celebrities. And reality and fantasy rarely mixes. Having children is great, but only if you’re financially and emotionally mature enough to handle all of the issues that arise with parenthood.

G on

When the person is ready to have kids it is there choice. It has nothing to being young and 25 is not young. If she was 16, then that will be a different story. Defending her age is not a good thing.

Holiday on

Frazzeledchick maybe teen moms have the problems you are talking about but Hillary Duff and many other moms including me were in our 20s when we had our first. That is a completely average age to have a baby and I dont know a single person who struggled the way you talk about and had a “nightmare” of a life because of having children in their 20s.

And Cassie for my family going to Hawaii and the Bahamas and Disneyland are the perfect vacations for our families. Besides I know tons of women who waited until 30s to have children and STILL were not able to travel much in their 20s.

I just laugh at all you claim its better to be an old mom because you spent your 20s “having fun and partying” Well I have never been one to party, do drugs and be a slut sleeping around. I was more than happy getting married young and raising my family while I am young. I think people who party in their late 20s and 30s are seriously pathetic.

Penny on

She annoys me. Every interview she gives she comes off sounding like one of those first time moms who thinks she knows everything. Her kid is only 7 months old, she has an awful lot to learn yet…And I wouldn’t really consider 24 or 25 a “young” mom, that’s pretty average.

Rachel on

“There are some women who look the same right after — I think they are freaks of nature! I don’t know how that happens. I’m not one of those people.”

My baby weight fell off after pregnancy and within 2 months I was back to 125 lbs, just by breastfeeding. It just works that way for some people- I am not a freak of nature!

jojo on

25 is not young to have a child i think thats in the average age

lovely123 on

Out of curiosity, how many of the 20 – 25 year olds that have posted having children during this time are are still married to the SAME person? If you are chances are you may not be in a few years from now – considering the divorce rate in the U.S. Having a child is very serious business, and should not be considered lightly.

Holiday on

Lovely123 my husband and I got married at 21 and had our son at 22 and daughter at 26. We are both 28 now and so in love and happy. I can’t imagine being happier or more in love . Older parents get divorced too! My aunt and uncle got married at 40 and had their only child at 42. 2 years after his birth they divorced.

Jennifer on

Holiday- you come off as a rather nasty person. You assume people who don’t have children in their 20’s are automatically being ‘slutty’ becasue they aren’t married and chose to be single and live their life a little on their own before settling down. How horribly closed-minded and judgemental of you.

Personally I was married at 20, and yet still didn’t have my first child until I was 35. And yet, according to you, I am the type of parent who will be laughed at because I will look like a grandparent. Seriously. Stop judging people and finding excuses to justify your own personal choices. We all do what works for us, and choosing to wait to have kids until you’re in your 30’s doesn’t mean you want to spend your 20’s being a slut. UGH!

Elizabeth on

Holiday is a hugely judgmental bitch, anyone who posts here regularly knows that. She’s not even worth responding to.

I highly doubt first-graders are even noticing other children’s parents, nevermind paying them enough mind to call them grandma. Methinks that’s an anecdote Holiday just made up to try to prove her “point”.

Holly on

It seems like the trend now is for women to have babies in their teens and early 20s, married or not. For awhile women were waiting until they had their educations and careers first, but now its seems like going back to younger moms again. I am an older mom, so it feels strange to see all these young ones at the daycare and all around me.

Cassie on

Completely agree, Jennifer. I have been married for over 2 years (together 13 total). My husband and I are now 28-29, we would hardly fall into this “slutty” and “drug infested” lifestyle Holiday is making up in her convoluted mind. Be happy with your choice of being a young mom, but you do not need to name call and fabricate the reasons why others choose to wait.

Elise on

Yea I agree that early-mid 20’s isn’t really “young”. It is a young age no doubt, but NOT a young age for having chiidren. It’s within the normal range.

Just like Hilary, I also had my first baby at 24, and it was considered the norm in the place I lived. I had my second almost two years afterwards and my husband and I called our family “complete”, until 16 years later when I had my surprise 3rd baby at 41. So yes, I experienced the effects of a “young” mom and the effects of a “older” mom..and honestly it didn’t make much of a difference to me, and I think it was because I am health conscious and always took care of myself.

Like others said, there’s no set time to have a baby. Only when you feel ready and prepared to welcome a new member in the family will it be the right time to have a family, and regardless how old you are..your children are always a blessing to you. I thank my 12 year old daughter for teaching me that. If I hadn’t had her in my 40’s, I would never know.


I think everyone is taking this out of context or just going in to deep with what she is saying, honestly now adays mid 20 is fairly young because MOST of you having your kids at 18,19,20 have not even establish yourself and your career. I am 23 and still have not had my first child, I consider myself young anyone else would also; so yes 25 is young for this day and age. Her weight also is her problem and it is true not everyone bounce back fast, my sister had my niece this last june and lost all her baby weight in the first 2 weeks, freak of nature is the correct wording or pure luck! No one is here to judge anyone, you can have your child at any age and weigh whatever weight you are after a child. Most women now a day don’t get married until 30 give birth after, it is a different world now then it was 10 years ago.

Anonymous on

Cassie- There ARE plenty of people out there who DO spend their 20s being “slutty”, so what Holiday didn’t fabricate anything. What she DID do was generalize, and that’s certainly not a good thing to do either!

And to all you people getting up in arms over Hilary’s “freaks of nature” comment….I’m sorry, but I think you’re being too sensitive. If I were to have a baby and then lose all the weight almost immeditely, I would be the first to laugh about it and jokingly call MYSELF a “freak of nature” (and btw, I’m pretty sure Hilary was joking, too!)! Get a sense of humor, people!

Holiday on

ANON that is what I was trying to say. Many women spend their 20s drinking and going to bars and sleeping with multiple men. Good for them if that what they want to do. I didnt and neither did Hilary obviously. Young moms are also under a lot of scrutiny and if they make a mistake in parenting older moms often love to point out that if they would have waited they would have been better parents.

Damoiselle on

I don’t know how Holiday does it… she’s entitled to her opinion and she usually expresses it without abusive or particularly disgusting language, but a lot of her posts always seem to come across as condescending or patronising.

Holiday – it’s great that you had your children young and it works for you but you always seem to have some misguided pity for people who didn’t do it the same way as you. Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way you hope or plan (lucky for you that everything did). As for the travelling, of course you can still travel with kids but as someone else mentioned, Disney cruises/land/world aren’t usually high on the list of single/childless couples.

I’ve been married just over 2 years (together for 5.5), and in the last 5 years, we’ve lived on 3 continents and visited close to 20 countries and while it wouldn’t have been impossible, I wouldn’t have wanted to do all that with a couple of kids in tow!

lovely123 on

I would have to take a permanent vacation if I were married to “Holiday”.

KD on

I had my son at 38, I’m 43 now…love being an older mom and proud of it…

ElleSmith on

Give love to baby all that matters.