Solange: I’m a Hot Mess During School Runs

10/14/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Solange: I'm a Hot Mess During School Runs
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From her quirky mixed print ensembles to her fun hairstylesSolange is all about style and beauty evolution.

But that doesn’t mean she puts fashion before motherhood. Despite her love of it all, the mom-of-one doesn’t drop everything for Fashion Week.

“It’s during the same week that my son starts school every year, so I can’t juggle with two that well,” Solange, 26, tells PEOPLE at the Absolut Tune launch event in New York City.

However, the singer can’t help but admire her fellow fashionistas (and moms!) who manage to effortlessly balance both their kids and their careers — and still step out looking glamorous for morning school runs.

“My son [Daniel Julez] goes to a public school in Brooklyn, but I see a lot of women who work in fashion and work at Vogue. In the morning they’re ready to go and drop their kids off and go to shows after,” she says.

“No way on earth — I look a hot funky mess. Every morning at school whenever I see magazines doing mom style with Sarah Jessica Parker and Claudia Schiffer, I’m like, ‘Please, don’t ever take a picture of me in the morning. It’s not cute.'”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Carlos Greer

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sheri on

I am sort of in love with this article! It was fun and relateable. I have an almost 3 year old and my mornings are so chaotic and crazy. My goal in the morning is to get my son out the door not looking a “funky hot mess” as Solange said lol. Sometimes that doesn’t leave too much time for yourself but hey I own it – I will just never be one of those mom’s who have it all together. No matter where I go I always forget something important (Wet naps for a runny nose, snacks for a long car ride…when my son was a baby diapers…) I am a hot mess and glad to see some celebs are too lol!

essie on

who cares about her? she is more annoying that her sister. and she is not a celebrity. this page is called relations of the celebritybabies…..keep these 3rd degree people off here.. especially this one.

Scarlett on

“Who cares about her?” Apparently, you did…enough to click the article and comment. You could’ve easily bypassed the story. This is not the first time Solange has been featured and it won’t be the last.

torgster on

Um Essie maybe you need to get out from under your rock a little more often. She happens to be quite a successful singer in her own right, as well as a popular DJ. Not everyone spends their entertainment time and money only on so-called Top 10 popstars and reality TV. I hapeen to like Solange.

Anonymous on

torgster- Exactly! Solange may not be as well-known or as popular as her sister, but she mostly certainly IS a celebrity! With that said, I’d love to hear Solange talk about her niece, Blue! 😉

Lisa on

Glad Im not the only one! Even with preparing lunches, their clothes out, etc. the night before, I still show up at school a hot mess!

Mina on

HaHa I’m the same way, I roll out of bed, get my son ready and sometimes I dont even brush my hair! I definitly dont brush my teeth and I look half asleep still. I show up in a hoodie and crocs. I’m glad I just have to drop him off, and dont have to get out of the car. But then I always say for parent teacher confrences, “I am going to dress up!” But I never do lol. Its homework, dinner, then out the door for confrences, so I go without make-up and usually once again in my hoodie and crocs…only I brush my hair and teeth by then lol.

T. on

Dear Essie…
Please Google Solange. She is definitely celebrity worthy and holds her own very well (without her gorgeous sisters name following her). Aside from being a mom, she’s for sure an awesome vocalist, talented DJ, fashion model, etc…etc. Sooooo just because YOU don’t know her, doesn’t mean that you should knock her.
That is all.