Giuliana Rancic: Why I Love Changing Dirty Diapers

10/13/2012 at 07:00 PM ET
Brock Miller/Splash News Online

Since the arrival of her first child, Giuliana Rancic has been soaking up every second with her son — right down to Edward Duke‘s dirty diapers.

“This is so gross, but I love when he poops. They make these noises and I’m always like, ‘Bill, here he goes. Tape this, tape this!’ And he’s like, ‘Must we tape this?'” the new mom tells PEOPLE.

“It’s such a good feeling because it shows that he’s healthy and he’s regular and things are looking good.”

To that end, Rancic considers each diaper change a reason to celebrate. “I love changing poopy diapers. When I open a diaper and it’s poopy, I’m like, ‘Yes, score!'” she says.

The couple welcomed their baby boy via a gestational surrogate on Aug. 29 and were thrilled to each play a big part in the delivery process. “Being in the delivery room was pretty incredible,” she recalls.

When he came out and we saw him for the first timeย  it was just tears of joy all around. Bill had the very important job of cutting his umbilical cord — and banking his cord blood — and I got to hold him first to do skin to skin.”

After announcing they would be steering clear of unusual monikers, the couple blended both a family name with an all-time favorite when it came to naming their newborn.

“Edward is Bill’s late father’s name and Eduardo is my father’s name,” Rancic, 37, shares, adding her husband refers to their new little one as The Duke. “We’ve always loved the name Duke. We thought it was a really strong name, it means leader and I have a feeling he’s going to be the leader of our family!”

As the proud parents settle into life with Duke — who inherited Giuliana’s dimples and Bill’s nose and coloring, according to the new mama — the E! host admits not everything has been what she expected.

“The one thing I never thought I’d do is when I’m doing a live interview, looking at the camera and saying, ‘Hi Duke,’ and waving to my child,” she admits.

“Okay, people do that all the time on the red carpet when I’m interviewing them at the Emmys or at the Oscars and I’m always like, ‘Really?’ And now I’ve done it twice today!”

— Anya Leon

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colleen on

Annoying. She is probably more busy with her t.v. shows than with the baby. I can think of three she is currently on.

teri johnson on

Don’t think this news worthy, bur I’m glad to read he’s

loli on

the stu.pidiest interview ever.
donยดt she feel idiotic speaking of that?

Erika on

Wow loli. Honestly, YOU’RE the one that should feel idiotic about your comment! She’s gone through a hell of a lot in the last few years with trying to have a child and with her cancer. I think she’s allowed to be excited about her kids poop of she wants to!

Cait on

Agreed. Why people have to be negative towards something so positive is beyond me….

me on

I love that she cherishes every moment. Even the poopy ones. To many treat children as annoyances instead of the treasures they are. Fertility struggles can really help you with that perspective.

Catherine on

Giuliana seems like a very nice down to earth girl who has had more than her share of pain recently.

Why can’t people be happy for her?

meg on

I love her!!!! Haters!

Marky on

Amazing how people feel free to insult and harangue about Guiliana loving everything about parenting, but if this were your sister who had a job and went back to work after having had a baby, you’d think everything that fell out of her mouth was just adorable. So tired of the judgmental attitudes………

maria on

Yeah, give it a little bit, then see how exciting those diapers are!!!

hannie on


Anonymous on

She has been through so much trying to have a baby. Wishing her and Bill much happiness going forward!!!!

guesswho on

Can’t these two ever shut up about this kid?

KAM on

Shut up. Damn. Atleast she’s taking up every pride in parenting

ceecee on

To the haters its very clear y’all jelous so shut up get a life and leave them alone

Missy Guillory on

Find something else to make an ugly comment over. It amazes me that with all the people in this world not caring about babies you want to talk about a set of parents that are very proud. If you don’t want to hear it then DON’T click on and read….DUH!

Kristine on

You don’t have to read it!! Try what I do, if I’m not interested in the article, I DON’T READ IT!!!!!

guest on

I can’t help but feel she “bought/purchased” the baby. Yes, I realize it’s genetically hers. But she compensated the gestational surrogate past medical expenses (meaning she profited off it).

It just feels unethical, slimy and wrong.

Csjohn on

Would you feel the same way if you couldn’t physically carry a child? This wasn’t something she just chose to do. She didn’t chose to have cancer and “pay” someone to have her child. I’m sure she would have rather carry him herself but that wasn’t an option.

T on

You’re an idiot. She did not purchase her baby. She paid for medical expenses that would have had to have been paid anyway. She paid the woman for carrying a child she could not carry herself, because she can afford to. Women who are unable to carry children and don’t make the money she does, will never have a biological child of their own. She is very blessed to be able to have her child. You should be happy for her.

Anonymous on

you are the one that is wrong

Crystal M on

She didn’t buy her baby. She employed a gestational carrier to carry her baby. Woman who provide that service ahould be compensated for that. We are lucky to live in a time where medicine and technology can make our dreams come true. I have struggled with infertility for going on 7 years now and I need medication to achieve pregnancy. Like Guliana I have not had any luck carrying to term. Maybe thinking of it from a different perspective will change your mind.

Csjohn on

Love it! I think she is sweet. As Mothers, We need to lift each other up. Stop with the mean comments.

Mommy on

Christ, can this woman stay out of the news for more than a day or two?

KAM on

Or can you not comment on every news article and shut your mouth? Probably not but try it

Brenda on

If you’re going to run a headline about naming the child, please don’t make us read about poopy diapers first.

Nicole on

That is so sweet! Watched the show and am so happy their journey had a happy ending ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t worry Giuliana, my little one is 9 months and I still get excited when she poops! Oh and I know exactly what you are talking about the pooping face and wanting to tape it…Congrats!

Diana on

Babies are so wonderful! Congrats to the new family and enjoy every second of it!

Sandra on

I Love Giulian and Bill. So happy for them.


She is obviously overjoyed by her son and seems grateful and appreciative of her new wonderful family. I wish them all the best. God bless.

mamaleesie on

We have a 10 year-old whose first name is Duke and constantly get compliments on his name. It really is such a strong, yet somewhat unusual name. So, its fun to see others embrace what we have always thought ourselves.

Our youngest is Beckham (Beck) and our oldest is Caymen.

A family of boys and me – their mama.

Kay on

I love Guiliana but I can’t help to wonder how much time she’s actually spending with her son. I follow her on twitter & it looks like she’s all over the country doing everything but being home caring for her young child. There’s no way a 1 month old can travel with her the way she travels. Yes, I know she works but what she’s doing has nothing to do woth her job on E! She should be using this time to be with her baby. Infanthood is so short & precious. She’s going to regret working through her son’s earliest days.

cj on

she ought to stay home these first 5 years. she waited soooooo long to have her kids, now she does& she’s working???? hmm.

Ann on

I don’t think paying someone beyond medical expenses is buying a baby. The woman also gave up nine months of her life. Maybe she gave up a job. She had to deal with all of the physical ailments of being pregnant. She was very generous to do so but why is it wrong for her to be compensated beyond medical costs? I doubt money played a very big part in her decision to help someone have baby.

Happy Aunt on

So happy for all 3 of them! They have waited a long time for this. I don’t have kids but loved changing my nephews diapers when he was little – not for the same reasons though. I enjoyed the one on one time with him.

Anonymous on

And, I named my dog Daisy……She is so self consumed. Makes you want to puke. Like is NOT about Guliana.

Martina on

I didn’t know “like” was about Guliana…if you don’t like her don’t read about her! Guliana is a cancer survivor for pete’s sake what’s with all the insults?

Erika on

Exactly! I don’t understand all the hate!

Today on

Oh …look Duke used litter….THAT’S HOW SHE SOUNDS..

Tara on

This women went through hell to have this child- so I doubt her relishing everything he does will die down anytime soon. She couldnt experience the miracle of pregnancy on her own- so it was a miracle they found this woman willing to donate her body to them for 9 months. Infertility is a sad thing for people who want children so badly. I was going to be a surrogate for my cousin after them trying for 5 yrs- it wouldve been their biological child. I wouldnt have expected anything more than medical expenses taken care of. Unless I couldnt work, I wouldnt expect to get paid- but I think if it was a surogate they hired, the person should be compensated for the trauma a pregnancy puts a body through.

Sevilla on

Anything for 15 more minutes-even using a baby to keep in the news!

Anonymous on

Tara, this woman “didn’t go through hell to have this baby”. Someone had it for her and she picked him up at the hospita. BF deal. People do it every day. Name the kid whatever you like….noone cares where the name came from or why you named him what you did. You are a total MEDIA W H O R E! DISGUSTING!

Erika on

I’m pretty sure having a miscarriage and then finding out you have cancer would be considered “going through hell”! Don’t be so insensitive!

guest on

I have to say that I completely understand her about the poop thing and it meaning that the baby is regular….my baby was always constipated and it was the saddest thing to watch when he was only 1 month old. Hes 5 now and still eats the activia yogurt to make sure he’s ‘regular’

candoz on

They both might try to enjoy their new baby and their life out of the public eye… Not everything has to be on a celebrity site or on the Today show. I am beginning to wonder about these two. Who would put every little thing out to the public like this

julia on

Not a hater…happy they finally had a baby. BUT ~ give it a rest….Anyone hear The Afflecks, or the such- making a weekly update on the children? Enjoy your baby, and please stop making it a big deal because when your home you changed a diaper.

Jennifer on


Erika on

The Affleck’s didn’t have any trouble conceiving the THREE kids they have! This is her first child! And she had to go through a lot to get him! So I think you can cut her some slack!

mss on

Please stop shoving this insipid woman down our throats. Happy for happy baby, glad she’s doing well, but really, she hasn’t got the depth of a puddle. Leave it, please.

Sandra on

Love you, Giuliana. But, it’s time to stop being a publicity hound, and take some time off for your baby, and bond for a few months. Seriously

Anonymous on

As someone who struggled with fertility, my heart goes out to this lovely couple. Please all you haters, for goodness sakes, be positive and stop the nasty remarks. Let this couple rejoice in a miracle. Yes, they work hard, yest they are successful…but clearly they put having a child their priority. Give em a break. Don’t always think so negative of those who have success. I am very happy for them.

ccfallon on

I am very happy for this family. They have struggled for it so
why don’t you stay home and enjoy all of the precious moments.
Nobody really cares about the name or anything else. This is the child you prayed for so I cannot understand why you are selling it instead of staying home and cherishing it. We know you can.

Marcia on

Really, I’m happy for this couple, but they need to abstain from the baby bulletins for awhile.

Anonymous on

Tara- Thank you for sharing your story. How inspiring! I’m sincerely hoping that the reason you didn’t ultimately becomea surrogate is a happy one, such as that your cousin and her husband were blessed enough to finally become pregnant on their own, rather than a sad one (such as deciding they couldn’t afford it and had to remain childless)! ๐Ÿ™‚

ccfallon- Actually, I’ve been curious about why they chose such the middle name Duke for their son, so it’s not true that no one cares! Also, how in the world is her talking about her son selling him? I doubt PEOPLE paid her to talk to them!

The saddest thing about your post, though, is that you called a child, a living, breathing, precious child, “it’ several times throughout your post!

Jessica on

Glad she finally has a baby but what makes her think people give a c-ap why she named him Edward Duke. Nobody cares and if they do. How pathetic.

Anonymous on

Kay- I just looked at her Twitter myself, and it sounds like most of her traveling lately has to do with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I didn’t realize that promoting cancer awareness was a bad thing!

Also, keep in mind that Duke has two parents. While Giuliana’s on her trips he can (and probably does!) bound with his daddy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Erika- Not to mention the fact that the miscarriage came after several failed IVF attempts (and probably numerous unsuccesfull attempts at concieving the old-fashioned way prior to that)! If that’s not “going through hell” to have a child, I’d like to know what is!

Duke is a precious gift they thoughty they might never have, and I’d say they’ve more than earned the right to gush about him!

And as far as Giuliana working…not everyone is cut out to be a stay-at-home mom!

Amy on

Why r some of u ppl so nasty and hateful. Shes been thru enough. Who cares how she got the baby. Just please b happy for her.

Anonymous on

good grief, who cares about these people? Everytime that baby burps or farts they release a news bulletin.

megan on

I have every celebrity this year who’s said “I love changing diapers.” No parents loves changing diapers. When you change diapers, you think “I look forward to the day when you can clean your own tush.” Anyone who claims to love it probably has a nanny changing the diapers, or they’re trying to hide how miserable they are

Lisa on

I’ve ‘gone through hell’ to conceive my children and almost died from a brain tumor and stroke, so I get the cherish every moment thing. That’s why I chose to stay home to raise my children (my choice, not saying anything wrong with working mom’s!) but I also get the fact that no one wants to hear me gush every second about baby updates. I’m happy for what she is experiencing, its magical, I get it.. but please spend your time with Duke instead of tv camera’s and doing interviews. It’s really getting old.

Linda G. on

With so many unwanted, neglected and abused children in our country, I for one am happy to hear her gush about her baby’s poop. Every time I go in a store, I hear some moron yelling at their kids or telling them to shut up. This child is cherished and has a good home. After their struggles with cancer and troubles conceiving, why can’t everyone be happy for them?!

pug_lover on

I always hear people complain about changing diapers but I have never mind it even before I had my own babies. My hubby and sisters always made fun of me so I am glad to hear I’m not the only one!

fatguy on

Everyone has hard times in life they just happen to be a strong loving couple that is not scared to express their love and they happen to be in the lime light….. I’m happy for you your dreams have come true… may you both have many more dreams come true…. congrats on your new little one

Eastender on

I love her and bill. All children deserve parents like that (I was raised in the 60’s) which was a very different time. Best of luck to them.

denverpeet on

It appears someone forgot to tell her that not everyone likes your kid as much as you do!!! I am very happy for them but really….ENOUGH!

Millie on

go away

Babycrazy on

I have to admit it doesn’t surprise me anymore how hateful people can be. If you don’t like what you are hearing or reading just stop. But that won’t happen because most people would rather complain and make nasty comments.

Has anyone stopped to think all we know and I mean really know about people in Hollywood is what we read about or hear on tv. In these comments it is made to sound like you know Bill and Guiliana personally like you actually know if she takes the baby here or there and so on. Come on they are being judged on info. that no one knows for sure and in truth just because they are in the spotlight alot doesn’t give anyone the right to judge them anyway I don’t care how many baby updates they give or how many jobs they have.

I know from personal experience how hard it is to go thru what all they have gone thru and then some. I’m just saying think before you post or speak for that matter cause you never have all the info and it’s very true what they say about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.

popeye82 on

Great to see she’s back to her pregnancy weight. Core blood banks have a great discount for celebrity endorsements. There’s a lot of stem cells in those diapers, so make sure to swab a qtip for each and have Bill catalogue the Duke’s movements. Would be great for Smithsonian to display.

Lauren on

I love it that some readers are saying they don’t care why she named her baby Edward Duke and additional negative things about them, but you had a choice whether or not to click on the link to open the article, so it appears you are interested in what she has to say. And comments such as she paid for her baby and its just not right — hoping that comment was some sort of joke because thats just pure ignorance if not. Always love the haters because they simply have the stupidest things to say.

Anonymous on

Oh really people? I used to like her myself, But now I can’t stand her azzz. Do u guys remember why she had a misscariage? If u watch her shows and her interviews like most u say u do. She was too skinny and her doctor reccomended her to gain weight so she can keep the baby, but she refused. All these trying were just for the camera, she is a media w%&ore. That’s the facts people. Go on Youtube, look for the interview she did with the women of the view on ABC. She is fakest person I know. I can’t her bonny azzzz.

Hea on

I’m glad they’re overjoyed. Everyone deserves to be. I just don’t get the need to talk about everything to the public all the time. I get that they are beyond thrilled that this finally happened for them, who wouldn’t be? But come on, there’s a new article almost every day or so it seems.

I think that if I were in her shoes, I’d be at home with my baby and completely shut the rest of the world off and stay in my happy bubble for at least a couple of months.

Jen DC on

So true! When I nanny’d for my friend’s baby in Hawai’i, I’d send text messages and pictures during the day describing and showing the baby’s various craps. She loved it, I loved it… her husband was totally grossed out. I’ll never forget the corn experiment – we wanted to find out exactly how fast food was moving through his digestive system – and we found out. 36 hours.

For all of you asking “why isn’t she at home?” Um… SHE HAS A HUSBAND. THE BABY HAS A FATHER. Is Bill unable to care for the baby while Giuliana travels? It’s pretty clear she probably makes far more money than he does, and it would make the most sense for the bigger breadwinner to keep doing that – winning the biggest bread. So not only are you bashing her love for her child, the fact that she had to have assistance to bring him into the world and paid someone for the service (which is what people USUALLY DO in every other situation), now you’re claiming that only Mommy is qualified to be there for baby Edward.

Women can’t win for losing, I swear.

She did actually go through hell to have this baby. She tried IVF, she lived through cancer, she had to trust the surrogate would do as contracted… If that’s not going through hell to have a baby, then I don’t know what is.

j on

who cares

Anon on

If I could choose ONE “star” for People to stop writing about, it would be this one. She is painfully anorexic and you present her like she’s a beauty. She is sick and by glorifying her, you are adding to the problem.

B on

My GOD it’s just BAFFLING to me!

This woman has struggled through infertility, CANCER, and has been enlightened enough to share her journey and I cannot imagine how many lives she has saved by doing so.

Can we not let her enjoy her new son? She deserves happiness like anyone else and I am SO TIRED of women bashing other women when we should be supporting one another!

This is why I started my blog about Postpartum Depression and the ridiculous competition that motherhood seems to be.

lissa on

she’s seems so fun

people here can be mean

Sarah on

Wow just wow am a mother of two myself and i never feel bad about changing daiper my son is now a year and 5 months and i am still not tired of changing his daiper each time he poops give her a break every first time mother feels the same way unless something is wrong with the person.

Rose on

What does being a cancer survivor have to do with whether or not we find this woman to be a famewhore? Every time someone points out that she’s using her baby to get attention, someone says “how can you say that about a cancer survivor.” So if a person has cancer at some point then they get a free pass to be an obnoxious famewhore for the rest of their life and no one is allowed to comment on it. I don’t think so. A famewhore is a famewhore. Having cancer doesn’t give her a free pass to exploit her baby for attention.

Barb P. on

I totally get the poop thing! I took a picture of my daughter’s first POTTY POOP!

Dawn on

She is excited about changing dirty diapers because she thought she would never be able to do it. God helped them by their choosing a surrogate and now they have an Angel that will poop, pee, and vomit. Something they would not have had, and are excited they do. Leave her alone.

Rita on

I am truly very happy for them. I think they are very busy but I know they are loving parents. You can tell – they are a team and they love each other and Duke very much. Best Wishes to them!!

Linda on

I am one of your fans that is truely happy for you both!! I watched your struggle to have a baby and the heartache of you losing one and it is such a miracle that you now have Duke. Blessing to all 3 of you for a long and happy life!!

Merios on

Horrible name! Duke sounds arrogant!

Michelle on

So happy that her and Bill have their much wanted baby. Now go away and look after that baby and stop talking about him!!

Cat on

We know she named him that so she can get even more attention by calling him “The Duke” which was what they called John Wayne. Also, please stop saying you change diapers, ITS A JOKE!! You have a nanny that you hand your baby to.

Mary on

“Mommy” – can’t people like you just skip articles you don’t really want to read and shut up about it? That goes for the rest of you that have absolutely nothing nice to say. Idiots.

Jen on

No kidding. I was just thinking the same thing. There was a lot of people that want to talk trash but they didn’t have to read the article or comment on it. There are just stupid people out there.

Cat on

Go away already. We are sick of you. Rancic overload!!!

bimbam on

Used to be you needed some sort of talent, or at least be attractive, to be on tv. Times are a changin’

geee on


Anonymous on

Who cares!!!!!

Ava on

I think it’s sweet how enamored she is with their son! Maybe a little over the top, yes, but much better than not loving him.

julia on

This woman needs to leave us alone. No one cares about her so-called diaper duty.

SLS on

She is a new mom, happy to have a baby. Why are people so mean and spiteful?? Get over it.

NeverGiveUpHope on

I am so happy for them! I know how bad infertility sucks! It took me three years to get pregnant and here I am 32weeks! Infertility is HELL for ANYONE who goes through it. If you have children consider yourself lucky. I went through numerous round of medications, tracking my temperature, 30ovulation tests a month, cervical mucus tracking, and 10pregnancy test a month for 20months to finally get preganant. Its an emotional rollercoaster and yes when my daughter gets here everytime she poops I will be ecstatic! And after a month of her being here guess what ill be going back to work also! Does that make me a bad mom?? NO it makes me want to provide for my child. Gulliana I’m proud of you for sticking with everything and ending up using a g.carrier, it must have been a very hard decision I was looking into it and it just broke my heart knowing I couldn’t get pregnant. I’m happy you and Bill get the chance to be wonderful parents! Good luck to you both!!

Curly Fry on

I am so happy for them! Its a happy ending for them after her surviving cancer and not being able to carry her baby. Being in danger of losing your life will definitely make you appreciate the little things. She deserves to brag and gush. Blessings and happiness to the new family!

rosemary on

what a blessing for Giuliana & Bill. congratulations and best wishes!

Jeff on

how is she spending every moment with this child if she is all over tv and interviews just another money making prop!

Losa on

Billions of women has child/children. Women give birth, raise children, have happy moments and problems with them etc. Many celebrities have children too. But not everyone shares every single details. Please be happy with your child and your husband but we don’t need so many information like you love when he poops.

Giuliana and Kristin Cavallary annoys me a lot. We see pictures of the babies and they share some stories. OK but we really need 2 stories a day of their children? Enough already!

Neens on

Comments are a direct reflection of one’s life experiences.

Best wishes to lil Edward Duke and his parents!

Sano on

Really disappointed in Guiliana…totally pimping out her child.

traycee on

I am so sick of these two. They spend more time talking about their baby than being with him. Gulianna and Bill please go away!!!

joanne1965 on

enough already with the coverage of this woman and her baby…

Anonymous on

you people who have nothing nice to say are jealous.. she deserves the best and thats what she got….. if you have nothing nice to say keep your mean thoughts to yourself …..

ds on

good god, why dont they give it a rest. who cares about the baby shi—- all the time

anna on

I cant stand her interviews now. people mag needs to stop this already.

anna on


Misty on

Nice to see her have the baby she’s wanted for such a long time. Also nice to see someone be grateful for the gift they’ve been given instead of taking it for granted.

Marky on

Jen DC, thanks you for a caring, friendly post about this couple.

Anonymous, please report (to the police) the cruel person who held a gun to your head, forced you to read about this couple however often they could load the gun! Otherwise, choose not to read about them and don’t post!!!!

Guiliana is working on Breast Cancer Awareness, and frankly, if you haven’t had cancer, shut up!! As a cancer survivor, I would be the first to say, thank God for those who keep getting the word out about symptoms of various types of cancer!! You have no idea how many lives they may save. I have had many friends who didn’t survive, because they didn’t realize there was more than one type of breast cancer, or didn’t know there were symptoms other than a palpable lump.

Get over yourselves, and don’t read about her if you aren’t interested. Many people ARE!

Anonymous on

Wow, what a story

Janet Coyle on

After following the story of this couple, I cried tears of joy, when Duke was born. He has parents who will cherish him, adore him and love him. Why anyone would make hateful comments shouts their giddiness at becoming parents? Don’t steal their joy.

Nancy on

My dislike for this woman is growing daily. Personally, I think she can’t stand being out of the public eye. Things will only get worse when they return to Los Angeles. It will be all about being seen out with the baby in the cutest designer clothes,etc. I wonder when she’ll realize how much of the public she is turning off with her behavior? She is obsessed.

Setting the record straight on

Why is she interviewed every week? You’d think she was the Queen of the US – People, The Today show – why, why, why is she intereviewed all the time? What is so important about this light bulb head of a woman?

GoBeAMother on

She hasn’t decreased her work load at all since the baby arrived. If anything, she is working MORE and giving out interviews left and right. Go spend time with the child you thought you’d never have!

Cesa on

I am delighted for Bill and Giuliana. Now Giuliana, please stay home and take care of your baby. You would not miss him if you would take care of him more. Tomorrow is not promised to us and we have less time on this earth than we would like. Enjoy and savour every moment with your little one.

None on

For everyone telling her to shut up about her baby, don’t you think that these magazines are calling her for an interview? It’s not like she called People and was all “hey, I love to change diapers.” A reporter probably called her and asked her about being a new mom, then they publish bits and pieces of the interview, then when they need some more filler news, they publish other bits and pieces.

Kristy on

I like that they honored both of their fathers in their son’s name. After all that they have been through to become parents, I don’t blame her for cherishing every moment with her little one.

Aj on

I had a sarcastic comment to post in reference to poopy diapers, but she did have cancer and was unable to have children. Her and Bill are lucky to have found someone that would carry their child for them.

simbasinget on

Why anyone names their kid anything is NOT top news, People!
Besides, you already covered this story a long time ago. Frankly, I’m surprised the death of Gary Collins doesn’t take precedence over such an insignificant “top story” like this.

Get your priorities in order, People. Sheesh

Erika on

I will never for the life of me understand why people who don’t like someone will go out of their way to read a story on them and then post such hateful things about them. Don’t you all have better things to do with your lives?!

Cassie on

It’s so sad and disheartening that grown women can conduct themselves with such poor behavior. Everywhere you look today valiant efforts are exercised to try and put an end to bullying for our children. That won’t be able to happen successfully if the adults of the world don’t set the proper example. If you don’t care for someone don’t read the article. Don’t go out of your way to purposely be cruel and hateful. You really should be ashamed.

To The Rancic’s – enjoy everything about your son! The gift of life is a wonderful miracle and you are two people that have ensured a lot of pain to get where you are. ๐Ÿ™‚

Marie on

Love her and Bill. They are so funny and down to earth. Lucky little baby!

SmiaVS on

Someone report her to STFU Parents!

Danielle on

Finally Gulianna looks better …..and It’s the hair……she need something on top to minimize the round face…….she can be beautiful if she pays attention to her hair stylist……

guest on

I swear I’ve seen at least 4 other articles with the headline “why giuliana and bill named their baby edward duke” over the last few weeks. So either People is just really behind, or they’re running the same drivel over and over.

ladyofargonne on

There’s a word for parents that are overjoyed regarding poopies. The word is happy.

... on


DJ on

I find her very annoying…

T in Texas on

This woman has had the gift of having the baby . I am understanding of that . But my gosh . Why is she is the news ? Who cares how she came up with her baby’s name !

Hea on

Marky – I am a cancer survivor as well going on 11 years and I still think she seems kind of full of herself with this. Not the cancer part but her private life. Her sons poop and his name in numerous interviews does not have anything to do with cancer awareness. I applaud her for being open about her disease, I truly do, but this is too much gushing.

And besides, if you struggle for so long to have a baby – why are you not at home enjoying said baby for at least a few weeks? I’m pretty sure they can afford to take time off to be with their family. Who takes care of him?

Anonymous on

Self absorbed, attention seeking whore

joan on

This is getting boring already.

Karen on

Why are we celebrating this? A woman who spent years trying to have a baby has already put him second to her career. Seriously – this isn’t about money or benefits – she’s an attention whore and poor Duke already knows his nanny more than her.

Sandy on

Poopy diapers are oh so fun UNTIL the baby becomes a toddler and starts eating real foods!!! You’ll find out how fun that is— trust me!

Anonymous on

She and her family are a living example of living “happily ever after”. I’m really happy for them! This is one, very loved, little boy!

nicole on

i am happy that she is well and doing better etc….. but she really talks too much! doing all these interviews with magaizines etc. enough already!!

Flipper on

how is she gonna spend time with him when she is hosting e news, doing the fashion police, red carpet events, now is doing her own line of fashion and what not and speaking when is this baby going to fit in im disappointed to read shes yet taken on more work instead of less

Cat on

Maybe she can get Leann Rimes to change her kids poopy diapers. She is used to sheet, she has Eddie.

candoz on

Who the heck cares !

Karen on

Man I AGREE…why are you taking time AWAY from the baby you had to have to tell us how great he is? Maybe tell him during the 4.3 hours you spend in his newborn life. Or better yet – tell the nanny and let her tell him. She is the real mother here

Anonymous on

She needs to get over this obsession with sharing every last detail of her life. She’s insipid and annoying.

Jacqueline on

I think it’s SO funny when people say “I wish she would shut up about her baby already.” First of all, all parents, especially moms, rave about their babies non stop. She just happens to be doing it in the public eye. Second, people do realize that she is ASKED to do interviews because of her status as a celebrity? It’s not as if she is going around demanding to be televised or written about in magazines. That said, I think it’s great and sweet how excited she is. She’s has been through so much and she has every right to be excited and celebrate life…hers and her wonderful little babies. And to the person who said she bought her baby…you are unbelievably ignorant and an all around sad individual.

Erika on

Amen! I’m so disgusted by all the hateful things people are writing on here! It’s amazing all the things people will say while hiding behind a computer screen.

mgb on

If they wanted to call the baby Duke- why didn’t they just make Edward the middle name? so stupid.

Phyll Quinn on

And by the way I believe that Edward is really Duke Ellington’s name so perhaps the baby will love jazz.

JessicaB on

i think older moms feel a little more appreciative of the “moments”. i too had my first at 37. for a time i thought i might never have a baby. so those late night feeding and diaper changes were sweeter. i went on the have 2 more (3 in 3 years) so rest up girl!

ccfallon on

Don’t really get why she has to talk so much about normal
things like changing diapers, why they named the baby what they named it. Nobody really cares. It seems like they have to work hard to keep themselves in the news. Otherwise, they would stay home and tend to the baby they have been longing for especially since they have tasted adversity, They should understand what the important things in life are which is not putting it out there for the media hounds.

ccfallon on

Hello not hiding behind a computer screen. I would say here
what I would say face to face. Stay home and enjoy your baby
instead of telling us all about it. Many of us have had children
and have not sold every moment on the free market. Your child
may not want to read about his dirty diapers on the internet years from now. It is not all about you Mama and Dada.

Sweetkeykey on

To all the idiots that cannot stand what this family does, read something else, watch something else. Instead of complaining just change the channel, and no man or woman has the right to say anything bad about how she had her child unless you have gon through the heart break, the counting each minute that passes as a small victory that you stayed pregnant. I wish I had the ability to get a surrogate. Then I could have the family I wanted and not have a constant reminder of what has been lost.

And one more thing.. Duke is a great name,, strong and royal as well.

Kate on

WHO EFFING CARES?!? She is the epitome of an attention whore. Go away, orange-on-a-toothpick head.

Jen on

Can this woman EVER shut up?! Lord she’s annoying. Go away, please, you attention…hound.

Maui Girl on

Everything about Giuliana is fake. Her personality, hair, nails, eyelashes, teeth…EVERYTHING. All she does is talk about herself. Her life was never interrupted with the pregnancy at all…she still got to continue partying and traveling, and being her narsisistic self. She thinks of Edward as a fashion accessory right now. That’s all. She and Bill already hired 2 live-in nannies, round-the-clock help, so when she goes back to work in November, she won’t have to get up for the feedings at night. Giuliana, get rid of the phoney hair, the phoney eyelashes, the phoney veneers, the phoney fingernails, the inch-thick theatrical make-up, and just be real for once in your life. Stop acting shallow and dumb. That’s all you’re about.

Ana on

when will we get to see her vagina? that’s the only thing she hasn’t shown on tv so far

Patricia on

Some people on this iste really need t adhere to the wise saying that if you do nothave anything god to say, try not to say anything.

Guiliana and Bill, very nice that you have The Duke. Now try not to turn him into a public spectacle. Take time to breathe and enjoy the time with him, the whole world does not need to know. It all passes so unbelievably fast.

Hey, maybe I should ahdere to that wise saying too……….!

sarah on

IT amazes me how some of you people seem to think you know the Rancic’s. Hate comes when someone’s life is so messed up that they cannot be happy for anyone. If you don’t like them, don’t read the article and don’t comment. Life is precious and so what if she rants about her child? At least she isn’t neglecting him like a lot of parents do.

V on

Why so harsh, everyone? She sounds like every new parent everywhere! Not stupid, or silly โ€” just human. Cut her some slack. People are so nasty on this site. I doubt any of these extremely negative posters would dare say these things aloud to people’s faces. Why do so in comments? Ugh!

bh on

She can come to my house and change diapers.

tina on

Aww, I’m so happy for them, cherish and treasure each and every minute.

Anonymous on


Guest on

I really was in the corner of her and Bill until these new season started. My lord they are so pretentious! I can barely watch. And Giuliana playing dumb about baby stuff was just plain annoying and so fake. This past week, the entire show about her whining about whether or not her baby shower will be up to HER standards and will it be perfect, just made me want to vomit. She needs to get over herself.

rachel on

We love G & B and little Duke… cute family

Becca on

Wow, there are ALOT of haters who do not understand CANCER, INFERTILITY and being genuinely appreciative of the blessing of parenthood and being..oh yeah…ALIVE.

If you don’t like her – shut up; stop watching her show and get over yourself. Its easy to tell with the heartless comments that the ones posting have never 1) had cancer 2) struggled with infertility 3) have a heart or have anything better to do than hate on others.

Get over yourselves and let others be happy.

Jasmine on

This draws the line. Enough about these people and their kid. Nobody cares if this kid took a dump well enough having to hear the description of it.

Rose on

@Becca: WRONG. Some of us do understand cancer and infertility. We just don’t think it’s appropriate for a person to exploit every moment of their child’s life for attention. Having cancer and infertility DOES NOT give a person a free pass to exploit their child for money and attention. And a person can disagree with someone’s actions and not hate them. The fact that people like you think a person can’t disagree with someone without hating them speaks volumes about your lack of depth and maturity.

Jay on

Now I love G and B, I really do but I find articles like this a little annoying. Everyday it’s something else. I am so happy they finally had a little one but I don’t feel they have to publicly document ever single second and aspect of it. It’s just too much and people who once liked them are going to get sick of them if they haven’t already.

Sandy on

Sorry, but she sounds like an imbecile and obnoxious saying this. I have only read the first two comments– Colleen and loli.. and I agree with you both.

Doris on

I believe that she did this interview after she saw the tape of her 10/23/12 episode of G and B, where she seriously tells Bill that she expected him to change the diapers, as she had a “very weak stomach”, but that she would feed the “baby”, but no diaper changing. I think she realized how selfish and self centered she came across by saying that on her show, so she decided to do some damage control by giving the ” I love changing poopy diapers” interview, before that episode actually aired. I used to enjoy watching her and Bill, but not anymore. Those two are way more concerned about their careers than thay are about their baby, IMHO. I hope they do have a strong support system with a nanny, baby nurse, family and friends, because little Duke is gonna need all of them. Oh, and Giuliana, you don’t have to worry about “losing your sexy”, because you never were to begin with.

Bianca on

Doris, you nailed it!!!!!!!!!

Shaydie on

I’m sick to death of seeing her on the cover of all these magazines; she’s supposed to report the news, not BE the news. I couldn’t care less about her kid’s poop.

However, I think it’s extremely rude to say she “bought” her baby. No one has the right to judge her for how she became a mother! It’s not like she hired a surrogate for selfish reasons, like not wanting to mess up her figure. I think that is so catty!

Noog on

Why can’t you guys be happy for her, and she can do whatever she wants, even be exited about a poopy diaper. It shows that her baby Is healthy.

Noog on

I love a poopy diaper. It tells you that your baby is healthy