Tracy Anderson Launches The Pregnancy Project 

10/12/2012 at 10:00 AM ET

Tracy Anderson Launches The Pregnancy Project'
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For years, Tracy Anderson has helped shape the bodies of celeb moms including Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole RichieJessica Simpson, Ellen Pompeo, Kate Hudson and Molly Sims with great success.

But it was her pregnancy with second child, daughter Penelope who was born in May, that led to the fitness guru’s most ambition endeavor yet — The Pregnancy Project.

“I wanted to film this entire pregnancy [workout video] during my second trimester [when] I had a cute little bump,” Anderson told PEOPLE during the launch of her new DVD Oct. 5 in New York City.

But her plans went awry when good pal Paltrow stepped in. The fellow mom (and client!) insisted Anderson showcase her entire experience — and allow viewers to see the benefits of hard work and healthy habits.

“Gwyneth was like, ‘Oh hell no! You are going to do it through that whole journey and they are going to see you grow and see you get back.’ And that’s what we did,” she says of the exercise DVD.

The no-nonsense trainer — who has helped many new moms regain their body after baby — counts Paltrow as one of her strongest supporters.

“I told her, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we had a pregnancy DVD that took a woman through the entire pregnancy?’ Then right after that she got knocked up,” the actress, who admits her body is “better now than when I was 22,” jokes.

“We decided it would be a perfect time to bring this project to women everywhere. Tracy knows what it means to be pregnant and grow a human life inside. It’s a perfect mix of love and toughness.”

Tracy Anderson Launches The Pregnancy Project'
Courtesy Tracy Anderson

— Anya Leon with reporting by Janine Rayford

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KD on

she has helped “many new moms” the only ones listed are celebrities!

MJ on

I wonder if her DVD shows the ‘after’ picture of a abdomen immediately post giving birth. That was shocking to me to see what 9mths of carrying a 10lb baby had done.

Marky on

Some people have the type skin which means they have a zillion stretch marks, and some have no stretch marks and some are in-between. It would be unreasonable to believe every abdomen looks the same, even with women who are siblings. That’s why some celebs say they will never wear a bikini again, and some can’t wait to show off their “bikini body”. Regular people are the same way; some will wear a bikini beautifully in 6 weeks, and some will never wear one again, and some will wear one in a year……

cara on

What a cute little baby !

I read an interview with Kate Hudson recently and she said that she trained 6 hours per day, in 3 x 2hr sessions to regain her figure this time. Gwyneth Paltrow says she works out for 2 hours per day 6 days per week. They really are dedicated !

Meena on

I question the woman’s methods. There is no need to have to work out several hours per day. The right diet and 30-45 minutes of interval or high intensity training can produce the same results or better. I think it would be boring to dance around for hours to one of her tapes or to do arm circles a thousand times in a row.

JP on

I will never buy anything of hers after she threw pregnant women under the bus for not getting back into shape super quick after delivery. I would rather be enjoying my precious time with my baby than dumping her with some nanny so I could workout.

SK on

does anyone know who makes those star baby pants??

Leslie on

Well her method works and she has proven results. All the A list celebrities wouldn’t be training with her if it didn’t pay off.

Lisa on

What a load. Believe it or not, there are women walking this earth that are perfectly fine with their post baby body. These stars are so removed from reality. How many full time working typical mothers would even buy this? None! They are busy and would rather spend free time with their kids, not pawing them off just to work out like a maniac endless boring hours a day just for the sake of looking ‘bikini ready’.

ecl on

I have to agree with the critics. Of course you lose weight if you work out that often and eat very little. Wow! Shocking! But most people don’t have the time for that. These are people who have a limited grasp of reality

Jordyn on

Time to bleach those roots again.

Anonymous on

JP- Who says that you’d have to dump your baby with a nanny while you work out (or that every celeb does, for that matter)? You could leave her with her grandmother or aunt, or, *gasp* her FATHER!

Anonymous on

I don’t get why everyone’s so hard on celebrities that actively try to lose the baby weight. What’s wrong with wanting to feel fit again?!

Dina on

I used Tracy Anderson DVDs to get back into shape after my first pregnancy two years ago. They were awesome! They are really fun and hard. Now I’m pregnant again, and I have already purchased the Pregnancy Project DVDs. Can’t wait to get started! It’s not necessarily about having a bikini body, though of course that’s nice! It’s about staying in shape and being healthy for yourself and your family. You certainly don’t have to work out for two hours a day to achieve that.

Carolyn on

How long are the workouts?

Mandie on

They are about 40-45 min. That’s including warm up and cool down.

Michelle on

We pick on celebrities for bouncing back so quickly, but in truth – that’s their job. Mostly, their livelihood is dependent on the way they look.

If my job depended on my body, I would working out like that too.

Anonymous on

Michelle- Sadly, you are correct. Celebrities work so hard to lose the weight because, unfortunately, they basically HAVE to if they want to continue to get jobs.

Also, they tend to get picked on by the general public if they don’t lose the weight right away (I remember Melissa Joan Hart being called “fat” after the birth of her second son, and poor Jessica Simpson got downright ripped to shreds when she failed to lose the baby weight the second her daughter was born! Heck, even after she admitted that she’s *gasp!* human and made a mistake by indulging too much while pregnant, people continued to vilify her!).

Of course, as you can tell by the comments here and on other threads (such as the recent Molly Sims one), they also get picked apart if they DO lose the weight quickly! Really, they are in a lose-lose situation!

Anonymous on

Also meant to say that both Hollywood and the general public are downright sexiest when it comes to celebrities. It’s perfectly fine for a male celeb to be overweight (I can’t, for example, remember the last time I heard someone criticize Jack Black for his weight!), but if a female celeb has even one extra pound on her, she’s called “fatty” and other mean names!

Carolyn on

Has anyone purchased/started the pregnancy project? How long is each workout?! Thanks!! 🙂

Mandie on

I have.. I’m in month 3. It’s amazing the variations she’s come up with. You really feel everything.. It’s amazing I highly recommend it!