Baby on the Way for Jason and Molly Mesnick

10/11/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
Kwaku Alston/Stockland Martel

It’s a Bachelor baby!

Jason and Molly Malaney Mesnick are expecting their first childย together in late March, the couple tell PEOPLE exclusively.

“Our family is getting a little bit bigger!” Molly, 28, proudly declares. “I’m into my second trimester and I feel really good.”

The couple met on season 13 of the ABC reality dating show and endured intense media scrutiny over their union. But the criticism died down after the two settled down in Seattle and got engaged.

The new addition will joinย Ty, Jason’s 7-year-old son from his first marriage.

“He’s been so excited to be a big brother,” Jason says, explaining that the couple — who wed in February 2010 — decided to inform the second-grader of his new sibling via a family game of hangman.

“The answer was ‘Tyler is going to be a big brother,'” Jason, 36, shares. “He’s been asking me for years. He’s always wanted to be a big brother. So we played the game and he looked at Molly and I and said ‘Really?’ Molly made him a t-shirt that says ‘Big Brother’ on it and he’s really proud. He wore it to school.”

— Monica Rizzo

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alexx on

As much as I hated how they came about, they seem so happy together and I am very happy for them!

denise on

Best wishes.

Just My Opinion on

Didn’t know they got married.

Grace on

Congrats to them…. Im so happy they ended up together… Could not stand Melissa..

jen vee on

agreed alexx ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

Good for them! All the best…

Margot on

Congrats to the best couple to ever come out of that God awful show!

JR on

They got married on tv. ๐Ÿ˜

LucyRicardo on

Congratulations to the Mesnick family. Such positive news to a couple who truly had a rough start. Best wishes to you.

kristy on

Yayyy for THEM! :’)

Kathleen on

Yayyy finally! At least the whole Bachelor franchise isn’t a total bust…although fun to watch. I love these two ๐Ÿ™‚

ashley on

So happy for them. Congrats guys ๐Ÿ™‚

ang on

As much as i hated Jason for what he did to Melissa, i am happy for the couple now. Melissa also has her happy ending with her Tye and baby Ava!

Karen on

Huge congrats to them! I am so glad they made it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Best wishes to Jason, Molly, and Ty!

Abbie on

So happy for them, Congrats!

Wayne on

All that matters now is the OUTCOME and the outcome is pretty terrific for Molly, Jason and especially Ty!!!!!! That’s all that really matters now.

buwahahahaha on

I’ll bet Jason cried!

“Pulling a Mesnick” = dudes who cry, especially on TV.


I’m so happy for Molly and Jason! Ty will be a great big brother!

Hilary on

Congratulations to Jason, Molly and Ty, this is wonderful news. xx

Bristol on

I truely believe he went from being everyones favorite (his first time on) to the most hated bachelor for what he did (his second time around). He could have done what he did quietly and not made an ass of himself!

Erin on

I agree…. He is very selfish

Anonymous on

Finally – a good story to come out of this God-awful franchise. They have stayed away from the limelight and settled down away from Hollywood. Good for them – I’m sure they will make wonderful parents. They seem very happy together. Congrats!!!!

roberta solomon on

Except the whole bachelor franchise is STILL a bust. He didn’t choose molly at the end of the season but Melissa. He just changed his mind AFTER they had filmed it all.

Good for them for being happy and all. But lets not pretend that the bachelor has actually had a successful match up. They still haven’t.

Lucille on

Trista and Ryan.

Gray on

Trista & Ryan…

Julianna on

YAY! So happy for Jason and Molly! I always rooted for them, and the fact that they keep their life mostly private is something I admire. That was an adorable way they found to tell Ty he has a sibling on the way, too.

Kat on

Hmmn, out of the blue I thought about them the other day,
Congratulations, they seem genuinely in love.

Carol on

I like how everyone says they are the only couple who have stayed together. Hello! Did everyone forgot about Trista and Ryan?!? The first Bachelorette couple who has been married since and have two kids! Different name, same franchise.

Lauren Kaminski on

I love them! Been waiting for this news. Congratulations to the happy couple & to Ty!:)

Wendy! on

Gosh even though I still hate him. Used to love him. Now I’m like ehh. Good for him! Even though I don’t like Molly still

Easyup on

So are they like the second couple in Bachelor/Bachelorette history to wed next to Trista and Ryan Sutter? Good-looking couple. I’m sure they must be very happy. Much luck and continued happiness to them.

Tiffany on

I truly believe in chemistry between two people, something that is there forever. I have been with my husband 20 years and the chemistry is still the same. I wish them luck!

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratualtions to the happy family- lovely news!

Corrola on

Grace – I agree. Melissa yeck. I hated the way that the breakup was handled on TV. Everyone forgot that she knew in advance that their relationship was gone. She admitted it.

Molly is and was the right choice and I am so happy that they got together and are happy.

Suzanne on

I have no idea who these people are but congratulations to them

Brooke on

After I see how much of a famewhore Melissa turned out to be, Jason made the MUCH better choice.

Tiffany on

Not trying to be mean but in that pic they look related, lol

CJ on

The BEST revenge to all the haters out there is them living a happy, love filled life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sally on

Awesome! I’m so happy for them. Congrats to Jason, Molly, and Tyler.

casey on

Beautiful couple. I see them every once in a while walking around in the town i live in. Such a nice friendly couple. Congrats on the baby on the way!

Regina on

No they both betrayed Melissa he Lied to Melissa!

Anonymous on

So happy for these two…awesome news!

Anonymous on

Love hearing happy news – congratulations!!!!

Supastarr on

Carol….Unfortunately, the rumor is that Trista and Ryan had already been dating for a year when they went on the Bachelorette.

Anonymous on

Congrats the both of you and Big brother Tyler.

Erica on

Congratulations Jason and Molly ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

Yay! I really like them and am glad they are so happy together! (I did love Melissa though…) Congrats and best wishes, Jason, Molly, and Ty!

Tia on

I’m guessing that the photo of the two was taken before they married, because neither are wearing wedding rings. Congrats to a baby on the way!

Cathleen on

Happy for them! And what a sweet story of how they told Jason’s son.

martine on

Why am so happy for complete strangers? No idea, but I am! Congratulations and best wishes to them.

Anonymous on

good for them..

MAllory on

buwahahahaha Pulling a Mesnick is not a guy who cries on or off tv it’s when you cry over a railing or banister.

guest on

aww, congratulations. and a very cute idea to tell Ty that way. Hope they last, they seem good together.

Big Fan on

How awesome! Congrats!!!

Aimee on

So happy for them!!! Congratulations on the baby on the way

Anonymous on

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Truly the most loving, genuine couple that has come out of the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows.

Jason owned up to a mistake and was crucified even though both he and Melissa admitted it wasn’t working within two weeks. He was under contract to disclose it on tv, Yet….you have couples who fake it for the money (like the most current couple) or break up shortly after and no one says anything.

I so admire Jason and Molly for taking their time….being better than Melissa and the other couples….and letting their love grow. What a lucky little baby this will be to have this couple as parents!

sara on

love it!

lol on

He is so fine!

Jax on

nice to finally see these 2 starting a family of their own… I hope they stick together….. you know, they may have had a rough start–but its obvious these 2 love each other…. so happy for them!!

bluegnu63 on

Very happy for them – and Ty! – finally joining Trista & Ryan in the ranks of “Bachelor/ette” parents.:)

LittleMo on

People really do need to get over this “what Jason did to Melissa” thing. He didn’t do anything wrong. That’s what engagements are for – sometimes you find that the person you thought was “the one” turns out not to be “the one” after all. The only difference here is this was done on live TV but Melissa has no room to complain and neither do any of the people “hating” on Jason for it.

This is the type of show where EVERY personal aspect of dating is done in a very public forum. Neither Melissa nor anyone else can complain about Jason and Melissa’s break-up being pubilc. Everyone knew what the Bachelor/Bachelorette is about so if they didn’t want all aspects of the budding relationship broadcast for everyone to see, then don’t go on the show.

Melissa had it easy to start with; Jason may have broken up with her on the finale, but there was no audience, just Chris Harrison. In an earlier season, the bachelor broke up with the girl in the studio off stage and the rejected girl still had to come into the studio for the ATFR broadcast.

Part of the blame for how Jason went about this was the fault of Deanna Pappas, too. She came back to suggest to Jason that she made the wrong choice with Jesse and could she and Jason give it another go. He said no and, in the process, asked her advice as he was torn because his heart said Molly but his head had all the reasons why, on paper, he should pick Melissa. Deanna told him instead of following his heart he should lead it – very, very very BAD advice. If he had followed his heart I think he would have picked Molly to start with.

In any case, all the best to them. This makes 2 successful couples and the 1st where the Bachelor did the picking. If Ashley and JP make it down the aisle in December that will be 3.

Nikki on

Congrats to them!

Christine on


sunlight on

melissa got her happiness. it is jason’s fault he proposed to melissa for nothing, he wasted her time that he broke her heart. Anyways, that was the past….melissa got her happiness.

... on

congratulations! but only to Tye because he’s the only one i can stand in that family…

Jay on

I’m really happy for them. I always thought he was going t pick Molly on the show and was shocked when he picked Melissa. Anyway, they seem like a genuine team and dedicated to each other and their marriage. It also says alot that they waited a couple of years to have a child and didn’t do it right away. Best wishes to the Mesnick Family!!!

Laura on

So happy for them! It took a lot of guts for Jason to do what he did but it’s clear he made the choice that was right for him. God bless them all!

Niko on

Aww, so happy for Jolly!. Love this couple. Its time for haters—who are still fuming over how he handled his break up with Melissa Rycroft—to move on. Everything worked out for the best for everyone involved, and that’s what ultimately matters the most.

Danielle on

Jason has the same smirk on his face that said,,,,”I’m not sure of what I’m doing here”…..

rachel on

At least he had the guts to admit he made a mistake and not end up with the wrong person.

SmiaVS on

Do people actually call it “hang the man?” I’ve only ever heard the game referred to as hangman….

Kayte on

I wonder where that big Bachelor diamond ring is. I wish them the best with the new addition to the family.

al on

Ya’ll saying that it waas best that they waited awhile to have kids Shut the hell up! Who are you to judge when its the the right or wrong time for someone to have kids! Everyone is different! My parents got married after 3 months of dating & had kid right after!…5 of us to be exact! And now 36 yrs happily married! I waited 3 yrs & my marriage was a bust.

Cathy on

So happy for Jason & Molly!!! I was sick that he picked Melissa, can’t stand her! She only went on the show because she had just broken up with her boyfriend and wanted to get away and hoping to get a career out of it! The whole break up was planned, they knew they had nothing in common right after the show! She needs to disappear!!! YAY!!!! Congrats to the Mesnick family!!!!

Danielle on

Jason is the flip-flapper of the century…..and still is….so keep an eye on this guy….even in this picture , he is trying to escape.

Sara on

Gross, they deserve each other!

Jo on

It should be “he looked at Molly and me” not “Molly and I” . Sorry for being so picky.

Anne on

Melissa had a boyfriend but left him to go on the show and now they are married with a child. She wasn’t in love with Jason and should have refused the ring. Melissa and Jason broke up after the show and no doubt it was ABC who brought him back to tell Melissa it was over but she already knew yet pretended she was so hurt-bull. ABC made Jason out as the villain and that was cruel. Fortunately both couples are together and very happy so leave Jason alone-he doesn’t deserve the hate.

Jeanetta on

Very cute “Big Brother”! I’m happy for this nice couple