Nick Lachey: Why We Chose the Name Camden

10/10/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Tide

Beverly Hills will forever hold a special place in Nick and Vanessa Lachey‘s hearts.

The new parents owe it to a particular street in L.A.’s posh city for helping them come up with a name for their now 4-week-old son, Camden John.

“It’s kind of a funny story. I’ve always liked the name Colin. We thought that Colin would be the name. And John is my dad’s name,” Nick, 38, told PEOPLE on Tuesday.

“But as we got further into it, I learned that Vanessa wasn’t a big fan of the name Colin, so we started looking for another ‘C’ name.”

Nick, who frequented Vanessa’s obstetrician’s office with her on Camden Drive, one day suggested, “Hey, what about Camden?”

At this point, he says, “We didn’t really know anyone else named Camden. It was such a neat name. We fell in love with it and decided on it five or six months ago.”

And just in case there was ever any confusion, the 98 Degrees frontman wants everyone to know — with a laugh, of course — “He’s not named after the city in New Jersey.”

Falling in love with his baby boy has been as easy as falling in love with the name.

“As a first time parent, you don’t know what to expect,” Nick explains. “You get all that advice, but we’ve been blown away and happy about the fact that he’s just been a good baby. He’s got a great temperament. Every day is fun. It’s a new adventure and we’re loving every second of it.”

Nick even appreciates the typically less-desired parts of parenthood.

“Diapers are no problem!” he says. “I had a little training with the niece and nephew with diaper duty, and yeah, I’ve got no problem changing diapers. It makes for good bonding moments with me and the little guy.”

Lachey — who recently teamed up with Tide for their Show Us Your Colors football campaign — posed for a photo with Camden in matching Cincinnati Bengals gear.

“I’m an avid, passionate, lifelong Bengals fan, so this was kind of a no-brainer for me,” Nick says. “Having a new son and being able to pass on my passion for my hometown team to him is great. I’m glad I have a son because in the middle of a great sports season, I can share those big moments with him. If I had a daughter, she’d probably be doing the same thing, but she’d probably resent me a little more for it.”

Through Tide’s photo sweepstakes, football fans can share photos documenting a time they were most proud to wear their team’s colors, the way Nick and Camden took their special picture. Photos can be uploaded through Nov. 30 for a chance to win an all expense-paid trip for two to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.

— Dahvi Shira

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Xan on

What a darling baby boy!!!

nss on

So adorable.

nss on

great pic!

Lady on

Camden is sooo cute, love this picture!!

Lisa on

What a beautiful baby….I’ve always liked Nick and Vanessa,I wish them well.

mariemeza on

Congratulations NIck & Vanessa! I’m. Sure you will enjoy your son! I have 2 daughters and raising them was most gratifying. Job of all jobs I’ve. Had!.

Kallie Ann Thornburg on

SO adorable~ And Go Bengals! =)

Anonymous on

I think they’re both just secret fans of 7th Heaven. Although maybe not because it might give Nick PTSD about his first marriage

CMK on

Lol, was their a Camden on 7th Heaven? I used to watch it but its been so long I can’t remember. Congrats to them! I was a “Newlywed” fan but clearly they both found the right partners in the end. 🙂

Tiara on

What a gorgeous baby!! Such a beautiful family!!

Tee Tee on

What a cute story. Love the name they chose for their son!

Shopgirl on

If you ever get a chance to visit Camden, Maine in the summer you will fall in love with it! Congrats on your new little boy.

Karen on

He is so adorable. Beautiful picture. You did good Nick and Vanessa.

D on

cute baby may god bless your family always

gigi2 on

My granddaughter is 3years old and her name is Camdyn. I had never heard of the name before, my daughter saw it in a baby book. Love the name because we love her and it fits her. We call her Cami as a nickname. Congratulations to Nick and Vanessa, he is a beautiful baby!

Mina on

Shopgirl, nice to know lol. Camden Jersey is horrible with crime. I’m not fond of Camden, saying it sounds like campin. Reminds me of Cadmium too. They should have went with Jack Camden. But oh well, cute kid.

Sierra Paige on

Camden is adorable! I’m not suprised because his daddy is so good lookin! 🙂

Sarah on

gorgeous baby, but not too keen on the name, maybe because it’s the name of a scruffy part of London.

KO on

What’s with all these cute babies with thick dark hair! My guy is still more or less bald at 9 mo. So jealous over here. 🙂 the father/son matching outfits are adorable too, what a proud papa!

Ann on

My hubby was bald forever as a baby and toddler but he finally got thick wavy dark hair that shows no signs of thinning or receding at 34.

jennifer blair on

nick and vanessa you son camden is sure cute and that outfit is cute also. babies all ways look cute in those type of onezes i wish it was in the black and the gold of the steelers

Julie on

Oh my……I’m not sure who’s cuter… or dad?!!

lovely123 on

Nothing better than a father appreciating his child.

Marky on

Shopgirl, you are so right! I was recently in Camden, Maine, and it was a gorgeous town! I thought it was just amazing……

Anonymous on

I’m glad he finally cleared up the fact that his son is NOT named after the city in New Jersey, and that he and his wife had the name picked out long before Kristin C’s Camden was born. Now hopefully people will finally stop giving he and Vanessa grief about it! 🙂

Anyway, Camden is adorable!

Ann on

Camden is a handsome baby……..

mari on

that is one beautiful baby!!!

Michele on

oh my, that child is gorgeous!

nicole on

cute baby!

Dawn on

Omigosh, Camden is beautiful! Just the very best of his momma and daddy! Congrats, Nick and Vanessa! ♥

Carrie M on

How cute!! I like his name and thank goodness he’s not named after Camden, NJ – it’s not a great place! Why would they name him after that city anyways?? Congrats to the Lacheys…

Brian on

There’s a town named Camden just north of Cincinnati on 127. Also birthplace of Myron Scott who was also famous for giving a name to a car we Americans love the Corvette.

Mommy on

I really don’t like those ” trendy ” names at all. He can say he doesn’t know any ” Camden’s ” but I know several. And his ex girlfriends also used the name? Way to go there Nick. I can’t imagine a 90 year old man named Camden.

saree on

Beautiful baby with beautiful parents!!

Lori on

My great nephews name is Kamdon, hes almost 4 years old. I love the name. The baby is beautiful!!! Congrads!!!

Anonymous on

Camden unfortunately conjures up images of Camden,NJ…I think still the crime capitol of the US.

audra on

they seem so grounded, down to earth…best of luck to the happy new parents!!!

Toni Madewell on

That is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen!!

Sandy on

I have news for you, Nick Lachey. I’m a nurse in a very large hospital OB/Nursery unit, & I can tell you, without any doubt, that Camden is a very popular name & has been for some time. As a matter of fact, two nurses I work with named their babies Camden. It’s just another name like Aiden, Jayden, Hayden, Brayden – just another name that will run the cycle.

M on

There are a lot of Camdens in the Baltimore Area. The Orioles stadium is Camden yard. Go O’s!!!

Anonymous on

BEAUTIFUL BABY!!! Good job, guys! =)

Anonymous on

Happy for Nick and Vanessa! I remember Nick wanting to be a father while he was on the Newlyweds…..

victory on

Lovely photo of proud papa and his mini me, Camden, strong, handsome name.

lori on

Beautiful Baby 🙂

NIcole on

Cute baby, but seriously…..acting like it’s way better to name your kid after a street in L.A. than a city in New Jersey? Either way, it’s not so great. Why explain it at all?

saree on

Hey NIcole, u sound very angry. Lighten up.

Abbie on

I love the name Camden John…. It is a name I had picked a long time ago for a son. I laughed out loud when I heard Vanessa and Nick picked the exact same name. And that baby boy is such a beautiful baby. So happy for Nick and Vanessa!!!!

Jessica on

aww so cute! Can tell he’s going to be a great dad! lucky little kid 🙂

Bree on

Nick is going to be a great dad! Camden is so adorable!

Carole on

Great name, everyone in Baltimore will agree!

Tacha on

Nick Lachey’s baby boy is absolutely beautiful!

Nicole on

He’s going to make a wonderful dad. I just remember loving Nick back when he and Jessica did their show together. You could see it then how much he wanted a family. Well deserved and beautiful baby! 🙂

Lillian on

Awww, look at little Nick……I mean Camden lol. What a cutie!

Cyndee on

Love the name Camden…my 8 year old son is named Kamden and we chose that name because we liked it. I’ts a good strong name. Congrats to the Lachey’s!!!

Stacey on

He is so cute!!!!! And that hair is great! Hell be one handsome Lil boy / two great parents he will be a great person too, I’m from Ohio too nick / good people

Peggy on

What a cutie…LOL both baby and father! But what a sweet little guy…congrads and God Bless you…I guess he already did 🙂

daisy on

Love him! Baby is adorable and I’m so very happy for Nick. He’s wanted this for so long, he’s going to be a great dad.

Anonymous on

that is the cutest baby i have seen in a long time!

hopeso on

Ahhhhhhhhh so nice..

chrissydisibio on

YAY Go Bengals!!!

Kat on

If he was mine, that’s exactly what i’d do, SHOW HIM OFF!
Too cute!

Michelle on

I am so happy that Nick has finally found the happiness he deserves. The baby is adorable. Best Wishes!

rlb237 on

As a girl with a daddy and older brother who shared many great sports moments with me, I can assure you, your daughter will NOT resent you Nick!! I saw my first NFL game at 7, and I’ve been a sports fan ever since.

OCme on

CAMDEN Yards … That’s what I first thought!!

Susie from Philly on

Hey Nick, you also just named your kid after one of the poorest cities in America — Camden, New Jersey.

Anonymous on

So cute!! He looks a lot like Drew Lachey.

anonymous on

My daughter’s name is Camdyn after Camden Yards where the Orioles play. I personally love the name:) Nice choice Lacheys!

Beth on

My daughter is Camden Elizabeth. Named after Camden, Alabama where I grew up. She loves her name…nobody ever forgets it!!:-)

chrystal rudolph on

TOO CUTE!!!! I love the name!!! WHO DEY!!!!

Anonymous on

Love the name, my son Camden is 13 but he was named after Camden Yards.

misty on

Such a cute picture I just love nick. Camden is going to be gorgeous just like his daddy

Kathy on

So cute !!!!

June on

Wow! Some eye candy right there. Cute little guy and very handsome big guy!

boohoobytch on

what a precious little baby, congrats to them

aJ on

I have a little guy, 14 months and his name is Camden.. I think its a great name! very cute little guy nick and vanessa have!

Melissa on

That is a beautiful baby! Has it been four weeks already? Wow, time goes by so fast. Enjoy every moment!

Sue on

Eventhough Camden NJ is not exactly a great place, some great people came from there…aka….ME !!!! CONGRATULATIONS LACHEY FAMILY 🙂
xoxoxo (hugs/kisses)

Guest on

What a sweetheart!

gagirl on

Um no, Mina. They should have gone with the name THEY wanted which is what they did. I love how people get all opinionated over other folks’ kids. Who cares? Besides, Jack Camden sounds stupid.

Tamara on

LOVE the name! But of course I do becuase I have one 🙂 What is funny is that I have a Collin too! Colton, Collin, Cooper and Camden 🙂 Great name for a wonderful new baby boy! CONGRATS!

Momof2in1year on

I know 2 Camden’s– one is 14 and the other is almost 3. I know one of them chose the name because they liked Cam, but not Cameron. I like the name story– I’ve been on Camden Dr. many times, but never thought of it when I heard the name! Different people like different names: it’s not like this one is totally off-the-wall.

Lexie on


crystal20 on

So cute!

Sandy on

Beautiful baby and you can just see the love in this photo! He sounds like he’s a pretty swell dad!!

Kat on

Such a sweet picture. And they seem like such a great couple. So happy for them both.

And Nick, if you have a daughter she will love watching sports with you too. She won’t resent it at all. I loved watching and playing sports with my dad. Some of my great memories. 🙂

Drew on

I don’t like the name at all. He says nobody else had it yet his ex Kristen picked it first. Still reminds me of Camden, NJ.

The baby does not look like Vanessa at all. I thought Asian genes were dominant? None of his features are Filipino unless he changes in a few months. He looks just like Nick with the full lips and nose!

Debs on

I love the name! Best wishes to Vanessa and Nick!

Anonymous on

Here where I live, Camden is a VERY popular girls name. Im sure he told this story because of everyone saying they copied Kristin Cavallari. Cute baby, glad he got the son he always wanted.

Heather on

I think nick and vanessa’s son is too cute:))

Cappy84 on

That is the sweetest pic! He is going to be a very handsome boy!

Sara on

What a precious picture! Love the name as well. Congrats to Nick and Vanessa on a beautiful baby boy. I wish you all the best!

Mary Ann on

Beautiful baby,recent pics of his wife,she looks great too.

Nikita on

That baby is beyond beautiful!!!!

Jan on

Daing baby but look at Mama And Daddy. I have a little cousin named Camden. He is 8 or 9. Always liked it. Congrats to such a beautiful family.

Lynny on

Very sweet. I always thought Nick and Vanessa made a perfect couple and now they have a perfect family. He has always seemed very down to earth. Good for them.



Mary on

Baby Camden is soo adorable!!

rachel on

What an ADORABLE little man!

Michelle on


sara on

I love the name Camden too but hate that it’s getting so popular!

Case on

That is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. Nick will be such a wonderful father. I am so happy for him and his wife, Vanessa. They will be such great parents. Congrats to them on a beautiful, healthy baby.

Ana G Velez on

Such a Handsome baby!!! How adorable!!!

Heather on

Nick is just a genuine nice guy. So happy that he got his happy ending away.

Carol on

There is also a Camden OH…not far from Nick’s hometown of Cincinnati.

deny gomez on


ann on

He is a beautiful baby! Conggratulations to the Lachey’s! I would like to say one thing about Nick’s comment about a daughter and football, I LOVED watching football with my dad, when coming home on leave ALWAYS during football season him and I would make a point to watch as many games as possible. What I am saying is that a daughter in my opinion would not become resentful, just as with a father and son they are great bonding moments and fantastic memories.

Poppy on

Cutest baby ever!!

Sharon on

There’s more than one city named Camden…not just in NJ! There is a Camden, Delaware too and probably more around the country. Just an FYI.

erin on

I think it’s funny that there has been so much attention on the name Camden for Nick’s baby and Kristin’s baby. We named my 5 year old daughter Camden after her 95 year old great-grandfather. it’s a great, classic name, but it’s certainly nothing new 🙂

Tina on

I love the Lachey family, and their devotion to our fair city! Who Dey!

Mary on

Way to be a sexist jerk about sports. There’s lots of us that love us some football, hockey, basketball, whatever. I used to go watch baseball with my Dad and loved it. Disappointed in Nick’s attitute.

Mommabear on

Now that is the way you are suppose to talk when you are lucky enough to have a beautiful healthy baby! Not like the way Molly Sims and Melissa whatever were bitching about their bodies instead of gushing about their new babies. He is a gorgeous little baby, even though I’m a diehard Cowboys fan I’m willing to over look his fathers choice because he is just so adorable!

Gina on

Good looking baby…

ZulyBella on

Like Father, Like Son – Handsommmmmmmme! God Bless the Lachey Family.

B on

I’ve always thought that Nick was a really great, stand up guy. His son is BEAUTIFUL and I wish him and his wife all the best!

slever on

My 7-year old son’s best friend is named Camden. And their are others in the school district as well. It’s a pretty popular name here in Wisconsin. Btw, he is darling, what a beautiful baby!

Anonymous on

Adorable baby! What a great picture

Anonymous on

Awww, what a little cutie! And a very cool name!

Julie on

Camden is a big name in Baltimore due to Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and it is used both as a boy’s name and a girl’s name. My niece is Camden Elizabeth.

Heather on

Camden, Maine is absolutely beautiful! They should visit one day!

kathyfromNJ on

That is one adorable baby!

Tina on

I’m so happy for Nick and Vanessa. Cute baby.

a oliverlane on

So happy for this family, gives me goosebumps, as a lifelong football fan introduced by her dad, this is so precious 🙂 😉

Nina on

Camden is such an adorable little boy. I’m glad they named him something somewhat normal, but it’s funny that Kristin Cavallari named her son Camden too, and her son was born first!

norma on

camden, what a beauty.

Jo on

Um…that’s a little rude to say about little girls. I know tons of women who love sports.

Sasha on

Hay! I am offended! My son’s name is Collin! That is a much cuter name than Camden! That is rude!

Camden Park is also kinda close to home Nick. It’s near Ashland Ky and Huntington WVA. Maybe you can take him there when he gets a little bigger. It’s smaller than kings island but fun.

h0 on

They have such a pretty baby.

Susan on

I have a cousin with the middle name Camden, after Camden Yards. He and his brothers all have baseball-inspired names.

Navy Wife on

Beautiful baby! Love the pic!

Who Dey! Go Bengals!

TeacherJax on

he is sooooooooooooooooooooo cute! Looks like Vanessa for sure! I thought they were planning on raising Camden in CIN? I’m pretty surprised that they have been in LA lately. I know they have 2 homes but I was just surprised Camden was born in LA

Bobbie on

What an adorable picture, Nick looks sooo very happy.

Vicki on

Yours has been such a beautiful love story, from the time Vanessa interviewed Nick for Entertainment Tonight (I think it was Entertainment Tonight if I remember right.) Then the beautiful courtship, wedding, and now that precious baby boy. Camden is a great name. Enjoy every smile, bottle, dirty diaper, sleepless night, from the most enjoyable experiences to the least. Being a mom has been the most rewarding experience God could have blessed me with. God Bless you Nick, Vanessa, & Camden!

One Two on

What a cute baby! I have a friend who named her baby after an airport in Boston (Logan), and another friend who said she may go Spanish and name her baby “Taco Bell”.

Brooklyn on

Very cute. And I think that’s fun story of how they chose Camden. Plus, I think Camden Lachey sounds better than Colin Lachey would have!

Gigi on

I love the name Camden…different, but not “kooky” different. Beautiful baby!

Terri on

What a wonderful picture. He looks like he’s going to be a wonderful father to such a beautiful baby. Love the name also.

JustMe on

WOW, what a cutie……this baby is soooo cute!

H on

Thank god.. I love my home state of Jersey.. but there isn’t one good thing I could say bout Camden, NJ to name a kid after..

He’s a really cute baby.

Anonymous on

Love the jersey! WHO DEY!!!!

Mia on

@7th Heaven – Camden was their last name.

Guest on

Camden is such a cutie pie. Congratulations to Nick and Vanessa. I think they will make lovely parents. God Bless!

R on

Cute baby.. 🙂

Wonder why Nick isn’t wearing a wedding ring…

robinepowell on

As far as names go, Camden is very nice. It sounds like a more normal person name, especially considering what’s out there.

mom of 2 on

Aww! He is too cute!!

SueM on

That baby is gorgeous! Cute story on the name too.

Jessica on

I always been a fan of Nick and Vanessa my dream is to meet you both one day. May God Bless you and your Baby.

Sydney on

That is an adorable picture of father and son. So happy for Vanessa and Nick.

Wendy on

Camden is so adorable and my husband and I also love the name! He is actually from the city of Camden in New York, so if we have a little boy we are going to name him after the city we both love. Congrats Nick and Vanessa! You have a beautiful family!

Suzanne on


TG on


Ally on

Great looking little guy. Very happy for their joy 🙂

gagirl on

Can everyone who keeps bringing up Camden, NJ please STFU already?!?!? It has been mentioned no less than 37,000 times by now. We get it. And guess what? Nick and Vanessa don’t care. So it’s pointless. Some of you just HAVE to make your opinions known like anyone gives a s***. Ugh.

Anna on

Love the name and that little boy is ADORABLE!! But his parents are beautiful inside & out!

xyz on

It’s actually an old English name and most people (at least outside of the US) would make no connection to the city in N.J.

Renda on

That is simply a beautiful little boy. Congratulations!!!

Tiffany on

First off this is one handsome baby. I DON’T think he has to explain why he chose this name for his son. I feel its not needed, but you know people will talk. Cute baby and Congrats!

Julianna on

I can’t stand Vanessa, but I LOVE Nick, and that picture of him with his son is the most adorable thing ever!

Lisa on

The name Camden is of Scottish origin and means “winding valley”. Beautiful name that matches a gorgeous baby. 🙂

scarly on

Geez that baby is cute.

Tish on

Believe me…..I have seen alot of babies in my time and let me say it is hard to beat Nick & Vanessa’s little baby…that is one of the most beautiful little babies I have ever seen!

Lisa on

Congrats!! Beautiful baby. God bless him.

soonergirl on

They have a very cute little boy, and I’m so happy for them. I think they will be awesome parents. Congratulations!

Dani on

That’s all the thought they put into their son’s name? They saw it on a steret sign they happened to drive by? Really?

Danielle on

Lucky for the baby that the street name was not Horse Way or Bulls Hill….. I can not believe that in 9 months ….they can not find a better name…….Maybe Camden will marry Maxwell……?

Bump on

I could not have lived without that Info.

Thanks People.

Jessica on

Im so happy for
Nick and Vanessa and for there healthy Baby Boy what a
Cute name. I always wanted to meet
Vanessa and
Nick hope one day I will get thAt Dream. May
God bless you all!!!!!

Anonymous on

Handsome child!

emily on

omg who cares? i love u nick lachey but do we really care about his babies name? its a name. the end

Toya L. on

Nick who?

Julesy on

That photo is so precious. Beautiful baby boy!

lola on

Beautiful baby boy! Nick if you ever are equally blessed with a daughter, don’t worry she will not resent you when you watch sports together. My 4 daughters love to watch sports with their Daddy. That’s bonding time. Now that they are grown and working they buy tickets to sporting events and Daddy is always included. He loves it. Time with his girls and free tickets!

Anonymous on

Sorry to all the females getting all offended by Nick’s comment about having a son vs a daughter and sports but there’s a reason why he said what he did. A lot of girls do NOT like sports–including me! Some girls do but most don’t. It makes me laugh every time I read one of your comments about how you love watching sports with your dad as if every girl would also love it–how is his comment any worse than yours when you’re also generalizing?

Anonymous on

TeacherJax- They do, but not until he’s a toddler. Someone asked Vanessa on Twitter while he was still pregnant where they planned to raise their son, and she replied, “Baby LA, toddler Cinci”. 🙂

Drew- You don’t know that for sure. Nick says in the article that he and Vanesssa decided on the name five or six months ago (back when Vanessa was around three or four months pregnant), so they very well could have “had” the name before Kristin and Jay did.

And even if Kristin and Jay picked out the name Camden early on as well, how were Nick and Vanessa supposed to know that?! At any rate, I, for one, am very glad that Nick and Vanessa didn’t scrap the name they loved just because one of their exes named their son that first!

Mina- Why would they have named him Jack Camden? His middle name is John, not Jack, so if they’d reversed the names it would JOHN Camden, not Jack Camden.

dudley doright on

2 good looking guys, Vanessa’s a lucky lady!! on

I’m late to the party! LOL! Immediately after reading the article, I just knew the comments would start about the name and his remark about having a daughter and sports. I was going to say: LET THE GAMES BEGIN, but you all beat me to it. 🙂

BJR on

Beautiful baby! I just want to say THANK YOU to Nick Lachey for not forgetting his roots and for continuing to support his hometown and being proud of Cincinnati. Some stars from Cincinnati, and there are several, act like they forget where they grew up!

Dawn on

That is soooo cute! Mine and my husbands first child was born Christmas of 2011, and we named him Kamden Scott, until then i ha dnever heard the name before.. seems that now it is starting to get popular!

stacey on

Love the name! My four year old daughter’s name is Kamdyn:) It’s uncommon without being weird or made-up.

Kerry on

So handsome! What a beautiful family.