Julie Andrews Talks Kids, Grandkids and Her New Children’s Poetry Book

10/10/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
Richard Phibbs

One of Julie Andrews‘s favorite childhood memories is of her father reading to her when she was a young girl growing up in England.

“My father had a lovely way of reading,” recalls the iconic star of Mary Poppins¬†and The Sound of Music. “He had a very nice voice, and he really made sure I understood the words. What was so endearing is that he suddenly became rather formal when he read, and I so enjoyed watching him do it properly for me.”

Now the 77-year-old screen legend is passing on that passion for books to her own eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Andrews and her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton, 49, teamed to produce a new children’s poetry anthology, Julie Andrews’ Treasury for All Seasons: Poems and Songs to Celebrate the Year.

The book — which features kid-friendly poems from Robert Frost, Dr. Seuss, Walt Whitman and Jack Prelutsky, among others — is the 22nd children’s book collaboration between Andrews and Hamilton. Both mother and daughter encourage parents to read aloud to their children.

“Those are the memories that will last a lifetime,” says Emma. “Mom carried on that tradition with us, and I continue to carry it on with my children. Reading equals love.”

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Katie on

Julie Andrews is high class all the way! Love her so much!

Grace2 on

Yes, yes, yes!!! Read to your children. Nurture in them a love for books and for disappearing in stories. This is so incredibly important.

I loved Julie Andrews as a child. How refreshing to see a celebrity promoting something wonderful like books. Love her.

Waldemar Lopes on

The great, multitalented and forever beautiful Julie Andrews is an inspiration: an awesome actress, singer, dancer, writer and person. As a teacher I love using Julie and Emma’s books in the classroom to teach my students how to speak good English – and they have such a great time! I am in awe of their wonderful collection of poems. The books – and the two fair ladies – are a treasure! More power to you, Julie and Emma!

TF on

Can we please clone Julie Andrews first?

Jordyn on

One of my favorite books growing up was Mandy, written by her. I wish I could get it on my Kindle – but alas I have to keep the paper copy on my shelf.

WOW on

Why does she NEVER EVER talk about her 2 adopted kids?

macgeek67 on

I have this and the first poetry collection, Poems Songs and Lullabies, and they are both fantastic! To use one of Julie’s favorite words….they are simply delicious!!

Sarah S. on

I’d really love to buy this book because 1) poems about seasons are awesome; 2) Jack Prelutsky’s poems are timeless; and 3) I adore Julie Andrews! I used to read poems for my children when they were very young (now 12 & 15), so I think this book will be mainly for me now!

meghan on

Wow, Julie and Blake Edwards had five children between them. The reason we hear about Emma is because of their professional collaboration.

X on

So basically they made a book by other writers and just put her name on it. Yeah um how about a book with poems and stories that she actually wrote.

N on

@ Wow…She also didn’t mention any of her other kids and grandkids. Or her neighbors. or the checkout girl at the supermarket. or the lady she passed on the street as they crossed paths. (Sarcasm ending)

What do her adopted children have anything to do with this article? They are speaking of their work, their memories of being read to as a child and the importance of reading to children.

Marky on

She not only has talked about her adopted children (and her other children) when appropriate, but most of us have seen pictures of them all, multiple times. They, however, have nothing to do with this article or topic. Get a grip “Wow”…… Save that outrage for a worthy topic; this isn’t it!

Kat on

If you watch any of the interviews she and her daughter have done for the book, they mention ALL the family’s child multiple times. One of her other daughters was in The Princess Diaries, but Emma is the only one that also writes.

Do these books come with CDs, listening to her read them would be heavenly.

macgeek67 on

Both of their poetry books come in audiobook format and I assure you, having Julie & Emma read them to you is fabulous! Awesome, inspiring ladies and simply delicious books!!