The Newest Cuddling Cuties: Ezra and Wilhelmina Hanson

10/09/2012 at 04:30 PM ET

Books … and a baby! “Homeschool at its best,” Natalie Hanson Tweeted Tuesday, sharing a photo of eldest child Ezra, 10 this month, working on an exercise while cuddling with new sister Wilhelmina Jane. Born last Tuesday, the baby girl is the fifth child for Taylor Hanson and his wife. “She was welcomed by more love than could fit in the room,” the musician, 29, told PEOPLE.

In addition to Ezra and Wilhelmina, Taylor and Natalie, 28, are parents to Penelope, 7, River, 6, and Viggo, 3½. “I never saw myself having this big family at a young age,” Taylor tells PEOPLE. “But I can’t imagine anything else now. It’s just the greatest.”

Courtesy Natalie Hanson

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B on

LOVE the Hansons.. always have. Hope these two make it for the long haul.. it’s a lot of responsibility at a young age but they seem very happy!

BlueSkidoo on

That is absolutely adorable.

LaLa on

Their oldest looks like Issac not Taylor.

wavgirl on

God bless them… So nice to see a younger couple who lasts and truly enjoys having a family of their own. I commend any parent who has the patience and ability to homeschool!

Anonymous on

for a second there I thought that was dad in the picture. Haha

Marky on

What a sweet picture; this family seems very happy, and that’s to be applauded!

Tee Tee on

This is so sweet! It’s just another day in the Hanson house! And if they homeschool, I’m even more impressed with their family!

Tia on

Wonderful family and role model!

fanofboardwalkempire on

that is just the cutest snap! Love the concentration and new baby being held- Rooting and praying for the Hansen Family!

Janis on

What a lovely family. I have a grandson named Ezra! Such an adoring, loving family. Good christian values here in this family!

Beebop on

What a precious photo!

charly on

Omfg STOP PROCREATING!!!! FIVE F*CKINGN KIDS at 29 is waaaay too much! (Go ahead, start hating but I’m entitled to my own opinion too so f*ck off)

Sharon on

Wow charly your language is so classy

Beebop on

Christian values are in this family? UHHH she was 18 and knocked up when she got married. What an example to her daughters!!

Anonymous on

I don’t think this is a 10 year old….I’d bet this is there 6 year old

kendrajoi on

She’s gotta have a built-in babysitter with all those rugrats!!!! Poor kid.

Cris on

@Beebop, being Christian isn’t about not making mistakes. She is a good role model for her children by taking responsibility of them. As long as they have the ability to care for their children, who cares how many they have?

Amy on


Barb on

I’m so glad for them. Definitely positive role models. on

Home schooling is messed up. I don’t think it should be legal.

saree on

What a beautiful family! Much love.

anon on

charly, just like you are right to have your own opinion so do the hansons. You can state your opinion in a more respectful way than using caps lock and swearing. Maybe you should comment in the way you would want to be addressed instead of in the way you think others would respond. on

They need to stop having babies NOW. Five babies by 28??? What are you trying to prove?

NM on

Wilhelmina? Seriously, how old fashioned can they get! That name is ancient.

kmillan on

That’s a picture of one of the oldest holding the baby, hello where is the shot of the baby? lol cute anyway and god bless 😀

GAL on

Their values come from a strong close family upbringing, yes natalie got pregnant young but at least she brought that child and his siblings up in a happy and healthy marriage, how many young celebs stay together these days! They are are a fine example to their children and to us all!!! Go Tay&Nat!

Anonymous on

I’d rather see these people having 5 kids than see a single welfare mom having 5 kids. At least they can afford them. I’m not a christian so I am not impressed by the home schooling or phased by the pre marital sex.

Shannon on

Beebop, since when does being a Christian mean that you are perfect and incapable of making bad decisions? And as far as them having 5 at 29 years of age, SO WHAT? They are responsible for their own family which has no effect on you. To each their own. Some people prefer to have only 2 kids or wait til they’re 30 before they have any kids, or none at all. Obviously they love eachother very much to be happily married 10 years with 5 children. I say good for them! Age is only a number. It’s how you handle yourself that matters. Congratulations to this wonderful family. They are happy, well-adjusted, normal people.

crescentmoon on

One of the best celebrity tweets of all time, in my opinion. LOVE it.

Stephanie on

Now I see how she handles them all. Free babysitters.

Gumby on

That’s a lot of kids!

Anonymous on

These 2 actually look very happy- and its nice to see! Nothing fake- I wish them well! 🙂

Shari on

What a precious photo, maybe next time there will be a photo of Taylor and Natalie holding the baby were we can see her more

Carol Ann Womack on


Michelle on

charly on October 9th, 2012

Omfg STOP PROCREATING!!!! FIVE F*CKINGN KIDS at 29 is waaaay too much! (Go ahead, start hating but I’m entitled to my own opinion too so f*ck off)

I’ve no problem with you having an opinion or voicing it, just the language you use!

Anonymous on

They fail at names.

Elisa on

OMG Ezra is just 1 year younger than me when I became fan of his dad and fell in love and planned to marry him. O.o Time FLIES.

I LOVE this family but…Seriously ? There isn’t water enough in the planet to all these people!

Laura on

aww so adorable. he looks so much like taylor here!

tm on

Charly …. your use of potty mouth foul language just makes you sound like a punk smartmouth teenybopper. Please grow up ……… then maybe your comments would be taken seriously. You are entitled to your own opinion … but act like a grown up and stop the moronic language. Thank you!!!

Anonymous on

@Beebop…there are no words to describe the hatefulness of your first comment and then “what a precious photo” just a second later. Yes, she was pregnant when she got married, but she was GETTING MARRIED. She may not be a great role model for you, but to judge whether or not she’s a role model for her daughters is awful and extremely judgmental for someone who’s complaining about “Christian values”.

Doi, America on

He’s 10 and working out of an infantile workbook called “just write!” He should be capable of writing a short essay by now. #homeschoolingfail

Pamela on

Strange how people bash those who are Christians with large families, however mexican and blacks can have 6-10 kids, be on welfare and horrible parents yet they’re praised. Sad where the world is going….

dudley doright on

taylor is a good looking guy, wow tho, 5 kids & he’s not even 30….he’s a family man & that’s good!!

Aoife on

Homeschooled? They are probably raising their kids in a sheltered bubble away from the real world so they can brainwash them to be Christians. They wouldn’t dare let their kids learn real History and Science in school that would prove their silly beliefs wrong.

Anna on

Seeing the top of her forehead is hardly meeting the newest hanson

Windy on

Huge fan of the Hansons! And they have such a beautiful family! Congrats to Taylor and Natalie!!!!

Mon on

God this couple makes me sick!!!!! Bringing kids to this world like it is just a big joke. So bad! They are just going to get divorced eventually! Poor kids!!!

meghan on

Why do any of you care? It’s not your problem. They are not your kids. You do not have to support them financially.

God, if it’s not illegitamite children, it’s ‘so soon after the wedding?’ or ‘why did you wait so long?’ If they have one kid, they’re evil for not giving their child a sibling. If they have a large family they are overpopulating the earth and should adopt if they want more. If they homeschool they’re Jesus freaks (because religion is evil).

Of course ten minutes later you are onto the next post lamenting the lack of morals in celebrities, like they have to answer to us for their choices. You criticize name choices, breastfeeding, CIO, co-sleeping, baby carriers, cloth or disposables, car seat safety, who went back to work too fast and relationships and mistakes that are ancient history. It’s ridiculous! Grow up and let other people parent their children how they see fit!

Get some perspective! A little boy’s body was dug up from his backyard and no one noticed he was missing for TWO YEARS!!! THAT is bad parenting! Not homeschooling. Not religion. Not five babies in ten years (in a marriage, with the same parents). Not being named Viggo.

Taraakapinky on

I cannot agree more! People get carried away on the Internet and lose perspective. Big picture, folks! No one asked if you like homeschooling (I was, I turned out fine and fit into society just great thanks) or Christians or their names or anything. Stop judging everyone with your insane double standards and viciousness. We are all people and ALL equal. Just… Stop.

His on

I adore this post!

Sharon on

Well said Meghan 🙂

cc on

cute fam!!!!

dorie on

I think it’s wonderful. I loved the comment, She was welcomed by more love then could fit in the room. This is what life is all about!

Seriously on

So everyone is bashing them for homeschooling…the HANSON boys were homeschooled which is probably why they choose to do it with their children also. Plus when they travel, they can take their families with them. CONGRATS Taylor and Natalie. You have a beautiful family.

Kimmie on

Five kids is a lot for a young couple to handle and can put a lot of pressure on a marriage. The key to success is to have a great support system and a couple of date nights every month.

Kimmie on

Pamela, I’m not sure where you’re getting this info from, because I’m black with one kid and I don’t think that it’s ok for anyone to have 5 children in this economy. Who is praising Blacks and Mexicans? Don’t put a whole race down because a few need help. Some whites are struggling with this soft economy as well and need government assistance. You may need assistance one day, so be careful with the hateful comments.

Megan on

Absolutely precious! Congrats!

jojo on

@Charly- you’re opinion you are entitled to, being an a$$hole, you are not. learn the difference.

Tina on

Now THAT’S sweet.

Tee Tee on

There are so many people bashing this family for raising five children. Out of pure curiosity, what do you think is an acceptable number of children for a married, self supported family?

Kim on

Congrats to this wonderful, loving family. They know how to be parents, they can certainly afford a big family, they can let the kids travel and see the world! Seem like great parents, role models, and just great people all around. As a Hanson fan for 15 years now, I want nothing but the best for all of them. Cheers guys!

Jen DC on

@Pamela: Wow, racist much? I think what you’re driving at is the fact that minorities are portrayed – YES, IT IS A PORTRAYAL and not the truth – as over-consumers of the social safety net. Please know that this… “theory” (I know you believe it is a fact) has been debunked more than once. White Americans receive the greatest percentage of tax-funded government assistance. And I say this without rancor, without placing blame, without asserting that they are “welfare queens” having “ten kids” whom they are “raising badly.”

Plus people have been criticizing Christianity for 2000+ years, yet mysteriously the religion continues to thrive globally. Welcome to America: Things that are sacred to you aren’t sacred to everyone else. Deal with it.

tayzbeth on

So much judgement … let people live their lives and find their own way. We know nothing of the real struggles and choices of others. Just wish others well. This is a lovely picture.

Jen DC on

@ Doi: The workbook is sitting – closed – on the couch beside him. He is actually writing in a second, separate book in his lap. #observationfail

Jen DC on

@ Pamela: This link and the caption for it’s picture are for you.

The caption reads: Greg Dawson and his wife, Sheila, of Martinsville, Ohio, help feed their family of seven with a $300 monthly food stamp benefit.

Hm… non-minority family… 7 kids… food stamps… I’m done trying to teach the willfully ignorant and blind. For today, anyway.

B.J. (the girl) on

Oh my. I never realized I’m the same age as Natalie. I’m sure they’re having kids because they want to, and certainly they have money to support them, so I shouldn’t feel sorry for her… But as a 28 year old with no kids and absolute freedom, I can’t help but feel for Natalie (and her uterus). How many will she have to squeeze out before she’s 30, 35, or 40 years old? 5 kids before 30 is what happened to women in the 1800’s and prior, when we didn’t know any better and couldn’t use birth control.

KP on

Really people? Who gives two hoots how many kids they have? They can PAY for them!

Anne Marie on

Pamela, what you wanted to say was ‘white’ people and not Christians. That is because Christians come in all ethnicities (black) and previous nationalities (Mexican).

About the Hanson story: How do you homeschool children when you start having them at 18 and 19? What did they learn by then to facilitate and guide the learning of 5 children?

How unfortunate.

josy0710 on

If they can afford their 5 kids…what’s it to you? If they are young or old it’s their life. As long as they aren’t on welfare and you aren’t paying more taxes to feed those kids then it is not “irresponsible to bring children into the world in this economy”. Why are they getting picked on for homeschooling? have you seen the state of the public education in this country? plus…guess what? they aren’t your kids…if you don’t agree with homeschooling then go ahead and send your kids to the under achieving schools and if people choose to homeschool then let them be.

Amy on

That is their almost 10 year old son. That isn’t their 6 year old son. From,what I can tell she looks really cute. They did go to regular school for awhile. I guess Natalie and Taylor decided to homeschool. I know a lot who were homeschooled and they turned out just fine. If they can support their kids I see nothing wrong with how many they have. Like,TeeTee said.

Goolll on

They look happy! Congrats!

Na'eema on

I commend them for choosing to home school. It truly is best for all children to have individualized education without the foolishness society has to throw in the mix (peer pressures at school/pop culture). My children are also home schooled. Oh yeah, and I have 6 of them, and I am 29 too. Oh yeah, and I am married. My husband also helps with the homeschooling. People who think something is wrong with that are close-minded. You don’t have to like it for yourself, but you can at least respect the methods of other people provided that they are doing the right things for their children and families.

AB on

I’m a fan of Hanson, but I can’t relate at all to having 5 kids by age 28. I’m also a little suspicious of the homeschooling thing. It’s one thing if the parents are educated, but Taylor and Natalie are HS graduates. I don’t understand how they’ll teach chemistry and calculus when their kids reach that level. But it’s their life, and I’m happy that they seem happy. The kids are adorable. (I’m thinking the Just Write book must belong to one of the younger kids.)

Melissa on

Ok you guys are fertile, congratulations. Now please stop because the world is overpopulated as it is.

kendrajoi on

It’s nice that they can afford a dozen kids, but they are so self-involved that they dont give a rat’s behind about overpopulation. I bet you money they keep on willy-nilly popping them out.

Maddy on

Meghan – “Get some perspective! A little boy’s body was dug up from his backyard and no one noticed he was missing for TWO YEARS!!! THAT is bad parenting! Not homeschooling. Not religion. Not five babies in ten years (in a marriage, with the same parents). Not being named Viggo.”-

Amen sista!!! I love those Hansons!

Karen Smith on

Taylor Hanson started playing piano when he was in the first grade in Trinidad. When he moved back to his hometown of Tulsa and all three of the Hanson bros. started taking lessons, their piano teacher was also from Trinidad. How ironic is that. Taylor was a child prodigy. Did I tell you about the time Taylor had his own recording studio? He was only 14! Looks and brains. Whatever happened to that kid I married?

shea on

very cute.Ezra looks alot like taylor.They should do a picture of all the kids.

Dara on

Love how these folks can sit on their soapbox and gripe about Taylor and Natalie having 5 kids at their age. So what? I had 3 by 29 and as long as my husband and I can support them, I don’t give a crap what others think. How about these naysayers spend more time worrying about the issues they have instead of being negative about a family that obviously has it together. I’m sure the negative people posting here are the best human beings and parents God ever created…sheesh.

Sue B on

Wow, Ezra looks so much like Taylor! I am so happy for them, they are the cutest family I think I have ever seen!

Tammy on

I wasn’t aware that learning from home was somehow connected to being Christian…. or meant that you were stuck in a “bubble”. That is pathetic. Some of you people have absolutely no class at all or even values.

Can you really judge people by a photo (or even a series of them) anyways? Those of you that want to judge this family are doing so from a photo and words written onto a social network. Reading those words and seeing these picture does not make you and expert on the lifestyle of the family.