Rebecca Romijn’s Twins’ Favorite Song? ‘Call Me Maybe’

10/09/2012 at 06:00 PM ET

Rebecca Romijn's Twins' Favorite Song? 'Call Me Maybe'
Brian Lindensmith/Splash News Online

When it comes to their fraternal twin girls, it seems as if Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell‘s daughters plan to follow in their parents’ famous footsteps.

But rather than hitting the big screen, 3½-year-old Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip might be headed for the big stage instead.

“They’re singing songs that they hear on the radio — some songs which I don’t even know, which is odd,” Romijn, 39, told PEOPLE while attending the third annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Pacific Palisades on Saturday.

“[Their favorite songs are] ‘Call Me Maybe’ and ‘Firework’. They know all the words! I don’t know all the words! I don’t even know how they know all these words … I think they learned them [at camp].”

Despite sharing the spotlight for their duets, Romijn reveals that the twins’ polar opposite personalities are stronger than ever.

“Stylistically they’re very different. Dolly’s the one who gravitates toward everything sparkly, princess dresses, ruffles, bows, hearts, unicorns, you name it,” the actress says. “And so Charlie won’t go there. She sticks with purple pants, boots, she’s really into horses.”

However, could the days of clear-cut closets and split styles be quickly dwindling? According to their mama, the girls recently started staking claim to their clothes!

“As they’re getting older, their style divide is starting to narrow,” says Romijn. “This week was the first time they fought over an article of clothing.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Gabrielle Olya

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Lisa on

Dolly is adorable. What a beautiful picture of momma and daughter. I love how Charlie has brown hair and Dolly has blonde and how the twins have different personalities.

Tee Tee on

Well, there’s a camp I wouldn’t send my kids to! Those twins sure are cute!

Grace2 on

That is one gorgeous child. Wow.

Sandy on

Maybe Rebecca should listen to the words of some of those pop songs- many are NOT appropriate for such young children. How about singing Twinkle Twinkle or I’m a Little Tea Pot???? They have plenty of time to be pop stars.!

stacy on

Twinkle, Twinkle, is really from when they are 0-1! My girls all loved listening to the radio and singing what was on the radio also! Call Me Maybe is one of their favorites too.

Think back to when you were little, I’m sure your parents listened to good music on the radio….

stacey on

adorable little girl!!

Sarah on

Sandy, REALLY? Give me a break. Who said there is an age limit to be a pop star! Music of all kinds is wonderful to incorporate in children and Call Me Maybe is hardly harming anyone! Worry about your own life and stop judging, especially when your advice wasn’t asked for!

B.J. (the girl) on

Isn’t it interesting that the twin with the girly, frilly-type name (Dolly) prefers to dress like a princess, while the one with a boy’s name (Charlie — and let’s face it, it IS a boy’s name!) seems to be a little tomboy. It would have been ironic in reverse, but somehow, it seems like they’re living up to their names.

alicia on

That is so funny my 3 and 5 year old are obsessed with that song!

Mira on

Gorgeous girl!!

JM on

I listened to the Beatles as a kid, so do my kids. Yeah including Happiness is a Warm Gun, Revolution, Come Together, Maxwell Silver Hammer, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds etc, I and my kids have listened to the Stones including Satisfaction and Under my Thumb, we listen to Led Zeppelin including Whole Lotta love and Black Dog etc …..

…. and guess what? i’m not damaged. my kids aren’t damaged.

how you raise your kids largely determines their behaviour. pop/rock songs do not. at all. scary concept, i know, but true.

that being said, call me maybe is a god awful song. i’d be happy to recommend her some beatles albums 😉

kristy on

Dolly, Is GORGEOUS just like her Mama. Just GORGEOUS! xoxo

m on

She’s so cute!

Sandy on

I agree with B.J. and I even agree with Sandy.

debbie on

Firstly Dolly is adorable but secondly..who names their baby girl Charlie? I just assumed there was a boy and a girl but come to find up..nope! Not the smartest name for a girl…just sayin!

rockslikebob on

What an asinine thing to say debbie.

lissa on


lissa on

i knew a lot of words to songs at an early age
but did not know what they all meant
till now
cringe at that

Raymond on

This is a news story? I hope the person who wrote it finds their parents’ tuition money for their journalism degree well-spent.

Mary on

My best friend in elementary was named Charlie. My best friend named her daughter Charlie. It’s always been a girl name to me.

Pualani on

@debbie: Charlie was named after Jerry’s brother and Rebecca loves Dolly Parton so named her other daughter for her idol. Nothing wrong with that!

Sammi on

My name is Sammi & I’m a girl & was never a tomboy. I turned out fine even though I have a “boy’s name”. I’m sure Charlie will turn out just fine.

Just*me on

First off, I remember in the 80s — on Dallas, when Brad [Pitt] played “Randy”, there was a girl named “Charlie” on there. I wished then my name was Charlie. So, in my opinion I don’t find Charlie just a “boy” name.

Cathleen on

What a gorgeous daughter… I’m sure her twin is just as precious. Love the names, too!

Jen on

Dolly and Charlie. Well, Dolly could be worse, but Charlie? She’ll be thought to be a guy her entire life on paper and whoever hears her name without seeing her. Stupid parents, all the pretty girl names and they do this.

Anonymous on

Jen- Actually, Charlie is a pretty common nickname for Charlotte, so people will probably just assume that Charlotte is her given name and Charlie is her nickname.

JM- I grew up listenting to the Beatles, along with other “oldies” music (kind of hard not to when your parents are boomers! ;), and I’m not damaged either. I think people tend to forget that kids don’t recognize “naughty” words in the same way adults do. Most of the time they don’t even know what they mean (or they THINK they do, but their meaning is far more innocent than the actual meaning!).

To them, it’s just a pretty song! 🙂

jackie2830 on

I love this couple……….but why in the world would you give one twin girl a masculine name like “Charlie”…..and it sounds like Charlie’s following suite, in that she’s liking masculine/tomboy clothing, etc……JUST SAYIN!

Lauren on

Speaking of songs being appropriate… Have you ever listened to ‘The Cat Came Back’ or ‘Ring Around the Rosie’?

Once you realize the meanings behind those songs, you’ll start to think ‘Call Me Maybe’ is a great song!

Elaine on

Why are so many people judging how Rebecca and Jerry named their kids?? When you have your own kids, you can name them whatever you want. I think Dolly and Charlie are adorable and from everything I’ve seen and read (and being a HUGE Jerry O’Connell fan, I’ve seen him in many interviews) the kids are healthy and happy and living nanny free. Looks to me like these two parents are doing things right! Stop judging and just smile at their happy faces!

Janie757 on

We call my cousin Charlie, but it is short for Charlotte.

Sarah on

That’s so cute! Kids usually don’t know the meaning to the songs they’re singing! My cousin is 5 and he and his little friends were singing “Sexy and I Know It” over the summer. They had no idea what it meant but thought it was funny that we were all laughing at them in surprise! (I look back at some of the songs I listed to when I was younger and it’s incredible to realize what the lyrics are saying… like Spice Girls’ “2 Become 1″…. so obviously sexual in hindsight!

Kel on

That picture makes my ovaries ache – so cute!

Also, um, Sandy? I grew up singing the deliciously inappropriate “Afternoon Delight” at the top of my lungs, and I’m a modest midwesterner who didn’t grow up to be a porn star. Lighten up.

jsp81355 on

Gorgeous mommy and gorgeous daughter.

Manomer on

Charlie is an adorable girl name. I love it. I guess different strokes for different folks….does anyone ever think hey maybe other people might like the name so who cares what “I” think? Geez…..That baby girl is going to grow up just fine. Get over it already.

Cappy84 on

That’s a cute Mommy-Daughter pic and Dolly is just gorgeous! Wish I could find that outfit for my lil’ girl – too cute!

Guest on

In Katy Perry’s song Firework my 5 year old thought she was saying fly to work LOL!!!

Beth on

Whenever Jerry was co-hosting “Live with Kelly” he would talk about the girls and how different they were. His stories & pictures were hysterical and he was one happy dad. They seem like a great family.

Anonymous on

jackie28230- As another poster explained, Jerry and Rebecca have said they chose the name Charlie because it’s Jerry’s brother’s name (and they’ve since made it pretty clear that two kids is all they ever planned for and wanted, so obviously they knew they weren’t going to get a chance to pass the name on to a son).

Also, she has a very feminine middle name, Tamara (actually, she has two middle names, but the second one is Tulip, which she isn’t likely to ever want to use as a first name!), and can always go by that when she’s older if she decides she doesn’t like Charlie. 🙂