Spotted: Sienna Miller and Marlowe’s New York Minute

10/08/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
Pacific Coast News

Looks like baby girl is certainly taking after dad Tom Sturridge in the hair department!

Sienna Miller stepped out with 3-month-old daughter Marlowe Ottoline on Saturday in New York City.

The actress went for a quick Starbucks run before strolling up to Central Park, where she and Marlowe sat on a bench and people-watched.

After delivering her daughter in London and spending the summer there with her British-born fiancé, Miller, 30, is back in the Big Apple for the fall.

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Abbie on

That baby girl is beautiful!!!

heather on

Cute baby. Maybe now she realizes what she did when she broke up a marriage that involved children.

Lindsay on

He chose to be with her, heather, give him some blame. Further, if he’d been satisfied maybe he wouldn’t have strayed. Not all who cheat are evil, they just want happiness.

Tara on

People who cheat want happiness at the expense of others, and when it comes at the expense of children. There is no excuse. Period. Relationships are not like jobs, in a relationship you end the first one before you begin another. If you can’t recognize that, then you have issues.

Anonymous on

Cute baby girl.


What a cute baby =)

Courtney on

Mom and baby – Stunning!

Nicole on

that baby is sooo precious! she seriously has the face of a babydoll!

Karen on

Love that widow’s peak!

cme on

Wow…look at the hair on that baby!!

Chloe on

Look at all that hair- she is adorable! Beautiful baby and Sienna looks amazing. Very happy for both of them!

heather on

Lindsay you must have secured your man the same way. I never said anyone was evil. That’s your conscience talking.

Sarah S. on

What a beautiful baby…and so much hair! 🙂

sophe on

Interesting that Robert Pattinson was in NYC this weekend too! Prob to see the baby.

mg on

Awesome Elvis hair on that baby!

Isabel on

Lindsay, that is by far the dumbest excuse I’ve heard for cheating.

Anyway, beautiful baby! She looks just like Tom.

Brooke on

Might be my favorite baby name ever…she is precious.

Anonymous on

Haven’t seen her in any movie in years, how does she make a living?

Kim on

Cute baby. Love her hair.

Anonymous on

awww…..cute! tons of hair!

Kimberly on

@Lindsay – if he wasn’t happy then he needed to end his marriage, not mess around with someone else. Sorry, in my book, cheating is never acceptable. Shows lack of respect for the other person.

Anonymous on

Gorgeous baby!!

Costateofmind on

What a crop of hair! Very cute little baby.

kleinstfamilie on

cute baby, but shitty baby carrier.

Sun on

Wow, it’s surprising how judgmental people are. Can’t anyone look at this picture of a new mom with her beautiful baby and be happy for her, rather than judging her past actions. I don’t in any way shape or form condone cheating (my dad cheated on my mom, which broke up our family), but I can’t say that the other woman was the only one who was at fault: there are usually more than one person involved in cheating, and now that I’ve been married for more than 10 years with kids, I have a more nuanced view. People are not perfect, no one is infallible, people will make mistakes. Let’s all move past our judgment and LET GO!

Tara on

People aren’t being judgmental. If it was a picture of Jude Law up there they would be questioning if he thought about his past indiscretions, when people make mistakes it follows you around. There are consequences to people’s actions.

She is a beautiful lady with a beautiful baby but I believe Heather was only questioning if she can now appreciate the values of a family more now that she’s a mom.

Amy on

Look at that head of hair…adorable little lady!!!

KO on

It might just be my conscience speaking (cue eyeroll), but I don’t see why cheating and then getting a divorce is more damaging to kids than regular (?) divorce. Either way their family is ‘broken’. Seems to me that if you’re gonna take a lover on the side it would be best to stay with your co-parent and not divorce at all if it’s all about the kids. Also, there are people in open/polygamous/polyamorous relationships whose children fare just fine. Sexual exclusivity is not a value that is universally shares.

heather on

I said cute baby. But I also think that now she finally comprehends what infidelity in a marriage with children means. Shes wasn’t a tern when this happened this was a couple years ago. Same thing for Claire Danes. Wonder how she would feel if hubby left her in her last trimester. I’m not being over critical I’m wondering if motherhood or impending motherhood has not only brought about s baby but maybe some empathy as well.

Jannelle on

She’s sooo adorable!!!

Michele on

that is a gorgeous baby…Sienna looks good too

Anonymous on

Marlowe is adorable!

Marky on

What an amazing head of hair on that adorable baby. She is so cute!

Leslie on

Jude was divorced from his wife sadie before he met Sienna, folks. Then he cheated on sienna with his kids nanny. Get your facts straight.

Tara on

Hey Leslie, how about reading the comment I actually posted! I simply said if there was a photo of Jude Law people would ask the same questions (only illustrating that he cheated) but, good job showing your comprehension level.

Maggie on

They’re not talking about Jude Law, Leslie, they’re referring to Balthazar Getty.

stacey on

That kid is gigantic for 3 months old!

Anonymous on


Smitty55 on

Looks just like Tom. She is so pretty.

Aoife on

Wow, she didn’t “break up” any marriage and she didn’t “steal” Jude Law from his ex wife. Jude Law was the married one, it was his responsibility to stay faithful to his wife. Its not Sienna Miller’s fault that Jude Law cheated. Cheaters will always find a way to cheat and I doubt that Sienna was the first woman he cheated on his wife with. If it wouldn’t have been Sienna, it would have definitely been another woman, so stop pretending like she is some horrible person. Jude Law deserves 100% of the blame.

Cami on

Why do people insist on carrying their babies facing outward in crotch danglers?? You’d think celebrities would have smart people around them to educate them on proper ways to baby wear.

Meg on

Cami I agree!!!

Meg on

While its great that sienna is baby wearing babies that young shouldn’t be forward facing. It is best for babies to be facing towards their mother/father, for their hip development. A
Lot of baby carriers do not support proper placement for babies. Some great carriers include the ergo and the Manduca. Happy baby wearing!

christine on

they are both beautiful!!! sienna looks amazing and i wish her always the best

Catca on

Lindsay, if you aren’t safisfied in your relationship you leave it or try to mend it, you don’t cheat. There is no justification for cheating, period. Couples can work together after cheating to rebuild trust and sometimes are stronger after the affair than before it. But that doesn’t mean cheating is okay. Having said that, the scarlett letter people seem to be placing on women like Sienna, Angelina, and Kristen is overly harsh. All of these women did a bad thing but they also have other traits that are admirable and all have moved on. Let’s try to look at the whole person when we cast judgment.

Catca on

Sienna looks incredibly beautiful in this photo and baby girl is absolutely gorgeous and does resemble her daddy quite a bit.

Catca on

For those accusing Sienna Miller of cheating on Jude Law, she didn’t. Jude Law left his wife and was divorced when he started dating Sienna. Jude was engaged to Sienna when he cheated on Sienna with his kid’s babysitter. Sienna ended their relationship over it. Later, Sienna had an affair with Balthazar Ghetty who was married with kids at the time. Balthazar and his wife reconciled, Sienna gave Jude Law another chance and Jude cheated on her again, and then Sienna met Tom and is happily settled down.

Brooklyn on

So much hair! Adorable.

meghan on

Why do adults insist on using childish phrases like ‘crotch danglers’? Grow up.

Guest, I kind of doubt that. Men do not get raked over the coals as much as women in these situations. And if it was brought up, it wouldn’t monopolize the thread like it does with people like Claire Danes and Sienna Miller. I’m guessing no one wished a stillbirth for Jude Law’s last kid.

Lulu on

@meghan, we in the Babywearing community call the non-ergonomical baby carriers, such as the one shown, “crotch danglers”… It’s a widely used nickname in babywearing message boards and groups.

Super cute baby, love the name. Hope she’s happy, don’t really care about her past… People look for happiness in many different ways, here’s to hoping she found hers.

meghan on

I know, Lulu. I just find it immature.

soph on

heather, your bitterness is showing…you have no idea what either Miller or Danes “feel” or “comprehend” and you certainly won’t know just from looking at a photo, ‘k sweetie?