Molly Sims: Life After Baby Is the Hard Part

10/08/2012 at 06:00 PM ET

Her pregnancy might have had its fair share of ups and downs, but for Molly Sims nothing compares to (or prepares you for!) life as a new mom.

“Everyone talks about the pregnancy — and don’t get me wrong, it sucks, it’s hard, you get huge — but let me tell you something, no one talks about after. That’s the hard part,” the former model told reporters at Tracy Anderson‘s The Pregnancy Project DVD launch in New York City on Friday.

“You have to think about a baby first, and you have to get off all of that fat and weight — and that’s a whole thing on its own. It’s literally the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

In an effort to regain her body after baby, Sims, 39, turned to fitness trainer Tracy Anderson while she was still expecting, the same program she used to shed the pounds for her 2011 nuptials to husband Scott Stuber.

“We always focus so much on weight loss after, but you actually want to focus on being healthy during,” she says. “Even when you’re nauseous and even when you want to throw up and you weigh 50 lbs. from when you started, each month tells you what you need to work on.”

To balance out all her fitness fight, Sims is soaking up as much time with her 3-month-old son Brooks Alan as she can — including partaking in early morning games of peek-a-boo.

“Today he was trying to focus [his eyes] and then he realized it was me,” she shares. “My baby was born with a tooth, so he had this big smile with this gap and tooth, and then he turned back into the crib like he was playing peek-a-boo. He would smile and then tuck back in and come back up.”

But one of his recent most memorable milestones? His first stroll through New York City!

“We live most of the time in L.A. so he’s only used to the L.A. sidewalks and not bumpy sidewalks,” Sims explains. “So he was [gripping the stroller] like, ‘I’m not sure what’s going on!’ And his eyes were huge.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Janine Rayford

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Ava on

Just enjoy that precious baby and don’t focus so much on your weight!

KO on

Check it out, I can make it way easier on you; just accept that you have a new body. You don’t HAVE to lose any weight. Lots of people are fat/fluffy, embrace it I say!

Bethany on

“Everyone talks about the pregnancy — and don’t get me wrong, it sucks, it’s hard, you get huge — but let me tell you something, no one talks about after. That’s the hard part,” No offense, but doesn’t everyone talk about that being the hard part?

Marky on

Surely you people are joking when you say, in effect, “just be okay with being overweight and out of shape”! No one with an IQ higher than 50 would want to be out-of-shape and overweight, trying to take care of a child and perhaps a job. No wonder many people comment in this section about being so tired for months after having a baby, and looking terrible. Now please explain how this is good for your baby OR you??

KO on

Google ‘fat acceptance’. Oh I forgot, it’s a crime to be fat, happy, and female. I’m fully 50 lbs over my prebaby wt (and about 30 over my recommended limit) and you know what? I don’t give a ship! It doesn’t slow me down and I don’t feel crappy–unless I’m trying to conform to western standards of beauty. My husband is a smoker. I’m overweight. Self acceptance and inner beauty is more important for me to model to my kids. Could I eat better or excercise? Sure. But I’d rather not. So there it is.

Curious on

It isn’t a crime to be “fat, happy and female” as you say but it should be a crime to be unhealthy role models for your children. You should lead by example…no smoking, eating healthy, being more active. Kids absorb so much information when they’re little that it’s not fair to not give them the Best Examples possible!

Anonymous on

Marky- Of course no one would say you should be happy with being overweight and out-of-shape. However, if you eat healthy while pregnant (as Molly did), you’re probably not going to be overweight after giving birth. A few pounds heavier than pre-baby, obviously, but probably still within the weight range that’s considered healthy for your body type.

In otherwords, if you didn’t exceed a healthy weight while pregnant, then there’s no need to obsess about losing the “baby weight”. I think that’s what the other posters were getting at. 🙂

Anonymous on

KO- Actually, Molly probably DOES have to lose the weight if she wants to continue having a succesful career. She is, unfortunately, in an industry that doesn’t tend to be kind to women who have even a few visible extra pounds on them.

Le on

Exactly. And I think it is the same in other jobs. Being perfect after the baby has become something that is taken for granted. And if you do not join, you are just treated badly. Takes a very strong person to be able to live with that.

Melissa on

Who cares about losing weight? That’s one of her biggest worries?

SB on

Molly Sims has a successful career?!? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

carla on

SB, How exactly would you deem her career a failure?

Gamby74 on

I thought pregnancy was the fun part — although I missed my alcohol, blue & feta cheese, and cold cuts. I didn’t find pregnancy hard even though I had problems. I knew motherhood was going to be harder.

annie on

Who in their right minds would want to be overweight and out of shape? How do you set a good example for your kids and everything you need to get done in a day while you’re lugging around 20, 30 or more pounds you don’t need?

Kudos to all those parents who think setting a good example of a healthy lifestyle is part of the job. Everyone benefits when health and fitness are the goal.

SB on

Maybe I jumped the gun with my phrasing so I apologize. Sure she’s had a career. Not sure she’s done anything worth mentioning but she’s made a living so good for her. However, I’m not sure these ‘B,C, and D’ list celebrities have the pressure to lose the weight like a Beyonce or Reese Witherspoon would. Just my opinion.

carla on

Most actresses, models and singers do not reach megastar status like Beyonce and Reese. Still, that doesn’t mean the pressure is not on to look a certain way when they show up for a “Go See” or and audition, especially if they are trying out for a specific role. They still have to be marketable by industry standards whether we want to admit to it or not. And again, Molly does not need to be Beyonce or Reese to be successful in her chosen profession so to compare her to the two seems silly.

jeepers on

I understand wanting to the lose the weight from the pregnancy. I am not an actress and I have no desire to be fat simply because I have children. What I do find strange is that this woman is nearly 40 years old and doesn’t realize that having children is a lot of work, that it is hard, that is not a Johnson and Johnson commercial all day long every day? Really? Look around. Having children and not being a lazy parent is REALLY hard work. It is painfully obvious after you have your own, but it should be evident just by looking around at other parents, as well. Sometimes I think that people think a baby is just an accessory, not a reposibility and a privledge.

Rusty on

@KO — It’s so good to see someone else on this site using Fat Acceptance language. It’s not only possible to be overweight and happy. It’s quite possible to be healthy, happy and obese (OMG!!! call the fat police!) I’ve been overweight most of my adult life, but I workout everyday, eat healthfully and I’m in perfect health! Marky may be unhappy, but I’m not… I love my body!

wendy on

Is hard with a newborn, but enjoy. Teenagers are the hard one!

Chelsey on

she sounds super stuck up…

sandy cheecks on

Um people, she was a former model…OF COURSE SHE WANTS HER BODY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not a model, and I’d be freaked out too!!!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be thin AND healthy!!! …and being actually willing to work hard for it! I say GOOD for HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You only live once, enjoy your body and what it can look like when it’s in shape! 🙂

maRTHA on

LMAO. For the next 18 years bright one. That is hysterical.

maria on

Julie… sorry but you can’t eat ‘healthfully’ and workout daily and STILL be obese… must be a closet eater… shhhhh… the cookie crumbs don’t have any calories 🙂 Glad you are happy but don’t lie… just be happy, you are not fooling anyone! All the best though – today’s perception of the perfect size is quite a bit off anyways…. I am a retoucher and am constantly ‘fixing’ (as employers say) people into something they are not….best wishes

Anonymous on

Seriously??? This is the top story People Magazine could come up with???

LIP on

She is lucky enough to have just “the baby AND loosing weight”!! Most of us deal with all that, another baby, a full time job (comes with impatient boss), cleaning a house, etc.

Anonymous on

Marky, shut the f&8k up. That’s all.

Tammy on

I can’t even begin to feel sorry for rich people who give birth. They have the money to hire staff, personal trainers, personal chefs, nannies, etc. Try being an average women who does all that on their own.

KellBell on

Amen Tammy! 😉

sat on

How rare is this that a newborn has a tooth? very interesting!

Jen on

Um, who does she hang out with? Nobody mentioned the hard part is after the baby comes? And even so, Isn’t that just kind of obvious? Once the human arrives, things get just a tiny bit more challenging.

B on

Congrats on your baby and your fresh perspective!

All that matters is that everyone is happy and healthy – ENJOY!!

Future mom on

I loved the two stories about focusing/playing hide and seek and gripping the stroller. It’s the little things!

Kmack on

Oh how nice it must be to be a fat stay at home Mom who doesn’t have anything to worry about other than “enjoying her time with that precious baby.” I’m pregnant and in the military. I have no choice but to work off the pounds starting when my baby is 6 weeks old. Obesity is an American problem, I can see why now.

How about, if you’re happy with your body, then keep it that way. If not then work you tail off to change it.

Vannesa on

All you can think about is weight and your body figure? Come on now..

Lauren on

She sounds like a freaking idiot. Don’t worry about your weight and enjoy your time with your kid. She makes it sound like having a kid is the worst thing in the world.

Stephanie on

What a whiner. No one said that having children is easy. However, you can make the most of it and you can make the least of it. Sounds like Molly Simms is a bit of a pessimist. Try being happy that you can afford a personal trainer and the time that it takes to lose the weight or even that you have a healthy baby. Can’t stand women like this.

Carrie M on

Pregnancy was a breeze for me. After I got home from the hospital – not easy at all. But babies grow way too quick so just try and enjoy it.

MC on

Probably not going to stress so much about weight if you breastfeed!

Courtney on

Bethany – You are so right! I hear about the challenges post pregnancy at least once daily. Even for parents of 18 year old children.

Anything worth having in life is a challenge – but maybe she was just experiencing that reality in a different way.

steph on

where did everyone get on the topic of being overweight and unhealthy….molly sims is talking about losing weight. The weight you have after a baby does not make you overweight and it doesn’t last forever. Being overweight accumulates over the years and has nothing to do with a baby.

Elle on

Just worry about the baby. The weight, while annoying, is secondary to everything else.

Anonymous on

It sounds to me maybe Molly Sims is having second thoughts about having a baby. I’m sorry I just don’t get it, she doesn’t sound like an over the moon happy new mom being so obsessed about her weight. I’m not saying keep on the weight and use the pregnancy as an excuse not to lose it but come on these are the most precious moments right now and nothing else should be ahead of that. This is just my opinion and one made on what I read.

Hug on

I think she should worry about How dumb she sounds. Saying its hard for her when she has a trainer. Way about the women who have to do it all on their own. Without a trainer or babysitter.

Anonymous on

Ummm.. nobody mentioned it because it’s a given, understood that the hard part would be when there is a newborn outside of your body needing care and attention? Were you seriously surprised, cuz you sound surprised? I guess she is a true blonde? Lol..

Guest on

I can’t stand to hear people describe pregnancy as “it sucks…you get huge”. No s*^#, kind of the point…creating another life and all within your own body. How about appreciating the miracle that your body is producing. I’ve had 2 children and cannot imagine ever thinking that it sucks because I got huge. Shallow much…oh wait, you’re a model…

hannah on

her baby was seriously born with a tooth?? that’s kinda creepy..I didn’t know that could actually happen, interesting..

Marla on

Seems like Molly’s just being more realistic (and vocal about it) than other celebrities who claim that A) parenthood is so easy right off the bat and that B) taking off the weight after is practically effortless. I’ll take Molly’s refreshing candor over the Tori’s and Kourtney’s anyday.

m on

Wow, I thought this might be about the adjustments she found challenging after the baby came. Instead it is about her self centered need to be skinny again. Very disappointing.

Melissa on

I thought she looked gorgeous while pregnant: Just belly. I can’t imagine she gained that much weight. I imagine her son will be a heartbreaker.

Rebekah on

I would have given just about anything to have had the chance to be pregnant! When I read stories like this, it just makes me want to scream! I will never have the opportunity to feel a baby inside of me, to share the news with my family, to give birth. Some people really just need to be grateful for what they do have!

Sarah on

I find it funny that she talks about her “3 month” old baby like he’s 8-10months with gripping handles and playing peek a boo. No baby at 3 months can even do that or even be aware, these celebrities sound really ridiculous when they talk about babies or life, etc. At 3 months there barely learning how to stay awake and focus their eyes. And now she’s talking about weight, oh lord they need to stop.

Anonymous on

Sarah- Actually, Brooks is almost FOUR months old (he was born in mid-June and it is now getting close to mid-October), and babies that age most certainly CAN grab things and begin to interact with others. Here’s an article with more information:

Also, babies need to learn how to sleep properly not how to stay awake (yes, babies have to be taught how to sleep!)! 😉

Anonymous on

Marla- Amen! Although there ARE women who really do quickly and easily lose weight without doing much more than nursing, for most it’s hard, as is first-time parenthood, and Molly is just being honest.

Also, I fail to understand the argument about weight loss being easier for Molly because she has a personal trainer. I mean, the trainer can recommend and coach her in different excercises, but at the end of the day she’s still the one that has to actually do the work!

I also don’t quite get the whole “‘Regular’ women do it all on their own,” mentaility. While it’s true that most “normal” women don’t have chefs, personal trainers, nannies, etc., most of them DO have people to help and support them (such as a husband or partner, mother, mother-in-law, sisters, friends, etc.).