Mommy & Me: Jennifer Hudson and David’s Cool Backpacks

10/07/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Splash News Online

Like mother, like son!

As Jennifer Hudson and son David Otunga, Jr. stopped to take a few silly snapshots while making their way through N.Y.C.’s JFK airport June 2, we couldn’t help but notice their unique backpacks.

Along with their matching wagging tongues, it turns out the singer and her 3-year-old were also sporting Mad Pax‘s cool animal packs.

Hudson was rocking the roomy, purple Bubble Full Pack ($60), while David Jr. wore the Lator Gator Half Pack in blue ($48), which is perfect for toddlers on the go.

For more of the company’s fun and colorful backpacks, go to

— Anya Leon

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Dawn on

As an “adult”, Jennifer should not be sticking her tongue out at anyone. This is a childish behavior.

Hea on

Dawn – Yes, and it’s so baaad of adults to play around and be a bit childish together with their kids. The kids don’t love it at all and it will only ever teach them bad horrible manners and turn them into idiots.

Annie on

David is such a little cutie pie!

julia on

OMG its nice to see a celeb without a nanny having fun with their child – we have enough to worry about ad adults why shouldn’t you act like a child for a little while. I really like Jennifer and after what she has been through Dawn you should be ashamed of yourself and get down off that high horse !!!

Bree on

Seriously Dawn??

I am not in any way a Jennifer Hudson fan but I love seeing parents be goofy with their kids!! My daughter is only 10 months old and we are already always goofing off together, sticking our toungs out and making funny noises at each other. When we are eating out I often put a napkin on my head so that she can pull it off, something she LOVES to do, giggles like crazy and then tries to put it back on my head.

You need to learn to relax!! This is clearly a mother and son having fun together, I am sure she doesn’t act like this normally but I commend her for playing and having fun with her son as every parent should!!

Grace2 on

I think Jennifer Hudson rocks. She is incredibly talented, beautiful and has endured more sadness and tragedy than anyone should ever have to see. Good for her for being playful and silly. Life can be so short and our children are little for such a short time. Embrace it before the eye rolling and attitude emerge.

And I love those backpacks!

Sandy on

wow they sure caught her in an ugly moment! she looks wierd and ridiculous!

Just Me on

She lookin like kanye

mary on

I agree with Dawn. She looks obnoxious. I never taught my kids this “silly/fun” act.

Mel on

Dawn and Mary,maybe she didn’t want the paparazzi taking pictures and this was her little protest. I’m sure David will grow up just fine despite watching his mom stick out her tongue 🙂

lala on

You people are sick…… Just crazy ignorant people. So what she acting silly with her baby…..

Hea on

@ mary – Something tells me your kids still know how to do this even though you never “taught” them.

Sandy on

I feel sorry for Jennifer cuz they could not have caught her looking more ugly! What mother encourages her son to stick out his tongue? I thought we were supposed to teach the opposite! She looks ridiculous.

Jen DC on

You folks are lame, LAME I SAY!

Not only do I stick out my tongue, I blow raspberries, I tickle, I roll around in the grass! I pretend to eat the cat’s food and jump out from behind corners to entertain my little friends. I play tag and hide and seek (as long as there’s other adults helping watch the kids). I spin around in circles and use the dish soap to make bubbles.

It’s called PLAY, people. PLAY.

Rose on

well said Jen DC 🙂

Katie on

She looks horrible. And looks like she is gaining weight??!!

Catca on


I don’t think Jennifer was worried about looking pretty for photos when she stuck out her tongue. If she’s okay with having a little fun, why do you have a problem with it?

Several children at my son’s preschool have these backpacks and they are really cute in person. I didn’t realize how expensive they were though.

Sharon on

Come off of it people…shes being a normal mom having fun with her kid…God forbid!!! I feel sorry for your kids. You cant be serious all the time.

Sandy on

man she looks SO darn ugly in this photo!

Liz on

Sandy, you’ve now come to this post THREE separate times to call her ugly. Get a life.