Tom Ford Welcomes Son Alexander John

10/05/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
Harold Cunningham/Getty

Tom Ford is a dad!

The fashion designer and his partner, journalist Richard Buckley, “are proud to announce the birth of their son, Alexander John Buckley Ford, born in Los Angeles on Sunday, Sept. 23,” his rep tells PEOPLE.

Ford, 51, is often credited with the turnaround of Gucci during his 10-year run as creative director of the label, a role which ended in 2004. He and Buckley, 64, have been together since 1986.

“If I have children, no one will know about it until the child is born. And no one will ever see the child because I certainly wouldn’t use it as a press tool,” the designer and director of A Single Man said in a 2011 interview with Time Out Hong Kong.

“If I have a child, you won’t notice that I had a child. Maybe you’ll see it when it’s 18, but I will keep it out of the spotlight.”

— Sarah Michaud

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Liz on

Congrats. However, you have to wonder why in the world they would decide to bring a child into the world when he is 51 and the boyfriend is 64! WAY too old to have a baby, sorry. And they’ve been together since 1986 so there really is no excuse for having a baby at this advanced age. Very unfair to this poor kid, just being honest. Also wanted to say, I’m all for moms over 40, no problem. But 50 is where I draw the line.

Ashley on

Good thing it’s him and not you. I certainly think there are many benefits to having older parents.

Guest on

Yea so they will die sooner and the kid can inherit all that money at a young age!!

Monika on

That’s crazy, my husband was 56, it’s just a number! Really, you draw the line? So obnoxious!

Amy on

Congratulations to both of them and good on him for keeping his son out of the spotlight. Other celebrity parents should do the same.

babyfat on

whoa !!! get my attention right away – wait i thought that Tom Ford is gay – then oh !!! i get it. congratz – whatever the wind blows – i know its the 2012 thing

Gossipgal on

You just have to wonder why….

Liz on

Yes, there are tons of benefits to having older parents-agreed. I’m an older parent. But elderly parents is something else. 51 is far from elderly but 64 is definitely pushing it. Again, reality.

Joyce on

I agree with Liz that is just too old… They probably won’t be around when the kid graduates from high school goes off to college, gets married and has kids of his own…. How sad and why did they wait 26 years to finally raise a kid? SMH!!! That’s just wrong and sellfish!!!

condanchri on

Totally agree Liz – to have a baby when the parents are that age is simply irresponsible! When the kid graduates high school, his parents will be 82 and 69!!! I feel sorry for the kid.

RKF on

@babyfat – It’s not a “2012 thing.” Gay couples have just as much right as anyone else to have children. You act like it’s a fad.

@ Liz- Where you “draw the line” for other couples is irrelevant and condescending.

Congrats to the couple on their baby! Adorable name.

Kim on

Congratulations to them.

Liz, there’s nothing wrong with being an older parent. And you ‘draw the line at 50’? Why? I’m over 50 and in better shape and health than I was at 25! It’s “unfair” to the child? Yeah, because these guys can’t afford the best care any child could have. (SMH) Age is simply a number. There’s no guarantee a younger parent will live to see their child grow up/old. 20-somethings die every day. If YOU don’t want a child after 50, don’t have one. But don’t question other people’s motives who choose to do so. I’m betting you’ll see things differently when you grow up……

Katy on

Well said! I have a 3 year old and the father of one of her friends passed away last year. Heart attack at 35. No guarantees in life!

COV on

Why does he keep calling the child “it”??

Learn to read on

Seriously? If you read the article then you would’ve understood that he was being quoted from a previous article. He was stating that WHEN he had kids, no one would know until it was born. Who cares what he calls his baby when the said baby does not yet exist?


Congrats to them both =)

@ liz who cares, get over yourself loser!

Kelly on

When this kid becomes a teenager, he will get away with everything. The parents will be tired mentally and physically.

Audieme on

I don’t agree at all Liz, it’s not irresponsible, it’s frankly none of our business. Regardless of the parent’s age, as long as the child is in a loving home and being taken care of, then let the family live. Just b/c it’s the “norm” to have parents in their 30s and 40s when the child is a teenager means nothing. Times are changing!! Age shouldn’t be a reason not to raise a child! Just ask a grandmother who is raising their grandchildren – or better, ask the grandchild!

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations to the happy family- wonderful news!

Ashley on

He was speaking during a 2011 interview, before he knew the child or even if he would ever have one…

Donna on

Elton John is how old and adopted his son. I think it’s worse for the child to have two Dad’s and no Mom than to have older parents,

Alison on


Last time I checked Donna, as long as a child is loved unconditionally they can have one Dad, or one Mum, or two Dads, or two Mums, one Mum and one Dad or sometimes two of each.

Get your head out of the sand.

Serah on

Wow he looks just like Ryan Reynolds. =)

Anonymous on

I would imagine that for most of those 26 years it was difficult for a gay couple to adopt.

stacy on

I agree that it is the choice of the parents, but I do feel sorry for the little boy. Think back to when you were in school. I’m glad my parents were younger, and I’m glad I am.

I remember a few of my friends parents who were older, 65 when they graduated from High School. Now all the parents have passed. They never got the chance to meet their grandchildren. Their grandchildren never had a chance to meet them. Those are some of my best memories. To each their own….

Lyoness on

I love the strong name! I didn’t know Tom was 51…

Sara on

It’s pretty admirable that he would want that much privacy for his child. Congratulations to both of them.

Van on

To those who are wondering why they waited since they have been together since 1986 it could be as simple as it was a lot harder or sometimes impossible for a homosexual male couple to have a baby back then either through adoption or surrogate. In some states homosexual are still not allowed to adopt children through the state foster system. While they are older, they seem to be in good health and financially secure and I for one would rather any parent homosexual or straight wait and plan for their children rather than having them unplanned and too young. I’m grateful for my 4 children and 13 grandbabies and also grateful that I waited until my husband and I were mature and ready to have those 4 children.

KP82 on

I agree Liz. I think 51 & 64 is a tad too old. The child will pretty much be entering college when his dad is 80! Congrats to them both though. That little guy is going to be one best dressed kid!

Anonymous on

Aw so cute…. all the best ❤

o on

@ Kim:

Age isn’t just a number, we’re not immortal. The older you get, the closer you get to death. True, anyone can die at any age, but no one’s saying that having kids when you’re young guarantees that you’ll live to see them into adulthood, only that the odds increase greatly when you become a parent at an advanced age. Not to mention that no matter how fit you feel, your body’s going to eventually slow down with age. Children require a lot of energy to keep up with.

This isn’t to say that Tom and his partner can’t be great parents, I’m sure they’ll be much better parents than a lot of people half their age. But it doesn’t change the fact that having kids at such a late age is irresponsible. Time isn’t on your side when you wait that long to have children. You have to take these kind of things into consideration.

Anonymous on

Tom Ford might be 51 but he looks and is in better shape than some 30 year old men in this country. Thank god it in 2012 and he can have a child. Go for him and his partner. I’m straight by the way..

Jessica on

Unless that pic is old, Tom looks amazing!!! Late 30’s, maybe early-mid 40’s, but not over 50!!! Dang!! And while I certainly wouldn’t want to be a parent to a young child and over 50, I have a friend who is and has a 2nd grader and does more with him than 90% of the other, younger dads I know. What ever works for them! Congrats!!

Leslie on

If you read the whole quote from the article, Tom says he waited to adopt because his partner was adamant that he did not want children.

The sad part of this story isn’t that they are older… it’s that Tom Ford is a vain workaholic who is never home, and his partner doesn’t want children. Let’s hope baby Alexander has a loving Nanny who will be there for him.

Lisa Haderman on

And people wonder why our world is sooo screwed up ?God made Adam & Eve not eve & eve or Adam & steve.I feel for all children put in these rediculus situations because celebrities GAY feel it is the in thing to get married which think about it is really impossible & to HAVE children like they are a Prized painting.God is judging AMERICA & WE need to get back to HIS LAWS .Not what man thinks is ok.I BELIEVE IN MY GOD JEHOVAH & MY SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST & AM NOT ASHAMED TO SAY SOO.

Katy on

God gave us all sorts of holes. Just sayin.

Lisa Haderman on

And people wonder why the world is in such CHAOS ? Sorry last time I checked men can’t be called Moms because they cannot give birth.BY GODS Design.GOD CREATED ADAM & EVE NOT ADAM & STEVE OR EVE & EVE.THIS WORLD IS AS BAD AS SODOM & GOMMORRAH & WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PEOPLE IN THAT CITY.I beleive that my GOD JEHOVAH not allah created me & our World & believe He gave His Son Jesus for my sins.I pray for these poor children brought into the sick devient households with two soo calleds & two moms .I am not Ashamed to Speak of my Dear Savior either

Nikki on

Er god did create “adam and steve” as you so eloquently put it. Apparently we were ALL created by god????

Lissa on

Lisa, I pray for YOUR poor children with their illiterate, judgemental, hate spouting mother.

Juneau09 on

Are you from westboro baptist church?? Because you sure sound like them. 🙂

Michelle on

Imagine your 2 grandfathers raising you from birth. Every child needs a MOTHER and a FATHER.

shieroc on

What trips me out it he keeps referring to his child as “It” That’s not normal.

lmao on

Did he not just say “if. We have a baby no one will know” . How come we know .? Just saying

lmao on

Lisa ur crazy. Hello its 2012!!!!!!! Don’t push your beliefs on others. God bless. U can cast the first stone. Lol

Kristy on

I also wonder why he and his partner waited so long. I think Tom Ford is so handsome and of course, he’s gay. I just had my first child at 38 and I wish I would have done this sooner but I did not meet Mr Right until two years ago. Parenthood has been the best thing that has happened to me and I hope to have one more before I get too old. I really can’t imagine bringing a child into the world at 51 and 64-don’t get it. There are perks to being a little bit older now and waiting a bit, but 50, 60, that’s kind of pushing it.

W-Blog on

I can understand that also gay couples want to have children, but that really old ones like Elton John+1 and Tom Ford+1 get children, seems pretty egoistic to me. Straight people usually also have to make the decision whether to have biological children before the woman is in her mid 40s… so if everything else was always more important, you should live with the consequences – not the child.

wendy woo on

You want to keep it out of the spotlight…but you release press statement about it? …hello ! 64 years old daddy ? whoa…

I'm Standing Right Behind You on

Congrats and many blessings to this new addition!!

His on

Sorry, Lisa, but if your God is as loving as you say he is, he won’t care that two people in love have welcomed a baby in the world, regardless of gender. I’m so glad I’m an atheist and don’t have to worry about going to hell.

I do think they’re a bit too old for a baby, but it’s their life and I’m not one to judge. So congratulations and I hope they enjoy the little spud – I’m sure he’ll be adored and that’s what matters above all 🙂

LM on

While is certainly ideal to have a child younger, it’s a bit dramatic to say they are being selfish. Parents raise their kids until 18 and then send them out into the world. I have a feeling TF will be around for the next 18 years (baring a freak accident). If my parents died tomorrow, I would be sad, but wouldn’t think they were selfish for having me later in life. Anyway, congrats to Tom and his new family!!

guest on

congratulations! and good for them for keeping the child out of the spotlight.

LM on

BTW – Lisa, you are more than welcome to your beliefs. However, if you are worrying about God judging, then live by your own values and leave Tom Ford and the rest of America out of it. God never asked you to judge people around you. And if I remember my Bible correctly, Jesus (New Testament) had all sorts of “questionable” friends. The point was he loved and cared for those around him, regardless of their reputation.

Showbizmom on

@Lisa Haderman you should be ashamed of your spelling. You and people like you are the very reason why I’m an atheist. I LOVE my two dad’s and would never in a million years ask for a different upbringing. So I don’t need your pity, I’m just fine. Healthy, educated, loved and happy. All of that was made possible by my two dad’s. Cheers!

mommabear on

Wow! Now Ryan Reynolds will know what he will look like at 51. I can’t believe the resemblance, they could pass for brothers. Very nice looking man!

Sandra on

Okay, someone please answer a question that I have, why would anyone have people this old to adopt a baby? This is absolutely insane. I feel sorry for the poor child coming into a family of old parents. This is just not right at all!!

tngirl on

Wondering how this will work considering he calls a child “it” throughout his whole explanation. Anyone think that was strange as well?

Alice on

lmao, I’m with you. If he doesn’t want people to know he has a child, then why did he just announce it to the world?

Tammy on

I would never choose to have a baby at that age. I don’t think it’s fair to the child. And I don’t think keeping a kid out of the spotlight for 18 years is a good thing. Is he going to make him live in an underground cave?

Sharon on

@Liz…i agree too. It is a little too old. I’m not saying this happens to everyone (so dont all jump on me at once), but people often lose energy as they get older. I wouldnt want to be chasing a 3 yr old at 54 or 67. Grandchildren, yes, because they would not be with me 24-7. Nonetheless I’m happy for them and I’m sure this little boy will be loved like crazy 🙂

Deborah on

GREAT!!!! Welcome to parenthood Tom!

Deborah on


Daniella on

It said in the full article that the reason they never had any children was because Tom’s partner was adamant about NOT wanting children. That actually gave me way more pause for thought than their initial ages. If Richard has believed that for so many years, it’s very odd that he’d suddenly change his mind in his mid-60s & after being in a relationship for 26 years. It sounded to me like Tom was the one who wanted the baby; and he’s kinda pushing the parental age limits already, so adopting or surrogacy had to happen soon if Tom ever wanted any children.

It’s never a good thing when only one parent wants the child, which is the vibe I got when I read the full article. It sounded like Tom wanted to be a father. Richard, not so much or at all.

Kiki on

Aren’t they a little old to have a baby? When the kid turns 19, he will be 62 and his partner will be in his 70s, and that’s if they are still alive!
The only thing that may save this kid is that he will probably inherit a butt load of money, but that doesn’t make up for not having parents around. Also I hope these men have a women in this child’s life, from personal experience, I’ve seen that boys who grow up without mothers, many times have a laundry list of issues before they hit double digits.

Tara on

haha, when i read the headline, i said “didn’t know he was straight!” i was right after all!

anna on

Congrats to them. “If I have children – no one will know about it” – as in talking about the future and knowing about their future children. Uses it because he doesn’t know the gender of their future child.

Anonymous on

Learn to read- Exactly! He also clearly states that if he had a kid, no one would know about it until the kid was born. Key phrase, until the kid was born. So for all of you asking why he just announced the birth of his child when he previously said we’d never know about it if he had a kid…HE DIDN’T SAY THAT!

Tammy- I wondered about the whole keeping the kid out of the spotlight until he’s 18 thing at first, too. But when you really think about it, there aren’t that many paparazzi pictures of Tom and his partner either (in fact, I can’t remember seeing a single one! The only photos I can recall seeing of Tom are official ones). So it shouldn’t be that hard for Tom and Richard to protect their son while still letting him see the light of day before he comes of age! 🙂

All of that said, congrats to the new parents!

Anonymous on

Donna- Elton John didn’t adopt his son. He and his partner used a surrogate to become parents (with Zachary being the biological son of one of the men. Elton has said that he and David each provided sperm to fertilize donor eggs, but don’t know which one ultimately fathered their son).

Tom and his partner may very well have done the same, by the way. I don’t know why everyone’s assuming they adopted!

Also, about the age issue….Like others, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom and his partner are around for quite awhile after their son becomes an adult. My grandmother is still alive and kicking at 94, and only recently has she had any major issues.

Given how healthy Tom seems to be, I have a feeling he will also live to a ripe old age! 🙂

I DO think that 64 is a little old to be having kids, but to each their own!

valeskas on

I wish them the best with their new baby.

canadagirl66 on

I really can’t believe some of the rude, ignorant comments on here. The ages of these parents are none of your business; it’s their life, not yours. That said, Tom Ford is obviously is good shape as he doesn’t look a day over 45 and health is really all that matters.

Also, to those who are harping about Tom Ford refering to the baby as ‘it’ and that no one would know about it, you need to work on your reading comprehension, since he said that in an old interview before he could possibly know the sex of the baby and said that no one would know *before* the child was born. And please people, don’t just to comclusions. Nowhere in this article does it say that this baby was adopted. It’s just as likely that they had a donor egg, and a surrogate and that one of these men is the biological father.

And for heaven’s sake people, keep your pseudo-religious hate-mongering to yourselves. Two good parents will always be better than lousy ones, regardless of anyone’s sexual orientation.

Sandy on

I don’t know, why does it seem selfish to me to bring a child into the world at this point in these men’s lives??? Poor little boy not only has two gay men as dad and mom, they are so old!!! What is that gonna be like when he gets into school? I don’t think it’s fair to the child.

Sandy on

sad, very sad. two old gay guys as parents! not fair to the child.

Regina on

My dad was 51 when I was born. If he was still alive today, he’d be 77. So all you people saying its wrong to have an older parent: GET OVER IT!!!!!!!

candylady2m on

Fools all of you. Like you can go back and undo the birth of the child. Gay or straight; young or old, who cares. It doesn’t matter if we agree or not. It’s happened and you can’t change the fact so lets move on and stop discussing it.

Rae on

With waste of space parents, and grandparents stepping in to take over the role of parenting, I don’t see the age as such an issue. What I find humorous is that he swore if he had a child it would be the world’s best kept secrect until the child was 18 and here it is – the birth is one of the Top Stories on It was probably beyond his doing but it is still kind of funny.

sk on

The probability of them becoming grandparents is nil. Also I doubt they’ll be doing any parenting with one’s age and the other’s career.

Anne Marie on

To all the young moms, who most likely had their kids in their 20s and 30s, save your finger wagging and disapproving head shakes. Some people actually do spectacular things with their lives at those ages. Beyond reproducing, that is. Then they decide to have children later. Something that is entirely not your business when it is done. Most, if not all, of you with the smug disapproval of their ‘older’ ages will have nothing memorable done with your lives other than having babies young.

Nina Andrews on

I find it sad that children of older parents get short changed in life,lets face it, what more precious a gift than time with your children, I’m very proud to say that having a child is one of the most fulfilling acts out there…how sad in life to be robbed of time…selfish old people

Corrie on

@Liz, wow. Condescending much?

@Donna, Elton John and David Furnish had a SURROGATE carry their son. Before you start spouting off homophobic remarks, I suggest you have a frame of reference. Personally, I think it’s a lot worse for a child to have two parents who don’t love each other or may not even LIKE each other than it is for little Jimmy or Mary to have two moms or two dads, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Barbara on

I wonder why the announcement at all after that statement.

jacqui on

congratulations to both of you good luck getting any sleep for awhile. that is one lucky boy wish all the best

Belinda on

51 and 64 are only old if you don’t take care of yourself. Good for them!

Anonymous on

What a couple of sick and disgusting, nasty perverts!

cara on

Congrats to them both. They have been together 25 years, that is a pretty rock-solid foundation for any family !

Tom Ford is hot, I bet they also choose a very attractive surrogate Mom, (I am assuming they used Tom’s sperm). Apparently Tom always wanted a child but his partner did not, he obviously changed his mind.

Silsez on

Why does he keep calling his son “it”? Tom, “IT” has a name.

Cindy on

I wish the family much happiness.

ruta on

How sad that so much is being said about the age of the parents and the child having two dads and no mom. What’s most important in any child’s life is being raised with love and nurturing……and there’s no reason to believe this little boy won’t get plenty of that.

As for their age? So what! Look around folks… many grandparents do you know who are practically raising their kid’s kids? Where there’s a will there’s a way in any child’s life. Just let them be happy and healthy!

jojo on

Well Tom Ford has a fortune and probably wants an heir to bequeath it to. It’s not that 64 is ancient, it’s just that this 64 year old looks a bit fragile.

S M H on

All of the self-righteous, judgmental, nosy, obnoxious bigmouths posting here make me want to puke. Your stupidity and backwoods opinions are unbelievable. Who raised YOU?? Were you raised in West Virginia? Awww, don’t like sterotypes, huh?

1) For the LAST time, the reference to “IT” was made in 2011, BEFORE a baby was in their llives. It is used as a non-gender term.

2) Yes, they will be older parents than many. And this concerns YOU how? Who are you to deem it unfair to the child?

3) You have to wonder why? No, you don’t. It’s none of your beeswax.

4) Liz, shut up.

5) LIsa Haderman, Adam & Steve works just fine for whole lot of people. So shut up.

6) Sandy, shut up. You too, Anonymous. Too chicken to sign your name?

and 7) Congratulations to Tom Ford and Richard Buckley! Enjoy little Alexander John!

Liz on

SMH-shut up.

Anonymous on

and which one delivered the child? There are many children out there who need foster care and adoption-selfish on their part.

Dolly on

I pity the child. First it is hard to deal with if you have 2 gay Daddys. And that they are the age his GRANDPARENTS should be. And where did they get this child? Did they use Egg Sellers (they do not DONATE their eggs) and Sperm Sellers (they do not DONATE their sperm)? If so, what if the child wants to know his real Mommy or his real Daddy? What a lot of pain this child has to bear. All because 2 old gay dudes decide it is best for THEM to have a baby!!!

giggirlny on

Funny, whenever I read the word ‘partner’ I always think of western movies! Wish there was a more unique ‘label’ for unmarried parents.

Liz on

Totally agree Dolly! So selfish and what a burden on this kid. And for those that say “Age is just a number”. Really? So would YOU have liked to worry about your 80 year old dad when you were 16 and life should be pretty carefree? What a joke.Do you also think it’s okay for a 90 year old to have a newborn then? I mean, hey! Age is just a number, right? Pathetic.

essie on

right on Liz. good for you and i couldn’t agree more. for the record, i’m a liberal democrat if that speaks at all to my progressive state of mind, yet i am so tired of this selfishness of people. we have become a ME society and everyone has to be ok with it. if tom ford, who is a great designer btw, wanted a family, he should have thought of that 20 years ago, as should his partner. now at this age, it’s ridiculous. women can’t conceive after a certain because it’s not healthy for the body and that’s the nature of it. the way we force nature, for IVF treatments, for surrogacy to happen in unnatural situations. it’s just so selfish. and no one seems to be thinking about the child(ren) here, it’s all about me me me. “i want a baby, we are gay we have rights too” “we want a baby” etc. it’s all just so disgusting…this society and it’s overall mentality is sinking into despair faster than the titanic. so sad.

Liz on

Essie, well put!!

Tee on

He called the child it because he made that statement in 2011, thus he didn’t know (assuming) what sex his child would be. I agree really there’s no guarantees for anyone at any age to be around for the entirety of a childs life, or from baby to adulthood. I doubt their child will attend a public school, he’ll be raised with a few nannies help, heck he may even be sent to boarding school, so the likelihood of his parents being the laughing stock due to their advanced age, is a heckuva lot less if the child went to public school, where parents are on display when attending school events.

I surely wouldn’t want parents 69 and 82 when graduating high school, but that’s just me. I was 23 when my Mom died at 53, which was too young to lose her, and too young for her to die but now I’m 50, and my own daughter turns 20 on Wednesday. I hope I’m alive long enough to see her marry and make me a grandma.

Kyla Bree on

Seriously, the nannies will raise their son. Tell me what 65 year old, when their son is one,is going to be running after him in the park. I was 23 when I was chasing my 1 year old and by the time he was 2, he was exhausting. But I could chase him, and catch him ’cause I was young.

More than likely the older gentleman will be gone before he graduates from college. Since they have been together 26 years, my question, why now?????

dorie on

I still wonder Why are people ok with this? This world is a scary place!!!


Can we just wish the couple and baby, A Happy, Healthy & Wonderful Life?? Who cares about the age of the parents, and who wanted to have the baby when and why….Tom Ford put Gucci on the fashion map, Bravo. They are sucessful people and I could bet that their son, will want for nothing. CONGRATULATIONS

Catca on

I see plenty of elderly grandparents doing just fine chasing their grandchildren around in the park. I know of a few elderly dads on their 2nd or 3rd wife doing just fine chasing their toddlers around too. My own grandfather was 69 when my dad was born and the two of them shared a close bond and my dad grew up a happy, loved, well-adjusted child. Yes my grandfather died when my dad was still pretty young and while my dad missed his dad, he cherished the time they had together and wouldn’t trade the family he grew up in for anything. A child isn’t going to feel there is anything wrong with their own family if other people who didn’t agree with the family’s make up kept their opinions to themselves. I find it absolutely amazing the hypocrisy of saying it is so unfair to the child because people will make fun of the child, etc. when they are the ones casting judgment and creating the atmosphere for the child to be made fun of. The age old standard in manners is if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.


Congrats. I think it is great. My grandmother had her last child when she was 50, and she lived to be 92. so she know all my aunts children, was at her wedding, and raised her well. People need to get over the age thing, and selfish? Was my grandmother selfish to have a baby at 50? To be honest, it is really nobodies business. Just either congratulate, or keep you opinion to yourself. That little guy will be loved, and grow up to be a fine young man. So all the people with negative opinions need to just stop.

Anonymous on

Need laws against this