Maddie Aldridge Channels Aunt Britney Spears’s Schoolgirl Style

10/04/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy Jamie Lynn Spears

Hit me baby one more time!

At least, that’s what was probably on Jamie Lynn Spears‘s daughter Maddie‘s mind when she decided to dress up like her aunt Britney Spears recently.

“Guess who Maddie [wants to be] for Celebrity Day at school,” her mother posted on Instagram on Wednesday.

From her knee-high socks and plaid mini skirt to her pigtails and black cardigan tied at the waist, the 4-year-old adorably channeled Spears’s signature (and oh-so infamous!) schoolgirl style from her first big hit, Baby One More Time.

After already mastering her aunt’s music, it’s no surprise Maddie wants to follow in the The X Factor judge’s footsteps. In February, Jamie Lynn told Glamour that her daughter was showing signs of a future in the spotlight.

“Maddie loves her Aunt Britney’s songs. She loves dancing and singing and all of that,” she shared. “I definitely think music is in her genes.”

— Anya Leon

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Jess on

I”m kinda mortified by this…. why would you let your daughter walk out of the house like that and go to school? Way too “sexy” for a preschooler… or highschooler for that matter!

Tee Tee on

Holy moly, that’s inappropriate!

maria on

I don’t think it is inappropriate at all. She is wearing a skirt and knee high socks. Anyone who would sexualize this is the one with the problem!!!

Lisa on

Oh wow.. someone please break the dysfunction chain in this family!

Jen DC on

I cringed. I think the outfit and the idea (which the child clearly doesn’t understand yet, because she has no reason to) behind it is too old for her. “Sexy schoolgirl” isn’t an outfit for a 4 year old. They couldn’t have found a less risqué costume still related to Britney’s music?

She is a cute little girl, however.

Anon on

She’s a cutie!!! I don’t know one little girl that doesn’t like to sing, dance and dress up! But not all of them has the means to reach stardom… quite honestly, her mom Jamie Lynn is only famous because of big sis Britney, and if Maddie wants to follow their footsteps it’ll be WAY easy for her…

But besides that, I see no big deal with her costume. It’s just a costume, not like she wears that for school everyday.

LoK on

Oh no…this is really creepy and completely inappropriate. She’ll be pregnant by the time she’s 8.

Mira on

Oh, wow, this is wrong on so many levels. “Celebrity day” at a preschool?!? Or at any educational establishment, for that matter. And the outfit is cringe-worthy too…

B.J. (the girl) on

Oh my….. Maybe when Maddie is a teenager this will be appropriate, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this! All the other parents at the school were probably horrified. Jamie Lynn, I know you’re young, but this isn’t right!

lovely123 on

You know you’re too young to have children when…please see above.

lovely123 on

Also, I would dress my daughter up in this, but in my own home. I would NEVER post it on the internet for every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Carrie on

That skirt is way too short for a 4 year old!

Lau on

I have to agree with Anonymous here. If you’re thinking this is too sexy, then you’re the one with the twisted mind. If you’re worried about pedophiles don’t waste your time, because they probably want the children whatever they’re wearing. It’s just a costume.

Penny on

This is disturbing. Why post this on the internet where creepy pedo’s will sexualize it?? To Catch A Predator, much? Eeeek! I find this really innapropriate and scary.

Shawna on

There is nothing inappropriate about her outfit. I guarnatee you the skirt is actually a skort or she is wearing little shorts underneath it. You are only seeing it as sexual because it was sexual when Britney wore it. Look at it as a little child with no connection to Britney’s outfit and there is nothing wrong with it. I agree with those that say that it is the people who think the outfit is sexual that are the ones who are perverted.

lol on

whatever she looks adorable, i’m tired of people getting uptight over dumb things like this.

Beano on

The skirt might be the right length for a girl her age, but it’s inappropriate, given what the aim of the original outfit (worn by a 16 year old!)was. What’s worse is the way this is portrayed as adorable in the article. “Oh so infamous” coupled with a picture of a 4 year old is more than wrong, it’s despicable. It’s THIS way of making inappropriate things seem normal that is to blame for a lot of harmful things and attitudes towards young girls. Shocking.

Grace2 on

It’s too bad she didn’t dress up like the shaved head, umbrella-wielding Aunt Brittney.

The outfit itself isn’t terribly inappropriate, although that skirt is frighteningly short. It’s the idea behind it that bothers me. Sexy children’s costumes are repulsive and just gross.

sk on

What kind of a school has celebrity day? seriously? The fact that the original video involved the sexualization of a schoolgirl makes this highly inappropriate.Its not what she’s wearing but what it represents that’s disturbing.

Doreen on

I think it’s inappropriate for a 4 yr old to wear. That shirt is WAY too short!!

Mommytoane on

Yes the costume is a bit mature for the kid. But she’s not being oversexualized. I guess when I think oversexualized I think Toddlers and Tiaras….not Britney Spears niece. She looks kinda cute…and keep in mind…she’s in school, where she’s prolly wearin shorts under that skirt…NOT on national tv sporting a sexy outfit. To think of the way people think its ok to put a baby in a bikini (which btw is disgusting), or how they allow their kids to wear short shorts and belly tops…this kid is decently covered. Get over it. Until all of you are prefect, you don’t have a right to judge. Sad part. Most of you probably think its ok to let your kids sit in a binkin at a public beach or pool.

Carli on

I agree with those who have said it’s the idea about the outfit which makes it inappropriate. There is nothing adorable about letting a four year old child dress up as a sexualized teen schoolgirl. But then again who knows, with the sad excuses for celebrities these days, Maddie might have actually looked the same or even tamer than the other children at her school that day.

Anonymous on

what do you expect look at who her aunt and mother are…

WTH? on

Oh…this is just wrong on so many levels.

Melody on

I think it is a very tasteful outfit in every respect EXCEPT that I think the skirt is a bit too short for a 4 year old.

I don’t think it LOOKS particularly inappropriate, but the fact that it is mimicking a sexualised video clip outfit is a tiny bit worrying.

Overall, though, I think it’s okay.

Steph on

I think if the skirt went to her knees, that costume might be ok. Or if she wore that little skirt not as part of a costume. Something about her costume the way it is feels so very wrong though.

Tee Tee on

After reading other comments, I feel the need to elaborate on my original comment, which I still stand behind! (My original comment was simply, “Holy moly, that’s inappropriate.”)

It doesn’t bother me that Maddie is dressed up like her aunt. It was “Celebrity day” and Britney is a celebrity! What bothers me is that Jamie Lynn chose that outfit to put her in. I’m going to be honest here and say that I don’t listen to Britney’s music and only know what I read about her. I watched that video, though, and there is NO way to deny that it is a very sexual song and video. It is wildly inappropriate for a four year old to dress like and mimic something that sexual in nature! (Quite frankly, that goes for a child of any age!)

Since I don’t listen to her music or watch her videos, it’s not like I can say, “Jamie Lynn could have dressed her daughter in the outfit from such-and-such video and that would have been better.” For all I know, this particular outfit might have been the best of the bunch. And if that’s the case, she should have dressed as someone else. There is no excuse for allowing your four year old daughter to look like a sexy harlot.

I really do appreciate the fact that she wanted to dress like her aunt. I think it’s really sweet! It seems like Britney has pulled her life together recently and I hope that she is healthy enough to play an active role in her niece’s life. Jamie Lynn is a young mother and to the best I can tell, she seems to live a pretty grounded life with her child. She does a good job of keeping her daughter out of the public eye. But in this situation, she had a major parenting fail.

monease on

First of all you are entitled to your opinion and what does her age have to do with anything . People all over this planet dress their kids in clothes , that might not suit our taste, but guess what those aren’t our kids and we have no bearing on how those kids are raised or how they turn out. I think that you are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Apparently the outfit had to be approved by the school prior to being worn. Do us all a favor, leave this poor child alone and sphere head a boycott for toddlers and tiarras, you will get plenty of support, starting with me first.

Dee on

I find NOTHING inappropriate about her outfit. It’s dress as a celebrity day at school and not the way she dresses in everyday life. Get over yourselves already!!!!

mamato3littles on

her costume is FINE! I would let me little girl wear the same. She has a long top on tucked into her skirt and knee high socks on. Very little flesh showing. Geez you bunch are judgmental prudes.

Tee Tee on

I find it amusing when people assume that someone is a prude just because they are modest and choose not to degrade themselves by dressing like a sex kitten.

Anonymous on

mommytoane- As long as the bikini isn’t a skimpy, mini-version of an adult one (not all chidren’s bikinis are, believe it or not!), I see no problem with a little girl wearing one. That being said, if I had a daughter and she wanted to wear a two-piece, I’d probably get her a tankini rather than a bikini. 🙂

Anyway, I think this outfit is fine. Everything that should be covered up is, and as far as the symbolism, I doubt Maddie (or her classmates) gets it. She probably just saw it as dressing like Aunt Britney! Also, Jamie Lynn appears to dress Maddie age approprietly the rest of the time, so I don’t think we have to worry about her trying to sexualize her daughter!

Oh, and I don’t get why people are so apalled and surprised by the idea of “celebrity day”. I mean, really, how is it any different from “pajama party day”, “superhero day”, “grown-up day”, or any other themed day that a preschool might hold?!

monease on

There is nothing wrong with how this child is dress first of all , it is dress up and the skirt is probably a skort or the child has shorts under them . Secondly, a pedophile could careless what a boy or girl has on. Third no one dresses and sexual immoralizes babies then toddlers and tiarras. You people want to bitch about something, protest and get that show off the air, and throw in honey boo boo as well.

blessedwithboys on

Celebrity Day = Halloween

Creepy pic, not cute at all, exceot maybe in the privacy in one’s own home, safely hidden away from the eyes of pedophiles.

Sandy on

That is just sick!!! What is wrong with that family?? She’s gonna be just like her mom and Britney- SCREW*ED UP!

Catca on

For those that think there’s nothing wrong with the outfit on a preschooler might I remind you the whole point of why her aunt hit it big wearing the outfit was the “Lolita” implications of the costume she wore in the video which is not exactly appropriate for a high schooler, but you can get away with it for a music video as it’s just a costume. But to put it on a preschooler is alarming. Having said that, I do get that this little girl doesn’t get the implications and she simply wants to be like her aunt which is pretty sweet and normal. She’s a bit young to have it explained to her the underlying sex theme. The most inappropriate thing in the story is not the costume but the fact that the preschool has a celebrity dress up day.

p on


Na'eema on

Celebrity day? At school? wow.

Anonymous on

Could someone please explain to me what’s wrong with a school having celebrity day? Since when did it become taboo for kids to dress up like celebrities?! I just don’t get it!

Anonymous on

Sandy- How is Jamie Lynn screwed up? Yes, she made a huge mistake by getting pregnant at 16, but she seems to have actually matured and turned her life around for the better since then. even moving AWAY from Hollywood to raise her daughter. She seems like a pretty level-headed young woman to me! 🙂

monease- I agree! I always have to scratch my head when people say things like, “The kid shouldn’t be wearing that outfit, it might attract pedophiles!”

A kid could be wearing a snowsuit and a pedophile would probably still be drooling over him or her!

Hea on

Just Google “school uniform” people. I think you’d be surprised.

Marie on

Not inappropriate at all. This is also not normal daily wear, it is specifically celebrity day at her school. If she was not wearing an undergarmet under the black shirt, that would be inappropriate. My daughter had a plaid skirt at that age and wore it frequently. It is cute and she is covered up. I bet there are many kids who dressed as other celebrities who probably are dressed very inappropriate, but this really isn’t one.

KD on

I guess ppl don’t realize this was for “celebrity day” at school…the article didn’t say she dresses like this everyday! In today’s age what celebrity should she dress up like??? we have very few today that don’t dress inappropriate.

Sarah on

Oh brother….

RE on

I am most horrified by that skirt. I mean. Could the mom not have found a decent “non-hooker” skirt for a toddler???

What a shame. Britney Spears should actually be upset her niece is being paraded around and all over the Internet looking like that. It’s ridiculous. It was the mom bought a skirt, hiked it up or got it tailored to be so short.

I am not against her dressing up as her aunt in a school girl outfit .. That skit is very inappropriate.

And celebrity day at school? I won’t even get into that.