Taylor Hanson Welcomes Daughter Wilhelmina Jane

10/03/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
Paul Andrew Hawthorne/WireImage

There’s a new baby girl in the Hanson family!

Natalie and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest family member, Wilhelmina Jane Hanson,” Taylor tells PEOPLE exclusively. “She arrived on Tuesday, Oct. 2, and was welcomed by more love than could fit in the room.”

Taylor, 29 β€” who is one third of the band Hanson with his brothers Isaac and Zac β€” and Natalie, 28, told PEOPLE in April that they were expecting again, and announced in July that baby on the way was a girl.

Wilhelmina joins siblings Ezra, who turns 10 on Oct. 31, Penelope, 7; River, 6; and Viggo, 3Β½.

And in a family of unique names, choosing one for her new baby girl was of the utmost importance to Natalie.

“Thinking back on all the children’s names has helped to give me a fresh perspective in choosing the name for the baby girl we are expecting in the fall,” Natalie blogged over the summer.

“It has helped to remind me how the right name seems to come at the right time and how, no matter how ‘perfect’ the choice, it will only be a part of all this little person will become.”

Hanson just completed a world tour for their album Shout It Out, with sold-out dates throughout Australia. They are now working on their sixth studio album, set for release in 2013.

— Rennie Dyball

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Beebop on

That is a terrible first name.

Shannon on

Was waiting for this announcement! Congrats to the Hanson family. LOVE the name! πŸ™‚

Karen M. on

Oh my, well bless them all but look at some of the names! Why would you do that to your children? Goodness.

Alex Genie on

Saw them in Sydney, Australia and they were amazing! The 15 year wait to see them live was so worth it. Congratulations on the new arrival and can’t wait for the new album!

Emily on

I love all her kids names. She is one lucky lady to have married Taylor. Looks like she has a really happy life. πŸ™‚

Catca on

Not sure why people are commenting about “all” the names, but outside of “River” all of the names are traditional. I think Wilhelmina Jane is a beautiful name. Out of curiosity, what does Wilhelmina get shortened to?

monica on

Willie or Mina

nessa on

Monica – Winney

dee on

You could call her “willow”

Momofsdg on

I’ve never heard it shortened to anything other than Willa. It is a cute name, though a bit old school. Definitely better than Apple.

mommabear on

Catca, it gets shortened to Wilma Flintstone. Poor kid!

Liz on

To say I have different taste than them in names is putting it mildly. Those names are….wow.

LC on

Age 28 and already 5 kids – wow! Congrats to them – wonder if there will be more in the future.

Whitney on

Thank god I never had my 7th grade prayers answered.. I’d be spending almost all of my reproductive years pregnant!!

Sasha conner on

Whitney, my thoughts exactly when I heard she was pregnant again I thought to myself there is no way I could of married him and had that many kids lol congrats to them both

Katie on

Pregnant with Taylor Hanson’s children!! That was my high school dream!!! You don’t just wake up pregers!!! Gotta do the deed!!!! With Taylor!!! Lol

Aggravated on

What a bunch of haters. Are all people.com comment posters this judgemental and stupid?

Chica on

Aggravated – Pretty much. It’s pathetic and sort of disturbing.

cynlee on

Awful name..

Erin J. on

5 kids before 30..no thanks! lol

Jen DC on

I love it! Wilhemina could be shortened to Wil, Billie, Mina… Or she could go by Jane.

Five kids for two people under the age of thirty seems a lot and fast! I don’t think I could do it, but I’m glad to know there seem to be supersweet people who can. Congrats!

Pam on

Jen DC, They are not sweet, they are irresponsible and contributing to the already over populated world. Why don’t they adopt and save a child’s life instead of just humping like rabbits to create another mini them? They must be so in love with themselves. I find it disgusting! I think there should be a limit to how many kids rich people can have, and I’d they have 5 they should have to adopt at least 1.

Kimera on

Wow PAM, seems like you need some help! I’m sorry you’re jealous of other peoples happiness, Maybe if you change your outlook on life you would be happy too.

nessa on

Pam – Asshole

Haha on

Pam, you are probably just bitter because no one wants to ‘hump’ you. πŸ™‚

mommabear on

Pam, what an ignorant thing to say!!! I have 5 kids and I am not super rich like them but my kids want for nothing! I could understand saying that about a welfare mother that is pumping out babies with different daddies every year but if people have the means and choose to spend THEIR money providing for their children what is wrong with that? You are disgusting telling people how many children they should have biologically. How many kids have you adopted by the way?

Dudy on

The people who can afford many children should certainly be the ones having them. Taylor & wife are a loving, talented, functional, & unselfish family who are self-supporting. They should have as many children as they desire!

angel on

EPam , honestly what’s it your business what they do in their bedroom if they want to have 15 children OF THEIR OWN children who are you to say what the limit should be . This is America not China , the average child per home in the US is far less than it was 100 years ago . On average families would have at
Least 6 children ! Plus they are doing exactly what God commanded and not with other ppl with his wife so I see no harm . Leave it up to God and them to decide how many kids they should have . I think it’s amazing young love and they have been together since she was 18 and they are still together. Meanwhile most ordinary ppl marriages don’t last that long so maybe you should take notice .

FavoriteActress on

Oh yeah, Pam! That’s a BRILLIANT idea! REQUIRE (force) people to adopt! What are you smoking? True, there are so many children out there who need to be adopted by loving families, but not everyone is willing to adopt. If you require it, the families might resent that kid’s presence and eventually, that kid figures out why they are where they are & their self-esteem takes ANOTHER hit. That sounds like a sure-fire path to child abuse! This was just a sweet story about a celebrity’s baby & you turned it into your soapbox, while showing the world how stupid you are! “Better to stay silent & let people think you’re an idiot, than to open your mouth & remove all doubt!”

cynlee on

What’s with the names lately…must be me!

Stephanie on

They’re going to end up calling that poor girl Willy.

Nikita on

Are they Mormon or something? Girl’s uterus is gonna fall out! Just what the planet needs….another human.

sarah on

Oh my. Your comment made me laugh so hard! I’m Mormon and pregnant with my 3rd and 29! I was not offended at all! It was super funny! And no they’re not mormon. Just sex bunnies πŸ™‚

Pam on

Nikita, I know seriously I agree. They should adopt instead. I don’t have respect for these people who continue to add to the over populated world when there are thousands of children dying everyday because they have no family or money. These people are disgusting and so is Tori Spelling, she just almost killed herself because she has done a c section every time and did the last 2 c sections too close together. Stop making babies!

Wendie on

Pam, why is it their responsibility to take care of other peoples kids? You mention that they should be taking care of the children dying from no family. Isn’t it the responsibility of the people who are having the babies and not taking care of them? Why should we condone the behavior of those who keep having children and leave them for the wealthy or government to take care of by bailing them out by taking care of their kids?

I’m not trying to be insensitive, and I love children. I have an adopted daughter. I’m far from wealthy. The problem is that no one ever addresses that the problem stems with people who cannot afford to have children, or don’t want them, but continue to have them. These people in this story are obviously able to afford to have many children, and they have the time and desire to take care of them.

It’s no ones place to judge. It would be great if there were no hungry or homeless children in the world, but to solve that you have to deal with the irresponsible people having them and not being capable of carrying for them.

angel on

It’s those very people who create children knowing full well that they cannot support them . It’s not ” celebrities” fault they are dying blame the parents who knew the consequences of their actions. I see no need for starvation. But I see around the world they’d worship a cow before they’d eat it so wrong .

Leslee on

I like her name, it’s different but has much tradition behind it. She can be a Billie, Willie, Willa, Mina, Mimi or Minnie. She can change it up as she gets older and her life takes another turn.

Congrats to the parents!

queenofhearts on

Congratulations Taylor, Natalie, Ezra, Penelope, River & Viggo on the birth of baby Wilhelmina!!

Not the biggest fan of the names… My opinion is the more babies they have the worse the names seem to get!! But each to their own!!


Anonymous on

Wow….28 yrs old and just had 5th child! Girl!! Those kids names are atrocious!!

Pam on

Anonymous, Yea disgusting! They should adopt and save a child instead.

Anonymous on

i dont reallly like those names… but still conngrats

Anonymous on

Congrats but settle friggin down. We will hear by Christmas that she is pregnant again.

Pam on

Anonymous, Yeah they are humping like rabbits apparently and she’s very fertile. I think it’s gross that they just keep having all these kids. Why don’t they instead save a child who has no home or family. They are disgusting!

mg on


Anonymous on

These guys still make music? Or just babies?

Pam on

Anonymous, Just babies apparently. I think they have like 10 between the 3. I think it’s disgusting that they can’t adopt a child instead of humping like rabbits and bringing more kids into this already over populated world.

Stop hating on

Wow, why u have to be hateful! Adoption is not for everyone! You make it sound sooo simple to adopt! I could careless how many kids they have as long as they are able to love them and give them a great life and can afford them then what business is it of mine, yours or anybody else’s! It’s not like they are Octomom popping out kids and expecting us to pay for them! Stope being so judgemental. Congrats to the beautiful family! And have as many kidsa as your heart desires!!! Ignore the haters!

Raven on

Pam, I think it’s disgusting that you feel the need judge them. Seriously, adopt your own damn kids if you honestly feel that butthurt.

Holly on

Pam they make music all the time and if try want to have sex and reproduce that is their buisness they are married what goes on between the sheets is their buiness and before hating remember this they donate and do tons of charity work eap in africa where do u think the walk came from or toms shoes who they helped sponsor they care! And their humanly human and so nice loving and giving . Read up before u call ppl discusting hanson one of te best bands out their truth comes out in lyrics listen sometime.

Jessie on

Yay! What a neat name:)

chad on

Most people with that name go by Wila.

Jaime on

Wilhelmina is from Dracula. And to the person who asked what you would shorten it to: Mina (again, this is going with Dracula).

Pam on

Wow they are so young to have that many kids! She got pregnant as a teen. Why not adopt instead of just adding more kids to the world? There are plenty of kids out there who need a good home. I don’t have any respect for them. If I had all their money I would adopt.

Raven on

Hey, Pam, why don’t you follow your own advice and adoot your own kids instead if complaining about people who haven’t?

Alyssa on

Seriously Pam, shut up. How many kids they have or adopt is non of your business your 10 comments on this post is so unnecessary! You aren’t paying nor having these children so quit judging. How many children have you adopted? I’m sure none. Congrats to the new family.

Rebecca on

They have been married for about 10 years. 5 kids in 10 years isn’t as extreme as you’re all making it out to be.

Stephanie H. on

Wow….if they’re not making love, she’s having babies…and if she’s not having babies, they’re making love…it’s a viscous cycle!! lol congratulations to them both and the family! πŸ˜€

lovely123 on

I kid you not, I knew someone by that name a few years back. She HATED her name, and went by Rosie instead.

Jessi on

Woot! Congrats!

TessJ on

For Catca, that name can be shortened to Billie I think. It’s like the girl form for William I think.

Britt on


Yellowknife on

Dear Hansons: A vagina is not a clown car. Stop squirting out babies like a T-shirt cannon at a baseball game.

Jenn on

People are so rude ! Making rude comments about having so many kids is uncalled for – yes it is not for everyone (myself included) but they obviously support their own family, have been married for quite a while so they must love each other and the kids. Critisizing them for not adopting is also rude – having your own children is a special experience and not to say that adopting isn’t a wonderful thing – it is – but don’t critisize people for choosing to have their own babies – i am sure this family contribuites greatly to charities and helps out in other ways. Just be happy for them !!!!

losa on

Whoa! People are so different. 5 children under 30! I am 24 and I can’t imagine my life with just one child under 30 or my late twenties.

kirsty on

My niece has that first name and most people think its awful, FYI they call her Mina which is why better than her full name.

Lindsay on

Many congratulations to Tay & Natalie!! Love & well wishes to you, your new baby girl, her other sister & brothers, and the rest of the Hanson clan.

Julianna on

That’s quite an interesting choice. It feels a little dated though, but that’s just me. Nevertheless, I’m sure baby Wilhelmina is a beautiful child and I wish her and her family all the happiness.

SL on

Geez, do they know what’s causing all those babies???

stephanie on

Dang that’s a lot of children!!

Disgusted on

I love Hanson, but that name is horrible.

keely on

WOW! What a name! Lol. Congrats to all of the family tho x

Lindsay on

Pam, it’s none of your business if they adopt or have their own children naturally. Ike, Tay, an Zac are the eldest of seven kids. My grandma the youngest of 13.

An while you’re pointing your judgmental finger, allow me to show you a mirror. It’s disrespectful of you to preach your judgments in such a public forum.

kkline on

I find it funny how people are complaining on how many kids they have, and that they are disgusting for not adopting. There are so many families that have 5 or more kids! If The Hanson bro’s want to have big families then that is their choice, if they don’t want to adopt; that is their choice as well. It doesn’t make them disgusting. I say Congrats Tay and Natalie on the newest addition to your family!

Brooklyn on

Not a fan of the name, but congrats to them! Plus she was born on my birthday so that’s fun!

paula on

Wow!!!! Ummm, I don’t know how they deal with that many kids at such a young age, but whatever! Enjoy your huge family.

Ilia on

Wow! For all of the hateful comments, you people are so bitter and judgemental! What does it matter to you how many children they have, or what their names are? Or that they are having them at a young age? They will be kid free at a good age when all go off to college, and they are obviously not on welfare, like I’m sure some of you are. Leave it alone! They are very successful in the music industry, and obviously successful at making babies of their own, no need to adopt. There are lots of people in this world on a waiting list to adopt a baby. And no they are NOT Mormon. They are Christians and all of us including you haters will be judged one day by our Father in Heaven. Hope you’re ready for what will be your eternity!

Lillyanna on

At Ilia…mormans are christians.

Maddy on

Absolutely perfect name! I love how traditional and old fashioned! Goes perfectly with Penelope! Congrats to Tay, Nat & all the siblings. You guys have a gorgeous family despite what some say! So so thrilled for you guys! People should be careful of the hurtful things they say. My husband and I have been trying for two years to have a baby, we would be thrilled and blessed to have 5 like Tay&Nat. The too many baby comments are hurtful. To each his own. I wish I could be blessed and lucky to have my 5 – to even have 1!

Sorry to preach – hooray for Wilhelmina!! πŸ™‚

Inconformada on

omg, the worst name ever!!! poor girl

Inconformada on

btw, don’t they have tv at home? maybe a pack of condoms? or maybe birth control pill… crazy sick people lol

Jessica on

Pam, I do agree adoption is a better choice but it is their choice not anyone else’s. If they want to keep having their own kids than so be it. They can afford it. I to would love to adopt but I don’t have the money to do so.

Jamie on

Pam, get over yourself. And why did you specify that “rich people” shouldn’t have several kids? They would be the ones who could afford it!

Pam on

Jamie Get over myself because I care about kids? Ugh you people are so stupid. I didn’t say rich people shouldn’t have so many kids, I said they should also consider adopting. They have the fame, fortune, and love to do so.

Ruth on

It’s so sad to see so much in peoples hearts who are directing it towards really good people. They have donated their time, money, and emotions to some great causes but in the end they are 3 men and can not save the world. There are literally thousands of really good causes/organizations out there and no one can dedicate themselves to all of them.

I have an idea instead of spouting hate on the internet why don’t YOU go and support that cause that you have so much passion about? I guarantee that NONE of the kids that need a good home are benefiting from the disgustingly hateful comments here.

In the end they will have very few if any regrets. Ever since they were boys they have lived life the way they wanted to that is a lot more than most people and they have done a LOT more for this world, touched WAY more lives than some people here could ever even HOPE to do. I wish them the best and am very very happy for Tay and his family.

Laura on

Someone needs to talk to that girl about birth control. Good Lord!

Donna on

Congrats….and some day, she is going to ask you… Why did you give me such an awful name,……Poor kid…. Luckily siblings names are pretty much just as bad….

Erin on

uh news flash pam miss know it all..adoption costs anywhere between 25-50k. i know this because i looked into it. i have two bio children, i must be a heathen having my OWN kids!! LOL..

Pam on

Erin, Yeah that’s exactly why I specifically said rich people should adopt. I have always wanted to adopt myself, and someday will. And guess what nowadays it costs 20k to have a baby naturally and 40k to have a c section, so really adoption is not much more than that. Plus you are saving a child’s life instead of creating a new life. I think it’s great that they’ve been blessed with so many kids but I also think it would be great if they would adopt too. By the way my own biological sister was given up for adoption when my mom was only 17 and poor and she was adopted by a wonderful loving well off family and has flourished in life. Me I was raised in a drug house and had no food and almost died many times so I am an advocate for adoption and saving a less fortunate child. Everyone on here thinks I’m so rude for saying they should adopt but I think it’s important for the well off to seriously consider adoption. I went through hell and back in my own childhood, never got to have fun and be a kid with no worries, I always wished my parents had given me up for adoption. I still wish they had, maybe things wouldn’t have been better elsewhere but my sister got a good life and I always wished I’d had good parents. So yes I have made it my life’s goal to adopt at least one child and I don’t have a lot of money and I don’t think I’m a horrible person because I think rich people should adopt. I believe it is our responsibility to save the worlds less fortunate kids. So many foster kids have been abused and really need loving nurturing care and therapy. Maybe I overreacted by calling them disgusting, not what I meant to say but I get passionate about adoption and to see a rich celebrity family with 5 biological children is kind of upsetting when they could very well save a child or many children. All I care about is children so I am not a monster like you people make me out to be. I went through a lot as a kid, high people tried to kill me and I always wished there was a loving adult to save me, it didn’t happen and I hate to think about all the kids in the world who are abused and or starving and not in school. My parents never got me to school and I suffered greatly in life because of that and I hate to see that happen to other kids, it’s not what we want for our world, it is a cruel place, children should not have to suffer so much. So go ahead and call me evil for speaking out on adoption but know this I very well intend to adopt at least one child in my lifetime so I don’t care what any of you think. I will save a child like me from going through the things I went through and seeing the things I saw and from being abused mentally and physically.

Pam on

And Erin actually I commend you for seriously looking into adoption, like you said you don’t have the money, so don’t feel bad you tried that’s my point. They have the money to adopt and no I don’t think you are a bad person for having 2 biological children. I think everyone has the right to have as many kids as they want that wasn’t my point. I just wonder if they’ve even considered adopting is all. Good for you for looking into it. Of course you should feel good about that and I commend you for that and am happy that you were able to have your kids.

Liz on

Congratulations Duggars! I mean, Hansons!

Pam on

Liz Lol, not quite as bad, but close

Stephanie on

I am so very excited for the two of you and your family :). Natalie, it takes a very rare breed to handle as many kids as we both have, strong to say the least. I am also 28 with two sons, Trenton Michael 9, Isaac James 5 and our baby girl Zyla-Jade Rose Unique names are the best. From my family to yours, good blessings and love. πŸ™‚

sk on

FYI, The fertility rate in the USA is 2.1 and our population is just below demographic replacement. Most of your ‘overpopulation’ is due to a rise in life expectancy. So I am pretty sure its evened out by women not having kids. Different people lead different lifestyles. In plenty of communities child-bearing occurs in the 20s where it is in the best interest of the mother and child. Also generally conception in the 30s esp if you are getting pregnant for the first time involves infertility treatments. Most gynecologists recommend that that you have your first child by 30. Most women by the time they decide to have children/settle down their bodies give up on them.

Congratulations!!! on

Congratulations Taylor and Natalie! Have as many beautiful babies as you can! Every child is such a blessing! As for all of you haters out there, go adopt your own kids if you feel so strongly about it, and keep your hateful remarks to yourself! This is a happy time for the Hanson family.

jurby on

i feel bad for their kids as 3 of the 5 of them are going to grow being teased and tormented because of their names. if you want to give a child a name like that at least have the decency to make it the middle name NOT the first name so your kid doesn’t have to live with torment nor embarassment.

dar on

Congrats to tay+nat! Another hanson addition to a wonderful, loving and caring family.
October is shaping to be a busy hanson birthday month.
Wonder which brother will be next to make an announcement.
And if no baby announcement soon-how about tour dates!?

danni on

Tay & ike use their middle names & it looks like some of tays kids have too so she mite be called jane.

Anonymous on

He kinda looks like Jon Bon Jovi

Anonymous on

their girl names are HORIBLE!

Tricia on

You know, “Pam”, while I agree adopting is important – the fact remains that the reason WHY we are so overpopulated is because teenagers don’t know how to be responsible and close their legs – and this should not reflect the fact that families who are responsible and have their own kids. Yeah – he may have money – but he also owns his own recording company that I’m sure a lot of it goes to.

The fact remains that just because he has five kids doesn’t mean that it’s “disgusting”. It’s a blessing. What you have said is not only disrespectful, but “disgusting”. Adopting seems like it would be the right choice – but it is also VERY hard to do – regardless of money, because of the strict rules that adoption agencies have.

Stop judging.

Taylor and Natalie were married young, which explains why they have accomplished having kids at such a young age. He’s following his parent’s footsteps – he grew up in a big family. There’s more than just the three of them.

Not to mention if they decided to have a big family when they were married – chances are Natalie is trying to do accomplish this early as the older woman is, the hard it is to give birth.

I commend them both have being have to raise a large family, while he travels from time to time, and doing a wonderful job of it.

All the names, besides River, are normal names.

Let’s congratulate them on this wonderful blessing instead of judging them on something you don’t know the reasoning to.

Pam on

Tricia, Yes it’s very hard to adopt, all the more reason for a celebrity with lots of kids to do it because there’s no way they would be denied. And I have made it my life’s goal to adopt at least one child. My own sister was given up for adoption and was raised by a wonderful loving family while I grew up in a meth house and was abused both mentally and psychically and had no food and never went to school. I was almost killed many times and went through hell and back in my childhood by the time I was 8 I was caring for my brother so he didn’t die, my father killed someone then and my high mother didn’t give a S*^% about us. I always wished I was adopted and given a chance of a normal life and still wish I had been but it made me strong at least and prepared me for the cold world and made me a good person who would never harm anyone or abuse drugs or children. So yes I am a huge advocate for adoption. I agree that saying they were disgusting was out of line, not what I meant to say but I wish they would adopt they by far have the means and could save a child from a terrible life of suffering.

Amy on

Congrats to Taylor,Natalie and the kids! God bless you all. Don’t listen to all of the haters out there. That’s their issue to deal with not yours. Just be happy with your little blessing.

kkline on

i can’t believe all the haters! A baby is something to be celebrated no matter how many they have, I’m sure they don’t judge you about decisions you make in life so why do you feel it’s your right to judge them?

. . on

Birth control?

Tanya on

I honestly can’t believe some of the comments. Most of those judging their decision to have 5 children have said, you can’t imagine having that many, or that you don’t have any of your own… HELLO… why then do you think it is fine to judge their decision to do so? I’m 26 was the oldest of 5 myself, and have 3 children, I’m a great mum, and throughly enjoy it, I feel it was almost my purpose in life. Just because something isn’t what you would do doesn’t make it wrong for everyone else.

Anonymous on

How horribly rude of everyone to call this couple disgusting for having their own children!!! Having children of your own is a beautiful thing. To assume that just because they are celebrities that it is somehow their “duty” now to go adopt all the children in the world that someone else couldn’t take responsibility for and abandoned is what is disgusting. It is also not strange in any way for a family to have 5 children. Alot of people come from big families. Last I checked, this country doesn’t have a “limit” on how many “bodies” we are allowed to populate this world with. As long as they can support their children, it is their own business. Simply tell this couple congratulations, or keep your negative thoughts to yourselves. You do nothing to uplift their lives and only make yourself look bitter and unhappy.

Pam on

Anonymous, I am not trying to uplift their lives, they obviously already have the best one possible, I am trying to save a child’s life. I have made it my life’s goal to adopt at least one child. My own sister was given up for adoption and was raised by a wonderful family. I grew up in a meth house and suffered through a lot as a child and I don’t like to see that happen to other kids. All I’m saying is they should consider it, like Brad and Angie. They have 3 of their own and have adopted 3. ❀

Ava on

Well, the name is unique; I’ll give them that. I agree with everyone who says they’re contributing to the overpopulation of the world. They could easily adopt if they wanted a large family, like Angie and Brad, and Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble.

Pam on

Thank you Ava! My point exactly!

Rosey on


Mon on

5 kids??? 29 and 28??? Why do they keep having babies? So irresponsible!!! They are just going to end making all these kids unhappy when they get divorced! I can’t believe people can be so irresponsible!

Pam on

I agree Mon! In this day and age one couple shouldn’t be able to have so many kids. They are greatly adding to overpopulation. There should be a limit of 2-3 kids per family. The Duggars are families similar to them are the ones that really disgust me! Twenty something kids! So sick! they are destroying the earth and I guarantee they have to be on government assistance. Ugh it’s disgusting!


While I am happy for them and their newest addition (I am the oldest of 5), overpopulation is EVERYONE’s business and folks should educate themselves regarding current environmental issues rather than throwing around the “choice” argument. The human race has exploded over the planet in the last 100 years and growth is out of control at an exponential rate = VERY BAD for the environment. I work in the business, specifically groundwater, and am currently involved in permitting projections for consumptive use and the outlook is grim. I find it reprehensible that my life will be controlled by others’ “choices” to continue the overpopulation trend. By the time the general population gets it, it will be too late. Search Atlanta water wars and read up a little, that’s a preview of what’s to come worldwide…

Pam on

CABL See that’s my point exactly people. I am not spewing hate. We are over populated and there’s many children out there already with no homes. People need to stop having so many babies. They are being selfish thinking this is America I should be able to do what I want and have as many kids as I want, it’s not the 1950’s anymore, we are aware of the imminent dangers that will face us with overpopulation. Thank you for your intelligent comment. Look at China they are only allowed one child because overpopulation got so bad there. There’s too many people. We all know China has killed many girls because of that. 😦

Anonymous on

@Pam “this is America I should be able to do what I want” Isn’t that what America is about? Freedom? And your solution is to limit the number of children people can have? That’s working out really well for China… Especially for the girls. If you want to do something about overpopulation, don’t reproduce. If you are so concerned with the environment, consume less. But you have no right ttell other people what to do or how to live their lives. America is “The land of the free” and people are giving their lives at this very moment to protect it.

Marlaina on

@Pam- If you think the world is over populated then maybe you can help by killing yourself. Then we’ll have one less ignorant jerk using up good air.

mommabear on

LMFAO!!!! My thoughts exactly Marlaina, she just keeps posting her ignorance all over this forum!

Pam on

mommabear Oh yeah it’s really F*%#ing funny for someone to tell a complete stranger to kill themselves! I’ve been through hell in my life! If you knew my story you would feel bad. I was severely abused sexually physically and mentally as a child, I grew up in a meth home and my sister was given up for adoption and had a great life so I am an advocate for adoption. And guess what? Over population is a BIG problem! Am I really that horrible for suggesting things to a celebrity family that will help our world? You people are cruel! How would you feel if I did kill myself? I’ve had a S*%# life but I still try to save less fortunate children and have never hurt or abused anyone or drugs. I believe I am a good person and I have made it my life’s goal to adopt at least one child. So you may not agree with me but to think its funny that someone says I should kill myself is absolutely sick! I am a good person, I don’t deserve to die for caring about children and the imminent future of the world facing problems because of limited resources due to overpopulation. Shame on you! If I was weak I might just listen to you guys, so be careful what you say to people unless you want to be responsible for someone committing suicide. It’s not a F*%#ING JOKE! I tried to kill myself as a teen and thank God I failed and I got a new lease on life and made it my goal to save messed up kids like myself who came from abusive homes. And I stopped my best friend from killing herself when we were teens so I have already saved one life. What have you done to make this world a better place? Popped out a bunch of kids and spread your hate on people who actually care about the worlds problems? Good job you should be proud of yourself, NOT! You both suck!

Pam on

Oh thanks Marlaina, that’s really nice. Guess what I grew up in a meth house and was severely abused my whole childhood and my sister was given up for adoption and had a great life so I am an advocate for adopting. And guess what moron? The fact is the world is overpopulated and idiots like you can’t see that it is killing our world and depleting us of our resources. So educate yourself. And you shouldn’t spew your hate telling me to kill myself! You’re not a good person! F*%# you!

angel on

Pam stop feeling sorry for yourself, you went through hell as a child YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD WITH PROBLEMS.
although I’m sorry you had a horrible childhood you did make it to adult years . I know many of my friends weren’t blessed like you and I and keep dying super young. While you all will like to claim water issues I suggest you” Dig” if you feel this way or you found a statistic and are running with that. Consider all the ppl who die every second we won’t be overpopulated cancer is on the rise obesity is on the rise oh and not to mention the killing sprees don’t worry your head so much . Have faith in God he brought you out of that tough time and I know you wished you had a better life and wished you were put up for adoption. But consider this maybe if you were adopted it would’ve ended up worse you could’ve been dead but your not . So it’s the past !! And yes China has killed lots of girls because of “over population” they too need to have faith in God and stop trying to PLAY God leave the worrying to him . I have an idea to please the sinical ppl how bout we all stop having children. Guess what there will be no future then SO STOP BELIEVING WHAT THE ENEMY WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE then you’d be defying God’s commandment to go forth and procreate now for those who might say that was when the world was barren well it will be thst way again . Don’t fall into this trap again don’t play God just do his will as Taylor and his wife did .

Pam on

Marlaina If I was weak maybe I would then you would have a life on your hands, how would you feel then? Not cool to tell complete strangers to kill themselves just because you don’t believe their views. I am good person and we do face imminent problems because of limited resources due to overpopulation and I believe in adoption because I was severely abused as a child and as a teen did try to kill myself because I hated my life and myself because of my circumstances and no loving family. Thank God I failed and lived through it and since that moment have made it my mission to try to save any child I could in any means possible and someday I will adopt a child that is if I live through my cancer that is already trying to kill me I don’t need people like you telling me to axe myself because you don’t agree with my views or my mission. You don’t have to but it’s not ok to tell me to kill myself! You should be ashamed of yourself! I have no remorse for my comments because they were not harming anyone, you should though because your comment is very hateful and hurtful.

Lorraine on

I’m gonna go ahead and stop you guys right there…

Old school names are awesome.

See above^ πŸ™‚

Annie on

My goodness. That’s a rough name.

Jessica Sundling on

Congratulations on the baby girl. Wilhelmina is quite a common name where I’m from (Sweden), so is Viggo. I guess they might want to go with their Scandinavian (norse? danish?) heritage on the names.

Brittany on

Wow.. The comments from some of you are just rude! I am 1 of 7, and 4 (including myself) are adopted, but I get giddy everytime I find out they are having another. I think its great they want a big family. Adoption isn’t for everyone. Unless you understand what all adoption brings to the table, you shouldn’t be so rude. I think celebs who adopt like crazy… *coughBRANGLINAcough* are disgusting!

Congrats Taylor, Nat and family!! ❀

Pam on

Brittaany Good for your parents. That’s my point if normal people can adopt 4 kids back when too then celebrities definitely should. Brad and Angelina are not disgusting for adopting, they are amazing for saving 3 children’s lives while also having 3 of their own. I commend them for being so selfless. I have made it my life’s goal to adopt and to spread the word and I don’t think I’m a bad person for doing that. I think the people on here telling me to kill myself because I believe adoption is important and that celebrities should do it because they have the means to are bad people. That’s not ok. I didn’t mean for my comments to be hateful, they did.

Anonymous on

Ezra and River are nice names…..not sure about the rest.

stacey on

these kids have the UGLIEST names ever!

Monica on

Pam, you are so RUDE!!!

Pam on

Monica I don’t believe so I think my comments were taken the wrong way, I never meant for them to be hurtful. Now the people telling me to kill myself are rude. That’s not ok, those people are the ones you should be going after. I care a lot about kids that’s all, if you knew my story you would see why.

Sandra on

Wow, all these kids before the age of 30! Horrible names for children except for Penelope, as I kind of like that name for a girl. But the others are terrible. He needs to put a sock on it for crying out loud! LOL!!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them. I say have all the babies you want as long as taxpayers don’t have to support them. The Hanson’s take care of their OWN. Mina is a sweet name.

VG on

Come on guys…she is married to Taylor Hanson…most girls in their 20’s and early 30’s have been drooling over him since he was 14! He is only getting hotter as he gets older. I can’t blame the girl for humping him like a rabbit.
Plus…the band is still making music and money, helping those in need and they manage to make it a family act so none of the kids are being neglected.

Abi on

I take a care of a lovely 94 year old lady who has this name, she goes by Willa, I like it shortened like that. I think if you are able to take care of your kids without help who cares how many you have? People just like to have something to complain about. Congrats to them!

GayandProud on

WTH are ya’ll doing starting a family at 18 and 19. Excellent decisions. No education but alot of money. No education will always lead you NO WHERE! Get a clue people. It’s obvious you guys have the high school mentality since that’s when you started popping out babies. How about your start being adults?

VG on


I am an advocate of higher education and being able to support your children and provide them with better opportunities. However, some people have different creative paths such as music! None of the guys of Hanson are college grads and Taylor did start a family young but they are going somewhere… They still make music and sell out shows and they even invested in their own record lable! Sounds pretty smart to me. By the way…if you are going to lecture about education you might want to double check your grammar and spelling.

Ellarae on

Ooh, call her Willie Jane! I’m sure she’s adorable and she’s certainly fortunate to have been born into a family that’s ready to love her to pieces. Best wishes to them.

Sandy on

wow that name goes way back! I guess they will come up with a cute short version or nick name. wouldn’t be my choice but if they love it- that’s all that matters!

Meep on

For those complaining about overpopulation… read up on something sometime. While this argument could have worked seven years ago, it’s not a relevant argument to make now. Life expectancy is up, but more people die each day than those born. Also, in the last two years, birth rates have actually gone down. They are clearly not on welfare or assistance from the government so why does it matter to anyone how many kids they have. They aren’t pimping them out on TV or making reality shows about them. Some might not agree with having that many kids at a young age, but if you don’t agree, then don’t do it. As for adopting instead of having your own kids… what a ridiculous thing to say. Adopting a child, even though there are many out there who need loving parents, isn’t easy at all… It helps to be rich, but of all people, rich ones are the ones that can afford to have their own kids… any number of them they want. It makes me wonder how many people out there who are so quick to say “They should adopt instead of having their own” actually have adopted a child… what they do in the bedroom doesn’t effect anyone’s life but their own… so why does it matter to so many of you?

Pam on

Meep, Guess what stupid? Overpopulation is a very huge problem! We are depleting our resources too quickly and not replacing them. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have a FEW of their own but 5 is a lot and the have not adopted when they by far have the means. Brad and Angie I respect, 3 kids of their own and 3 kids adopted, that’s 3 lives they probably saved from dying. There are millions of kids out there dying because they have no home, no family, and no food. I have made it my life’s goal to adopt at least one child and to spread the word about adoption. It could save a child’s life, so I’m fine with being hated for that, which I think is ridiculous, and I can’t believe there’s people on here saying I should kill myself for that. I’d hope they would feel bad if I did and I hope they regret posting that because that’s not ok to say to someone. I am a good person and don’t deserve to die because I believe in adoption, especially when you have fame and fortune.

Daffygrams on

I’m with Liz on this one….”wow”.

lolyoulol on

I love being a soccer mom. πŸ™‚

lolyoulol on

Karen M: Shutup, Soccer mom. Go back into the kitchen!

And FYI, there’s an actor whose name is Viggo. VIGGO MORTENSEN, remember? Of course you all don’t. You’re a bunch of soccer moms who gives even more awful names. These kids are their own, let them name however they want. Now STFU and go back into the kitchen and make me a sandwich!

becky on

Hey Pam…we get it. You think they should have adopted. Please move on now and do something productive with your time. Perhaps volunteer to work with these children that you mentioned?

Pam on

becky For your information I do volunteer. At retirement homes, children’s hospitals and the boys and girls club and I have my entire life. I love kids and I believe it’s good to get the message out about adoption and helping kids in anyway I can. Am I really that bad of a person for being passionate about that and posting a few times on here, hoping that they would see these comments and possibly consider adoption? I had a person on here tell me I should kill myself because of that, which is horrible. I wasn’t trying to inflict pain on anyone but they are maybe you people should go after them instead. I have been through a lot of pain in my lifetime, most of it as a child. I grew up in a meth home and was severely abused in all ways and my sister was given up for adoption and got a caring loving home and a good life which I am thankful for because she didn’t have to go through what I’ve been through. I always wished I was given up for adoption but my struggles made me strong and made it my life’s goal to care for abused kids like me. And I did try to kill myself as a teen because i hated myself and my situation, luckily I failed and got a new lease on life and a purpose in my life and I am a good person and have never abused anyone or any drugs.

Anonymous on

Those names are not “unique.” If there is more than one, it is not unique, and we already have Penelope Leach, Penelope Cruz, and Penelope (sigh) Disich.

It’s so sad that in the United States people are no prohibited from creating unlimited numbers of people.

We’re all doomed.

Pam on

Anonymous Thank you. I am glad at least a few people agree with me that we shouldn’t be having so many kids. I think the worst abusers of this are the Duggars! Twenty something kids! They have to be on gov. assistance too. We do not have unlimited resources, people nowadays abuse that so much, they take so much but never give back or recreate. We are all doomed! I have no hope for humanity, especially when people on here tell me to kill myself because I believe in adoption and not overpopulating the world by having too many new kids.

alicia on

I like this name.. It’s strong name for when she gets older. Personally, for a child, I’d shorten it to Wilha/Wila.

Jane on

Love the name and I thought she wasn’t due till next month. I think for short they could call her Mina, it sounds cute

Jane on

What jerks there are here – they have a healthy, beautiful family. Congratulations Taylor and Natalie! How could someone impose their belief of “adopt” on someone else? That’s such a selfish statement to make. 40 years ago, no one would have batted an eye at 5 children. There are tons of couples who cannot have children, who will adopt.

It doesn’t surprise me one bit they have a lot of kids – they come from a family of seven!

Pam on

Jane Because they have the fame and fortune to do so and are obviously loving parents. They should adopt. Are we really that bad for suggesting that? And 40 years ago people had lots of kids and guess what? That’s why the world is overpopulated now and it is our responsibility to make sure it doesn’t get more over populated. People seem to think that the world just has unlimited resources and that they can just keep popping out tons of new babies and hope that we will all be ok. We won’t if it continues this way. So people on here can tell me to go kill myself but I don’t care I will continue to post my opinions, it is a public forum and blog after all, I am free to do so, I am not harming anyone. I care about the world and the future of our people and earth that is all.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations to the Hansen clan! The name of Wilhelimina is very pretty and will produce a great nick-name I am sure! Happy days to you all.

Beth V on

Wow! I am almost 28 and dont even have 1 yet!!! However many people i know are younger than me and have like 3 or more kids!! And many of them are single parents, low income, etc.. Natalie and Taylor are happily married and have made a lot of money and take excellent care of their children! If they wanted a big family, thats up to them!!! What ever makes them happy! Congrats! I do hope this is the last one tho.

Mandi on

I just love how people are spouting off at the mouth about Hanson not caring about the suffering in the world. Do some freaking research before you point your overly judgmental finger at them. I guarantee you these guys have done more for human rights than any of you that are blasting them have ever done in your life. Not only do they donate their time, creativity and money to help children and communities all over the world, they also have gotten their fans involved to help as well. Think before you speak, or at least research a bit, or you will end up looking like a fool. There are many reasons why Hanson still has the fanbase they do, their music is just one reason, the fact that they are great, down to earth and caring men is another.

Congratulations to Taylor and Natalie. Wilhelmina was born into a wonderful family and she will have all the love in the world. Rock on! \m/

Cam on

The Hanson brothers come from a family of like 7 sibblings….why do some of you sound so suprised?? They are all super close and supportive. Why cant you just be happy for the happy couple? they obviously know what they are doing, & what they want, and their children all seem to be taken care of…whats the big deal?? Congratulations to them!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

Babies are blessings! You all just need to mind your own business and who cares what people name their children.

Mandi on

Congratulation to Taylor and Natalie! Baby Wilhelmina was born into a wonderful family. There are reasons why these guys still have the fanbase they do, and the music is just one reason, the fact that they are wonderful, down to earth, caring men in another. They donate their time, creativity, and money to charities a lot and they have also gotten their fans involved to help make the world a better place. So please think and research before you judge. These guys are as far from selfish as you can get. ❀

Sharon on

Wow Pam, you sound like a broken record…we get it. You think they should adopt. Well, they didnt. So what if they have 10 kids?! As long as they have more than enough to provide for them, and are good parents, thats what matters. At least she has all her children with the same man and not different fathers who dont even give a shi* about them.

Pam on

Sharon That’s the point idiot, the world is overpopulated! They don’t need to continue bringing new life into this world when there are many to be saved and they have the fame and fortune to do so. Just because they want more mini mes of themselves. I hope that they stop at 5 or decide to adopt next time. You people are so ignorant you think people should just be able to pop out as many kids as they want because it’s their right, if they gave a S*%# about the world they wouldn’t do so. My aunt and uncle love India and spend a lot of time there, they decided many years ago to not have any kids because they didn’t want to add to the over population that they have seen there and around the world. Conditions are really horrible and sad there, I don’t know why you people are acting like these problems done exist in the world, they do and we have to get it together and become responsible, or else there won’t be a planet earth for anyone anymore. Today’s society loves to abuse the earth, it’s so sad.

jane on

i’ve been excited for this announcement. they have picked beautiful names for their children – just because they aren’t middle america names for the most part doesn’t make them terrible! sheesh! as someone else said, they are all classics except for River. Wilhelmina is lovely, and while it does shorten to Mina, Willa is another adorable option that I’m not sure anyone else on this board has mentioned yet. & for all of the overpopulation comments – the sad truth is that the world needs more people to be born to loving parents that will raise them to become productive citizens. of course adopted children need homes, but it’s unfair to burden good parents who choose to have (and, especially, that can pay for!) big families with the accusation that they are contributing to a problem. it is not even close to as simple as that.

purplepooch on

To each their own when it comes to names. It would be nice though if parents thought about the bullying that is likely to happen to a child when their peers are old enough to turn a name into something that can be ridiculed. This can color a kid’s childhood. Sure you can’t shield your kid from everything, but is it really necessary to send them off into their lives with this potential obstacle?…

danni on

Congrats on ur arival nat & tay. the name is very old school. that was my great aunties name & ppl called her ena. so what if they are 28 & 29 with 5 kids.mayb they want a big family like his mum & dad. While i not a big fan of the names apart from river, at least they are name that are heard of unlike Blue ivy or apple shall i go on.
Congrats hanson family

Jax on

Not a fan of the name– can’t even pronouce it and I’m an English Teacher ha!

BeccaD on

So glad to hear it! I always had a crush on these boys, but I’m so happy to see them so successful, and happy. πŸ™‚ Makes me appreciate my Hubby so much more! Can’t WAIT for the new album!!!! Shout It Out has had me dancing around my house/work/life since it came out (as has every album of theirs since i discovered them in ’97!), can’t wait to see what comes next!!

Jax on

I’m actually surprised they didn’t go for Georgia or another song related name. I was hoping they wouldn’t name her Savannah of something like that lol– Taylor must be feeling the effects of their MMMHOP beer LOL-

Mel on

I think you ppl need to grow up!! They can have as many children as they like . The kids are getting taken care of and are happy that is all that matters. Who cares what they name their kid !!! It’s their kid not yours !!’ so..Get over it ! I love how all these ppl are trying to tell someone how many kids they can have …. While ur running your mouth … How many kids have u adopted or even sponsered for that matter? Yeah that’s what I thought so shut up!

Pam on

Mel I don’t just run my mouth, I do. I volunteer at many places, retirement homes, children’s hospitals, boys and girls club and etc. And I will adopt someday after I hopefully beat cancer. I don’t believe it’s ok to have that many kids when the world is so overpopulated and there are millions of children to save. If they have a 6th and don’t adopt, I don’t respect them and that’s my opinion to have, I would have it towards anyone, especially a celebrity family who has the fame, fortune, and love to give a child a wonderful home. Angelina Jolie is my idol because she makes it her job to care about the children of the world. I respect her and Brad so much for having 3 of their own and adopting 3 children. They saved 3 kids lives.

Corrie on

@Pam, do you think you could possibly try to keep your opinions to yourself for one minute? Do you know Taylor and Natalie personally? No? Did it ever occur to you that adoption’s not for everyone? Perhaps they both wanted a big family at a young age. It’s not for me, but I’m not going to judge them for their decisions. Maybe you should try taking the same road instead of saying, “OMG THEY ARE DISGUSTING ADOPT ADOPT ADOPT DID I MENTION THEY SHOULD ADOPT?”

Pam on

Corrie Well if they don’t want to hear people’s opinions then maybe they shouldn’t be celebrities and maybe they shouldn’t post the news to the world and maybe people shouldn’t have a comment section. But they do it was boring before when you couldn’t voice your opinion. And it is my opinion and I am free to it. And so what if I am advocate for adoption and believe that celebrities more than others should adopt instead of just popping out tons of mini mes. I don’t think that makes me a bad person. The fact is the world is overpopulated and there are thousands of children out there dying everyday because they have no home. I am battling cancer right now but I hope to beat it and be able to adopt someday myself, in the mean time I give my time by volunteering at retirement homes, children’s hospitals, boys and girls clubs and etc. So I am doing what I can to help and I think everyone should and if that makes me a bad person so be it because you people are ridiculous and delusional and don’t care about the problems of the world or all the suffering children.

Shane on

Catca, Wilhelmina is shortened to “Willie” or “Mina”.

As for those saying it’s an awful name, it’s a classic name. I nearly named my daughter Wilhelmina, after my grandfather (William August), but chose Augustine after him instead, as it was easier to spell, and I felt would be easier on her in school. Kids can be far to cruel on unique names. I should know, I’ve got one myself.

Pam on

Shane is not unique! Lol

Mel on

A MASSIVE congrats to Taylor & Natalie & awesome stuff for being able to raise 4 beautiful kids already, all power to you & all the very best for this wee one, she is one lucky little girl!! The name is unique & beautiful – happy for them.

Liz on

Ooh =/ So happy for the Hanson family & glad they’ve got another girl to keep Penny company, but…Wilhelmina?!? What were they thinking??? …Let’s hope she goes by Jane =X

Shari on

Congratulations Taylor and Natalie and family. I’m happy for you both to be able to fill your dream of having a large family at a young age. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of the names of your children or how many you have. Your both great parents and know how to raise beautiful children. And still Hanson continues to make great music.

Ashley on

Jesus, I know Taylor had his first kid sort of young, but they just keep popping them out! Not a fan of her first name, but I love Jane as a name. So classic, so pretty.

J in NYC on

29 years old with 5 kids?? YUCK. 10 years from now this “man” will be desperate to re-gain his life.

Amber on

I agree Wilhelmina is a different name, but it’s better than Apple or Coco…just sayin’.

Congratulations to them and their family. I can’t wait to see pictures of the newest addition.

Romy on

Love the name, very cute nickname possibilities too. I also like Ezra and Penelope.

Jen DC on

@Pam: Fertility rates globally have halved; even in developing nations, they are below “replacement level.” If your issue is environmental degradation, population isn’t an issue as much as overconsumption of scarce resources.

Pam on

Jen DC Good they should and that is the mission but that wasn’t my point my point is it’s also important for people with the means and love to adopt, especially after many of their own kids. And yes the World’s limited resources are a problem, they keep getting used up but never replaced because the majority of people nowadays just don’t care! If we continue this way our children and families will not have a very bright future to look forward to. So people need to be more aware of that and not abuse mother nature for all it’s got.

widyacancan on

What’s wrong with her name? Baby Jane sounds beautiful to me…

Anonymous on


crescentmoon on

Yay! Been waiting for this! Congrats to the family!

And there is one word for the people getting on their case about adoption/overpopulating/etc.- Jealousy. Get over it.

You didn’t create them, you didn’t labor for them, you aren’t providing for them or losing anything for them. I’m sure when your time comes that you won’t instill the same bigotry you spew here on your own, and certainly will find that perfect name that EVERYONE IN THE WORLD will agree to!

bb on

I say the nickname will be “Willa” which is super cute.

jamie on

Congrats to taylor and Natalie. All i know is that as many children as they decide to have those children will grow up musically inclined which music is extremely stimulating to the mind. As well as very educated the hanson family is extremely intelligent ( if you have ever taken the time to hear anything from them) and im sure that they will all work hard to keep all of the great things that the hansons have done like the countless amount of money and support they have given to charitys especially in africa . They are very good people and that is why i have always been a fan. They have taught me great values to live by that i will teach my children. Congratulations again and keep having as many children as you want.i don’t have a doubt in my mind that you are wonderful parents

Glojean on

Totally their choice to decide how many, names and natural or adoption. I doubt they care if anyone has lost respect for THEIR decisions.

I doubt if the people who are judging them always make the right decision according to others.

Dracula has absolutely nothing to do with Wilhelmina. Wilhelm is male version.

AnnieGrey on

What a bunch of judgmental people. They’re happy and their children are happy. Why not be happy for them?

Tee on

Congrats, I don’t care for the names, River is ok, can you imagine what the younger ones go through learning how to say their siblings names?

Milla on

@Maddy and Ruth – i totally agree, thank you!
In the end i just couldn’t read all the comments, it was too exhausting.
I just find it interesting that everybody says they are ‘humping like rabbits’. Lol, seriously? I live in a weird world where i thought it is normal to have sex in a relationship/marriage… And i doubt they have more sex than other couples, they just decided to have more kids and therefore don’t use protection all the time. All of you bla bla is sooooo damn lame! And don’t comment so much, better take care of your adopted kids! Oh yeah, you don’t have any, do you Pam!?
And i know so many women that say that they don’t want any kids at all nowadays, so i guess it gets even.
Wilhelmina is old fashioned i guess, but i bet she will be just fine! It’s a german name i think, altough it’s
not popular here these days. People just go for Mina.
Thats said, i don’t think the names are the problem in the world but the people that bully others, out of whatever reason! Try to teach your children to treat others nicely and have compassion!
So, congrats to Taylor and Natalie! I’m sure she is super cute!

Rose on

Horrible name !! It soundslike an ugly old lady ! They keep coming up with horrible names 😦 And it is too sad, I love this family !

Lina on

I love the names, my son i named Viggo. And Wilhelmina isnΒ΄t that uncommon here i Scandinavia πŸ™‚ Congrats!!!!

Jay on

Wilhelmina can be shortened to Mia or Mina. As someone with a super short name, nicknames don’t really apply to me so I like this and if she doesn’t like her first she can always go by her middle! Works out. πŸ™‚


Anonymous on

WTF. Have they seriously run out of good names already? Yeesh. Still, I am happy for them!

Sue on

Someone should fine him for giving that poor child such a horrible name. Kids shouldn’t have kids, this is what happens. Stuck with a bad name for life.

Pati on

What I’ve noticed most comments are from teenagers because if you have one child you know how great feeling it is and you dream about having another one:) Congrats to you guys:) That’s a great news:) more kids more love:) all best:) Pati

Hea on

Jaime said “Wilhelmina is from Dracula. And to the person who asked what you would shorten it to: Mina (again, this is going with Dracula).”

Dracula? Come on! LOL Wilhelmina is an old German/Dutch female version of Wilhelm or William. It means protection and is quite a common name in many European countries. And Viggo, for example, is a common name in Scandinavia.

robinepowell on

Congrats to them. They were the first ones to have a girl and funny enough, she’s the odd one out in the immediate family with her birthday. She’s in the spring and everyone else is September, October or December.

I’m guessing they wanted to try until they had another girl. Zach’s the only other one to have a girl, a couple of years ago.

MamaTee on

YAY! Congrats on the birth of your little girl and enjoy your babymoon!

I had 5 children by 27. I love my family and no-one has the right to judge anyone on their choices. We have happy, healthy children, we both have careers we love and no-one in our family will want for anything.

We love the path we have chosen and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Keep your judgements to yourself, do you think they care what you think about the size of their family or what they’ve named their baby?

Anonymous on

Holy cow!!! Yikes on all those kids names!!

Anonymous on

OUCH!!!! horrific names!!!!

Anonymous on

awww mmm bop, they looks so cute couple!

Sandra on

Wow, won’t she have a great time trying to spell that name in Kindergarten!! LOL!

jojo on

@ Pam- what a stupid comment. You don’t respect rich people who have their own babies? that’s ridiculous. why not? there are plenty of kids in this world that need homes and it sounds like you’re suited to give that. you don’t have to be rich to adopt. look into it. but to lose respect for people that you don’t even know bc they have children of their own that they want to love, that’s just ridiculous. rich people should what? have one baby and then be required to adopt. some people want their own children.

Pam on

jojo It’s just my personal opinion that celebrities who have the means to have a lot of kids and who are loving parents should adopt after a few kids. I am passionate about this and I admit I got a little worked up but it seems like the Hanson’s are always having tons of kids and haven’t adopted. I am genuinely surprised by that and wonder why not? Thank you, I am currently battling cancer but when I am done with that I have every intention of adopting a child and saving their life. In the meantime I donate my time at children’s hospitals and etc. I had a very tough childhood, grew up in a meth home, was abused in all ways. My sister was given up for adoption and had a wonderful life with an amazing family. I always wished I was. I don’t like to see kids struggle through what I did but it made me strong and gave me a cause to believe in and maybe that was my purpose in my life. Children are precious and there are many already in this world who need a good home, so I do think it’s selfish for a celebrity or anyone to pop out a bunch of new mini mes of themselves instead of having a few biological and adopting some.

Laura on

First off I would like to ask are you guys supposit fans, critics or what? Personally, I am a huge Hanson fan especially Taylor and all I have to sy is this. To all the people hating on their childrens names and the number of children they have… who business is it? Mine? no. Yours? mo. Theirs? YES!!!! they can have a million kids and name them who knows what? As long as their kids are loved and provided for that should be all that matters. yes I admit those names would not be my first or even my second choice but maybe there is a reason behind them. I personally congratulate Taylor, Natalie and the whole family on this wonderful little miracle, as each child is whether shes number 1 or number 5 or number 500. Wish this wonderful family all the best.

Pam on

Laura Yeah and there are plenty of little miracle children all over the world to be saved. I am just surprised that they haven’t adopted since everybody claims they care about charities and kids so much. There are many already out there to be saved, why not have a few of your own and save a few? It’s not like it’s a bad thing to do or even suggest, the backlash I’ve received for suggesting that is ridiculous. I am a good person and do good things and I feel it’s my responsibility to save children from being abused like I was by my biological parents. So I don’t care what you think I will continue to say what I think and I think they should adopt a child next instead of having another mini me.

beephonkbeep on

@Pam. I think the reason that everyone is getting angry at you is that you have stated your personal opinion nigh on 30 times in the comment section. You have had your say now let someone else have a turn. No matter where you are in life someone will always disagree with you. We are all humans and can make our own decisions. You might not agree with them, but it is our choice.

On another note, congratulations Tay and Nat! Beautiful name, sure to be a beautiful little girl πŸ™‚

Alexis on

Wonderful news and an equally wonderful name. ALL of the names.

But it is shocking how rude some of the comments on here are!

Adoption IS truly beautiful, however it is not Taylor and Natalie’s responsibility to do it.

Pam on

Alexis Who’s responsibility is it then? No ones but people do it because it’s the right thing to do if you have the means and the love and stability to, like they obviously do! And it will feel amazing to save a life probably more amazing than creating life, for me at least because of my childhood. I’m such a monster for suggesting that they adopt lol you are ridiculous!

Brooke on

I love this name….Beautiful!

Jill on

It’s not like Taylor and Natalie are living on welfare, spending YOUR tax dollars. Why don’t you go picket Section 8 housing areas and push your “stop having babies” campaign there where the real drain on society is…where children are a paycheck to their baby mamas and their baby daddies are absent…where they are not cared for, loved, watched or even provided for properly.

Pam on

Jill That is why adoption is so important because so many of those welfare babies have been abandoned and need homes. I know I was one of them and I grew up in a meth home and was abused in all ways and my sister was given up for adoption. She got a wonderful loving family, which I am thankful for but I wish somebody had stepped in and gotten me out of there before it was too late and I was destroyed beyond repair. But that didn’t happen but it made me strong and independent and gave me a mission in life to try to save any child from going through what I went through. I also tried to kill myself as a teen because I hated my life and situation so much thankfully that failed and I got a new lease and appreciation on life and have never harmed another or ever abused drugs. I hope to stop as many kids from doing that as possible and I do volunteer my time at children’s hospitals, mental hospitals, retirement homes, boys and girls clubs, suicide prevention hotlines, and etc. I am currently battling cancer but someday I will adopt at least one child.

Anonymous on

Hey Pam, stop preaching to everyone else and do your own thing. If they wanna have their own kids let them. Why don’t you complain to all the ghetto hood rats spitting out babies and living off welfare. These people take care of their children and are raising respectful people that will may contribute to society. Again, stop preaching and adopt some kids if you feel so strongly about it.

Pam on

Anonymous I do do my own thing, I am not just preaching random crap and not acting on these problems myself. I am one of those abused welfare meth home children. And my sister was given up for adoption to a loving family that saved her life from being ruined like mine. I donate most of my extra time to charities. I volunteer at children’s hospitals, mental facilities, suicide presenvention hotlines, retirement homes, boys and girls clubs, and etc. So don’t act like you know me personally and can judge me and think that I’m a horrible person. You don’t know what I’ve been through in my life, I’ve been to hell and back before I was 8 and that is why I am so passionate about helping children. I believe that people who have the means and the love to should adopt.

Pam on

Anonymous Oh yeah by the way I have every intention of adopting, if I live through the cancer I am currently battling. So yes right now I am laying in bed sick posting on here because that’s all I can do ATM. But when I am better I will be back out there helping children and the elderly and the sick who are in need who are not capable of caring for themselves.

Ariel on

Pam while I think adoption is a wonderful thing, it’s not for everyone and there’s nothing wrong with that. The Hansons have the means to provide for their children and more should they chose to have any. It’s not their duty, because their rich, to adopt. To lose respect for people because their not having children the way you think they should is one of the silliest things I’ve ever read.

Good for you for donating and volunteering. It’s obviously something important to you. But you can’t force it on others. Live your life they way you want and let them live theirs.

Pam on

Ariel I was just suggesting that they should adopt a less fortunate kid than their own. I can’t believe I am getting this much hateful backlash for a good thing. Ugh whatever it’s useless, the majority of people just don’t care but I continue to do it for the kids so whatever that’s the imporatant thing and I could care less that you people hate me.

Liz on

Pam, please get yourself some therapy. Holy shit.

Pam on

Liz For your information I am in therapy, have been my whole life and will always have to be because of all the horrible things I went through as a child. You people are horrible, hating on me so much for suggesting they adopt next. Telling me to kill myself and get therapy, such insensitive things to say. I didn’t hurt anyone, you people are the ones out for blood and being hurtful.

Keli on

Wow pam…just wow. Do you ever shut up? I’m sorry, but your really gonna say the same stuff over and over again? Yes adoption is wonderful but it’s not for everyone and just because it’s your belief doesn’t mean everyone has to agree with you. Don’t try to get pity by spewing about your life. If your really telling the truth, there are so many people who grew up worse and aren’t as bitter as you are. After the way you went off about them and their lives (which is none of your business) I have no respect for you and I don’t feel bad. Have a nice day.

As long as the children are loved and happy, i’m happy. I don’t give a darn how they became your children. And I actually love their children’s names. Penelope is my favorite girls name. Congrats to them

Claudia on

Congratulations to you both! Such a beautiful and very regal name for the new little Hanson princess.

Ariel on

Pam, hate is a strong word. I don’t hate you or anyone for that matter. I just think your opinions that they should adopt are ridiculous. I think the problem most people have with you is your forcing your beliefs onto other people. It doesn’t work that way.

Yes, I agree, that adoption is a wonderful option that people should look into. But if it’s not for them, it’s not for them. Doesn’t make anyone a bad person. It also doesn’t mean that charitable should adopt, because how can they be charitable if they don’t want to adopt. Maybe they decided to donate their money to help the less fortunate because they decided adoption wasn’t for them. Maybe they plan to adopt later, after their present children grow up a little.

Like I said before, live your life doing what you think is right. Let others live their life they way they’ve decided too. Their’s no one right way to live life.

B.J. (the girl) on

River is my favorite boy name, but all the rest…. Yikes! If a kid named Wilhemina, Ezra, Viggo, or Penelope had been in my grade school, they would have been teased and humiliated on a daily basis. That’s just how kids are, they’re cruel towards “funny” names.

Pam on

B.J. (the girl) Did you go by BJ as a kid? Lol. I’m sure you got a ton of torturing for that. Blowjob

Keli on

Again… wow, really? You wanna preach, rather rudely, to everyone about your views trying to be a big girl then you turn around and make and immature comment like that? Good job Pam.

I don’t know, that just irked me.

babylove on

Cool name πŸ™‚ I actually like it a lot! He is so handsome! πŸ˜€ Congrats on the new bundle of joy!

Niki on

CONGRATS TO THE HANSON FAMILY!!!! If you don’t like the name keep it to yourself. Everyone should be congratulating them on having a healthy baby girl not making fun of them. Old fashion names are in and that name is an old fashion german name. Look back in time and you will see that name a lot.

Anonymous on

@Pam, I strongly believe those “rude answers” you received are due to your own net-behaviour!

First: you repeat yourself endlessly, both regarding your views on adoption as well as concerning your “life-story” – it is unneccessary and annoying since no-one wants to read the same stuff numerous times! most will get it the first time around! Second: Ever heard the saying “the tone sets the music”?

“Yeah they are humping like rabbits apparently and she’s very fertile. I think it’s gross that they just keep having all these kids. Why don’t they instead save a child who has no home or family. They are disgusting!”

“Why don’t they adopt and save a child’s life instead of just humping like rabbits to create another mini them? They must be so in love with themselves. I find it disgusting! I think there should be a limit to how many kids rich people can have, and I’d they have 5 they should have to adopt at least 1.”

Now – I get that you are passionate about the topic of adoption and especially conderning celebs, but your post were over the top – most definitely but not the least language-wise! Remember netiquette?

Why don’t you try to make your point without the strong language and overdramatic style. It’s not necessary!

Third: well, in your later posts you try to bring the former ones into perspective, saying that adoption is not for everyone but that they should at least consider it or have considered it before. How do you know they didn’t? I seriously doubt that you personally know them so therefore you just can’t know their stance on the topic! It’ presumptious of you to assume that they refuse to adopt, maybe they want to wait until their biological kids are grown, maybe they are already sponsoring some kids in need… you don’t know and therefore you can’t judge, especially if you are as good a person as you claim to be.

Remember, assuming can make an … out of you!

Steph on

I love that they got married so young and have made it work for over 10 years! I like that the names they pick for their kids are names I’d never use, but find interesting. I have a beautiful friend called Willa…short for Wilhelmina.

Mikaylah on

My great-aunt’s name is Wilhemina, and she goes by Willy. I prefer the shortened version of Mina though. My grandfather has the male version of the name, Willem. They’re Dutch. πŸ™‚

Emily on

I like the name. Willie is cute for a girl, or Willa or Mina. Old school names are back, folks, and we live in a world where cultures intersect and produce nontraditional names. Please try to get over your preconceived notions about naming, and don’t say these negative opinions in front of your kids. Kids hear things from their parents, and that’s why we have bullies.

Meg K. on


Love how the whole “staying out of people’s bedrooms” mantra stops abruptly when a couple decides to have many children. Way to be consistent people!

ktkline on

First off I just want to say our population rate is 2.1 (lower then most 3rd world countries) which is the same rate as our inflation rate and our growth rate as an economy. That means we are right where we need to be, the reason we are starting to seem over populated is because people are living a lot longer then they were 40-100 years ago. As a county in whole we are not popping out any more babies then usual. Adoption has nothing to do with being over populated, it has to do with people having kids they can’t support or take care of. Obviously Hanson can take care of and support their family’s and they don’t need to be told by ignorant people (Pam) to adopt!

Rose on

Well she could have red hair, and we can call her “Wilma!” Lol ! πŸ™‚

Miki on

Wow… I can’t believe all these negative and utterly disrespectful comments. Congrats to Taylor and Natalie. And what a beautiful name.

Nikkinoodle on

I dont see why its such a big deal to have a big family. If u have the money to support a family of 6 or 8 or etc, then what is the problem. Your tax dollars arent being used to support them. I came from a family with 6 children, I had a great childhood, and a very close knit family.. I would understand all the rude comments if they had like 10 kids. But 5?.. Get a life. Hanson makes sure they r well taken care of. 5 really isnt that many for this day n age. You wanna bi#ch about overpopulation.. Get on all these women who dont work n have
between 7-10 kids collecting welfare checks every month. Leave hanson alone

Michelle on

Hes alot more attractive then his wife.. WOW!!!

abc on

pam, get a frickin’ life…no need to comment and respond to EVERYONE!!!

B.J. (the girl) on

Pam — No, I never went as B.J. as kid. I don’t care for my first name, it doesn’t fit me, so I use BJ ironically (because I’m a lesbian, and I know what comes to mind for oh-so clever people like you when they hear it).

angel on

Is she still carrying on about this omg someone should take her computer away !

Honestly she turned a simple post and made it evil Good job Pam by the looks of it because of you I can guarantee ppl will not adopt. You just hindered a whole bunch of kids lives way to go Pam I will pray for you cause you need help

Elena on

Isnt it crazy that he is only 29 years old and already has so many kids! Wierd! It is better for his wife to go and find a job/ But I think she cant do anything but give birth

Rae on

Hello people…
Stop feeding the troll (Pam). She’s just trying to rile you up, and look, it’s working! Stop responding, she will go away.

crescentmoon on

Love how they give special meaning to each child’s name. They are connected to their heritage. And Jane was his Grandmother’s name (as is my Grandmother’s middle name and my sister’s middle name). People may not like it- but it’s their choice. They made her, they are raising her.

:) on

I think its very sweet…what a blessing to have a happy healthy baby πŸ™‚ congrats

jtb on

Pam, you sound so ignorant. Why would I adopt when I can have my own kids. If you are so concerned about someone adopting kids, why don’t you adopt them. That was a very ignorant statement. Why should they care if you have respect for them or not? they have the money to afford their kids. I see nothing wrong with kids names,nor parents having 5 kids,they are married. Considering that more than half of hollywood have kids out of wedlock. If you have nothing nice to say, just say nothing at all.

jtb on

Pam shut up, what an ignorant statement. Adopt when they can have their own,smh.

Olivia on

Wow, i can not believe some of the comments here. I bet if they had of adopted 5 kids, they would then be called disgusting for “buying babies”. To Pam and the others who are saying Tay and Nat should have adopted, why don’t you go and ask YOUR parents why they didn’t adopt a child in stead of having YOU! Congrats to tay and nat, the name is kinds growing on me and to be honest, it seems these days most people are giving their kids weird names, so these children wont really be picked on, because the kids picking on them will more then likely have an equally weird name.

tot2523 on

I think you have the right to have as many children as your husband and yourself choose. As long as YOU could afford them and love and take care of them!!!

Kimberly on

Adoption is a long process and could take years just to adopt one child.

happyhippiechick on

Wow these comments have piled up since this was posted! Yes they still make music, and gorgeous babies! If you can afford to take care of your children, have as many as you like! They were from a family of 7 children, so it was likely that at least one of the 7 children would produce a large family of their own. I agree that adoption is a loving option, but thats not what they chose to do. Who’s to say they won’t in the future? Its really nobody’s place to decide that for anyone else though.

Moira on

Viggo sounds like something you would clean your bathroom with!

marta on

jeeeeez these are some nasty, spiteful and disgusting coimments i’ve ever read… I respect all three Hanson brothers not only for the really good music they make but for sticking to their beautiful wives and having and loving their kids. This for me is a normal family! And for some of you saying Tay will soon ‘want to have his life back’,,,,man, did it ever occur to you that maybe this is exactly the life he wanted…?