Oh, Mama! Kristin Cavallari Debuts Fab Post-Baby Body

10/03/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
Janet Mayer/Splash News Online

At last night’s ULTA Donate With a Kiss event in N.Y.C., we couldn’t help but notice new mom Kristin Cavallari‘s svelte new shape.

Just eight weeks after welcoming son Camden Jack, the 25-year-old debuted her slimmer figure in a black and leather Rubin Singer sheath paired with slinky heels while helping promote the company’s breast cancer charity.

So how is the star losing the baby weight?

“I honestly can say I owe it all to breastfeeding,” she tells PEOPLE Tuesday.

“I read somewhere that it’s like running six miles a day. I know nursing is difficult for a lot of moms so it’s easier said than done. I eat healthy in general and I’m taking it easy in the gym and working out three to four days a week.”

But according to Cavallari that doesn’t mean she’s beach-ready — yet.

“I do want to tone up my stomach a little bit more. Trust me, if you saw me I’m not ready for a bikini, let’s just put it that way,” she says with a laugh. “I’m close, but I haven’t [lost all the weight].”

— Shanelle Rein-Olowokere with reporting by Lilly Workneh

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Guest on

I am SO tired of these stick thin nobodies being paraded around as important news. People, please go back to reporting about REAL individuals!

Jean on

Most moms of newborns do indeed have time to work out three to four times a week. Love how she has been pictured in Chicago, LA and now New York all within a span of 2 weeks. Full time mom, huh?

Danielle on

They live in chicago and she took her baby with her to LA & New York. Most moms go back to work at 6-8 weeks. Why should she be any different?

thea on

Danielle, Most moms go back work in 3-4 *months*, not 6-8 weeks. That’s not even healthy.

peoriastories on

And in all those instances she had the baby with her

Anna on

She looks great and good for her for not gaining too much weight and working out during her pregancy! I’ve had 3 kids and bounced back to normal within 6-8 weeks. It can be done in a healthy way and easily!

Shannon on

Stories like this are the very reason women have body image issues and feel SO pressured to look like a model weeks after childbirth. I had my 3rd baby a year ago and I’m still working my butt off to lose the last 10lbs AND I breastfed all 3 of my kids for 6 months!

Y on

Oh please…shut up! Breastfeeding is not some magic weight loss pill…I had a baby 5 months ago, and she is exclusively breastfed, I have barely lost any weight since my 6 week check up. This is despite eating very healthy, and working out every day. I am also a naturally thin person, so it is very frustrating to read this BS all the time which makes me feel even worse! For all the women who are breastfeeding: It does not always make you look like a stick. A lot of women hold on to an extra layer of fat while they are nursing, or at least until the baby starts eating other foods.

Jamie on

I was just about to tweet her n tell her not to use BF as an excuse. My daughter is abt one month old and I am breastfeeding as well, BF alone does not make u lose weight!! Hate it when the celebrities mislead the public.

Ashley on

Exclusively breast feeding burns around 600 calories a day, if you are eating those extra calories of course your not going to lose it

American Mom on

Celebrities mislead the public all the time- mostly about their looks but often about dangerous things including dieting and unsubstantiated medical advice as well. I hate this, too! I wish there weren’t so many gullible people looking up to these people for every little thing. They are just people who know nothing better than you do and usually much less! In fact, their very careers depend on your feeling inferior to them! So tune out most of their nonsense, especially when they rub this sort of thing in your face- its usually a cover story for surgery, dangerous habits, unhealthy pills, or who knows what else! Just eat right, work out a bit, and enjoy your babies and don’t listen to the Hollywood types 🙂

Keren on

She can’t be bf full time. Her baby was born and i’ve seen her at least in three different magazines up and about without the baby. When you bf you do it every hour or two, no time to even eat.

cariaschray on

Stop stuffing your face, then. That’s when breast feeding helps with weight loss, when you aren’t shoveling food down your gullet. And, yeah, you are.

Chica on

I agree that breast feeding isn’t an automatic recipe for weight loss. I always kept some extra weight until I stopped and I really didn’t eat any differently. However, she probably doesn’t have a clue why she lost the weight and just assumes its from bf’ing because that is what people say. With my first I was just waiting for the pounds to melt away! Ha! Truth is, she is a small girl who kept the extra weight off during her pregnancy which makes it easy to bounce back. Good for her!

meghan on

she’s 25, breastfeeding, and was in great shape before the baby. of course she’s going to bounce back quickly! this is stupid.

Grace on

Exactly meghan!

Mar on

Exactly what I was about to write meghan!!

emuggles on

So true!

Toomuchistoomuch on

So how many articles about Kristin is this??? Normally I wouldn’t comment, but this is getting to be excessive. It’s almost like Kristin had a baby to save her foundering “fame.”

Jen DC on

Stories like this ARE NOT WHY women have body issues. The problem isn’t the story; the problem is individual reaction to the story. Why anyone so strongly identifies with a person whom they don’t know, can’t afford to emulate and whose values they don’t share is beyond me. These people are not your role models unless you make them your role models.

Realist on

Jen DC, your comment in essence is spot in! It essentially negates the reason for any woman coming on here and commenting. This is not your life, there is a CHOICE. Your issues are your won. What she did is doing or going to do in her life has no bearing on yours. I took her responses as relative only to one person: HER! Get a grip and stop griping ladies. Be the change for YOU that you want to see in the world.

Cassie on

Agreed, Jen DC!

Why does everyone get all huffy and puffy over something SHE has done for HER body after HER birth. How do any of you equate into this story? Please, enlighten me.

Ladies, you need need to chill the hell out. Seriously. It’s getting very old….

Samantha on

THIS is why people have poor body image? So someone looks AMAZING after having a baby and thats wrong? She should stay fat and frumpy? WHAT?!

25-30 weight gain…5-10 of that should be fat. That’s NOTHING! Every woman SHOULD look good 3 months after baby, that’s if they didn’t use the pregnancy as an excuse to pig out. JUST SAYIN! You can hate on that comment ALL you want, but it IS the truth! Christina Applegate (who took time to go on a TALK show by the way) can say all she wants, but you become big by eating too much and not being healthy. It’s hard to get fat on fruits, veggies, lean meats, and fish. 🙂

Lauren on

She looks fantastic! But make sure you spend time with your son, they grow up so fast. Don’t spend his entire childhood getting into shape you’ll regret it later! (Not saying she is spending all her time in the gym, just making a point!)

melissa on

Really enough with this nobody. I am so tired of seeing her trying to keep herself relavent. And really, breastfeeding is all you are doing, ya right. Two kids, breastfed and still breastfeeding, and have not lost all the weight. It takes more than just that and a good diet with exercise. The fact that she is trying to still be so public leads me to believe it was all for the sake of keeping that quarter back and to keep herself in the media. I do not see alot of her taking care of that baby.

Anonymous on

oh and i never eat… thats why im so skinny

Liz on

You work out 3-4 days a week and you attribute your post-baby body solely to breastfeeding? Alright then.

sharon on

u know we didn’t hear anything from this girl till nick lachey had his baby and she had to say something about him picking the same name as she did…

Big woop! does anyone care about her? i know i don’t what a waste of a story

Momof2 on

I totally agree with you, toomuchistoomuch! Every time I turn around, there’s a story about this woman. Aren’t there ANY other interesting people in this world??

Emily on

Good for her! 🙂

Abby on

good for her. she looks great!! and yes breastfeeding does make you lose weight faster! im breastfeeding my 15 month old and i did lose all my baby wight by 6th week. and i didnt diet or exercise… i gained 25 pounds while pregnant. And thats a healthy weight since im only 5 feet tall. People need to stop being so cruel to moms that lose weight after having a baby. isnt that how it should be? who wants to stay fat after having a baby?

SMHoverhere on

I lost all my weight 4 weeks post baby and I was exclusively breast feeding. That’s the only thing I did. I think it depends on the person; their metabolism and weight gain. If you eat like a line backer because you’re pregnant and gain 75 lbs, no, the pounds won’t melt off. However, if you gain the normal weight of 25-30lbs, it shouldn’t be with you the rest of your life. Pregnancy isn’t an excuse to eat whatever you want and be obese.

Melissa on

I think it also helps that she’s younger, so her body can bounce back faster. But she is eating healthy and working out, so she’s making an conscious effort as well. Good for her, she’s beautiful and motivates me to work out!

MomofOne on

If you don’t like her, why did you click on the link to the article (and then ultimately read it, since you are commenting on the content?). If you don’t like it, go read an article about the presidential debate or whatever and move it along.

Lisa on

Yeah, I am all for advocating for breastfeeding. It’s great. It’s best for baby and mom, but can these women for once just own up to their good genetics and working out for their amazing post-baby bodies? Breastfeeding only goes so far, which is honestly not that far. She has a great body and great genes and a great trainer. Let’s be honest.

Me on

Man oh man, Ladies! Not everyone is the same – can’t we just leave it at that? Every doctor tells every patient the healthy amount to gain while pregnant. If you’re 100lbs, its going to be more then if you’re 200lbs. I gained exactly 25lbs while pregnant, and had lost 40 by the time my kiddo was 2 weeks old. I breastfed until she was two. But that was ME. Someone ELSE might be totally different! Jeez Louise!

kathann on


ME on

Okay for the Guest person who wrote this: I am SO tired of these stick thin nobodies being paraded around as important news. People, please go back to reporting about REAL individuals!…… Give me a break!! Stick nobodies? You must be overweight then right? And if your commenting on PEOPLE.com then your comment about please go back to reporthing about REAL individuals doesnt even make sense!!! People site is about celebrities… which Kristin is… so if you don’t like it, then dont visit this site anymore!!

Myrna on

I lost all my baby weight quickly – mostly due to nursing – but my body looks like a warzone. Let’s love each others, new mamas. That’s the ticket.

stephanie on

I don’t get how people lose weight breastfeeding. I breastfed both of mine and didn’t lose a damn pound. I have to children and I am still trying to lose the weight from my first child. It makes me so mad that all these celebrity woman bounce back to there normal weight after having a baby within weeks. I guess if I had the money I would be able to do it too.

Whitney on

Really? She’s not bikini ready yet? Way to create a complex among women… Millions of women in America would proudly wear a bikini in her current body (she looks amazing)… and that isn’t good enough? Sheesh.. why don’t people who are getting paid millions to be nothing more than themselves (but who are inevitably role models) actually think before they speak?

Wendilou on

The night before I went into the hospital at 38 weeks. I was doing 2 miles of walking on the trend mill. I was 139 lbs before birth and going home 3 days later I was 118. My little guy was 6lbs 9oz.. It’s all about being in good health and shape before pregnancy and staying health during. The whole eating for two is far from true. Smart choices will end with better results. It has nothing to do with pressure from society it’s about making the best choice for yourself and your child. Once giving birth and walking around with extra 50 lbs can’t make any new mom feel good about themselves.

carrie on

hey guest, if you want to read about real people don’t go to people.com

people.com is about celebrities and some of us are interested in their lives.

Mizzez on

I had my second baby less than three months ago worked out during and after but still have more weight to go but I don’t think us women should attack each other, I bet she’s wearing spanx and has more time than ur average working mom to hit the gym but I like my thicker body, we should all be proud we gave birth period, she looks great tho

Guest on

People getting angry at her for saying breastfeeding helped her take the weight off isn’t fair. She was a person who stayed quite small throughout her entire pregnancy, so obviously she didn’t have much to lose. Saying you’ve had three children and breastfed them for months and months and didn’t lose a pound, I’m betting you weren’t her size before getting pregnant, or if you were, you gained a lot more than the recommended 25-30lbs. How can you even compare? Don’t blame her, blame your body type, metabolism, etc.

I can personally attest to how she’s feeling, I only gained 25lbs during my pregnancy and less than 2 weeks after I had my son, I was smaller than BEFORE I got pregnant. Was this because I breastfed? I don’t know, who cares, it was my body type, my age, my genetics, my hair color, my eye color, you get the picture, it’s my own body which is different than YOUR body. Why get angry at Kristin?

Meg on

She looks great. I’m sick of all the fat, bitter moms on here who didn’t make the effort to lose their excess poundage talking about a girl who watched herself during pregnancy and bounced back after giving birth. Sounds like envy to me.

Lori on

Yes Kristin, and I bet that personal Chef that prepares all of that low fat food and that Personal Trainer is a big help too!

HenMo on

Lord Lori. It takes 5 mins to cook up a healthy meal instead of eating a box of hamburger helper.

Liz on

Did she do something to her face? She’s looks different.

Anonymous on

Everyone’s body is different, I don’t get why people are so hateful over someone who breastfeeds their kid. It does apparently help with the weight loss. I can imagine some baby weight could be fluid because of the other things in your body at the time, ie, a placenta and whatnot in the uterus..

Amy on

Enough with the breastfeeding nonsense. People can lose baby weight whether they are nursing or not.

sophie on

Is she paying People to run all of these articles on her? She is a bratty girl who was on a reality show- and the fan base was with Lauren, not her. Her point of view on life is skewed at best and I am SO over hearing about it!!

Melissa on

Wow! Seriously?! I have never, ever seen so many negative, bitter a** women in my life! She did NOT say that she owes her post baby body to breastfeeding exclusivley! She was in great shape and worked out before she got pregnant, continued to work out while pregnant and works out now 3-4 times a week. If you took some of the negative energy that you have and put it to good use instead of bashing someone over a statement this world would be such a happier place! Negativity and bitterness are such ugly traits!

Kandice on

Honestly who cares, were all different!! But were all women and have been blessed to bring a child in this world!! Every pregency is different! I got depressed when i found out i was pregnant with a boy everyone said they gained 60 plus pounds. I gained 17 pounds, i worked out 3 times a week, and my weight fell off no breastfeeding. I’m only 4ft 9. That’s my story but were all unique.

V on

I am nursing my almost six month old exclusively and I have terrible food cravings. I don’t loose the rest of my baby weight until I stop nursing. I think she looks terrific, but hearing that she just had a baby a couple weeks ago and seeing her look that good makes me feel bad. Her talking about it the way she does makes me feel worse. I’m going to stop reading any news about her.

Megan on

Breastfeeding helps a ton with weightless! I exclusively breastfed my daughter for 13 months and lost over 70 pounds. When I stopped nursing keeping the weight off was so much harder!!

Tara on

Please she is young. That’s it. 16 and pregnant moms get their figures back too. Plus there has been studies that disprove that idiotic statement. It’s just another statement, while well intentioned is set to destroy another group of women. Some women have complications, C- sections and can’t work out, some are unable to breast feed all together (due to illness and being medicated) so let women do their own thing and quit asking her these lame questions.

Jessica on

I breast fed my daughter till she was a year old and about 2 weeks after having her I was back in my size 4 jeans. Hate all you want but my pregnancy not easy though. Worked out all 9 months, ate healthy, and drank lots of water. I don’t think age matters. I was 24 when I had my daughter and I’m about to have my second child in a few weeks. Yes every women is different but I honestly believe too it’s how you take care of yourself during and after pregnancy

Tara on

Jessica, What about moms that are on bed rest for 6 months because of multiples? Congrats to you for staying on great shape, but don’t assume another woman has the same fortune.

momof3sd on

Dear god. How many stories is people going to run about this nobody? Find some real news and report it.

bh on


Holly on

People, please stop with all the Kristin stories.. We don’t care about her.

bh on

Know what else makes you lose weight? Planning a wedding. It’s very stressful. She should try it.

Really? on

That rumored coke problem probably helps with weight loss also.

Tara on

Really? that was pure awesome comment. Rock on!

Sam on

How about you fatties dogging her go get in the gym instead of sitting around eating bon bons and reading People articles?

Anonymous on

Why is she famous?

tobeparents on

She is beautiful and working hard to look like that. Doesn’t mean she’s a bad mom or a bad person.

Alex Genie on

I owe it all to breastfeeding/ I go to the gym 3-4 times per week. Wish we could all afford to go to the gym 3-4 times per week!

Anonymous on

Owe it all to breastfeeding, not the 3-4 workouts per week, huh? Give me a break. I don’t care what you do with your body and whether or not you bounce back, but don’t be contradictory about it.

fanofboardwalkempire on

You look great Kristin! way to go!

Kasee on

Let’s also be honest – her boyfriend is an NFL quarterback who probably has women throwing themselves at him (I realize it’s Jay Cutler, but he still has money and notoriety) so that’s probably a pretty big incentive to get back in shape quickly. Cynical, I know, but she’s probably thinking it too.

DontHateMe on

I had my first baby at 30, and was at my pre baby weight in 4 weeks. Just plain luck? A good metabolism? I don’t know. But I got sick and tired of friends and family accusing me of not eating, or being unhealthy. Stop hating on people because they lose weight easily! You’re just as bad as people who criticize others for being overweight! Think of it this way- If there ever is a food shortage, us “stick thin” people will die first and those who are heavier can have the last laugh.

look on

Her body eight weeks post-baby is by no means the norm. I mean, look at her. She looks phenomenal. And while breastfeeding does help take off the baby weight, other factors have definitely played a role in her case. (1) She’s young, (2) naturally petite, and (3) appeared to only gain weight in her belly while pregnant. I’m sure scores of other women, older with different body types, have lost weight because of breastfeeding but haven’t looked like this eight weeks after delivering. It’s not an across the board panacea.

dawn on

If you eat right during pregnancy yeah the weigh pours off and it’s not cause of breastfeeding that’s load of crap it’s water. My doctor said eat an extra half a sandwich at bedtime is all you need to do and i did and i gained 20lbs with one kid and 15 with other both healthy pregnancy’s and Healthy children. I lost most of that when i gave birth and was in same size jeans 6wks after pregnancy. and i didn’t breastfeed. It’s what you do during it that makes the difference.

Mom of 2 on

After both of my children were born I was my pre-pregnancy weight days after giving birth, and was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes within a week. Everyone is different and bodies react differently to pregnancy.
She is obviously lucky to bounce back quickly.

Anonymous on

O. M. G. Please just go a w a a a a y…

Guest on

Strange. When I was still overweight from 3 months of pregnancy my doc said it was DUE to breastfeeding because you have to eat more calories. He specifically said I wouldn’t see a big change until I stopped. This turned out to be true. I think it depends on the person and metabolism and age as opposed to breastfeeding; that is a myth.

Sarah on

Wow. Another waste of a story. She is 25 and wealthy enough to pay for a personal trainer. End of story.

NIkki on

She in her early 20’s. She weighs 100 #. SO she was worried about her baby body bouncing back?

Emily S on

I am glad to see a young celebrity promoting breastfeeding, regardless of the reason why

Dollface on

If I have to hear ONE more 80 lb celeb say that breastfeeding is the reason for their “hot post baby bod”…I may just lose CONTROL..I mean does that breast feeding TRICK (**Eyeroll**) only work for CELEBS? I am a mom..and all my friends are moms and we DEFINITELY did not drop down to a size zero in two weeks because of breastfeeding. I mean how ridiculous is that???

Emma on

HAHAHA!! OF COURSE you lost the weight in 8 weeks from “breastfeeding.” You are also an extremely talented actress and a really interesting person. Does anyone know how this brainless nobody is getting all this press from People?

TG on

I’m glad she likes motherhood , but what does she do again and why is she famous? I hope when my baby comes I’m actually photographed with him LOL…okay okay enough I am in no position to judge anyone . Off to read about Reese Witherspoon =)

LO on

look at all the cat fighting .. reeeooooww

Meg on

I am tired of everyone saying their weight loss was due to breastfeeding. It has more to do with genetics than anything. I did not breastfeed and I lost all my weight within six weeks. Now like someone else said my stomach looked like a war zone, but I weighed less than I did before I was pregnant. My mom was the same way. Some people just lose their weight, and I bet she has on a pair of spanx to help too. She looks great but she took care of herself before hand and was probably underweight to begin with.

modestinus on

Sooooooo tired of People’s “post-baby body” so-called “stories.” Breast-feeding might work for some women, but it doesn’t work (in 8 weeks, no less!) like that for most women I know! So sick of People telling us that these tiny women, with money enough for full-time nannies and either a chef, personal shopper, or food-plan meals, are women that “the rest of us” can emulate.

Please stop, People.

Claudia on

I love when all the moms get vicious on each other.

You are fat, I am skinny! Wha wha wha! Here is what you do! Do it MYYYY way! You’re fat because you ate! I am skinny because I didn’t! LOL.

Sanctimonious is no one’s color, ladies.

Guest on

Don’t worry ladies…the damaging effects of not eating during pregnancy and while breastfeeding will impact both her and the child. Malnutrition in the womb and early years manifests into health problems as adults. But, People isn’t interested in that boring stuff……….

HenMo on

Guest, there’s a big difference between “not eating” and not stuffing one’s face.

Anonymous on

breast feeding helps but it is not weight lose regiment
she has money and can eat right and workout when ever she wants so the comment she made is bs it just doesn’t happen like that. i’m all for breastfeeding but get real people you don’t lose weight because of it
you need to eat more calories to maintain a healthy supply of milk for your baby so that means you must eat twice as much as you would normally.

Heather on

Breastfeeding is NOT the way this weight falls off. It is completely genetic. I breastfed both of my kids, exercise and eat well and that weight took a lot of time to come off. It is just genes. Some people can bounce right back. I HATE it when celebrities say it is just breastfeeding as if no other moms are breastfeeding and haven’t struggled with their weight for awhile. Good genes and that is it. Horrible expectations for other women who are post partum and breastfeeding.

Meg on

How about you fat pigs stop whining that you can’t afford personal trainers, get off your fat rear ends and take a walk for FREE? Or you could buy a $5-$10 exercise DVD and have your own personal trainer right at home? Enough with the excuses.

HenMo on

Lord. I knew people would be up in arms. How about she was this to begin with and she stayed healthy during her pregnancy, not gaining 60 lbs from stuffing her face. It’s not rocket science. Good for her! Bravo.

HenMo on

Yes Ashley!

Alia on

Just admit that you watch what you eat very very carefully…there is nothing wrong with that, there should be no shame in saying that! I love how all these celebrity women try to act like it’s all so natural and they don’t have ot try at all. Meanwhile they are counting every calorie. Again, nothing wrong with that just admit the truth.

Crys on

Maybe she is underweight to begin with but she also eats well, exercises, is young, and may come from good genes. Some women are blessed. Don’t be angry if that’s not how it worked for you. I gained 18 lbs with my son. I ate frequently but very clean, I was active and gave birth at 31 years old. I weighed 6 lbs less post baby than when I got pregnant. I admit I was fortunate but yeah it is possible. With a newborn I had to choose: sleep and possibly snack or cook and eat an entire meal. I chose snacks and salads with a nap!

Crys on

And my son weighed 8.8 lbs and was 21 in. Not everyone gains a lot. While common, it’s not normal or healthy. Pregnancy is when you should be kindest to your body not use it as an excuse to be a pig.

Melanie M on

Most people born in the mid-late 1960’s were NOT breastfed and those were better days in my opinion. All of those non breastfed kids are doing just fine thanks. In fact breastfeeding can lead to weight gain for many new mothers who do not have nannies like Kristin Cavallari. REAL mothers often end up breastfeeding around the clock and sustaining themselves by reaching for biscuits and chocolate which pile on the pounds. Also if women breastfeed at night they don’t get enough sleep and can’t go to the gym. The result is they don’t lose weight fast at all.

Jennifer on

I’ve met so many new moms who are exclusively breastfeeding and they are by no means thin. I don’t understand why everyone thinks it’s the miracle cure. I didn’t start losing weight until I stopped breastfeeding. I agree it works well for some moms, but a healthy diet and exercise are key.

CCEx on

I BF for 17 months and held onto that weight the whole time. I cut down my food intake to only healthy, was active, drinking lots of water etc, nothing worked. Within a month of weaning the weight had all fallen off. Different for everyone and I wish people would quit saying that BFing is this amazing fix all for your baby weight.

smartie on

It can be done, moms do it all the time! It takes work of course, it is about diet and exercise! Breastfeeding helps a lot too…

It should not be a huge deal in the media, I think they should talk more about the risks of obesity 🙂

smartie on

yawn……. whatever! Diet, exercise, breastfeed, repeat. It is not news, women do it all the time and it works 🙂
The media should concentrate on talking about the risks of obesity instead!

Anonymous on

Bodies react differently to breastfeeding. I’m still breastfeeding my nine month old and I weigh thirty pounds less than when I got pregnant. I have quite the sweet tooth and haven’t worked out at all. I have a friend who is also breastfeeding and she has done nothing but gain weight since having her son.

Anonymous on

Yeah, sure. Breast feeding…in 8 weeks only…

girl next door on

Why is she relevant?

W-Blog on

You cannot just generalize a personal experience… For me all the standard advice didn’t work so well. I was very active during my whole pregnancy, ate really healthy, didn’t gain much babyweight, am breastfeeding for 13 months now and still don’t fit in most of my old jeans. I lost a lot of weight within the first weeks, but then the weight loss more or less stopped despite solely breastfeeding and long walks… the last 8 (now 6) pounds really sticked. Guess my metabolism might be at least more advantageous during famines.

Kendra on

She actually points out that breastfeeding is HARD which any woman, regardless of size should be able to appreciated. . I had my first baby at 25, was healthy before and I too lost the bulk of the weight by 8 weeks. This is not absurd. If you don’t want to see celebrities that look like models after they have babies or want to read “real news”….. then DON”T read a magazine about celebrities. I’ve never seen People claim to be CNN. People actually does a much better job then most at pointing out mom’s with all different experiences ( Christina Applegate, Jessica Simpson).

CherryBerry on

Blah blah blah. That’s great you can lose the weight that quickly but I really don’t care. Yahoo – can you find something else to write about? How about realistic situations?

Amanda on

I will say that I gained 45 pounds during my pregnancy. I lost all my weight and then 10 pounds. Before I lost all the weight, I was happy and comfortable with my new weight. I am breastfeeding too and think a lot of the weight loss it from that. But it took me 7 months to lose it all. I’ve run 2 half marathons since I had my daughter and I’m running my 3rd this Sunday! I think new moms need to embrace the weight and enjoy their bodies.

loricarter1 on

With my fourth child, I did breastfeed as well. I didn’t gain nearly as much weight with her as I did with my other 3. She also weighed 3 pounds less than the others. I was back in a size 5 in 4 weeks and that was without exercise other than chasing 4 rambunctious boys; however, that was due to STRESS, not my own trainers or anything else.

Karen on

I had twins a year ago. I gained 39 lbs. I did not breastfeed, but I had lost all of the 39 lbs plus about 5 more by my 5 weeks recheck after my c-section. However, I can tell you that my body looks nothing like it used to and I have a long way to go before I feel comfortable in my own skin again. I think the real problem is that there is so much discussion going on about who gained what and who lost what, as though there is a right and a wrong. Just like we are all different shapes and sizes before we have children, our bodies are all likely to deal with pregnancy in different ways. As usual, it is we as women being to hard on ourselves and on each other.

KT on

i don’t have time to work out but i can say that breastfeeding has also helped me to lose the baby weight…it is a wonderful thing in so many ways!

Mandy on

Stop bashing her. Breastfeeding worked for her, but it may not for everyone. I was back in my prepregnancy jeans a week after I had my baby. I didn’t gain a lot to start with & I am in my 30’s. I’m sure some of it was genetics too, but I’d say breastfeeding helped since I didn’t work out any then. I hated having to walk because I was still hurting. I would have much rather still had some weight then to hurt like I did.

Susan on

She looks great. I see her in Chicago downtown running now and then. I’m sure she works out almost every day, and you can tell she eats healthy. She’s a great role model for new moms. I didn’t have the luxury of overdoing it with my pregnancies, I had to get back into my work wardrobe, that was good incentive looking back on it!

Kat1129 on

Poor kid having to travel all over…why can’t you just stay home for the first 3 mos and enjoy him…instead of doing all the red carpets?

Whateves on

It’s articles like these and the emphasis on how celebrities look 8 weeks after giving birth and how perfect they look…that give normal average women body anxiety when they don’t lose all their weight in 8 weeks. Normal people can’t afford a trainer 3-4 days a week and normal people don’t have other people prepare their food for every meal… or have nanny’s to watch their kids while they go work out in vain. Kudos to the stars who have all of this and can do it.. but most women in this world are not celebrities nor do they have the money to do what celebs do.. so it would be nice.. if People would stop writing articles about it… because nobody really cares… it was a big deal when Heidi Klum walked a run-way all those years ago.. but now.. it’s just ridiculous… I’d like to see a star do it the way every other woman does it and document how hard it is do it on your own… without help of trainers and food preparers counting your calories for you.

T in Texas on

She looks great ! And happy . This is NO LIE . After the birth of my daughter ( 9lbs.9oz.) I seriously walked out of the hospital in size 4 Palmetto jeans . I was a young mother and didn’t know to bring maternity clothes with me . Boy was I lucky that day . . . lol
BUT , as I got older , the weight stayed . . .BOO ! It’s all about being active when your pregnant I think . Because I was active more so when I was younger and pregnant verses older and pregnant .

Andrea on

She isn’t stick thin! My nephew isn’t even 6 weeks old and my sister is almost her pre-pregnancy size. Celebrities just have some extra help like a trainer and a cook but nursing really does work!

Lisa on

You can’t tell a celebrity she’s lying about breastfeeding helping her lose weight just because breastfeeding didn’t make *you* lose weight. I’m another one who lost all my baby weight plus some right after birth from breastfeeding. As soon as I stop it starts coming back.

LA girl on

Another great reason to breastfeed. I was 25 and breastfeeding my child and found the same results. But the last 5-10 lbs did not come off until the baby was finish breastfeeding. The Dr. said you body thinks it is pregnant that is why no period and the extra weight staying around. Went right off as soon as we stopped. Ahhhh to be 25 again. Now I’m 60 and can’t get 10 lbs of for anything.

Lisa on

Thea, hate to break it to you, but in the US a standard maternity leave is 6 weeks. If you get more than that you’re considered lucky. Your job isn’t even guaranteed if you take more than 3 months.

Anonymous on

For the people who say she is not around her son….She is clearly still breastfeeding….look at the size of her chest…she would have to be with him to nurse him in order to keep her supply up. Even if she is pumping, she would have to be near her baby to give it to him. Every picture I have seen of her besides this one, she has her son with her. I too can credit nursing to my weight loss, I was actually about 10 lbs smaller than I was before becoming pregnant at 8 weeks post-partum. Give her a break!

Kerri on

If she is “breastfeeding” she had NO boobs before…those my friend are not boobs of a breastfeeding mom… I was like an A prior to getting preganant probably a small C while preganant (which was huge compared to what I started with) and was a nice big C while breastfeeding… Give me a break girl, you lost it by working out “like a crazy person” and leaving your newborn with babysitters. But hey you got it go for it.

SH on

You’re 25 and this is your first. Talk to us when you have that 4th kid you want and you’re in your 30’s.

liz on

She looks great.What women wouldn’t be happy to loose a few pounds after giving birth? Breast feeding does help u burn calories and is great for the baby( bottle feedings are great to) but everyones body is different therefor we lose weight differently

Rebecca Jayne on

Good for her – I wish I bounced back that quickly! Try not to be jealous, Ladies. She’s a mama now, one of us, and we should be happy for any mother who is able to reclaim their body. Lord knows we all wish we could too!

sam on

Instead of saying how you are sick of seeing this, why don’t you do something about yourself and work out? Just because she has been seen in different cities, does not mean she doesn’t take care of her son. I looked like that 3 weeks after giving birth, I just have a naturally small frame, and I haven’t worked out once since giving birth to my 2nd child. Do something about your own fat, and stop judging someone else for looking good.

Anonymous on

If everyone is so tired about the articles on her then stop reading them. Seriously, scroll on by no one is forcing you to read this!

Holiday on

So many over weight moms on here get so jealous when a pretty young mama loses baby weight quickly.

I had my first at 22 years old, gained 20 pounds and had a healthy 6 pound 1 ounce son. I left the hospital in size 3 pants and that is not an exaggeration, You literally could not tell I just had a baby. Then again I worked out the entire pregnancy, did not gain much and did not indulge myself in junk food at all.

It is NOT healthy for moms when they gain 70 pounds. Any way you look at it that is way too much to gain and it will be hard to take all that fat off.