BumpWatch: Holly Madison Glows In Green

10/03/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
Brian Lindensmith/Splash News Online

Red carpet baby bump!

Holly Madison steps out Tuesday for the Ubisoft Just Dance 4 launch party, held at Lexington Social House in Los Angeles, Calif.

The showgirl and former reality star, 32, is expecting her first child in March with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella — the couple know the sex of the baby, but aren’t sharing.

“We’re in love and counting down the days until we meet our beautiful baby,” the happy dad-to-be tells PEOPLE. “I can hardly believe how lucky I am.”

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Debbie on

She looks beautiful! Love her natural look!

bh on

She does look good.

Victoria on

She sure is glowing. Pregnancy really suits her. Wish her all the best.

lifeasahouse on

She looks so much better with less bleach and red lipstick.

Amy on

She has always been so beautiful but pregnancy looks great on her! Gosh, I wish I would have looked that good when I was pregnant! πŸ™‚

GiGi Eats Celebrities on

I am actually really happy for her! She has wanted a baby for SO LONG!!


She looks great! Glad she is able to fulfill her dream of being a mom. If I had to guess, I’d say she is having a boy!

Kathy on

Love her natural look, so beautiful! She is going to make a fantastic loving mother to her child.

Dawn on

She looks so sweetly happy. I hope she is enjoying being pregnant. β™₯

Acorr on

not only does that not look like her, she looks thinner than ever

Jackie on

agree acorr. she looks sick.

Tony R. on

Glad she is finally happy and starting her little family. God bless her and her little one.

Julianna on

Wow. I could barely recognize her. if it weren’t for the headline I would have no idea who she was. She looks gorgeous though, so glowing!

Lexy on

I didn’t even recognize her. She is glowing!

kelly on

LOVE this more natural look on her! pregnancy did NOT look that good on me lol

Susannah on

She looks amazing…

Meredyth on

She really does have glow. She looks great with her natural hair color.

Susan on

She looks so much prettier without that stupid bleached blonde hair!

Tania on

I love the natural hair color and less makeup. She stands out alot more this way!

sue on

She looks a lot like Emily Maynard here! And that’s a compliment!

Shannon on

She looks SO good! I have no idea why she ever would have bleached her hair so much. This looks so much prettier πŸ™‚

Sherry on

She looks beautiful!

Anonymous on

she should dress and wear her makeup this way more often, so beautiful

irene on

she looks gorgeous!!!!!

Julie on

Wow, hardly recognized her……she looks lovely, just lovely!

BCanada on

She looks so amazing, she should keep this natural look after the baby. She is the definition of pregnancy glow – gorgeous. Congrats to her and her partner, glad her dream is coming true.

sarah on

she looks amazing happy she finally gets her baby

Marlene Porter on

she looks a lot like Emily from bachorlette

Max on

She looks so much better without all that bleached hair and lipstick

Tara on

Wow, talk about glowing. Does anyone know how far along she is?

Anonymous on

Congrats! She does look beautiful, but how does she know the sex of the baby already? I just had my baby in March and we didn’t find out the sex until the 19 week ultrasound which was Nov. 3rd

Roxanne on

She looks amazing and a lot younger!!!! Congratulations to you and the dad to be!!!!

Brittany on

Pregnancy looks amazing on her!!

Becky Hocking on

I highly doubt she knows the sex. My friend is due end of January and they just had their ultrasound. I am sure she said no comment and they just ran with it. Musta been a man that wrote this article. Ha!

Carolline on

She looks amazing and so happy!

Karen on

She looks so much prettier without the white blonde hair. A lot younger too.

Anonymous on

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

SueM on

That’s the best she ever looked. Pregnancy certainly agrees with her….she is glowing. Congrats!

pinklily on

I, too, thought Holly was Emily Maynard at first. She does appear to be thin, but if she has major morning sickness like i did (from months 3 to 8), that will “help” in not gaining a lot of weight. She looks great though!

Leslie on

Wow I almost didn’t recognize her! She looks so much better without all of the heavy makeup. Before she looked like she was older and just trying too hard, now she looks great! Keep it up! πŸ™‚

Randi on

She looks beautiful!!!

And as for it being too soon to find out….she’s 5 months along….that is when you typically find out. I found out at 17 weeks with mine so she probably does know! Her business anyways!

Sunburn12 on

I’ve never her seen her look so radiant! Pregnancy certainly agrees with her and I love her looking au natural too. She looks so much better this way!

Anonymous on

I agree – that doesn’t even look like her! I just hope she even gets to experience the joy of breast feeding.

rachel on

Glad she stopped bleaching. She looks so much better.

Misty on

Her hair looks so great! She’s really glowing.

Diane Burtnett on

I love Holly and wish her the best. She is finally getting the baby she has always wanted. Congratulations Holly!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

She looks beautiful! Love the new hair color. So happy for her!

Lizzie on

She’s looking so much prettier!!

Tee on

Her face isn’t overly dripping in makeup as usual. I kinda think she’s going to end up a single Mom since the Dad is facing possible prison time. But, I know she has wanted a baby for quite a while.

sandy cheecks on

She has ALWAYS looked gorgeous, but now she is stunning!!! Aww…she is growing up! πŸ™‚

amanda on

sooooo happy for her !

K on

I highly doubt that she already knows the sex of the baby. I didn’t know until at least 16 weeks.

nycanna on

I remember reading about how bad she wanted a baby and next thing I know she’s pregnant. Amazing! I’ve always liked Holly! Congrats girl!

mags on

She looks great! Baby boy on the way…

nicole on

I think she looks great but she looks soo tiny!!! i almost didnt recognize her. Many Blesses to you and your baby

tanya on

She looks beautiful. The bleach blond is gone…much softer and natural. Congrats!

Jody on

She looks so much better these days. Her new life definitely suits her.

Anna on

Becky- OB offices around the country are different. There are some that do them early and others late. If your friend is at the least 22 weeks most people find out between 16-20 but there are other ways.

My friend who is older had an Amino quite early and learned the sex by the time she was 14 weeks.

Ann on

Congrats to her!

lovely123 on

Glad for her, but if they are β€œWe’re in love and counting down the days”, why not get married?

truth on

What an obnoxious PIG!!

Anonymous on

She looks so Pretty….glowing!! Glad she is finally going to have the family she has always wanted!

Sandy on

She is glowing that for sure!!! I know how much she wants to be a mom so I am so happy for her!

Erika on

She does look really happy πŸ™‚ I’m sorry I have to be the one to break the news, but she’s wearing a wig. You can tell because she doesn’t really have a hairline in this picture. I still like that hair color on her though!

itznia on

I wonder how she will feel if she has a girl and she wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Yuck.

Anonymous on

She looks great. And I love her hair color now it really is just beautiful

Monica on

So happy for her. She looks amazing

nacho mamma on

she looks pretty good in this picture, not so smuch of the clown make up. she looks very healthy

Jenny! on

Oh i love holly she is so sweet! I can’t wait to see the baby too!

Anonymous on

Poor kid, whore for a mother.

Clara on

Never looked better! Beautiful!

T in Texas on

She is beautiful and looks happy . I give her that . But I hope she gets use to holding that baby all by herself . Because her husband may be in jail by the time the baby is born .

Maggie on

Very lovely…pending motherhood agrees with her.

soph on

i’m jealous! i’m a few weeks further along than her and i wish i had that clear skin and glow πŸ™‚

boohoobytch on

aww, she looks great…minimum cleavage? dare I say she’s learning to respect herself and growing up a little?!?! good for her

Jennifer on

This is the best picture I’ve ever seen of her. Professional or not, she is glowing and so healthy and happy looking. Her face is just gorgeous, here!!! Keep this up — this is the “girl next door” everyone wants.

Brooke on

She looks more beautiful than she ever has. Love the loss of the bleached hair.

Lily on

This is the prettiest I’ve ever seen her look.

p on

the “natural” look suits her. very pretty!

Aly on

She looks beautiful, moreso than normal. She looks a lot like Emily Maynard.

Courtney on

Pregnancy seems to be agreeing with her..She looks great