Giuliana Rancic: Motherhood Is ‘Better Than I Expected’

10/03/2012 at 07:00 PM ET
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Giuliana Rancic is finally living the ultimate dream.

Following the Aug. 29 birth โ€“ via gestational surrogate โ€“ of her and husband Bill Rancic‘s long-awaited first child, son Edward Duke, the E! News host, 38, reflects on how amazing things are one year after what she recalls as the lowest point of her existence.

“I remember getting diagnosed [with breast cancer] last September, and it’s fair to say that it was the worst day of my life,” Rancic tells PARADE. “Yet, three weeks ago, I had the best day of my life, seeing my baby boy come into the world. That was truly the best day of my life.”

Continues Rancic, “It just really teaches you so much about how resilient we are, and how strong we are. If you just stay positive, if you can just believe that there is a reason bad things are happening, some good can come out of it and you try to do good with what’s happening to you. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel.”

In fact, being a mom is even more fulfilling than the TV personality expected.

“I knew it was going to be great, especially because we worked so hard at having a baby and we wanted a baby so bad,” she explains. “But it’s even better than I expected. He’s really opening his eyes now, and when he opens his eyes and stares at you for 10 minutes at a time while you’re feeding him, you just realize why there’s that mother-son bond. And I say to myself: ‘How am I ever going to say no to this kid!’ He’s got me. [Motherhood] is everything I had hoped for and more.”

One of the surprises she’s found in becoming a parent is being okay without as much sleep.

“I love my sleep,” she says. “I wondered how people function when they have to get up at all hours of the night. But youjust do it. You function because you enjoy doing it. I think the biggest surprise is probably enjoying those overnight feedings. I love them and look forward to them because I get to spend time with the baby.”

— Dahvi Shira

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KK on

So happy for her. She deserves all the good things that come her way.

peaceforall on

I’m so happy for them! They truly deserve this sweet moment in life.

Katie on

Congratulations to them! How wonderful!! Have they ever said? Is it her egg with her husband’s sperm? Or did they use donor egg? What a miracle each birth is!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

Does it matter? They have a beautiful baby boy. That’s all that matters!

tg on

It is their biological child. Her egg, his sperm.

kay on

Its her egg and his sperm

Lisa on

It was her egg and his sperm. She had a round of egg retrieval before she was diagnosed with cancer

Natasha on

That baby is theirs. It’s her eggs, and his sperm. Its just that she couldn’t carried it. When she found out she had cancer, she had her eggs frozen.

Margo on

LOVE G and B!!!

Congrats to them both!!!

Anonymous on

katie , it was her egg.

Cristy on

Yes, the baby is theirs. They implanted G’s fertilized egg into the gestational carrier. I am also thrilled for this couple. Their love is so evident and now they have a precious little boy as proof of that.

hannie on

Her egg with Bill’s sperm.

Tammy on

I’m so happy for Giulliana and Bill. But I must also applaud the surrogate. Women who choose to be a surrogate are such wonderful, selfless people.

NotSoFast on

I know a woman who has been a surrogate several times. She does it for one reason. The $30,000 she gets from the parents over the 9 months. She once told me she was hoping 2 eggs would take because the money then doubles. Don’t generalize people. They are not all selfless people.

Jenna on

Its her egg & bills sperm..their biological baby, just carried by someone else

Amy on

It is so great to see a couple who wanted a child so badly get to experience parenthood. I bet they are wonderful parents ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

Yes, it was her egg and her husband’s sperm, so the baby is their biological child. I’m so happy for them. I battled infertility for 6 yrs before having my first baby. I know how hard it is dealing with that. I wish them all the best!

Amaryllis on

@Katie. Their biological child.

Nancy from Canada on

I was just wondering tonight how they were doing with their son. I am so happy for them

melody on

so happy for her

Debbie Dye on

Yay for momma and daddy Rancic…..and little Edward too. โค

refusal on

well, what was the “reason” that “bad things” happened, then?

guest on

Really…you look forward to getting up in the middle of the night to feed the baby…really? Maybe like once in a while you do it when the nanny is not there? If that’s the case then say it…don’t pretend like you’re doing it around the clock and it’s awesome because for mothers that have to do it and have to go to work with no break ever it’s hard. Just be honest…people would like you even more.

Lucille on

Assumptions. They may have nannies, but they are probably doing a lot themselves. It’s all very exciting to new parents to do those baby things. Grow up. You sound jealous that you don’t have a nanny.

Amanda on

After struggling for years to get pregnant and undergoing many fertility treatments I, like Giuliana looked forward and still look forward to night time feedings. It’s a very special time where I get one on one time with my baby boy and get to spend time with him and realize just how lucky I am that I my dream of being a mother to this wonderful little boy has come true. Children grow so fast, I don’t think there is anything wrong with talking about looking forward to night time feedings. Have a heart and lay off, for some people it’s not easy to be able to have children and when they do they appreciate every moment!

Jenna on

I’m really happy for her (I know she struggled for a very long time to conceive), but I feel like she gives interviews every single day about this. Enjoy being a mother!

J in NYC on

of course it is. round the clock nannies help her manage her glamorous job and lifestyle. a baby interfere with hair, makeup, fashion, lucrative career?? no way! try giving birth to baby number two, unpaid maternity leave, and juggling your bills! that’s reality for most!

Nikki on

Shame on you!! Even if she has a nanny she has been through hell and back…how can you write something so negative about a woman like her who has been through breast cancer and was not able to give birth to her own child because of all her problems!! Karma, I hope it bites you nice and hard ๐Ÿ™‚

Nancy on


“NotSoFast on October 3rd, 2012

I know a woman who has been a surrogate several times. She does it for one reason. The $30,000 she gets from the parents over the 9 months. She once told me she was hoping 2 eggs would take because the money then doubles. Donโ€™t generalize people. They are not all selfless people.”

$30k a for a nine month FULL TIME 24 hour a day job equates to about $4.62 an hour. Surely you can make more working minimum wage and a lot easier than being pregnant!

ds on

your 15 mins of fame is up. go away

Tina ") on

It was part of both of them, the girl carrying the baby was just the carrier..”) I’m so happy for them, really all 3…Thanks to surrogate’s who do this, wonderful people..they deserve a lot of credit, making someone else’s dream’s come hat’s off too all of you..”)

Anonymous on

I loved getting up in the night with my boys too. Then…I had to return to work. Getting up in the middle of the night isn’t so much fun when you have to work. I loved that quiet time but it made it very hard to do my job. It’s easy to get up when you can nap when your baby naps or hire someone to clean for you.

sobolious on

Congratulations to them both, especially after all that they have been through. However, there is something a bit desperate about them trying to keep the spotlight. It is alright to take some time to enjoy your beautiful son. Don’t worry, we promise not to forget you.

Anonymous on

Happy For them, but I must ask, Why is this the number one story on the website? & The wedding anniversary of The President and first lady of our country at the bottom? Once again People Magazine rears it’s ugly, racist. heads.

Lissa on

Oh spare us your rhetoric and take it elsewhere. For goodness sake, how did you manage to shove race into this article?

Danielle on

I love bill and guliana however when she refers to the baby as”the baby” instead of “our baby” tells me that she has not yet connected with her baby. I get it because as a business women whose focus has been my business which requires one to shut done emotionally. I didn’t feel that connection right away. It took a while. Actually it took 3 years! Not every women is a soccer mom. With some moms it takes time. I was and still am one of this moms.

Lissa on

Danielle, you’re assuming based on semantics…don’t. Nothing like over analyzing a simple statement.

Lizzie on


cb on

She doesn’t realize how much more tired she would be, if she had just carried and delivered the baby, herself, then nursed, all while having sleeplessness. Nonetheless, I am very happy for her to have so much more energy than does the typical mom — and I’m even a bit envious! Too bad we can’t all have the best of both worlds!

Stefanie on

cb, What a horrible thing to say! She and bill both wanted all those things. How rude and classless to believe that this was their preferred method to parenting. If she could have carried and delivered her child she would no matter how exhausting it could be. Shame on you cb.

JessicaB on

my son died at birth in 2000. 5 days after what would been his first birthday i gave birth to his sister. she’s in middle school now. you never know what life will bring. high highs and low lows. enjoy this time, its so special.

janie on

JessicaB, I had a similar journey to motherhood. My child is 2 now, and sometimes I look at him, and think if his brother had lived, my son would not be in my arms right now. Life can be so painful, and also so incredibly beautiful.

I wish the Rancics all the best.

cb on

So happy for them… Lucky parents, lucky child…

Anonymous on

Bring on the pictures!!

Susan on

Am so very happy for Bill & Giuliana. May the good Lord be with Edward & the parents. The bible says that weeping may be for a night but joy comes in the morning. You guys had been through a lots recently. You deserve the joy you are having now.God less you all

Ashley on

I’m so happy that it worked out for them.
Now please go away so we don’t have to hear about this again.

Donna on

What a lucky baby boy he is to have two such fantastic parents.

Ann S on

I went through a struggle with infertility to have my beautiful daughter. Had an easy pregnancy, and completely enjoyed the sleep deprivation, coz I could just gaze at her face as she was nursing. I don’t have nannies, I am not rich, I don’t lead a glamorous life. But what unites all us women with our beautiful babies is the joy of motherhood! All the other stuff, yeah, might help. But does not diminish the ecstasy of holding your newborn. My love to G, E and B’s family, time flies, cherish every moment.

lori on

Best time of your lifes, Enjoy your precious gift, it goes by way to fast take lots of pictures and just hold him and love him, Congratulations!!!

CCEx on

I don’t want to be nasty because I wish them only the best, but a large part of why she is having an easy time with sleepless nights is because she’s not physically and mentally fatigued from the pregnancy and labour. She’s used to staying out late partying at clubs, sure she has no problem. It’s the fact that you’re exhausted before the baby even gets here.


what a beautiful lady and mom– she has it all in prespective

audra on

what a sweet article! She seems incredibly down to earth!

Ann on

So sweet!! I’m so happy for them, they deserve all the happiness in the world with their baby son!!

Alisa on

I am so happy for them. Anyone who has truly watched their journey, and truly has a heart for others would be. I can’t believe how many people have said that she should stop talking about it. I know that I would’ve shouted the joy from the rooftops if I could’ve after having my two sons, and I became pregnant very easily. They actually have the oppurtunity to shout it from the rooftops (so to speak), and after fighting to have a baby, going through procedure after procedure, losing the first baby she was pregnant with, and then when they finally started to feel hopeful again after they found doctors who could truly help them have a baby their whole world crashed down as their hope turned to immense sorrow with the diagnosis of breast cancer. Although I haven’t struggled with infertility – which I thank God for all the time – I have been dealing with a disease that could kill me for the last 8yrs. There’s nothing like non-stop physical suffering and the unbelievable emotional suffering that goes hand-and-hand, not to mention the toll it takes on one’s marriage, dignity, relationships, and almost every aspect of life. Yet now, less than a year after staring death in the face, and once again being told that they might never be able to have a baby, they finally have their baby in their arms. I truly believe no one can (or at least they shouldn’t) judge others unless they’ve walked in their shoes. So I don’t think anyone of us can say how much they should talk about their joy, unless we’ve struggled with infertility for years, had a miscarriage, been told we could die of breast cancer, had both of our breasts removed, then told that although we may have a child through a surrogate but likely could never feel that precious life grow inside us, and then waited every day through that pregnancy likely anticipating the ultimate heartbreak as it seemed whenever we were happy before-it would get pulled out from underneath us, and then finally to truly touch and see this infant that you dreamed of and could never even feel move inside you before, an infant that every step before told you – you would never have… unless you’ve experienced that, I don’t believe you should even begin to judge how much they want to talk about it. In addition to all of that, they did this all in front of the world watching them. I realize they chose to do that, but if anything that gives me even more respect for them, because no amount of money or fame is worth having the most heart-wrenching moments of one’s life out on display for everyone to see and ridicule. Yes, they benefit from the money they receive and the boost to their careers, but if you’ve even watched one episode of their show, you would sense that they are people of substance, that wouldn’t sell themselves to get rich. The only reason someone with any degree of integrity would do that – is to help people. She has helped many women by encouraging them to get checked. She met one woman at a breast cancer event that soley was checked because of Giuliana’s inspiration, and it saved her life because she did have breast cancer and it was caught early. For any of you who think she’s doing it for the fame or the drama, watch the episode at the beginning of the season where she tells the audience for the first time about her cancer. You will see that any time she starts to cry or lose her composure, she says, “Sorry – I’m sorry.” She’s apologizing for crying, probably because the last way she wants to be perceived is as a “drama-queen.” In fact, she does that anytime she cries, and talks about how worried she is about possibly crying when she’s talking to a crowd of people. A person like that is not eating up the attention as quite a few of you have portrayed her to be doing, but instead is dreading having to talk once again about one of the most painful things a woman can go through. Therefore, if this is something that is uncomfortable for her, yet she does it anyway, she is doing it for the opposite of selfish reasons, she is doing it to help people. Would anyone who is a truly good person, bypass the oppurtunity to reach people on such a grand scale if they had they chance? Yes, I know she gets paid for the show, and some appearences (not all – as some talk shows don’t pay), but she would get paid for doing the show anyway without sharing her story, and she could do appearences and choose not to talk about her struggles, or choose to say the least she could get away with. I mean the average person worries about what their small circle of influence thinks about them, especially women. If you think you don’t care than you are either lying to yourself, or you are a rare exception. Now, instead of worrying about what your girlfriends think about your new boyfriend or your outfit, imagine thinking about what the whole world will say about getting hit with tragedy after tragedy, and having it all under a microscope. Only the lowest excuse for a person would do that for money, or even primarily for the money. Finally, if it bothers people so much, maybe they shouldn’t watch shows about celebrities, because there are by far a lot more shallow selfish ones out there, so if Giuliana and Bill sharing about their joy bothers you-you probably shouldn’t watch shows like that. By the way, who judges someone for happiness anyway? I think that says a lot more about the person judging – than the person being judged; which is honestly hypocritical of me to say as I am judging them, but my true intention is hopefully to help people think of them with a bit more compassion. Also, it is truly not fair to speculate about a mother’s bond with her child because she used the word “the” instead or “our’s” or “my” when referring to her baby. Although unlike others, your opinion came from a place of compassion, and you were strong enough to admit something that most people couldn’t have, by questioning an isolated word, you are inferring that she must be lying about all of the other blatent comments she made about her bond with her son, and she hasn’t said or done anything to lead me to think she is a liar, especially not on that scale. Can you imagine what it would be like if someone picked apart everything you said like that, and made grand judgements from it? I know I wouldn’t want that. Also, there’s something that parents do for at least the first year of their babies life, that stops shortly after. Instead of calling their child by name they say, “the baby.” I noticed this when I was a nanny at 19, and the mother I worked for left a note saying, “Please feed ‘the baby’ pears,” – or whatever it was. Then as parents, my husband and I would say, “Will you get the baby’s carseat?” or “The baby needs to be changed.” Instead of saying, “Tyler needs to be changed.” Therefore, I could easily see her using that term, especially if she was a tinge nervous in the interview, which many celebrities admit to being when talking about themselves, even thought they aren’t in their job of reporting other people’s lives or playing the role of an entirely different person. Again, I do appreciate that you at least had good intentions, and you weren’t just judging because you could. Does that make people feel better about themselves to do that? I don’t get it. Yes, it is true that she’s able to handle the sleep deprivation better than mothers who go through the pregnancy, birth, and post-partum hormone crash, etc… However, I’d much rather be able to carry my child in my body and feel him grow and be able to have one of the most bonding experiences a human being can have by being able to breastfeed my baby, and go through all of the hard stuff, than have a stranger carry my baby-My Baby!- and miss out on all of that, just to be less sleep deprived than if I’d carried the baby myself, and I would literally bet that Giuliana feels the same. Yes, I’m sure she has help, but again, those of you who think the nanny is getting up everytime in the night are calling her a liar too since she wouldn’t have a reason for getting less sleep if she weren’t getting up with the baby unless she’s lying, and she’d obviousely have to be lying about her favorite time being midnight feedings. To assume she is lying just because she can afford the help if she needs it – to me, is just spiteful, or at the very least assumptive and lacking compassion. She’s given no one a reason to think she’s capable of such a lie. You may say that she’s given no one a reason to think otherwise, but anyone can say that about anyone, so there’s no logic in it. Just because someone can do something, that doesn’t mean that they do. She has almost 10mos. to make up for compared moms who are blessed with the privalige of carrying their babies, and experiencing a miracle that is so profound it’s almost impossible for us to wrap our brains around. Considering the fight they went through to have the baby physically, emotionally, and financially, it is very presumptive to think that she would just hand her baby off to someone else, especially after seeing how she treats her family, friends, and husband. It’s easy for us mothers who have carried our children to say, “Well that’s because she didn’t experience birth,” or “because she’s not going through the overwhelming hormonal changes we went through.” Yet, that seems very insensitive, because we were given an undescribable gift, that most women who battle infertility would trade for anything; and even though she doesn’t have our experience to compare to, unless you’ve gone through infertility and the nightmare she went through to be a mother, then you don’t have her experience to compare to. How do we know that she didn’t dream of holding that baby every chance she could, and is finally getting to live that dream out. Any mother who’s been able to nurse know that although it can be a little painful at times, the bond you feel when your nursing your baby is unlike anything else-even when that baby is a couple months old and their slapping your boob in an effort to not fall asleep (maybe you can relate). The closest thing Giuliana has to that is holding a bottle to her baby’s mouth as he stares into her eyes, and when everyone is asleep and the house is quiet with no distractions, and it’s just her and her baby, is it so hard to believe that a mother who missed out on so much of what should have been her’s to experience, would cherish those moments of bonding? Are we so heartless that we can’t even imagine how she feels. As a side note, Giuliana does eat incredibly healthy, and excercises, so compared to an average person (not to a mom who has just delivered as there is no comparison) she likely would be able to handle and look forward to the middle of the night feedings. Whoever said that she’s used to being up late at night partying so she can handle it, was completely off base. If you knew anything about her (to be honest this is only the second article I’ve read about her and I didn’t even know her baby was born-although I assumed he was-and the first one was about what a clean lifestyle she strives to live-I mostly know about her from watching the show, and just happened upon this article), you would know that she completely respects her body, that’s why she was even more astonished than the average person to get the cancer diagnosis. She eats completely healthy, excercises almost everyday if not everyday, and majorly moderates her alcohol consumption. She’s a 38 year old married women, who’s longed for and suffered for a baby for 2-3yrs (don’t know exactly) not a 21yr. old single gal without a care in the world dancing the night away. I know I shouldn’t have even said anything about that one, but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were just lacking the facts about how she lives her life. Unfortunately, for those of us who have defended her and more importantly given her our congratulations and blessings, it is likely that she won’t ever read these responses because of the people who are so quick to judge her. The one other article I read about her diet and healthy living was much, much worse, so I guess that’s why these comments upset me enough to write a novel in her defense-which is absolutely honestly the only time I’ve ever commented online besides one time a few yrs. ago about an article relating to the illness I’m fighting, and for all of you who are probably going to go off about me writing so much, don’t worry I’ve learned my lesson too about reading other’s comments, so this will be my last. Hopefully those of you who made assumptions about her based on what you knew or didn’t know, or based on your own personal experiences with motherhood, will be compassionate enough to think about what she’s gone through and who she’s shown herself to be, and consider how much her so-called “attempts” at fame have helped save other women’s lives, and probably has given mothers who had given up on trying to bring a baby into this world new hope. Hopefully, at least one person who judged her will really thing about the pain she’s experienced, and decide to wish her so much happiness that she can’t help but shout it from the rooftops. Would it if we all got to experience that kind of genuine joy and love. It’s really hard to hear someone judging another person for talking about happiness and love, especially a woman to another women, and even more so those of us women who have been blessed with ease of getting pregnant and bringing healthy babies into the world, and especially those of us who have been able to fend off the devastation of breast cancer thus far. I know that even if we were given the aforementioned gifts, we all have our battles, but when we are negative towards others it really only effects ourselves and our own spirits, but when we are able to vicariousely share other people’s joy, we not only lift them up, but we lift up ourselves.

Anonymous on

@ NANCY… many jobs let you stay at home with your kids? Or sleep while ‘on the job’. You know how long she would have to work to make that kind of money? I’m not saying she’s not a genuine person. But I do think money played into it.

W-Blog on

Please, don’t put that “motherhood is always like heaven” picture in other normal still childless womens heads – because those might get really seriously depressed once they have their first child and they face a much harder reality. Guilianna does not have all this hormonal trouble many women go through after pregnancy and during breastfeeding, even if she has no nannies (which she probably has or will have) she probably has other employees helping with the household making her life much easier and she has money. I am really happy that they are happy but don t put that much pressure to be happy on other women – because many aren t all the time glowing, they are often tired, stressed and depressed.

Annie on

I couldn’t be happier for them, they deserve everything good that comes their way!

LisaB on

Perhaps she should stop giving interviews all the time and stop and be a mother. I really cannot stand this woman

Ann on

Very excited for them….they are a awesome couple!!!

Maw on

Enough already! This has saturated the air waves & print enough. She’s not the only person who ever had trouble. Good, she has her child, now just do what you have to do to raise it. I’m not in the least interested in how she feels about losing sleep. She is super boring.

aseret on

Katie on October 3rd: WHY WOULD THIS BE IMPORTANT TO YOU? AND IS IT ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS? This couple, regardless of who they are, have a beautiful and healthy baby in their lives. That’s all that I think about!

Megan on

How beautiful! So happy for her and Bill. They are adorable together. That is one lucky baby! ๐Ÿ™‚

Connie on

Why all the issues with the baby being their biologically or not? I’m a parent through adoption (newborns both of them very lucky) and we enjoyed the sleepless nights too. Yes I wasn’t recovering from the pregnancy or birth, but geez why do women have to make everything into a contest and who had it rougher than the other. The Rancics are blessed with a healthy baby – enjoy it!

Karen on

It is Giuliana’s egg and Bill’s sperm that had been frozen before her cancer diagnosis, but I believe it was their last frozen embryo. They will have to wait at least five years before trying to conceive again because of Giuliana’s cancer diagnosis.

Brandi on

Some of you women should be seriously ashamed of yourself? I can assure you, you are not one ounce better at parenting than this woman just because “her body isn’t tired from pregnancy.” If anything, you complaining about motherhood and all that comes with it makes you sound like you are bitter about being a mom. This woman has gone through hell for this baby and I HIGHLY doubt she went through all of that just to “let nannies raise him.” She has a job, like a big percentage of mothers in this world, so sure she will need a caregiver then. One could say that those of you who stay home all day are “less of moms” than those of us who juggle a demanding career and children…the difference is anyone with an ounce of class and respect wouldn’t feel the need to compare who is the better mom.

Jacki Mann on

Love this couple. Happy for them.

T in Texas on

I am happy she and he husband now have a baby . I really am . But enough about her. She should do less interviews and spend her time at home now with the baby she’s been trying to have for the longest .

There are plenty other women out there that have been going through the same thing . And they aren’t such media hogs about it .

mg on

always “better than expected” when you have money and help.

Sandi on

I am so happy for them. Babies are a miracle and a blessing. Enjoy every minute b/c it goes too fast. My baby is 31 yrs old and I cannot believe how fast it has gone by. I’m still enjoying my son.

lola on

get back to us when that baby is 13

Natalie on

Congrats to the Rancics!! This article brought me to tears as I know how it feels to have your baby after such a long journey. 15 months later and I still thank God daily for the opportunity to be a mother. Enjoy every second as they grow up so fast!!

WHI on

I try not to comment… but seriously. Some of you need to take a step back and see how hurtful and disrespectful you are being. So Giuliana didnt give birth to her baby.. so what?!?! She battled BREAST CANCER. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that that was a pretty tiring experience. I have birth naturally and was discharged from the hospital 5 hours later becuase my daughter had to be transferred. Does that make me “tougher” or a better mom than those of you who stayed in the hospital for the normal amount of time?? No, I donโ€™t think so. The Rancics wanted that baby probably more desperately than a lot of people do, so let them be happy with it! I carried my child and delivered her, and guess what??? I LOVED getting up with her in the night because that was time for us to bond and sit quietly. Yes, I was tired, but like Guiliana says, it was better than I expected it to be. Itโ€™s her baby, why would she say anything different? And who cares if she does have help? Donโ€™t all of us parents wish we had help at some point in time? If you say no, you are lying to yourself, because I know that as much as I love my child, I would also love to have someone watch her so I can go out to get coffee or see a movie in a theater.

Guiliana and Bill, Congrats. And donโ€™t let the bitter people out there rain on your parade, because parenthood is awesome and more fulfilling than you could ever imagine.

Sara on

She doesn’t have to have her life changed like most of us, she goes back to work and do everything as she used to do before having a baby.
I used to be her fan, not anymore. They are giving interviews about everything, even the baby’s gas. I mean if she actually gave birth to that baby all channels would be dedicated to their baby.

meghan on

Nikki, all kinds of people get cancer. All kinds of people have fertility problems. It doesn’t make them nice people. I can dislike a person because they rub me the wrong way, regardless of what they have gone through in life.

Joanne on

My closest friend went through breast cancer and radiation and it really hurt her health, permanently. I can understand how Giuliana Rancic was very disappointed she could not have children after going through such an experience. While I think this story HAS oversaturated the airwaves, perhaps in some way the exposure that this has brought will make women more aware of the importance of breast exams, especially while undergoing fertility treatments.

rachel on

Cannot wait to see the next episode of G & B…..

By Golly he is a cute little fella!!!!

rachel on

@Alisa….. REALLY

dorie on

While my heart goes out to her, for all she’s been through, I’m getting tired of her constantly being in the press. Take time off, enjoy your miracle, spend time with your husband, and your family.

lucinda on

beautiful baby!!!! wish them all the best. b&g are an adorable couple who will make excellent parents!
duke’s a lucky little boy.

bonnie on

God bless them. They have been through so.much. Why do people judge & negate one’s mothering skills just because a woman may have help. I have 3 kids under the age of 6 and I too looked fwd to night feedings, even though I had a baby nurse, and part-time nanny & was a stay at home mom. We live in NYC & having nannies & baby nurses is the norm, not a luxury. We don’t have family to “help” so we have to hire help. Don’t judge.