Alicia Silverstone: My Son Loves Shoes

10/03/2012 at 04:00 PM ET
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Forget about stuffed animals or toy trains. Alicia Silverstone‘s 17-month-old son Bear Blu is all about his footwear.

“He loves his shoes!” Silverstone, 35, tells PEOPLE at the Cinema Society and DKNY screening of her new film Butter in New York City Thursday. “He loves all shoes. My shoes, my husband’s shoes and his shoes.”

So what sparked this mini fascination?

“If you say ‘shoes’ to him he gets excited because that means he gets to go out to the park,” says the Clueless star.

“The park is his favorite place in the world. He acts like he’s king of the park. He gets crowds to come around him and he dances and plays along with the drummers and the musicians.”

Besides loving the outdoors, Silverstone’s little tot is also experiencing the joys of talking.

“He’s really into words right now,” says the actress, who is currently starring in Vamps. “He says ‘baby’ to everything and he says ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’ all the time but I don’t think he knows which one is which. Some days I’m Mommy and some other days I’m Daddy too.”

But there’s another word Bear loves to babble that causes his mom to get a case of the giggles.

“He’s been saying the word ‘holla’ which means helicopter,” she says. “First I thought, ‘Why is he saying “holla” like he’s so cool?’ but I found out he’s using that word as helicopter.”

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lovely123 on

Does he have bear feet? ha ha!!

what on

On what planet does this constitute as a story. Not even a news story, just a story.

My thoughts exactly! on


Jim on

She probably chews her food and spits it in the shoes…

Michelle on

Toast & toe jam ….Mmmmmm!

Karen on

He probably loves shoes so he can run away from you so you wont spit food into his mouth anymore.

Anonymous on

Arrgh, the names celebrities in Hollywood give their children are so horrible.

Pam on

Ugh I just can’t get over watching that video of her spitting food into his mouth and him gobbling it down like a baby bird. Makes me sick! I’ll forever remember her for/like that.


someone who names their kids bear blu and so on and so on are freaks!

Beth on

So, um, yeah. The toddler loves shoes. They all do. And?

Wow. I know these stories about celebs and there kids aren’t exactly breaking news, more cute than anything else and just to put a smile on your face. But seriously, this was a non story. This was just an anecdote that just about any other mom could share about their kids.

Hamilton on

Who cares? I don’t!!

Vicki on

You know, the funny thing is I’d usually find a story like this kind of cute — useless, but cute. However, for some reason, I really, really do not like Silverstone. I don’t know what it is — loved her in Clueless, but I find her annoying now. The whole spitting food into his mouth and calling him Bear Blu really finished it for me. I’m sure the kid is adorable; Silverstone, not so much.

kim on


Niko on

Still can’t believe she named her son Bear Blu. Wow…

Anonymous on

Quite frankly, I find the lot of you coming out at Alicia with your claws out far more disturbing and ugly. I had no idea that by choosing to give her baby a name that she liked and feeding him a certain way had done so much harm to all of you.

Note to self: start encouraging friends to give their babies creative names.