Meet Leigh-Allyn Baker’s Newborn Son

10/02/2012 at 04:00 PM ET

Meet Baker James Kauffman!

Leigh-Allyn Baker, who stars as mom-of-five Amy Duncan on the Disney Channel sitcom Good Luck Charlie, proudly introduces the new guy in her life exclusively to PEOPLE readers.

Born via c-section on Sept. 18, Baker joins big brother Griffin, 3. (Dad is the actress’s husband Keith Kauffman.)

“We’re more than just smitten,” Baker, 40, told PEOPLE after her second son’s birth. “We are absolutely, madly in love.”

Stephanie Celine Photography

— Michelle Tauber

Stephanie Celine Photography
Stephanie Celine Photography
Stephanie Celine Photography
Stephanie Celine Photography

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Becky on

Those are two seriously cute boys..Congrats to Mom, Dad and the Griffin.. Love the names for both kids..

Christy on

Congrats what a beautiful family!!

Dany on

Aww – He’s a cutie!!

Janice on

Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures! Beautiful family! Congratulations!

jess on

Such a BEAUTIFUL family!!!

Kristen on

All of those blue eyes are beautiful! As handsome as Griffin is, there’s no doubt that Baker will be just as handsome! Beautiful family!

Anonymous on

Cute, cute family

Jenny! on

BABIES ARE SO CUTE! Just love the way they look. And thats a cute baby.

Diane on

What a beautiful family!

Al on

Hey cute

Fan of Show on

She looks stunning w/out all of that stage makeup on the show. Love her !

Anonymous on

Beautiful family. Check out those eyelashes on the toddler! God Bless.

Anonymous on

Your baby is sooooo cute!!!!!

Janet on

So Beautiful. Congratulations to the entire family on their new addition.

fanofboardwalkempire on

what a beautiful family- the new baby boy is just so beautiful- WOWSA! breath-taking! congratulations to the family.

Candace on

Such cute kids…i still remember when she was on charmed.

Lori on

An amazing funny actress, and what a beautiful family!!! She’s blessed!!!

klutzy_girl on

So adorable! Congratulations to them again.

The dog is also cute! Love it.

Katie on

Love that Leigh-Allyn did the photoshoot in her pajamas… work it, mama!

Jayda on

Look at the eyelashes on Griffin, he’s very precious. Bet Baker will be gorgeous too.

Nancy on

Who doesn’t love Amy Duncan!?! Beautiful family!!!

Anonymous on

I just LOVE her – she makes the show. Beautiful children, handsome husband. You go girl! Keep the torch lit. Enjoy those babies, but don’t quit your day job!!! xo

JAK on

Such an alert and expressive little guy…so adorable!

sammie on

soooooo cute lol

Lilley on

My goodness!!! That is one good looking family!! congrats!!!

Julianne on

What a gorgeous family!

InsGirl72 on

OMG he is heavenly! Beautiful baby! Beautiful family! I love her on that show… Congrats!!!

Carolyn on

What a sweet looking family, and great names for the boys.

Sarah S. on

All the pictures are wonderful, but I especially love little bro looking up at big bro. Just look at Griffin’s big eyes and long eyelashes!

denise on

so so beautiful!!!!!

merry on

This is just perfect family phote, especially with the older boy and the dog.


what a cute family!!!!!!

Lisa on

Beautiful photos! Wow, look at her older boy’s eyelashes! Holy Cow! Love her as an actress – she’s hysterical!

marlee on

Beautiful family. I love the picture of Baker looking up at Griffin. Sweet.

BlueSkidoo on

That is one seriously beautiful family all around.

Sandra on

Just precious!

maggie on

They all are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

Thanks for sharing. Too cute. Congrats

Martina on

Stunning! What a beautiful family 🙂 Leigh is what makes GLC a fab show

Elara on

What a beautiful family! I love watching GLC, even though it’s a kids show. It’s one of the better, less violent ones at least, and pretty funny for adults too.

m on

Gorgeous boys! Congrats!

Stunning on

Both her boys are gorgeous! The blue eyes are so pretty! Cutest baby I’ve seen in a long time!

Leigh-Allyn Baker on

Thank you for all the well wishes and kind words. It was not easy to rally only 6 days after a c-section. I barely got my hair combed, there was no way I was getting out of my PJ’s. But I’m so in love with my family, I just had to share.

And FYI, that’s the sweetest dog in the world. She’s my only female companion in a house full of boys.

Donna on

Did you see the baby looking at Griffin… what a great picture….and those eyelashes on Griffin,,…. gorgeous..wish I had them !!! Beautiful family..congrats to all !!!!!

TC on

Awe adorable kids and I love the eyelashes!!

kim on


I'm Standing Right Behind You on


Many blessings to the family.

Anonymous on

did you take a look at Griffin’s eyelashes?!? gorgeous and so is baby Baker…

Aria on

Beautiful family!

Melisa on

She is hilarious on Good Luck Charlie….one of the only Disney shows I can tolerate!

Isabel on

Such a beautiful family!

Margo on

Their eyes are so BLUE.

Adorable family!

s on

you have such a beautiful family 🙂

Jules on

Beautiful family!! Love her on GLC. I watch it even when my kids aren’t around 🙂

Renee on

I watch it when I’m not babysitting my cousins or nephews. You don’t have to be a child to watch GLC.

Tanya on

Gorgeous family!!!

Renee on

So cute! I love how the top picture has the dog, dogs are a huge part of someones family so that makes the picture complete<3

joe buissink on

Awesome!!! Oh how the time flies 🙂

(your wedding photog)

Mommabear on

OMG! What a gorgeous family! Keep on keeping it real girl, you’ve got everything going for you.

Daisy on

Absolutely amazing photos and gorgeous family! I’m so jealous! I can tell you 6 days after my last c section, percocet was my best friend, clean hair was a distant memory, and I would have broken any camera taking a picture above the neck! 😉 Great job on being the bomb mom and congratulations on the new addition. It looks like he fits in beautifully.

MRJ on

2 beautiful boys! Look at those eyelashes on Griffin!

misty on

Love her me and my 3 year old love good luck Charlie. He is just as beautiful as his Mommy is congratulations.

Liz on

Wow, what a breathtaking family. You can really feel the love!

Anonymous on

Cute baby 🙂

Anonymous on

wow, what a gorgeous family!!

anonymous on

All the pictures are beautiful, but the picture of Griffin holding his baby brother warmed my heart.

a oliverlane on

Congrats, gorgeous family!!

SY on

Could those boys be more adorable?! I’d give anything for those gorgeous eyelashes on Griffin!

Beth on

Congrats on the birth of Baker! Griffin is a awesome big brother! Beautiful family!

Kari on

Congrats..He is truly beautiful (the entire family is) and I love watching GLC w/ my kids. What a blessing!

Pammy on

Oh my goodness! I am in love! What precious babies she has. That is one good looking family and doggie.

JessicaB on

uh, that is NOT amy duncan’s husband! weird to see her with another man, lol. cuties, all of them. the eye lashes on the older boy are to die for! congrats.

AJ on

This family is so good looking, they look genetically engineered. 🙂 Enjoy! And congrats on your little one!

JLL on

What a precious family!!!! Congrats on your gorgeous son.

KJW on

So very precious! Thank you for sharing pictures of your sweet family!

Rhonda on

I don’t know who she is, but my goodness what a beautiful family she has. If she reads this again I want to congratulate her on the birth of her new baby. Your children are so precious.

DaisyMoon on

Wow…these are some of the best family photos I’ve ever seen…

Even having the name Baker won’t matter with those looks!

lovely123 on

If I had a man that looked like that, I would have more than two kids!

Carrow on

Girlfriend has some seriously cute kids! Look at those long eyelashes on her oldest. If he’d been a girl they wouldn’t have even been that long =)

Anonymous on

What a cutie! I especially like the picture of the two brothers together!

Julie on

I loved Leigh-Allyn from her time on Will and Grace and Love her just as much on Good luck Charlie. Congrats… You have a beautiful family. The boys are going to be heart breakers.. ❤

Sara on

Wow, what a gorgeous family!!! Our family loves her on GLC, she makes the show!!! I had a c section 11 days before her and I am still nowhere near as put together as her, lol! Congratulations on another perfect blessing!

Charli on

I love these pics! They are a beautiful family and the pics are not too matchy, matchy. They are picture perfect.

littletonpace on

Oh what BEAUTIFUL boys! Those eyes! Stunning! Griffin seems to have kept his blue eyes like his mama, I hope Baker does too. Gorgeous family ❤ 🙂

Maryanne on

What a great pic of a beautiful family! Congrats to all!

Anonymous on

Beautiful !

Bella T on

It’s confusing but I’m gathering that she named the baby – Baker, which is her last name. Cute baby. Congratulations to all.

Anonymous on

Congrats to Leigh-Allyn, Keith and Griffin on their baby boy Baker James! He’s cute like his parents and older brother! Absolutely beautiful family! All good to them! I’m madly in love with the boys’ names!!!

GreekPrincess80 on

What a beautiful family!

Emma on

Aww….Cute babies

Tee Tee on

Oh my, what a beautiful family!

Calla on

Griffin is gorgeous, look at those eyes and those eyelashes. Baker is also adorable. What a gorgeous family.

Joan on

Congrats to both parents!! Her children are beautiful!!
Good Luck!!

Faye on

These are the cutest babies I have ever seen!!!

Kirsten on

That baby just made my day. So adorable. 🙂

I think Baker should play Toby on Good Luck Charlie. Anyone else with me? lol

Meghan on

wow he’s adorable! does anyone know what brand of blanket that is? i was thinking maybe a max daniel but then I didn’t see the satin on the edges? it’s so cute, i want it!

sharon on

Those 2 boys are beautiful. I can’t get over Griffin’s LONG beautiful eyelashes and big eyes. Congratulations.

Cindy on

He is a beautiful baby! Much happiness to mom, dad, and big brother and long and healthy life to the baby!

Stacy on

Wow, simply precious! They are such a perfect and cute family! Congrats!

alexa on

You diff don’t look forty but precious family

Anonymous on

What a gorgeous family. Her sons are beautiful and her dog is absolutely precious. Having the dog in the family photo added the perfect touch–the photo looks so heart-warming and the family so complete.

Gevorg on

he is so cute

Vallarie on

Wow!! Your kids are so super cute! Look at your kids eyes and your toddlers eyelashes!!!! Wow! They are so beautiful. Congrats. God Bless your family. P.S. I am a huge #1 fan of your show!!! Your the greatest actress in the whole entire world!!! Keep up the fabulous work….!!! 🙂

peggy murphy on

AWWWW Both of your boys are sooo cute.

Jennifer on

Congratulations! What a beautiful family. My daughter and I love watching you on Good Luck Charlie!

Mara on

I watch Good Luck Charlie with my daughter and think she’s a fantastic actress. Congrats to her and her whole family!

Nicole A. on

Gorgeous pics!

Kim on

Awwww what a gorgeous baby boy, congrats….having two boys is so much fun!!!

perpetualkarma on

My favorite TV mom EVER. Welcome to the newest member of your family. I also had a child at 40 and I think I am a better, more patient mom at 40. Leigh-Allen Baker looks amazing! I love her character Amy Duncan, so does my youngest. We used some of her phrases around the house.
Beautiful family.

robinepowell on

If anyone wonders why she looks familair and they don’t watch her current show, I looked her up. She played Hannah Webster on Charmed for a few months during the first season. We’re going back to 1998, so it’s been a while.

Hemma on

I love it but Toby would have been cuter as your son and bob looks better as your husband and your is ugly

Hemma on

I hate it

No I’m just kidding cute cute

Luv it luv it

Anonymous on

Love it

Kayla on

i love the photos they are so cute. Congrats to you and your family.

Anonymous on

So cute

Anonymous on

I love leigh wat a beatiful family she has

Lashane on

her children are so CUTEEEE but is Toby really for her because shes not popping up anyway… CUTEEEE

Ashley on

Hi wow your babies are so cute