The Lacheys Introduce Son Camden John

10/01/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
Courtesy Lachey Family

Meet Camden John Lachey!

Nick and Vanessa Lachey shared the first photo of their 2-week-old baby boy via Twitter on Monday.

“Nick and I are honored and humbled to introduce you to the new love of our lives,” the Wipeout host, 31, wrote in a messageΒ her singer husband, 38, retweeted.

The couple, who wed in July 2011, welcomed their son on Wednesday, Sept. 12.

“Born at 6:54 p.m., he came into this world at 8 lbs., 9 oz. and 21 inches. Love has truly been redefined for both of us,” the Lacheys said in their birth announcement.

— Sarah Michaud

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Jennifer Rice on

Oh so sweet. Thanks for allowing us to look..:)

Kristen on

He is cuuuuute! Love that dark hair! Beautiful baby!

Aimee on

What a beauty baby boy!

mary kemper on

BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!! Congrats!

amy on

beautiful child!!

Anonymous on

Cute!! That will be a gorgeous man considering who his parents are! Congrats!!

Marie on

Omg he’s so beautiful! Best wishes! πŸ™‚

Kate on

He looks just like Nick but with Vanessa’s coloring.

stella on

I agree Kate.

Tara on

I totally agree. He is beautiful! Congrats

Anonymous on

Congratulations! What a beautiful baby!

Meep on

What a cutie. Congrats to the new parents.

Marisol on

He is beautiful , Congratulations Lachey Family!

Jeanine on

OMG is he adorable!!!!

Kelly on

wow that baby boy is gorgeous!!!!! Just beautiful!! Congrats to Nick and Vanessa!!!

PG on

WOW! What a beautiful baby. Yes, babies are cute, but look at him….. He is gorgeous!

Amber on

He looks absolutely flawless! So precious πŸ™‚

jenna on

What a cute baby! He looks just like his father.

rebecca allen on

What a handsome little man.

Patty on

Awww! I also love the fact that you didn’t sell the pictures to a magazine first like Jessica. That’s what sets you two aside from her and her unemployed “baby daddy”. You two (now three) have class. ❀

Jadey on

Was wondering how long it’d be before someone mentioned Jessica. Why bring her into it? Just say the baby’s cute and leave someone that you don’t know alone.

kilt on

Why? That’s the truth. Jessica always look for some way to get money. And yes she sold to the magazines the picts. So glad Nick is in a better place with his family without that idiot.

mom on

Beautiful,Just beautiful !

Anonymous on


LisaLisa on

I knew he would be cute! Looks like his Daddy! So happy for them! Maybe he can Camden Jack can have a play date. I didn’t know that Nick dated Kristin.

Karen on

Gorgeous little boy! Looks just like his dad! Congrats!

jenna on

What a cute baby! He looks just like his dad.

Nikita on

Gorgeous!! Just like his Mom and Dad

Lisa on

What a handsome baby boy. Many blessings to the beautiful family.

Lynn on


ds on

he is so cute. Look at all that hair. he is going to be a lady killer

jessica on

Love this family and wish them all the best! Goodness, can that little fellow look any more like his daddy!?? Spitting image!

jsp81355 on

What an absolutely gorgeous little boy. He looks like both of his beautiful parents. God bless his precious heart.

swack on

He is GORGEOUS!!!! Congrats!

Happy Fan on

aww what a cutie he looks Nick’s nose and Vanessa’s eyes ❀

Vanessa on

What a handsome boy. He doesn’t even resemble a newborn much! He has beautiful features.

Jess on

I was thinking the same thing! He looks like a porcelain doll just perfect and so cute!

lisa on

He is absolutely beautiful!

Bree on

Gorgeous baby, but then look at the parents!

Shamarra on

Is it me or does this baby look like Mario Lopez? What has Vanessa been up to?

kendrajoi on

Just beautiful! Congrats!

Tiffany on

Aww, he looks just like his daddy! So sweet, Congrats to you both.

Anonymous on

Just as beautiful as I imagined he would be! πŸ˜‰

Shamarra on

looks like Mario Lopez, just sayin

iceblue on

That is one beautiful baby.

Beautiful kids on

WOW, thta is one beautiful little boy. he is so cute,so happy for Nick and Van.

Karen on

he is so adorable! he looks like nick and vanessa !

Debs on

Beaautiful baby.. Congrats to Vanessa and Nick!

Alia on

He really is beautiful, and I’m not just sayin’ that just because…this baby actually is cute.

Kaye on

Congratulations to the Lachey team!! Your son is adorable and such a perfect mix of Mom and Dad!!

Julia on

What a beautiful, handsome baby boy. Congratulations to the both of you.

Anonymous on

What a beautiful baby, he is gorgeous.

InsGirl72 on

Beautiful!!! Congrats!!!

Mya on

He is a beautiful baby. He looks just like Nick.


OMG he is precious! Look at those lips and button nose awww…

Gigi on

What a beautiful baby!!


awwwww what a cutie pie!

Much love and happiness to Nick and Vanessa and their bundle of joy!

Anonymous on

Gorgeous! He looks just like Nick.

mily fisher on

What a gorgeous baby, Omg….. Congrats!

Shelly on

OMG! He is gorgeous!

Black Boop on

Now this truly a beautiful baby. A lot of times people will say that: Oh what a beautiful baby and it’s a lie. But not now. Too cute.

jessica on

Beautiful baby!!!! He looks like Vanessa!

Lonnie on

He is perfect, absolutely beautiful!

Renee Coffelt on

What A Blessing .

Suzi on

What a beautiful baby!!!!!!!

Emma on

That is the most handsome baby boy I’ve ever seen. Beautiful πŸ™‚

Chula_98405 on

He’s gorgeous!!!!!

Anonymous on

Omg, he is so handsome already…watch out mom!

Denise on

Beautiful – he looks like a nice mix of his parents. Lucky boy.

jc on

Gorgeous baby boy!

Anonymous on

omw! he looks just like his dad! love it

leilani on

What a gorgeous baby they have! Congratulations! The beautiful Filipino side of Vanessa really shows on the baby. What a handsome boy! Enjoy your sweet, little blessing.

Toni Madewell on

Omg he is freaking adorable!!!

Anonymous on

Wow, what a beautiful baby!!! Definitely the cutest celebrity baby. So happy for them! And I love how down to earth (normal) and humble they seem.

Stella on

He is beautiful…and looks just like Nick! Congrats, you two!

Cate on

Oh, I did a triple take! He looks exactly like how my son looked at that age!

kel on

he is beautiful!! God Bless him!

gma22littleguys on

What a beautiful looking boy! Congrats to Nick and Vanessa. Wishing you all a lifetime of good health and happiness.

Julie on

@ Patty: I’ve never seen a more CLASSLESS comment!

May the Lacheys never got a magazine offer and Jessica got a good one; it’s clear Jessica is more popular and sells more magazine than the Lachey’s but WHO CARES! it’s their life and they do whatever they want w/their money or their babies!

Sara on

That baby boy is gorgeous!!

Becky on

He is SO cute!

elysummers on

Isn’t he beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

sm on

Beautiful baby

tina45 on

The best looking celebrity baby yet! Congrats!!!

Karen on

Precious ❀

Britt on

OH MY GOSH!!!! He is so sweet. Precious!

Abbie on

What a beautiful baby!!!!

Joyce J on

He’s a pretty baby. Gets it from dad. Have to say I was surprised that they were both totally clothed after all the bare belly pictures she kept posting during her pregnancy.

Anonymous on

He is so georgeous!

Anonymous on

he is gorgeous!

Anonymous on

WOW! That baby is simply goregous!! Congats!

Nancy on


Millie on

All babies are beautiful, but that is one seriously handsome baby boy.

Lisa on

Wow, he’s really gorgeous!!

yvette3 on

He is beautiful and sharing the pics with your twitter followers was amazing. What a gift thanks for sharing,

Anonymous on

omg he’s so cute! they seem like a really nice couple too!

Anonymous on

Good size boy. He’s gorgeous. Congrats and God bless all of you.

Jen on

What a gorgeous baby! Such a blessing to have a little one. I see my 1 year old and cannot believe how lucky I am to experience this.

bj murphy on

cutest lil face hes so tan and adorable!

Sydney on

He is simply adorable!

TM on

He looks just like Nick! What a sweetie!

Anonymous on

He is adorable. Congrats Nick and Vanessa β™₯

rosa on

He is so handsome, so gorgeous. Congrats.

Paulin,Debbie on

It the most beautiful baby I ever seen …wow …congrats

Katie on

This is one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen.

Gayla on

What a beautiful baby, congratulations to the parents!

DaisyMoon on

Great shot…he’s really adorable.

sydney on

Simply adorable! What a beautiful baby!

Aja on

Wow! What a ridiculously beautiful boy!

Kourtney on

WOW!!! What a beautiful baby boy! He’s one good looking baby but his parents are gorgeous too and he was definitely made from love…<3

Guest on

What a cutie pie! I’d say cutest celeb baby this year! Adorable!

MeMe on

He looks like his dad….sooooo cute!!!

Liz on

Wow… that is one good-looking kid.

radonpoison on

“humbled”? Oh please. It’s reproduction. Do you know how NOT special it is to fertilize an egg, gestate a fetus, and delivery a newborn? It happens ALL OVER THE PLANET, thousands and millions of times…..what is humbling about it? It’s quotidian.

how big was Nick’s nose when he was a newborn?

and yes, babies are endearing, they have those APBs! You can’t not want to care for them.

Lolo on

What a stupid thing to say radonpoison! Many, many good couples cannot conceive and are without children for that reason alone. Others have babies with lifelong health problems. Having a healthy baby truly is a miracle, no matter how many times a day it happens around the world. These guys got a beautiful gift from the heavens. He is healthy and, yes, absolutely gorgeous. Think before you say something so silly and ignorant.

Cinder Lou on

What a beautiful photo of a beautiful mom and baby. Very sweet.

eva on

WOW what a beautiful baby boy!!!! Congrats!

kitty62862 on

Beautiful baby!

Ro on

Beautiful baby

bella on

So classy! They did not sale his pictures as other celebrities do! The baby is soooo adorable! He is a futur heartbreaker!

Megan on

Absolutely beautiful!

La La La on

I was just about to congratulate you all for leaving Jessica Simpson and her baby out of your comments. And then I reached Patty’s comment. Shame on you, Patty, for marring such a beautiful report with your cattiness.

gabish90 on

that is one adorable baby

gabish90 on


Nicole on

omg what a precious baby! I bet he’ll have nick’s big blue eyes! sooo sweet πŸ™‚

Bev on

He is an absolute gorgeous baby.

Dayle on

The cutest baby boy I have ever seen. So sweet.

Sara on

Congrats! What a cutie….

Anonymous on

OMG looks just like daddy! the new 99 degrees

Brooke on

That little boy is stunning.

Kate! on

That is one seriously good looking baby!

Dawn on

So adorable!!!!! Congrats to the parents!

T on

That is one GORGEOUS baby!! SO CUTE!!

Courtney on


Sara on

He’s got his daddy’s nose! Cute little guy!

Anonymous on

He is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

bh on

awww – adorable!

Jenjen82 on

I knew this couple were going to create one good looking baby boy! No question! That baby is toooooooooooo cute. OH MG!

Michelle on

Oh my goodness! He is so handsome! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Lachey!

Katie_did on

Beautiful baby! So refreshing to see the photos not be sold to a magazine. New found respect for the two of them.

Anonymous on

omg! how cute is he?? adorable!

Laine on

Okay, I think most babies are pretty cute, but this one is REALLY exceptionally ADORABLE and BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely gorgeous!!

Janice on

Congratulations! Beautiful baby!

guest on

That is one adorable baby πŸ™‚

Julie on

I have been a labor/delivery nurse for 22 years and I must say….though all babies are beautiful that baby is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Congratulations to the proud parents!

taylor on

gorgeous baby!!

bev on

what a cutie!! congrats to you two

Amber on

He is so cute!!! Congrats!!!!

cookie on

Looks like his Dad.Beautiful baby.

Dayle on

Now there are two beautiful babies in Hollywood. Camden John Lachey and Harper Beckham. The most beautiful children I have ever seen. These babies make my heart melt. These two kids are so lucky to have their kind, caring parents.

Anonymous on

That is one beautiful baby!!!

Lisa on

Wow – he is gorgeous!!!! He actually looks a lot like Nick!

Nina on

Wow! I did not expect him to look so much like Nick, but he’s dreamy!

Kristy on

He is so precious. Best of luck with him.

Akami on

What a beautiful baby! He looks like a doll. Congrats to the Lachey family!

Lori on

That is a beautiful baby boy! Congrats!

Lulu on

Absolutely gorgeous, he’s got Nick’s nose. Very beautiful boy, enjoy every precious moment!!!

Tasha on

Talk about a pretty baby!! So adorable!

MoesMoMMy02 on

Awe…isn’t he just a cute little guy.

denise on

just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

Really radonpoison?! You’re an idiot. Having a baby is very humbling. Yes, it happens all over the world all the time, but often times, it’s not easy. Nor is it a healthy outcome for mom or baby. Having a baby is a blessing that not everyone gets to experience. All parents should be thankful and humbled.

Denise on

That is a very beautiful baby. I guess that’s to be expected.

me on

i also think it is refreshing that they shared this absolutely gorgeous pic of their baby on twitter….instead of selling it…i notice jen and ben affleck never sell their baby pics either…like some other so called celebs….we are all entitled to our opinion…

Shannon on


Brooklyn on

Very cute!

WhackJobs on

He’s cute! Hopefully he doesn’t end up with his father’s nose.

makafortune on

Wow, he really is a beautiful new born.Congratulations and thanx for sharing.

mary delago on

This is a beautiful baby.

cb on

Absolutely precious adorable… Love is truly redefined…

t on

He is so beautiful congrats!!!! His hair those lips he is perfect

Julie on

What a beautiful model baby! I want him! lol

Anonymous on

Now that is a pretty baby!!

lisa Lowery on

Oh hes so beautiful!

tammy on

This kid is majorly cute!!!

Mz B on

Awww what a handsome lil man!!! I know they must be In Love with him!!! Congrats to Nick & Vanessa!

Melissa on

He is beautiful!! Congrats!!

Mary on

They made such a beautiful baby!! Congrats!!

Z on

he is adorable….Congrats πŸ™‚

danielle on

I can def see the Lachey resemblence!

Anonymous on

he is beautiful!

Doreen on

Glad we ALL agree he’s gorgeous!! Just precious! What a blessing!!

Kim on

He is absolutely BEAUTIFUL…just like his parents! So happy for them!!!!

Tiff on

What a beautiful baby boy!!!!!

Mari on

He is so beautiful but the Lacheys men do have large noses so hopefully he will take after her but being a boy, it doesn’t really matter.

sunny on

Aw, so cute. Best wishes!

Anonymous on

What a handsome little guy – congrats!

Jenny! on

What a cute baby he has such sweet lil lips

Anonymous on

He’s gorgeous as I knew he would be. Congrats Nick and Vanessa!

Jenn on


CherryBerry on

Wow, what a cutie πŸ™‚ Beautiful baby boy.

God bless them! on

Now this is one very beautiful baby! What a lovely little angelic face. I love his perfectly shaped lips! Congrats to the Lachey Family!

Kim on

Absolutely beautiful child.

Kathy P on

He is a beautiful baby boy! Congrats

MRJ on

What a beautiful baby!

trish on

He’s adorable! Most babies aren’t that cute, but he’s beautiful.

almida on

beautiful baby!!!

Lisa on


nicaw on

That’s a really cute baby.

Anonymous on

Beautiful baby!


Beautiful baby boy! Congrats!!! He looks like a nice mix of them both, but definitely has Nick’s nose! Anyways, I wish people didn’t bring up his ex from 7 yrs ago. They both seem happy with their new babies and let’s keep it at that.

Susan on

What a sweet little baby!!! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

He’s so cute, he looks just like Nick!

Stephanie on

What a cutie! Congratulations to the Lachey family:)

Zoe on

He’s absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations!

S on

Cute baby he def has his daddy’s big nose

Shelley on

Beautiful parents; beautiful baby!

Jenn on

What a beautiful little boy!!! Of course there was no question he was going to be a beauty! I wish them a lifetime of love, happiness and joy with Camden!

Anonymous on

What a beautiful baby!!! God bless your family =)

Lerato on

This is by far the cutest celebrity kid I’ve seen in a ling time. Soooooooo pweeeety.

Gina on

Beautiful baby!

Athina on

That’s a beautiful baby.

yoyo on

I know everyone says “oh what a cute baby” but seriously this is one good looking baby. Congrats!

Beth on

OMG!!!! He is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Not that we expected anything less πŸ™‚ What a perfect addition to this beautiful couples life!! CONGRATS!!!!

Meg on

He’s beautiful, and I wish you people would leave Nick’s nose and the baby’s nose out of it; it makes you sound superficial and pathetic.

Raquel W. on

he is beautiful!! and such sweet lips! Congrats to them!

lexi on

congrats!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ the baby is gorgeous!!!! perfect little boy πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ congrats to the beautfiul family πŸ™‚

Carys on

I hope they will teach him about birth control unlike his ancestors.

Christina on

Absolutely adorable. Such a cutie. It seems to me that he might have Vanessa’s skin color.

Anonymous on

What a beautiful baby, he’s almost to pretty to be a baby. Love the name.

sara l on

He is gorgeous!!!

Margo on

That baby is soooo adorable!!!!

Congrats to Nick and Vanessa!

JJ on

So sweet…..and great name!

Mrs James on

Gorgeous baby, congratulations!

kim on

omg!!! hes beautiful!!!

stacy on

So beautiful; does not look like your typical 3 week old baby. But then again, what do you expect? His parents are both stunning so not surbrising that he is so gorgeous.

Lynn on

Its nothing but love for the lacheys except for 1 or 2 comments. Well count me as one person on the love side. Camden is just so handsome!! It dont matter if the exes had babies or not, let them be happy. What matters is now (the present and future) not the past. But congrats to the parents of a beautiful baby boy!

Jill on

That is one seriously gorgeous baby boy!

Lillian on

What a gorgeous little boy! I can’t say I’m surprised lol

cynthia on

He looks like nick!! Cute baby

Donna on

What a beautiful baby. Congratulations to both Nick and Vanessa and their adorable baby boy.

Lola on

Wow he is beautiful! Congrats

Mary on

Oh, he’s just beautiful!

Ari on

That baby is adorable.

guest on

insanely beautiful-lil Nick!

Unkown on

Lovely baby!

Nichelle Harrris on

He looks just like his dad (and the Lachey’s) already!!! Beautiful baby, maybe the next will look just like you Vanessa πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL little boy! Congratulations to Nick and Vanessa!

Anonymous on

OMG, he is absolutely precious! Here’s an interesting thought — maybe one day Camden and Maxwell (Jessica’s daughter) will be married; it’s ironic that they’re so close in age. Sweet babies!

LoK on

OMG what a beautiful baby!!

Christie on

beautiful baby and I love the dark hair, so cute!!

Puckersbabe on

OMG, he is gorgeous!!! So many beautiful baby pics out there! He is absolutely beautiful! Congrats again to the Lacheys!

And anyone who says something negative, is a troll who is trying to bring someone down into their own personal problems. Let this be about the joy, happiness and beauty of a baby.

Anne on

Wow! That’s a good lookin’ kid!!

I'm Standing Right Behind You on

Cutie…look at that hair!!

Laurie on

what a sweetheart..he is beautiful!!!! congratulations to you

Ellen on

“Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful beautiful boy” to quote John Lennon…..He is lovely….

Pam on

Much cuter than Kristin’s Camden πŸ˜‰

Mary McCawley on

Gorgeous baby.

danielle on

He so stinkin adorable. Congrats and enjoy your bundle of joy.

Doo's Momma on

Oh my goodness that is an adorable baby!!!

Kaley on

That is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen!! I am not surprised considering who his parents are!! Congratulations to you both!!!

Tracy B on

He is SO cute!!

Gigi on

That is one gorgeous baby!!!

Kat on

He’s a looker. Right up there with Hillary Duff’s son and Orlando/Miranda’s son. Wow!

Ali on

What a beautiful baby boy! He looks like Nick. Congrats! πŸ™‚

Annia on

He looks just like his dad. Aw…

lola on

WOW!!! What a beautiful baby boy!! Look at those cheeks. I’d be kissing his little face all day. Congratulations. The hardwork and FUN is about to begin. I loved when my girls were babies. It goes by too fast.

Laurie on

Beautiful Baby!

mslewis on

He’s a beautiful baby; such well-defined features already. He’s going to be a handsome man.

Isabel on

He’s gorgeous! Congratulations to the family.

Jen on

Gorgeous baby!

Jessica on

OMG he is gorgeous!

Yolanda on

That is a cute baby and you guys seem time be the most sincere couple I’ve seen in a long time

Madison on

He’s so precious. To me, he looks like Nick. πŸ™‚

Inx on

That baby is so beautiful!!! Congrats!

Ro on

Wow, what a gorgeous baby just like Nick and Vanessa. Congratulations to a beautiful family!!!

Judy K on

What a beautiful baby boy!

kelly on

I laughed out loud when I saw this picture!! Could this baby be any more gorgeous?? Talk about winning the gene lottery!

Cooper on

Wow he’s pretty cute. Looks like daddy with Vanessa’s hair color.

Jane on

Sorry, but that is an ugly baby. Something told me the genes wouldn’t mix well.

mommabear on

Notsosure – What a piece of crap you are! How could you say that baby is ugly? He is gorgeous, you must be blinded by jealousy to say such a thing. GOOF!

Anonymous on

He Is adorable!!!!

Gina Nicole on


Sammie on

Absolutely gorgeous baby boy!

Jessica on

What a cute baby! He’s got his daddys face πŸ™‚

melissa on

He is adorable. Congrats

soonergirl on

He is so beautiful!

Guest on

How cute is he?! Oh my goodness…so adorable!

Meme on

wow he is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby with such a defined/striking face…

Cher630 on

Wow! He is a gorgeous baby!!!!!

Debbie on

He is so sweet. Looks like his daddy! Congratulations to Nick & Vanessa.

again...shut up on

Oh my goodness! That is one beautiful child! Definitely the cuter of the two newly introduced Camdens.

jayne on

A handsome baby boy! God bless the little man. Congrats to the proud parents.

Daffygrams on

What a handsome little boy! Enjoy and thanks for sharing with us.

Sandra on

Aww hes beautiful and seems perfect. Congrats!!

Tammy on

No wonder they want to show him off. He’s gorgeous!

mrsodell on

beautiful baby. bounty of blessing for the lacheys..=)

Cynz on

Such a gorgeous baby!

Kristin on

He is a handsome fella!

Biss on

Wow, he is truly a handsome baby. What a cutie pie.

Amy on

He is absolutely gorgeous!

319Mommyof2 on

He is SO beautiful!! Congrats to them!

Deanna on

He looks just like Nick! He is precious πŸ™‚ God Bless u all, Congrats!


Absolutely, beautiful, such a cutie! He has some of the most remarkable features. Great blend of mom and dad. Everyone has posted the same thing, so the feeling is mutual.

PS on

What a gorgeous baby boy!

Anonymous on

Cutest baby I’ve seen in a long time!!

Anonymous on

Now that is a beautiful baby!

Amy Concepcion on

He has a lot of Nick features right now. He is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

deana on

Beautiful baby.

Okay I’m just going to say it. I have to believe that his baby with Jessica would have been just as, if not more lovely. Maybe …he will go back to Jess and they can make that happen : )

Sandra on

He looks like Nick had him….He is so cute. Gosh I miss those baby days.

jayla on

what a cutie! look at those lips. hes gonna be breaking hearts.

Josie on

GORGEOUS!!!! They are all so blessed to have one another. What a beautiful time in a parent’s life. Love it!

K on

What a handsome boy! Congrats to them!

c on

This is a beautiful baby! Congratulations to them. And as for the comment about ‘reproduction’ … there are alot of couples who struggle to have babies and we take it for granted.

Anonymous on

WOW, what a beautiful baby!! However I’m not surprised, Congratulations, enjoy!

Tisha on

What a very beautiful little baby….congratulations on the most wonderful thing that will ever happen to you…being a parent is a gift from the Lord, and may he bless your family always..

Karen on

Now that is one beautiful little boy!

Amy on

That might be the cutest baby I have ever seen. Seriously precious!

fanofboardwalkempire on

Gosh- what a beautiful baby- Wow he is handsome and at such a young age- WOWSA!

sheri on

Wow he really is gorgeous but I didn’t expect anything but from the beautiful couple.

Catca on

My goodness he’s a handsome lil man!

Anonymous on

how handsome..and so big already

Anonymous on

soooo beautiful!

just me on

now that baby looks like his daddy.

nicole on

Just gorgeous!

Jayda on

My goodness! He is gorgeous!!!!!

Cyndi on

Blessings to the Lachey Family! He sure looks like his daddy!!

KLP82 on

Such a cutie! He sure looks like his dad, but has her coloring. Congrats to the new parents!

geniej on

Beautiful baby. Congrats!

C.J. on

He is adorable! Looks just like his dad!

Jeana on

Very pretty and handsome baby boy…I just think it is bad they almost copied Jay Culters baby name to a tee

Southern Belle on

What a beautiful baby! But what could you expect with those two as parents! Congratulations Nick and Vanessa!

Tiffany M on

He’s Beautiful!

Squirrell on

There are cute babies, and then there are babies. Wow he is adorable. And so very peaceful. Best wishes.

Elisabeth on

I know the Lacheys will never see this but Camden is just stunning. What a gorgeous boy! Congrats on your miracle.

Karen M. on

Wow, what a good looking little boy! No offense but some newborns just aren’t really all that cute… but this lil guy certainly is. Best wishes.

Emry on

He is beautiful πŸ™‚ soo happy for them.

Kaytee on

I knew this baby would be stunning and I was right! What a beautiful baby boy! Congrats to the happy family!!!

Anonymous on

THAT is a beautiful child! WOW!!!!

emleigh mcclain on

Nick and Vanessa have the most adorable baby boy!!! He is almost to pretty to be a boy πŸ™‚ Congats you two, you have great genes!!

Rayne on

What a beautiful baby boy! The most precious baby I have seen in a very long time!

Kerry Silvers on

Such a BEAUTIFUL baby boy! CONGRATS!

Manivone on

He so CUTE!

Kasia on

What a beautiful baby! Congrats and best of luck

Mandi on

He is absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a cutie! Beautiful family

Jewel on

What a handsome child. Good luck to you all.

MissScarlett on

Now that is a cute baby!

Melba on

Good Lord that is one gorgeous baby!! Congrats to the Lacheys!!

Momof3 on

That has to be one of the prettiest babies I have ever seen!!

elsa bachuber on

He is an absolutely stunning baby! Take in every moment with him…the baby years truly do fly by!

joules on

Much cutier than that blob his ex jessica plotted out!

Shenae on

Beautiful little boy! Congrats!

Tiffany on

Wow, he is so handsome!

Karen on

What a gorgeous baby boy! Congratulations to Nick and Vanessa.

Molly on

Beautiful and handsome liitle boy!
LOVE his name!

Anonymous on

Thay is one beautiful baby!! Congrats!

mom on

he is beautiful!!

martine on

My god, what a beautiful baby! And major props to Vanessa for showcasing her baby boy, not herself!

av on

Beautiful sweetness.

Anonymous on

Beautiful Baby!!! Congrats to the Lacheys!!

LizC on

WOW….THAT is a BEAUTIFUL baby!!!!!!!!

Ronda Reed on

What a beautiful, handsome, baby boy!!! Congrats to Nick and Vanessa! I think he looks like his daddy–the Lachey Lips are a giveaway. This little guy will be a lifetime of joy, I am sure!

Fifi on

He looks a lot like Nick; just take a look at that big schnoz! Hopefully, he will grow out of it. Otherwise, he’s very cute!

Anonymous on

Looks like his Daddy for sure. Beautiful complexion of his Mommy! Congratulations! Gorgeous baby.

Heather on

That is one adorable baby boy! Good luck to these new parents! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Wow, what a gorgeous baby!! But considering who his parents are, it’s not surprising. Congratulations to them both!

P.S. What is wrong with all of these weirdos bringing up Jessica’s name at all?! Everyone has an ex and a past. It makes no sense at all to still keep talking about it. Get a life people!

Chastity on

He is one of the most gorgeous babies I have ever seen. Congrats to you both!!

Poppy on

Darling baby! What a cutie pie!

Anonymous on

He’s so handsome!!

jane on

he’s so handsome! it will be cool if it in the future, he starts dating maxwell … heh heh!

auj on

What a beautiful baby boy!!!

Cella on

God Bless…..he is beautiful and I love that they chose to introduce him in a modest way, without all the magazine cover hoopla…..congrats!

Kaity on

He is beautiful! I’m glad they didn’t feel the need to sell the first photos of their little guy.

Alura on

He is so adorable. I wonder if he will end up hooking up with Jessica Simpsons baby girl?

Katie on

Nice photoshopping on the face lol but no he is adorable. πŸ™‚

Ginger on

What a beautiful little baby. Oops, sorry, what a handsome young man. Congratulations!

maryhelenc on

Gorgeous child!

Congrats to Nick & Vanessa, Camden is absolutely amazing!

Ethel Korman on

Such a beautiful little boy, much luck to them,

teresa on

he really is a beauty. wow. way to go mom and dad

Lizzie on

He IS an absolutely BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY, what a fortunate couple NICK & VANESSA are to have their Baby & he IS soooo fortunate to have thems as parents!! BLESSINGS(SSS) to this HEAVENLY COUPLE & their Baby CAMDEN JOHN!! πŸ˜€

Shannon on

Now THAT is a beautiful baby!

B on


congrats to you both… I hope that first time motherhood is good to you!

Shari on

What a gorgeous baby boy! Looks just like Nick!
Absolutely perfect! Congrats to a celebrity couple
that got married first! Love this family!

Tee on

I knew he would be stunning, and he is. Absolutely gorgeous (and yes I know he’s a boy). I just knew they would create a stunning looking baby together. Congrats, and wish them all a nice long happy life. No more divorces Nick, you’re a fellow Ohioan so I know you bring conviction and good morals and committment… your family.

Jen on

That boy is going to steal the hearts of many girls in his lifetime. He is simply gorgeous!

suzy diamond on

He’s SO beautiful!

Brat on

You can see Nick in him already

cara on

Beautiful newborn !

tanya on

what a cute baby.

clmiller2 on

he is so adorable.. congrats on this beautiful new addition..

Kathy on

What a beautiful little boy! His parents are beautifil also congrats!

happy on

Beautiful baby! Congrats to all.

Becky on

What a gorgeous little guy!

amy on

He is gorgeous! Some new babies are all wrinkled and ugly, not him! Congrats to both of you! Can’t wait to see what he looks like when he’s older.

Edie on

what a georgous baby boy..!

Carrie on

Soooooooooooooo gorgeous!!!! Your baby boy is absolutely beautiful. He could not have been born to two more deserving people – you two are the “real deal.” You deserve all the happiness in the world. Blessings to you and your family!

Carrie on

So happy for you both!! You deserve all the happiness in the world. Blessings to you and your new baby boy.

BabyB on

GORGEOUS BABY! Not usrprised when he has two gorgeous parents!

dilitant on

He is soooo cute!!! Looks like he’s got Vanessa’s coloring and Nick’s features – especially his lips. Darling! Congrats!

Home Based Business Opportunities on

CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you for being so kind and generous to share. God Bless you!.Most beautiful Boy on the planet!!! Such a precious gift from God..Jesus really loves you guys!!! Amen!!!!

dudley doright on


Anonymous on

Mixed race kids often look beautiful. Camden is certainly going to be a heartbreaker!

Angel on

Adorable! Best wishes to all 3 of you! πŸ™‚

Kristy on

OMGosh! Vanessa, he is GORGEOUS. It’s so funny how both of our sons have the same name and same birthday. Congrats to you and Nick. xoxo

Anonymous on

What a gorgeous baby, sure looks like Nick. Congratulations!

Ally on

WOWWWWWWWW…He is one handsome little man. Such a beautiful baby. Congrats to Nick and Vanessa, and all the other proud family members. You really do have a gorgeous son!!!!

Candice Meline on

now THAT is a cute baby! and how NORMAL that they posted on twitter and didn’t announce him via some magazine spread. I just can’t get over how gorgeous he is. what a beautiful blessing!

Ally on

Simply beautiful baby. Congrats to you both.

as on

That is one pretty baby OMG, you have a little male model πŸ™‚

Denise on

Just as gorgeous as I thought he would be. So sweet.

Jocelyn on

He is BEAUTIFUL! Congrats to you both!

Tara on

of course he’s cute when he’s asleep, but what does he look like with his eyes open?

Denise on

This little man is just as gorgeous as I thought he would be. I know that mom and dad must be over the moon with this precious angel. Congrats.

Lauren on

He’s absolutely perfect! Congratulations to them both! πŸ™‚

Christine on

Nick’s face but Vanessa’s eyes and skin! Easily the most beautiful celebrity baby I have seen in years.

Mia on

Gorgeous boy – look @ those full lips! Congrats to them!

sharon on

What a gorgeous baby!!!!!!!!!! I love that they didn’t need to get paid for showing the world their little bundle of joy, these to are all about love not money like Jessica and that’s why this marriage will last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can’t buy true love or happiness Jessica , you blew it letting this guy go!
God bless this little angel and his parents!

Bonnie Rochon on

OMG this baby looks just like his daddy! Gorgeous!

NickyAngel on

That’s one beautiful little boy πŸ™‚

lori on

Wow, What a beautiful baby!Congratulations enjoy your beautiful gift.

Eva on

Congrats Nick and Vanessa; the baby is gorgeous!!!

Anonymous on

radonposion- As the daughter of a couple who struggled with infertility (which included two miscarriages) for years, I have to strongly disagree with you. A sperm joining with an egg is a VERY special thing!

Anonymous on

Camden is adorable!

Beauty Moves Me on

Absolutely adorable!! Love this pic!

Doxy on

This is THE cutest baby I have ever seen in my entire life! I have three boys, and of course they too were handsome, and I love them to pieces, but this child has coloring and features that surpass any face I have ever seen before, Nick and “Nessa” I knew your son would be beautiful but he is beyond beautiful he got the best of both of you,,,keep having kids the two of you make the world a more beautiful place with your childrens faces…:) XO

Mandy on

He is absolutely adorable! I am so happy for them.

Ann on

He is handsome….enjoy!!!!!

Anonymous on


christy on

He is so handsome! Precious.

Romy on

I mean WOW! One cute baby and one great picture of him!

Sherry on

I KNEW that was going to be one gorgeous baby and he is!!!!

rooroo on

I really see Drew there. The boy is obviously a Lachey. Cute!

Gamby74 on

Gorgeous baby! He has daddy’s nose.

nai on

incredibly handsome boy! he looks just like dad!

Anonymous on


Jodi on

He is absolutely gorgeous. And whoever said he looks like Mario Lopez, have you actually seen Mario Lopez? This baby looks nothing like him.

Anonymous on

He is adorable!

Rachael on

Wow does he look like Daddy! Congratulations to the happy family.

Marquita on

He is gorgeous… Congrats to Nick and Vanessa!!!

Rox on

OMG what a beautiful baby! I wouldn’t expect anything less. Look at the parents πŸ™‚ Congrats!!

Meluvly1 on

Beautiful boy…oh my…just beautiful..congrats 2 u…

Heidi on

He looks just like his Daddy!!! Beautiful baby boy!!!! Congrats!!;)

Kris on

I always thought these two would have beautiful children if they every reproduced. He is too cute, what a beautiful baby boy.

Anonymous on

He is so sweet!

sal on

He is the most beautiful baby Ive ever seen….besides my own two boys, lol! Congrats to the new parents!

Skye on

Beautiful little boy. Congrats!

Anonymous on

Awe! Congrats to them!

Anonymous on

OMG…he is the cutest!!!!

stephanie on

Omg he’s soo beautiful. Congrats

Laura on

Beautiful baby. Congrats to the happy parents.

stacey on

he’s cute, but NOT near as pretty as jessica simpsons baby. She is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

pjmiller on

OMG…..he is breathtaking……

Hattie on

He is so cute!!!! He looks like both parents.

Anonymous on

Beautiful Baby Boy

Julie on

He is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Kaysquare on

Now that’s the most beautiful newborn I think I’ve ever seen!



Cheryse on

What a beautiful boy who looks just like his daddy! So happy for all of you! When you married Vanessa Nick, I just knew she would be your soul mate!

karen on

Congrats to you both. what a beautiful baby

Tina on

What a gorgeous baby!!! Congrats!! Thanks for sharing!

Rena on

Cutest celeb baby ever!!

shelley on

He is a beautiful baby!

AmandaC on

What a beautiful baby! They must be on cloud 9!!

Kate on


Anonymous on

this is a beautiful baby

Rosemary on

Can’t believe how much he looks like Nick…much happiness to them all!

Jane on

What a beautiful baby boy!!

Tiffany on

What a beautiful baby boy! He looks like Nick with Vanessa’s hair! LOL, my son looks just like his daddy too. The only thing he got was my color hair and lips!

Congratulations to the Lacheys.

p.s. People… about asking Vanessa to blog? I’d love to read it

MB on

What an adorable child! He has some resemblance to his uncle Drew πŸ™‚ congrats to them!

Misty on

That is a beautiful baby!

Cortney on


Tiffany on

Beautiful baby, beautiful family and always done with class. Hope there are many more to come so we may watch how a true, real marriage and family are suppose to be through out the years.

Anonymous on

What a cutie!!! Love the name

N on

Wow – gorgeous baby! He is going to be one handsome man one day!!

lilly on

Wow, looks just like his dad!

Amy on

Oh my goodness, this little angel just might be the most beautiful little baby boy I have ever seen. Simply perfect! Congrats to Nick and Vanessa!

Anonymous on

Cute is sometimes overated when used to describe babies, but, this baby is CUTE

Roci on

Such a cute cute bebe!!!!

Andi on

Awww, what a perfect little baby boy! He’s beautiful!!

postathread on

Beautiful baby!

Anonymous on

JUST GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe him & Mawell will date when they get older….OOOPS did I say that?…lolol

jill on

He is a Beautiful Baby Congratulatios

elizabeth on

he is beautiful

alumette on

The baby looks just like his dad. What a cutie ! a big boy…too.

JustMe on

Soooo cute!!!

cris on

Truly stunning what a beautiful baby… Congrats!

Desi on

Aw, he looks like his daddy! He’s beautiful, congrats!

Kristine on

Beautiful baby! I think he looks like his uncle Drew.

Judy on

Looks just like Nick. Beautiful Little Boy.

BJones on

What a pretty little boy! Babies are the best and knowing they are with parents who love each other is one of the greatest gifts you can gift your child. God bless πŸ™‚

Keisha Marrow on

Congradulations to the LACHEY’s and thier new addition. Is it too soon to say that OMGoodness, He looks just like his dad.

Jessica on

Very beautiful baby boy… congratz! you were blessed with a beautiful angel ;}

April on

Uhmm.. that may be the most beautiful celebrity baby EVER