Drew Lachey: Why My Family Left Los Angeles

10/01/2012 at 04:00 PM ET
Baby As Art

It’s been six years since Drew Lachey shimmied his way to the top, but the singer has returned to the Dancing With the Stars stage — this time with a much larger fan following.

After being supported by his then-pregnant wife Lea when he snagged the coveted mirror ball trophy in 2006, Lachey’s cheering squad has since grown to include Isabella Claire, 6, and Hudson Nicholas, 2.

In order to stay together as a family, the foursome has temporarily relocated from Cincinnati to Los Angeles.

“I just can’t be away from my family for that long. I spend all day, every day pretty much with my kids,” Lachey tells WonderWall. “If I’m rehearsing, that’s one thing, but what do I do for the other 16 hours of the day?”

In fact, adds the proud papa, having his kids close will help him concentrate on his fancy footwork. “I wouldn’t be able to focus on what I’m trying to do with the show if I’m worrying about what’s going on back home,” he explains. “It’s just one more adventure for the Lachey family!”

Making the move to California isn’t completely foreign to the couple; Shortly after welcoming their daughter the new parents packed their bags and left the L.A. scene for a more family-friendly environment.

“[Isabella] was growing up and we saw the lifestyle that a lot of people had out in L.A. Cincinnati allows us to keep her innocent just a little bit longer,” Lachey, 36, explains.

“The decision to move back to Cincinnati — and away from the industry that I work in and a lot of our friends — was by far one of the best decisions we ever made in our lives. If we’re able to give our daughter and our son even five more minutes of innocence, then the move was all worth it.”

Fortunately, their return coincided with the birth of brother Nick Lachey and wife Vanessa‘s baby boy, Camden John.

“[Isabella’s] excited because she’s gonna get to meet her new cousin right away and see some of her friends,” reveals Lachey. “She’s excited to be able to see [the show] and see me do it live and be there and get dressed up in a fancy dress.”

And if his little girl is basking in the surf and sand and enjoying life on the West coast, Lachey shares, there’s no doubt her little “ball of energy” brother will be sure to follow suit.

“She enjoys the fact that he wants to do whatever she’s doing and that she needs to lead by example. If she does something wrong, we tell her, ‘Don’t do that because he’s going to learn,'” the father-of-two says.

“Then when he does it, she’s like, ‘I’m sorry, Dad, he learned that from me.’ She just loves the fact that she has that much power and influence over him.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Jessica Wedemeyer

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Shannon on

This is why i was happy to see a down to earth celebrity during my time in L.A. It was Drew strolling with his kiddos.

Way to go Cinci!

Tee on

I was born and raised in Ohio, and during the time I was married to a military man, we lived 3 yrs in southern California and yes, it’s an eye opener to see and experience coming from the mid-west, but nowadays, drugs are everywhere, even in the neighborhoods filled with church goers, the people who are well off in big homes, or even gated communities it’s still present, so I do understand what he’s saying, but shielding are children doesn’t always turn out how we want or expect.

JM on

I really don’t mean this in a facetious way but what does he do? as far as i can see the article only mentions him being on dancing with the stars which is hardly a career. i believe he used to be a singer, right? what does he do now? does he work?

Ali on

JM, I think he has some kind of hosting gig! 🙂

Nikki Barnes on

JM, Drew has accomplished much more then Nick. He has starred in numerous plays in Broadway, writing/producing musicals and the list goes on… Nick only has a good substantional of money because he got it in the Divorce settlement with Jessica. Drew is much more of a family man, staying out of the spotlight, he is the Greaeter Lachey! Hats off to you and your Beautiful Wife on the Life you’ve choosen to live with your Precious Children!

HenMo on

JM, he owns an “arts” camp, but after making money during 98 Degrees and Dancing, he hopefully has some money in the bank. He doesn’t strike me as a Bentley-driving, private jet-flying kind of celebrity douche.

leslie on

JM, he was in the boy band 98degrees with his brother Nick.

Jenn on

JM, he has a net worth of over $6 million….he doesn’t need to work. He is able to be a full time dad, good for him.

stacey on

my gosh, his wife is so unattractive. Hope their kids get their looks from dad.

Krystal on

Stacey, I’m sure you look like miss America…how rude…

Basil on

Stacey, you’re an idiot.

Marky on

Stacey, that is just rude! His wife is not unattractive at all. She is just the opposite; would you rather she looked like some fake “ho”?

Andrea on

Yeah I totally agree Marky! What’s up with people talking so badly about his wife and kids?? I think they look like regular every day people. Just bc his wife isn’t all glammed up doesn’t make her unattractive.

Sandy on

WOW How wonderful to hear another set of parents want to allow their kids to be young and innocent for as long as possible. I to feel that way. Where I live though- MOST do not. I have friends that start packing up toys and giving them away before there kids are even finished with them and encouraging cell phone use in 1st grade and other electronics. I think there are alot of parents out there that care about one thing- there kid being popular so they push them to act beyond their years. So very sad.

cathy on

I’m sorry but his kids are so unattractive especially his daughter.

Basil on

What a completely stupid comment to make, cathy. It amazes me how many idiots are out there.

Andrea on

That’s so jacked up to say cathy…

cathy on

His kids are kinda ugly.

sarah on

And I totally bet you look fabulous, right cathy? idk what kind of monster would go after a CHILD and insult them like that.

Jennifer on

Wow, really? To judge the appearance of his children does not make you look any better. They’re innocent kids who don’t deserve this type of ridicule from onlookers such as yourself. God don’t like ugly so don’t act ugly lady..

Jenn on

Why, you are really rude Cathy. I can’t believe you would take to insulting children. Is your own self image that distorted? Or do you get off making fun of or bullying others? Grow up and get some manners.

Faby on

SMDH at your commentm cathy.

kay on

Cathy you should be ashamed of yourself. What kind of a person says that a child is unattractive? I feel sorry for you. You must lead a miserable life.

Nunyaz on

Well look at the wife cathy. Yikes.

OHAnnaCA on

what a totally rude comment cathy…how would you feel if someone said that about you or your children? Just because this is somewhat anonymous does not excuse rude behavior. This is why Americans are made fun of by other countries!

guest on

Drew is a low key guy. Cool!

Nancy on

LA is a black hole. I wouldnt want to go there for any reason what so ever..

brittany on

Cathy, you are PATHETIC. Who says that about children? i hope one day when someone is actually willing to impregenate you, someone says that about your sure to be unattractive children

MRJ on

Every time I go in to comments on People there has to be some person that has to say mean bulls**t things and I always wonder is this person really this much of an a$$hole for real or do are they kids thinking they are being funny?

It’s nice to see a parent that is putting their children first. WTG Drew. He has a lovely family.

DB on

I finally made it to LA a few weeks ago……I was so disappointed….its dirty….not tourist friendly….expensive….and way too many people and cars…..I don’t know how they survive there….you can keep LA….give me the Kansas Flint Hills any day!

Nancy on

That was a great idea, LA is not kid friendly IMO

Gloria on

@ Stacey & Cathy……you two are just damn sad and pathetic! I bet you both look like skanky trash! And for you, Cathy, to call someone’s kid ugly …….says a lot about you! I hope you don’t have kids or have plans to have them! KARMA !!!

tiffanie on

Well said. As far as I’m concerned these people that make ugly nasty comments about how others look are just looking for some attention wanting replies and the comments for themselves. Its shocking that this is how our world is.. just plain cruel and nasty all around

Amy on

Cathy, I have no clue what you look like, but you too are quite ugly!

Anonymous on

Cathy, even if what you posted were to be true, I’m wondering, what does that have to do with the children? They are who they were born to be, and have absolutely nothing to, do with their looks, as not one thing on them did they make! I guess what I’m wondering is what is the purpose of your post! Just curious.

Anonymous on

What a great family.

Nancy on

Drew is a class act!

Sevilla on

The title of this article is not the main idea of it. The family “left L.A. YEARS ago” and therefore not the main idea as now they are living in L.A. A bunch of NOTHING.

trina on

How dare you insult his wife or his KIDS! Kids are a gift from God, an even if they have an awkward stage (which his don’t) its comments like that, that lower self esteem an cause depression. To those of you with those comments, you are nothing but mean BULLIES! Post pics of your kids an see how others react! And fyi he was in 98 degrees the boy band with his brother.

Sevilla on

I raised my family in Southern California and my kids are successful adults with great jobs, stable partners and post graduate college degrees.

I have family in Ohio and the kids are uneducated, unmotivated train wrecks.

Good and bad childrearing happens everywhere. Generalizations are pure ignorance.

Danielle on

They hate Hollywood , but they have to come back to work…..how sad is that……maybe he has no job in Cinci……so do not knock it where you make a living…..

Nadia's Daughter on

Ingore the sad, lonely people who say awful things. They want attention. I realize that writing this does give them another minute in the sun but so what…their 15 seconds are ticking away. Ignore them. They have their own problems.

Governor Odius on

So you left CA to get more innocence but dragged ’em back so daddy could work on an egocentric dance show that really has nothing to do with anything other than a last gasp chance at extending fame at the price of curtailing his kids’ innocence? Yeah, that makes perfect Hollywood sense to me…as in moving to Cincinatti in the first place! Why not just move to Montana and get out of show biz and raise your kids to be hunters and fur trappers and have good old fashioned all American values close to the land and the animals?

Enquiring minds really would like to know…

Jeana on

Are you sure they did not leave because of Cheryl???

Tmcat on

@Cathy why don’t you post a pic of you and your kids an let us be the judge…. Just saying

dudley doright on

Stacey: Unless u look like Angelina Jolie, maybe some people think UR ugly. Drews wife looks like a lovely, nice, young mom.

annie on

what nasty airheads on this blog,glad Drew has taken a great interest in his kids. No matter what career he did good.i hope all the ho s here can find a job modeling since u all r so goodlooking ha ha sure!!

melissa B on

I heard rumors back then of him and Cheryl Burke doing their thing.

Linda Radtke on

Cathy his kids are not ugly and even if they were why would you say something so nasty?

Ali on

OH-IO!!! Love the Lachey’s! Voting for you Drew, not just ’cause you’re a Buckeye but ’cause you’re really good!

Renee on

Wow, you guys calling his family ugly is uncalled for. They’re a beautiful group of people & I wish them the best. Going to school in Southern California & spending a lot of time in LA I get why they wanna move away. I wish them the best!

Katy on

I’d love to see photos of all the commenters who say his wife and children are unattractive.

What hateful people you all are.

anna on

@cathy- Who makes fun of a child? That’s sick. Its such a sad world these precious babies have to come into. Interesting thing is, you hide behind a computer screen like a coward. I bet you wouldn’t dare say it to daddy’s face that his child’s ugly. Can you please post a pic of yourself so we can see how beautiful you hunk you are? Yeah doubt you will.

cherrelle on

Wow it amazes me how pathetic some people can be, do you feel better about yourself after insulting 2 young children?! Its people like you “cathy” that make this world such a perfect place NOT. Go out, get a life (and most probably a job) and stop TROLLING

Anonymous on

Marky, although I think it’s terrible for anyone to comment negatively on someone’s looks I also think it’s equally terrible for you to call women who don’t look like Lea “fake ho’s”. There has to be a middle ground and a space for women to dress as they please and look “dolled up”. It does not make you a fake “ho” if you choose to have plastic surgery or dress revealingly. It’s a CHOICE women can and are allowed to make and does NOT automatically make them ho’s.

Teresa on

Personally, I think his wife is very wholesomely attractive and his son is a doll! Just because she isn’t ‘Hollywood’ beautiful doesn’t mean a thing…get your priorities straight!

DaisyMoon on

Wow…I have to say I’m a little shocked.

Sure, everyone makes fun of a celeb when they name their kids something ridiculous…I’m guilty of that…But, d*mn there are some unnecessarily cruel comments here…I’m actually embarrassed and sincerely hope Drew and family don’t read them…

I’m also going to be a lot more aware of what I post from now on…

I’ll stick to berating Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad contestants…

Come on, they practically beg for it when they agree to be on those dumba$$ shows.

Alyssa on

anyone that has negative comments needs to shut up! you are not gods gift to mankind and you not perfect! this man is taking wonderful care of his family…get over it

redwhiteandashley on

I grew up in LA… Born and raised. I dont blame Drew at all. Growing up in the valley, running in these circles of kids who grew up acting/singing/dancing, I saw nothing but drug use, heartbreak, and out of control behavior.. Ive lost friends to this crap. It’s unreal. I moved to the burbs closer to San Diego recently and could not be happier. I sure as hell wont raise children in that cesspool, thats for certain.

BlueSkidoo on

His son is absolutely adorable.

I live near LA and it’s entirely possible to be in the area and still be away from the “city” influences, find great school districts, and great neighborhoods. I don’t begrudge him moving to another state or anything, I’m just saying that there are plenty of “family friendly environments” within the state of California, even the community of Southern California.

cal on

Bravo! Drew & Lea for NOT being like all the other Hollywood
wannabe stars!! Wow! Putting your children first!! How
refreshing and wonderful is that! You did the right thing and
you will not regret it! Ohio is a wonderful mid-west values

Kate on

We are proud to have Drew and his family back in the Nati! They are such wonderful people, as I have met them on multiple occasions, and they do a lot of charity work for the city. For JM, he and his brother, Nick, were in the boy band 98 Degrees. He was also a guest host on a local radio station here in Cincinnati.

guest on

The Lacheys are the coolest most unhollywood guys out there-mad respect to them both-he has the cutest son and ive seen his daughter on DWTS so pretty!!

Emily on

What is he supposed to do with the other 16 hours of his day? I dunno, how about work like the rest of us!

Sue on

I never comment on these articles, but reading some of these rude comments really got me angry. What the hell is wrong with you people with the nasty comments?!? Seriously! You are what I call “typing tough guys”. Does it make you feel better typing nasty, unrelated crap that you would never in a million years say to someor’s face! Get a life! And to Drew and his fam, it is refreshing to see a down to earth, unspoiled and morally strong celebrity family. I really admire Drew for making his family first. So many celebs take that for granted. I always liked Drew and now I respect him even more. God bless!!!

maggie on

@Cathy. How disgusting that you call someone’s child ugly. If you don’t have anything nice to say, you should be quiet.

Ashley on

Wow. I hope nobody ever slams your kids the way some of you are slamming his. What a rude thing to say. Shame on you.

lisa on

Are you kidding me. His children are gorgeous. People are just mean. I wish them the best. My chidren were raised in the midwest…the best place in the world…

josie on

Cathy you are rude why you have to make a comment about his kids are ugly? Before you make a nasty comment why don’t you look yourself In the mirror? Post a picture of yourself and see how you look.

Anonymous on

Another Good reason to leave L.A. is so they won’t be photographed and have to read all these rude comments. I can’t believe someone would call a kid ugly, that is so mean. You should keep those comments to yourself. Don’t you listen to the news and read about low self esteem with children, have a heart give a kid a chance….

Andrea on

I was raised in Dayton, Ohio and then lived in Southern Ca for 10 years. They are completely different worlds. We live in Nashville now and I absolutely love it here. I couldn’t live back in Ca after living here. It is way too busy of a lifestyle for me and incredibly overpriced. It’s great for some people, but just not my cup of tea.

Anonymous on

Why are you haters?

denise on

I don’t like him. The last time he was on DWTS there were huge rumors that he and Cheryl were having an affair. No wonder his wife made them move. “The sources also contend that Matthew Lawrence, who was Cheryl’s boyfriend at the time, actually walked in on Cheryl and Drew in the act.

On January 22, while touring with that DWTS crap, Cheryl and Drew were engaged in some ‘oral pleasure’ when Matthew walked in.”

denise on

I don’t like him. Last time he was on DWTS there were huge rumors that he and Cheryl were having an affair. Just google it and you will see lots of articles about it. I’m sure his wife made him move after it all came out.

Jenn on

I was raised in a small town on the East Coast and am currently raising my children in Los Angeles and I think his comments about moving away from L.A. to help his kids stay “innocent” longer are absurd. L.A. is no different than anywhere else in that respect — it’s all about whom you surround yourself with and trying to make sure your kid doesn’t fall prey to the wrong crowd. Which is true of anywhere. In fact, because my hometown is small, it seemed like MOST of the kids would drink and do drugs because there was not much else to do.

L.A. is a lovely place to grow up and, yes, you can maintain normality for your kids here as well as anywhere else.

That being said, it’s a different story for the celebrities with kids who are stalked by paparazzi (which I don’t think would have been a pressing problem for Drew).

Emily on

My gosh. Some of you people are downright rude! Would you like it if someone called your kids ugly? Is it okay to call his kids ugly or unattractive since he’s a celebrity? Geez. Whatever happened to if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!!!!

JM: He is a member of 90’s boy band, 98 Degrees, who made a comeback with an appearance on the Today Show and concert in Hershey, PA in August, with hopefully some new music in the spring.

nancy p on

Some of you people are so rude!! there is nothing wrong with how his wife and kids look. That is so shallow and rude. get a life!!

Mere on

Stacey and Cathy, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You are two grown adults, and while you should be setting an example, you are so shallow! The article had nothing to do with their looks, but yet you two decided to comment on it. Instead of commending them for how they’re choosing to raise their children, you two pick on them. Good grief. Grow up, guys. You sound like terrible people.

tg on

Been to California. Will never go back. The people we encountered-almost like from another planet.

tg on

California is for weirdos

Just Me on

Hey everyone, listen up….”Cathy” is a flat chested, big nosed, buck toothed ho who dresses funny….her/it’s only high light in life is making fun of someone else’s children. Maybe she/it and “Stacey” can get together and compare their hairy moles and unibrows…

ace11 on

Your brother married a gold digging ho

Carli on

What mean spirited comments about his kids. I think they’re adorable.
I think what Nick means by the influence of Hollywood is that his children are impressionable and if they attend Beverly Hills High, where you see BMWs, Mercedes and other luxury cars, children who don’t know what a work ethic is but are given, given, given, you know where that road leads. Just ask Nicole Richie who grew up with the Paris Hilton’s. Hollywood seems so full of self indulgence…the most popular parents, popular kids, friends with their kids but no firm foundations.

Dbjr8 on

It amazes me how people feel the need to comment on his wife and children negatively. Grow up.

deannefox on

wow Cathy, why don’t you shut your fat face. How about being happy for a happy family instead of insulting CHILDREN????

Anonymous on

cathy- No need to post twice. And I wouldn’t call Drew’s kids attractive either…but that’s because I wouldn’t call ANY child attractive, due to the fact that when some says they find someone attractive, they usually mean that she or he looks s*xy. And that’s not something kids are supposed to be.

What they’re supposed to be is innocent, cute, and adorable. 🙂

marie on

I think if he still had a career in L.A., he would have never left. Pathetic to blame the kiddos.

But he’s right about Cali and his kids innocence. So I guess it works anyway.

Kari on

And by the ignorance and rude comments on here this is why they moved from LA. All over the world though there is hatred and stupidity and it really shows on here with people putting down others children and spouses. WTF is wrong w/ some of you!

devie711 on

Everyone who posts comments about a person’s appearance, or that of their children should be required to post pictures of themselves! Why on Earth would you find it necessary to criticize children? I don’t understand the constant focus on the negative. You should follow the old rule: If you don’t have anything nice to say…don’t put it online

Fran on

His wife Lea is gorgeous and so are their kids. Shame on you for saying such nasty things about children!

Jules on

This is my first comment on this website… but I can’t ignore the rude and downright cruel comments related to his wife and children’s looks. Children are precious and I’m glad his wife is real looking instead of being over botoxed. Really annoyed that people hide behind a screen to make insults!!!

Brandi on

For those who are making remarks about his ugly and unattractive family, I can’t help but wonder what you look like. Didn’t your Mamas teach you “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”? Looks aren’t everything. He obviously loves his wife and his kids are precious. Back off! Why can’t you just let them be?

bh on

Does he have a job in Cinci? Maybe he’s a stay-at-home parent and she works?

jill on

My god what’s tge world commin to. You people are seriously on here talking smack about two beautiful kids and parents who are willing to sacrifice the hollywood life to put tgeir kids first. I ued to work at kings island where drew and nick worked and ill tell ya those two and thwir families are some of the nicest people u would ever meet and lea is a doll. Shame on u

Paula on

And these comments are exactly why he left California. Superficial mean people!

Jill on

You people with your hateful hurtful words disgust me.

Sell Out on

The Lachey boys are not that cute when you really look at them. They have big noses and wide mouths. Drew seems to be fake like Nick. They claim to love the innocence of Ohio yet they can’t get away from LA. They love the fame but claim they don’t

Jackie O on

U can still raise your child in Los Angeles without them seeing any lifestyle you don’t want them to see. What is he trying to tell the parents who live there and raise their kids. It does not matter where you raise your kids, it’s HOW you raise them is the way they turn out to be. If he does not want them to see the hollywood lifestyle why is he doing DWTS with his kids in the audience looking at the skimpy outfits and sexy moves that no child should ever see. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Go back to CIncinnati and stay there.

Meg on

How is Cincinnati a more innocent town? It’s one of the most dangerous cities to live in: ghetto thugs, crime and drugs run rampant there. It’s not family-friendly at all. He must be very sheltered to think that Cincinnati is so great; I’ve been there, and it’s an awful place to be. There are many cities and towns that are much, much better.

Seela on

I am sure he moved because his wife was pissed he cheated on her with Cheryl Burke-

Tina on

His wife and children look like real people. This is considered bullying, Dont insult innocent children, people. What does that make you look like? We, as a society, should be better than this!

Laura on

shame on you for allowing negative comments about the children in your article.

TeacherJax on

beautiful family! I love the Lachey’s– sad how a lot of hollywood couple’s thrust their children in a world where innocence should be preserved even if it’s 5 minutes longer. Right on Drew and Lea!

Katie on

No offense but yes.. his wife is not cute at all. I know it’s probably personality or what not but just expected so much more from him but as long as he’s happy that’s all that counts. But he used to be a singe in 98 Degrees, JM. I don’t know what he does now besides special appearances but I think I heard on TV a week or so ago they’re getting back together for another tour?

Nicole on

Drew and his wife have been together since they were, like, 12. She may not be Hollywood gorgeous, but they are very much in love. He’s always been my favorite 98* member, although I haven’t meet him but have meet Nick and Jeff. Good for then moving to the more family friendly Ohio.

AQ on

He was born & raised in Ohio. He didn’t just pick some random state to move to. They both have family there. The Lacheys are nice people (including Nick).

BC-310 on

This is a dumb reason to leave LA.

Plenty of people have normal lives here but if you prefer to live in the Hollywood area, that’s a different story. The world of Hollywood is made up of people who aren’t from here but go outside of that place, and you’ll find normalcy.

Anyone who doesn’t like LA (or even willing to get to know it outside of Hollywood) should stay away. No point in cluttering up our city with people who don’t want to be here.

Nic80 on

Some of you are such hypocrites! You call these people out for being mean and nasty, then you are mean and nasty right back! SMH.