Kristin Cavallari: We Want Another Baby – Soon!

09/29/2012 at 12:00 PM ET
Jonathan Clay Harris

It was certainly a bit of a “surprise” when former reality star Kristin Cavallari first learned she was pregnant.

“I was shocked but really excited; we were both really excited,” the new mom, who welcomed son Camden Jack on Aug. 8, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

But it certainly hasn’t taken the starlet and fiancé Jay Cutler long to settle into their new roles as parents. “We’re a family and it feels like we’re already married,” she admits, adding “marriage isn’t at the top of our priority list right now, but we’ll do it.”

One thing that is on their minds? More babies!

“We’re talking about having another baby soon,” she says. “We want kids close in age. Jay wants four so we’d love to have two closer in age, take a little break then have two more.”

As far as their timeline, Cavallari reveals, “I can see us having another baby in a year. We’d love to have three boys and a girl. But we’ll be happy with anything!”

With Cavallari, 25, continuing to further her acting and fashion career — she’s currently designing shoes with Chinese Laundry — and Cutler, 29, thriving as quarterback for the Chicago Bears, the couple is determined to keep their kids grounded.

“There’s a quote from Warren Buffett, ‘I want to give my kids enough so that they could feel that they could do anything, but not so much that they could do nothing.’ That’s our motto,” Cavallari explains.

One thing is for sure, those kids won’t be getting away with much when moms around. “I think I’ll be the strict parent. I know what I was like,” says Cavallari with a laugh. “But I can see Jay being the cool dad.”

For now it’s all about Camden (and the current football season!), but Cavallari and Cutler have the off-season — and their future — already planned out.

“We have a house in Nashville and when Jay is done with football, that’s where we’ll live and raise our family. It’s beautiful,” shares Cavallari.

— Jennifer Garcia

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seila on

i hate when people start to talk about babies again real soon. enjoy the one you’ve got girl! and give your body a break

Veronica on

If it feels like they’re already married, then why not go down to a courthouse and make it legal?

Heather on

Because like she said…they already feel married. Why cheapen what they have and how they feel? It’s not like legalizing anything will guarantee that the relationship lasts longer or that they’ll be better parents. Why do strangers care how others choose to lead their lives?

Anonymous on

Probably because they want a wedding. Duh.

Pamela on

Sorry but is her publicist giving $ to People or something? This is like the 4th time she has been a story this week. Not trying to be negative but there are many other real celebrities that are new parents that might be worth covering too. Broaden your horizons a bit People.

librababe on

Wasn’t this already posted like a few months ago?

Anonymous on

All better to them!!! And hopes their dream come to true soon!!! They made beautiful babies !

nicole on

A.K.A “we’re already pregnant with another….”

Tee Tee on

That’s what my grandmother did! Her oldest son and daughter are two years apart. 12 years later, she had another son and daughter that were two years apart!

donna on


Chula_98405 on

What an idiot! Marriage isn’t a priority but having more kids is? Stupid!

Anonymous on

It’s so annoying to read articles like like from stars when they always state, “Marriage isn’t on the top of our priority list but babies are!” You got engaged, then pregnant (which you claim was an OOPS) and now your focus is to have another baby not get married??? Confused!

Brandi on

What is the big deal? So what if they end up having another baby before they get married? I personally believe in getting married before having kids, but though that’s the choice I made for my life, I don’t knock others for making different choices…to each their own, diffetent strokes work for different folks. What I hate is super-judgemental people! Lol lighten up!

Shell on

How about allowing your body to heal from this birth before planning the second? Jeez! It’s not a race. Slow your roll.

JustAThought on

Just a suggestion but why not make getting married a priority before having more babies. If you are already planning that far into your futures together, make it official. BTW, you both make beautiful babies.

Amber on

How about getting married first before you have more kids? Poor kids out of wedlock.

Heather A on

Poor kids out of wedlock? You do realize that people can still love their children and be great parents without being married, right? And before making any judgement on me, I am married with 3 children but don’t judge others for not being married before kids. Stop being so judgemental,what they do in their lives will not have any affect on yours.

Brandi on

Agreed! My husband and I were together for 5 years before we got married and even though we both have always wanted kids and were tempted to start a family before we got hitched, we stuck it out and celebrating our first year together as husband and wife recently was all the more special because we found out that we’re expecting 🙂 That was our choice, yes…but do I judge or knock others for not making the same choice? Absolutely not. Last year I attended the christening of a close friend’s baby…this was their third child and a definite surprise, but also their only child born in wedlock. They’ve been together for 16 years and married for 9, long after their first two kids came along. I think it’s awesome when people do what works for them (and not for society), stay true to themselves and beat the odds in the process. Some of the happiest people I know march to the beat of their own drum and do things in their own time. People need to lighten up and stop being so judgemental…is this 2012 or 1952???

Leslee on

She looks so great, they might as well put together a wedding for February, right after the end of the season and then let another baby follow.if they want the timing close.

She talked about waiting until after the second baby and before the second batch but she may find herself too busy with two very young ones to enjoy the experience of a wedding. They have enough money to not require a year in advance bookings and orders.

Oh well, just my two cents, the main thing is that they are happy.

Bethany on

Why does everyone have to be so negative? Allowing your body to heal? Please, tons of people have children in rapid succession. A woman’s body is designed to make babies. It’s perfectly normal to be planning their family at this point. Take the logs out of your own eyes before you point out the speck in theirs. It’s not your place to judge.

Bored on

What has this fame whore done recently to warrant so many articles? Is she even on tv anymore? smh

Bethany on

Don’t people like you realize that comments like that make you sound jealous and pathetic?

Janie on

I find this hilarious. She has no clue and seems so immature. I give it this ‘relationship’ 6 months.

ambrosia jordan on

“poor kids out of wedlock”?? i understand a lot of people have religious beliefs as to having kids before marriage, but really, in a circumstance like this, will a marriage really make things any different? the kid has thriving, happy parents who have $ to support him and jobs and are excited about babies and said that they eventually will get married, so what’s the problem? a big ceremony and a ring don’t equal happiness or committment. i wouldn’t feel too sorry/bad for this “poor kid” – pretty sure he’ll be just fine

xx on

I hate when people say it’s like we’re already married. No you’re not. You’re not married until you are. Think of it this way…you’re a baby momma not a wife. It doesn’t take that long to say I do.

Kat on

Um, yeah, she’s stupid. The only reason her boyfriend came back was because she found out she was pregnant. Don’t have another one just to keep him. Sounds like Tom Brady and Bridget M…only he realized he didn’t love the woman.

Brandi on

Um, actually they got back together and were engaged again before she got pregnant. Maybe you should try to have a clue as to what actually happened before you start judging and insulting people…just a suggestion 🙂

guest on

She’s a bitch

ChillMom on

I had my kids 15 months apart and my body had healed just fine, thank you. Who cares if they want another already? She’s in great shape and ready to roll.

That said, I just don’t understand how making a real commitment to love through marriage isn’t a priority, but creating an entirely new life is? Sooooo messed up. If you’re “too busy” to commit to each other for real, like adults, don’t talk about having more kids.

mindy on

They’re adults. I could care less if they’re married. I’ve never believed that sex is for married people only. However, I find it funny when people talk about planning their perfect family – 3 boys and a girl. Um, you get what you get and you don’t get upset.

Le on

Also, why did she say: “My boyfriend wants 4 kids, so we’ll have two and then two more”. Okay, and what do YOU want? He says it and you do it without having your own opinion?

haysoos on

a lot of press for this baby momma and LOL at thriving quarterback. They spelled ‘terrible’ wrong.

donna on

I can’t help but laugh when I read that Cutler is thriving as a QB! He’s a big puss!

OHO on

so she can get more money out of him in the end??

Joanna on

I think the only reason she wants another child so soon is because she likes the idea of having babies around the house. Let’s face it, children are only babies for a very short period of time and the only way to in sure that there are always babies in the house is to keep having them. It’s not my style to want to have children right away but to each their own. The main downside to having children so close in age is that as a parent you are dealing with more than one child in the same stage of development at the same time. At least wait until the first child is in the next stage of development (i.e. toddler or preschool age) first before giving a second one a try. That’s what my parents did with my sister and I ( I am 4 years older than her) and it worked out great.

Jules on

Right, because the way your parents did it is the only way that works.

Tia on

you dont have to be married to have kids many people including my parents have kids before marriage and get get married later on but i agree that she shouldnt have another one right after she just had one and should wait a couple years

Anonymous on

first they are not married they just have a kid. when is the commitment part coming in.

Anonymous on

It is obvious that she has not had a toddler aged child yet…good for them, but why rush it?

Jenn on

I am so sick of the people that continously stress marriage- It doesn’t work for everyone! It doesn’t mean you love your partner or kids any less! Mind your business!
“Poor kids out of wedlock?” just because you get married doesn’t mean it’ll last- I think the focus should be the kids and their happiness and until they are old enough to grasp marriage, why does it need to be an issue? Congrats to Kristin and Jay.

Frieda on

Translation: He will not marry her.

Lisa on

She doesn’t want to give her kids so much that “they could do nothing”? Ummm…isn’t that what she did?

Gloria on

Surprised when she got pregnant? That’s what usually happens when you have sex with no protection. As far as having more babies, what about Cutler putting a ring on it first and easing on down the aisle! Then, Miss Cavaleri, you can talk about having more babies. Slow down…Enjoy the one you have!

Joann on

There have been several babies born recently to high profile parents who put baby before marriage. Jessica Simpson, Kourtney K (2nd one), Snooki, Kristin…it’s the new trend that many young girls want to emulate. Such great role models we have today. Don’t be surprised if Kim K announces she’s preggers before legally divorced.

Usmcsgt98 on

I get that people feel that marriage before babies is a priority, but I really don’t see anything wrong with babies before or never getting married. We don’t live in the 1950’s anymore. You all can hate on my statement, but everyone needs to choose what is right for them..not what people who are nothing to them. If you chose marriage before babies, good on you. I, for one, did choose marriage before baby but that was MY CHOICE not someone “forcing” me to make that decision. Live and let live. If you don’t agree with other peoples choices don’t read the articles. I wish nothing but happiness for Kristin and Jay and their growing family.

Me on

To those whining about her marriage isn’t a priority comment – right now, her son is her priority. If she was more worried about her wedding than her child…you’d still whine. So she just can’t make you happy. Let her enjoy her child and the new dynamic that comes along with it for a little while!!!!

To those whining about her wanting another kid soon-do you have any idea how many people feel like that? Do you put those people down when they say they want another kid soon so that they’re close in age? MANY MANY people do this. And they have the money, desire, energy, etc to do so…so just shut up!!!

Anonymous on

Another hollywood “role model” teaching their child that being a whore is more impotant than being a wife. She’s still in la la land with the newborn. Wait until she’s got 2 kids in diapers running around like crazy. I wonder if she’ll be glad then that her kids are close in age. Not to mention how immature & idiotic she sounds…. “we want 3 boys & a girl… tehehe”. Get a life. You’re not the first woman to have a baby & you won’t be the last.

Kassie on

I can seriously only hope that this girl parading around like a functional adult reads these comments above & following..
1. Enjoy your 1st-born..w/out putting your energies into another pregnancy & newborn!
2. Set an example for your child(ren) & make your relationship a marital one.
3. Take your Hermes “push present” bag..& get a lobotomy!!

Bree on

My husband and I already trying for baby number two and would like to be pregnant by our daughter’s first birthday in December, we knew going into our first pregnancy that we were going to starting trying again within the year, that is what works best for us and our family.

As for marriage, my parents were together for ten years before they got married, and they only got married then because the rest of us were getting married and having kids and so they figure it was time!! (My biological parents seperated when I was 1 and I have no contact with my father at all. And yes he and my mom were married and had been married for two years when I was born).

My relationship with my husband and not changed at all since we got married, we just have more paperwork to deal with.

let these two have their own lives and relationships, if you don’t like it, don’t make the same choices they have, simple as that!!

momof2in1year on

My kids are both 14 until Thursday when my oldest turns 15, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

over this chick on

congratulations, get over yourself

Anonymous on

Its called parenting, people. I swear that single parents get way more adulation than those who have children together and STAY together but arent married. If the child is loved and the parents are happy, then bless the family instead of trashing them?

lilly on

More babies are on her mind but marriage is not a priority? Great, responsible way of looking at things.

timbrooks1957 on

another kid?? when do they break up?…you know they will. YOU F’IN’ KNOW THEY WILL. so dont argue.

timbrooks1957 on

who is this anyway???

Erin on

Please stop giving this girl publicity. Zippo personality and she’s only been a mom for a month but it seems like she’s mom of the month. Please!

babylove on

Why do you want kids and not want to be married?!? People are so gross.

M Mason on

It would be nice to see a celebrity traditional family where first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Camden in a baby carriage. Kudo’s to Reese Witherspoon….I think she actually ‘gets it”. Congrat’s to Jim and Reese! Kristin, try getting married BEFORE the next one.

Renee on

Beyonce & Jay-Z did the samething as Reese & Jim – responsible people, gotta love them! Camden is cute though & I hope he has a great childhood.

ace11 on

This Jay guy is completely lost

Nik on

Smug or what………..take a moment to be less controlled and up yourself Krissy.

Tiffany on

How about getting married next??? Also, babies are super fun and easy when they are little, just wait until they turn 2 or 3…That close in age they will be fighting all the time.

Tifany on

If you want four kids then why the heck not go ahead and get married? I’m not even against living together, but geez if you are starting a family get married. It will mean something to the kids, believe me!

Kathy on

Get married first, then more babies. Remember what this creep did before.

lyn on

Pamela, I completely agree. ‘People’, you have nothing else to write about than another celebrity talking about having a baby?SNORE.

May on

I love the way she’s planning three boys and a girl, okay good luck with that! Anyway, don’t really like her but her baby is adorable.

Betty on

So how come you never see him in any of the pictures she has plastered all over??

mjh on

AKA – I want a daughter.

mjh on

She talks like a real bimbo. Jay will be history real soon.

crystal on

good for them! close babies/kids can be the best of friends when they get older…i don’t know why people talk so highly of marriage still, after all, they are committed, a piece of paper is nothing, especially when SOOOOOOO many people get divorces. so, why be all uppity about it? Stupid!

Anonymous on

Maybe her man should focus on not being a crappy quarterback.

NM on

But, you’re NOT married! You’re not in a hurry to marry your baby’s father, but you’re sure in a hurry to make more babies with him. GET MARRIED!

NM on

@Mindy-God designed sex for marriage, NOT for single people to go around having sex and procreating! You don’t have to believe it, but that doesn’t mean it’s right! Let me guess, you don’t care what God thinks either.

Big Fan on

I had two back to back, they’re best friends and have so much fun together, I don’t regret it a second.

Jane*Doe on

Do people not know our world is over-populated? 4 kids?

Anonymous on

and who the heck are you to decide how many children people should have. Chinas policy has left their repopulation rate low, it all equals out. If you don’t want 4 kids, don’t have 4 kids. People need to get a life. Who cares how many kids she has?! You’re not raising them. Get over it!

Jules on

Seriously?? What a dumb comment. I have 3 kids…sorry!

mb on

I dont know who likes fame more, her or her husband. She has too much time on her hands to be in articles this much. Starting to really turn me off on who she is.

Jane*Doe on

Do people not realize our world is over-populated? 4 kids??

JoAnn on

Babies are not like blouses, “Oh, I love this blouse, its so cute, lets get another one”. Childrens are not like clothes, take time to get to enjoy your little on before talking about another one. They are not something people collect.

Beth on

It seems like every new mom says this after having her first, I want another one soon. Give it a chance you’ll be changing your tune…….

Shannon on

Sounds like my hubby and I. We had two just 12 months and 12 days apart. (but that was NOT planned) Baby 3 came 2 years and 9 months later and baby 4 came 2 years and 4 months after the third, 4 babies in 6 years and I love the closeness. There are definitely pros and cons for having them closer in age and then spacing them apart but just do what feels right to you, we wanted all our kids to be closer in age and experience the same things together. To each their own.

Sandy on

Another Tori Spelling….

Meep on

Over population? God? Make it legal? “Poor kids out of wedlock”? seriously people. Two people who can support their kids, care for their kids and treat their kids right is a bad thing because they aren’t married? Single people get props for caring for their kids alone all the time and being a single parent is better for a child than having no one in their lives to love them. How is it bad for a child to have two parents who love him? They aren’t married but that doesn’t change their ability to care for the children. God??? Some people don’t believe in God. That is a personal choice and you shouldn’t push what you believe on others and judge them just because they don’t all follow your way of life. If marriage is important to you, that’s great… it’s just not that important to others and that is fine too. Some people don’t need a piece of paper to prove their love for each other. I realize however that it doesn’t matter what I (or anyone else) says… there are always going to be people that will judge others… no matter if they are great people, great parents or what.

Heather A on

What does jessica have to do with this article? Everyone is different,even pregnancies and weight loss after baby can be different. My first pregnancy, I gained 40 lbs and it was very hard to lose. My second pregnancy was with twins and I gained 45 lbs and it came off easy. Seven weeks after having them, I had lost 58 pounds,13 more pounds than I gained. I am not even a fan of jessica simpsons,but I think people should just back up and take a look in the mirror. Nobody is perfect and I am definitely sure you arent either.

Brooke on

Lets face it the more kids she has the more child support she will end up with. I am sure this girl has a nanny and hasnt gotten up in the middle of the night with her kid once.

Tia on

it doesnt matter if people are married or not when they have kids as long as they love each other and are commited to each other then it shouldnt matter but she shouldnt want a baby a month after having another one because i think you need time to let your body recover after having a baby and shouldnt have one asap they should wait a couple years before having a baby again my parents had me and my brother before they got married and got married when we were young so marriage shouldnt matter

s on

get real on here its her life not yours stop judging!!!

Nicole B on

Aw, I love it! Yes she’s had a questionable past, but clearly she is happy and trying to enjoy this special time. I think it’s wonderful she’s enjoyin being a mom and wants more children! I believe in marriage, but if they choose not to then that’s their choice.. who are we to judge?

sa on

Enough with these boring, no substance articles on her!! At least use another photo if you plan on telling us what she had for lunch!

Max on

For those of you saying that there are only religious reasons to get married, you are so wrong. There are tons of legal reasons to get married, that include joint tax returns, having a say if your husband or wife gets sick or hurt, and you need to make the decision to pull the plug. Why do you think Gay people have been fighting for the right to get married, it’s not just religious reasons. So knock off the stupid comments about it just being religious reasons. I’m an atheist and got married in front of a judge and have been for 10 years, and it is not the same as living with someone, you are legally bound to that person, huge effing difference.

freethinkermomma on

First off marriage isn’t for everyone so stop saying”then get married” if they want more kids. Big deal divorce rates are so freaking high nowadays why bother. Secondly not everyone is religious so stick it where the sun don’t shine. If the girl wants more kids let her, it’s her body and her uterus not yours, just like it’s her life and not yours. You don’t have to pay for those kids so shut it and keep your opinion to yourself!

Erin on

I may be too cynical but I’m not a fan of her, she seems like a famewhorey brat ala the Hills and whatever else she’s been on. You’d hope she’s grown up but the getting oops pregnant as soon as her ex got back with her, then wanting to pump out more kids straight away because that’s what HE wants – yeah seal that deal, go for gold. Ugh, and the snarky comments she made about someone else picking her baby’s name (I very much doubt he’s the only Camden), I’m still lead to believe she’s still a me me me obnoxious brat.

Oh well, hope the best for her kid. He is cute.That said – no more pics and articles thanks. People – for the C list ‘reality’ tv celebrites.

Kass on

Marriage is such an antiquated idea. It isn’t necessary. I have to laugh at all the negative comments because she isn’t married. It’s so sad that is all people worry about. It’s more important to have a happy, healthy child than a marriage – and marriage does not factor into that. You can say all you want it that it does, but the only time a marriage factors into a child’s well-being is when it is ending in divorce. I would rather see two people being supportive of one another and loving their children unmarried than twp people who felt obligated to get married before having children being miserable and it affecting their children.

Jane on

Nicole- Actually, Jay has been dipping his wick in other chick s. Kristin had better hope that he doesn’t get them pregnant.

Kitty on

Marriage IS a big deal ! Enough with all the liberal crap here.

ds on

maybe you should get married first, that would be a great idea

Tara on

I think that People should really calm down on the Kristin stories. Reporting on her every thought, word, action and general existence is getting really pathetic. I think they are enjoying the controversy and conflict it is causing among the readers because that means more popularity and that’s sad.
As for Kristin, to each their own. She is a young girl and while she may have all the money in the world none of that will save her when she is burnt out from popping out so many kids so quickly.

Lea on

I think every couple and every family has a different timeline with respect to if and when they want children and how many. It’s pretty sad that total strangers can be so mean and judgmental towards someone. It’s also sad women are not supportive of one another and are so catty instead. No wonder there is bullying in schools; it must be what is taught at home.

joanne1965 on

She is a has-been…seriously, what real work has she done that has actually been GOOD???

Camden on

KC is a shack up honey. put a ring on it j!

JulieB on

Commitment? It’s because of a man’s refusal to commit is why couples are not married. You do need a piece of paper to get legal rights. Everyone forgets how easy it is for a man to leave w/o marriage. He can decide one day not to come home, leaving the mom and all the kids destitute. Happens to millions of women & children every day Child support is almost impossible to get.i

Monica on

Everyone is saying they should get married before having another kid because 1) they are engaged which is supposed to mean they plan to marry, and 2) she specifically states that marriage just “isn’t a priority right now” but having more kids is. If that’s the case then just call off the “engagement” and forget the pretense that they ever actually will marry, since it’s “not a priority”.

Betty on

UGH!!! PLease ENOUGH of this airhead!

Rachel on

When will you morons realize marriage is a joke? Maybe in the olden days it mattered now it’s foolish TO get married. Good for her for putting having babies first..that’s what really matters

max on

@ Freethinkermomma, lot’s of non religious people get married. It’s not just religious reasons, there are legal reasons to. If something ever happened to my husband, I’d want to know I would be ok financially instead of being left with nothing.

Jan on

If she’s not good enough to marry she shouldn’t be good enough to be the mother of your kids..

erika on

she needs to have four kids all right in a row and not hire a nanny. that will be so much fun! 😉

Tony on

Hopefully they get married first so they don’t have another out of wedlock baby.

Anonymous on

This baby is so cute!!!

Sara on

Gee, so because this is a story about the two of them planning their future family together people can’t do the usual she trapped him comments so now it’s she’s not giving her body time to heal. Or else, why not get married first and then have more babies. The article explains their reasoning. She wants to get pregnant pretty quickly and then take a break before having 2 more. The implication is not that marriage isn’t important to them, but that they’re going to do it and the commitment is already there. They are just placing a higher priority on having the kids closer together and obviously Kristen doesn’t want to have a wedding while pregnant. The other obvious implication is that they don’t want to go down to the courthouse because they want a big religious ceremony. The first baby was a surprise so things got out of order, but the long term plan is the same. I don’t see any reason for all the seriously negative comments. I’m so sorry Kristen and Jay’s priorities don’t mirror yours exactly, but the thing is, it’s up to them to make their own priorities. At no point did she devalue the institution of marriage so really, why does everyone have their panties in a wad?

Lisa on

Someone needs to tell this lonely little rich girl to stop embarrassing herself, seems she has no one better to talk to other than the press. Comes off as a desperate plea to convince everyone her life is roses and unicorns when we all know Jay’s a man whore and Kristin’s just a baby mama. The problems causing previous break-up’s do not magically disappear when an ‘oops!’ baby appears after makeup sex.

Mary on

She sounds like having children is like ordering a purse! “I have one now, but want another close [in age] (=color)…my baby daddy wants me to have 4, so I’ll have 2 now (one navy, one rust) and after a little break (=when I’m tired of those colors), I’ll order 2 more (how about a brown and a taupe)…I’d love to have 3 clutches and 1 strap…but I’ll take whatever you have in stock.”

. . on

Goofy looking baby

Eric Lotz on

Just kinda stumbled on this story cuz I remember hearing she was dating JC a while back but I never heard anything more about that.being a huge football fan I saw the article & was curious as to whether she was with JC or not.anyways,all I wanna say after reading the brief article then some of the commentary here is: Wow people,get a life!…& when you do,recognize that it is entirely too short & hopefully you will not want to waste the rest of yours being so damn bitter!…wow,really trippin’ on some of you people..

LInda White on

I think it’s her business if she wants another baby already. She is able to care for it financially and so that makes it not our business. I think babies babies back to back are great. Her plan sounds great. Give her some time though and you know she will chnage her mind about having them so close together once Camden is crawling and getting into everything. But babies are a blessing no matter how they get here. Congrats Kristin. Camden is adorable.

Laila on

lol…she sounds like a space cadet..

Mandy on

She must have a nanny. I have a 16 month old and no time to think about another one. Also, if you can commit to making more kids than commit to your baby maker and get married…

Alicia on

I’ve got a great idea! How about you get married before you have another baby? Wouldn’t that be a unique idea in the hills, or in Chicago, or any other blue state? Totally original!

ellie on

It must be thr new born glow or something. I felt that too but she really doesn’t have a clue yet the amount of constant work it takes. Mine are 15 months apart and it is really hard.

Guest 101 on

Another baby? She must wants another push present to go with the one she just got. *eyeroll*

Lynocat71 on

They are a beautiful couple and the baby is gorgeous~!!! Get married 1st though and then have another one. I thought going from 1 to 2 was easier because I had the expreience already but, I am a mother of four now. I love them all but, it is hard hard work

Kelly on

i agree with Bethany. It is not your place to judge. And so many people have kids close together in or out of wedlock. As long as they love each other and plan to be together what does it matter if they are married or not. At least they are older and not younger. And if she wants another baby then she can have another one. Its better for kids to be closer in age to their siblings anyways.

Tony on

Ummm, how about getting married first!

Horsegirl on

Marriage is not “just a piece of paper”!! More like an actual legal commitment to another person. It really has nothing to do with religion. Try making medical decisions in an emergency situation – “it’s like we are married” means nothingin the eyes of the law. I get that this baby is loved and fiancially cared for reguardless, but I wish we would go back to a time when marriage was important. Especially if you plan on keeping on pushing babies out with this person in the future.

Anonymous on

Marriage is overrated.

Go Kristin!

mjh on

Three boys and a girl? What imbicile says something so stupid? Hopefully, the kids don’t inherit her lack of intelligence.

Bella on

I don’t like her…
Never have…
i think she’s as fake as they come…
Pre-nuptial agreement is need in her case…
An iron cade one…Watch your back Jay…

i need a name on

She looks and sounds so happy. I am so happy for her.

Flipper on

omg make sure he MARRYS you before you start popping out more babies because HE wants them, protect yourself financially –

Flipper on

nothing but a baby momma, have some respect and class for yourself and your kids and get married before you pop out more babies!!

Shawna on

Whoa there chippie! Slow down. It wasnt too long ago that you and Mr Quarterback had called it quits. Isnt little Cam a “reconciliation baby”? Just because you can afford to, doesnt mean you should start popping out babies like youre a broken gumball machine!

elsa caceres on

she needs to get married
then have another baby

weezer on

Is it we or you who wants another baby, Kristin? Why don’t you enjoy the one you have right now. What an idiot!!

weezer on

Oh and one more thing, she wants to have another baby so she has more friends to watch cartoons with.

Mel on

Is this the dark ages? Let your body heal? I have 4 kids and got pregnant within a year with all of them (so they are all between 17-24 months apart. I wouldn’t have it any other way! They are super close and best friends.

My cousin’s kids are 12-18 months apart and my brothers are 15-18 months apart. We are all perfectly healthy and fit with no problems.

John F. C. Taylor on

If all she’s done is appear on a reality show, she is not a star. Nobody that’s appearted on those shows has earned or deserves the right to be caqlled stars.

Catca on

There is a lot of misinformation in the comments about the legal reasons to get married. 1) yes you can make the decision to pull the plug on your significant other if you have a healthcare power of attorney, you don’t need a marriage license for that. 2) Yes you can inherit the same as a spouse would inherit if your significant other makes a will and if his or her family does not successfully challenge that will. 3) Yes, you absolutely can get child support as that is about who the parents are, not whether they are married or not. The decision is about best interests of the child and it is NOT difficult. There are only two legal reasons for marriage: joint tax returns and higher likelihood of winning a will challenge (remember Anna Nicole Smith’s position as the wife was challenged by her husband’s family who tried to strip her of her entire inheritance, even being married does not protect you from a will challenge – you just have a better chance of winning if you were married). There is a third legal reason to get married and that’s health insurance but most large companies extend their group insurance to significant others and domestic partners so unless you work for a smaller company or are self employed, that’s not a legal reason anymore either. The bottom line is that the laws no longer heavily favor married people as they had in the past and the reasons to get married are personal. I believe in marriage and would get married even if I was walking down the aisle pregnant, but that’s my choice. I don’t begrudge others for choosing to marry after they don’t have a baby bump under their gown.

Marcia on

I never thought immediately after each of my kids was born “I want another right away!”. I was too busy enjoying and delighting in the little baby we had. Cavallari is very young, what’s the rush? Oh and I live in Chicago, and I wouldn’t say that Cutler is “thriving” as the Bears’ quarterback.

Anonymous on

Of course she wants a lot of babies her nanny wont mind one bit

Anonymous on

Guess he’s in for child support, but no alimony. Good financial sense Jay!

Rachael on

She might want to get married first.. and as for her husbands so called “career”, they may be moving to Nashville sooner than she thinks if he keeps playing like he is 🙂

Calibeach on

Really? New “star” wants another baby? Since when does reality show people are considered stars? Look I don’t care what she wants to do, it’s her life. But come on….New “star”?

Anonymous on

another baby mama….make him mare you dummy, women of today are so stupid.

Velma on

Broken up within 24 months. Mark my word.

Reesie on

Who is she and what exactly is she famous for???

Reesie on

who is she and exactly what is she famous for???

Jules on

Too bad she doesn’t take marriage vows to her man as a serious commitment. Pooping out babies just makes her a baby mama. Without a marriage, they are just playing house! So sad for her kids, that they a legally declared family.

tori on

She’s not relevant unless they’re talking about her pregnancy or her new baby so to keep relevant she needs another one just to stay there. Marry the childs father already. Give me a break,she’s such a fame whore!

Anonymous on

Star? I thought the article might be about someone famous for something other than a dumb reality show that I haven’t seen. Worse than Huff Post.

Anonymous on

You are shsowing NO commitment to you child/children until you are married…sorry

Anonymous on

No let her keep going, she will wear her body down and be exhausted like the rest of us. Then we can watch the problems of the perfect life unfold.

El; Dee Bee on

Oh yes, by all means keep pumping out babies before you even waste time thinking about a formality like marriage. You just might want to let the momentary excitement of a new baby settle down first.

jk on

Why can’t you enjoy your newborn first BEFORE considering another one? Why the RUSH? I don’t know – on again, off again relationship — I would carefully consider before having another baby. Marriage first. Plus who cares about reality stars. Please think carefully Kristin before you speak.

Mrs. Prue on

This is something I found on the internet that talks about the legal rights unmarried couples have if they decide to separate. It says only a few dozen states recognize common law marriage, and Illinois isn’t one of them, and that’s the state they live in. So people saying legal reasons aren’t good enough reasons to get married that’s not really correct.

amber on

Man I am LOL-ing at most of these negative comments! Do you guys realize Kristin and Jay will probably NEVER read these and also how jealous they make you look. Why marriage? Why wait for more kids? It’s their life, relax and go on about your business. Like I said, these comments I’m sure will never be published in a magazine so I highly doubt they are going to read them and take advice or negativity from someone they have never met.

Katherine on

Hey Cutler…quick thinking with the wrong head and play some football!!!!

Melanie M on

Ridiculous comment about wanting another baby in a year. Only a woman with nannies and housekeepers and tons of money would say that as minions do the real work. I also agree with comments below saying she sounds really immature. I think she is. I can’t see this relationship lasting.

Tania on

Oh please, this article is simply her retaliation to the blind item on CDAN which everyone is saying is her.

Maybe stop going out every night and actually take care of your baby?

Hannah Smith on

As a mother of three grown children, I think I can honestly say Cavallari’s statement that she wants to have another baby soon is the stupidest statement ever. Just wait till she hits terrible twos or when this baby has a bad cold or a stomach virus and the “new” baby is crying to be fed or changed….then she’ll wish she spaced them out. Why do women say this just months after having a baby? They have NO idea what is going to take place just 6-8 months down the road with the one they just had. Hey Kristen…how about you just go about your business and quietly enjoy your baby and keep to yourself instead of boring us everyday with your baby talk and pictures of your post-baby body. ENOUGH!

Anonymous on

Who cares if they are married or not. These kids will only know that they have two loving parents. Both my parents were married AND divorced three times each, so marriage isn’t for everyone!!

Ramonan on

Why don’t you try marriage first?

Faye on

Any self respecting woman would require a man to put a ring on it. Especially before giving birth to his offsprings. “it’s not a priority”? You just ghave this man the key to not commit to you or his kids. Expect to be cheated on and left for another woman soon. One who actually is logical in her thinking.

Veronica on

This woman, and I say that loosely is a complete joke.

“Oopsie Daisy. I can’t believe I’m knocked up.” I doubt she was “surprised” by her oopsie baby though I’m sure her baby daddy was.

How convenient for her to get pregnant upon reconciliation with a man who previously broke off their engagement.

Kristin isn’t rich. Let’s not act like she has a successful clothing line like Lauren Conrad. Her family home was foreclosed on earlier this year. Her parents can’t support her lifestyle when they can’t even pay their own mortgage. Her acting career is nonexistent, and her fashion career was too until this recent deal with Chinese Laundry. The only person in her life with significant income is Jay.

She should see have looked at past history with NFL quarterbacks, and babies conceived at the end of their relationships.

She’ll join Bridget Moynahan (Tom Brady) and Brynn Cameron (Matt Leinart) as a NFL Baby Mama.

The only difference here is the couples I mentioned were already broken up when they discovered their “oops” baby on the way, and stayed broken up. Neither guy returned with an engagement ring.

I give it 1.5 years tops, and that’s being generous. Then will come the “We still love and respect each other, but have decided to go our separate ways. It’s amicable, and we will remain friends for the sake of the child, blah, blah blah, blah blah.”

Jenn on

And all you ladies stressing the marriage and “kids out of wedlock”… I’m sure al of you waited until AFTER marriage to have sex, right? Because you do know everyone runs the risk of an unplanned pregnancy if you are having sex- even with birth control it’s not 100%… what makes you guys so holier than thou? LMAO She may well have gotten pregnant on purpose, but who are any of you to judge? It desn’t affect you directly!

Ellen on

she is a nothing and she trapped him, but he is not much either. she just wants more kids because that means more money when he dumps her!!!

Shea on

Is it just me or does it seem like she’s writing a movie script for her life? Very out of touch with reality. And the Warren Buffett comment? Please.

public concensus on

A marriage may be short-lived, and is no guarantee for financial security. However, another baby is guarantee to extend financial security for another 18 years. For Kristin, it’s ok that babyather does not want to commit. Just milk the cow, pay child support. No alimony payments without the marriage.

public concensus on

Have another baby to extend financial security for another 18 years.

J on

The female body was designed to have babies. Mine were born 8/7/04, 6/19/05 (yes, 10.5 months apart) 12/2/06 and 8/2/08 and my body healed just fine. People always comment about how I don’t look like I even had one baby much less 4 in 4 years. If she feels ready, more power to her.

Amanda on

True but the female body was also designed to breastfeed with no bottles or pacifiers. That usually keeps ovulation away for at least several months. Just saying if you really want to get into what the female body was designed to do.

Veronica on

I give this relationship another year, and that’s being generous. However, based on these blind items Jay and Kristin deserve each other.

This star of an NFL team was dining out with a male friend at a steakhouse the other night. After dinner, they were sitting there texting and talking on their cell phones when a young fan came over. He explained that he didn’t want an autograph or a photo, but that his 85-year-old grandmother was a lifelong fan of the team, and it would mean the world to her if the athlete would simply say hello to her as he was leaving the restaurant. The athlete looked up from his cell phone, glared at the fan for five or six seconds, looked over at the grandmother, and said “No! Now get the f*ck away from my table!” The stunned fan retreated back to his table. A few minutes later, the athlete did manage to acknowledge the fan and his grandmother… by giving them the finger on his way out of the restaurant.

* Came out in early December before her pregnancy announcement in January.

People break up and get back together all the time. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.

Then there’s the case of these two good-looking people. They have both been on TV regularly, but in two very different roles. They were together. Then then broke up. Now they’re together again. Did they work things out? Is it true love after all? Nope. She’s pregnant. And, with all his other troubles, the thought of being a husband and a father is more than he can bear right now. But he’ll play along until he figures a way out of this.

No wonder he’s been such a jerk lately. Then again, scratch that “lately” part. He’s just a jerk. In fact, she has a reputation for being a b*tch, and he has a reputation for being an as*hole. So maybe they are perfect for each other.

Blind Item #1
This former reality star and now pretty much just a D list wannabe is telling friends she will never get pregnant again. Having a bay is way too inconvenient even with a nanny and it did not bring her as much money as she thought it would and she is worried she will not get enough child support to support herself when she splits with the baby daddy.

Leah on

Why is she even famous? Laguna Beach about a bunch of spoiled mean kids was a while ago. Bc you’re on a reality show suddenly you’re an actor and designer. People is becoming more like US Weekly.

Anonymous on

Newborns are easy….wait til they become mobile…good birthcontrol

jsp81355 on

Kristen, just because your fiancee wants four children doesn’t mean that you have no choice in the matter. You do have a say in these things too, believe it or not.

mccann25 on

You would think it would be illegal to have that much fun in bed with Kristin Cavallari.

Cece on

The only people that claim marriage isn’t a big deal are those that a) have never done it b) those that want to do it but their man is unwilling….in any case bitter and jealous individuals.

Amie on

I bet she is already pregnant again.

Bev on

I don’t care how anyone might respond to what I am saying but I am going to say it anyway = How shameful for a person who just has a child and also wants to have another one soon to say marriage is not top on their list. Shows just how low morals and values have gotten. How sad

Thomas on

They need to do the morally correct thing and get married before even thinking of conceiving another baby.

MollyF on

Vev, she didn’t ask you for your opinion, did she. If she wants to have kids out of wedlock, it’s HER and her partner’s business, not YOURS or another elses. I’m sick of the religious people who think they have the right to jam their morals down people’s throats.
Also, my brother and sister are 14 months apart. My Mom didn’t realize she could get pregnant while still breast feeding.
I know this is a blog and people have a right to their opinions, but it just gets tiresome when people have the same opinions over and over again.

Alia on

I’m glad she has a perfect life…now can she stop pushing it in everyone’s face please?? Also she acts like everything will go according to plan…4 kids, blissfull life…hello we’ll talk to you when you get into the real world…

Tricia on

um get married first…

Starbright49 on

Wow what a cuite, he’s adoarable. nice job mama

Veronica on

Kristin and Jay deserve each other.

@ Tania. There are several unflattering blind items about her and Jay.


Blind Item #1
This former reality star and now pretty much just a D list wannabe is telling friends she will never get pregnant again. Having a bay is way too inconvenient even with a nanny and it did not bring her as much money as she thought it would and she is worried she will not get enough child support to support herself when she splits with the baby daddy.

This blind item came out in early December. Nearly 2 mths before her pregnancy announcement-

People break up and get back together all the time. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.

Then there’s the case of these two good-looking people. They have both been on TV regularly, but in two very different roles. They were together. Then then broke up. Now they’re together again. Did they work things out? Is it true love after all? Nope. She’s pregnant. And, with all his other troubles, the thought of being a husband and a father is more than he can bear right now. But he’ll play along until he figures a way out of this.

No wonder he’s been such a jerk lately. Then again, scratch that “lately” part. He’s just a jerk. In fact, she has a reputation for being a ____, and he has a reputation for being an _____. So maybe they are perfect for each other.

This star of an NFL team was dining out with a male friend at a steakhouse the other night. After dinner, they were sitting there texting and talking on their cell phones when a young fan came over. He explained that he didn’t want an autograph or a photo, but that his 85-year-old grandmother was a lifelong fan of the team, and it would mean the world to her if the athlete would simply say hello to her as he was leaving the restaurant. The athlete looked up from his cell phone, glared at the fan for five or six seconds, looked over at the grandmother, and said “No! Now get the f*ck away from my table!” The stunned fan retreated back to his table. A few minutes later, the athlete did manage to acknowledge the fan and his grandmother… by giving them the finger on his way out of the restaurant.

Auspicious Kitten on

Marriage is not that important anymore now that women are in charge of their own lives. Marriage was always about inheritance, which was why a “legitimate heir” was so important.

Tee12 on

Please get married! My goodness– live together, have babies and be engaged for years..and marriage isn’t a priority! Sad and confused. Marriage doesn’t cheapen anything, it’s a convent.

Mary on

Jay Cutler should have kept running when he dumped her last year. She is so immature and pathetic! What a gold digger- more babies = more child support! I feel sorry for that super cute baby. Poor Camden has a publicity-seeking mother with no talent whatsoever. She got “knocked-up” by a quarterback that she would have never looked at twice if he wasn’t rich – that’s her talent? Jay has true talent and should have gone for a nice girl. I wish him and baby Camden good luck!

ecl on

This is a quote from BEFORE her baby was born. She may be changing her tune now. Maybe not. Who cares? Let people plan their own families.

lovely123 on

Perhaps they should talk about marriage BEFORE bringing another baby into the family.

Leslie on

Why don’t you try GETTING MARRIED before you have another baby?

Dawn on

Yeah why don’t you take care of the one you just got for a while… And be sure to keep that boyfriend of yours around, looks as if he was tricked into that one anyway.

Jessica C. on

Stop judging. My sister and I are only a year and nineteen days apart. It doesn’t matter. It’s great being so close in age because you can enjoy the same things. Good for them.

Laura t on

Lmfao I think it’s funny how people here are taking it way too serious calm the fu ck down! Stop acting like your like is great! And Kristin you better marry his arrogant a SS before he dumps you again like last time! Haha

texaschickeee on

props for Conrad. She is truly a class act. This cheat sleazy got on the hills , went after boyfriends and now can’t even get married before have a kid (and wanting another) and all for her selfish self. LC has done her clothes, written books, and kept her self out of the trash and child free. I wish this one would go away…..

whatever on

Hey boys learn from Jay, next time you have having sex with your vapid, superficial, gold digging ex, put a condom on because chances are she’s “forgotten” to take her birth control. I’m glad some of you are nice out there and want to see the good in Kristin but “we’re waiting to get married” equals he won’t marry me and he only proposed because I “accidently” got pregnant. Get a clue Kristin doing everything he wants is not going to keep him and having kids with a man doesn’t stop them from leaving you.

Anonymous on

What happened to getting married before having a baby??

bag on

I dont know why you guys care so much!!! if you dont like her dont read the article… She can do whatever she likes with her life…

curlymoe on

the only edit of the arcticle: Jay cutler is not thriving at anything.

Daniela on

Who cares what they do? It’s their life. To each their own. You do that you want, and they do what they want.

@texaschickeee – you realize the hills was fake right? They were all told to act that way. And Lauren Conrad looks like a class act but I’ve actually encountered her numerous times and she’s a snob. Doesn’t care about fans or the people who put her where she is. Not to mention if it wasn’t for The Hills and those fans, nobody would know about her clothes. She would probably be a struggling designer like so many other women and men.

rachel on

My God he is a bright eyed cutie!!!! so alert!

Dagna on

Who cares if they’re married or not? Who are you to judge?