Malin Akerman Expecting First Child

09/28/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
Jason LaVeris/Filmmagic

Malin Akerman is going to be a mom!

The actress, 34, and her husband Roberto Zincone are expecting their first child together, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The Childrens Hospital star — also known for her roles in Rock of Ages and Wanderlust  — and Zincone, the drummer in her former band The Petalstones, tied the knot in Italy in 2007. And the actress considers herself a very lucky woman.

“I really hit the jackpot,” she told Women’s Health in 2009 of her husband. “Roberto is so accepting and supportive.”

She admitted at the time that not everyone had faith their romance would last — but the couple have happily proved skeptics wrong.

“People would say, ‘I’ll give the two of you five years,'” she told the magazine. “But it gets better and better every day.”

— Anya Leon

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Lauren on

Yay! I love her in 27 dresses:)

T in Texas on

SO !

a oliverlane on


Pam on

How sweet! Congrats Malin!

Marky on

Anonymous, if you don’t know who someone is, just Google them, read about them and then you will know. After you know who they are (and frankly, why don’t you know after reading THIS article), you can comment or not, but to say “Who and her husband who?” make you (and/or anyone else who posts something similar) sound sort of…….ignorant.

. . on

That is kind of rude calling someone ignorant Marky. Get off your high horse.

hotcoco on

They r ignorant..just jealous cause no one knows who u are..ha ha

Fraggle on

Well put Marky! Some people obvoiusly need a clue

Lady on

Why would you even waste your time commenting on this post Anonymous if that’s all you are going to say? Lame.

Anywho, she’s beautiful…congrats!!

Mrhappspits4u on

Your are all sad ignorant people that read this crap when your entire country is going to he’ll because of you selfish baby boomer bastards

Dukegirl on

You obviously read the article (and commented). What does that say about you and your country?

Missk on

By far the best movie she was in was heartbreak kid- so hilarious !!

Amaryllis on

I saw 27 Dresses, twice, and still don’t know who she is.

Bree on

@Anonymous it says very clearly who she and her husband are. She is a pretty huge actress, Couples Retreat, 27 Dresses, The Proposal to name a few.

Big congrats to them she is one of my favorite actresses!! That is going to be one adorable baby!!

denise on

congratulations, best wishes.

Kat on

Congratulations to her and her husband.

She was great on ROA and those romantic scenes with Tom, wow, THAT’S ACTING!

elizabeth on

Who cares what people say….be happy!!!!

sara on

who is she??


There goes another hot body.

Jeff on

If you find the body of a 10 year old boy attractive.

leslie on

im happy for her, shes a good acress i like her work ;D

Reta Riayu Putri on

Awww, congrats! 🙂

Peter North on

What?!!! She told me she was on the pill!!!

Anonymous on


Janise Grubber on

Guess it’s too late to do a porn now

Kourtnei on

Congrats! I loved you in 27 dresses. You ROCK!

Lauren on

@amaryllis- she was the sister that started dating her sisters boss, George

Julie on

Congratulations Malin!

Carrie M on

Aww! Congrats! Yes, she was great in 27 Dresses and in Heartbreak Kid (I think that’s the name of the movie with Ben Stiller). Best of luck to Malin and her hubby!

Bev on

I have really got to start watching more TV. I don’t know who these people are. Oh well, Congrats!

Bree on

Congrats!! She is such a great actress!!! Heartbreak kid was HILARIOUS and she was great in Wanderlust too 🙂

Guest on

Another Hollywood nobody got herself knocked up!!

Kim on

At least she got married first…

jess on

Great !!

misme on


T on

I wouldn’t say she’s a huge actress…she’s a decent supporting actress, quite cute in the movies of hers I’ve seen, but I think what we’re all wondering is – how hot’s the hubby? 😀

sherquetta on


Anonymous on

@ …on

Asking who someone is in a snide and obnoxious manner is just as rude as calling someone ignorant. So is “hew?’ btw.

Congrats to Malin and her husband. Not a big fan of the roles I’ve seen her play thus far but I like her in interviews a lot–she’s always so funny and fun.

therealpatty on

You all are idiots. You all need a life. Quit living your lives through these people. They will only make you want to cut your private parts off and stuff them down Dustin Hoffman’s throat.

Anonymous on

Guest- As others have said, she’s hardly a nobody. She’s been in Couples Retreat, 27 Dresses, and The Proposal, and Heartbreak Kid, to name just a few movies.

And she and her husband have been married for five years. If she’d wanted to get herself “knocked up” (HATE that term, btw! Is it really THAT difficult to say/write the word pregnant?!) for publicity (as you seem to be implying), she probably would have done it before now.

…- Re-read Marky’s post, please. She didn’t call the first anonymous ignorant. She said that her/his comments made him/her LOOK ignorant. There IS a difference! 😉

merry on

Why would it be rude to call someone ignorant when they show all signs of ignorance? 🙂 You see her name in the headline, if you don’t know her and don’t want to know, why go on reading? If you open the article, it clearly states, who she is. After reading it, who feels the need to still comment Who is she? Why to invest the energy into this comment?

On different note, I completely respect anybody, who has a baby in a relationship or even after one night stand, but still find it so nice, when people are married for many years and then have a baby. Like Malin or Sarah and Freddie and many others.

rclemons on

some of you guys with your comments! lol getting all defensive and mad relax people. Although i do enjoy reading them : ) p.s I know who she is but no clue who her husband is..

kat on

yay!! so excited for her!

Kim on

Finally an actress that finally got married, stayed married for awhile and then decided it was the right time to have a baby! Congrats!

Sandra on

While I agree, it’s great that her marriage has withstood time, and getting pregnant is icing on her marriage… why are there such rude and ignorant people posting. I think you should post meaningful comments not obnoxious ones just to post. Again, if you don’t know who she is, look her up, but stop posting asinine comments. Congrats to her and her husband.

EDM on

Congrats to them! I like her as an actress, and think she is so pretty!

As far as people who always say “Who is this??”… they are obviously doing it to prove some point, although I am not sure what that point is. Otherwise they would just google her (or read the information in the article about who she is.)

But news flash! You are not proving a point! So stop. It’s annoying.

Selfenchanted on

Hurray & congrats!!

stewarttara on

I follow this blog everyday and i was actually thinking when is malin going to be next??? Congrats to the happy couple.

NM on

Finally, someone who believes in marriage, before baby!

lilly on

That’s where I’ve seen her!!!! 27 dresses . . it was driving me crazy!

Anonymous on

Have no clue who she is and who her husband is. Not sure why this is news?

meghan on

The posters on this site get more disgusting by the day.

Kook on

that baby is gonna Milkerman !!!

soph on

“You all are idiots. You all need a life.”

Everyone collectively needs one life?

And who’s the idiot?

kelsey on

Why would people tell her they didn’t think her marriage would last? What an odd thing to say to someone

Anonymous on

tom cruise is all washed up

Brit on

I love her she is a wonderful actress and couldnt be more happy for her

Jan Mast on

I find these “news” stories soooo funny. I never know who the hell these people are. And, really…don’t people get pregnant every day? Big whoop!!

Anonymous on

Loved her in Rock of Ages! So happy for her! It may make me sound traditional, but it’s refreshing to hear of a MARRIED couple expecting a baby. Congrats Malin!

Tammy on

Um Malin, its only been 5 years of marriage. You haven’t proven your critics wrong yet.

h on

@Mrhappspits4u, you’re a f@*$king moron, you know that? If you think this site and everyone on it is crap, then wtf are you doing here, you dumb motherF*($*$er? Pull your empty head out of your ass, and go back to having sex with your mother. That is the reason no woman will ever f@u#ck you.

ariananunez on

i LOVE her and her acting, congrats! she deserves the best!

Nardia on

Congrats Maline!

Horsegirl on

I too think it sounds ignorant when a comment like “who is she???” It looks like you can’t read after all. It is refreshing that there are celeberties out there that believe in marriage then babies. Congrats :0)

lisa on

we need to stop congratulating women as if they have achieved something rare and special when having a baby we have 7 billion on the planet now which is now an environmental issue..we need to stop encouraging women to think that having a baby is the highest accomplishment in a life when in fact any human can plop out a child as if it is a bowel movement we need to stop this obnoxious obsession with who gets pregnant and tell women to get a life this is not going to be your life’s panacea! of course you will not allow this comment because for some twisted reason 7 billion on a planet that cannot sustain one more child is cause for some celebration and who cares who is this nobody actress?

straightup on


jennieballew on

who is she and do we really care who gets knocked up in Hollywood?????????

jennieballew on

who is she and who really cares????????

meghan on

Who cares about you, lisa?

meghan on

The idiot is you soph, always you.

meghan on

Tammy, five years is like twenty five in Hollyweird.

Brenda on

My daughter is almost 42 and is expecting her third child..She has a son 22 and a daughter 20..She also has Lupus…I pray that she will have a healthy baby and she will be alright dring and after she delivers…

Hea on

“jennieballew on September 30th, 2012
who is she and do we really care who gets knocked up in Hollywood?????????
jennieballew on September 30th, 2012
who is she and who really cares????????”

Apparently you do since you posted twice and came here to read about it in the first place. Celebrity Babies are just that… a site about celebrities having babies.

Fraggle on

Ok seriously? That’s the direction you want to go? Not “Everyone” can “poop out” a baby and every child is blessing. Some women struggle for years trying to have a child and for you to marginalize that is ridiculous. Its not that having a baby is an achievment as you put it but it is something to be celebrated for sure, its a life. Obviously your parents felt differently because you are here. Maybe find something more productive and in line with your own interests to do then posting manic, negative, wildly skewed and unhelpful comments on a site that you seem to disdain in principle.
They deserve congratulations and all our best wishes! Best of luck Malin and Roberto.

Victoria on

Congratulations to the happy couple!

soph on

Great reply, meghan. Except…not.