Reese Witherspoon Welcomes Son Tennessee James

09/27/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Oh, baby: Reese Witherspoon is a mom for the third time.

The actress gave birth to a son, Tennessee James Toth, on Thursday, Sept. 27, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“Reese Witherspoon and husband Jim Toth welcomed Tennessee James into their family today,” the rep says. “Both mom and baby are healthy and the entire family is thrilled.”

The baby is Witherspoon’s first child with her husband, whom she married in March 2011. She is already mom to Ava, 13, and Deacon, 8½, from her prior marriage.

In March, a source told PEOPLE that the actress, 36, was eager to have another child. “Right after the wedding, Reese expressed a desire to have a baby with Jim,” said the source. “Reese has been very open with her kids about her plans to expand the family.”

Witherspoon, who initially kept her pregnancy under wraps, subsequently showed off her baby bump all around the world over the spring and summer — from appearances at the Cannes Film Festival to lunches and errands at home in Los Angeles. “Frankly, I’m feeling very round,” she told reporters in June.

— Julie Jordan

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kasia on

i’m big untifan of the name, but congrats 🙂

Jane Johnson on

I know a tv producer from Los Angeles who is named Tennessee Edwards. I think he is from Nashville.
I think it’s a cool name.

Janice on


Amy on

Congrats to the newly expanded family. I’m sure she’ll get slack for it (this IS a People comment thread after all), but I love the name they chose. Very appropriate.

Jennifer Rice on

Oh I just love Reese so much. I am thrilled for the family. One question, can we have stats please?

Alayna on


brandy on

not too into the name but i LOVE her….. well wishes to her and family!

Bree on

Love it! Congrats!!

Iris on

Love her but NO with that name! Tennessee Toth? Ugh, why, WHY?

crystal on

I agree wow didn’t expect that name wow I couldn’t do that!

Denise on

I know! To me it has more of a girl’s name sound to it. I really hope he’ll go by James, fits in way better with Ava and Deacon!

Nina on

I hope they call him James or Jimmy. Tennessee is ann awful name to be saddled with. Although in Hollywood, it’s relatively tame.

Nicole on

Love them not the name Tennessee tho. Never heard it as a name before. The kid isn’t gonna particularly like such a long first name. Next time Reece

Ashley on

Tennessee Williams

Lisa on

I’m sure only a small percentage of people on these postings even know who Tennessee Williams is! Lol! Anyhow, I like the name.

Anonymous on


LML on

Love the name and Reese! Congratulations, Reese! So happy you got a second chance at love.

Lindsay R. on

I can only imagine how gorgeous this baby is. Her older children are gorgeous and she is absolutely adorable. Her hubby isn’t too bad to look at either 🙂 Congrats!

Bev on

Tennessee????? Hopefully they’ll call him TJ. Congrats Reese.

ann on

Tennessee Toth? Poor kid.

Nik on

Nice name (she’s obviously still appreciative of her home state).

LML on

Love the name and Reese! Congrats, Reese. You look so happy with your new husband.

Tiffany on

I would never name my kid after a state. Don’t like it. Sounds like an olden day bank robber; Tennessee James, lol.

crystal on

Tiffany, Amen.

Akt on

But Tiffany and crystal are names that will stand the test of time

Pam on

Tiffany, I think thats kind of the point, plus she loves where she’s from. The first two names would be ok if their last name wasn’t Toth. Lol Tenessee Toth sounds horrible, Tenessee James is cool, but how often does anyone use their middle name?

Amanda on

Actually, Reese uses her middle name as I recall. I cannot remember her first name, however, Reese is a middle name.

Sharon on

Haha Tiffany youre exactly right!!

DivineByMe on

Lmaooo! Exactly Tiffany.

Amy on

Never heard of Tennessee Williams?

kmd0113 on

Thank you Amy! I was shocked at the amount of people who said they never heard that name. I guess people don’t read anymore.

Danielle on

Tennessee Williams wasn’t his real name though, that was a pen name.

Teresa on

Tennessee Williams wasn’t a pen name. Tennessee was his professional name chosen by him to respect his roots. His actual last name was Williams.

lox on

Precious name. I love how she’s always traditional and gives a nod to her hometown with his name.

Shawna on

I like the name. People use place names all of the time. I’ve heard of Alabama, Texas, India, Asia, Ireland, Britain, London, Nevada, etc. Why not Tennessee?

Sarah on

Tennessee?!??! God that is awful!

Anonymous on

I love Reese but I don’t like the name Tennessee for a kid!!!

Lady on

Tennessee Toth is ridiculous im sorry. Congrats to them though, I’ve always liked her.

Airiel M. on

Haven’t you people ever heard of Tennessee Williams?

I love the name it’s great- It has good history-

Leah on

It doesn’t matter if they’d heard of Tennessee Williams or not. They just don’t like the name. Congrats to Reese and family! And the name could be worse, so lay off!

Carol on

So, maybe they’ll call him Tenn for short. T.J., well that probably will be what he’s known by, it’s just easier. His friends will probably call him T.J. anyway. Not a fan of ‘Tennessee’ for a name, but he’s their kid, not ours!

Congrats to the family! Can’t wait to see stats and a photo or two!

Meg on

Hopefully, they’ll call him T.J.


Tennessee Toth?! Omg that’s horrendous. Deacon is bad enough

mileysucks on

awww! Congrats to the family!

Anonymous on

I’m so happy for her and her family. I wonder if they will call him TJ for short.. Great news.

Shawna on

Hello? Has no one heard of Tennessee Williams? No, it wasn’t his birth name but it is the name he went by and no one seemed to think it was weird.

Kenzi on

THANK YOU Shawna! I said the same thing! I honestly love the name Tennessee and thought about it for my own kids! They can call him Ten

Sharon on

I love her, but just not the name. Congrats to the family…I’m sure he is beautiful!!

francesca on

Stupid name!!!!!

Denise S. on

Darn! I wanted to use that name – guess I’ll just hav to go with Arkansas for my baby’s name.

Mabel on

Love Reese & Congats!

Hope, too, that he gets a nickname. Can you imagine trying to write Tennessee in preschool or kindergarten?!

Karen on

I just love Reese. She is one of my favorite actresses. She is so down to earth and caring. Congratulations on your new son. I am so happy for you and your family.

Sherry on

Congratulations!!! I’m sure he’s adorable, but Tennessee Toth for a name? Ugh….poor kid.

Kristy on

Loooove the name! I have been doing a lot of family history research and the name “Tennessee” was quite common 150 to 200 years ago, and was often shortened to the nickname “Tenny”. Combine that with the legacy of Tennessee Williams and Reese’s love for her home state – perfect name for that little boy.

Karolina on

I love Reese and wish her and her growing family all the best! I have to admit that at first I didn’t like the name Tennessee James, but after I said it a few times it grew on me. Though I suspect the boy will go by James..either way, congrats!

NM on

Why do these celebrities have to give their babies such odd names? I like Reese, but “Tennesse”, seriously?

Emily on

Her name “Laura Jean Reese”. Pay better attention to stars’ names, please and thank you.

Emry on

Tennessee?? Poor kid, but congrats anyway!

Theresa on

um Tennessee Williams had a “stage” name… his real name was Thomas. Which is a great name… don’t name your kids after states.

Pam on

Theresa Who the F are you? The naming police lol

Lori on

Hmm, I sure hope they call the baby James.

Amaryllis on

Hope this kid goes by his middle name!

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

congrats on the baby boy!! but geez these names lol!!! what happened to normal first name!

JW on

I’m frightened that none of you have heard of Tennessee as a name before. Tennessee Williams anyone? One of the most famous American playwrights of all time? No? Oh well. I like the name. Wouldn’t choose it for myself, but I like it.

BeBe on

HELLO? illiterate people! Ever hear of the famous playwright Tennesse Williams???

Guest on

So maybe they’ll call him TJ or Ten — it works! Love this family 🙂

Lucia on

I have to agree with you all, love Reese but not too sure about the name Tennessee? Oh well, to each their own. Congrats 🙂

Anonymous on


akri on

Congrats to her! Love her! Not loving the name though…

JW on

Celebrities should not be allowed to name their kids!

Wanda1964 on

Love it that Reese stayed true to her roots when choosing the name. She’s never been ashamed of who she is and where she came from. She’s a true southern lady. Best wishes to the family!

MAS on

Why do we feel what we would never say to someone’s face is ok to put in a blog comment? Might this be why cyber bullying has become such a problem? You are entitled to your opinion, but show some discretion and think about what you would want if it was you or your family. If you can’t say something nice, there is no reason to type it at all.

Congratulations. Glad everyone is healthy. Strikes me as a perfectly appropriate name given the family history.

Krissy on

Congrats Reese! Perhaps they will call him TJ or something short and sweet 🙂 Either way, the baby makes the name, not the other way around 🙂

Stacey on

Yay! I really like Reese Witherspoon and wish her all the best!

yay! on

Congrats to you and little TJ!!

notsosure on

Tennessee Toth??????? Say that five times. What an awful name. Sorry Reese. You got that wrong.

Shannon on

Yeah, cause people don’t name baby girls after states/cities. Apparently none of you have ever met a Georgia, Virginia, or Carolina. I’ve even met a couple of Montana’s in my time. It’s not uncommon to name children after cities in other parts of the world, either. And maybe she’s a fan of Tennessee Williams. It’s nobodys business what she names this child. Apparently some people would rather that our country be like other countries (Germany for example) and force parents to have the name they choose for their children approved by the government.

I love the name and think it’s cute. Apparently most other People readers don’t agree, but whatever. I would much rather hear a somewhat unique name that means something to someone than some boring common name, or some crazy trendy name. Imagine 50 years from now when everyones grandfathers are named Austin and Brandon.

Maybe they will call him Tenney?

Nell on

Y’all ever heard of Tennessee Williams? He wrote “A Streetcar Named Desire”, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”?….It’s actually a fine old Southern name :~D

Kim on

I’ve met 2 Tennessee’s in my life, they were both girls and they both hated their names. I do like Reese and am happy for her but I would have chosen a different name.

mimi on

I love Reese and I totally prefer Tennessee or T.J. over James or Jimmy. We all have personal preferences.

yooohooo on

Sounds like the name of an old prospector.

Dani on

I love the name. Since I am from Tennessee, I think it is awesome. He is her child so she can name him what she wants. In a world filled with kids named Jennifer, Nicole, Michael, and John it is nice to hear a name that is more unique. I am sure people didn’t always care for names that you people have picked for your kids. Way to go Reese!!! I love the name.

Rita on

Congrats to her and her family! I believe that she is from Tennessee which is probably why she named him that. She wanted to pay homage to her roots, which I can respect.

JM on

Huge congrats to the family. But in my opinion (yes people are allowed to have opinions, calm yourselves! it’s not like reese or her husband actually care what a load of strangers on the internet think so just don’t get hysterical here!) that name is pretty awful.

It seems to be becoming more popular for Americans to name their kids after states.

I hope a similar trend doesn’t take off over here or else we’ll have a kids running around called Greater Manchester, Suffolk, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Bournemouth, Merseyside, Essex etc. 😀

bancie1031 on

CONGRATULATIONS! This is my daughter’s birthday as well! I bet he is a cutie ….. can not wait to see pictures ….. I like the name …. something a little different but not way out there!

Rae on

Congratulations but what a stupid name. TJ it is! I don’t get what’s with these celebs. Tennessee, Blue, Apple……..I thought being involved in the fine arts meant you had taste..

RockiesGirl on

Congrats Reese and family! You deserve the best. Not loving the name but no one asked me!

Rae on

And I wish you idiots would stop using Tennessee Williams as a reference or rationalization. That was a STAGE name, you fools. His name was Thomas. People aren’t actually supposed to name their kids crap like that.

margie o on

I literally laughed out loud at your comment Rae. Snap!

tgauden on

Love the name! Congrats!

Dany on

Reese is from Tennessee – Very Sweet and traditional southern name.

Jenny! on

She makes beautiful babies! So happy to hear another healthy baby is in the world

Anonymous on

Good job. 3 kids. 2 dads. Way to go!

ClaudetteS on

Tennessee is prob a nod to her homestate, she’s from Tennessee, and I’m sure they prob plan on calling him Tenny, like Russell Crowe does with his son Tennison…anyway Congrats to the Toth family!

Susan Albert on

Congratulations to the family. am not at all crazy about the name.

Annie on

Reese went to my high school, so of course I’m happy for her. Don’t get me wrong. I love my state; however I hope she calls him TJ.

Shep on

I know the name will draw criticism from many, but I happen to love it. It is often forgotten that Reese is a Southern girl, who moved to Los Angeles once she became a successful actress. I think this name is a wonderful tribute to her roots. Congratulations to Reese & family 🙂

Anonymous on

Ten Toth. That is all.

makafortune on

Congratulations on a healthy baby boy. Very old fashioned name for this little baby.

Annie on

Hope they call him James!

Alissa on

So happy for Reese! Love the name…southern girls gotta stick with their roots…they could easily call him T.J.,Tenn, James, Jamie, Jimmy, Buddy, Bubba, or whatever…it’s her son. I enjoy an uncommon name with personal meaning to the parents, and I’m from Tennessee, so I am LOVING the name!

Anonymous on

That name is a total disaster! Poor kid.

julie on

congrats….love the name….i bet they call him TJ

Anonymous on

What is up with Hollywood people and their crazy baby names?? SMH!

kate on

congrats!!! but………this name? are u kidding me? oh…mm.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Felt like she was pregnant forever.

Unsure how I feel about the name.

Lyoness on

I kind of dig it. It’s different but at least she’s actually from Tennessee or has some connection to the place. I get annoyed when people name their kids “location” names and they have no ties to the place or haven’t even visited. Ex… why did you name your kid Indiana?

jsp81355 on

Congratulations to the happy family!

Anonymous on

I love the name!!! Tennessee is cute and kinda bohemian so I dig it.. T.J is a killer nickname tho!

Brittany on

I absolutey love the name! Congrats Reese and family! 🙂

msmick on

Why not Alabama after the movie she made “Sweet Home Alabama”???


This is gonna sound awful but my fellow teachers at my school laugh whenever we hear names like that. Poor kiddo. I guess he could always go by TJ…

JCoolie123 on

Not a fan of Tennessee – wondering if they will call him TJ?

To each his own.

Cindy on

Love the old-fashioned southern name…… great-great- grandmother was named Margaret Tennessee Holloway and went by Tennie. Congratulations and best wishes!

Nikita on

Love Reese…Love the name. You people who are knocking it need to realize she is a Souther girl…so it is very appropriate. It’s better than Apple or Moses!!!!

Marguerite on

not keen on his name but congrats to her and her family

Poppy on

Tennessee Toth? WTH is she thinking?

Anonymous on

I’ve been waiting for this announcement! Congratulations to Reese and Jim!

Kara on

Not a fan of the name, but congrats to the family.

Ain on

I wonder if they’ll call him TJ. Regardless, I love the name; it has a very classy Southern feel to it!


KD on

Congrats on a new baby, always a blessing…I personally do not like the name at all…really I don’t get ppl today why such odd names.

Tammy on

I have GOT to stop reading the comments on articles on I just get so kerfluffled at how people (non celebs) LOVE to pick on Celebs…Her AND her HUSBAND named the baby Tennessee James Toth…while that would not be my first choice for a baby’s name, it is NOT my kid…it is the Toth’s…So why do some people get on celebs cases for naming their baby, what some would call, a ‘weird’ name? AND insist on calling the baby James, or TJ? Here’s a hint people…ITS NOT YOUR BABY…call it what the parents want it called!!!! Sheesh…okay..rant over. Back to your ‘normal’ lives, whatever YOUR normal is. LOL

Mrl on

Love her and love that her son’s name is probably something meaningful to her……so happy she found love again! She seems like a great mom!

losa on

Congratulations ! I don’t know why but I thought that she was expecting a girl. I think she gave that name because she spent her childhood in Tennessee.

Anonymous on

Reese is from Tennessee which is probably why is named her baby that, who knows.

Anonymous on

I think it’s a cute name. thinking the nickname TJ…:)

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

Thank you SOMEONE for mentioning Tennessee Williams. Tennessee is a name with a rich and lovely history given that man’s amazing work.

Chris on

Geez people, if you can’t say anything ncie why say it? Its a baby for crying out loud!! Its also her choice, no one elses!!

TennesseeBorn on

Congrats on the new addition Reese, Jim & Family. I can’t help but luv that Tennessee name – I bet they call him TJ!

Brooke on

Tenne-freaking-ssee? I am ssory, but no….Just no.

Brooklyn on

Congrats to her…interesting name…

jones on

Glad to hear everyone is okay b/c I think she was in the hospital last month. The name is unique, but not completely crazy. I would guess they are going to call him TJ.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations Reese- Very happy for you and your family!

what a great blessing! Just thrilled for you and Jim- way to go!

KJW on

So much love and congratulations! What a precious name!

Jenni on

They can call him TJ if they want. I love them and CONGRATS!!!!

Sun on

Fun name! Congrats to the family!

Sun on

Fun name! Congrats to the family!

theatregirl79 on

Wow. I’m really glad I didn’t go to school with any of you. My name is India, and yeah I get lots of “What?” and “That’s interesting.” But, thankfully no bullying. I’m a teacher now and the students who bully are learning those behaviors at home. I pick up on it at conferences. Be careful what you put out there, words do hurt.

jonie on

Finally a celeb getting married then pregnant. Congrats and what a great name.

sk3navy on

If I remember correctly it takes TWO to have a baby.

Babies are not property people magazine

Trish on

Congratulations to her family!!

Melissa on

I love the name Ava and Deacon but am like a lot of people who are scratching their heads over this name. It seems if you can find the odd, unusual or the most outrageous names it will be the stars. I don’t think Reece’s babies names is the worst but not the best either.

Lily on

Tennessee Toth? Sounds like a kind of booze.

Jen on

Dumbest name yet! What was she thinking??? Dumb name.

Carrie on

Tennessee is no worse than Brooklyn, Bronx, Dakota or Cheyenne. I certainly wouldn’t use any of them, but they aren’t nearly as bad as Bear, Blue or Pilot.

judith on

congrats and the name is wonderful, she doesn’t need anyones approval for the name of her child.

Amy on

Rae – darling – does the name Thomas Williams bring immediately to mind “The Glass Menagerie”? I didn’t think so. Regardless of if it’s a “stage name” or not, he was known to most as Tennessee. And I like it. Sorry, hon.

Sam on

His name sound more feminine than masculine

cj on

TJ! cute name. congrats to this great actress/mom…….

Anonymous on

Welcome baby TJ

valerie on

Oh, I hope they call him TJ and not Tennessee. That’s just wrong.

Sarah Singleton on

Congratulations on lil Tennesee James…he is coming into a family full of love….and I adore the name!

Jody on

LOVE the name. Congrats….

Sheri on

Congrats to the couple but not a fan of the name so I hope they call him TJ.All the best to the family 🙂

Elvis on

Toth is not a pretty last name. Sorry. A strong first name like John or David would have been a much better fit than Tennessee.

Cannot stand initials for a name = TJ, JC, GD. Terrible.

sally on


I am sure Reese could care less if some dislike the name Tennessee.

joan on

Reese isn’t her first name either. So don’t assume that Tennessee will be the first name. But I kinda like it.

guest on

They’ll call him “TJ” which is cute.

maggiemai on

They’ll call him TJ! So cute!!!

heidi on

She’s from New Orleans not Tennessee

Me on

Yay! I kind of like the name!

bh on

Tennessee Toth? Sounds like a cartoon character.

Anon on

T.J. Toth . . . just wait you’ll see.

Jasmine on

Awe, I love her! And, she had your sweet son on my son’s 8th birthday 🙂 Congratulations!

laura on

was he born in Tennessee? did she do that in honor of Al Gore? Oh wait…..wrong party…..I like the name Tennyson. And the name Tenley. My guess is they’ll call him Tenney.

Three progeny is too many for one person.

Kay on

Congratulations to Reese and family. its unusual name but so many unusual names from celebrites these day: Blue, Apple, Maxwell (for a girl? yuck). I do hope they use nickname of TJ but of course that is their choice. BTW Deacon was named after a distant relative of Ryan Phillippe, a baseball player whose nickname was Deacon. But his real name was Charles. But they stuck with Deacon for Reese and Ryan’s son which is cute abduction fits him fine.

Grace2 on

LOve her! So happy she and her baby are healthy and happy, as for the name, it’s a cute name.

Connie on

Awww Congrats! I love her and she looks so happy. I never comment on names, either like or dislike, because just naming my own children seemed so full of pitfalls and opinions! All I can say, is that baby has been born into a loving and awesome family! I bet Ava is thrilled and will be a great big sis and be able to do all kinds of stuff with her little baby brother.

Jane on

Think Reese is terrific — but what WAS she thinkin’ when she named this child?!!

Karen on

Come on people get off their backs. I like the name and after all it’s their kid to name what ever they want. Besides Tennessee is her home state and lets not forget Tennessee Williams and the country singer Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Romy on

Shocking name, not in a good way. Not that they care. I can’t imagine looking down at a little one and calling him Tennessee, but James is nice.

Ellen on

I actually like Tennessee. Elvis Costello’s drummer Pete Thomas has a daughter named Tennessee Thomas, who is a musician as well. She’s in a band called The Like.

Anonymous on

Tennessee? I like Massachusetts better! ha ha Or better yet, Connecticut……what are parents thinking nowadays?

tb on

probably going call him TJ

Kathleen on

congratulations to reese and jim but a fan of the name

Phoenix on

I hope the little bundle of joy is called T.J. I feel so sorry for all these kids of celebs with outrageous names. Although, that said, they’re in good company out there in La-La land with those crazy names. OY VEY! Reese is a sweetie, though. She’ll just regret naming her baby Tennessee and he will give her grief about it.

WhackJobs on

Tenn Toth, huh? If you say it real fast, it sounds like you’re saying “ten toes” with a lisp. Just another dumb Hollywood name. Must be something in the water out there.

Lila on

As a theatre major, let me share with you “Rae” that when Tennessee Williams began using his professional name he stopped using “Thomas”….his fraternity brothers had been calling him Tennessee for years and he felt more connected to a unique and creative name. I happen to think T.J is way too boring and middle america! Also, check out a very cool musician and fashionista Tennessee Thomas, she doesn’t look very unhappy with her different name:)! I’m not sure why celebrity names are such an affront to you people…aren’t there ENOUGH Jens, Jessicas, Samuels and Henrys????!!

Helen on

Tennessee Toth??? Yikes.

Annabelle on

Congratulations! It’s so nice to see really good people be happy. Have a wonderful life with that new baby boy.

ablondelife on

Have none of you ever heard of Thomas “Tennessee” Williams? Famous American writer from Mississippi? She’s southern and well-read, so Tennessee is actually not a Hollywood name but probably a tribute to an American literary icon.

Melissa on

I love reese but i dont love the name lol.I dont understand why these celebrities give their kids such names.He will have such a hard time learning how to spell it in school.The don;t think about that.Just my opinion so dont shoot me lol 😉

Sarah on

Sounds like a future whiskey drinker to me.

Gabby on

I like the name..but I guess being from Tennessee I may be a bit bias..but it will be cute if they call him T. J.

Krista on

My friend named her daughter India,so what is all the fuss about? Congrats to the happy family!!!

Tisk tisk on

@Shannon- yes people name thier kids Georgia, Virginian and Carolina all the time…but these were names (or were derived from other names) long before they were landmarks, states or cities. Tennessee is not a name. In fact I think it derives from a Aboriginal word meaning “the bends”…just saying…

Alex on

Finally ! She has been pregnant for ages ..

Anonymous on

I LOVE the name she gave her son! Congrats Reese!

my2cents on

Congrats to the 2 of u! Your other children are no doubt ectastic about bringing home the new addition…you will have plenty of help I’m sure! I’m sure the baby is cute as every..can’t go wrong with attractive parents.

Marcie Cooper on

I knew a girl once named Indy Anna. I thought it was pretty cool, and yes, she was from Indiana.

kim on

what is wrong with parents these days and the names they give their kids?? do they even put two thoughts into what the child will go thru when theyre older??

Minnie on

You want to name a kid…have one. Otherwise, it’s parent’s choice so instead of having an opinion on that why not just congratulate the third and first time parents on such a wonderful gift (and this is coming from someone who doesn’t want or like children but has all the admiration in the world for people who do)? Congrats to the Witherspoon-Toth family!!!

SAR on

Well, that’s lovely. I thought she was going to be pregnant forever, and she did too, probably.

meghan on

Theresa, yes it was a pen name, but it was what he went by exclusively. He never went by his given name.

Julia on

Ahhhh, T.J. it is. Cute name, but I’d never call him Tennessee. Ever. I was wondering when she was going to give birth!

Paula on

When I think of Tennessee, I remember Tennessee Tuxedo.

soph on

“I’m frightened that none of you have heard of Tennessee as a name before. Tennessee Williams anyone? One of the most famous American playwrights of all time? No? Oh well. I like the name. Wouldn’t choose it for myself, but I like it.”

It’s nice how you come to this conclusion after reading a string of one-sentence comments, Rae. Oh, wait…it’s not nice? It’s actually quite stupid? Right.

“Congratulations but what a stupid name. TJ it is! I don’t get what’s with these celebs. Tennessee, Blue, Apple……..I thought being involved in the fine arts meant you had taste..”

Or how about…whatever they want to call him, it is? And please tell me what’s so tasteless about Tennessee. Or Blue. Or Apple. Go ahead. Tasteless? Elaborate. I’ll wait.

“This is gonna sound awful but my fellow teachers at my school laugh whenever we hear names like that.”

Not sure what you mean by “like that.” For all you know, a kid named Tennessee could be named after a relative.

Chelsea on

For all the people saying how difficult it will be for a child to learn how to spell a name that is over three letters long, do you have any idea of how foolish you sound? Especially those of you who are supposedly teachers. Get a grip – people have given their kids lengthy names for centuries and they have managed to learn to spell them. People name their kids what they want to call them, not what the rest of you deem as appropriate.

Anonymous on

welcome T.J. Toth!

kat on

LOVE Tennessee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meghan on

Phoenix, your name is a city in Arizona. Why is that better than a state?

meme on

beautiful name!! congrats!

soph on

Whoops. JW, not Rae.

TJ on

My initials and born on my daughter’s birthday. Like the sound of his 1st name with the middle name. Congrats!

Guest on

I pray he will not be bullied by his name. All the best.

jasmineflowerr on

I’m pleasantly surprised Reese chose this name, I like it…all her kids’ name remind me of the South.

Katie on

To the anonymous person you said 3 kids, two days way to go! You’re rude!! Ryan Phillippee cheated on her with two kids! She did the right thing by dumping him. Why shouldn’t she have a baby with her new husband? I wish her all the happiness in the world. She can tell all the other divorced ladies you too can find love after divorce!

Anonymous on

PLEASE … I really don’t think she was showing off her baby bump, she was just carrying on with her life and that is part of it.

Brenda on

James is a nice name…

Ariel on

Heidi – She’s from Nashville, not New Orleans.

Obviously I’m in the minority but I love his name! Congratulations to Reese and Jim!

Amy on

I love the name! I hope this makes Tennessee more usable 🙂

Anonymous on

Love the name, not normal but not totally out there either, and she’s great, cutest pregnant person i ever saw 🙂

AL on

Happy Birthday to me and Tennessee 🙂

Jody on

LOL the baby’s just lucky his mom wasn’t from New Hampshire. Congrats.

Anna on

Congrats to the family- I am not fan of naming a kid after a state though!

momma bear on

Im from Bum Fuc& Idaho, should I name my kid that to stay up to date with the stars???? Give me a break, poor kid is going to get teased like crazy, these stupid people don’t think about the kid that has to carry these stupid names.

mary lou on

That’s alot of letters for a kids to spell! do u call him tenn for short?

Guest on

Hasn’t anyone ever heard of the playwright Tennesee Williams? Although it wasn’t his given name it was the name he was known by.

katedino on

i love all the people saying “haven’t you ever heard of tennessee williams???? famous playwright people!!! I guess no one reads anymore.” um….. just because we don’t like a name doesn’t mean we don’t know who that is or that we are illiterate. wow.

kcl on

I am happy for Reese & her family for their new addition. May God bless him & protect him. I hope she calls him TJ.

Amy on

Congratulations to her and her family. But the name, way to long, that poor child is going to have to write his name in school and on everything else

Jane on

I don’t like the name, but he isn’t my baby. He’s her baby and as long as she loves the name, that is all that matters in my opinion.

hbomb1225 on

It is quite amusing how strongly people feel about what THEY named THEIR child…oye…

Congrats to the happy family!

April on

I’m guessing if she had named him something like Blue Ivy would have been okay. Personally I like Tennessee!

Kat on

Tennessee James? Sounds like a gangster’s name. Why set up the baby like that?

wadidi on

Tennessee, really???….what, Pennsylvania wasn’t catchy enough?……crappy name for a kid, but i still like Reese….another weird celeb name……….

Kate on

No one gives a shit if you like the name or not…it’s not your kid

Lynnette on

Congratulations!!!! to the whole family. Wonder what you will call him for short?

Anonymous on

I am so happy for her!

WooHoo on

Love the state, love the name! Blessings and may you have many more!

Adele on

Ava is 13 already???!!!!! Wow time flies whether you’re having fun, or not. Congratulations on the new arrival and I wish the entire family happiness.

Lexi on

What a stupid name!! Surely with all her money they could have consulted with someone how to console your child after being kicked in the play ground because of a stupid name. Not a big fan, but I am surprised she made the announcement before she left the hospital. All of the paps going crazy to get a glimpse of Tenny – oh yea…..that’s the whole idea.

B. Walter on

A friend’ named her son Memphis Cash. Horrible name. Tennessee? Why burden an innocent child with a terrible name that will follow him for the rest of his life. What is going on with these weird “place” names? Sierra, Savannah, Montana, Dakota, Ireland, China, India, Brittany, Brooklyn?

Montrealgirl1978 on

Congrats to the Reese and Jim! I love the name.

I named my first daughter Berlin – man did I ever hear about that one! Everyone making comments like – What names are you going to use next? London, Paris???… I liked the name and it suited her. Her sister’s are Rain and Emily Jane.

Frankly – Emily Jane is the only name no one had a comment on. 🙂

Anonymous on

Lol. Sounds like names you give to strippers.

Marie on

I seem to recall reading that her husband is of Hungarian heritage and Toth is a fairly common Hungarian last name pronounced “tote”. So, pronounced that way, Tennessee Toth isn’t really that bad.

Jay on

Last name is not the greatest and Tennessee really doesn’t go with it. Maybe they will call him T.J.??

Debbie on

She’s from Nashville, so that’s where she got the name, Tennessee James. They could call him TJ. Hey, I’ve heard much worse!

stacey on

I thought it was Tenneson when i first glanced at it, love that name. Oh well, it’s not that bad….heard much worse. Congrats to Reese though, I LOVE her!!!!!!!

sherquetta on


Jeanine on

Another horrible name

Anonymous on

But you think “KASIA” is a good name?????

sandy on

LOVE the name, every one called my pappaw that when I was growing up, brings back good memories.

Donna on

Congratulations to the family. I hope they call him TJ…..Tennessee is a long name to learn !

ace11 on

Should have named him Jake

g on

All I think of is Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Selfenchanted on

Best to Reese & the family! If that name is honoring her home state, good for them!

sm on

Congratulations to the all! Isn’t she from Tennessee? Maybe that’s where the name comes from.

patsyjean on

Love the way the article makes it sound like she was eager to start family after her march wedding.. Helllooo do the math..?? She was obviously already very pregnant when she tied the knot.. didn’t miss goody goody reece recently talk about bein classy while cutting down another actress in Hollywood…??? Your no different lovey….

fpf1 on

Tennessee Williams anyone?

elvee on

Tennesee Toth – it sounds like a cartoon characher, like Yosemite Sam

emily on

bad name, but congrats to reese and jim!

Barbara Keller on

Reese is soooo adorable CONGRATULATIONS I wish I could be his Gramma

Anonymous on

Congratulations to the happy parents and big brother and sister Ava and Deacon! I actually love the name!

Dare on

Tennessee…Is she serious…poor child…

Frances Felix on

It is their child for goodness sake. Anyone ever heard of Tennessee Ernest Ford?

manda on

Um hello….do you people not read….there have been many famous people over the years named Tennesee ….one example tennesee williams the famous play-write. It is a good strong southern name. I think Tenessee Toth sounds very distinguished. Congrats Reese and family!

sambec on

Tennessee isn’t an unheard of name. Remember high school English and a little ‘ol playwright named Tennessee Williams? I like it. I think it’s a great name for a boy.

boston on

Maye then can call him Memphis for short.

Amy on

Happy her for, sad for that name.

Leslie on

Didn’t expect Reese to join the celebrity name club.

Otis on

Good thing it is their baby and can name him what they want. Oh wait, from all the comments about hating his name, must be your kid.

mona on


Liz on

Patsyjean, learn how to read and do math. They were married in March 2011, not 2012. Idiot.



Marie on

Don’t really like the first name, but I like the middle name! But I like her and her husband, so congrats! 🙂

Susan on

Why not Nevada or Utah or Wisconsin?

Carolyn on

Horrible name.

Laynie Williams on

Love the name! Tenn Toth!! Reese is a classy lady!

Anonymous on

I’m guessing, for all those freaking out over not liking the name, that they will probably call him T.J or something shorter –

Bree on

Congrats to the whole family!!

I am personally not a fan of the name but he is not my son. I got a lot of flack for what I named my daughter (Elianna) but stood by my decision, we choose the name with love and spent a lot of time talking about it as I am sure Reese and Jim did. The older Elly gets the more we know we made the right choice for her. She also goes by her initials some time (EJ) and we knew it was a possibility going in, and think it is great and suits her. But really at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what we named her as long as we, as her parents, like it because as parents it is our choice what to name our children. Jim and Reese could have named him booger if they wanted, he is THEIR son and this name was clearly choosen with love and he will grow up knowing that and knowing that he is loved. Nothing else matters!!

WJF on

What about Tennessee Ernie Ford, ok, dating myself but the name is not unheard of, its unique, i like it!

HeeHee on

Another LAME celebrity baby name.

leon on

Ever since she was having fun in Pleasantville, she has turned into a fertile myrtyle.

bh on

What ever happened to John or Mary?

Deb on

Congratulations on your new baby boy…. My only question is how old is he going to be when he will be able to spell and write his first name?

Anonymous on

Congratulations Reese & Jim!

boohoobytch on

well she IS racist, congrats to them

Denise on

Tennessee? Poor kid.

Anne on

That’s wonderful! Congratulations to the family!

Carol on

Congrats to Reese and I love the name James.

Ron on

Happy for the family but oh that name. Tennessee Toth or Tenn Toth? Hopefully they’ll call him James or TJ. I think these stars just compete with each other with these strange monikers and it’s the poor child who has to live with the result.

Emily on

Strangely I actually love love the name. I’m really into southern names, love Reese Witherspoon, love Walk The Line so it all sounds pretty perfect to me. Congratulations!

denise on


Anonymous on

Love her! Congrats! But that name is atrocious!

guest144 on

Not in love with the name, but best wishes to all. Maybe they will call him “T.J.”

Mary on

I love how people just freely give their opinion on a name and sugguest nicknames in order to save them from this world. You are probably the bullies that would make fun of them and your bullying will just teach your kids that they should have no respect for others. The cycle will never end from what I see posted here.

Roy on

Mucho Amor – Health and long life to Young Tennessee James Toth.

AKM on

“And I wish you idiots would stop using Tennessee Williams as a reference or rationalization. That was a STAGE name, you fools. His name was Thomas. People aren’t actually supposed to name their kids crap like that.”

AMEN. I’m from Tennessee and I think this is the worst idea EVER. Reese totally lost all of her credibility with me. I thought she was the Most Sensible Person In Hollywood, but no more.

Guest on

Love the name of her first two kids. But, not a fan of Tennessee Roth. Jamie, Jimmy, TJ, James all good nicknames. Hopefully, they’ll call him anything other than Tennessee.

ilc666 on

Seriously, pick a decent name. Unbelievable.

Ron on

Hey you posters who are giving other posters a hard time about their unusual names if they aren’t crazy about “Tennessee” – that’s the point exactly. They didn’t get to choose their unusual names but now have to live with them and with others giving them grief about it. THINK parents, THINK! Your child has to live with your bit of whimsy and attempts at topping the last guy!

Guest on

Tennessee Toth??? Really Reese? I am a fan of hers but that name is ridiculous! Why do people give poor innocent babies idiotic names? How would she like being Ohio Witherspoon. Ugh

Olivia on

Love her, love the name.

Plenty of people call their kids Dakota, Dallas, Phoenix, India, Sydney, Adelaide and London. Why not Tennessee?

Does anyone realise that Alicia keys named her son Egypt. In my opinion that’s worse than Tennessee. They can always call him TJ.

I have two daughters named Adelaide and London. Adelaide is a family name (it was my grandmothers) and London fit well.

Sorry, I know every one has a right to their opinion but that’s mine.

marinewife on

Congrats! I absolutely love the name! We had a baby girl 12 days ago and her name is Georgia. My husband and I met there and got married there, so it has a lot of meaning for us. Tennessee is a great name!

Pamela on

Is there NO celebrity who considers what life will be like for their child, when they burden them with such ridiculous names? I think it is amazingly selfish.

Kiri on

OMG next famous person will name their child Honey Boo Boo. What is that name Tennessee Toth? really?

Kiri on

Tennesee Toth cousin of Honey Boo Boo, for real Reese what is that name.

Liz on

Tennessee? Are you kidding me? How embarrassing for that child when he gets older. Yeah, I’m sure he won’t be bullied! : (

Shirley on

Ava and Deacon are great names. Where did she come up with Tennessee????????

Courtney on

I love the name. So awesome! My 3rd son’s name is Tex Reser and I think Tennessee is clever and appropriate!

Anonymous on

You try too hard. I wonder if he could get a job with that.

Holiday on

Congrats to the couple! I adore Reese . As for the name Tennessee I immediately thought of the great play write Tennessee Williams.

Antoinette (Toni for short) on

Congratulations Jim and Reese–TJ could be a great nick name.

jax on

LOVE THE NAME!! wonder why they chose it.

Andee on

I’m from New Mexico. That’s what I’m going to name my son. What, that’s not how it works?

Cheritina on

Love her and love the name, she is from Tennessee so it’s fits perfectly into the family. Congrats!

Patti on

Congratulations, but I didn’t like the name on Tennesse Williams either. So many names to pick from in the world and this wasn’t one of the best.

Brianne on

Congrats Reese, Jim, Ava and Deacon! I’m sure he’s precious! I wish you nothing but the best!!!

rebecca on

I LOVE the name!!!! Shows pride of where she and I are from- TENNESSEE!!! People who don’t like it, you can kiss butt. Look at Montana… Dakota… Carolina… Arizona… these states are also names for people! Get over it 🙂


Natalie on

Not a huge fan of the name, but congrats to her!! I’m hoping they call him T.J. T.J. Toth sounds really cute.

Jamie on

I love the name! It rolls off your tongue like Tennessee whiskey! Very country for a country momma.

Karina on

What a blessing! Adorable name and what a lucky guy to join such a loving family! Congratulations to my favorite actress and her family!!!!

Ann on

Speaking of names, love your name. What is the origin? Not a common name.

Milky on

I don’t mind it too much. Better than Moroccan Cannon, which just sounds like an historical artifact …

Does anyone know how Toth is pronounced? Like ‘goth’? or like ‘both’?

Jamie on

I love the name! It rolls off your tongue like Tennessee whiskey! Country name for a country momma. Better than a boring old name that everyone has…

kpmonkeymommy on

I love the name… when I hear it I think of the great state of Tennessee and of Tennessee Williams, who was an amazing writer and man.

I wonder if they’ll call him TJ?

Isabel on

Congratulations! Not a fan of the name but he isn’t my son.

As for the person who commented about Tennessee Williams, his actual name was Thomas.

pixie on

To all the folks yelling about Tennessee Williams….just because there was once a guy with a stage name of Tennessee Williams (wasn’t even his real name) does not make it a good name for a kid.

Lisa on

Awesome name from a wonderful,classy Tennessean! Congrats to Mom,Daddy and all of the family~ ❤

Audieme on

Welcome to the world TJ!

jojo on

@theatregirl79- you have it right! My name is Faun and I’ve heard it all, compliments, silly jokes from hunters and, unfortunantly, people even say to my face that they didn’t like or get my name and that it was weird. I told one woman that was extremely rude. her response, well that’s my opinion. okay, well, your breath stinks, but you wouldn’t want me announcing that all loud right? I love my name. always have and obviously my parents did too. i’ve had many people say that they liked it as well. one woman, no kidding, called her pregnant daughter in front of me to tell her my name bc she liked it so much. everyone IS entitled to their opinion, but people really should learn to keep negative ones or disagreeing ones to themselves bc, yes, children are listening, they are learning and you are participating in bullying behavior when doing this. i’m a teacher as well and children absolutely repeat what their parents say.

Lori on

Her mom is from Tennessee and she was raised there. Probably has a very special meaning for her. And Tennessee Williams is an icon in American culture! Congrats to the family!

jiggs on

Almost got it right. Jed was clearly the correct middle name choice here, Reese.

donna on

Tennessee? really? I live in TN and I wouldn’t name a child of mine California

Laila on

Ava and Deacon were great..then Tennessee 😦 congrats though

Shirl on

Love the name!! Great expectations with a name as Tennessee will we see a Pulitzer in years to come??

Vanessa on

I love her!! I like the name. However can you imagine a child learning to talk and people asking him his name? Also I feel bad for him learning to write that name in school. It’s their kid. Congrats!

Kelly on

Beyond stupid.

Anonymous on

Uh, Tennessee Williams was a professional/pen name. Not his real name. So, point invalid.

caroline on

everyone whos complaining about the name, shut up!!! its not ur kid or any part of your family so it has nothing to do with you……if she likes it then good for her… as long as the baby (and mom) are happy and healthy…… who cares?!?!? leave them alone 😡

cmonppl on

Tennessee?!?!?!? Hopefully they will call him T.J. (?)

Andrea on

I love Reese! I find unique names cute actually except Camden…eww! Congratulations to her, Jim, Ava & Deacon! I’m sure Ryan has already sent his wishes considering they’re on good terms! She’s a wonderful mom!

Bsar on

I was also born in Tennessee. I would not, however, name a child after my home state. Poor kid.

Kim on

Tennessee Toth? Hope they call him James or Jim. But hey..I adore her regardless. Congratulations!!

Dee on

Tennessee James together doesn’t sound all that bad. Sounds like an actors name. Not my personal fav but it’s her son. Congratulations!

Dee on

Some of you are saying you have never heard the name Tennessee before. Have you not heard of Tennessee Williams?

Kim on

AMANDA; Her real name is Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon.

And YES people, we’ve all heard of ‘Tennessee’ Williams, whose REAL name was Thomas Lanier Williams III.

meghan on

BooHoo, piss off.

Lynn, what kind of thing is that to say?

meghan on

Stop saying Tennessee was just a stage or pen name. He took it as a pen name, but he NEVER went by Thomas.

Anonymous on

Ever heard of Tennessee Williams, one of the greatest American playwrights?

Kristen on

To everyone asking if we ever heard of Tennessee Williams, his real name was actually Thomas Williams…Tennessee was just a pseudonym. Stop trying to make it seem like its a perfectly common name because someone used it as a nickname. Jeez.

Lilnda on

Tennessee Williams? YES. Tennessee Toth? Um not so much

maryann on

what is with these actors that name there kids the freaking weirdest names?? Tennessee??? Seriously?? No wonder kids today turn out weird today.

Cad Queen on

I like you Reese, but, I am sorry, I do not like the name. calling your child a state, or a country, like K. K. named her child Scotland, those names have to go, but, Congrats to you.

smartysfilly on

He will get very tired of hearing “What did Tennessee? The same thing Arkansas.”

Kim on

Meghan, Tennessee Williams “never” went by Thomas?? WRONG. He was born in 1911 and didn’t adopt the nickname Tennessee until 1939. He was known by family and friends, as well as all during his college years as TOM.

I'm Standing Right Behind You on

Tennessee??? I hope there’s a good meaning behind this name.

J on

Will that be TN for short? lol

Kathy on

Do you remember Tennessee Ernie Ford and his song Sixteen Tons??

vicki on

Amy, you never heard of Tennessee as a first name? How about Tennessee Williams? But I wonder what they’ll call him – Tenn? Ness? Nessie? Or maybe they will use his middle name & save the rest for legal documents. Congrats anyway, Reese, love ya!

Kat A. on

Congratulations to the entire family. Wishing you continud blessings in the years to come. Welcome to the world little Tennesee, it will be an amazing adventure.

Candi on

Only in Jollywood…..names out in left fiield

Alexandra on

It’s an odd choice considering her 2 older kids have really classic names, Ava and Deacon, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Courtney on

Maybe they’ll call him TJ ?

EEE on

Tennessee Williams…one of the best American playwrights… anybody??? anybody?? I certainly LOVE that name!

macey on


Ms. Jeffie on

Not much worse than her own name – thought “Reese” was a boy’s name anyway……

claudiazz on

I bet they plan on calling him “TJ”

Jen on

They should be ashamed naming their poor baby after a state: Tennessee! Horrible, stupid, idiotic, like she or her husband would have wanted to be called a state? Honestly too many parents are idiots. Again, that poor kid saddled with that ugly name, with all the nice names and he’s gets fool parents.

aleighcat on

“Tennessee” was only a nickname for both Tennessee Williams and Tennessee Ernie Ford….Tennesse Williams’ given name was Thomas Lanier Williams III and Tennessee Ernie Ford’s given name was Ernest Jennings Ford. I adore Resse Witherspoon and I’m sure this little guy is every bit as beautiful as her other two children, but I sincerely hope that they don’t call him Tennessee…..but, their child, so……..

Anna on

Gosh, can not believe so many people don’t like the name! Did you want one more Aidan or Ryan? I think Tennessee James sounds good, unique name and very American.

Vanessa on

Seriously? You couldn’t give your child a normal name? What is the deal with these famous people, and giving their children stupid names?

Rachael on

Have people started naming their children where they were conceived now? I can only imagine some of the names that would be in school if that were the case -backseat, shower… 🙂

Congrats to them both, this baby will be surrounded by love no matter what they decide to call him

rmb on

Love the name. Congrats to them! She’s a doll.

Paige on


Wasn’t a huge fan of Tennessee at first but I think it goes nicely with James.

Lynn on

I’m assuming for all of those wondering about the name that it is because she’s from TN and grew up here. It may not be a great first name but it is no worse than Shana Moakler and Travis Barker naming their daughter Alabama Louella. I think she named him after the fact she proud of being a Tennesseean.

Lauren on


Bruce Fan on

I am soooooooooo happy for her,her husband, her children and Tennessee…I love the name, but then again I love anything about a beautiful child being brought into the world…

People are so negative and have such poor manners…

With parents like Resse and her husband, this little boy’s name will be a “light of sunshine” in everyone’s eyes…Come on people, show some love in world…to much going on to be mean about a very “happy occasion”

Annie on

Congratulations! I am so happy to hear this news. Reese you are a great mother and I wish you the best.

anonymous on

Maybe he will be a really famous country musician in the future and then the name will be perfect. Imagine it: “and now, let’s listen to the newest single, ‘southern Lovin’ from platinum selling country artist, Tennesse James Toth” It will be great!

Jill on

I didn’t see this coming at all…the name Tennessee, I mean. All through her pregnancy I wondered what in the world they could put with the last name Toth that would sound well. I think TJ Toth has a nice ring to it. I like Tennessee Williams. But the last name Toth is a toughie to begin with. Tennessee Toth sounds like a product…like Tennessee Toffee. I do like TJ Toth, though. Congrats on a healthy baby boy.

Tanae on

Tennessee James is a fantastic name … This is my sons name too. He gets Tj for short. And no one should feel sorry for him for his name, he is a confident, kind boy. So stop judging guys it’s a name if that defines a persons character than I wish the world was full of Tennessees’

Kelly on

The name Tennessee is the epitome of stupid! There was a cartoon character back in the 70’s named Tennessee Tuxedo….he was a penguin. I just shake my head at the ridiculous things these “stars” call their kids, all in a pathetic attempt to stay trendy and relevant.

ron on

only 3 kids ,seems like everytime shes in the news shes pregnant

Shari on

Super happy for Reese, Jim, and family on the addition of their baby boy! Not real sure I like the name though! I bet they call him “TJ”!

Bee3105 on

So happy for Reece and her family. Congratulations!!

gus on

So, this is what happens when some people have “people” who do just about everything for them, including filling out all those forms with little boxes that STOP at umm ten or so? Tennessee James Toth, your name is too long, too alliterative, too geographic and too embarrassing for you, poor child…why didnt she just call him Sue?

m on

Tennessee is a great name. Haven’t any of you heard of tennessee williams? They’ll probably call him TJ.

Colleen on

Ok so she is staying true to her roots by naming him Tennessee? Gimme a break. Shes from Nashville, Nash would have even been nicer. Or how about Tenn even or James first? I’m originally from New Jersey and proud of it but i’d never name my child New Jersey. Thats ridiculous. It is their right but just crazy.

KMack on

Congrats on the birth of a healthy baby! Glad Mom and baby are doing well.

“By age four, most children can recognize and write their own names as well as recognize a few other memorized words.”
Owens, R. (2012). Language Development: An Introduction. (8th ed). Pearson: Boston, MA.

I’m pretty sure he’ll be able to write his own name. That tends to be the first word we write.

Inka on

Wow, has no one heard of the famous playwright and poet Tennessee Williams? Granted his first name was actually Thomas, but the name is not as unusual as some people make it out to be. And I have to say it’s a lot better than being named Apple or something as silly as that. Anyway, congrats to the whole family, enjoy him because b/f u know it he’ll be speaking and talking. 🙂

JJSherman on

Tennessee James is a beautiful name I like it, what she could of done was to shorten it to TN James. Maybe he will do it when he becomes older. I really do like his name. Sounds like a star in the making.

lovely123 on

I plan on naming my first child “Seriously”.

Nadia's Daughter on

Ten fingers and Ten Toth!

erin on

Aww I love the name!! If it wasn’t a state since people think it’s “weird” I’m sure they would love it too. I know people named Kansas and Montana. Nothin wrong with namin your baby after a state:)

Cammy on

Someone asked “WHY” Tennessee…Her mother, Mary Elizabeth “Betty” is from Harriman, Tennessee, and she (Reese) spent much of her childhood in Tennessee and is very proud of her Southern roots. Whether or not Tennessee Williams had any part in the naming is up to Ms. Witherspoon to disclose….

viri on

Do not like the name.. Is tennis going to be for short idk.. Congrats tho!

Mitzi on

“Nee-see” Toth 🙂 Love Reese and happy for the whole family.

Anonymous on

Honestly, I can’t believe some of these comments (I didn’t read all of them! Frankly, I’m not interested in reading over 300 mostly snarky comments!)!

To those that said they didn’t give the baby a “normal” name, who are you to decide what a “normal” name is? Who are ANY of us to decide what a “normal” name is? The fact of the matter is that everyone has different tastes and there is no one definition of what a “normal” name is.

What’s a “normal” name to you might not be a “normal” name to me, and what’s considered a “normal” name by most of us here in the U.S. might not be considered “normal” by someone in, say, Brazil.

And what’s with all the hate for alliterative names (first name and last name starting with the same letter). I get that they’re not for everyone, but geesh! Going by some of these comments, you’d think giving your child an alliterative name was a form of child abuse!

I happen to know a few people will alliterative names, and none of them have ever complained about them or had any trouble with them!

All of that said, congrats to Reese, Jim, Ava, and Deacon! And for what it’s worth, I actually like the baby’s name, and I love that they gave him his dad’s first name as his middle name! Hope we see pictures of him soon!

Corissa Boydstun on

Wow LAURA, why would would give that name to your son? It would have been a minimally acceptable middle name, but not a given name! I am sincerely disappointed in you! It seems like you jumped on the quasi-celebrity bandwagon and saddled your infant with a nonsense name. Shame on you!

Anonymous on

Oh, and I wonder if Reese and Jim will have another baby within the next one or two years so that Tennessee will have a close in age sibling. I could even see them with Irish twins! 🙂

Jazzzy on

Sry BeBe, just because someone wouldn’t choose “Tennessee for their childs name doesn’t label them “Illiterate! Maybe you are unaware that Thomas was “Tennessee William’s” true name…DUH! And although well known I would still NEVER have named my child “Tennessee” but he’s not MY child. ANYWAY, I do love Reese & wish the best for her and her adorable family. CONGRATULATIONS Reese 🙂

queenofhearts on

Huge congratulations to Jim, Reese, Ava & Deacon on the birth of baby Tennessee!

Not a huge fan of the name, particularly with the surname Toth, but love Reese!!! xoxo

Brooke on

OMG I bet he is just adorable!! Love that she gave him a name that means so much to her! Congrats Reese,Jim,Ava and Deacon! Welcome to the world Tenessee!!

TJ on

Love her, but do not like the baby’s name. UGH…really? I feel bad for the kid already.

Peg on

Paying homage to her roots is exactly what has always made Reese appear so humble, respectful, and likable. Unlike many other celebrities, Reese seems to realize there is more to life than money and the glamour of fame. Tennessee is a wonderful name, and I feel sure her son will follow in her footsteps to become a strong, confident, down to earth individual.

sharon on

I wish her and her family the best and hope they enjoy their new bundle of joy! That being said I’m so sick of these people in Hollywood coming up with the most stupid names for their babies, really Tennessee? C’mon now don’t they ever think of how the kids are going to be teased later on in life???????????

Between Apple, Coco and now this one? PLEASE!!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Katherine on

Why is everyone so concerned about the name? I’m sure they didn’t really care about everyones opinion on the name……….their business. Congratulations to a beautiful couple and I’m sure, a beautiful child.

Bev on

Different name and certainly better than some of the real idiot names that have been given to babies lately. Congratulations on the new addition to your family.

Ann on

Best wishes to her family and her……she is a awesome person so this baby is lucky to be born into this family….

Joyful on

Welcome to this world with love baby boy Toth! Love is awaiting you from your very own family of Ava, Deacon and your Moms family and your Daddys side 2!. You are loved and your name is just for you from them with love! You will not always be in kindergarten or elementary! You will be a man a lot longer that you will be a child and whatever your nickname turns out to be, you will always get the joy of telling about your name! L O L. I just bet Ava and Deacon chose it!

Maria on

Congrats to the family, I guess the kid can just be thankful she wasn’t from Louisianna.

Sandy on

Aww TJ –how cute is that! Congrats to to the family

lou61 on

Love, Love, Love the Name!!!!!

Love Tennessee!!!!

Donna on

It’s a great name! It has character and class. Names tend to depict how our persona will develop. I see Tennesee as being a swathy, cool and of course very handsome young man as he matures. Tennesee embodies the spirit of the south, all the love and passion for life it is known for. Look at Reese! Congratulations Mom, you’ve scored again!

Chris on

“Tennessee Toth”

Cindy on

Healthy and happiness to the new baby boy and his family.

guest on

ok so why are ppl throwing a fit and complaining on the name of the baby????it’s their child not yours so it shouldn’t matter what you think…you have named your children what you want. So her naming her son Tennessee doesn’t bother her any so why should it bother you?

Anonymous on

was be much more better if Reese named him James Tennessee, the same situation with Blue Ivy, Wyatt Lilly, Brooks Alan

Kim on

If one more person says “Haven’t you heard of Tennessee Williams” I’m going to barf. Seriously, how many people have to use that to justify a stupid name? It wasn’t even his REAL NAME!

And even if it WAS, it goes far better with WILLIAMS than it does with TOTH! Tennessee Toth? Sounds like a cheesy cartoon character. I pray to God they just call the poor kid TJ.

Alex Goldman on

Congrats to the family!

Katie on

I have not read through every comment to see if someone else has pointed this out….but it is a common Southern tradition for men to use their middle name, often using the first initial of the first name. For example: T. James Toth.

It is especially common when the first name is a more symbolic/traditional/antiquated name. That being said, Tennessee Williams did go by his first name, so it is not too “out there” of a name choice in my opinion.

Jodi on

I never post on these threads, BUT one post just ticked me off. Of course it’s listed as “anonymous.” Congrats 3 children and 2 husbands?

Seriously? I’m sure if Reese had her way she would have stayed married to Ryan, however, HE chose to have an affair. Is she supposed to just shrivel up and die because her first husband didn’t have the balls to stay faithful?

I seriously hope “anonymous’s” life is perfect and no man or woman ever lets them down.

Sally on

I’ve never understood the big deal about Withespoon. She has an ugly chin and a speech impediment. What’s the hype all about?

AllisonJ on

love it! so happy for them!

Anonymous on

She’s not “Hollywood”. She’s from Tennessee smart one. It’s not like she’s like most of these celebs that want their kids to be famous so they name them something ridiculous. Obviously Tennessee means something to them.

Karen Medina on

Congratulations, Reese! I’ am so very happy and thrilled for both you and your husband, Jim! I’ ve always been a great fan of yours and I wish you, your husband and your children the very best that life can bring. Enjoy your new ‘bundle of love’, Reese!

Sandra on

Congratulations Reese!!

Leslie on

OMG people! Yes we have heard of Tennessee Williams!!!!

Leslie on

And poor Tenn Toth is going to hear about him throughout his entire life too. Every time he says his name people will say “oh like Tennessee Williams?”

LaVerne on

Love the name and the mom. For you that never heard it as a name, lots of our ancestors named their children after states, and then, there is always, Tennessee Williams

Emily on

I think it’s a great name. Then again, I have a daughter named Johnnie. The more I read these comments the more I want to name my next kid something completely crazy

Tina on

Named after Tennessee Ernie Ford?

B.J. (the girl) on

Tennessee is bad enough, but Tennessee Toth? How unfortunate.

Anonymous on

Congrats Reese all the best to you and your family! xoxox

LJ on

Tennesse Williams-wrote Streetcar Named Desire. Not a common name obviously but I have heard far worse! She didn’t judge any of us who have named children-we should afford her the same courtesy. Glad he is healthy and happy for them. 🙂

Aimee on

In order to have been due in September/early October, she was already pregnant by late January. So the line “Right after the wedding, Reese expressed a desire to have a baby with Jim” is silly – she was already pregnant!

Teri on

HHMmmmm, I see a Kopelman-Toth wedding in about 24 years…..

Jill on

Aimee, put a cork in it. She married in March 2011, so exactly HOW was she already pregnant when she married? Idiot.

Bethanie F on

Horrible name but congratulations.

Nancy on

Why do they give their babies such horrible names? That poor little boy will resent them as he ages because he will be teased all through his life. Tennessee is a state not a name for a baby.

Ladyfoxx on

Well y’all she is from the south. You should’ve expected something along the lines of Rowdy,Buck,or Beau Wyatt! I for one like the name.