Jessica Capshaw: My House Has Become ‘Controlled Chaos’

09/27/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

The sibling situation is getting interesting in Jessica Capshaw‘s house!

Since the actress and her husband Christopher Gavigan welcomed their daughter Poppy James in June, the dynamics of their brood — which include Eve Augusta, 2 next month, and Luke Hudson, 5 — is continuing to change.

“The kids are all getting along amazing. The youngest one is too young to have a problem with the other two,” Capshaw told PEOPLE at the Variety and Women in Film Pre-Emmy Event presented by Saint Vintage in Beverly Hills on Saturday.

The older two are just getting to a point where they are having a problem with each other, and it’s not a problem because they know they have a third one coming up behind them.”

With her two youngest 20 months apart — “an extra added fun bonus,” she says — the mom-of-three is enjoying the “controlled chaos” before potentially heading back to work. After a season finale filled with tragedy, Capshaw is keeping mum on whether she will return as Dr. Arizona Robbins on Grey’s Anatomy.

“I can’t say because I have a story line that is a little open ended. Right now I’m just focused on [the kids] and I’m having fun,” she explains.

It’s a big job and you have to take it seriously. If you have three babies, you have to make sure you’re taking care of them so I have been home.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Michelle Ward

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Shannon on

I understand the choas of three kids! My daughters are 4 and 2 and I have a newborn son. Its crazy, fun, amazing and draining all in one day!

Moments With Marcy on

I hope Arizona comes back on Grey’s Anatomy! I love that character!

Jess on

Me too!!

Anonymous on

Okay, I’m confused. What the heck did she mean by this: “The older two are just getting to a point where they are having a problem with each other, and it’s not a problem because they know they have a third one coming up behind them.”

I can’t figure it out for the life of me, and it’s driving me nuts!

clara on

Sometimes kids don’t get along at different stages and that can be especially true when they know their mum is expecting again. What she meant was that her 2 eldest are not getting along but in their case its not because a new baby is on the way, simply the stage they are in.

Joyful on

first one is a little boy, and the just walking not potty trained 20 month old is a girl, who is nosey, and territorial and a girl! The little boy is not wanting his things touched and he’s missing Momies hugs and attention the most and he’s already doing a bit of watch your sister, do not let her leave the room! L O L. hes getting his big brother training, and the 20 month old is getting her big sister training when told you do not get a bottle or breast etc. She is just letting us know that little brother is not so sure about being big brother to two needys!! lol

Alex Brown on

I love her!

Olivia on

Ummm, Greys premiered 2 days ago. I will not spoil it, though.

timbrooks1957 on

i’m sure she meant “UNcontrolled chaos”…

timbrooks1957 on

i’m sure she meant “UNcontrolled chaos”…
does anyone really know who the hell this is??? who is she??

Taraakapinky on

She’s on “Grey’s anatomy.” It says that in the article. I love Arizona too, I hope she’s back!

weezer on

Now they can entertain each other more.

Mommyto3 on

I always call it ‘beautiful chaos’ 🙂 mine are 5&4&1

Irish on

Three kids? HAHAHAHA – try 7.

Taraakapinky on

That’s a little unnecessary. She’s never had 3 kids before, it’s chaos to her. I’m sure 7 is chaotic for you (or anyone) but that doesn’t make someone else’s perspective or experience less important or relevant.

macey on


cynthia on

I have to wonder if grandpa Steven babysits very often. Imagine his bedtime stories…’I was filming this movie about a shark…alien from space…guy with a whip (that one better wait:))”

meghan on

yes, i agree with three kids being controlled chaos… we then had a fourth and it went to utter and complete insanity.

Andrea on

Irish- I have 5, but the hardest times were when my oldest 3 were all born right after the other. Everyone’s family is different, and 3 kids isn’t exactly easy. My 3rd child was born right before the 1st’s 3rd birthday.

ann on

its definitely controlled chaos, its chaos but she doesn’t let it get out of hand. She can keep everything in control but its hectic and she is running around. Uncontrolled chaos would mean being out of control.

Beth on

Jen, why on earth would you call her a pig ? I haven’t read anything negative about her…ever ! Harsh much ?