Jennifer Garner: Ben ‘Excels’ at Tea Time with Our Girls

09/27/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Jennifer Garner is really feeling the difference between raising girls and boys.

During a Thursday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actress admits she’s taken a hit — literally! — when it comes to her 7-month-old baby boy, Samuel.

“I mean, [my daughters] didn’t pee in my eye,” the Butter star, 40, jokes with Ellen DeGeneres.

But despite the slick spots, Garner says her “really, really, really sweet” son has no qualms about sharing the spotlight with his sisters Seraphina, 3½, and Violet, 6½.

“I don’t know if it’s because he’s a boy. I don’t know if it’s because he’s my third and I forget that I have him,” she shares. “You’re just dealing with two and then you think, ‘I swear I put a baby down somewhere.’ And you kind of walk through the house, ‘There you are!’ and he’s just happy as can be.”

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Soaking up her son’s latest stage before he’s mobile, the mom-of-three is thrilled Sam has become her biggest fan. “He reaches when he sees me and he laughs a lot,” she says. “He thinks I’m super funny. What more do you want?”

But while Garner is thrilled with her baby boy, she reveals she and husband Ben Affleck weren’t seeking a specific sex. In fact, according to Garner, when it comes to spending time with his daughters, the Argo actor/director “excels” at all-things girlie.

“He’s all about [tea parties]. He can do it without using any energy at all. He can sit there and be almost asleep and they think they’re having an incredible game with him. It’s skill,” she says with a laugh.

Having recently voiced opposing opinions on adding to their brood in the future, Garner jokes she is not currently pregnant — and doesn’t plan to be — but can make no guarantees.

“My husband is kind of a wonder sperm kind of guy,” she shares. “You just have a look at him, you can see why…”

— Anya Leon

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Reesca on

What a cute article. I’d love to watch this interview, she always seems so down to earth and happy. Love this family!

lilly on

There is actually a trick to ‘not’ have your baby boy pee in your face . . .. cover ‘it’ with his diaper before you take it completely off! Wow, what a novel idea!!!!

AQ on

Lily, some people have to learn that through trial & error…she had two girls before. Don’t be so rude.

Kim on

I adore her. She seems so darn normal, which is really refreshing among the Hollyweird crowd. Laughed at the remark about her little son peeing on her. One of my friends commented about his new baby boy that he never realized how FAR something that small can pee. LOL!

Lisa M on

Love the Garner-Affleck family! They generally look happy when you see them in paparazzi photos-the kids are always smiling, mom and dad are smiling, they look like they are just enjoying life. It’s nice to see and read about a celebrity family being, well, normal!

Anonymous on

She is a WONDERFUL human being and I love her down to earth attitude. Just about any new (to a boy) mother has had that experience.

Guest2 on

lilly, just chill, sweetie. She was only making a joke about different baby genders.

Anonymous on

I love Jennifer and her family, but I lost it when I read the “wonder sperm” part.

Nancy on

My youngest is a boy after having 3 girls what a totally different child. Totally laided back compared to the girls, just a nicer child but who likes 2 17 yr old girls anyways and after 3 girls, I got pee’d on a few times before I learned my lesson. He is still so laided back and his sisters are all HIGH MAINTENCE, moody, and just plain old mean at times. I warned and warned and warned those twin girls, who are 3 yrs older then their brother that he is going to be one of these days bigger then you, you had better stop, hitting him, fighting with him and just being MEAN. Well he is now bigger then them (14) at 6’5″ and beat the heck outta the both of them they have not laided a finger on him since in anger. I just sat there and said if I have to take any of you to the ER then there will be trouble. I told the twins “I TOLD YOU SO”. I have a younger brother. I knew what was going to happen. LOL

Pam on

WTF Nancy?!? I sincerely hope that you are joking?!? I really hope that you don’t let your children beat the crap out of each other for fun or to teach a lesson. It sounds like you need to be taught a lesson and be beaten and laughed at. Ugh disgusting! You should have never had kids!

Anonymous on

Chill out! I don’t know why mother’s have to judge other moms. I am sure that she was half joking when she posted that. Why do some people have to be so up tight?! As a mother to two boys myself, I have learned to not let myself get upset at people like you. Do you have children of your own? Do they not fight? Or are you always hovering around them to make sure they are “perfect”??

A on

Chill out! I don’t know why mother’s have to judge other moms. I am sure that she was half joking when she posted that. Why do some people have to be so up tight?! As a mother to two boys myself, I have learned to not let myself get upset at people like you. Do you have children of your own? Do they not fight? Or are you always hovering around them to make sure they are “perfect”??

T in Texas on

And this is news ?

Kay on

T in Texas, you do realize that YOU clicked the article right?! it’s about her kids I mean seriously get a grip, this is a site about celebrities it’s for entertainment!

Amanda on

Reesca, i so agree with you, they seem so down to earth and happy…

Would also love to watch the interview, but i’m going to be waiting months before it shoes.

bh on

Goggles would work.

macey on


Anonymous on

All of us mom’s get sprinkled by our newborn son’s before we manage to get clever and open the diaper for a few seconds so that the baby feels the air. We then close the diaper quickly, allowing them to complete their stream. It is a very humorous part of having a baby boy.

The early stages of children’s lives are very special indeed!

CCEx on

No, not all of us get our faces peed on.

Sharon on

I love Jennifer she is wonderful. I just seen her in the movie The odd life of TImothy Green, she was amazing in that movie.

Connie on

I love how natural and down-to-earth they appear. I mean how many of these “stars” say in interviews the every day things that happen to us too? I mean who admits that the dad just phoned in the tea-party activity?! That was priceless and I remember many of those same activities after being exhausted parenting all day with three children. Most of these celebrity types would just have the nanny play with them all day and never know just how far reaching that tiny little peepee can shoot! LOL

Sarah on

I love them too they are lovely people

Izzy on

People can be so mean! My first born is a boy and I got peed on the face before I figured out a way to prevent it from happening at again. Don’t be such know-it-all! This is a nice and refreshing article so move on along if you’re going to hate!

Lisa on

My son had just had a bath and I put him on the changing table where he preceded to pee all over the wall. Learned very quickly to get him covered up asap! lol

Cinder Lou on

Baby boys do have that talent, don’t they?! LOL! All moms learn – either through their own experience or from the experience of others. Cute article.

Amy on

I love that she told that story. She had two girls prior to her son. how in the world would/should she have expected the peepee issue or known what to do about it before? Lots of good advice from moms above – if I ever have a son, hopefully I’ll remember some of the suggestions posted.

guest on

Good for all of you ladies who never got peed on by your infant son. My little guy peed in my face (I have three girls) and i learned my lesson quickly about covering with a diaper. When you have no sleep and are continually running after other small children, sometimes you forget about cover ‘it’ over with a diaper. Congrats Jennifer- I obviously do not know you but you sound like a great family!

Anonymous on

She’s so refreshing in the midst of the hollywood “fakeness.”

Annette on

Love them they are always do happy.

Nina on

I’m kinda surprised no one got her a Peepee Teepee.

Brooke on

I have a son and he has peed in his own face before while I was changing him.

To Lilly’s comment in a perfect world you would be able to prevent an accident by covering with another diaper. You must not have any boys…haha

Misty on

I love this family!

Nica on

She really is sweet and so genuine. What great family!

Jane on

Too much information

Anonymous on

At ‘T in Texas’….it’s called PEOPLE, not CNN. It’s about People, not earth shattering news. Good grief, does no one enjoy hearing light hearted things anymore instead of all the bad crap that is in the ‘news’ now? I for one find it refreshing to read family oriented articles like this. A very nice change compared to all the Political garbage and hideous crimes in the news.

Anonymous on

Loved this interview. So funny! I lol at the part about forgetting about the third child. I have been distracted at times myself, when all of a sudden I remembered “the Baby” rush around in panic to find him playing happily!
There can be a lot of fun humour in motherhood!

jsp81355 on

We used to call it the fountain of youth – whenever I would go to change my son, James’, diaper he would pee halfway across the room. You have to throw a washcloth on them before they get the chance, those little buggers!

Luis on

Can you please let us know when he S***s in your mouth?!…TMI

NotAMom on

YUCK! Why do mothers always feel the need to share the boy-peeing stories?

Amaryllis on


al on

@Nancy: maybe your daughters are mean & moody but not all girls are like that & not all boys are laid back. My daughter is laid back & a breeze, my nephews not so much. They are loud & mean to each other but I think they are great as well.
I know you’re sharing your own experience but sounds like you’re like you have your preference in gender…how can anyone laugh their ow kidsn being beat up?!, wow!

SAR on

Maya Rudolph had a boy after two girls, and she said that girls pee when you’re changing them too — they just don’t have the directional capability that boys do.

Manomer on

So not all get peed on who cares. Why do your comments have to be so negative…maybe you need to out and breathe some fresh air….or just get a life all together. It’s just a article for crying out loud…..BE HAPPY! Negative people are such losers.

wow on

It’s pretty sad that grown women act the way that some of you do. I see why men are gay….

momma bear on

LMFAO! My husband says that’s why there are so many gay men too, because there are so many bitchy women! I dont take offence, I’ve been married 25 years and my husband has never had to put up with a bitchy woman like most of his friends do.

Anonymous on

Harder then it looks there Lilly, it takes a split sec, your probably not even a mother, or even a boy if you are, most mothers have gotten peed on at least once.

Jen is such a sweetheart, you can see she’s a great mom, she doesn’t have to be all glammed up to play with them, love her

Meg on

Why do these celebrities have to tell us every gross thing that happens to them? None of them seem capable of developing a social filter or any class.

Pam on

I love her! She’s so real and grounded and an awesome mom! ❤

TP on

They actually sell these things called “Peepee Teepee” it’s a little teepee like the native americans used to live in. You put the teepee over the baby’s bits and if he pee’s it isn’t a headshot to mom!

swack on

This is hilarious. When I had my second daughter, I was looking at babies in nursery (it was 30 years ago) and there was a MALE nurse checking the abdomen of a baby boy sans diaper. I stood there and watched because I knew at any moment he was going to get a shower and he did – I laughed so hard. I love Jennifer at least she isn’t trying to hand out advice like others do – she is simply telling a great story. Something I still do til this day!

sharon on

I love this couple they get it! It’s all about the love they have for one another and family time with their kids! I just think they are the most real , adorable family in hollywood and I honestly hope they last forever!

They have such beautiful little children, well look at the gene pool both are gorgeous and not only on the outside but inside too!

J Lo was stupid to mess things up with him, but I’m glad she did I never liked those two together, Jennifer Garner is the real deal and I love that they are so down to earth!

God Bless this family!

WooHoo on

They come across as having one of the healthiest marriages in H’wood. This sounds like a great interview!

kathyf on

ellen seemed taken aback by some of jennifer’s honesty.. but it’s like hey, if you’re a parent, you’ve been there..! 🙂

Rae on

I just love them– the Garner-Afffleck clan. Such a NORMAL family to be in Hollywood. And kids with NORMAL names. Violet, Sera, and Sam..not freakin Apple and Moses or Blue or Tennessee. -_-

PS on

I think getting “firehosed” is a rite of passage with having a son.

justamom on

i watched this interview. She was absolutely adorable. She was just telling it like it is. Honest and true to herself. She giggled about having placenta brain and the crazy things that go on when you have multiple small kids. Priceless interview. Great Job Ellen…

Anonymouse on

I agree that she seems incredibly nice and normal. However, IMO she cannot act to save her life.

Mary on

I think she’s funny and has a sense of humor about having a lot of kids. She’s cute, leave her alone.

Ms. Teacher on

So many people obsessed over the issue of how a baby boy pees! If you see the whole interview she gives a glib answer to Ellen’s question about if he seems to be different from the first two, does she notice a difference due to gender…Jen’s answer, “Well, they never peed in my eye!”

She was sweet and natural in the interview. Charming and unstudied…it was a delight to watch. She talked about her work, she talked about her family. Don’t the rest of us do that in a conversation?

As far as TMI, you’ve never had kids. Many many topics you’d find dull suddenly take on all kinds of interest and relevance.

They seem like an absolutely lovely family and I wish them all the best and hope the marriage lasts a lifetime.

nycanna on

So darn cute!!!

Sarah on

I flipping LOVE her. She seems like such a wonderful mom and she and Ben always look happy together with their family. Love, love, love them!

Shannon on

There is nothing sweeter than a daddy and his baby girls. We had 2 girls first and when I was pregnant with our 3rd but my husband and I were crossing our fingers for another girl 🙂 He also has tea parties with our 4 and 2 year old girls and definitely suited to be a girl dad. We have a one month old son now and if daddy had his way he would have been a girl.

Fiona on

Who is ‘Martha’? When Jennifer is talking about getting all mixed up with her children’s names (around 01:18 on the video), she says ‘Violet, Martha, Sam, Martha, Ben, no… Violet!’, so, yeah, who’s Martha?!! Does she call Seraphina ‘Martha’?! Or is she really that confused, haha… I don’t care either way. Jennifer Garner’s easily one of my favorite actresses – she has a wonderful family. 🙂

Maggie on

Martha is the family dog – her name is Martha Stewart. 🙂

Amanda on

I can totally relate to her comments, which I love! She seems to be such a genuine and sweet woman (who just happens to live a pretty glamorous life!).

Sherri on

I like her. She, along with her husband, seem so NORMAL. There just doesn’t seem to be anything Hollyweird about them. And the kids are just cute as buttons!

4mom on

I have to laugh at this one! I have three girls and a boy. They all have the ability to wet when you don’t expect it, but my girls were way worse than my son. Perhaps I am just fortunate.

There are times in the middle of all of the homework and laundry and cooking and dishes that I actually stop and ask “Does anyone know where the baby is?” One of the girls usually has him playing something and since he is 11 months old he adores it.

I also have the name problem when I am rushed and will often call the wrong name. It seldom happens when everything is going good. My kids just look at me and tell me what their name is, even the 2 yr. old!

We can’t all be perfect and say and do the perfect thing. Anyone with a child/children knows that life can be chaotic, but it sure is precious.

Andrea on

Jennifer Garner is an underrated actress and drop dead beautiful woman. Her natural grace and warm love as a mother and wife, add to her sublime appeal. Hopefully, we will see more of Jennifer Garner in the film industry for years to come. I look forward to her choices of roles and material, as she continues to become more of who she is, a real person, not just a Hollywood by-product. Thanks People!

Anonymous on

Meg- It’s a parent thing, not a celebrity thing. If you hang around just about every parent long enough, especially if they have an infant in the house, you will hear at least one “TMI” story!

Personally, I think it’s pretty harmless, and I laugh at the “TMI” stories I hear (because, despite being more than you maybe cared to know, most of them are hilarious!)!

aeg66 on

She needs PeePee TeePees!

Erin on

I don’t know why we are focusing on the peeing thing, it happens. I think she is just a riot and I adore her.

I did have to laugh when she said that she would be dealing with two kids and think “I did put a baby down, where is that baby”. When I had my third that happened to me on a couple occasions.

Cheryl on

Why does this actress always use bathroom talk in her interviews? She talks about her husband’s “junk”…next it’s his “swimmers” (sperm) next it’s baby pee, etc. There’s a pattern here that comes under “too much information” rather strange, isn’t it?

Nina on

I like her SO much! I know Ben must melt every time he sees those dimples. 😀

mg on

love her…no pretentiousness…just honesty. And when you see her kids out, they are often wearing clothes and shoes from Target. No stupid shoes like Beyonce’s kid.

Sissy on

Free pee happens! My one brother peed in the Dr’s mouth when being examined. Some learn the hard way. Hahaha

susan on

am so glad ben affleck married jennifer . they seem to be a very happy. congratulations on the newest addtion. when i had my son, the last of five children, the other four were girls, yes, when i changed his diaper at hospital, he peed in my face too…lol quite unexpected …lol

Rick430 on

I missed the wonder sperm part also, right over my head. Rick430

Rick430 on

They seem like a very nice family, down to earth. I did miss the wonder sperm part though right over my head.

Lisa Costas on

Such a sweet person, and seems so sincere!! I especially love the way their marriage works, we never hear anything negative about them, that is refreshing!! God bless your family!!

Hattie on

Don’t be rude Lilly.I guess you have a houseful of boys with no daughter.I too had two daughters and stopped there.BIL has the two cute sons.

Jane Martin on

This woman is so adorable. No wonder Ben goes crazy over her. They are a cute couple and best wishes to them both on their cute family!!!

Jo on

I think it is sooooo cool Jennifer and Ben found each other. Both had lived in the spotlight because of romances for so long and in such a frustrating way. I love that they seem to live a very normal kind of life with their kids and are involved the way non-celebrity parents are. I wish them a long and happy family life !!!

Pat on

So its so cute to see a brother beat up his sisters? This is disguisting.

Bella T on

I love to hear about Jen and Ben and their kids. BTW, even if you cover a little boy when changing his diaper, there is still that split second you remove the cover and start fixing the diaper and they somehow squirt at you then too. Be thankful all parts are working! LOL!

hazelsjam on

Sorry, Jen, you’re not that special…all baby boys do that!!

martesa on

“T in Texas” 1.) You clicked on the article to read it, so you CHOSE to read about Ben A having tea with his girls, etc.,
and 2.) THIS IS PEOPLE MAGAZINE — IT’S WHAT THEY DO!!! It’s about celebrities, it’s fluff, it’s fun. Lighten up, and go to for news if that is what you want. It was a cute article about what seems to be a genuinely nice family. To me, today, this was a little bit better than the news.

Maurice H on

Hey Jen, be happy. Little girls are brats!

El on

Oh the joys of little boys! lol I also learned to dip my baby boys’ toes in the bath for a few seconds while the diaper was still on so they’d pee in the diaper instead of the bath water. 🙂

Sandy on

How did Ben go from trashy Jennifer from the hood…to this classy bubbly smart witty natural beauty…he should count himself ”lucky”..actually i would never think Jennifer Garner would even look his way…she seems too smart for that..but alas…God has been good to Ben..saved him from a horrible witchcraft a bright and loving high life with a wonderful woman..and children..BRAVO!

Trish on

Ben Affleck is an excellent actor (better than given credit for)..and a very smart man. He dumped the narcissistic Jennifer Lopez and she was crazy about him.. He then chose a “real” woman, fit to be a mother and wife… and Garner exudes beauty inside and out..

Tara on

First I have to say Jen is by far my fave actress- love her!!! Miss Alias! As for the pee in the eye comment- umm ya- my sons peed on my face, on my bed- down the wall. Sometimes when you have a boy, its difficult to keep the front covered and clean him up if hes having a poopie kinda day! Shes funny, real and has no qualms about her life- shes not a stuck up, have a team of nannies to raise her kids kinda mom- shes hands on, hes hands on and anyone who has an issue with her or anything she says should just change the channel!

Joan on

I think Jennifer is adorable she loves her family very much!! Ben also lolol

buwahahahaha on

All together now —- awwwwwww!
They are so not like Brad & Angie. I really adore how Jennifer is at ease with Ellen. She was great on Martha Stewart’s show, too. Just a regular type gal with a nice family and a healthy bank account.

buwahahahaha on

All together now —- awwwwwwww!
So not like those other Hollyweird families. Jen’s just a nice girl with a happy family and a healthy bank account.

ShelJO on

Love it! Most of us moms have been there. 🙂

B. Thompson on

Love this family and the fact that her girls seem to pick out their own clothes…they dress age appropriate and if something is mismatched or the hair is not just so, that adds to their little girl look…so NORMAL!!

Kay on

I just love her!

Bump on

Once a ho always a ho and she is worse then a ho.

When she had that show on tv kind of like 007 she was fantastic!

But then she cheated on her long time partner from her first tv show with a young actor. Then cheated on him with that other actor (tall, curly hair ) from the spy tv show. She cheated on him with Ben AND WORSE THEN THAT she made the producers fire that guy or she would not renew her contract!

Some piece of work she is. + she is gaunt, ghost like and has a Jay Leno chin/jaw line. This ought to give yee old bags some grist for the mill while you take a break from your “I adore hers!” Pathetic…ya don’t even know her! You might as well “adore” betty and veronica or minnie mouse because your relation to them is bout the same…non existant.

Please feel free to make as many disparaging remarks about ME as you please! I wont be back to see them ~ ):

Bump out~

Edie on

Adorable…She appears to be a really good mom. They seem to have it right to me!