Check Out Blue Ivy’s Bedazzled $798 Sneakers

09/27/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy Ruthie Davis Inset: X17

From her Marc Jacobs mouse flats to her Jeremy Scott x Adidas winged hi-tops, 8-month-old Blue Ivy already has a shoe closet most grown-up fashionistas would envy.

Her latest addition: Light pink leather and bedazzled Jamie sneakers ($798) designed by Ruthie Davis.

“Pssssst! Take a look at the Baby Ruthie’s I made especially for Beyoncé and Jay-Z‘s daughter Blue Ivy … SO Sweet, right?” the shoe designer recently posted on Facebook.

So does this mean that Ruthie Davis is rolling out a kids line? “I had never thought about making baby shoes before, but anything’s possible. I’m so flattered at the attention they’re getting,” she told

Want a similar pair for yourself? The adult version — Pierce Sparkle Hi-Top Sneaker ($1,898) — is available at

Given that her parents are superstars, we’re not surprised at Baby Blue’s fab footwear collection. At this rate, she’s going to give Hollywood’s reigning queen of kiddie fashion Suri Cruise a run for her money. Or, at least become a hot topic for her burn book!

— Anya Leon

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Robyn on

Sweet Jesus! Nearly $2,000 for a pair of shoes for a baby that doesn’t even walk?!

Rachel on

WOW…. THINK of all the children without shoes…..

Rachel on

how many pairs of shoes would that buy for children without shoes.????

Kristen on

While I understand the “it’s their money, they are rich, it’s nothing to them” mentality, that is just obnoxious. If you are so out of touch with reality that a $2000 pair of shoes makes sense, even for an adult male whose feet are done growing, then you need to be smacked.

Now I understand that it’s not Beyonce or Jay-Z’s fault that there are many out of work, many going without food, health insurance, stuff like that but if you are choosing to throw your money away like that, keep it to yourself. Don’t mention that sort of craziness out loud to other’s who can hear you. You sound like an ass, a dumb ass, but an ass none the less.

Mariel on


Sarah S. on

Oh please…spare us with the stories on how ridiculously expensive these shoes are. No normal everyday mom can afford neither the adult nor baby version…geez.

Tee on

Just to clarify, the babies sneakers are over $900 with tax, the adult shoes are over $2000. What angers me is the fact that designers, be it clothes, shoes, phones, game systems, etc., often gift items to celebrities for nothing more than marketing reasons. People who can BUY products themselves, yet are given free merchandise all the time! There should be some kind of law, or at least some kind of morals, that celebs should not be allowed to take the gifts, or they should have the decency to donate them to less fortunate people. How many gifts (and expensive ones at that) a celeb gets during their run of fame….never are claimed on their taxes. I know a lady who works for Motorola via the Marketing Dept. and as such she gets to attend many events that atheletes, singers, celebs are invited to and they gift them the latest cell phones, etc. They throw a party, have a booth, tent, room, the celebs show and get all kinds of gifts. The same stuff happens with most anything marketed, we’ve all seen it, from weddings being sponsored by various businesses, to baby showers, to birthday bashes. Free liquor, free meals, free gift bags at the Emmy’s, the Academy awards, on and on. It’s sickening!

ronnie on

Why are people always counting someone elses money? If you have it and want to spend it last time I checked it was a free country. Beyonce and Jay Z both give to a lot of charitable orgnizations, I would venture a guess that they’ve given more to charity this year than most of us will give in a lifetime. Do I think $800 baby shoes are unecessary, yes. Do I mind if someone else with the means to do so buys them? No, not my business!

stephanie on

Wow they are all about money especially beyonce. She would do anything for money even perform for a terrorist. When the baby grows up she’s gonna be a spoiled brat.

stacylp75 on

You all sure hate on Bey & J and how they spend their money. You don’t hate on anyone else this hard. By the way, she didn’t release the information about the shoes, the designer released that she had made them for baby. Go back and read the article. Individuals can spend THEIR money how they want. Don’t hate bc you can’t.

stacylp75 on

You all hate hard on Bey & J. I don’t ever see you all hating on anyone else this much. What about Suri who has on all kinds of designer wear? Don’t judge bc they can afford to buy what they want. Better yourself!! Everyone spends money differently and buys what they want their children to have. I think you all angry bc they are a successful black couple…ijs

Grace2 on

Those are ugly shoes that look like something you’d see in the clearance aisle at Marshall’s.

Xan on

Pretty silly of the designer to say that she’s flattered by all the attention the baby shoes are getting, when she was the one who released the tweet declaring that she’d made and gifted the shoes to the Carters. What she doesn’t realize is that they are garnering far more attention for the sheer ridiculousness of the price than they are for how they look. To me, the fashion industry is even worse than the entertainment business…

Tee Tee on

I suppose they can spend their money on whatever they want, no matter how silly I or anyone else thinks it might be. What gets me is that I don’t even think the shoes are cute!

Mommytoane on

Wow. Thats a hella fortune to spend on shoes. I guess I can understand baby’s first shoes…or if this is something that will later be decoration on a shelf…or put away for grandbabies. But sheesh, its just insane to spend that much on a pair of shoes she’ll wear like 2-3 times before growing out of.

Jen DC on

…so all of you are on your way back to return the last frivolous thing you bought because “someone else less fortunate is suffering somewhere”? Because that’s what your complaints boil down to.

Conspicuous consumption makes us uneasy. Fine. But recognize the logical inference of your statement: Their spendy nature is helping the rest of the economy. Spending money, like it or not, is what makes our little capitalist engine hum.

Kim on

Seriously?? This may be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.

Robin on

Seriously? Instead of paying that much money just buy a bedazzler!

mamato3littles on

what ugly shoes!

delzee on

wow, we struggle to pay our bills. trying to run a small trucking company and barely surviving and she buys her kid $800 sneakers!!! these people do not live in our real world. my kids get by with walmart sneakers and they are happy!

Just my 2 cents on

Doesn’t matter how much money you have, I don’t understand how one can justify $800 for a pair of shoes that the child wears nt more than probably 3 times.

cc on

What I think is funny is all the people that buy his music and hers are supporting this stupid spending for a baby that cannot walk. I look at kids when I go out they dont have decent shoes or clothes and these people spend all that on a baby foolishness that is all it is.

sarah on

Wow…I can think of better things to do with that much money. Bills, clothes and food for my daughter and myself. While celebs may have worked hard to get to where they are today and donate to organizations, it is unbelievable on what they spent their money on. While yes it is their money and they can spend it anyway they want, buying shoes for a baby thay cost that much is plain stupid. It has nothing to do with what race they are, I’ve seen it in all. I agree they shouldn’t just be given things because they are rich and famous. Make them earn it just like us average people who actually do work hard for a living.

mg on

wow…Ostentatious much?

Ashley on

Who cares how they spend their money? I’m sure we all want to buy the best we can for our babies. Just because a celebrity can afford to buy expensive clothes for their children doesn’t make me feel like less of a mother for putting my baby in hand me downs and second hand clothes.

T. on

Lol… I always get a kick outta reading the judgmental comments on this site. There is NO way that you mothers would expect BEYONCE to be going to a “Payless” or other discounted store to buy shoes for her kid. She apparently has worked HARD to have a spectacular & glamorous life. She’s accomplished that and when we have kids we want the EXACT same thing for them. Knock it off, u ladies are ridiculous. Lol