The Rancics: Why We Chose to Bank Duke’s Cord Blood

09/26/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
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Giuliana and Bill Rancic are parents!

After years of fertility struggles — including unsuccessful attempts at in vitro fertilization and subsequent miscarriage — the couple welcomed Edward Duke via gestational surrogate on Aug. 29.

Before the birth, the stars of Giuliana & Bill began preparing for their baby boy and were introduced to the benefits of cord blood banking.

The first-time parents, who chose to store their newborn’s cord blood, have since partnered with Cord Blood Registry and together they have launched the Healthy Futures Campaign, an initiative to inform parents on their choices regarding their baby’s umbilical cord.

In an exclusive blog for PEOPLE, Giuliana and Bill open up about their latest partnership — and touch on life with their new baby boy.

It’s no secret that we’ve always been very open about our lives. Let’s be honest, we have the Style Network TV crew following us around half the time filming Giuliana & Bill!

But in all seriousness, we love being able to share our everyday challenges and successes with our wonderful fans.

Not too long after we got married, we knew we wanted to have children. Like many families today, we struggled with infertility and went through a series of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. We weren’t going to let this get in our way ­ — we still really wanted to have a family!

That’s about the time we started exploring gestational surrogacy. And believe me, we were beyond thrilled to finally be able to tell everyone some FANTASTIC news with everyone last April when we could share publicly that we were expecting.

When it started to become a reality that we would soon have a baby, we began thinking through all the ways to prepare. You think of all the obvious things: the nursery, the stroller, the car seat, the adorable onesies for every day of the week (Okay, that last one was from Giuliana).

But then we also started thinking about some maybe not-so-obvious ways to prepare, like cord blood banking.

It’s something we were introduced to about 12 years ago when Giuliana’s first niece was born. Giuliana’s sister banked all four of her kids’ cord blood stem cells with Cord Blood Registry (CBR), the world’s largest and most experienced stem cell bank.

CBR came highly recommended to us, both by Giuliana’s sister and our OB/GYN, but we also did our own homework and visited the lab right before Edward Duke was born. We even saw where his cord blood stem cells would be stored!

Some parents might ask us why we banked. After our own health scares and all that we went through to finally get pregnant, it was a no-brainer for us. We’ve always taken charge of our own health and wanted to do the same for our son even before he was born.

Like all parents, we want a healthy future for our child, but no one can predict the future. The value of cord blood stem cells is something we want every parent to be informed about.

It’s why we partnered with CBR to launch the Healthy Futures Campaign, so we can empower all expectant parents to make an informed decision about their umbilical cord storage options.

Because many expecting parents are not adequately informed about the value of cord blood stem cells, they may not know saving it can provide more medical options for their family ­ today and in the future.

Though we hope we’ll never need to use them, Edward Duke’s stem cells will be available if we should ever need them.

At this point, we couldn’t be more overjoyed to have a beautiful, healthy newborn at home with us. Looking at his precious face makes going through all of our previous pregnancy struggles worth it. Whether we’re in Chicago or L.A., we’re a happy family, and we can’t wait for what’s in store for us next.

— Giuliana and Bill Rancic

The Rancics are paid spokespersons for Cord Blood Registry. They are not receiving free or discounted cord blood banking.

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Grace2 on

Happy for their healthy baby, but cord blood banking is a giant racket, a waste of money that preys on a parent’s worst nightmare.

Donating to a public cord blood bank is what they should be promoting. The AAP and other reputable medical organizations all recommend donating not private banking.

Pam on

Of course they recommend donating it because nobody saves it and it can obviously save lives. But I believe that each family should save their own. Why shouldn’t it be saved to save your own child’s life? Parents should not have to feel guilty about saving it for their own child. I commend Bill and Guiliana for being diligent to make sure that Edward has the best chance to live a healthy long life.

Guest on

Banking cord blood is for the family. In most cases it can’t be used on non family members. And unfortunately, in most cases it can’t even be used on the parent themselves. It’s 100% match for the child and also a high percentage for a sibling. So generally the cord blood is stored for the child and/or siblings, not total strangers.

gg on

I must disagree from personal experience. Fortunately we saved our daughter’s cord blood and 2 years ago we needed it. Honestly, it saved her life and we’re so thankful we saved it. Obviously it’s a personal decision just like every other parenting choice – but one that we will never regret.

Carrie-Ann Sharp on

Read my article. None of our business wot they do.

Jane on

Grace2, you’re exactly right. I have a hard time believing a reputable OB would encourage them to use CBR. Public cord banks are absolutely the way to go, and they need support! I wasn’t able to bank my son’s cord blood at a public bank because they simply don’t have the funding to have it available over the weekend in my area – and I delivered on a Saturday. Public cord banks are wonderful and deserve everyone’s support.

I’m actually really appalled that such a likable couple would use their celebrity to support this “cause.” The cynic in me thinks (& sadly i bet I’m right) that they get to bank their son’s cord blood for free because they are the faces of this campaign & probably make further profits. Sad. I liked them.

Carrie-Ann Sharp on

To grace 2 and Jane, if you are so appalled by wot they are doing. Would you be even more appalled if G was making cancer awareness. Do find something better to talk about like on the Kardashians. I think this is good and will do the same for my future children if I get blessed someday. I have a song for G and B, it’s called Blessed by aviici levels, because you have been blessed with a beautiful healthy person and thanks to the lady that carried him for G and B for nine months. You are an angel for helping this fab couple. G if you need a stylist to do your hair, I’m here to do your hair.

alicia on

I love this couple and they have the right to do whatever they want with their baby’s cord blood.

Yet, after a lot of research, I opted to donate my son’s cord blood to a public bank. However, I was unable to do so because I delivered on a weekend.

I think parents should carefully research both sides. Of course, if you read the private banks websites, they’re argument is very convincing. It’s also a big money maker so keep that in mind. But heaven forbid if you ever need to use a blood bank, chances are very good that there will be a match in the public bank.

Having said that, it’s their choice. Very happy they got their baby!

Becky14 on

I really disagree with these comments. I think Cord Blood Registry is expensive, but you are investing in your child or potentially another child’s future. No one can predict what tomorrow brings for their children and it helps knowing that you might be able to help your child should a situation arise. Additionally if you don’t use the Stem Cells or Cord Blood you can always donate to another individual that might be a match and that is a great thing as well. I would be happy to save another parent or family from going through something horrific.

We have no way of predicting the technological advances and diseases/injuries cord blood could help in the future. The fact that you can store for 20 to 30 yrs, gives me hope for a lot of advancement.

I don’t think these companies prey on a person’s worst nightmare, I think they give individuals a choice for the future. If you don’t want to do it, that’s fine, but if you have the money it can be an investment.

FYI, just about every OB/GYN service here in Maryland seems to recommend cord blood banking as well as hospitals, so there certainly seems to be a trend that this is a good option. They tell you about all the main ones, ViaCord, CBR, etc. but they let parents make their own personal decision.

I also think Public Cord Banks are great too, but they are not always available to everyone, so that is not always an option.

Kudos to the Rancics for sharing their personal stories and just letting people know about their options.

Anonymous on

Ho hum.

cat on

Must be nice to have money, and have options like that. Geez, rich people problems!

Pam on

Cat, Bitter much? If you don’t like to hear about rich people and their money then don’t come on People, duh. I don’t think they were trying to shove their money in anybody’s face with this, it is a good thing they are doing. How is this a problem? Not a problem in my opinion, they are doing their due diligence to make sure their boy has the best possible chance at a healthy life. Why can’t you just be happy for them and positive?

Carrie-Ann Sharp on

These days people are so narrow minded. Yes G and B have money. It’s their prerogative and they certainly earn it. They work hard just like all us. It doesn’t help that you be sour about it. You can make your life as blessed as theirs if you put your mind to it. Why do people have to be so jelous. It will only make you a very sour nasty person. They are not thinking of themselves here. You have clearly seen G’s struggles and she just wants to make sure her son is healthy and if problems like hers arises than they can maybe fix that problem. Give them a break please as they have been through something that you prob have not. I will always love G and B. They don’t fake and are as true as they can be and that’s wot makes them so special in my heart. Through all that they have been through, they never once boast about how much more they have over other people. They will always be down to earth. I have been following their shows and it was heart breaking to see them struggle but wen they found out that they were expecting beautiful Edward Duke which is such a perfect name for a miracle baby, my fiance and I cried tears of joy for them as we are battling to fall pregnant too. A baby is a miracle from god so don’t you forget that dooshbag. I’m really very happy for them. God has a plan for everyone even if you get dished out bad first. There will always be some kind of good to follow. So be happy for them. And wot they do for their son is no one’s business. All I can say is if it were you, I’m sure you would do the same to provide the best life ever for your child. G and B, I love you guy’s and am so happy for you. Keep being who you truly are because we all love you. G is a strong woman. Through everything she has been through with tears and all she still cracked jokes even wen you could see how her heart was breaking. And B keep being who you are because if it weren’t for you I’m sure G would of cracked. Your a great husband and were always supporting G which is more than I can say for anyone. Enjoy your son. We are all very happy for you guy’s. And he is just so perfect and beautiful. God bless. And take care. Your number one fan forever. Lots of love Carrie.

Caroline on

I agree. This is a huge expense that most families can’t afford. I’ve done public banking for my children.

Atrocia on

“Why We Chose to Bank Duke’s Cord Blood”. This is an easy one. Because they can afford it. Most normal parents would love to have a safety net like that too. It’s not like they choose not to because they are bad parents. Most people simply cannot afford it.

Not rich and did it on

You don’t have to be rich to do this. I did it 10 years ago and beyond the initial fee, I only pay $50 per year. And the yearly rate never changes. That’s just cutting back on 5-7 trips to McDonalds per year! As far as the initial cost goes: if you get a secondhand items such as strollers, baby clothes, etc., then it is totally feasible on a modest income. For us, it was worth the initial sacrifice. After all, my daughter didn’t care that her stroller wasn’t brand new. I hope more people consider this option.

mindy on

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend that parents store their baby’s cord blood/stem cells. Parents don’t realize what a small chance there is for these cells to be used, and a child with an illness such as a blood cancer would not have their own cells used for a transplant! Typically the cells are used to treat another family member, not the baby!

Pam on

Mindy, Yes you are possibly protecting your family someday, most likely Edward’s sibling, if they have another baby. They have the money to do it, so why not? Even if there’s the slimmest chance that it might be needed someday. Imagine if they didn’t and someday they needed it, how stupid would that be?

Jane on

I’m happy that they finally have a baby. However they share EVERYTHING from her cancer, infertility and now the baby. Somethings people just need to keep private. This isn’t about hating on them. These 2 really know how to work a tabloid

olive on

JANE I’m so GLAD someone said this!I used to adore this couple and now feel they literally have to tell every.single.thing. To the public!

I GET that they think this all can help others in similar situations but slow down guys. Talk about overexposure.

texaschickeee on

I honestly don’t know who is the biggest E drama and attention queen.. Kim K or Giulana. Who cares what you do with the cord. I also still don’t think she had all the problems played out. On E! IF you are not a stick figured women you are not there long.

Pam on

Good for them for ensuring Edward’s future health. I’ll be looking into doing the same for my future kids. I’ve heard of tons of stories where the cord blood saved family members. Of course they all suggest donating it because not enough people save the cord blood and it can save lives later, and I’m sorry but it should be your own families lives. They shouldn’t have to feel guilty about ensuring their sons future health, like they said they’ve been through illnesses and know that someday the likelihood of Edward getting sick is high. Thanks for sharing Bill and Guiliana, I’ll make sure to do the same when I have kids.

Folake on

I think we should all relax here.considering all the Rancics have been through healthwise,I personally do not blame them for saving the stem cells and believe me,if you were in their shoes,you would definitely do the same. Now,the fact that they did this doesn’t mean that they oppose or are against public banking of cells and donation and that they don’t support it.The issue is take care of yourself and your health first,and also donate when you can.

Keira on

Well said folake! Someone speaking with common sense for once in here!

Kathryn Herrera on

Can you please explain why they would / how they would use the cord blood if ever needed?

Pam on

Kathryn, If any of the family members are a match to that blood which they most likely will be if they get sick there’s a higher chance that this blood will save them.

youngadultreads on

When i was asked if i wanted to store ny childrens i should have because. Your childs future health is impportant and whether you think it is a bad thing then when your child comes very ill you will be saying i wish i would have stored the cord blood because you can get more info from the childs blood cord then having them poked with needles over and over again when an easier option is a yes or no

Amanda on

Interestingly enough, this article does not actually discuss why they decided to privately bank (other than following her sister’s lead) or what the potential benefits or uses are… most likely because right now, there really aren’t any! The benefits of private storage are entirely speculative. However, the benefits of public storage, and better yet, of delaying clamping the cord so your baby gets all of those stem cells for their own benefit and health following birth, are well established. This article is a shameless plug for a profit driven entity and I am very disappointed by it.

Abby on

The way they capitalize on their situation is just disgusting. Even G promotes her clothing line by saying that portion of the sells will go to fight against cancer. But she is not saying that it is just 1%. Really distasteful. I used to like them both too, but they just don’t seem to know when enough is enough.

Today on

Because you have money…Blood banking is very expensive.

Bex on

I agree with cord blood banking in principle but after reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, I am not so sure it is a great idea. The book was a huge eye opener about the medical community does with the cells that are donated. I think it is good if the cells were exclusively used for what the literature says they are but they are used in medical experiments and not just treating the sick. Just as if you have your son circumsized, the foreskin or medical waste is put in a genetic databse to see if your child has cells that could benefit medicine. But those cells are identified by your childs information so if your child as super cells, you may be asked for more to experiment on.

leigh on

I agree. The sad thing is its so expensive and while it may be beneficial if needed many new parents can’t afford to do it. Maybe part of their initiative can include making it affordable for everyone.


Unfortunately, the price makes it not so much of a “no brainer” for some families.

I agree there should be more a push for public cord banks.

We tried to donate our cord blood to a public bank and were unable as there were no services in our hospital to collect and store DONATED cord blood. Our only option was to pay a private service which was out of our price range.

Zip on

Don’t care.

Nikki on

Don’t read it then.

Karen on

I don’t believe that most parents need more infomation on the benefits of cord banking. I believe that more places need to offer banking at price the majority of the population can afford, there is no place within a 200 mile radius that offers banking where I live. @Jane, my OB recommended CBR,

Jane on

Can Bill and Giuliana just both go away? They are not the first couple to go through fertility treatments and have a miscarriage. I am tired of hearing it. Also, not many people can afford a gestational carrier so the info they are spewing is not helping the masses. And now this cord garbage?

Carrie-Ann Sharp on

For gods sake people get a life. If you don’t want to hear about G and B than don’t read it. If it’s on don’t watch it. Yes they might not be the only one’s with problems but atleast they are real. I would rather watch them than the Kardashians, if there is anything more annoying, than its those people? I’m sure their show is more scripted than G and B. Get over yourself. And again don’t comment if it annoys you.

cme on

I don’t know why anybody would be “appalled” at them for banking their son’s cord blood or promoting to do so. It is a decision that each and every parent has the right to think about and do if they want. With that being said what they don’t mention is how expensive it is to bank cord blood. Of course I don’t think they have to worry about that. If you can afford to do it and you choose to, it is a good thing and nobody should look down on them for doing it.

Katy on

Grace2 – I was going to write the exact same thing. Stem cell research is an important new frontier in medical research – one that can benefit all people.

erdavis on

I really like these two, but this post came across as a huge sales pitch. We were informed about cord blood banking when our son was born two years ago and the cost was astronomical. I can’t imagine many families can afford this. Our doctor never pushed for it or recommended it. I worry that by promoting such a specific product, Giuliana and Bill are unintentionally making parents who don’t have the resources for something as expensive as this feel like they’re not doing enough to protect their own children. I’m really disappointed by this.

Jb on

I wanted to do this as well but could not afford it.

Carrie-Ann Sharp on

Ok I am getting really annoyed at the negative responses to wot G and B are doing for their new child. No where does this mean that they are doing this to make parents feel bad. Don’t come up with excuses, if people can waste money on take outs or. Play station than instead of that you can put money away for it if you be firm with yourself. They are not trying make anyone feel bad. They never said any parent is bad if they don’t do it and don’t blame them if you don’t save your money for this. You can do it if you handle your money wisely. If you don’t have anything nice to say to this couple than rather don’t say anything at all. And don’t blame them if you can’t look after your money. There are many ways to skin a cat. Stop making excuses and leave them alone. If they didn’t tell us about it than no one would of know. Stop being so paranoid and negative. If you don’t like them and wot they have to say than why are you visiting this site. Don’t judge other’s. Don’t visit hear if G and B annoy you. I just think it’s the truth and that’s why it annoys you so much. Not everything is a negative thing.

Jennifer on

Yeah, sure, they endorse it. They can AFFORD it. I looked into it when I had my daughter, and I could not believe the cost. When you are already preparing for the expense a new baby brings, that is something most parents would have to pass on.

a on

Having heard stories from parents who have been able to use their child’s cord blood in treatments I would not tell someone not to bank. If we’d had the money we would have banked our child’s cord blood privately. Once we realized that wasn’t an option I looked into public banks and found none available to me because of my location, despite my willingness to donate. Awareness and availability of both options should be encouraged. I wish the Rancics all the best.

Jennifer on

After 6 miscarriages, I banked my daughters cord blood with CBR. I like the peace of mind it brings. Over joyed that G and Bill finally have a bundle of joy. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Shellebelle22 on

I am all for Cord Blood Banking… if you can afford it! It is so damn expensive! I am not a bad parent because I can’t pay the $1500 upfront plus $150 a month for cord blood banking. Ridiculous!

anon on

$150 per month? We pay $125 per year with Cbr.

Pam on

Shellebelle22, I hope you meant $150 a year, because if not you’re getting robbed! Lol. It’s supposed to be like $50-$150 or so a year! That’s what I’ve heard from everyone that I know who did this. I can’t imagine you’d have to pay that much each month. I hope not because I’m hoping to do this for my kids someday but not if it’s $150 a month, that’s ridiculous!

payton's mom on

I’m shocked that anyone would react negetively to them banking their son’s cord blood. I have banked my daughter’s and if god forbid anything happens and I need it, it could save her life. It’s a nice gesture to donate it as well but by banking it you’re ensured that your exact match is there just for you. Secondly, my OB recomended it as well and the hospital that I delivered in works with the various private banks so please refrain from criticizing qualified doctors.

MJ on

Is this a viable option for most of us with very limited funds and financial situations?

Pam on

MJ, I’ve heard it’s an upfront fee of $1,500 and about $125 a year. So yeah I think it’s really affordable. I mean when you think about it, it’s your child’s or someone in your families life. So is it worth it? Absolutely! I thought it would be more upfront and I would be willing to pay more than that to ensure my families health.

kim on

in a perfect world where we can all afford this kind of stuff–sure banking your childs cord blood is the thing to do–public banks dont store your childs cord blood for YOUR child alone–its there for who ever is a match–while i wont say thats a bad thing at all–its a selfless way to help someone in need for sure. but all the work to get a public bank to do the collection and take the cord blood was a major hassle for me–if they made it easier(and maybe it is from the 9yrs ago i looked into it) i think more would do it..

Shea on

I agree with Jane; very likely they got this as a freebie for promoting the company and the option. I was not thrilled that they ommitted the cost; it’s not exactly cheap and it does bring up “worst case scenario” for new parents. Donating is a very good option and helps those that otherwise would not have it. Do your research- not always does banking the cells guarantee a “cure” if something should happen. Is it something that COULD be beneficial? Absolutely. I just wish it was financially more within reach.

Carrie-Ann Sharp on

Once again people it’s not about promoting their name’s. It’s about a human life and the future if they get sick that this could help the child. This is a human life we are talking about here and like I say if it was you. You would do the same. How can you people talk about a human life like that. Don’t point fingers. Blah blah blah. Say wot you want but they are looking out for a human’s healthy future. We know if it is you that you would do the same. Just because they are celebrities it doesn’t mean they don’t earn living like us. Yes it may be diff but they also need to put food on the table and pay bills and having a child is expensive but a wonderful miracle. How else are they making a living if they don’t promote themselves. Common knowledge. Jealous jealous jealous. It would be my dream to meet these three amazing people as they have inspired me. And would love to meet their family too. I like mamma de panDi.

Marissa on

It is unfortunate that cord blood banking is not available to all Americans . . . yet another huge issue with unavailable medical care in the U.S., however, it should be noted (especially if they are really “spokespeople” for CBR) that cord blood and stem cells are normally used to treat a family member, usually a sibling, for disease and NOT the actual donor/baby they came from.

Kim on

“It’s why we partnered with CBR to launch the Healthy Futures Campaign, so we can empower all expectant parents to make an informed decision about their umbilical cord storage options.” Will you also be partnering with all the less fortunate parents out there who don’t have a spare $2,200 for the first year fees ALONE?

Chiquita Babe on

The problem with public cord blood banks is just that, its public. You are not guaranteed your child’s cord blood will be available should the need arise for you to use. It’s public, and therefore for anyone to use. If you cannot afford the cost, yes, please do donate to a public banking system. And it’s not an automatic process whenever you have a baby, you must let your intentions known to your OB/GYN in advance of having baby.

Amy on

This is the one thing I don’t like about Guilianna and Bill. Cord blood banking is a big scheme that preys on new parents. And couple that with the fact they are getting endorsments from this company really leave a bad taste in my mouth. Wish they would let it go!

Tee Tee on

Can someone with more knowledge help educate me here? What’s the difference between what this couple is doing and banking with a public cord blood bank? I’m a little confused.

Pam on

Tee Tee, Private is private, public is public. So basically for your family’s private use only or donated to a public bank for anyone who’s a match and is sick to use.

Jess on

Jeeze people! People do it because if there child ever has a life threatening illness the cord blood is there!! It’s not your desicion where they put the cord blood so get over it!

jon on

Yeah, well, only a select few can afford it.

I am thrilled for them but G really needs to slow down her work life and spend a solid span of time with her husband and new baby. They are a unit now.

Kerri on

I am currently preganant and looking into all this information. I would love to privately bank my childs cord because I believe it will become completely useful in the future, however its $2200 or $198 a month for 12 months….Who can afford that with a new baby coming?!?

Anygirl on

The sad part is that most people will read this and not get the facts, the chances of your baby’s cord blood actually being a viable option for their own use later are very low. Public cord banks are the way to go and whenever possible people should be donating their cord blood!

MXC on

These two need to get over themselves. Enjoy your baby, live your life, and leave the rest of us alone.

B.J. (the girl) on

Best dog I ever had was named Duke.

heather on

I agree with Grace2 completely. If you want to waste your money, and lots of it, on private banking, that’s obviously your prerogative. We weren’t able to donate to the public cord bank because they were full. I feel like people are duped into private banking. There’s no guarantee that they can even use the cells at all. It’s based on a lot of “maybe in the future” type situations.

KellyMK on

We banked all three of our kids’ cord blood. You never know when or if you may need it and once it is gone, it is gone forever and maybe another match might not be found. Technology changes all the time. It is definitely something I wouldn’t want to regret later.

Carrie-Ann Sharp on

Listening here people. Who are you to judge. I really feel like giving you negative people a PK. Look that up if you don’t understand. Jon you really think that B is not giving G enough how would you say love or visa versa or that they are not living a normal life they are. Wot do you do everyday. Get up eat,drink and shit. Than go to work come home do choirs be with the kid’s and go to bed and so it goes on the next day same routine. They are living their life incase you have not noticed. Instead of being negative how about being positive. It just pisses me off so much that you people have not got a dam nice thing to say and keep criticising wot they do. God didn’t make anyone be perfect but atleast they are trying and also trying to make the best of their lives. Can you people be a little more respective and not be so harsh. Everybody makes mistakes and that’s the fact of life but you can make your life as good as theirs. Be happy for them. This being a new experience for them and they want to do the best and provide the best to their ability for Edward. We wish you a lot of health and happiness G and B. Life is too short to judge or be negative. God gives us a new day everyday Sun moon stars nature and the birds that wake up every morning to let us know a new day has started. Singing. And how a new human gets formed everyday is just amazing at how God is so great in many ways and many aspects of life as we know it. We should be greatful for wot we have. And be blessed that we can see another beautiful day. Don’t worry G and B we are always behind you 110% never forget that. Nothing will change how good you are and will forever be.

K-town on

I too agree that they should be promoting public cord blood banking. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a private cord blood bank, and they come off as elitists who think that those who can’t must not love their children or worry about their health. I think they both have gotten very out of touch with “the real world” and while I’ve always enjoyed watching their show, it’s starting to get very off-putting for us “commoners”.

neo on

weird people doing odd things with blood no less…

Amy on

Cord blood banking is expensive ($1,500 or so + annual fees anywhere from $100 to $300) and is unnecessary unless you have serious genetic health problems that you may have passed along to the baby.

This isn’t covered by insurance and it would only help your child when he/she is young because there’s not enough blood collected to do transplants in young adults/adults. It’s better to donate to a public bank.

Maggie on

First of all, so happy for them! But I’m wondering if they have researched delayed cord clamping, when the umbilical cord is allowed to stop pulsating before it’s cut, this allows the baby to receive a 1/3 more oxygenated red blood cells which reduces the risk of anemia long term (I’m talking up to 15 years later). Also instead of banking those stem cells the baby gets them right away and they can be transformed into whatever the baby needs at that time and may prevent a future illness, kind of like preventative medicine. I respect their choice and am just wondering if delayed cord clamping will be part of their campaign.

Lauren on

This really makes me angry! I would have loved to store my babys cord blood but OMG the price of it!! These articles praise CBR but dont tell you of the cost. Yes there is some jealousy but i fall in the 47% percent that struggle to keep food in my house!

JW on

Enough with the sharing. This is gross. STOP IT !!!!! who cares!!!!

Dawn on

I think most people are aware of cord blood banking and it’s benefits when they become new parents. The issue for most people is the incredibly cost of collecting the cells and storing them. It seems a bit unfair that an impoverished family wouldn’t have access to a lifesaving element that their own body produced because there are not viable economical ways to store the stem cells. THAT is the issue that people should be focusing on…

Linda on

This is a pretty common thing to do these days you just never know.

Catca on

I’m going to disagree with commenters knocking the Rancic’s for choosing to bank their baby’s cord blood. There is nothing wrong with it and particularly given Guiliana’s health scare, I can understand why they chose to bank their son’s cord blood for his exclusive use. My problem with the article is that they are promoting options for parents without talking about donating cord blood to a public bank. That is also a viable option and will likely save a life. Most parents don’t bank or donate their baby’s cord blood and it’s not a topic that is often discussed by many OB/GYNs, so I applaud the blog for bringing the option to light. I just wish they at least mentioned that parents can also choose to donate the cord blood. (I also delivered on a Saturday but I was able to donate my son’s cord blood – guess it depends on the area)

Jennifer on

Thanks for your comment. I am so disappointed they wouldn’t take the opportunity to help other children and donate their stem cells. If everyone did this, a lack of cells would not be an issue. Additionally, Duke’s cells are unlikely to help him. Only if he has a sibling might they be of use. UGH!! CBR is an awful firm to partner with!

Patricia on

I would have to disagree with the negative comments. CBR is doing a study to see if stem cells will help children with autism. Thank god we bancked our children’s cord blood, our oldests is autistic and being onsidered for the trial. They are pioneers, thank god for the they are trying to help with this horrible epidemic while most won’t talk about autism cause it is too controversial.

Mia on

When my daughter was born, we donated her cord blood to help another child. I think that set the tone for her birth – she was a miracle so we wanted to pass that miracle onto another family who needed it. Banking was VERY expensive and it continues to be a cost with “annual storage fees.” When we donated her cells, they were tested. We got a phone call from the bank and said that they were able to find a match – within 48 hours of her birth. If you don’t want to store, which a totally personal option, at least consider donating!

Catca on

My problem with the article is that they are promoting options for parents without talking about donating cord blood to a public bank. That is also a viable option and will likely save a life. Most parents don’t bank or donate their baby’s cord blood and it’s not a topic that is often discussed by many OB/GYNs, so I applaud the blog for bringing the option to light. I just wish they at least mentioned that parents can also choose to donate the cord blood. (I also delivered on a Saturday but I was able to donate my son’s cord blood – guess it depends on the area).

I’ll also note that I could afford to bank my child’s cord blood at CBR and considered it but decided to donate it because the odds of using it for my family were astronomically low and the odds of it helping to save or saving another life were actually pretty high. So while I would love to keep all benefits for myself and my family, I took a cost benefit approach on this one and felt the power to save another life when there were such low odds of my family’s needing it made donation the best choice for my family. But my family does not have a history of health issues so we’re coming from a different viewpoint than Guiliana and Bill, and I can understand their decision and think it is a reasonable decision to make.

Athena6515 on

If they want to Bank it’s up to them. I just wish this article was written a little differently. I’ve seen numbers medical reports/studies that states that a large majority of the doctor do NOT advise and will not use core stem cells on the person that donated it. It’s best used on siblings, relatives but not the actual donor. There has been little experience with transplanting self-donated cells. Some experts are concerned that an ill baby who receives his or her own stem cells during a transplant would be prone to a repeat of the same disease. Most of the bone marrow transplants that use blood-forming stem cells have been performed on relatives of the donating child, not on the donating child. Maybe they are storage it for future need of a RELATIVE.. although, most stem cell don’t have enough to treat an adult.. like Giuliana. They also don’t advise saving it if there is a medical history that runs in the family (like cancer).

Christine on

I am not rich by far!! but we banked with CBR when my daughter was born and I’m glad we did! yes, the cost is steep (i believe ours was $1600 – in 2007) and $125 annual storage fee, but we felt if it could help our child if god forbid they needed it, then it was a no brainer…. i think that is what the Rancic’s mean by no-brainer 😉

Leslie on

Nice advertising plug. Just another way to capitalize on the birth of their son. Would have been good if at the end they at least mentioned the existence of public cord banks… but that probably would have been a breach of contract.

I’m pregnant with twins right now… my husband and I were curious about what cord banking entails, and this article along with the comments actually turned me off the whole process. I’m going to look into donating to a public bank instead. Thanks for the info Bill and Guiliana!

KD on

Not an expense I could ever afford.

LisaB on

For two people who wanted a child so badly; I question that ever day

2 people who wanted a child so badly, enjoy him; do not show up at the emmys and blog about every single moment. They kind of make me sick.

Nica on

This alone is a pretty good indication of why they did it.

“The Rancics are paid spokespersons for Cord Blood Registry. They are not receiving free or discounted cord blood banking.” (found at the bottom of the article)

Angela on

“Why the Rancics chose to bank their son’s cord blood”…because they can afford to do so! On a side note, I am SHOCKED that this baby doesn’t have a single Italian name!

Anglophile on

I was initally happy for them because of their fertility struggles to finally have a child, however I have heard more about this pregnancy than I have from my sister-in-law who also has struggled with infertility. You had your miracle baby, now enjoy him! Spend time with him instead of at the Emmy awards take that six weeks of maternity leave to bond with him not blog about how great of a parent you are. Actions speak louder than words. It’s great that you were able to bank his cord blood, many Americans don’t have that option because of cost but this just seemed like a sales pitch instead of parents sharing their personal experience.

Ariay on

When I was pregnant, hubby and I did our research and when we discovered that should our kiddo get sick the probability of using the banked stem cells was almost null, our decision was made. Unfortunately, the hospital I delivered in did not collect for public cord banking otherwise we would have gone this route.

brian W. on

I am happy for the Ransics but please stop all the self promotion. Its one thing to tell about your journey — its another to do it at nauseum. There is such thing as overkill!!!!!

JP on

I actually enjoyed this article until I got to the bottom and read, “The Rancics are paid spokespersons for Cord Blood Registry.”

Megan on

We thought about cord blood banking but decided to delay cord clamping. Instead of storing those precious cells that she may not use in the future, we decided to give her the best chance young and delay the clamping. Best decision ever made.

Katie on

Congrats to them on their new baby! While cord blood banking is a wonderful option, private cord blood banking is very expensive and just not an option to most of us, “normal people” that are not rich, no matter how much it is recommended by these companies or OBGYNs and pediatricians.

T in Texas on

I’m sorry for my future comment I really am . . . . I mean I am happy they have a baby . That is a beautiful thing .

But COME ON ! Do you think we really care about your sons umbilical cord ? Enough is enough guys . You have your baby . Now you are just try to stay relevant with anything you can . Go live your lives . geesh . . .

candoz on

do these two people want to keep ANYTHING PRIVATE– Everything they do is in the media. Get a little class, live your lives and don’t put every move you make out there !

Kim on

“The Rancics are paid spokespersons for Cord Blood Registry. They are not receiving free or discounted cord blood banking.” Um, yeah, except, they ARE. Because they’re being PAID. Whatever.

JM on

I think Cord Blood is a good idea, but its not cheap to most. We for one could not afford it. Hopefully we will never need it!

my honest opinion on

Did the public cord bank. Was told by the hospital if EVERYONE did public cord banking, there would be NO need for a child to EVER look for a donor…i was told later that my sons blood didn’t get stored because there wasn’t enough taken from the cord itself, but my daughters was stored (they made me come back and donate my own blood a 2nd time to guarantee it would be stored cuz they got plenty and really wanted it stored) public banks are a VERY important resource. Don’t be scared if you are considering banking through your own hospital for free. : )

Grace2 on

So happy they have finally have a healthy baby. However, there are so much misinformation in some of these comments. Here are things parents should keep in mind when considering banking.

1) Many OB/GYNs are financially compensated for promoting these banking companies. Despite the ACOG’s recommendations to let parents know this, most don’t disclose it. This is an enormous conflict of interest.

2) If your baby were to become sick to the degree that stem cells were needed the diseases cord blood cells can treat (metabolic, hematologic, oncologic, or immunologic disease) COULD NOT be treated with the baby’s own cord blood. SO those saying it’s some kind of insurance policy in a terrible “what if” scenario are wrong. It could possibly be used on a full sibling, but the likelihood of that happening is at best, 1 in 2700 (meaning, .00003% chance of that ever happening). If you already have a child who has the aforementioned diseases, then this would the only legitimate reason for banking.

4) Parents and pregnant women in particular, are an extrememly vulnerable audience. Having a child develop a life-threatening illness is at the heart of what terrifies us most. Conning parents into thinking they can do something about that makes them feel better. But these companies do not provide accurate information because there is so very little scientific data that supports their practices.

I am a mom of three and could have afforded it. However, like most decisions I’ve made and make (medical ones in particular), I research the science and data behind what I’m considering. We donated our boys’ cord blood and I cannot wait until the day when we get a phone call to say that it’s been used to treat someone.

But again, congrats to them on their baby. I just wish there could be a celebrity who promotes donating. But, there is no money in that, I imagine.

my honest opinion on

fyi: if every mother who gave birth signed over permission to store their childs cord blood in a PUBLIC bank…NO child would ever be searching for a DONOR! Its a fact. Private banks are elitist crap and people who don’t donate at all – are ignorant of the facts….

my honest opinion on

The Rancics are paid spokespersons for Cord Blood Registry. They are not receiving free or discounted cord blood banking.

~right at the bottom of the article. they are PAID tho… this is basically an ad…wonder how much PEOPLE got paid???

Bree on

My husband and I tried to donate our daughter’s cord blood but were told we couldn’t because my father-in-law was adopted, still not sure why that would be an issue but not much we can do about it unfortunately.

Christina on

Cord blood banking is a personal decision everyone needs to make on their own. I really hate when stars do this. It creates an unnecessary frenzy. AND I wonder if they had to pay at all or if they got a deal for advertising CBR!!
Personally my Dr. told me to put the money in a savings plan for the baby, but if I was concerned and didn’t want to have regret should something happen to do it. Part of this industry does pray on emotion and insecurities of upcoming parents.
PS. CBR may be one of the largest banks, but Via Cord is the most researched.

Alicia on

You know, I’ve always been a fan of theirs, but I think this is just taking it too far. I don’t care if they bank his cord blood, but stop taking advantage of the situation for personal gain.

Christina on

My daughter’s sensorineural hearing loss due to oxygen deprivation during birth has been corrected using her own cord blood, which we banked with CBR. We are part of a fantastic medical trial through CBR and the results are amazing. So yes, banking your own cord blood CAN be life changing and beneficial. True, it is very expensive, but had we not had our daughter’s OWN cord blood she would not have been a candidate for this. We are not rich, but made it a point to save for this because we felt it was very important. True, you will most likely never use it (and I hope you don’t have need to) but the insurance policy it provides is invaluable.

DaisyMoon on

I like these two…I’m very happy about their new baby, but I don’t understand why they reveal every single detail about their life and decisions to the public.

amanda on

CBR is a wonderful company. A friend of mine did this for all 3 of her children and I did this for my daughter. When you have a high rate of family members with cancer or other diseases that could be helped with cord blood-this is a wonderful “umbrella” of security. Yes, you may never use it but the public cord blood bank will not guarantee you get your own blood back and it is a perfect match to your child. If you have to use it, and I pray you don’t, they refund all of your payments back to you. For people that don’t want to pay to store cord blood, I agree, it is FREE, give it to the public bank-don’t let it go to waste. IT CAN SAVE A LIFE. Flexible spending can cover cord blood costs-you may need a doctors note. A baby is a reason you can add flexible spending in the middle of the year-check with your HR dept. Also, cord blood is a one time use. I didn’t know this but once is enough if it saves my child’s life.

Manon on

I think there’s a bit too much info NOW going out to the public, OK?

Andie on

What they don’t tell you is that immediate clamping of the umbilical cord (which is necessary when banking, and unfortunately is common practice in hospitals even when not banking – not for any medical reason but for the doctor’s convenience) can deprive the baby of up to half its blood supply. There’s a reason the cord keeps pulsating and delivering blood to the baby after birth – the cord blood is part of the baby’s intended supply, which it now has to work to replenish while recovering from a trip down the birth canal. I’d rather my baby had the best start possible than pay an exorbitant amount of money to store it when it may never end up getting used.

Jamie on

Doesn’t everyone want a healthy future for their child? I know I do and unfortunately unless you have “celebrity” money most of us average workers can’t afford cord blood banking. While I know they have been thru a lot personally, this story makes me think different of them now. Just another celeb couple showing off their money and promoting things because they “can”.

Cat on

I am soooooo sick of this attention seeking couple. She is just as UGLYas FUGLY Leann Rimes!!

jen on

@mindy – I understand the same. We chose not to bank our babies’ cord blood for that reason. Not to mention the expense. We werent given the option of public storage.

Sara on

Although I’m not normally a fan of Bill and Giulana, I congratulate them on the birth of their son and commend them on banking their son’s cord blood. I worked for a children’s cancer foundation and cord blood helped to save more than one life when I was there. I also worked with a family who’s child was diagnosed and there was no match in the public database for him after his parents had donated his cord at birth as well as his siblings. Fortunately, other treatment methods saved his life but it would have been the easiest and safest option for him if his parents had banked his own privately. I consider myself a middle-class American and I know several families who spend the money to privately bank their child’s cord blood. One family pays $500 a year for it– what if $2,000 was all it took to save your 4 year old’s life or $5,000 for your 10 year old? Wouldn’t you do it? I’m sure most of you would.

Gladiola on

Like I am really happy for G & B that their lives have been filled with the precious arrival of a baby son; but does everything have to become public fodder?

JJ on

We didn’t use CBR but instead of having a huge shower and buying a ton of useless baby items we asked people to donate to our account, which they did. We covered the balance by just cutting back on baby purchases, it was tight but we did it. I believe it cost us $1800 in 2007 and we also did private banking. We chose private because we knew we were only going to have 1 child. As you know, the best match is always a sibling. Knowing there would never be a sibling we wanted to ensure the cord blood was reserved for our child. At any time we can release it to go public. Included in that cost was air courier to Los Angeles overnight and 5 years of storage.

Gladiola on

I really believe Giuliana and Bill would be more discrete in sharing so much personal information; I am so happy for them to have fulfilled their dream of a precious baby; they should really hibernate for a while and enjoy their son.

Jennifer Coombes on

What’s funny is they will have spent all this money for nothing. In a couple of years they won’t need cord blood for stem cells because anyone will be able to get their own stem cells derived from differentiated cells (i.e. skin, blood etc.) in their bodies. Labs will be offering this service very, very soon.

Millie on

Can’t these two be happy with their little one for a bit and stop sharing every single detail! Give it a rest people!

Robyn on

Normally Giuliana Annoys the heck out of me… But in this case I agree with her. Something so simple could save a life.

Donating CBR is very dear to my heart. I encourage all parents to donate their child’s chord… Well done, well said!

Mari on

I donated my daughters cord which is what everybody should do. Just like donate blood. There is a huge need for people to donate the cord. Doing for yourself is racket and also takes away the opportunity for a baby in need to use it. And that cord blood only helps for little time, after a few years works it don’t work anymore and you will be billed like if it still works.

But I understand the Rancics. For one they are new parents and they have so much money they can easily afford this and they will believe everything. But please donate the cord. I have seeing children survive thanks to cord blood transplants with the help of those who have donated the cord. If you ever need cord blood transplant for you son/daughter it will be available to you you don’t need to save it!!

Cassandra Wilson on

The infant should get his own cord blood! Read on delayed clamping.

jennifer blair on

good idea we all need a backup help if he or anyone in the family needs help.

Jessie on

Grace2 you are spot on with your comments.

Although there are cases, although rare, that a child can be cured from an ailment with their own stem cells contained in cord blood, here is the ? that my OB posed to me:

Those same stems cells contained in the cord blood ALSO were stem cells for the condition or ailment that the child now suffers from. Why would you want to continue to use those SAME stem cells on that same child? (It is typically a sibling that is helped by another sibling’s stem cells; if it can be of any help at all ).

Marcia on

You know, I like these two a lot, but they are risking a backlash by sharing every last detail of their lives. They should take some time raising their son and come back in the public eye when he is about a year old. And they are paid spokespeople for this organization? Doesn’t that taint this article, People Magazine?

Jen on

Can this couple ever SHUT UP?!! They have nothing private to their name, they have to let the entire world know every-single-thing they do!! They are such publicity wh0res as the saying goes, it’s sickening. Attention, attention, attention, wow what a full of themselves couple they are! Almost feel sorry for this baby they’re going to raise, he’ll NEVER have any privacy having them as parents!

Lillian on

We did a lot of research on cord banking before banking our daughters cord blood. Ultimately the decision was like owning insurance. You hope you never have to use it, but if you need it and the science / medical field makes significant advances, its there.

Lillian on

We did a lot of research on banking our daughters cord blood. Ultimately it came down to like owning an insurance policy. If the medical / science field makes significant advances, and the need arises to use it, we will have it.

kikiandkyle on

Considering that their son is named after a man who died from cancer, it’s very disappointing that they chose to cash a check from Cord Blood Registry instead of taking a great opportunity to publicize free cord blood donation, which is saving cancer patients every single day. The Rancics need to stop putting money first for a change.


Ok Bill and Guiliana, you have your baby, and for that I am truly happy for you. Now stop with all the publicity and tabloids and TV appearances and stories other than your real job, and BE WITH CHILD YOU WANTED SO BADLY. How can you be watching him grow when you are everywhere but privately at home taking care of him. Enough already, live your life for a while out of the press. Guiliana is not one I would go to for advice on being a Mother, not after the interaction I saw with her nephews and other kids. She is clueless, and I hope she is having a nanny just to learn how to care for a baby. And on one interview she said how she was just going to take him with her on all her jobs, that poor baby will spend more time flying on planes back and forth than he will at home in his own crib. For someone who has the money they do, and the miracle of the baby they now have, if it were me, I’d be staying home a few years at least with him and Mother him.

Marky on

My daughter is adopted and is Asian, so when she had her second child and we had seen articles about mixed-race children having to go overseas if the had Leukemia or cancer, to find a donor–that was a decisive factor in choosing to save the cord blood for either of the 2 children. They used Viacord, and the yearly fee is paid by us as the grandparents gift to him. He thinks it’s fine, since he just got a bunch of Christmas presents, and knows it could save him or his sister. It is less than $8.50/month, and frankly, if it were needed for either of the children, or my daughter, for that matter, I would think it was very cheap!!

daisy on

I’m surprised at the right-vs-wrong nature of some of these comments – yes, a public bank is a terrific thing and should be encouraged, but equally if parents choose to bank privately who are we to judge? if you want to be angry at someone, how about all those couples who do neither, how about all those organizations who oppose stem cell usage of ANY kind? Big picture people, c’mon…..

Lulu on

Cord blood is rarely useful for oneself. If you develop cancer, you don’t want to risk giving the same cells with the potential to develop cancer again. You could use it for a sibling, but its only valuable for a full sibling and honestly the odds are extremely rare that you’ll need it. If you do need a transplant from a sibling that’s a match, the sibling can still be harvested from their own bone marrow. Cord blood banking is a rip off and if you really want to help people, you should donate to the national registry so that it could really have a chance of being used and its FREE to do this. The CBR and others play on parents fears and make them feel like they aren’t a good parent if they’re not willing to throw tens of thousands of dollars down the drain. I love G & B, but it makes me sad that they’ve somehow been talked into putting their name on this–i hope its not for financial gain for them because that’s all its for for CBR. And, PS, I”m a pediatric oncologist and bone marrow transplant physician.

blue.eyes on

CBR isn’t for everyone, but in our instance, we researched our options when we were pregnant with our fourth child. Our firstborn was just diagnosed with a rare brain disorder. There is no treatment, but there are some promises for stem cell transplants. Sibling stem cord transplant is the reason we went with CBR. And, no, we aren’t rich. You don’t think it can happen to your family – that’s what I thought!

Erika on

For those who donated their baby’s cord blood to a public bank- How do you go about doing that? Does it cost a lot of money? I think cord blood banking is a good thing but it’s so expensive and I feel like donated cord blood is more likely to actually be used. I would be interested in that when I have children in the future.

That being said, I think Giuliana and Bill have the right to do whatever they want with their sons cord blood!

Amanda S on

We chose to delay cord clamping for our baby which has proven benefits, unlike expensive and probably never needed cord banking. You cannot delay cord clamping AND bank the blood, so we researched and decided that was best for us.

notaduke on

Sorry, but Duke is what you name a German Shepherd or Great Dane (or slap on a poster of John Wayne). There are some dukes in the UK, and I guess they are “OK” with being dukes, but a kid starting first grade (which this one will, I guess) doesn’t want to be named Duke.

Regarding blood banking, are they going to freeze their heads too, when they die? Oh wait, maybe they think researchers will eliminate death in 40 years.

kimmie on

” I have banked my daughter’s and if god forbid anything happens and I need it, it could save her life. ”

Wrong. |If something god forbid happens to your daughter you will not be able to use it. The blood cells you stored would have the same (such as for example a cancer carrier, should the ilness be cancer) damaged dna so they would not implant your already sick baby with more sick carrying cells.

alittlebirdie on

My husband and I spent a lot of time trying to make the decision to bank our child’s cord blood. It is expensive. I spent time talking to my OB about the pros & cons. He said if we wanted to he understood but highly suggested donating to a public cord bank because it would be either donated to a sick child or used for research. He also pointed out that if we banked privately and our child became sick with leukaemia or some other blood disorder it would not be wise to use ther cord blood because it could and would potentially carry the same disorders.

Anonymous on

Donna- Travel isn’t bad for babies! They’re very good at adapting, and as long as mommy and daddy are there they generally don’t care what crib they fall asleep in! Look at the Jolie-Pitt kids, for example. They’ve all been traveling frequently since they were babies (except for Pax, who was already 3 1/2 when he was adopted), and by all accounts all six seem to be very happy and well-adjusted!

LisaB/Anglophile (I have a feeling you’re the same person)- What’s the big deal if Giuliana wants to work? Duke was probably sleeping the entire time she was at the Emmys anyway!

Anonymous on

Patricia and Christina- As someone with minor disabilites, your comments sadden me. I think it’s awful that so many people are trying to “fix” kids with disabilities. I get doing so for disabilities that are fatal, but for those that aren’t, I think it’s wrong.

Frankly, I think “fixing” kids with non-fatal disabilites is a form of eugenics and it makes me sick! Children (and adults!) with disabilites are just as wonderful, loveable, and special as those without them. There are plenty of ways to manage disabilites and make life easier for those who have them, and Ia advocate for ongoing research in that department very strongly.

But actually trying to completely get rid of whatever disability a child may have (again, unless it’s something that’s fatal) is something I will never support. People with disabilites (especially things like Autism- especially with all the behavioral and other therapies available- and hearing loss) can and do have very happy, fulfilling lives.

Not only that, but many of them also enrich and brighten the lives of those around them! For example, I’ve yet to meet a person with Down Syndrome that hasn’t made me smile!

And finally, while my disability can be a pain at times, I love my life for the most part….and if someone told me they had discovered a way to “cure” my disability, I would tell them thanks, but no thanks!

Bottomline: It’s high time more people accepted children who are “different” and loved them just they way are…just as my parents do!

Anonymous on

Okay, sorry about that extremely long post. i just had to get that off my chest!

alwhite on

I just looked at their daughters pictures and they are both gorgeous I could only imagine how beautiful this baby will. Congrats to their growing family, they are blessed.

Leslie on

Congrats on your healthy baby boy Rancic family. I’m a widowed mom of 3, and I banked all 3 of my children’s cord blood. It’s one of the healthiest things you can do for any child.

Ayantika Sen on

U guys should see her Dad’s store in MD. She is clearly the appl e of his eyes! I always liked her! But this whole cord blood banking deal, not so sure abt that! Love them both tho!

Amanda on

I let my children have their own cord blood, at birth. I just don’t believe they are born with it for no reason. Much cheaper and easier to let baby have it by delaying cord clamping a few minutes.

TJ on

Yea if your child has an illness, they are very unlikely to be able to use their own blood cells for themselves. It’s a good idea if you are having more kids since a sick child could possibly use a healthy childs cells. But if they have the means to do it, then good for them and congrats!

Nancy on

Enough is enough with these two. I feel like they have really started to exploit the issues of breast cancer and infertility to keep themselves in the public eye. NOTHING is private with them. I’m sure many “celebrities” have banked cord blood, but they aren’t out talking about it to whomever wll listen. I also don’t understand why Giulana, who could certainly ask for a decent maternity leave, is already back on HSN, the Today show, and the Red carpet 3 1/2 weeks after the baby’s birth. Why isn’t she home with this child that she has been talking about nonstop for months? This couple is really turning people off.

Tiffany on

Something I would have done had I had the money to do so.

InTheBiz on

I am thrilled that they are proud new parents! And after reading so many of these comments felt the need to provide info on cord blood banking since part of my job is receiving/processing of frozen cord bloods for transplants (no I don’t work for CBR).

First of all, cords can be used to treat family members as well as someone completely unrelated. I have been working with adult stem cells for many years and have only had 1 experience where a cord was used for the baby themselves. So while unlikely, it is possible.

Secondly, freezing cord blood for storage is an expensive process. The supplies are expensive not to mention the upkeep of storage and all the ancillary tasks associated with meeting regulatory requirements. While I certainly don’t condone “price gouging” by the private cord banking industry I understand the need to cover the costs of the process.

Personally, I support public cord blood banking and donated my children’s cords rather than bank privately or discard the cord all together. I chose to donate mostly because I am part of a minority group and it is more difficult for transplant patients who are part of a minority group to find a match.

For those who want to donate and need help finding a public bank please go to the “Get Involved” tab at to find hospitals in your area that participate in the public banking program. If there isn’t one in your area you may still be able to donate if you meet certain criteria. You can find out by going to the “Donating at Other Hospitals” area on the site.

Get educated, know your options and tell others. Please don’t let a life saving cord go to waste!

Salina on

I have a hard time believing that any of the people writing here wouldn’t bank their children’s cords if the cost was a drop in the bucket to them. I will bank all of my children’s because science evolves everyday so what we don’t know now, we may know down the road and if we ever needed it we would have it. No one knows what the future will bring. The expense wasn’t a big deal to us, but obviously that isn’t the case for every family. It’s an insurance policy. The odds of your house burning down are slim too, but I venture to guess you have homeowner’s insurance. If you could easily afford it, you would.

dd on

The BABY needs that blood. You just stole all of that blood from the BABY who needs it right now and cord blood banking is not compatible with delayed cord clamping which is the healthiest thing you can do for your baby and is guaranteed to have health benefits, rather than a .00000001 chance it will help you later in life. Do not bank your babies’ blood! Let your baby have what belongs to him!

opi on

Guliana Rancic had stage 1 cancer..yes its cancer…but essentially she had surgury ( granted its painful) but in the end she has the best doc’s and had a boob job,she has help,endless help…she has people doing her ‘weave’, make-up and cleaning her house, she really has no idea what its like to ‘suffer’ with cancer…..ive never seen anyone with real cancer, opean a restaraunt, do a reality show, design a clothing line for HSN etc….Bill and guliana are fame whores…she will grow bored of this child very soon
I really bought into her story at the start, but soon realized she was mikling it for all it was worth,and more…please dont forget, they are being PAID to be spokespeople for banking the cord…..they are not sharing thier experience,…this is a commercial, just like everything else they do… these are shrewd buissness people….thier relationship is nothing but a buissness deal, it started out sweet,but Guliana knew that if she didnt have a child,Bill would grow bored with her, Bill really wanted a child…so im happy for him..they are always in competition with each other…its awful to see…..they seem so uncomfortable with each other…its creeply…everything is ‘forced” and ‘manufactured”…from a sinple kiss to this, to thier new precious child…to me they seem like vampires..
nature always knows best….and there are reasons that some of us cannot have force the hand of nature you will pay a price…remember, Bill’s dad died of cancer and guliana had cancer when she banked her eggs….and if they didnt have massive bucks, things would have been alot different..also you are not seeing the backstory on the show…alot is left out….for instance, Guliana has a far more ‘aggressive cancer” than they had anticipated, she is on Tamoxofin for the next 5 years…that drug puts a woman in instant menopause, ..and…now she will have more kids…I guess shes just giving this gestational carrier a chance to rest…at the emmys ( which she did while on maternity leave..yea right…Guliana was sporting a new chin with a dimple in it…she changed her ‘weave”(hairstyle) so we wouldnt notice…we are not dumb..we noticed….listen, i think some things should never be spoken….whats next? gulianas dental records?…why cant she do her job and just shut up?.

Karmen on

DD – What in the world are you talking about. The blood doesn’t get taken FROM the baby in any way. Get educated on the subject.

fxmartini on

It’s been 13 years since my daughter’s 1st Cord Blood Transplant, 9 years since her 2nd Transplant & people still don’t realize that you should donate to a public cord blood bank, not bank the cord blood privately. I’ve listed the reasons why at:

katie on

not my coreblood, i think the risk of complications due to losing up to 2/3 of your blood volume at birth outweighs the need for it down the track.

Dan on

how poor are you people? most of these comments are complaining about how expensive it is, when it’s $1500 up front and $125/year. if you can’t afford that, you probably shouldn’t be having kids.

and to the idiots saying “don’t care,” then don’t click on the freakin’ article.

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