Spotted: Edie Falco and Macy Scoot Along

09/26/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Curtis Means/ACE/INF

Zoom, zoom!

Edie Falco and 4-year-old daughter Macy strap in for a ride Tuesday afternoon in New York City.

Both Macy and her elder brother Anderson, 8, are adopted, a process that was natural rather than by design.

“I was single and the idea to adopt came to me. I never really thought about all of the ramifications. I just knew this is what’s happening,” the Nurse Jackie star, 49, told Anderson Cooper earlier this year.

“It’s only as I travel through I realize each challenge comes up and you deal with it as you get to it.”

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JM on

I love Edie Falco as an actress but there is no way in hell that it is safe to put a child on a scooter.

lifeasahouse on

She is wearing a helmet and looks to be strapped in. I assume this agreeable to the law.

Ap on

It looks like she’s tied to her mother and she’s wearing a bike helmet. I see nothing safe about this!

Leslie on

Moms today seem to want to raise their children in padded cells… Kudos to Edie for living life and letting her child have little adventures. Everything in life has risks, including walking across the street!

Besides, I doubt the moped was going very fast… And I bet it’s safer than a kid riding a bike on the sidewalk!

Mindy on

A child riding a motorized vehicle requires a motorcycle helmet IMO, not every state requires this, but a bike helmet is NOT the same as a motorcycle helmet, apples and oranges. Not safe IMO, hope they don’t crash.

Anonymous on

Mindy- As the poster pointed out, the moped probably wasn’t going very fast. It’s not like they were zipping down the highway or something!

AP- I’m going to assume you mean nothing looks “UNSAFE” to you, going by the rest of what you said. 🙂

Anyway, Macey is adorable!

RKF on

I live in NYC and knowing the drivers, there is NO WAY in hell I’d allow a child on a Moped. It’s not a matter of trusting yourself, it’s everyone else that would worry me.

@Leslie – It has nothing to with keeping your child in a “padded cell”, it’s called common sense.

JM on

It may be legal, hey i am not crucifying her for it, it’s her choice. as you said, if it’s legal there is nothing stopping her from doing it.

mopeds and motorbikes are KNOWN to be unsafe vehicles for anyone driving them. much less safe than cars. a surgeon friend of mine calls them organ donor vehicles because if you get into a crash with them you generally don’t stand a chance. the same cannot be said for cars. i am not saying that she shouldn’t put her kid on one, it’s up to her. but the fact they they are considerably less safe than cars remains.

i realise that crossing the street can be dangerous (duh!) but it is also generally a necessity it you live in the city. scooters are not…

JM on

Exactly RKF, i swear some people lack basic reading comprehension. no one was saying anything about keeping a child in a padded cell, it was just a common sense argument.

i wouldn’t even mind if people disagreed with my point as long as they were able to build a constructive argument, rather than resorting to outrageous insinuations and pointless comments.

Lisa on

I think its situation based. No one knows without actually being there how fast they are going, how busy the street/neighborhood is, the exact helmet they are wearing, etc. She could simply be taking a little ride to the market or library a block away and going very slow (the helmet on the back isn’t even swaying in the wind).

Obviously, none of you have been to Asia 😉

Leslie on


Would you let your child walk across the street without a helmet in NYC? That runs the risk of getting run over by a crazy driver too.

Would you let them ride in a taxi without a car seat? How about riding a bike on a side walk and crossing streets that cars might be making a turn on to?

NYC (and life in general) is full of dangers, and riding a moped down a street at approximately 10 miles per hour is not any more outrageous than many activities that children do in daily life.

Dee on

This looks like one of the more expensive motorized scooters intended for older kids (my stepson has one) – not a Vespa, in which case, while still probably not the greatest idea, is still a lot safer than a Vespa for them to be one!

dd on

Guess none of you have ever been to any other country in the world? Scooters carry entire families. Scooters are a way of life. It’s YOUR fault as a car driver if scooters are unsafe.