Christina Applegate ‘Just Transitioned Out of Maternity Jeans’

09/25/2012 at 05:00 PM ET
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Looks like Marla Sokoloff isn’t the only one choosing to take her time.

During an appearance on The Talk last Tuesday, first-time mom Christina Applegate admitted she’s still shedding her pregnancy pounds — and maternity clothes! — since welcoming daughter Sadie Grace in January 2011.

“I just transitioned out of maternity jeans. I’m working on two years and I haven’t even lost all my weight,” the Up All Night actress, 40, says.

“And those girls that do, they’re spending less time with their kids. I just wanted to hang out with my daughter 24 hours a day.”

But, despite taking the “healthier” approach to regaining her body after baby, Applegate jokes she anticipates never making a full recovery.

“I will not be Tweeting photos of me in a bikini, let alone wear a bikini I think ever again in my life,” she shares.

With co-host Sara Gilbert pointing out that “for some people … it does just come off fast,” Applegate quips, “No, I know. I know girls that just genetically it just drops off. I didn’t mean to offend the skinny people.”

According to Applegate, she’s not the only one who has reached a momentous milestone. “[Sadie] is so remarkable, she is so smart. She’s just talking up a storm, dancing, she loves music and she loves bubbles,” the proud mama shares.

“She’s just a whole human being and it’s awesome to watch her.”

– Anya Leon

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Marky on

How rude is Christina Applegate to say others just don’t spend time with their babies? As if! I lost all my weight in less than 2 weeks, and I was spending all my time with my babies. In fact, I rarely got to go anywhere without them because I had no family around. Fine to talk about herself and her walk through maternity, but she needs to save the rocks she’s throwing at others—not nice at all!!

Renee on

Marky, RELAX! She is not being rude to anyone. So what if you lost all your weight in 2 weeks. Big deal. Christina is giving her opinion and even says she does not mean to offend. Cracks me up how people get so worked up over things celebrities say.

Pam on

Wow Marky! Don’t take it personally! Lol like she said it to you, I’m pretty sure she was mostly talking about celebrity moms who spend all their time at the gym or out and leave their baby with the help. Geeze calm down!

Kirsha on

Marky, take a pill and chill. I remember seeing a show about Heidi Klum and how after she popped out her first child with Seal she was with her personal trainer just she she was back in shape for the runway of Victoria Secret four weeks after giving birth. Those are the ones that Christina is probably referring to.

If you read the article, Sara Gilbert pointed out that some women do just naturally lose their pregnancy weight right away. I am happy that you are a lucky one that did that, and I do not even know you.

Samantha on

ARGH! What a crock! I’ve had TWO babies so far, i eat healthy, as much for myself as for the HUMAN BEINGS i’m growing, and within two week I’m a my pre pregnancy weight and sometimes even less because I’m nursing 24/7. It’s SO WRONG to judge the Fatties AND the skinnies!! I am 105 pounds and sadly never work out right now, my son is 1 year old and my daughter is 4 and with all the running around I guess I don’t need to. But I am with my kids 24/7, no baby sitters, no nannies, no pre school.

BUT EVEN IF I DID WORK OUT 30 minutes or an hour a day SO WHAT?!! I don’t think it’s selfish to spend 30 minutes on yourself if it’s important to you? What’s so wrong with caring about how you look and being fit? You have a kid and now you’re a bad mom if you don’t want a gut? What about setting a good example for the kids?

It seems there are only two ways to be “GOOD FOR YOU, staying a big fatty in maternity jeans”


“Look at me in my bikini in the labor and delviery room”

Both make no sense, maximum weight gain is 25-30 pounds, 5-10 pounds of that is fat….5-10 pounds of fat is NOTHING. People need to think more about health than bikinis.

Marla Sokoloff bugged me because she was going to Baskin Robbins nightly and AFTER the baby is born she’s talking about getting healthy…Ummmm isn’t that backwards? Shouldn’t you be thinking about eating fruits, veggies, etc WHILE pregnant…for like the fetus deepening on you for nutrients?

Amy on

Holy long rant Summer. Tell us how you really feel.

Pam on

Wow Summer you have way too much time on your hands, lol!

Sandy on

I knew I liked her for a reason!!!! I totally get what she’s saying. Instead of running off right away worrying about the weight, she spent all those precious two years caring MORE about her daughter! Something many self absorbed moms don’t get. Good for you- PLUS you look great! Even the last two years you look fantastic. They grow up so fast-enjoy these precious early years.

Anonymous on

Sandy, working out and taking care of your health means you care less about your child? I have a feeling you are a fatty with a grudge.

By the way, I work out daily. My son is either in the stroller while I jog, or napping while I do an exercise video. It is possible!

guest on

why does sandy have to be a fatty with a grudge, witch ?! some women lose the weight easily, some don’t & some are so self absorbed that they sacrifice time with their baby to shed the weight at lightening speed. i love the moms that put baby in a stroller & go walking or jogging …those are not the people christina was referring to.

Leslie on

Jesus, relax people.

Jen on

You know, I would have found her statement offensive, except that when Sara Gilbert pointed it out that some women do naturally lose the weight very quickly, she CORRECTED herself and APOLOGIZED.

Katie on

Christina Applegate had a double mastectomy before having her daughter, so she never had the chance to breastfeed. That might also be making it harder for her to lose the weight. It’s great that she’s taking her time.

Jessica_H on

Love her and loved her comments!! Its nice to know not all celebs feel they need to bounce back ASAP. They really are like us!

And for those that are getting your panties twisted chill out! You are probably the 5% of ALL women that have a baby and pop back. Great for you, she’s not talking to you! 95% of all other women don’t and some of them choose to work out over nursing or watching their diet which does take time away from the baby. That’s who she is talking about.

T on

You all need to chill. The only reason you probably are upset is because she probably was talking about you spending time emotionally worrying about your weight and getting fit rather than spending quality time with your baby.

Funny how moms think that feeding your baby is all the quality time necessary or putting them in a stroller while you jog. What about sitting and reading and singing and all the other things like talking to them and hugging them. People can do that and work out and lose weight. But I doubt those moms are the ones feeling insulted by a comment that says there are people who also just naturally drop the weight quickly.

She is being honest and saying she did not make that the top priority considering her career and what people may expect and she was ok with that.

Get over yourselves, you’re probably only commenting on here to point out your weight loss because you need the attention.

Gigi on

It’s a different journey with every person and every pregnancy. She is reflecting on her pregnancy and the people that she knows in the industry.

Chica on

Why must every article have comments totally bashing the person it’s written about? People need to stop being so defensive and over analyzing every single word these celebs are saying. She wasn’t trying to bash anyone or she wouldn’t have backtracked so quickly. It’s sad she has to monitor ever word that comes out of her mouth so people don’t freak out! Chill people!

Mommytoane on

Ok ladies. If you’re going to turn into psychos, read the ENTIRE article first. Remember this part *With co-host Sara Gilbert pointing out that “for some people … it does just come off fast,” Applegate quips, “No, I know. I know girls that just genetically it just drops off. I didn’t mean to offend the skinny people.”* SHE DOES NOT MEAN TO OFFEND THOSE WHO LOSE WEIGHT FAST.

Good god. Some of you will just throw a fit, fly off the handle and go nuts over nothing won’t you. GROW UP. Read the entire thing and STOP BEING PSYCHO.

Acorr on

Speaking as someone who has been on both sides of the spectrum, median weight gain lost after baby and healthy weight gain with a little extra after baby.

I LOVE you Christina!!!!! You either like her or you don’t and the story of her journey thus far is very relatable to mine. If you don’t find her story relatable to yours then find someone you relate to and move on.

Sarah on

More typical catty woman stuff…not all that surprising but still disappointing and unfortunate that a mother would throw other mothers under the bus like that simply b/c the other mothers care about their bodies. She comes off sounding so bitter and judgmental.

No mother spends 24hrs a day with their child for 20 months straight and for her to claim that she has done so is an outright lie. She has been photographed sans baby out and about, at various events, etc. Seriously. Get real, Christina.

saraherees on

Quote by Gigi “It’s a different journey with every person and every pregnancy. She is reflecting on her pregnancy and the people that she knows in the industry.”

I agree with with Gigi said. I think she’s referring to the pressure actresses have to look fantastic ASAP after giving birth. I’m sure she knows women who have gone on severe diets and intense workout regimes soon after giving birth. I don’t think her comments are necessarily directed at the average non-actress/model mom.

B.J. (the girl) on

At least she’s not being paid millions of dollars to lose weight by the month. She’s taking it at her own pace. I really admire Christina Applegate, she’s been through a lot and she deserves the happiness her little Sadie brings to her life.

ecl on

I think she should save her judgement considering that she went back to work on a time consuming sitcom quite soon after giving birth. Plenty of people would attack that decision as taking too much time away from the baby. For the record, I don’t judge her choice or the choice of mothers to work out. I only point this out to say that there is always someone out there judging your choices and saying you aren’t “mom enough.”

KD on

Love that she can speak for many ppl like me. My son will be 4, I will be 43, and I haven’t shed the last 15 lbs either. I think she meant that so many women are so set on loosing weight that it may appear that’s more impt then their being a mom and just letting it happen. We are a country obsessed w/ how we look and are judged. I also won’t be in a binkini ever again..also alot of losing weight and body comes from genetics.

Catca on


Every post about post baby weight loss includes a comment from you talking about how fast you lost your baby weight along with insinuations if not outright comments that others that don’t lose it so fast must be doing something wrong. You’re very lucky that your genetics allowed you to do so, but it’s not that easy for others. Christina back tracked in her comments that she knows there are women that do spend a lot of time with their kids and naturally lose the weight, so Christina herself admitted she wrongly accused some moms. Why not follow your own advice and show some compassion towards other moms who aren’t as genetically blessed as you.

cn tower on

In all of the pictures I’ve seen of her, she looks to be in good shape – slim, trim and healthy. Unless she’s shooting for 98 lbs, I don’t see what she’s on about needing to lose more weight.

Yvonne on

Wow folks … get a life. This is just not that “deep.” In the grand scheme of things who cares what she loses or retains?

mybuddyluv96 on

Marky is only cyber skinny. In the real world she’s Rasputia Latimore from Norbit.

kyliekoo on

The more dirt you throw, the more ground you lose.

1234 on

Folks, calm down. First, read the whole article – she corrected herself and apologized. Second, Christina Applegate is probably referring to other women in the public eye/Hollywood who are obsessed with their weight and looks both before and after pregnancy. I doubt she was referring to us normal folks. While everyone has a different journey with pregnancy and weight, some women who have chosen to live a celebrity life may focus excessive amounts of time and energy on returning to their pre-pregnancy body. That’s not just being healthy; that’s not having the lucky body that naturally sheds the weight. THOSE few folks are the ones that I bet she meant.

kate on


YOU are what is wrong with people! How dare you call folks “big fatties”!!!! For shame. Everyone loses weight in different ways. Congratulations for losing yours so quickly…not so easy for some. You are a woman and a mother for gods sake how about a little solidarity, my god!

Mimi on

Marky, I’m guessing you are not in your 40s. Christina is 40, totally different ballgame because you are fighting some new challenges with your metabolism whether you just had a baby or not. If we didn’t put her comment in perspective, she would come off as snarky, but I think its clear she’s talking about celebs who work out hours on end each day while they leave their kids with the nanny. I don’t know any real non-actress moms who do that because even if they do spend some time trying to get fit, its an hour or so. These actresses are by nature more narcisstic, they look 10lbs heavier on camera, and they have the media constantly photographing them and commenting on how they haven’t lost the weight. I think they get a little crazy. Good for her for trying to keep it in perspective.

I.E. on

One example… I read an article in which they were talking about Kate Hudson working out 6 hours a day 5 days a week for months to get back in to her pre-baby shape b/c she had to film Glee. She probably chose to do it b/c is expected of her to look great for that part. IMO Applegate was refering to that kind of pressure/scenario actresses and singers, etc. live. She rather spend 6 hrs with her baby than freaking out about how she looks. That’s her choice. And like she said, she didn’t mean to offend anyone. She was expressing her opinion which she’s entitle too.

Sharlene on

ALL of you women, whether you’re agreeing with Christina or not, are the reason there is so much volatility about this subject. Just STOP! There is absolutely no reason to judge other’s body shapes – we’re all genetically different.

Carrie M on

Christina, you look gorgeous as always! Hey my son’s over two and I still haven’t lost all the weight! By the way – enjoy your daughter. She’ll be in kindergarten before you know it!

Eva Rey on

Can’t we all just get along?

jenn on

I just feel great that I’m not the only one that couldn’t lose the weight right after my kids. On glad that there is a celebrity out willing to admit she took her time to lose the weight. It reassures some women like me that you don’t have to rush to get back into prepregnant clothes. That doesn’t make her a fatty or makes her like one of us. Congrats to those who can lose that weight and have the energy to workout after having a baby. Unfortunately not all us do. I had a c-setion with slowed my healing process and in 7 weeks was back to work. So when I got home it was about my babies and not my body. 3 kids and 5 years later I know take the time to focus on me.

Summer on

LOVE HER!! Finally someone willing to admit it can take time to lose the weight! Her daughter and my son were born in the same month, and it is nice to know I’m not the only one!

kim on

how naive of her. i lost all my baby weight w/in 2 mos of giving birth with BOTH my kids. her not being able to take it off is just due to laziness and eating unhealthy mostlikely. i was a stay at home mom w both my kids for the 1st year of their lives. i took them on walks in the stroller, used them in my exercise routine, etc. so NO i didnt ignore my babies to focus on my figure!!

Kim on

Bitches like you make me sick. I highly doubt your that perfect. Stop blowing your own horn and grow up!

Momof1 on

Christina was referring to all of these ‘celebrity’ moms that are completely obsessed with losing their baby weight immediately after giving birth. She is spot on!! These women are so worried about losing their baby weight that they forget about what the MOST important thing is now- their babies!! She is right, these moms ARE spending less time with their babies- and consequently, missing out. What a wonderful thing to see that she chooses her precious daughter first, instead of vanity. You can tell her priorities shifted, as they should have.

trish on

Yikes….chill out people! Lets see….if you loose weight quickly you get put down and if you don’t loose weight quickly – same scenario. Women are snotty and catty!!

Kate on

Gained 25 pounds with every pregnancy and was wearing my old clothes within 6 weeks. Never worked out. I just have good genes. Thank God! The comment I do want to make is that maternity jeans are SO comfortable and so stretchy. Why don’t they make regular jeans with that much stretch and % of spandex in them?

JR on

These women can’t win! If this post was about how she was at the gym all the time, trying to get the baby weight off, you’d criticize her for being away from her baby and focusing too much on herself.

Trish on

I am 43 years old, my daughter is 17 and I am still trying to lose the baby weight. Some of you people commenting on here need to chill the F’ out. If you take what she said personally then you need to re-evaluate your life quickly.

Costateofmind on

In the world of celebritydom her statements are refreshing. I am sure she did not mean to offend anyone who exercised after baby. She also apologized for making the statement. The pretentious crowd in hollywood are so obsessed with their looks and weight, that for her not to care is ok. Makes her more normal 😉

Jeterbug on

I applaud her for not bowing to the pressure to run out and get thin because she’s in Hollywood. Isn’t that what society seems to expect of celebrities? If they don’t lose the weight – we seem to bad mouth them for being fat. If they do lose the weight, then they’re not being a good mom. They can’t win.

Good for her for doing it how she wanted to do – there is NOTHING wrong with that! And it’s really no one’s business to get mad at her for having an opinion – even if it’s not YOUR opinion….

Susie on

She’s probably never heard of working out WITH your baby…strolls/jogs around the park…and even if moms work out alone, they deserve some alone time. It’s therapy! Overall getting fit makes you a healthier more active mom for your child.

Jessica on

Love how real she is! Makes me feel better about the baby weight I’ve still got. As for the other people commenting…I wish I would have popped some popcorn to read all your dramatic comments. Everyone’s gotta have an opinion I guess…

Drew on

Stop the presses! OMG

Megan on

@Marky- that’s AWESOME you lost the weight so fast. Some women do and I think that’s great. As far as Christina, that’s fine she wants to take her time, but 2 years is pretty long. They say it takes 9 months to put it on, it really shouldn’t take more than 9 months to get it off.

Amy on

I have never heard women being so mean and judgmental of each other. My gosh! Some of you need to grow up and quit taking things to heart–I love Christina and am SO GLAD she finally spoke up about this. It’s not wrong or bad to take longer to lose the weight but Hollywood makes us feel less than if we don’t within the first 2 weeks. It’s nice to see a human Hollywood mom who cares more about spending time with her precious daughter than at the gym half of her day with her trainer. I believe that was her point…and by the way I think any mom would agree that 30-45 min. here and there without being in Mommy mode is totally healthy! She’s obviously been doing some sort of exercising…she looks great!

Anonymous on

Sorry, Marky, I don’t believe for an instant that you lost all your baby weight in 2 weeks. Total BS!

Kim on

Wow, some of you are awfully defensive. Maybe you need to eat a donut and take chill pill.

Noodles! on

Gosh – some people need to relax! Every single woman’s pregnancy, birth and post birth experience is different. Our schedules our different, our support systems are different, our hormones are different, our babies are different, our tastes are different. I relate to someone like Christina Applegate whereas someone else may relate better to Jessica Simpson or Giselle. Whatever your opinions are, the common factor is that WE ARE ALL women. The mysogyny in the world is devastating enough, we have got to stop insisting that one woman’s choices are better than another’s. I applaud any woman for having a child and doing what she thinks is best to raise her child, even if I don’t agree with it.

LisaB on

I like her. She seems pretty “down to earth.” Personally, I don’t care how long it took or whether or not she lost her baby fat either way, it’s none of my business. Just glad she is happy with the way she is.

Whitney on

Love, love, love Christina! She is just speaking what most of us think….seriously if I see one more celebrity losing all the baby weight in under a month, I am gonna lose it!

Bo on

Get a grip ladies!!!!!! Some of u sound so pleasant u should be thanking the lord that a man could stand u long enough to actually slept with u and make a baby………

Bo on

CHILL OUT LADIES!!!!!!!!!!! Some of u sound so pleasant u should be thanking the lord that a man actually slept with u and made a baby……

Snapplepeacehs on

Wow, reading some of these comments is just…disheartening. I don’t think that Christina Applegate meant to offend women who lose weight. I think that Sara Gilbert was actually helping clarifying what she meant before it was taken out of context.

As females, we need to all support one another not tear each other down. I know women who become fit again after their pregnancies…many of them work hard ass hell to do it. It’s not easy losing weight. I don’t think that Applegate is dissing that…

I think what she was attempting to say is that some women think about losing weight more than just freely enjoying their time with their kids. I think that she is specifically talking about some mother’s in Hollywood. You think about women like Jessica Alba…and Beyonce who went and worked out so hard to get their bodies back. Even Alba said something about starving herself…and Beyonce, too. They might not have meant actually starving themselves, but I suspect, in Alba’s case, she felt like she had to get her “body back,” or she wouldn’t feel like herself. Beyonce…had to go right on tour.

I think that one should take as much time as they need to get fit again and not rush it. Your body just birthed a baby…that’s a lot of physical labor. It’s one thing to sit around and not get in to shape so you can be your best physically so you can raise your child…it’s another thing to rush through it particularly if you are influenced by these images in society.

I understand that models and other women need to lose weight because of their careers…but I have to take a bow for Applegate worrying about balancing spending time with her child and getting healthy. Neither one isn’t easy to balance.

Leslie on

I’m a mom of 4, and I am not one of those moms who was back into my size 8 clothes until my kids we’re well over a year old. I commend Christina for having the courage to speak up, and give her honest opinion.

nicole on

I think everyone is getting too bent out of shape by the comments that she made! I am a stay at home mom with 2 boys 2 1/2 and 1 and I worked my butt off to lose it the first time and i breastfed. I was one who did not lose weight while breastfeeding. I never worried about working out before I was pregnant because I was a 115lbs and i didnt gain weight. So when I did get pregnant I really watched what I ate and tried to exercise but I was put on bedrest most of my pregnantcy.

A month after my son turned 1 i found out that I was pregnant a big surprise and I tried to continue to work out but i started having contractions and i was restricted to bed rest again. So, this time i signed up with a trainer and worked out 3 to 4 times a week hardcore and i wasnt losing anything. So i decided to stop breastfeeding so i could cut my calorie intake and looking back at it yes it was a very selfish decision but i was more focused on losing the weight. My sister had a baby 4 months before me and lost all of hers right away and it was depressing.

I understand where Christina is coming from she is just more concerned about her child than trying to work out 5 hours a day 7 days a week. So people need to chill out and just realize that she isnt talking about the everyday mom.

Stacey on

I 100% understand what she is saying. I didnt care right away about my weight loss. I was breast feeding and it didnt just come off like people say it does. I didnt care about working out, I would rather have spent my time holding my baby because they are only little for less than a year then they just want to be on the move crawling and walking. Now I workout while my son takes his nap. I have managed to drop 20 pounds in 6 months once I started my workouts.

Marky on

Honestly, I wonder who reads these days…I read the whole article before I commented and what I actually said was that I didn’t agree that losing weight in a fairly quickly time meant a new mom was ignoring her baby. I used the example of my weight after delivery only as an example of what many women do and have done without leaving their new baby, or letting them scream alone in their cribs.

Let me make this clear; I do NOT give a rat’s @$$ whether you lose weight in 2 weeks or 2 years, but I also will not comment that losing weight means not paying attention to your child, nor does not losing weight mean you are a slob who should be pilloried at dawn. Your maternity experience–your choice. I just thought it rude to for Christina to state, “they’re spending less time with their kids. I just wanted to hang out with my daughter 24 hours a day.” She only backed off when Sara stated some lose quickly because of genetics, and she realized she had stepped over the line. Women need to be supportive and that means not criticizing someone’s weight either way. Being rude is being rude, and she was. Sorry, but she was, whether she meant to be or not.

Anonymous, you can call BS all you want, but I walked out of the hospital wearing an outfit I wore before I got pregnant, every single time I had a baby. I just didn’t gain 50 lbs while pregnant, and my babies weighed more than 7 lbs each. My pregnancy–my choice. You do what you want, and it’s fine with me. The only time I comment about my weight after delivery is when someone says it’s impossible to lose weight in less than a year, and frankly, I’m not ever alone in doing so.

momma bear on

You are right, she would not have stopped her ranting or apologized if Sara hadn’t intervened. I was like you losing my pregnancy weight I couldn’t wear home what I wore to the hospital to give birth. I have 5 kids and I’m 125 lbs and for me that’s heavy because I was always 110-112 lbs. Everybody is different, I have a high metabolism that is the reason for my pregnancy weight loss.

reagan on

Before getting pregnant the first time, I was a size 10. Six months after my son was born, I was a size six. Breastfeeding on-demand, healthy diet and walking three miles a day on the treadmill were good for me and my son; the weight loss was secondary. Some women just take it off easier than others.

lovely123 on

“And those girls that do, they’re spending less time with their kids”, ouch! Ms. Applegate, you really don’t want to go there.

lovely123 on

If I was forty with my first baby, I would want to spend every second with her too.

Pinky on

Lol, that’s funny and don’t worry as one of the skinny people I won’t be offended, I know your remarks are for the skinny bitches who had to work for it.

anothermom on

Christina Applegate is a positive role model. I recently just had a baby and I was really into losing my baby weight, I had previously had eating issues. She shows people that it is ok to not lose it all in 1 month like some of these other celebrity moms and I look to her as a role model. I would rather spend time with my son than worrying about if my bikini looks good on me.

Anna on

Love this story! As long as she is happy and healthy, who cares on how long it takes to lose baby weight!

anothermom on

I just recently had a baby and after reading this article I love her even more. Many girls feel the need to lose weight right away to meet the stigma of society…they do not realize that these celebrities have nannies, personal trainers etc. She is showing us how everyday women recover from a pregnancy. And for those of you who just “lose the weight” naturally, good for you, but please don’t make others feel bad about it. Everyone is different and everyone has different body types and self images.

jojo on

hold up everyone. think about what she said and think about what you know she meant. she meant people that put their looks before their child, clearly. not everyone who takes a minute to get to the gym. judgy judgy, but if you said it, it would be fine, right?

Sera on

Of course some peole are defensive! When someone implies that if you lose your baby weight you’re not spending as much time with your child, it’s incredibly hurtful!

My pregnancy weight came off right away even though I’d never had an easy time losing weight previously. I have a thyroid issue and it became overactive and I had no idea because I wasn’t paying attention to my health at the time – I was totally consumed by my beautiful baby. I have never judged anyone for not losing all of their pregnancy weight after having a baby and I certainly don’t want to be judged for having lost mine, especially if it implies that I wasn’t spending as much time with my child.

Yes, Christina Applegate apologized but the accusation still stings. There is nothing more hurtful than to be accused of caring more about your weight than your baby.

Sera on

She’s horrible.

jes on

somewhere in our minds, there is a little dark room, where our fears hide. the (irrational) fears of being judged by others, of being guilty of something people accuse us, even if we know it isn’t so (or is it?)… the expectations are quite high these times, the expectations we have for/in ourselves and the expectations in/of others and so on…

i think the girls freaking out here might be a little insecure about theirselves and/or the world around them (not all of them, of course).

and i think it’s not fair to judge people by their bodyshape. any bodyshape is not only the product of food, but of genetics and metabolism too, and sometimes, illnesses do have an influence too!

anyone who does throw out ugly comments is not a very good example for his/her kids. live and let live. if you want to say something about others bodies, then first ask why this body looks like it looks (in a normal, respectful way/tone.)

NewEnglandGirl on

Heck, I had my baby in 1989 and I’m still shedding the baby weight…….lol!! (no really!!)

Marlene on

I’m so happy for her and her hubby that God blessed them with the gift of having a child. I pray for good health and a world of happiness for them!

Marlene on

I can’t believe the horrible things some of you women are saying, how sad that you feel its ok or that you are right. I just hope your children don’t take after you. How sad that you are mothers! Wow thier poor future!!!

Mandy on

I absolutely love Christina Applegate! I was one of the lucky ones who dropped weight fast, but I think it was a combination of only gaining around 30 lbs.(not sure of the exact weight since I hardly ever get on a scale), genetics, & breastfeeding. I did start back to the gym after my daughter was over 2 months old, but it was mainly as a way to deal with work stress & to be able to chase after her once she starts crawling & walking. I think some people who take offense to her, are guilty of worrying more about how they look & don’t want to admit it.

ginny on

Sometimes, you have to put down others to make yourself feel good. And this was the case.

CAL on

My gosh! No one can win, if she said she was at the gym all the time you would criticize her for not being with her child. It’s a lose lose with you purely perfect people.

Anonymous on

Love that she is so real and speaks the truth. It’s not hard to realize she is referring to famous moms who focus on losing weight quick instead of completely focusing on their newborn. Of course there are moms who lose weight quick naturally. If anyone gets offended by what she said, it is because they feel quilty.

Chattie on

After my first child it took at least a month to lose all the baby weight. But after my 2nd… It’s a year and I’m still carrying around some extra weight. So I know how that feels. The weight just refuses to go. Everyone is different.

laurenscrazydreams on

I don’t care enough to be offended, but the funny part is that I feel I lost my baby weight quickly BECAUSE I was with my daughter so much…with her nursing constantly, the weight just fell off! (I am lucky to be one of those who loses while nursing!)

Veronica on

“And those girls that do, they’re spending less time with their kids” – How does she know this? She isn’t in every household, and she doesn’t know whether a woman is losing weight through exercise/diet, genetics, or other means.

What about mothers who exercise while their child sleeps?

What about mothers who take their child to Mommy and Me classes?

Wasn’t she on the red carpet like a week after she gave birth?

mommy2luv on

i didnt get back to my weight with my first but with my second i did cause i stayed home with my kids and take good care of them and myself too… they are the ones that keep me going and believe me its more a workout being after them then anything else…. so christina you chose not too lose the weight and its just an excuse for you to be fat but just dont talk about other mothers to excuse urself….

Heather Goddard on

She hit it right on the head!! I like her even more now. All you hear is celebs who “WANT” babies. Then, they have bebies, hand them off to their nanies so that they can workout 24-7 to get back to their prebaby weight. Meanwhile, they’re missing out on everything the baby is doing and missing out on bonding, etc. ALL FOR VANITY. It’s sickening how vain these stars are. PRIORITY #1 would be the baby-not the weight you gained during pregnancy. Good for you, Christina!!!!!!!!

Krissy on

I think it’s rude of you Summer to say that if you gain a lot of weight during pregnancy you must’ve been unhealthy…I gained about 75 lbs with my first baby and I was all belly!!! I don’t eat meat so all I was eating was fruits, veggies and all around healthy food just like I did before getting pregnant. My body just hung on to it all, and 3 months after delivering I’m down 40 lbs but I still have more to loose.

I think it’s very refreshing to hear people (famous or not) saying how they have no problem taking their time to get it all off…it makes regular moms feel less pressure to be back to their pre pregnancy weight right away.

Jodi on

A little defensive Marky. hmmmm………… I guess Christina was talking about you.

Kerry on

Love her!! Finally someone that doesn’t make us “normal” feel bad about bouncing right back. I transitioned back to most of my clothes pretty quick thanks to breastfeeding but 2 1/2 years later I still can’t wear my pre-pregnancy jeans.

Some of what she is referring to is also young vs. old….I had my first two kids at 20&22 and the weight came off immediately; I had my most recent child at 38 just like Christina and it is much harder this time around.

Marky and others seriously need to chill….Christina has been through a lot and was not able to breastfeed. Her remark was most likely geared to the Hollywood women who lose the weight in 2 days. I am glad I didn’t have to be under a microscope after having my child.

guest on

I didnt watch the video, so maybe what she said came off different in conversation than it did in writing. Anyway, it sounded like kind of a judgemental and defensive thing to say. I agree with a lot of the other comments here about being able to exercise with kids. I run almost everyday, I just put my kids in a jogging stroller and bring them with me. All three of them have loved it-it gets them outside in the fresh air, we spend time together and most importantly, by seeing me exercise they come to understand that exercise is something you should do to keep up your health. They just learn it as a way of life.

Anonymous on

Not sure why people are getting so defensive and off the charts here. I am sure that Christina is referring to other celebrities that obsessed with getting the weight off. Ie Jessica Simpson for example, just had a baby a short time ago and already doing the diet thing and the gym thing, just to get back on the air to show off her post baby body!!! I dont think she is referring to the moms in the general public. And being a cancer survivor, Christina’s priorities are not the Hollywood norm.

jayceebee on

@ Summer at the gang …. if you lost the weight right away good for you , but stop being so defensive and acting like a kid in the schoolyard. Christina is taking a jab at other celebrities that jump on the bandwagon to loose weight and diet right after they;ve had their baby. Ie Jessica Simpson for example just had her baby a few months ago and almost immediately was hitting the gym and dieting, And now she is out there show casing her post baby body. Heidi Klum is another example. Christina is being tongue in cheek to point out that other celebs continuously shift their self absorption to themselves instead of their child. Also bear in mind that CHristina is a cancer survivor whose had a double masectomy, and for her to be able to conceive a child is nothing short of a miracle.

Liz on

I lost all my pregnancy weight with my third in less than a week but I certainly didn’t have my pre-pregnancy shape back. I just saw a picture of myself 2months after I gave birth and needless to say I wasn’t happy. Your body just isn’t the same after and it’s ok. I’m not skinny and it took longer to lose the weight with the first 2 and that’s ok too.

When I found out I was pregnant this time (number 4) and since I’m not skinny I changed the way I ate and actually lost 25 pounds (doctor approved) over the first few months of the pregnancy. I’m creeping back up to that weight but will be healthier in the end. I had noticed that though I lost all the baby weight last time, it crept back and I didn’t want my weight to skyrocket or put myself at risk for weight related complications.

Everyone is different in their choices and preferences and people just have to understand that that’s ok. But I do agree that you can’t talk about getting in shape and actively NOT do anything about it

ND on


Morons-All-Of-You on

Christ… will all of you hens just shut up and stop your cackling??? F-ing breeders.

Mimimi on

If you feel better at your pre-pregnancy weight workout/diet. If you like the new you size keep it. Bottom line. Do what makes you happy and as a result makes you a better mom 🙂

BB on

She’s not surrounded by the average person, so she’s not even referring to the average person; obviously she’s a celebrity and that’s who she is referring to. Everyone needs to chill out and stop taking offense to every single thing that is said. Stop taking pieces out of what people say and actually listen to the whole thing.

Cate on

She’s amazing and I love her, and for her profession what she says can be quite true – I read that Kate Hudson worked out for 6 hours 5 days per week soon after having her baby last summer. I love Christina’s honesty and I love that her attitude is more like the millions of women out there who don’t lose babyweight fast. We all just need to support each other, but overall, women who have babies should give themselves as much time as they need to get back in shape, while doing it healthfully.

tracee on

I had my baby girl 6 months ago and breastfeeding never worked for me. I worked hard to loose it and it’s a journey. My daughter watches me workout at home and goes on walks with me. She is a great sport and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Christina is in her 40’s, had cancer, and is a testament that some woman never get their bodies back, but I’m a firm believer in the faster you get off the weight the faster your body will feel better and be a better Mom. We all need time for ourselves. Being a Mom is a rewarding job, but not without huge sacrifices. Having a great support system, nutrition and people cheering your on KEY. If you want to see my story feel free and get free help with nutrition and working out just check out

Anonymous on

I was out of maternity wear very fast after i had my kids,i never did anything special at all! Sure i nursed them but i think its more genes

Shay on

She”s not talking about us regular folk. She’s talking about the Hollywood starlets who pop out a baby one day and two weeks later they’re on a magazine cover in a bikini.

Na'eema on

How does she figure other moms who lose the weight don’t spend time with their children?! What an arrogant statement! I guess that’s how she makes her feel better about the weight – not that there is anything wrong with the weight in my view, but perhaps she feels insecure so is using that offensive statement to make herself feel better. I personally have had 4 children and I have bounced back to my slim figure every time without doing anything to lose it – I actually tried to keep some of the weight by continuing to pig out after having a baby, but it just melted off so naturally. Women are all made differently and whether you lose the weight quickly or not is not a big deal as long as you’re healthy.

Kyla on

“And those girls that do, they’re spending less time with their kids. I just wanted to hang out with my daughter 24 hours a day.”

Over the top. Is she really spending 24 hours a day with her kid? Seriously? It sounds like she thinks moms that do anything else, workout, nails, hair, study…..ect are automatically spending less time with their kids. I don’t find this statement offensive, just a little ridiculous. If she didn’t feel the celeb rush to lose the weight, great. If Kate Hudson needed to lose weight for a show isn’t that working? Many of us go back to work.

Maria on

I think she makes a good point. I have a 2 and a 1/2 yr old and have not yet uond my exercise rhythm back- I am so still busy trying to care for him and our household- I do spend most of my time with him and Ido think ppl who get skinny super fast must spend a lot of time working out- I do agreew ith her

guest on

It is not normal to have lost all your pregnancy weight in 2 weeks of delivery. That makes me feel that you probably didn’t gain enough weight! It is actually healthy to keep some of the extra weight for the first few months for breastfeeding. Many women who lose too much weight too soon are not able to keep up their milk supply. I really doubt she meant to offend anyone. She was simply saying…it’s not my priority…my child is!

Stacey on

Always liked her – she seems like more a real person than an actress. Maybe others should quit being so snobby and live their lives too.

Amy55 on

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soph on

Nice to see y’all never change. 😉