Elisa Donovan’s Blog: What They Don’t Tell You to Expect When You’re Expecting

09/25/2012 at 07:00 PM ET
L.A. shower – almost 8 months – Courtesy Elisa Donovan

Please give a warm welcome to our newest celebrity blogger, Elisa Donovan!

Best known for her roles as Amber in Clueless and Morgan on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Donovan currently stars in the ABC Family franchise The Dog Who Saved Christmas. The latest installment, The Dog Who Saved the Holidays, will premiere this fall. Following that, she will costar in MoniKa, set for release in 2013.

Donovan, 41, is also a writer and yogi. A recovered anorexic, she assists in counseling and supporting young women struggling with eating disorders.

She lives in San Francisco with her fiancé, Charlie Bigelow, and their 4-month-old daughter Scarlett Avery. The couple will wed on Oct. 13, 2012.

She can be found on Facebook, as well as Twitter @RedDonovan.

My fiancé knew I was pregnant from reading a supermarket tabloid. Not because I had given the magazine an exclusive on my belly. And not because a stealth paparazzi stalked me outside of Whole Foods and snapped a pic of me in sweatpants and enormous sunglasses, stuffing an ice cream cone in my mouth while looking suspiciously pudgy but not quite fat.

No, he knew of my state by reading an article about Jennifer Aniston.

Let’s be clear on one thing right now: I am officially outing my fiancé as a closet tabloid reader. Actually, “reader” doesn’t quite capture his relationship with these magazines. “Devout devourer” is more accurate. The fact that he is a 35-year-old man who works in finance should be noted. He is also an avid watcher of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Go figure.

With this knowledge, it’s easy to see how apropos it is that Charlie should learn of his impending parenthood from his main source of breaking news. In this article, a reputable physician stated that clearly Jennifer Aniston was pregnant based on her symptoms, which consisted of “a bloated belly, sore breasts, exhaustion and general symptoms of PMS.”

Since I had begun each of the prior 10 days saying to Charlie, “OHMYGOD I’m so bloated! My boobs are killing me. I’m going to get my period any second…” and ended every day with, “SO weird I didn’t get it. I’m so getting it tomorrow!” Charlie used his powers of deduction and as I exited the lavatory of the airplane we were on stated, “You’re pregnant.”

(Note: As this occurred 12 months ago, unless Jennifer Aniston is having the longest pregnancy in recorded history, not to mention disguising it uncannily well, that doc might have been a little off in his prediction. Charlie however, turned out to be spot on.)

It’s not that my pregnancy was a complete surprise (we had decided about a month before not to start trying, but to stop not trying), it’s just that we didn’t think we’d be successful quite so quickly. (Charlie likes to take all of the credit for this. I had never thought about the immense pride a man feels in being so … manly. Surely my years of acupuncture, yoga, organic eating and herb-taking were merely coincidental. It’s all just because he’s such a stud!)

We were extremely grateful that we were so fortunate, though I’m not sure we were quite ready for the now very real, very imminent arrival of OUR KID.

After staring at the blue plus sign on the EPT test in our bathroom, I secretly had the shameful sensation of wanting just another month or so before becoming pregnant. Just a little extra corner of time in order to prepare, to get ready, to — I don’t know … drink wine more heavily? Go out salsa dancing til 2 a.m.? To squeeze the marrow out of my non-parent adulthood?

It was a familiar feeling, like that of wanting just one more day of vacation, or wanting to stay up just an hour later when I was 10. However, I was 40 years old. How much longer did I really think I needed?

Baby’s first party hat – six months pregnant on my birthday – Courtesy Elisa Donovan

The cruel irony of the first trimester of pregnancy is that you aren’t supposed to tell anyone that you’re pregnant, yet you feel more pregnant and bereft of sanity than at any other phase of the process. I felt like a Martian. A pudgy and bloated Martian, masquerading as a human; trying to act like non-pregnant people do, and walk like non-pregnant people do, and talk like non-pregnant people do.

Your body is suddenly no longer your own, and it feels like you’ve been invaded by foreign bodies … which in essence, I suppose you have. Your body is going through such a massive change unlike any other, a change that is so new and so intense, it feels like you must be able to see it on the outside.

Everywhere I went I assumed everyone could tell, like I instantly had the belly of an eight months pregnant woman, or like it was tattooed on my forehead. In restaurants, waiters would ask, “What can I get you?” and I would respond, “I know! I’m SOO pregnant! I’ll have a club soda!”

One day in yoga when I was about five weeks pregnant, a young guy recognized me and asked me if I was me. (This is always a somewhat surreal experience when someone asks, “Are you Elisa Donovan?” to begin with. Almost as surreal as when I’m asked, “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Elisa Donovan?” My response to this inquiry is generally, “Surprisingly often, yes.”)

So this guy asks me if I’m me, and I say, “Yes, and I’m pregnant!! I mean, I’m not supposed to tell anyone, so you know, don’t say anything, but it’s so obvious, right?! I don’t know how I’m supposed to keep it to myself!! I might hurl any second!” I’m sure he thought I was a complete loon, but at least I left him with a good story — “Yeah, that redhead from Clueless is a total wacko.”

Then there’s the slow and steady loss of your mind. I had the sense that my body was constantly working on something other than what I was physically doing at any given moment (which is most definitely true), and so I felt this constant distractedness. I’d be having a conversation with someone and then realize I had only heard snippets of what was said, usually leaving out the pertinent information. (“I’ll pick you up at ___. Be ready. And don’t forget to bring your ____.”)

My memory completely left me for the simplest and most familiar of things. One day I was ordering a burrito to-go in a taco joint (anyone who knows me would agree, the fact that I was in a taco joint at all, let alone ordering a burrito, is proof positive something was askew).

“I’ll have the Baja burrito with –” and suddenly I drew a blank. I stood there staring and smiling at the guy behind the counter, hoping he could read my mind. “With…?” he asked. “Yeah … Ahh — it’s green … it’s, it’s, it’s — sort of thick, kind of like a sauce…? Not a sauce, but a –” I started to gesticulate wildly, “…a sauce?”


“…Guacamole,” he said, deadpan. “You want guacamole on it?” “YES! That’s it!! Guacamole!!” I laughed at our shared joke assuming he was totally on board. “Ha! I’m telling you, sometimes it’s tough!” “…Right,” he said, looking at me like I was high and from Mars.

Then there’s the morning sickness. I had the misconception that “morning sickness” happened in the morning (call me crazy), and that you just threw up once or twice and then went about your day. For me it felt like the worst hangover imaginable coupled with jet lag, and it lasted for three to four months straight.

Charlie would leave for work in the morning, and I would be in bed in sweatpants. He would come home from work in the afternoon, and I would be on the couch in sweatpants. I was horizontal virtually all day and night, sitting up from time to time to eat some Saltines or take a sip of ginger ale. It was the worst.

One day Charlie came home and sat next to me on the couch. He stroked my head, an oily, matted-down mess of hair, and gently whispered: “Listen E … you have to take a shower. At some point, you really need to take a shower.”

I thought my reply was not only logical but exemplified economy of time and energy: “But I’m just going to be back on the couch again tomorrow, so…?” “You’re smelly,” he said, kindly. “You really are.”

One would think this would have catapulted me into action. Not so much. Though I did promise to consider it for tomorrow’s task.

Self portrait in the mirror, due in 1 week! – Courtesy Elisa Donovan

Then there are the hormones. The hormones that rage through your system like fiends. Be afraid, be very afraid. And they switch without warning. One day Charlie and I were packing to go away to a friend’s wedding in Santa Barbara. I went down to the car to hang up my garment bag with my dress in it.

I opened the back door to find that he had put the seat down to accommodate his surfboard, so when I tried to hang the bag in the door it brushed against the edge of his dirty board. (Yes, the bag brushed against the board. Not even the dress, but the bag it was ensconced in.)

I went bananas. Fuming, I bolted back upstairs and really let him have it — “THERE IS NO SPACE TO HANG MY DRESS IN THE CAR!!! WHY DO I HAVE NICE THINGS IF THEY’RE GOING TO GET THROWN AROUND LIKE GARBAGE??”


I know. Charlie’s response was not unlike what I imagine yours might be as you’re reading this. You’re a batsh*# crazy lady. WTF does not even begin to describe it. Yes, I took it to the level of asking, “Why do I even have nice things???” But in the moment I was totally incapable of stopping the words from leaving my lips.

Conversely, another day we were walking along the marina in our neighborhood in San Francisco. Just taking a little stroll together, holding hands. Charlie looked over at me to see tears streaming down my face.

“Ohmygod what’s wrong?! Are you okay?” he asked, very concerned. “It’s just … we’re on a nice walk, Charlie,” I said, weeping. “It’s just such a nice walk…” The poor guy really didn’t know who he was going to meet each day he woke up.

Then there were the moments when I would be so overcome with joy that I’d be laughing just walking down the street. By myself. So the few times that I didn’t feel crazy, I just looked crazy to everyone else.

Have I scared you away from getting pregnant yet? Don’t worry, it all gets better. The second trimester is awesome … or at least you won’t feel so utterly wretched every waking moment, so comparatively I guess it is pretty rad.

When I was about 11 weeks pregnant, I asked my mom how and why anyone would ever choose to do this twice. Who in their right mind would ever say, “Yes, sign me up for this trip AGAIN!” I couldn’t fathom it from my perch on the couch, my greasy head leaving a dirty indentation on the cushions.

My mom’s response was simple and immediate: “Because you forget. You forget all the bad stuff. Because the result is so amazing, you just forget.” And as I sit here typing this with my baby girl lying next to me, kicking my thigh with her little tiny leggies and drooling all over her bunny rabbit t-shirt I must say — it really wasn’t that bad.

— Elisa Donovan

P.S. It’s Friday, and I have just read everyone’s comments on my first blog … and I had to write to say THANK YOU!! I’m so thrilled to know that I may have brought a giggle, or 100, to many of you. I’m honored and inspired that so many of you identify and concur.

I’m such a believer in the healing and opening power of humor, and I had so hoped that writing this would touch people in a real way. Seeing the absurd humor in what I was going through really helped me enjoy the more challenging parts. Because yes, it is the most amazing thing ever. But it is also bizarre and really hard sometimes! It is the full spectrum of experience, and that is one of the reasons why it is so magical.

I wish you all a wonderful day. I’m excited to continue with future entries, so stay tuned… Til next time! xoxo

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klutzy_girl on

I love that I had literally just finished re-watching the “Sabrina” series finale again when this popped up!

Congratulations to Elisa and her fiance, and I love Scarlett’s name. This was an interesting read, and good luck on their wedding.

Amber on

Elisa!! This is magnificent…. in so many ways. I too am expecting, 7 months and counting along, and not only did I laugh out loud at this, I actually had to read parts aloud to my husband and my brother in law, who both see me greasy and horizontal on the couch or bed most of the time lately, to prove that it isn’t just something I do, but that pregnant women alike, share.

Not only are you a talented actress, a funny gal, beauty, and now mama, I hope this blogging sticks around for awhile to come, so that I, and other excited readers, can look forward to many more stories. Pregnant, or not. xx

Tee Tee on

Goodness, I’m not sure I even knew Elisa was pregnant! That was such a fun blog to read! I’m looking forward to hearing more from you, Elisa, and maybe seeing pictures of your baby daughter!

Jacqueline on

Hi Elisa….

I could not stop smiling as I read your blog..not because I am unsympathetic to your first trimester woes, but because that is the same thing… 100% that I went through… I really got knocked off guard during my first trimester…I was a mess sometimes! But now that I am in my second trimester I feel like a new (pregnant) lady:) And I am even more excited to meet my new little one when he/she arrives!

Thanks for the post, it’s nice to feel you’re not alone!

Lisa on

What a fabulous and funny blog! Laughed out loud sitting at my desk at work many times! Best wishes to you, Elisa!

Anonymous on

hilarious and sooo true 😀

Beth on

That was so funny and so completely true!

Made me smile to remember my pregnancy, it was exactly the same! But, you’re right, it does get better. And in the end, I loved being pregnant and it is some of the best memories of my entire life.

lourdes on

I love it!!! i could not stop laughing.. this is exactly what every woman goes thru when pregnant.. I still haven’t recovered my brain/memory.. I left it somewhere 4 years ago and it never came back…. I hope you have more stories to share

Shannon on

I’m 8 weeks along and am definitely feeling just like you said! I forwarded this to my husband for a little insight since I’m currently having a hard time articulating what’s going on too. Such a spot on description.

momaswell on

This was terrific. I am a mom to a baby girl, and this made me laugh because everything was so easy to relate to, and I LOVE the pic of the baby “wearing” the party hat. The gentle, “You smell,” made me smile. Great blog post.

Dee on

I feel like I just finished reading a page out of my pregnancy diary…..every word is sooooo true.

My lil monkey is 2 yrs old and I honestly it was worth it….and I delivered without meds because the epidural failed…..

Congrats on your baby girl 🙂

Bugsmum on

Great blog!!. Gosh I remember this so clearly even though it has been nearly 2 years since my first trimester. I was working as a Nurse in a Dr’s practice and I rememer hanging up the phone and having no idea what the patient had just asked me.

The follow up phone call was awkward to say the least lol.

Congrats on the safe arrival of your little girl.

Anonymous on

Congratulations on your baby girl! I truly enjoyed your blog!! I’m currently 6 months with my first child…and I read parts of your blog shaking my head like YES that’s exactly how it is!!

Although I’m only in my 2nd trimester, I did say to my husband just the other day; that the morning sickness; mood swings (for me at least); exhaustion; overall icky feeling seems like such a distant memory since I’m in that euphoric stage of pregnancy right now. Wait until 10 weeks when I’m in my last few weeks of pregnancy and ready to pop and ask me again. But I totally get what you mean about just forgetting the sucky part you have to go through; and wanting to do it all over again! The end result is SO worth it!!

Looking forward to your next blog!!

Christine on

Elisa, Thank you so much for sharing your experience. My family is making me feel like a complete weirdo for wanting to be horizontal 100 percent of the time from week 9 to 13 of pregnancy. If I walked around for 10 minutes I would turn into a vomiting machine. I am approaching week 14 and I think I am feeling a little bit better. 🙂

Jess on

Great Blog very well written. Elisa is a great actress. She has been very entertaining in everything I have seen her in. I look forward to reading more from her. Congrats on your new daughter, I hope she has her mom’s sense of humor.

Amanda on

What a great article! Definitely looking forward to more from Elisa!

LoopyYarncrafts on

Very funny, very true, and very raw. Thanks for the story of the green sauce that was really guacamole. BTW – If you ever have 2 kids, that part of memory loss rears its ugly head often. Enjoy!

Guest on

Absolutely loved reading this, and I’m in my twenties, not married and never been pregnant. I enjoyed your writing style, your voice.

MRJ on

All you first time pregnant people…IT IS NOT LIKE THIS FOR EVERYONE!!! I did not have morning sickness. I did not go all hormonal. I didn’t even have cravings. My husband would repeatedly tell the doctor there was something wrong with me because I wasn’t nuts. Now I did have what is called pregnancy brain, which resulted in my saying really odd things and not even realizing I said them. For example. I had just fed the dogs. They were in the kitchen eating. Usually they are right on top of us so my husband asks “where are the dogs?” and I respond very non chalantly never taking my eyes off the tv with “I ate them” SO pregnancy is not bad for everyone. Well except dogs who get ate.

Kristen on

If Elisa doesn’t read the comments left from people who have read this blog, someone at People needs to pass the message along to her that her post was the best I have ever read.

I have never been pregnant, but completely felt like I was right there with her throughout the entire post. She clearly has a great sense of humor and writing style, and I really look forward to reading more of her blogs!

Pam on

I like her. This made me scared to ever get pregnant though. Lol

Chelsea on

Thanks so much for this blog…you just described my entire pregnancy.

And yes, now that it’s over, it wasn’t that bad. 🙂

Stefanie on

You are hilarious! I never usually comment but this was a great read.. I’m 25weeks preggers with my second and this one is waaay worse than the first as I’ve been super sick this time around! Thankfully this didn’t happen with my baby girl’s pregnancy- which leads me to think this may be a boy! Anyways keep up the funny writing and loved ya in both Sabrina and Clueless! 🙂

Lauren on

Loved your blog, so funny and true! Can’t wait to read more. Congrats on your baby girl!! 🙂

Still Life in San Francisco on

I enjoyed your writing voice, Elisa. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who stopped showering in the first trimester!

The second semester is going pretty well, but my memory hasn’t improved! You were awesome in Clueless; it’s one of my all-time favorite movies. I look forward to reading more about you and your family.

Ashangel on

Loved this blog!! Congrats on your baby girl. Hope to hear more from Elisa

Beach Mom on

Yes!!! Thank you for sharing this blog of truth! This could have been my pregnancy journal… Times two!

Yes, you do forget the crazy, hormonal madness pregnancy brings (which really never completely leaves after delivery) – I have two amazing little ones now, so I clearly lost my mind a second time.

From time to time (not that there’s ever “spare” time) I remember those tumultuous, tear-strewn, unshowered, utterly green days and laugh out loud… Or cry! Only a mother knows this nutty bond of sisterhood we’ve all endured. Children are worth all of challenges, though – what amazing gifts :-).


Lisa on

Aw she’s so cute! 🙂 If I hadn’t been pregnant before, I’d have thought she was nuts, but I could swear this was my pregnancy…it went down the exact same way!! 🙂

Amuzed on

I second the motion that if Elisa Donovan doesn’t read these comments herself, that PEOPLE should pass these comments along to her. Suprisingly, I do not see a single negative comment and after reading this, I understand why! It is fantastic!!! Although every pregnancy is different, she really nailed the majority of how it feels to be pregnant. This was a hilarious read and I really enjoyed it! Thanks Elisa!!

catherine b on

Omg, this is spot on! I literally thought I was losing my mind with my first pregnancy! I tell people it started when I found out I was pregnantand the rest of my brain came out with the placenta! I used to have dreams an alien was going to pop out of my stomach. But I wouldn’t trade the experience of having my boys for all the money in the world! Motherhood is amazing!

stef24 on

WOW!!!! She looks pretty darn good for being 41 years old!

Kelly on

What a beautifully written blog! I’ve been a fan of yours since Clueless. Congratulations to you and your fiance!!

Michelle on

OMG! So true and funny! I can remember lying on the cold, tiled bathroom floor with my pillow for what seemed like 3 months! I was totally a smelly mess- but boy, that cold floor sure felt good!

carmelcurly on

Congratulations! That was a hilarious blog entry. I have no children, but I shall enjoy living vicariously through all you bloggies. 🙂

Martina on

I never comment on these but Elisa when you wrote in Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul about your battle with eating disorders and how you survived it made me realize at 14 I was slowly killing myself with anorexia.

Thank you for saving my life. Much love and you are a great mom! Xoxoxo

jt15 on

I never comment on these blogs because I feel like the bloggers won’t ever read the comments… but, JUST in case you DO, I wanted to let you know that I LOVED this blog, and intend to keep reading! I hope to be pregnant within the coming months and an honest, open blog about your experiences is what I need to read! Thank you!

omerta138 on

Thank you so much for sharing that little insight into your pregnancy with us Elisa! what a pleasure to read.

Congrats on your precious baby girl.

ksu2000grad on

Congratulations on both the baby and the up-coming wedding! They’re getting married on my parents’ 39th anniversary. 🙂

Mona on

I totally agreed with you as I am through with 1st trimester. Thanks for the blog because it makes me feel better on how I treat my man with my pregnancy! 🙂 LOL

TripletsMum on

By far the best baby blog on People I’ve ever read. As the blessed mother of triplet boys I can relate x3 to all you wrote, Elisa. Namaste. _/\_

Antonella on

Elisa, contragulations on your baby girl. Your story is so well written and entertaining. I really enjoyed it. Having been pregnant twice myself, I related to everything you said. It brought back a lot of memories for me. Thank you for sharing and enjoy being a mom!! Please keep writing!!!!

momma bear on

26 years later and 5 kids I still have “placenta brain”. What us women go through is amazing! Great story.

Ann on

First time it is a shock how the body goes through changes daily and giving birth is lots of PAIN that nobody can truly explain……

Angela on

My friend sent me this article. My husband and I are currently trying and I laughed so hard while reading this. I tend to stress while waiting for my missed period, so this made me laugh. I also made my husband read it too and he loved it as well.

Good luck with everything!!

Nichole on

I loved this blog entry. So funny! And yes… you do forget. I forgot 4 times over… would I do it again? (being pregnant that is..) in a heartbeat!

Congratulations on your precious baby girl!

Lynn on

I loved elisa on sabrina.

I had my daughter 3 years ago. I went through morning sickness 3-4x per week, hormones raging, but the outcome of the pregnancy was much more surreal and amazing than what i had anticipated.

I had issues with my pregnancy, but you wouldnt know it to this day as my daughter is now 3 yrs old and the most amazing thing that has happened.

Thank you, elisa for talking about your pregnancy experience and not being afraid to tell it how it is. Great blog! 🙂

Nyisha on

I am never having children…thanks to all the women for letting me know how it really is. This was an amazing snapshot and while I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog, it is all the confirmation I need that “having” children is not for me.

I know its not the same for everyone and judging from the all post I’d say “right it could be worse for me” No Thank You!!!!

christine cox on

OMG Elisa, you are so funny! I totally LMAO thoughout your entire blog. We are so alike that you sound like the best friend I’ve never had!

Thanks for the early morning laugh and hope to read more soon!

Kelli on

This is absolutely one of the best blogs on People, yet! Loved it, so honest, and quirky. Had me in tears for no reason, lol! Love love love it!! Keep em’ comin!

Rocki on

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well versed my lady! You are SOOOO ON POINT with how my pregnancies all went.

And yes, I will be the first to admit that I am the WORST pregnant person but SO fascinated with the changes the woman’s body goes through in such a short amount of time to create life.

I completely enjoyed your blog and wish you much success in life and parenting.

melanie on

OMG! Elisa I was so amused with your writing. Loved it.. and I definitely had tears reading the last part.

As I too have a daughter and am trying to get pregnant with my 2nd. And it is true, you forget everything!!!!!

sally on

Why noting your fiancé watches Keeping up with the Kartrashians was needed?

Congrats on your pregnancy!

kayleesmom6 on

I agree 100%!! Some parts of pregnancy are not so great…but the end result makes you forget it all.

Even the pain of birth…I remember the pain was horrible…I remember screaming about how horrible it was and what I said exactly…something like “Oh My God it F*%king Hurts”! But that lasted all of about a minute and then there was my brand new baby girl. A baby who is now 15 months old and the light of my life. I can still remember that it hurt like hell, but I would do it over in a heartbeat!

Nicely done Elisa!

Sarebear on

OMG! I cannot explain how grateful I am for Elisa to write this!

For the last few weeks (I am 10 weeks along), I have been so down in the dumps because I feel I want a little more “time”. To drink, go out, be unresponsible. I am 34, so I suppose it is time, but we too got pregnant early- 3 months and BAM!- I feel so much more normal for having these thoughts.

Thanks Elisa!

liz on

Great blog. I too had pregnancy brain well pretty much all my pregnancy! I love being a mom its so worth it motherhood is filled with special moments.

bossycrab on

Girlfriend I hear ya!!!! I asked over and over again and still ask why do women have multiple children.

Women don’t talk about all the bad/gross things that happen to you while you are pregnant. However there are alot of things that women don’t talk about that REALLY need to be discussed prior to the delivery room.

Like lactation nurse consultation before the baby latches on, weird things that happen to your body, the way you become bat sh^t crazy from hormones, etc…Women should educate the first time mothers about what to expect because it is not all roses!

But after all of this (and I couldn’t ever see myself saying this prior to my daughter’s birth) but boy was she worth it. With all the crazyness that pregnancy and childbirth brings the baby at the end of it is the best thing that will ever happen to you.

Congratulations on your baby!

Angi on

Men are a hoot. We conceived more quickly with each child and with number 3, it happened right away. My husband, too, was convinced it was completely due to his virility. For the sake of his ego, I’ve let him believe it.

Anonymous on

I love this story / blog post
I’m currently ‘doing it all over again’ , pregnant with my second child…. second child in 2 years of marriage! (No I was not already pregnant on my wedding day)… let’s just say ‘it was a honeymoon baby!’

KO on

I totally loved your blog. I am currently 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant and can relate to everything you wrote…feeling like everyone knew I was pregnant, the morning sickness, forgetfulness (pregnancy brain)!

Looking down after I took 3 pregnancy tests and still in total shock and convinced they were all wrong. The day I threw up my cranberry juice and my husband saying “you’re pregnant” and me saying, “yeah right honey I’m going to get my period tomorrow!” 🙂


Randi on

I just had my first baby 11 weeks ago and though I didn’t have ANY of the symptoms you had, except crying at the weirdest things…It’s amazing how you do forget. I can’t remember what life was like before 11 weeks ago.

As soon as our little one was laid on my chest for the first time, I said, “I could do this again. It wasn’t that bad.” and that was MINUTES after giving birth.

Congratulations on your new addition and your blog was a great read. Looking forward to more posts!

Hannah on

Lol! My husband said the same thing about showering when I was pregnant with my second- after chasing our 1 year old around all day I just didn’t have anything left for hygiene. It was still pretty mortifying.

I never got glowy with my first 2 babies- I did with my third! I felt fantastic from 14-37 weeks..weeks 6-13 and 37-41.4 not so much at all.

Ellygra on

Sooo funny and right on! As a mother of four, I totally agree with your mom. You DO forget and it is so worth it. Have lots of babies Elisa. Congratulations on finding love and having a beautiful, healthy baby in this crazy world. Loved the blog and will be looking for it again. Keep writing and enjoy every minute with your family.

Dawn on

Wow, I really enjoyed reading this! I truly felt like I could identify with the entire blog, even though I did not experience all of the same symptoms and every pregnancy can in essence be considered “unique”. You brought me back 5 and a half years ago when I was lying on my couch in the same pajamas from a week and a half before and to crying endlessly over car insurance commercials while my husband looked on like I was some alien transplanted from another planet! Pregnancy gives an amazing bonding experience to all women, whether they choose to actually get pregnant or not, and I love that!

People.com, I really truly hope Ms. Elisa Donovan’s blog is something we continue to see. She has a unique perspective and a fresh, funny oulook. I really look forward to reading any thing else she writes in the future! 🙂

Anonymous on

Oh, my gosh I love Elisa Donavan even more now! I loved reading this. This is amazing! I can totally relate. 🙂

Emily on

I had that horrible morning sickness for exactly 8 months! I will NEVER forget those feelings of just uncontrollable sickness…

Anonymous on

LOVE this blog. LOL-110% accurate. I couldn’t think, get dressed, focus, work–do anything but sleep, gag and then eat when I was pregnant. 🙂

pjbfny on

Oh god the candid honesty… thank you for being so open and REAL. I’m laughing so hard.

Allison on

Oh, Elisa! This is amazing. So many of your thoughts and feelings mirror my own! I’m just coming out of the 1st trimester, and I feel like I am seeing the sun after being stuck in a cave for 3 months. I look forward to reading more from you!

mimi on

this is my favourite blog of the celebrity baby blogs. elisa, you have such a way with words and you’re hilarious!

Daria on

Yep, nothing better than being in the first trimester, feeling like there is a little someone living inside of you, and that little someone is constantly hungry. No, not hungry – ravenous! When some kind of food is ingested, it feels like it never reaches your esophagus, let alone your stomach! There is a gaping hole where your stomach used to be.

And, to make things better, you always have an exact idea what it is you are hungry for. You want that one specific thing, that you are certain will not make you nauseated. You get your boyfriend/husband/victim to get/prepare that specific thing, you have it put in front of you, and just then, that little monster that is residing in your belly tells you “Nope, that’s not it! Not gonna work. Better get something else, and quick, before I hit you with another bout of nausea.”. Good times!

Kay on

Congrats on your baby and surviving your pregnancy. But at one point I felt a little anger towards you – some of us don’t have the luxury of laying around all day while suffering terribly from morning sickness. Try commuting 3 hours round trip and working 10 hour days, 6 days a week while suffering morning sickness!

Jerri on

I had to say I laughed and smiled thru this whole thing. It brought back memories. I was lucky no morning sickness but I went nuts with people wanting to touch my stomach all the time and strange men telling me I had to be carrying twins; my daughter was barely 6 lbs and I gained 30. The crazy hormones, the bloating, aaahhh the good times! lol

Nikki on


You missed a few! Call me and I’ll fill you in…! LOL

Also, you don’t gain your mind back until they are 18, I’m thinking/hoping…my kids are 3(almost 4) and 2 and I still draw blanks….I even had to scroll back up to remember that you called it “slow and steady loss of your mind” ! I knew what you meant, but I drew a blank while I was typing….lol

But it’s all worth it…Congrats!

Stormy on

thanks for sharing , I have been there twice now and if god
had not had other plans I would have done it again .
Blessed be the parents that are us

becky boudreau on

Elisa….i love your article….my 2 kids were both planned and now i’m 40 ….and they are 10 and 7 ….i wouldnt change that life changing moment for anything…..they are such a gift and make me smile beyomd control each and every day…..i have one of each a boy first and then a girl….and they are growing up way too fast…. i know i sound like all our parents when i say if i could just turn back time and keep them small….cherish each and every moment…and realize….that without them life would be so boring….it’s their innocence that makes you realize that life is good and we are so blessed….and we could all learn a little something from the best things that ever happened to us…..i not only have 2 kids of my own….but have been working with children for the last 16 years…..every day…they teach me all of life’s little lessons and what life is really all about…don’t blink…

themommypsychologist on

Just so you know, there’s SO much they don’t tell you about motherhood either. I watched entirely too much TLC while I was pregnant and expected to ride off in the sunset to live happily ever after once my son was born. This is not what happened at all and I just wrote a book about my first year as a mother. Can’t wait to hear how your baptism into motherhood goes! And just so you know, the hormones get worse after you give birth.

Tara on

i really enjoyed your article elisa. it made me laugh and also brought tears to my eyes. much like your experience with pregnancy hormones. but unlike you, i am not pregnant and never will be. i guess the tears come from knowing that and realizing that i will never get to experience all those experiences you had that made it all so worthwhile to have your little girl. keep up the great writing and adoring that little girl of yours.

Big Fan on

Elisa, you’re too funny. And it’s all true…and a blessing, congrats!!!

Crys on

I am in my first trimester and this is soooo me right now! I have to show my husband this so he knows I’m not that crazy! lmao! I laughed reading the whole thing because I could relate to every single thing. The forgetfulness and being on the couch when my husband gets home. And I get so emotional that I have no one to relate too. Thank God I read your blog… Thanks for the help!

adidas firebird on

But just because I was now playing for Scotland – even at my minor level – my own father was judging me differently.